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Fantasy The Guild Stone ((Open Adventure))

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Broom Shroom

On the skirts of the city—past the grassy hills in arms of the outer woodlands—is a structure of impressive height and build. Whether for the first time, or the fiftieth, you find yourself standing in front of those gilded wooden doors, the wind sweeping across the grasslands behind you.

There's no knowing what may lie inside. There are countless stories told, and every day is a new encounter, but for better or worse you must be willing to take the risk.

Step inside, adventurer. Your story begins here.

•• ━━━━━ •• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ •• ━━━━━ ••

Welcome to the Waystone Guild, a place where stories and magic combine. Waystone sits on the outskirts of Lantana city, and accepts all manner of adventuring folk. To see what there is to do, check the quest board.

•• ━━━━━ •• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ •• ━━━━━ ••

Starter Items
Every adventurer is given a set of items when they sign up to the guild: a waystone, an enchanted map, and a bag of holding.
  • The waystone is used for long distance transport (anywhere more than a day's walk). Visualise the place you want to be and it will take you there.
  • The bag of holding can store anything small enough to fit through the mouth. To retrieve, think of the item and reach inside.
  • The enchanted map will help you keep track of your position. When you accept a task the target area will appear on the map, as well as any points of interest.
Your character may have two affinities. One of these must be a standard affinity, the second can be either a standard or specialised ability.
Standard Affinities:
Air | Earth | Fire | Water | Body | Spirit | Light | Dark​
Specialised Affinities:
Ice | Lightning | Plants | Transform | Summon | Enchant | Music | Other​

There are six ranks in total. Your character may only start at one of the first four.
Order: Copper | Iron | Silver | Gold | Platinum |Iridium

Ranking Tips:
- Complete quests or stories to earn points towards ranking.​
- Those who start at a lower ranks will progress faster.​
- If you're low rank, going on higher ranked missions will earn extra points.​
- If you're iron ranked or above, bringing a copper along will earn extra points.​

    - Specifically, the histories and explanations people create throughout the RP.
    - Do not change something without first discussing it with them.
  2. No modern technology, though magic equivalents may be allowed.
  3. Main characters are to be a part of the guild or intending to join.
    - Secondary characters can be made for groups outside guild.
    - Cannon fodder enemies / random NPCs are fine.
    - Exceptions may be made for characters related to quests.
  4. Race Limitations
    - No fandom characters or historic figures.
    - No gods or beings from religious texts.
    - No extra-terrestrials.
  5. At least one paragraph per post.
  6. New members are always welcome.
  7. Common RP courtesies and Nation rules apply.
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Broom Shroom
The guild hall was quieter than usual. Dust motes were illuminated in the slanted morning light, and rafters were rich with colour. Of the two levels the only one present on the upper floor was Azalea, invisible behind a considerable backlog of documents. Fragments of banter floated up from the more populated level below where the early risers prepared for the day. The guild would get busier as the morning dragged on. The training field would begin to fill, the quest board would become a hive of activity, and there would no doubt be plenty of clients coming through with new requests.

Sitting up at the desk, Azalea took a moment to stretch. Behind her hung a largescale map showing various waystone markers, the occasional one flickering out to appear elsewhere. In dire circumstances they would light up with a request for assistance, but at present they remained still and silent. Things were calm.

Figuring it would be better to eat before that changed, Azalea wandered downstairs to see about getting breakfast at the bar.
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Ace Cream

Frozen Pooppy

Apple was quite disciplined when it came to schedule due to her strict dragon foster mother, she always rise before the sun does to check her traps and clean her equipments. Luckily, she got a rabbit today! It didn't took long for her to skin and roast the meat. Putting the meat on a skewer, she then dismantled her camp and headed into the direction of the city to attend to her new job.

Yes, she registered to a job yesterday. A proper job with proper payment. Though she didn't know where to start since she couldn't read the quest board at all, it seems literacy wasn't in her training curriculum, but today she would just ask the receptionist for the job. Should be easy.

"Let's go Pipi!"


Feeling Apple's enthusiasm, the mandrake unearth herself from the dirt hole she was resting in and jumped onto the girl's shoulder. They traveled through the wood towards the outskirt of the city and entered the stone building there. She glanced at the quest board, yep, still can't read it, then she headed towards the receptionist.

"Give Apple job, the one with good pay." Apple asked the receptionist, her eyes gleaming with anticipation. Meanwhile Pipi spotted Azalea coming downstair and waved enthusiastly at her. They only met once yesterday but it seems the mandrake already quite fond of her, probably because Pipi could feel the seed inside her and appreciated it.

Chinchia Chinchia
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Broom Shroom
Azalea started upon noticing the wild, white-haired child at the counter. They were back! Azalea had registered them yesterday, but before she could so much as run her through the quest board, the girl disappeared. Her personality seemed highly eccentric, though it wasn't uncommon for those types to gravitate towards a place like the guild. Azalea smiled to see her accost one of the bar staff about something, stance straight and formal, though even that couldn't hide the energy brimming in her expectant gaze.

The creature on her shoulder waved as Azalea approached. It was rare to find fae beings outside the courts, and Azalea was a tad curious as to how the girl had ended up with it. A question for another time.

"Back looking for work?" Azalea smiled, feeling the rough skin around her lips stretch as she did. Daisies and daffodils bloomed in tandem with the wildflowers in her hair, breaking through the skin in different parts of her body. As painful as it looked there was no discomfort. Azalea would be forever grateful to the fae for it. Reaching out a hand, she offered it to the creature on Apple's shoulder for inspection.
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Zef The Owl

Senior Member

Regil, the thief
~"I am absolutely a crook"~
Regil, without much hesitation but plenty of fanfare, threw open the front doors. He was new to the guild, a spry new face. Sharp, cat-like eyes taking in the hall before him. He had never been in an establishment like this before, or really much of any establishment-- At least not legally anyway. Typically it was to steal something, but being welcomed in was just something altogether new. He couldnt restrain a smile as he looked around, turning a full three-hundred and sixty degrees as he surveyed everything around him. Picking out the intracacies of the woodwork, the various people and tables, everything on offer.

