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Fantasy The Guild Chronicles ((Lore))




On the outskirts of the city, past the fields and rolling hills, a nameless structure hides in the border of the forest. It has resided there since the first founding of the guilds some hundred years ago, and although its faded walls have seen better days, the stories told about it haven't changed. Whether for the first time or the fiftieth, you find yourself standing in front of those doors, mustering the courage for what comes next.

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Lantana is a city along the west coast of the Verdant plains, known for its natural wealth of resources and skilled artisans. Over half of the Twelve Houses, responsible for the governance of the human populace, preside within the walls, making it the human capital of the region. Due to its many unusual members the guild keeps a distance from the main walls of the city, though it does not quite manage to escape the scrutiny of local authorities.

The Verdant Plains are not in an outright conflict, but many dangers do remain. There are laws to prohibit the hunt of intelligent creatures (including humans), and disappearances are not uncommon. Disputes often occur, whether due to past hostilities or fighting over resources, and even within towns and cities conflict can be present. Roaming beasts are an ongoing threat to everyone, and the undead rift continues to widen over the lands of Solmar.

Despite all that, the Plains are far from the worst place to be. It is known that the inhabitants of the Frozen North have their eyes on the bountiful lands at their doorstep, and many consider it only a matter of time until the giants find a way to cross the Great Ravine. Similarly, the rocky savannahs to the east are plagued by a scarcity of rain and resources, making it a breeding ground for hunters and bandits that cross through the Dividing Range. The west coast faces the everpresent threat of sea monsters and the Pirate Lords, and further south the jungles and swamps are home to some of the most deadly creatures on the continent large and small.

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Starter Items
Every adventurer is given a set of items when they sign up to the guild: a waystone, an enchanted map, and a bag of holding.
  • The waystone is used for long distance transport (anywhere more than a day's walk). Visualise the place you want to be and it will take you there.
  • The bag of holding can store anything small enough to fit through the mouth. To retrieve, think of the item and reach inside.
  • The enchanted map will help you keep track of your position. When you accept a task the target area will appear on the map, as well as any points of interest.
Each character may have two affinities. One of these must be a standard affinity, the second can be either a standard or specialised ability.
Standard Affinities: Air | Earth | Fire | Water | Body | Spirit | Light | Dark
Specialised Affinities: Ice | Lightning | Plants | Transform | Summon | Enchant | Music | Other

    - It isn't required to know everything,
    - But if something seems important it's always best to ask.
  2. No modern technology, though magic equivalents may be allowed.
  3. Main characters are to be a part of the guild or intending to join.
    - There may be exceptions where approval is given.
    - Cannon fodder enemies / random NPCs are fine.
    - Antagonists are allowed.
  4. Race Limitations
    - No fandom characters or historic figures.
    - No gods or beings from religious texts.
    - No extra-terrestrials.
  5. At least one paragraph per post.
  6. Common RP courtesies and Nation rules apply.
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The Twelve Houses
The houses are divided roughly into three groups, ruling, order, and life, though often their duties will overlap.
  • The ruling class are the most significant of the houses, responsible for creating the law and governing the populace. Their relations are defined by power struggles and conflicting interests, though on the surface they appear to get along. The values of these houses will be reflected in the cities they have most sway over. Nobility is determined by heritage.
  • The order class tend to be the most openly hostile with each other, as they are concerned with how to best keep their cities and the people safe. Nobility within this group are highly respected, but must abide by the orders of the the ruling class. Individuals who show exceptional talent or service to these houses are often recognised in their own right, such as in the case of the twelve Lantana generals.
  • The life class are the most amicable and cooperative of the twelve Houses, both on the surface and otherwise. Competition can be fierce among the members however, as the nobility of these houses are determined by worth rather than heritage.
The Crown
Part of the ruling class, with governance over Lantana. The Crown is responsible for setting the standard of living for those within the kingdom through areas such as infrastructure and taxation. They value tradition, prestige and culture above all, and have strong ties to the Guard and Harvest houses.

The Court
Part of the ruling class. The Court is responsible for the upholding of justice throughout the kingdom, and setting the laws for the citizens to abide by. They value order, truth and honour above all, and have strong ties to the Cloak and Apothecary houses.

The House of Cards
Part of the ruling class, with governance over Mercantis. The House of Cards are responsible for the country's diplomatic relations and foreign trade. They value talent, enterprise and prosperity above all, and have strong ties to the Merchant and Artisan houses.

The House of Dawn
Previously part of the ruling class before the destruction of Solmar. The House of Dawn were responsible for the governance of magic and worship, as well as providing relief to areas struck by disaster. Though a shadow of their former glory, they continue to value altruism, trust and loyalty above all, and have strong ties to the Arcane and Academy houses.

The Guard
Part of the order class for the people. The Guard are responsible for keeping the peace and responding to threats to the populace, whether on land, at sea or from the sky. Though they work often with the other order houses to keep the order, they are known to find fault in how the others operate. They value discipline, respect and valor.

The Arcane House
Part of the order class for magic. The Arcane house are responsible for the research and development of new technologies, as well as investigating any threats thought to be magic in origin. Though they are renowned at what they do, they are often accused of not doing their part in the protection of the kingdom, as they focus almost exclusively on their research. They value brilliance, insight and devotion.

