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Fantasy The Guild Stone ((Old Questing Thread))

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Broom Shroom

The Desolation Outpost

Mentions: Vol Vol Swiftshots Swiftshots
"Little girl-"

Angora remained stoic, fingers laced together over the desk as the arcane pedigree began yapping. They'd been barely civil throughout the whole process of reports. It seemed now their business was complete they had no need of decorum. Angora gestured subtly in revocation as the guards near the door reached for their swords, curious that the Avaticca noble hadn't.

"From the way you speak it would seem your military knew nothing of the catacombs nestled underneath the undead fortress." Not that particular catacomb no. It had become a practice used across Solmar during the warring times--according to the stories, after the enemies had taken to digging up shallow graves to pillage the corpses. Angora didn't expect the witch to care much for the history of the region, the arcane were notorious for dismissing anything they had no interest after all, but she had at least hoped it would keep them from their favourite pass-time of coming up with outlandish new theories.

"You previously said that the undead in the fort had been spreading out to take over animals due to a lack of... well humans to take over. If your original assessment is in fact correct... let me ask you something. Just how many corpses do you think are buried in that catacomb? How many great warriors? Two armies fell here... how deep do you think that catacomb goes?"

Angora withheld a sigh. "Your point, missus Eiru?"

"Black slimes. Normally one wouldn't think much of slimes. They're everywhere. Here, there, under the log outside, in the water by the port. Everywhere, slimes of all different colours. One slime you hardly ever see however are black slimes. They rarely appear in dungeons deep underground. Sure but that catacomb. I'd wager we weren't anywhere near deep enough to consider it normality of occurrences."

"I'll bet you that coin, your catacomb runs far deeper than anyone here would like to comprehend. Have you ever been to the underworld?"

Angora's brow twitched. "You do realise-" Oh arcane being of all knowledge. "I've been living in its courtyard the past two years?"

"Anyway, that's not really my issue. I'd say it's been a pleasure but I'm not fond of lying to children... Ta-raa." Angora's eyes narrowed, fingers tightening as the witch paused before leaving. "Oh and Zion your skills truly impressed me. I have a project I'd like to discuss with you later come find me at the bar when you get the chance." So civility was possible. Angora wouldn't have guessed.

A flash of light illuminated the room and the witch disappeared, silence hanging heavy in the atmosphere she left behind. Angora expected the guards would hound her about it later, but--

"When I am reinstated I shall have her hung," Tyron hissed. "Insulting one of the generals--" A seething rage coloured the Avattica's expression. He'd learned a modicum of patience it seemed, if he had sense enough to wait for the witch to leave.

"You'll put yourself in a precarious position," Angora said simply, her impassive expression showing little of her thoughts. "Her position in the Arcane house outranks mine. You won't gain allies by going against it."

"She called you a child-"

"Besides," the tips of Angora's fingers pressed together, ignoring the young noble as she leaned them against the grim set of her lips. "She makes a point, in amidst all her prattling. What lies beyond that fortress..."

Tyron's foot slammed down, cracking the cobble and the guards at the door jolted uncomfortably, unsure of who's position to take in an argument far outside their rank. "You're one of the twelve generals-!"

"Don't-" Angora said, eyes steely as she finally snapped. "-break my floors. I've had enough of the witch's spats already. I don't need another one in here lecturing me about honour."

"Don't group me in with her-!"

"Don't give me orders," she responded. Her tone fell as quickly as it rose, marking the end of the conversation more sharply than she intended. Though Tyron fumed, looking for all the world like steam would come out his ears, he turned on heel and disappeared in a flash of the waystone. The guard's snickers cut off as Angora's glanced over. Tyron's attitude wasn't new, but the whole ordeal had left her more drained than a legion of the undead. I thought I'd escape this sort of pretentious attitude when I left the capital.