He'd showed up early, to beat the crowds and get a good read on the place. Regil was very good at memorizing the layouts of buildings, came with the whole thief thing, if you were going to make a heist you needed to know your escape routes. Not that he had any plans of stealing anything, buuut just in case his sleazy tongue started a brawl it'd be nice to know the nearest window to beat a hasty exit out of. "Fancy" He said simply to start, clicking his tongue once idly. Then, one of his ears flicked, sharp cat-like ear picking up on the conversation between two women. One looking green and plantlike, the other-- Someone called Apple? He put it to memory for now.

Instead, overhearing everything he smirked and called out from the background, "Its only work if you dont enjoy it!" He called out, grinning over at them assuming they looked over at his commentary. Naturally he took this chance to lay on the charm, winking and smirking cheekily as he lazily saluted with two fingers. Hey, they considered him a real lady killer in some sections of the city, an absolute menace elsewhere. It really was just a ruse to bomb their conversation, rather than stop he continued on to the job board to--

Well to hopefully begin making sense of the blasted thing. He was new here he didnt even have a grasp of the most basic workings of the guild.

Ace Cream

Frozen Pooppy

Apple listened carefully as the receptionist mentioned some of the quests available for her, sprawling some copies of the quest fliers on the desk. The copper ranked mission had a prize range up to 100, iron up to 1000, silver up to 5000 and gold... even more! She drooled a bit when the receptionist mentioned the reward for the gold rank. Unfortunately she was far below the required rank so her only choice was to join someone else's mission. She glanced around, trying to see if there's someone she could ask. Though there's one nearby who just greeted her and now was playing with Pipi on her hand.

"Azalea, good morning." Apple greeted her while looking at her with puppy eyes.

"Please take a mission with Apple. Apple wants this." She pointed at the gold rank mission. 6000 coins! She could buy lots of gold with that!

Chinchia Chinchia


Broom Shroom
"Back looking for work-?"

No sooner had she posed the question to the young girl than a different voice cut over the top.

"It's only work if you don't enjoy it!"

Regil. Azalea's lips pressed into a thin line. See, when the guildmaster first heard about the thief who had rescued the aristocrats daughter, bringing down a cyclops and potentially saving a number of lives of their members, she seemed to think him some sort of misunderstood hero. She insisted that he be offered a chance to join the guild. Azalea's job was to make it happen.

So she had gone to the city guard. Asked them about the rogue catman who had saved the aristocrats daughter. And oh what she found had been enlightening. Weapon smuggling, political corruption, theft, debt collecting--if he wasn't a perpetrator in the incident then he somehow managed to be an accomplice. Not to mention his ties to one of the most notoriously violent groups in Lantana.

"He's a crook, Pri," Azalea said that same day. "He's not a hero, not even close! His fingers are in every possible mess the Skullsplitters made. He's cheated, lied, and swindled his way through life. That girl was just insurance to make sure he got paid-"

"But he did save her," Pri said, gaze quiet. Fixed on a distant sight. "Many others as well. That is no small thing."

...And so he joined. Azalea exhaled, pushing her tangled hair back. Regardless of her thoughts, Pri was the guildmaster, and Regis was, on paper, a part of the guild. Whether he belonged to it remained to be seen, but--ugh. Azalea pushed those thoughts down, covering them with a bare smile as she joined him at the board.

"So what sort of work do you enjoy then?" she said. There was plenty available, and despite having put most of them there herself, she let her eyes wander across the sheets of paper. That was until a tug at her arm drew her attention.

"Please take mission with Apple." The eyes that looked up at her were wide and eager, a vibrant colour that reminded her of amber lilies. Oh, she's so sweet. "Apple wants this."

Azalea's gaze followed the end of her finger to the quest posted on the board. Even at a glance she knew what the girl was looking at. It was the same part every adventurer first saw on coming to the Quest board.

[ Reward: 6000 Coin ]

Well, it wasn't impossible. But the girl would need to find a gold rank member willing to take her onto the field, and Azalea, quite frankly, was about the furthest from that. "Sorry Apple," she said, "but I don't think there's anyone who can take you on that quest at the moment. What about trying a different one?"
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Zef The Owl

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Regil Dagger.png
Regil the Thief
~Pri's not wrong!~
Oh? She was approaching him? He chanced a glance over at Azalea. He was mildly surprised, mildly. He expected her to avoid him like a zombie plague. Or, you know, like a crook plucked off the streets made out to be a hero. He supposed she had professional obligations to see too, he understood that. He quirked a brow at her question, following her gaze to the board before looking back to her again. He, knew she didn't like him, he was good at reading people yes but that had nothing to do with it. She was an organizer, it would have made sense for Azalea to look into his history for the betterment of the guild and hoo boy the things she must have seen. He figured it was a safe bet to just assume that, yes, yes he wasn't very much liked. Unfortunately his resume undermined the entire charming persona he'd built up.

"What kind of work do I like?" He repeated, popping his lips once as he looked back to the board, lightly clapping hands together and rubbing the palms together as he tried to think.

"...Hard to say isn't it? I'm new afterall to this entire, adventurer, hero thing." He said, pulling apart his hands and waving fingers in a 'jazz hands' style manner, before finally dropping them back to his sides.

