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Fantasy The Guild Stone II ((OOC))



Broom Shroom
More info, not essential to know. Mostly as an addendum to Azalea's post since she is highly unreliable as an information source.

Wolfram Wolfram
So using the waystone with a different power source was an interesting idea--I'm glad you recognised it would require a great deal of energy. The basic functions are not overly complex. Teleportation magic can be studied in most academies and there are those with affinities suited to using such magic, which is why I think it's reasonable Themisto was able to replicate the effect. For the most part it's not used commonly throughout the kingdom due to the absurd amount of energy it requires.

There are two other functions that are more difficult. The enchanted map, which was added by a yet undiscovered adventurer and allows for more precise, and much safer, teleportation at the price of reduced range; it can be expanded through extensive study of a land area. The other addition is the call for assistance--in some ways a very primitive form of what Themisto is suggesting. It sends out a blanket signal to all the waystones, while identifying the target one on the map. They're sort of like mods now that I think about it.

The waystones themselves do not contain these enchantments--they only act as an access point to the guild stone (a very euphemistic name), which contains the core functions. Themisto cannot access these enchantments without triggering the failsafe that is there to stop potential enemies (and competing guilds) from copying or tampering with the magic--not that they'd work without the proper energy source anyway. Enchanted maps and communication items do exist in other forms throughout the kingdom, but for the most part they aren't tailored to a central system as the guild ones are.

Overall I do like the idea of using the waystone as a communication device, however Azalea currently doubts Themisto's intentions for accessing the waystone, so you may have to go through Eiru for help. Her threat is also a genuine one. If Themisto is dismissed then she will lose access to the guild, though you can continue using her as a character outside of it.

Gaius Danius Griinia Gaius Danius Griinia
Milby admires the great Wizard's robes.


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For lack of better ideas, I'll be moving Milby to the quest location with my next post ( -A-')> I'm aware there are a few who haven't had a chance to respond, but anyone who'd like to come along is welcome to have their character teleport out as well. I don't mind running a larger group (to the best of my abilities)

Swiftshots Swiftshots

Fair enough, I was going to wait for Dethrix to respond. But I don't mind moving onto the quest location if that works better for everyone. If need be I can put up a quick response post to the other responses before the transition, just let me know.
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Gonna redo the response for Azalea since there were a few extra posts I wasn't aware of (and I wasn't happy with it anyway)

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I believe Blyke Luxford Blyke Luxford is retiring Klein's character for now, but if you want to figure out how the quest ended amongst yourselves that would be fine.


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Wait im somewhat confused, who did logan end up getting with and where are they going i just want to check before i post

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