Never any such luck. She was left with the third member of the party, and the only one apparently who had enough sensibility to pick up the report. Her brow furrowed when she felt a subtle pry into her mental space. Her guard had been up while the witch was around, but as she recalled the other one's use of thought speak she relaxed the barriers and let the words trickle in.

'It was an honour to assist you in any way I -- we -- could have, Commander.' The figure barely moved at all as they spoke, nothing but the scraps hanging off them to show they weren't a statue. Without any facial cues to go off it really was quite unnerving 'But I do have a request before I depart. If you could allow me a chance to speak to Meridia's brother, that would be... ' The words faded, Angora unsure what to make of the pause. '-great.'

"What reason would you have for that?" she said. She dismissed the guards with a wave, hands linking together as the iron plated doors slammed shut. She spoke quietly in the silence that followed. "Margo's body is in the clutches of an enemy spirit. While I appreciate what you've done for us-" And though he didn't strike her as the type to make requests without reason- "I don't see what business you would have with either."

Location: Icewall Caverns >> Guild Hall
Mentions: Blyke Luxford Blyke Luxford
"I'm standing, for now. I'm definitely going to pass out within the next five minutes and that might be a generous amount of time. Apparently, that fight took more out of me than expected."

Ymir paused her scrying into the sphere, the glow in her eyes blinking out. "...come again?"

She turned just as he pitched forwards, catching himself on the pedestal as he slid to the ground. He was a smidge out on that estimation. Ymir scurried around to check what happened, only half catching the words he grumbled to himself.

"Damn it. This is pathetic, I use something I obtained through that damn old man for once and I end up like this? The me from back then would have kept this up all day."

The 'you' from back then seems like they had a delinquent streak--she snorted, both at the familiar situation before her and the thought, we'd have gotten along for sure.

"Sorry, I didn't expect to fall behind this soon." He finally glanced up at her with a dry laugh, speaking with an edge of spite about what was perfectly acceptable condition. He hadn't grown up in the mountains, as far as she knew. "And right after I so cockily said I would just keep up."

Oh please, you took three quarters of an hour to find breakfast.
She crouched down, swiping some of the snow out of his hair. "You did better than most."

"You know what to do though, leave me behind and complete the quest." Her eyes narrowed at the shaky thumbs up he gave. He looked completely harrowed, complexion pale and skin covered in patches of red. "I'll be fine."

Like I need you to tell me that. She pinched his ear, pulling on it with a scowl. "I already said that's what I'd do, didn't I? Now are you going to teleport out of here or..." She lapsed into thought, letting go of his face as she considered how that would actually go given their current luck. "On second thought, no. You'll end up in a ditch somewhere with no energy to get out and... no--just wait here." Keeping in mind her own limits she was fast approaching, she stood and brushed herself off. Leo's pain modifier was still active, so long as she could force herself through the sluggish weight on her limbs she'd be fine. Totally fine. She took a deep breath, reaching instinctively for her bag before recalling it had been frozen shut. Bloody cyclops. "I'll be back soon."

A gust of wind stirred the room with her departure. She'd return a good ten minutes later, her usual cloak and a coarse, bloodied braid of hair in hand. She'd tried to be fast about it. She was well aware how quick hypothermia could settle over a person in weakened state. Lucky for her, more so Leo, the job had been just about finished already.

"I forgot to say before, but you did well in that fight." Kneeling down she threw the heavy material over him, fastening it properly and pressing the back of her hand to his cheek. Probably the worst sign would be if his shivering had stopped, though hopefully nothing a nice warm fire wouldn't fix. We're both going to regret this so much tomorrow.

Grabbing his arm she slung it over her shoulder, lifting him up with a huff. Her final task was to grab the glass-like sphere from the pedestal, balancing it precariously as she struggled to keep everything together. At last, we're out of here.