"I suppose I'd need to ask what you'd suggest for ah, one of my talents and experience?" He offered, with a little side smirk, tiger tail swaying behind him slowly. Though, he looked up upon Apple's question and interruption, his cat-ear flicking at the response. He leaned over some to get a peek at the job she'd chosen, gold? It'd made his brows bounce, and he gave a low whistled. Yikes, this girl clearly thought highly of herself. He imagined gold missions had to be rather dangerous, and he wasn't about to overestimate himself. No, he quite liked his tail being attached to his rear, the pay looked good yes but-- There were other ways to make some extra coin from a guild mandated mission he was sure, one just had to look for the opportunities.

For now he held his tongue, letting the two discuss her work and what she should work. Maybe it'd give him some insight on how the guild deals with new recruits.


True Black Rose Beauty
Celia, the space witch~Space has endless possibilities~

After Celia was taken care of by the people from the Waystone Guild. They woke up from the impact, and walked out of the room they were staying in. A look of pure confusion, then appeared on her face, since she has no clue where she ended up. Because all she knew was that they tried to run away from her big brother's yelling.
Not wanting to stay confused about her location, they went towards the front desk. "Excuse me. Can you please tell me where I am? Because my magic may have sent me to somewhere that I am not supposed to be at." said Celia.
Celia was fiddling her fingers while looking at the ground. They were both embarrassed and shy about the situation they got themselves in. 'This is just great. I ended up in a place that I don't know, and my family might not want me to come back to the farm. Because they probably think that I caused most of the trouble there.' thought Celia. She knows that her family doesn't have any magic, so they would probably be jealous of her. Celia then thought that they would kick her out of their home, and her thoughts became worse as they thought about the bad things that might have happened to her. 'Calm down, Celia. They probably wouldn't do that to me, since I am still their daughter. Although, I don't want to find out what their reaction towards me having magic would look like. Maybe, I should stay in this weird place.'
Celia didn't know what to do, because they have never been completely alone until now. But for right now, they waited for the person at the front desk to tell her about their location, since they wanted to know about that.

Jordus Thaeriticus

Challenges brings out the best in men.

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

The road from Lantana City to the Waystone Guild was a boring one. Up and down the rolling green fields where sheeps grazed about, protected, of course, by a gruff looking shepherd wielding a hefty staff and sling. Why the adventurers’ base of operations was on the outskirts of the city was anyone’s guess—Reed assumed the residents of the city disliked too much excitement, and typically when adventurers gathered together they tended to attract trouble and a lot of noise. However, an extra force of arms to deal with monsters and various threats is comforting, hence why they are tolerated at all.

Reed the Matchless followed the windy path into the woodlands while lazily eating some potato crisps he obtained from a city baker, and read from the apprentice’s tome. His tome was more of a collection of elegantly written elven poetry, written in a way to manifest the words into arcane power. The arrangement and combinations of words were important—every word changes the components of the casted spell, and combined with other words they form a spell verse. A wizard’s tome is all about word association, and over time the tome was edited to reflect Reed’s outlook of the magical arts more. What essentially happens is transcribing the language of the poems, to an entirely different one. Certain words do not have a shared equivalent, so parts have to be shuffled around, and the sentences must be rewritten while keeping to the established syntax. It was a difficult process requiring constant revisions to make the magic more efficient, but Reed felt he was more than up to task.

More adventurers were spotted along the way, but there will be time for dominating them later, first, Reed must question why he was placed in the copper rank!? True, he accidentally butchered a midwife’s cat, but it was surely a mistake on the owner’s part for leaving a raggedy cat like that to wander.


Risoria Ducci De Columba
Amongst the other early risers of the Waystone sat a rather large bundle of feathers, delicately placing one seed after another from a large bowl into his waiting beak. Sated for the time being, he tucked his head deep into his torso for a moment, before stretching it back out again, ruffling his coat and sending several foot-long feathers fluttering about the guild. He let out a deep, resonating 'coo' before pushing himself up from the table, rattling nearby plates and chairs as his massive form, at a height approaching 13 feet, confidently headed towards the quest board with his cape of bright purple trailing behind him.

With a clawed hand scratching thoughtfully at his chin, the avians eyes squinted while contemplating the quest board, focused solely on the single gold ranked quest, but not truly taking in any important information. "Hoo.. yes! yes! Today, I shall be taking on the dreaded Cyclops!" He announced triumphantly before the guild, glancing over the drowsy bargoers and instead beaming in the direction of the small group at the receptionist's. "Azalea! A good morning to you!" His eyes closed contentedly, indicating a happy bird, as the armored fellow began his approach. Chinchia Chinchia

"And what do we have here?" Ducci placed his hands on his hips and kneeled down in a highly exaggerated and perhaps unintentionally condescending manner, insisting on reaching eye level of the two new recruits. "Newcomers! How wondrous!" His eyes were round dinner plates, unnaturally large and wide while he was tilting his head left and right, leaning in uncomfortably close to each of them, almost unblinking. "Sir Risoria, at your service." Zef The Owl Zef The Owl Ace Cream Ace Cream

With a quick shake of his feathers, Ducci returned to his full height and folded his arms, turning his attention to Azalea for a moment. "Now, to the matter at hand! Forgive my intrusion, but I do intend to accept the gold ranked quest for today! Do tell, Azalea, what do you know of these terrifying Cyclops which need be slayed?" He asked, though his focus still remained somewhat on the coppers, with his eyes occassionally darting back down to the pair, and in particular, the curious green creature perched upon the girl's shoulder.
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Ace Cream

Frozen Pooppy

Apple's shown a genuine surprised expression when Azalea turned her down. She didn't expect it at all. The girl's shoulder slumped down as she non-commitedly browsing the rest of the quest papers, not paying much mind to her surrounding. At least until a hulking feathery figure approached them, he introduced himself as Sir Risoria and when he mentioned about taking the gold-rank quest Apple suddenly perked up.

