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Fantasy The Guild Stone II ((OOC))


Gaius Danius Griinia

Kamen Rider Amino
Hey Gaius Danius Griinia Gaius Danius Griinia , Kog'Thollal offered his help a few posts up in the main feed.

Wolfram Wolfram
Themisto and F'aer'nun-thae look good. I did notice F'aer's stats add up to 60 instead of 50 though--was that intentional?

Seraph Darkfire Seraph Darkfire Swiftshots Swiftshots Starwalker123 Starwalker123
I've moved the quest to the completed section. You can add the AP reward to your characters. There have also been a few more ideas added to the quest board for anyone who is interested.


Broom Shroom
Wolfram Wolfram
So is F'aer's new distribution 10, 10, 10, 10, 0, and 15? Not sure if it's a refreshing error or not since it still adds up to 55. Edwin's stats look good though.


Broom Shroom
Dethrix Dethrix
Since Abyssians are a concept that Wolfram Wolfram came up with I'd recommend asking them. My view is there would be a lot of races humans class as 'demonic'--Abyssians may well be one, considering where they originate--but it depends what Rex has in mind.


Meta-Magic Eight Ball
Any voletters for a little training with Zale, I feel like they need some skills upping before they face any more big scary bad guys..


Broom Shroom
ALRIGHT IT'S TIME FOR THE TRAINING UPDATE!!! I'll do this real quick before I have to run off to work. Replies will be up for Milby and Azalea tonight. Had it in the back of my mind for a while but since Starwalker123 Starwalker123 brought it up, I may as well give a quick run-down.

Training Summary:
For characters Iron rank and below it is possible to increase AP for strength, intelligence, agility and dexterity through training. For fortitude and constitution the only way is through quest or tier rewards. The requirements are as follows:
  • You cannot train while completing a quest. Location is either the training grounds or a relevant place within Lantana.
  • Trainee must be iron rank or below. Trainer must be silver rank or above.
  • Trainer must have at least 100 pts in the attribute they're teaching.
  • Trainee must have less than 100 pts in the attribute they're levelling.
  • You can train a maximum of two attributes up to a 100 pts (or all four up to 50 pts), but can only do one at a time.
  • A single trainer can teach multiple students at once, but only in a single attribute.
  • For trainees the practice does not count towards levelling their rank (the only way is through questing). For trainers it does (training multiple at once will count for more).
  • [Note: the exact requirements for ranking up are still murky. I'm trying to work out a system that's reasonable, but not excessively slow.]
  • If the above requirements are met, then for the duration of the posts while the characters are practicing the trainee gets +5 to the relevant attribute for each post they make (I'm considering capping this at around 25 pts per session, but idk if that's too finicky).
  • Characters can train multiple attributes in a day so long as they can find the teacher/s for it. The trainer can also teach multiple attributes in a day, just in different sessions.
As a final note: it's perfectly possible for higher ranks to use the training grounds, or for lower ranks to train without a teacher, there just won't be any boost to the attributes. Characters can still learn new weapons and skills no matter the rank. I don't have any plans to class/attribute lock things, if that makes sense.

I'll add all this information to the character sheet thread eventually. For now if people have any thoughts/concerns/ideas about the system please let me know! I'm still unsure as to whether training will take place on the questing thread or the main hall area.

Wolfram Wolfram
Themisto will have ranked up with the completion of her quest. I'll have Azalea deal with that tonight.
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Rodent Ruler
Artyx being low key baited to take the plant quest since its her literal job to deal with plants.
I had the same thought, though it had seemed they were busy with joining the king turkey quest.
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Broom Shroom
Bob Bob
Do it! Trade your wizard overlord for the tiny tyrant :cheshiregrin:

It'd make sense for Logan and Artyx to switch actually, since Logan's more a hunter and Artyx specialises in plants, but that's up to you.

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