And with a flash of light, they disappeared from the caverns once and for all.
Leonidas HoodLeonidas Hood.jpg
Location: Icewall Caverns > Guild Hall
Mentions: Chinchia Chinchia
"I already said that's what I'd do, didn't I? Now are you going to teleport out of here or..." Leonidas had thought about doing that but he remembered Ymir's bag being frozen shut and with that, her own waystone being unavailable. If he left now she wouldn't be able to get back to the guild hall. He was about to make an attempt at pointing this out to her when she continued talking. "On second thought, no. You'll end up in a ditch somewhere with no energy to get out and... no--just wait here." That was a different reason than he had thought of but it was fine with him.

He managed a weak smile. "Wouldn't be the first time." He saw her reach for her bag, now finally realizing that it wasn't available. "I'll be back soon." He managed a weak nod.

With Ymir gone, Leonidas was left completely alone with his thoughts and the growing realization that his legs wouldn't move at all no matter how hard he tried. He could still feel the muscles in his legs when he tried to move them so he wasn't worried that they had stopped functioning completely but still, the fact that he couldn't do anything right now frustrated him to no end.

In the end, he just gave up. He rested his head against the icy pedestal, afraid to close his eyes because he could tell he wouldn't be able to open them again if he did. Without thinking about it, he started humming. It started off as a random tune, one his mind was making up as he went along. He suddenly stopped, when had that same random tune turned into the one he used to sing to his sister?

This mission didn't have any connection to his past, so then why had it ended up bringing back more memories of that time than all his other experiences in the past half a year combined?

He was thankful for Ymir's return, his thoughts coming to a temporary halt as he focussed on what she was doing. She threw her cloak over him and while he really wanted to protest and tell her she needed it just as much as he did he really couldn't muster the strength.

"I forgot to say before, but you did well in that fight." He smiled. "That sloppy footwork? That would have earned me a beating in the past." He responded with a joke but he was happy she thought so. "Thanks." He muttered in a barely audible volume.

Ymir grabbed his arm and slung it over her shoulder. He really tried to make lifting him up easier on her but no matter how hard he tried his legs wouldn't move more than an inch. He would have to apologize later, buy her a round or two of drinks maybe.

He heaved one final sigh of relief when the familiar feeling of waystone travel washed over him and he saw the caverns disappearing around him. Free from this deadly ice prison at last.


에나 on Twitter.jpeg
Minma Gate
Location: Gaenet

Minma watched in awe as Themisto used some sort of magic to capture one of the wolves. Minma was always amazed by the acts of magic since he himself had never been capable of commiting such acts. He relied on becoming stronger in more skilled in hand to hand combat or sword play. Even though he has no special abilities his managed to overcome stronger foes than he could ever imagine. His drive to become the strongest in the world is enough to keep him going when all odds are stacked against him.

"With that out of the way, we might finally be able to advance to the fortress. I don't expect it'll get any easier from here on out though so if either of you needs a brief break we can have one now." Minma placed his sword back on his back and smirked at Klein. "I don't mean to come off as egotistical in any way but I advise you to refrain from asking me such a question. I assure you if I require a break I will ask. But I doubt I'll be needing one." As he stopped speaking Themisto began to perform her magic one more.

"Will either of you have trouble getting over this wall?" Minma looked at it then looked at Themisto for her response. "I will not, but, if our friend here have, we can open a channel. It will be messy, but..." As she threw Klein the rock, Minma interrupted and caught it before it could reach Klein. "Thank you for your concern but I assure you I am more than capable of scaling such a wall. I wouldn't want to be a factor that falters our mission and we have no time to spare so we can all cross together." And with that Minma was off. He was charging head first at the wall, ready to conquer it. As he approached he began to run up the wall in a slightly horizontal way.

He was able to get a good run and was already almost halfway up the wall, but of course you can't go against gravity for so long before falling. Minma knew his next step was the last he was going to be able to take. He reached behind himself and pulled out his sword, stabbing it into the wall. As he did so he pulled down on it and used it as a spring to bost himself up more. With the boost from his sword he was able to make it a few more feet higher. Minma quickly reached behind his back and tapped his sword carrier which had a special magnet that drew his sword to him. Once his sword was in his grip again he repeated the process. He was now also to the top when he used one last move to usher him there. When he had his sword in his hands he spent it so rapid, in a circle like way, opposite to the top of the wall, that it created enough force of wind to give him that last boost he needed to scale the wall.