"Sir Risoria, Sir Risora." Tugging the senior adventurer's armor enthusiastly, Apple saw this as her opportunity to join a high reward mission and her gleaming eyes clearly show that.

"Please take Apple into mission? Apple can carry your equipments if you want to!" She pleaded. On her shoulder Pipi followed suit by bowing towards Risoria while saying 'piii'.

Rurnur Rurnur


leohuman form.png
Leolin Laris
Leolin woke from his nap rather gracefully- but oddly not inside his room... Oh- yeah; he had seen a perfect sunny spot to sleep an hour earlier, exactly 20 feet up an old tree outside the city. Of course he couldn't not climb up for a little snooze. The sturdy wood, covered in soft moss and speckles of sunlight tempted him so- and he was never good at ignoring his temptations.
What was he even on his way to do again? Lin yawned where he sat, comfortable sleep still lingering in his eye, before realization hit him like a ball thrown by someone with very little upper body strength.
" Ohhhh yeahhhh, " he let himself fall from the branch, and landed with an ease that came from equal parts practice and instinct. Today he was the first day he was going to be actually working for a guild. Technically he had joined two days ago; but he got distracted by a rat outside and ran off before he remembered to ask how guilds actually work or take a job. Why didn't he go back yesterday? Well, it was a very fast rat.
" I should go do that then, " he hummed to himself as he checked to assure nothing had fallen from any of his pockets. Inspecting his wallet, Lin realized he should really go do that if he wanted to pay rent any time soon. Well, he didn't really care about paying rent anytime soon- but it would save his land lady the trouble of yelling at him for a bit

The walk was longer than he had expected it to be. God, he is going to have to invest in some better shoes if he's going to do this every day- or he could run it in lion form, but he didn't know how well most people would react to seeing that. Oh well, his boots where starting to ware down any how.
Leolin reached the front door of the building, and took a moment to admire the architecture before heading in- yep, just as cool as he remembered- and warm too. It wasn't near busy yet; but more adventurers filtered through the door as the sun rose higher.
Right, he needed to make some cash- for that he should go to the.... quest board- where was that again? Leolin stepped into the hall and looked around, sniffing the air as he did so. It smelled mostly like wood, open air, and whatever food it was being prepared- oh my god, a fellow cat boy.

Leolin's ears perked up upon spotting the other, and he walked quietly to the group gathering in front of what defiantly looked like the quest board- there were actually quite a few interesting people here, one of them smelled sort of like a dragon- and another was a freaking giant bird. Man the world sure is wonderful.

Looks like they're all trying to find themselves a quest at the moment. Leolin should do that too. Wait- he ran off to chase that rat before he actually found out what the sections meant, or how to accept a quest. Looks like the people that know what they're talking about are busy at the moment, but he can just wait till one of them are free.


Risoria Ducci De Columba

"Oho! Now now, that won't be necessary, young one! I'm always happy to take a newcomer or two under my wing!" Ducci answered her pleas enthusiastically, his head bobbing up and down in excitement, with one smaller bob directed towards Pipi. As far as he was concerned, there were no downsides to an adventuring party as opposed to going it alone. In fact, he was rather suited to group work, and specifically for keeping others safe, with the combination of his own large size and toughness, often drawing attention from enemies, as well as his ability to utilize healing magic in a pinch.

"Ah! Just a quick amendment, Miss Azalea. We intend to accept the gold ranked quest for today!" He added cheerfully, with a large winged arm reaching out to encompass both Apple and Pipi, clarifying his intentions of forming an adventuring party. Ace Cream Ace Cream Chinchia Chinchia
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Broom Shroom
"I suppose I'd need to ask what you'd suggest for ah, one of my talents and experience?"

Regis had character, she'd give him that much. It would certainly explain how he'd survived so long in the skullsplitters, given his rather... unimposing stature. Her sidelong look was interrupted by the booming, sonorous voice of someone she knew quite well.

"Hoo.. yes! yes! Today, I shall be taking on the dreaded Cyclops!" A shadow fell over them as the towering avian came to stand at the board, his white feathers neat and elegant despite the armour he wore. When his gaze dipped down Azalea offered a genuine smile. Sir Ducci was a pillar of honourable decorum, despite his sometimes overwhelming personality. "Azalea! Good morning to you!"

"And good morning to you, Sir Ducci," she said. She wasn't sure how she missed him among the guild, but his presence was a blessing. He interacted fantastically with new members, always happy to take them under his wing. There was no better model for true chivalry--which ironically reminded her of the more dubious persona at the guild board. As her sidelong glance returned to Regis she vaguely heard Sir Ducci laughing along with Apple--she knew the avian had a particular soft spot for new adventurers. Which gave her a thought...

"Ah! Just a quick amendment, Miss Azalea. We intend to accept the gold ranked quest for today!" Underneath the span of his broad wing, if possible Apple looked even smaller than before. Regardless Azalea knew there would be a mountain to climb before Sir Ducci let so much as a hair of hers get injured.

"That's fantastic news," Azalea said, placing her hands together as she turned to Apple. "You're in luck after all. Sir Ducci is one of the best this guild has. Even if this is a gold rank mission you'll be perfectly fine with him around." She glanced over at Regis once more. "In fact, Sir Ducci, if I may trouble you so much--I think Regis here would make an excellent addition! He was the honourable brave who took down that rampaging ogre the other day in the city. I'm sure he would be more than capable of handling a few cyclops..." She clapped a hand over the ex-thief's shoulder, beaming. "Just watch out for the petrification magic. If you happen to get caught in it... well, just don't get caught in it."

Removing her hand she turned back to Sir Ducci. "The cyclops reside in Stoneshard Stronghold, between the winter mountains to the north. As always you're welcome to guild armoury. There should be warm clothes plenty enough for each of you..."

"Excuse me. Can you please tell me where I am? Because my magic may have sent me to somewhere that I am not supposed to be at."

Ah! Azalea spun around, zeroing in on the petite girl staring wide-eyed over the counter. She was up--finally. With a nod to Sir Ducci she left Regis and Apple in his care, hurrying over to the guild counter. Silver hair fell around the girl, who was dressed in simple farm clothes and looked rather like she'd come straight off the field.

"You're awake!" Azalea said, coming a stop behind her. The girl whirled around, revealing amber eyes that spoke clearly of her uncertainty. She must have fallen into some kind of natural rift, or been cast through a portal. It wasn't an uncommon phenomena in these turbulent lands. "You made quite the entrance yesterday, knocking yourself out on the table." She nodded towards the splintered pieces of wood shoved into a corner of the guild. "Do you know what happened to you? It seemed like you were thrown through some kind of portal-" She glanced over to the doors as they swung open, and yet another charismatic feline stepped inside. Leolin, that damn runaway.

Smiling apologetically, Azalea stepped around the young girl. "I'm terribly sorry, you must be very scared, but could you wait here a moment...?"

Sweeping across the guild she got to the doors before he could get sidetracked with anything else."You," she said, second member of the 'disappear at a moment's notice' act. Making things difficult when she was trying to finish three different recruitments. "Follow me."

He wasn't the only one who had to finish their induction. Azalea all but dragged him over to Sir Ducci and his two apprentices, pointing emphatically at each and addressing them gravely. "You two. Stay. Ducci, make sure they don't go anywhere."

Spinning around she stalked off into one of the back rooms, returning a short while later with several bags tucked under her arm that she distributed to each, launching into a well-rehearsed speil as she did so.

"Alright, for one reason or another you three haven't received these yet, but they will be an essential tool in completing tasks at the guild." She held up her own, personally customised bag as a demonstration. "This is your bag of holding. It's got a special dimension woven into it that can store all manner of objects. Coin, items, weapons--anything that will fit--but under no circumstances are you to put a living being in there. It will suffocate and die." Unclipping the top, she stretched her arm down inside. "Inside your bags are two items. The first of these is your enchanted map." She pulled her hand out, bring with it a rolled up piece of parchment. "This will show you all the places the guild waystone can transport you to. The darkened out parts are areas we have yet to explore. They will automatically added in as adventurers journey in those parts. If you want to know what information we have on a certain location, focus and it will be brought up." Tapping a certain spot between mountains in the north of the map, an image of a stronghold began to manifest, with several warnings and cautions alongside it. She rolled it shut a moment later. They all had their own maps now so they could take a look themselves.

"The second item is the waystone," she said, stowing the map and pulling out a marked smooth stone instead. It resembled the symbol for a whirlpool, which would be painted in gold for Ducci and copper for the rest. "This will allow you to teleport to anywhere marked on the map. Aside from that, it is connected to the master map-" She gestured to where a large canvas hung on the upper floor of the guild. A scaled up version of the one they'd just seen with countless waystone markings spread out and moving across it. "-this will allow us to know where you are. In the off chance you're badly injured or need help to complete the mission, it will send an alert to every waystone in the guild. Others will then be able to teleport to your location and assist." She glanced over at Regis and, after a moments deliberation, added quietly onto the end. "You're all members of the guild now. Even if you think on your own, remember you have the protection of every adventurer you see around you, and more. Don't think for a moment that help won't come. It will.

And with that, she'd finished just about everything she needed to say. Dropping the stone inside her bag she fastened it back around her waist and clapped her hands together. "Now don't any of you worry about paying these back. The guild will recover the cost through commissions taken from your reward money. The best thing you can do is get out there and start adventuring!"

Taking a moment to breath, she exhaled and pushed several leaves back into her hair. She think she had the most of it covered. Hopefully there hadn't been anything else important.
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Leolin Laris
"You," The girl who looked like a cool garden (Azalea? yeah that was right ) spoke, prompting Leolin to point vaguely to himself and mouth the word "Me?". He guessed it was him because she was looking directly at him. He was a master of deduction.
"Follow me."
Leolin barely had time to process the command before he was standing by the group, wow- she moved quick.
"You three. Stay right here."
Well you didn't need to tell him twice, unless he heard another rat- Wait was that noise?.... no! Leolin's hands shot up and he pressed his ears flat against his head, now was not the time for harassing rodents. No matter how enticing it may be. Also if he ran off again he might make Azalea annoyed, not a great first (second) impression.
Azalea returned to toss them their respective baggies. Leolin caught his in one hand and immediately opened it to look inside- like most bags, the inside was dark. As Azalea continued her explanation, Lin followed along- sticking his arm into the bottomless pouch. His eyes widened with the realization that it was in fact bottomless. He continued to stuff his arm into the void until the mouth of the bag was stretched tight around his elbow and would go no further. He wiggled the stump in awe, and left it like that as Azalea continued her explanation.
"The second item is the waystone," oh he completely spaced out through the first half of her speech. Woops- Leolin removed the bag from his arm and held it politely in both hands instead.
"This will allow you to teleport to anywhere marked on the map. Aside from that, it is connected to the master map- this will allow us to know where you are. In the off chance you're badly injured or need help to complete the mission, it will send an alert to every waystone in the guild. Others will then be able to teleport to your location and assist- You're all members of the guild now. Even if you think on your own, remember you have the protection of every adventurer you see around you, and more. Don't think for a moment that help won't come. It will. "
Leolin pulled the stone from his own bag and turned it over in his palm. Holy whiskers- thank the big cat in the sky teleportation is a thing, this'll totally cut his commute down to size- not to mention quest time. Carrying all the groceries home in one go would be a breeze!
"Now don't any of you worry about paying these back. The guild will recover the cost through commissions taken from your reward money. The best thing you can do is get out there and start adventuring!"
As soon as Azalea finished her explanation, Leolin's hand shot up to ask a question- he didnt normally raise his hand; but the lecture had activated his dormant school child instincts. Despite this, he did not wait to be called on before speaking- much like when he was actually in school.
" I have a question, " Leolin lowered his hand so that he could use it to gesture, as he usually did when he spoke " Cursing in the guild hall, yay or nay? " It was a place of business after all, best to ask first.
" Also can we get fired? "