Mentions: Rex Tesseri Rex Tesseri Blyke Luxford Blyke Luxford
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Klein EshwaldKlein Eshwald Small.jpg
Location: Gaenet
Mentions: Rex Tesseri Rex Tesseri Minma Minma
"I don't need a break, however, i need to make preparation to what will come... And that means i need feedback about what occourred before. What you think about the structure of those simulacras? Express it to me, while we working together, information is useful to know what is happening..." Klein nodded. "I can't say I've ever heard about nor seen illusions that could affect the real world but I learned a few things in that fight. First of all, they do not trigger my perception when they touch my strings which confirms that they are illusions. Furthermore, and perhaps most troubling of all, I can't turn them into marionettes which should mean they don't have a mind of their own but I've never before felt the sharp pain in my head I just felt when unable to turn something into a marionette."

Klein frowned, he really was worried about it affecting the mission. His ability to fight with strings would normally be enough to take care of whatever came his way but this was a gold-ranked quest, missing even a single one of his skills could be fatal.

"Anyway," He cleared his throat and continued. "They seem to fall apart when enough stress is applied, though I do wonder if the same level of stress is required for all the illusions. I highly doubt that fortress will fall apart under the force of a single slash."
"I don't mean to come off as egotistical in any way but I advise you to refrain from asking me such a question. I assure you if I require a break I will ask. But I doubt I'll be needing one." Klein turned to Lynx and gave a nod. Quite a bit of pride, I can only hope he has the stamina to back it up. "Very well then."

"I will not, but, if our friend here have, we can open a channel. It will be messy, but..." Klein watched with interest as she started writing. "Put this on the other side" She threw him something but Lynx jumped in and caught it. He frowned, a little annoyed at the man's carefree attitude.

"Thank you for your concern but I assure you I am more than capable of scaling such a wall. I wouldn't want to be a factor that falters our mission and we have no time to spare so we can all cross together." Klein watched as Lynx made it over the wall with little difficulty. Well, at least he's backing up his big words so far.

He sighed and turned to Themisto. "I will see you on the other side, I will make sure he places your stone." He made a small polite bow before turning around and approaching the wall.

After using his strings like a rope to pull himself up and over Klein landed on the other side of the wall next to Lynx. "Don't forget to place the stone you grabbed." He said, turning to face the forest. "When Themisto is here we'll set off."

Rex Tesseri

Voidless Abyss
Themisto Pallasi
Location: At Gaenet
Mentions: Minma Minma Blyke Luxford Blyke Luxford

"I can't say I've ever heard about nor seen illusions that could affect the real world but I learned a few things in that fight. First of all, they do not trigger my perception when they touch my strings which confirms that they are illusions. Furthermore, and perhaps most troubling of all, I can't turn them into marionettes which should mean they don't have a mind of their own but I've never before felt the sharp pain in my head I just felt when unable to turn something into a marionette." For Themisto his feedback was essential.

She watched both dealing with that problem on their own. He sighed and turned to Themisto. "I will see you on the other side, I will make sure he places your stone." He made a small polite bow before turning around and approaching the wall.

A distinct noise could be heard, a static noise mixed with a high-pitch monotone. Her long-range communication ended, deactivating her own waystone. Minma's dragon was left behind, so Themisto grabbed they.
She just shouted for both "Be right back!" She knew that if the waystone was disturbed, her own doppelganger was being disturbed. Meaning that Themisto Two will vanish soon, and all data will be lost.
She ran, casting Update Magic one after another, faster than she should. Her back now has a propulsion device made entirely of light, that used hydrogen and oxygen as fuel to thrust her. Some rune scribed rocks was being dropped, marking the trail of her movement to create a channel, those runed rocks began to feed from the environmental energy, normally from light and gas that could be used to make fusion.