Different timezone, who dis
Hashi The Charged

Hashi woke up from the soft bed she was laid down in yesterday up above her the roof was caved in from where she had taken the hit and as she got up she nearly fell in the hole she had also made, Hashi sighed to herself as she moved her arms about to wake them up before jumping down the hole she had made landing in the main area of the guild "Ahhh damn that hurt yesterday, both the defeat and the landing"

She cracked her neck and started doing some more stretches to get the feeling back into her body. She looked around calmly and noticed a....tree woman? that was discussing about some items to three others with a large bird person holding them there. She walked over doing her best to avoid the tables and chairs, as she approached them absolutely towering over nearly everyone except for Ducci of course "Hey nice to meet ya Bird not often I meet someone bigger than me. So yeah Plants I'm signing up to payback what I owe and to fight monsters, where do I sign up and once I do I'd like to stick with the big bird guy here"
Chinchia Chinchia , Rurnur Rurnur


Broom Shroom
She blinked as Leolin's hand shot into the air not moments after she'd finished. Truthfully, she was impressed he managed to make it to the end. All of her (brief) interactions had given her a pretty solid impression of his attention span. Good to know he could focus when it was necessary.

"Cursing in the guild hall, yay or nay? Also can we get fired?"

His head seemed like it would be an interesting place to live. It seemed to run a completely counter to the constant perception of what was around him. "Assuming by curse you mean using strong language--as opposed to hexing your unsuspecting guildmates--then there's really no strong stance. We do have many younger adventurers here-" She glanced to Apple, who was staring at the quest sheet with starry eyes. "-so I suppose I'd prefer if they didn't pick up any bad habits."

It was far from the worst thing they could do though. "As for being thrown out of the guild... that doesn't usually happen." There had been trouble in the past. Adventurers who thought the guild's reputation granted them immunity. "If it's serious enough to warrant such a response," Azalea said, "-you won't be walking away."

The terse thought was broken by an abrasive voice that piped up from behind. "Hey, nice to meet ya Bird. Not often I meet someone bigger than me. So yeah, Plants-" 'Plants?' "-I'm signing up to pay back what I owe and to fight monsters, where do I sign up and once I do I'd like to stick with the big bird guy here."


Azalea blinked, caught off guard. The giant woman didn't seem the least bit fazed by the fact she'd crash landed into the guild yesterday, totalling one of the rooms in the process. At least they're offering to pay it back...?

Azalea sighed, tracing the bark-like ridges down her face. "I appreciate the enthusiasm, Red. But--who are you exactly?"
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True Black Rose Beauty
Celia, the space witch~Space has endless possibilities~
Mention: Chinchia Chinchia
Upon hearing the tree lady say that they broke the table, that upset Celia. They didn’t mean for that to happen, because her space magic had teleported her to an unknown place. “Well, it was my…” said Celia, who was interrupted by what was going on in the guild. The tree lady then told them to wait before leaving, but Celia had other ideas in mind. She took out a broom by using her space magic, floated on that towards the splintered pieces of wood that were at the corner by using her air magic, and swept it up into one of her portals.
They then floated back to the spot she was supposed to be, and put the broom in her portal like nothing happened. ‘There. Now they don’t need someone to clean that up, since I took care of it.’ thought Celia. They knew they had to get rid of everything that was in her portal, but for right now. They can do the clean up later. “Hey tree lady. Are you going to come back to talk to me?” said Celia, who was waiting for them. She didn’t want them to forget about her situation, for they needed to know where they were at.
Location: Outskirts → Guild Hall

Outside the Guild Hall, near the edges of the city's outskirts, lay a tiny, empty field. Stone etched upon the earth, its surface scribbled with patterns unintelligible to the unlearned. An inkling of a gust blew at its center, swirling the leaves in its circular motion. The rapid movement of the wind grew faster, and with it, the patterns on the stone were traced in a vibrant glow.

From such, a figure of light was slowly formed at its center. Once it was completed, the winds stopped, the glow faded, and the light dissipated - leaving only the figure, who was then revealed to be a strange person. A man dressed in seemingly rugged clothing, with his upper torso completely uncloaked, numerous glowing markings covering his body left unveiled.

"Ah.", he said as he tossed a recognizable magical stone up and down from his left hand, massaging his neck with the other. "Really can't get used to that."

After storing the said stone into a seemingly hidden pouch within the rugged attire of his, he set forth, following the gravel-touched path that led further into the city's outskirts - a road known for its destination, a hub for adventurers. Fortunately, that path was something that could be easily traversed by foot.

It didn't take a while for him to reach his destination - the guild hall lying just at the city's outskirts. Without any second thoughts, as if it had already been second nature, he went inside.

A few eyes were set on him, and with them, murmurs and rumors were exchanged upon prying ears - accusing the man to be a magnet for bad luck, an omen for misfortune, and such. Though gaining such undesirable attention, he paid no heed to what he heard, nor what he saw. Perhaps he was used to such treatment, perhaps his will is simply that untouchable. Regardless of the reason, the impressions he had left on others held no power over him.

Eventually, he had made it over to yet another destination of his - a board holding numerous papers filed with quests, varying from simply retrieval errands to extermination requests. A quick scan through the presented selection was made, to find those appropriate for his rank, if anything. There was no hesitation as he swiftly took a random one without reading the details.

With paper clutched firmly in his hand, he gazed around, searching for a face that he had seen many times before. The crowd that grew every passing hour made it a bit of a hassle to find exactly who he was looking for, but in time, he did find what he sought - there it was, a woman whose body sprouted plant life, who was apparently in the midst of communing with faces unfamiliar.

Heading to her location with no haste, he gave her a casual greeting of a nod once he had arrived. "Busy day, huh.", he interjected.

"I'll be taking on this request.", he said, extending his arm to hand her the paper that held the words 'Mining Gems'.

Eyeing the faces that were gathered in the vicinity, he added. "Unless you have something for me to do, that is."

Interaction/s: Azalea ( Chinchia Chinchia )


Risoria Ducci De Columba
Glancing down at the second newcomer, he offered up his other wing in a welcoming gesture. "Why of course! Oho! An ogre, you say? No stranger to larger prey then, ah? Then I'm certain you'll be a great boon on our quest!" Now, Ducci was bobbing his head emphatically towards Regil. From his considerable experience in adventuring work, the Paladin knew all too well the benefit of smaller, swifter members fighting alongside him. With himself as a beacon of light, drawing fire from various deadly foes, he knew not to underestimate those smaller than he, capable of dealing lethal blows when least expected. Zef The Owl Zef The Owl

Taking in the quest briefing, Ducci nodded towards Azalea confidently, as he himself wasn't particularly bothered by cold weather, nor by giant monsters. Well, not any more than the average adventurer, as he'd certainly migrate south if he found himself stuck somewhere so cold. He then bowed his head briefly towards the third newcomer, noting his feline features, wondering if he and Regil were acquainted, something that would surely make for a well functioning party if he were to accompany them. Tapfic Tapfic

Ducci happily stood by as Azalea gave the newcomers a rundown of their inventory. He'd given up a decent portion of his life to this guild after all, so it filled him with joy to see it continue to thrive, to see the will of adventurers everywhere remain strong. But, Ducci had his own goals as well of course, he couldn't hang around the guild hall welcoming coppers all day! It was time to figure out who exactly would be taking on the quest, and to get started on the necessary preparations. That was right before he heard Leolin's query about cursing. "Guild hall or not, foul language won't be tolerated under my watchful eye!" He quickly added after Azalea, shooting Leolin a well-intentioned glare.

Only a moment passed, before his glare was instead directed towards an intruder in the guild hall. Laying a hand upon his sheathed greatsword, he instinctively placed himself between the newcomers and the red woman. "That would be Sir Risoria to you." He said while observing her and the hole she had emerged from. "Hm, I see we've found the culprit of all that ruckus in the night. Perhaps it would be ideal to bring you along, lest any of our patrons be harmed by your carelessness." He stated matter-of-factly, in a tone somewhat off from his usual jovial character. "Nevertheless, there are many quests which need be completed today! There's little sense in bringing too large a force for a single task, as reinforcements are only a waystone away!" He directed this towards Hashi, before turning back towards the three new recruits. Xcelgamer Xcelgamer

"Now then! For those seeking to accompany me to Stoneshard Stronghold, you would do best to briefly join me on the training field. I believe that a group of four would suffice. In my experience, it's best to familiarize yourself with your companion's affinities before embarking on any dangerous quests! A quick warm-up, pack some supplies, arm thy selves, and we shall be on our way!" Ducci stated loudly, clarifying the situation to any other nearby adventurers. He then gave a brief bow, and headed outside. Things could become chaotic for the worse with too many members on a job, so it was traditional to craft a group based upon their strengths and weaknesses. Either way, this would all be decided in their warm-up.

Ace Cream

Frozen Pooppy

Apple and Pipi eyed the item given to them with great interest, Pipi especially seemed to be estatic about the bag of holding but when Azalea explained that it shouldn't be used to store living being she looks disappointed. Meanwhile Apple was most interested with the stone, would she be able to use it to teleport home? She was so engrossed in her new trinkets that she didn't paid much attention to the other and before she realized it their little conversing group have almost double the number. She tilted her head in confusion.

"Pii! Pii!" Pipi jumping on her shoulder and pointed at Ducci as he headed out towards the training field. Apple immediately followed behind him.

Rurnur Rurnur
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"Assuming by curse you mean using strong language--as opposed to hexing your unsuspecting guildmates--then there's really no strong stance. We do have many younger adventurers here-" Leolin followed Azalea's gaze to the girl standing next to him- the one that had the faded scent of a dragon. Oh yeah, she did look pretty young. Wait, what was that thing on her shoulder? Some … lizard? No way it could be a lizard right? Maybe a turtle. "-so I suppose I'd prefer if they didn't pick up any bad habits."

"Guild hall or not, foul language won't be tolerated under my watchful eye!"
So that was a hard no on the cursing front.

" Got it! Keep it kid friendly. " Leolin stood up straight and gave a solute as though he had received official orders from a superior- which he sort of had. From now on no cursing, not even in his brain as long as dad bird was around. Or the kid either- got to be a good adult.

"As for being thrown out of the guild... that doesn't usually happen. If it's serious enough to warrant such a response,"
"-you won't be walking away."