She ran all way back to the deactivated waystone, grabbing it by her both hands. Themisto Two said to her "Mr. Pallasi..." her skies blue eyes focused on the light-entity, whose essence was degrading over time. "I don't feel so good" Themisto shed a tear and replied "You did well, wasn't your fault." the ivory crowned woman touched her onyx-like device in the entity head, and with a little touch, began to reintegrate it.

"I wonder, what fried it? Could be that it has some sort of defensive measure? She said that it uses a old and powerful source..." Themisto's hand ran through her face. "I should have used the Tabula Rasa as a resistor, not the other way around..." she looked more and more angry about it. "NOW I HAVE TWO PROBLEMS! TWO GODDAMMIT PROBLEMS!" she snort like a bull, trying to replenish her mind of ideas, and not die mad.

As she did a last snort her mind found a answer. "However, i can fix one... one" That should do it for her right now. She sat down on the ground, trying to remember the channeling script. She channeled her energy through the Tabula Rasa, that began to float in her front, a large structure made of light similar to a window was created, she began to input all the necessary data in it. Writing dozen of words in it. She defined the Radius, the Pivot, the Begin Point and the End Point. Deletion doesn't actually destroy it, just transfer it to an buffer zone, because it follows the a simple law 'Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed'

The percursor people used Deletion Script to bore, and essentially Themisto will bore a long hole that will end in the first stone, the one that Lynx have. Using a tweaked version of the same deletion script, she will be channeled through the bore in a high speed. Now she need to wait, however, she decided to send the dragon first through a bore that it would fit. Extending her hand, she began to tweak the spell again, to bore from time to time, expanding the hole until it's the perfect size.

The first beam of her Deletion magic was launched, drilling a small sized hole, that could fit a apple. The second one was then launched, opening the hole a little more. That heartbeat beam was being cast from time to time, opening more the hole.

She grabbed a rock and with her finger, she wrote a rune in it. After the hole was dragon-sized, she put the little thing in front of the channel, and gave it the stone, letting it be transported to the other side, to his owner.

When Lynx or Klein get near the rock it will trigger a message "I'm fine, however, i need to get a break. Don't wait for me." Her nose began to bleed, triggering a massive migraine.


에나 on Twitter.jpeg
Minma Gate
Location: Gaenet

Shortly after Minma made his descent to the ground on the other side of the wall he watched as Klein joined him. He was confused as to why he couldn't hear Themisto making an attempt to scale the wall. "Don't forget to place the stone you grabbed." He reached into the pocket which he put the stone into and brought it out. "Right." Bending over, Minma placed the stone onto the ground. "When Themisto is here we'll set off." A simple nod came from Minma and that's when it hit him. He just realized he had left his dragon behind. Although he didn't particularly like it, he did promise to watch over it for this mission. He was sure Themisto would bring it since it would probably cling onto her now that she is the only one on that side.

As he and Klein waited for Themisto a hole began to emerge where the stone had been and soon followed his dragon. I knew I could count on her. To his surprise that wasn't the only thing that came threw the whole. A rock with a triggered message appeared. When Minma read it he looked at Klein then back at the wall. A chill went threw his spine and he let out a deep sigh as he turned to face Klein. "So what's your call captain? Do we listen to her and continue, trusting that she will be able to rendezvous with us? Or do we ignore her request and go back since this place has its fair share of dangers?"

After speaking he bent down and patted the dragon. "Whatever call you make I'll get behind, but as I'm sure you know, the more time we spend waiting the more dangerous our situation gets." He stood back upright and looked Klein in the eye, waiting for a response.