Well whatever that last bit was alluding to didn't sound too pleasant- but at least if you had to do something THAT bad to get the boot; Leolin didn't need to worry about being fired for any of his antics.... Unless these guys really hated bad jokes.

"Hey, nice to meet ya Bird. Not often I meet someone bigger than me. So yeah, Plants I'm signing up to pay back what I owe and to fight monsters, where do I sign up and once I do I'd like to stick with the big bird guy here."
Holly Shiitake that's a freaking tall lady- in fact Leolin has never felt more five foot four than he did now, standing so close to two giants at the same time.

With the addition of a witch on a broom stick, and another adventurer looking to pick a quest; this particular corner was getting crowded. Not to imply Leolin didn't love a crowd- but he would prefer the attention be on him if given the chance. It was a relief when dad bird- Leolin was pretty sure Azalea called him Ducci- suggested a change in scenery. He hadn't actually had a chance to read any of the other quest postings; but Lin figured whatever the other guys had picked out was good enough for him.

" Sounds good to me!" Now that he thought about it, he hadn't been on a good adventure in at least a month or two- much less one with a party, and was itching to go see some new sights. Checking out his guild mate's talents could be a mini adventure in itself.


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Hashi The Charged​

Azalea sighed, tracing the bark-like ridges down her face. "I appreciate the offer, Red. But--who are you exactly?"

Hashi smiles happily and sits down so that she and Azalea is a bit closer to eye to eye "Name's Hashi, or Hashi the Charged is my name and well I kinda need to be part of your guild to you know pay you guys back."

She laughed lightly and with a smile "Yeah, love to tell you but I'm as broke as that demon your big guys put down, I'm strong, tough and love a good fight, I mean did you not see me yesterday, most people would get wrecked to the type of blast that destroyed the room and roof, yet here I am, alive and kicking"

"That would be Sir Risoria to you." He said while observing her and the hole she had emerged from. "Hm, I see we've found the culprit of all that ruckus in the night. Perhaps it would be ideal to bring you along, lest any of our patrons be harmed by your carelessness." He stated matter-of-factly, in a tone somewhat off from his usual jovial character. "Nevertheless, there are many quests which need be completed today! There's little sense in bringing too large a force for a single task, as reinforcements are only a waystone away!"

Hisha stood back up to her full and smiled wryly "Alright Sir Risoria, look it was not intentional for me to smash into this building and secondly....thank you for saving my butt, I got in over my head So Madam Flowers I would like to be signed up"

Chinchia Chinchia Rurnur Rurnur


Broom Shroom
"Now then! For those seeking to accompany me to Stoneshard Stronghold, you would do best to briefly join me on the training field!"

Azalea breathed a sigh of relief at Sir Ducci's declaration. That would make things a little easier to handle. She knew they'd be fine as long as they stuck by him-

"So, Madam Flowers, I would like to be signed up."

Right, first things first. Azalea turned, prepared to shake it off and get back to business-

“Hey tree lady! Are you going to come back to talk to me?”

Blasted hells. She took a deep breath, schooling her expression before turning to Hashi once more. "I can get you signed up right away, but I'll need to organise the papers first. Can you keep the young witch over there company? She also happened to crash into the guild yesterday--not long after you in fact."

Leaving the red giant to talk to the young witch--who appeared comically small by comparison--Azalea was fast to escape the crowd before anyone else could side-track her. She stopped only once, pausing on the stairs up to the upper floor, as she noticed the broken table had disappeared. Did someone move it...?

Shaking her head and dislodging a few petals in the process, she continued onto the upper floor where her desk was located--unaware of the silent footsteps already shadowing that path. She managed to make it to the relative freedom of upstairs unscathed. There was no quest board or food, just her desk, the guild staff quarters, and a lounge area, so people usually stayed downstairs.

Taking a moment to breath, she began shifting through the stacks of loose paper for the one she needed. Requests for assistance, levies from the kingdom, orders for supplies, and guild files of all sorts scattered across it. She always promised herself she'd sort it properly right that day, but then one thing led to the next and it was sundown and she just couldn't be bothered anymore-

"Busy day, huh."

She tensed, quelling a momentary panic at the quiet voice behind her. Glancing over her shoulder she noted the intricate blue markings, distinct from any she'd seen before. Aergundias, a member who'd been there for... well, a long time now that she thought about it. He'd joined not long after Sir Ducci and yet he had yet to progress very far. Pri said it was something to do with his spirit. She didn't want him out onto harder missions until she was sure things would be fine.

"I'll be taking on this request." Aer extended the sheet of paper towards her, seemingly unaware of her wandering thoughts. 'Mining Gems', the top part said. Azalea didn't need to read the rest. She took the page, placing it absentmindedly on the 'in progress' pile. "Unless you have something for me to do, that is."

Diligence. That was it. He never did anything to stand out from anyone else, just quietly going about his work. He only ever lingered in the guild long enough to give his report--then take the next job. Azalea supposed was more aware of it than most. But even after so long she couldn't pin exactly what he expected to get out of the work, since neither material gains nor repute seemed to hold any sway over him.

"Actually, Aergundias--how do you feel about taking someone else on this mission with you?" She was aware he rarely worked with others. Whether because of his reputation or out of personal preference, she remained uncertain. "We have several new recruits and, well, you actually have a pretty good track record with this sort of thing." Smiling with what she hoped was encouragement, she finally found the recruitment sheet she was looking for--stuffed under a bunch of supply records. She tugged it out, turning to head back downstairs before red giantess decided to come track her down. The sound of a small pile of paper hitting the ground gave her pause.

I though that was secure. Venting her frustration with a sigh, she crouched down and begin gathering up the scattered mess. These will need to be sorted again...

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