Mentions: Blyke Luxford Blyke Luxford Rex Tesseri Rex Tesseri
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Seraph Darkfire

King of the Underworld

[Location: Darkwood Forest (Outskirts)]
{Interactions: Akeldama Swiftshots Swiftshots / Zale Starwalker123 Starwalker123 }
A flash of light and a soft whoomph of air and the three adventurers appeared on the outskirts of the Darkwood Forest. Vas'On shook his head slightly at the semi-disorienting effect that teleportation had. After years of doing this, he was somewhat well adjusted but he still ultimately preferred to travel by foot. The act of skipping across vast distances with a magical effect seemed counterproductive to increasing the personal strength of the individual.

He looked to Zale "Take a moment to acclimate if this is the first time you've traveled by waystone. It is not unheard of for one to lose the the contents of their stomach afterwards" he crossed his arms and looked at the forest. Darkwood Forest. The forest was home to many types of creatures, both aggressive and docile. The deeper into its depths one went, the more dangerous it became. It spanned a great many leagues of land. Quite a few villages even sat along its borders. The Darkwood the forest was named for was sturdy enough to be used in construction, as well as attractive enough to have the smaller pieces of wood be used for furniture and works of art.

Where they were at the moment wasn't that dangerous. Slimes mainly in the fields outside of the forest with some more dangerous variants deeper in. There was the occasional lone wolf that reached the Outskirts from much deeper in.


The Swiftest Shot In The West

Akeldama Vlad Aldea Mayer
Silver Rank Blade Dancer
Darkwood Forest

Akel moved to stretch her arms while Vas'on handled the new recruit. The Darkwood Forest was a familiar location for many a guild member considering the vast amount of low-level quests issued by the towns within its ring of influence. Typical quests ranged from gathering herbs, flowers, wood and tinder to hunting quests revolving around the local slime population and adventurous wolf packs. In terms of difficulty, this forest was perfect for new recruits and a very peaceful place one could aim to scout for retirement in terms of home acquirement. It was peaceful. Scenic. Tranquil even. Once finished stretching Akel moved toward the track between the wall of trees aside them and waved over her two companions. Crickets could be heard chirping and the air was growing cooler by the second as the night sky slowly began to takeover from the day.

"This shouldn't take long. The moss we're looking for grows all over the forest, we needn't track too far into the woods before coming across some. I and Vas'on will let you lead the way, it wouldn't do you much good if me and Vas'on here were to lead you right to it. Say... what was your name again? I'm Akeldama. A pleasure to meet you."
Starwalker123 Starwalker123 Seraph Darkfire Seraph Darkfire

Rex Tesseri

Voidless Abyss
Themisto Pallasi
Location: At Gaenet
Mentions: Minma Minma Blyke Luxford Blyke Luxford
The pearl-crowned woman thought for a minute, and soon she realized, boring through deletion would wear her faster than anything. And this realization made her stop. Clicking the surface of the black marble apparatus fast to cancel the boring spell.
She laid down, thinking mechanically, sorting what she did, and what she need to do. Her waystone is gone, but not entirely, the TR could be used as a substitute, and can act as a better apparatus than the waystone did, as it's use was more wide and built to be a device of war.

"Think, Themisto, Think!" she mumbled to herself "Ok, the nuclei rejected a dual-connection, or necessarily, it was not built to withstand the use of a long-range, continuous, peer-to-peer, data-transfer..." she sighed, pressing her nostrils. "So... i will not use the waystone weave..." she looked to the deactivated waystone "Could have residual data..." she said, imagining her plan.

Her fingers began to lighten up. 'The gods paved the way, now i will use as i see fit...' after she said that, she began to draw a symbol over the deactivated waystone with her finger, using her light to photolithographically inscribe those runes. 'I hate this, but... fuck it!' she bit her index finger, and as it was bleeding, she inscribed a circle, and a rune, a hexagram, and the sephiroth in the surface of the waystone. "I fucking hate blood magic!" her hand slipped through the bag of holdings, grabbing Tom Crabius' soul that was contained into a tesseract. Blood magic requires sacrifices, following the Old Lex of Hammurabi. And souls? Souls are a very strong power source, even the weakest of them. The precursors think that souls and elemental affinities are linked somehow.

"Tha mi air fàs mar aon leis a ’ghuth" she began to chant while drawing with her finger "I've don the crown of Keter. Binah and Chochmah gift me Knowledge of Da'at; Gevurah makes me able to judge, and Chesed to feel. I find Tifereth Harmony in both of them, and hereby call Hod Majesty and Netzach Endurance. I'm the Foundation of Yesod, and with the crown of Keter and claim Kingship of Malkhut, the earth walk. I, Themisto Pallasi, open the Otzar, Chamber of Guph. I link this treasure through this conduit of life, my treasure is just a fragment of Addammu" The crowned woman put the soul over the blood rune, in sequence the rune sucked Tom' soul, lighting up and slowly heating up until it fused with the deactived waystone, burning Themisto's fingers, and with that, she let it fall on the ground. "Fuck, double fuck!"

Her eyes began to cry, however she felt nothing and knew that doing that kind of magic was risky, but she doesn't have time. She limped slowly in direction of the fallen one, it was moving enough to be used as a sacrifice. While Themisto did all of that, the buffer zone began to spill the material to the real world, returning everything removed to its true place, slowly recharging her energy. She knelled over one of those fallen being, if it was a illusion, she could breakdown the entire illusionist weave of magic, or force it to abandon those proxies affected her dark magic. She brutally smacked the deactivated waystone over the downed entity forehead, linking it directly to the corrupted waystone, and giving it a sigil. The waystone began to change its form, because it was no waystone anymore, and while the entity was linked directly to it, the waystone could feed from it ad aeternum. She gave her TR a look, analyzing the corrupted stone weaving architecture. Judging by what she was seeing, she began to drawn on the ground one of the most complex spells ever. Her dark magic began spread through the illusionist weave of magic, until they disconnect those proxies infected or it will eventually infect the caster.


New Member
Zale Liron
Mentions@ Seraph Darkfire, @

Swiftshots Swiftshots

Zale’s stomach lurched as they landed almost tumbling to the ground. The form of travel was more disorentating than they would have throught. The first time had to be the hardest if it didn't get easier they might still prefer to travel by foot. Though this was faster just skipping across vast distances. The very idea made their head spin. “It is the first time.” The teen fought the urge to puke into the bushes/. The darkwood forest was known to many for the wood it provided for use and the villages that rimmed it. The animals and things that lived there got wilder the deeper one went into it. When akel came closer and spoke the teen noded/ “That sounds like a plan. My Zale Liron, but you can call me Zale. “ the teen looked around be before plungeging off into the woods, “wasting daylight, and we should be aware of that”

Seraph Darkfire

King of the Underworld

[Location: Darkwood Forest (Outskirts)]
{Interactions: Akeldama Swiftshots Swiftshots / Zale Starwalker123 Starwalker123 }
Vas'On was only half paying attention to the two of them as they performed their introductions. Despite the fact that it was a relatively safe area, no area was truly safe. Life wasn't some predestined game of chance and numbers that conveniently kept stronger entities to specific locations. You could easily find yourself in combat with much more powerful creatures that decided to roam. Of course, that was also a sort of paranoia for the half breed, he was always expecting to get attacked in one way or another, at least when he was out adventuring. He did feel a bit more relaxed with someone of Akeldama's capabilities around. If things did go poorly, he wouldn't have to divide his attention between defending Zale and fighting an enemy.

"Daylight is never truly wasted" he said looking back to Zale "But yes, lets get moving. The request is to gather the moss to possibly cover a floor...or several" he read the paper he'd been given with a soft sigh as he looked at Akeldama "You know, I don't miss this part of the job" he said as he tapped the paper "The requester never says how much they require or in what state they need the items to be in. Fortunately moss can be gathered quickly, it doesn't really need special techniques or herbal knowledge to gather. It can also be transported without much fuss, so we can gather as much as you want to gather. Rule of thumb is to always gather more than you think you need unless a specific amount has been requested"

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