The Merchant House
Part of the order class for the economy. The Merchant house are responsible for promoting trade and keeping the economy stable. They will often hire mercenaries instead of relying on the guard for protection, which the latter are prone to think of as a security threat. They value wealth, quality and ingenuity.

The Cloak House
Part of the order class for criminals. The Cloak house are responsible for regulating underground activities and groups, and responding to threats before they become known. Their house is shrouded in secrecy and is often the first to be accused when any foul play comes to light.

The Harvest House
Part of the life class. Responsible for feeding the populace and providing basic materials. 'Nobility' among the Harvest house are those who own or manage the most land, or alternatively contribute the greatest amount of product. They value hard work and diligence.

The Apothecary House
Part of the life class. The apothecary house are responsible for treating illness and disease throughout the kingdom. Their 'nobility' are the most learned or renowned physicians in the land. They value dignity and temperance.

The Artisan House
Part of the life class. The Artisan house has many different guilds dedicated to their craft, with the 'nobility' being the most powerful among those masters. They value prestige and refinement.

The Academy
Part of the life class. The Academy is responsible for the education of the populace, and will often select students who show promise to graduate straight into the service of other houses. Exceptional students may become scholars or professors, the most accomplished of which will go on to become nobility. They value honesty and integrity.
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Aestir, the Frigid North
Aestir is an island country located in the far north, covered with ice caps and frozen mountaintops. The average monthly temperature stays around 20°F in winter, and 45°F in the summer. there are various named mountain ranges though the largest and most notable is the Klyara Mountain range which runs across the entire western half of the nation. Nestled in the major valley of the mountain range is the capital city, Orani. With a population of around 40,000 permanent residents, Orani is the major trading stop on any route throughout the country.

The Four Blades of Aestir
In its infancy, Aestir was almost uninhabitable, filled with dangers unseen to most civilized nations. Between the harsh environmental conditions and hungry beasts, only the strong were able to survive. The strongest were made the leader of the group, and led the others to prosperity, and this mentality persisted all the way to the modern age. Aestir is ruled by an oligarchy of nobles, four to be specific, who ensure that the needs of the country and its populace are met. Those four noble houses are collectively known as, "The Four Blades of Aestir" or simply "Blades" for short. They are all known for developing and specializing in a specific fighting style.

The Voland Family: The Voland's are known for their single sword dueling style, specialized in taking down enemies quickly and efficiently, one at a time. The current Grand Maestro of this sword style is Alfyn Voland.

The Degrand Family: The Degrand's are known for their defensive two-handed spear style, specializing in keeping your distance and find the right opportunity to strike. The current Grand Maestro of this spear style is Priscilla Degrand

The Calixte Family: The Calixte's are known for their dual-bladed short sword style, specializing in debilitating the enemy with poison-laced blades or daggers and quickly slashing weak points in the enemies defense. The current Grand Maestro of this dual-blade style is Celes Calixte

The Fusilier Family: The Fusilier's are known for a specific practice of magic based around conjuring weapons, they specialize in tactically thinking about which weapon works best for the given situation. The current Grand Maestro of this magic style is Fredric Fusilier.

(Authors Note: These names can be altered if someone would like to play a character from one of these houses.)


The Swiftest Shot In The West
Eiru's Runes

A rune that modifies a spell to seek out a target specified by the original caster of said spell. A target can be anything and the seek rune will ensure the spell will land provided it isn't blocked or cancelled out by another spell during its travels. If the target simply opts to run however they will be followed even around obstacles. Larger spells however will detonate if following a target into smaller spaces it couldn't possibly fit.

The most basic and multi-purpose rune Eiru has at her disposal. This rune enhances a spells main focus. A healing spell will grow stronger to the point a simple close wound spell would heal the damaged area being closed. Or a simple fireball spell would then be enhanced to be more destructive in nature. The spell is widely applicable but this also makes it weaker than other runes as runes grow stronger the more specific they are.

This rune causes a spell to split into multiples of itself. Each multiple of a given spell is divided in power by the amount it is multiplied. A fireball split four times would see four fireballs being launched at four times less the power of the original spell. Eiru however tends to combine this rune with others to cover for the weakness it has. 'Seek' and 'multiply' is her bread and butter combination.

This rune allows Eiru to combine two (for now) of her allies spells into one provided the elements are compatible. Lightning and water for example would combine into an electrified water spell increasing arcing capabilities. Fire and water however would result in the spell failing.

This rune allows Eiru to donate her mana to a given spell making it more powerful based on the amount of mana she contributes. This spell can also be used to allow others to cast their spells when they themselves are out of mana.

This rune allows Eiru to hide a spell from vision. An invisible fireball for example would be hard to dodge for those not magically inclined. Unfortunately, this also makes such a spell hard to aim.

This spell is a more advanced version of 'enhance'. It allows Eiru to enhance a specific attribute within a spell construction. Heat for example in a fireball would allow for said fireball to be more like a blazing inferno ball then that of a fireball. Speed on any projectile spell would allow it to travel faster etc.

This rune is chaos in of itself and pretty much unusable. This rune makes a spell chaotic in nature, warping it beyond the users understanding or Eiru's for that mater. A lightning bolt could become something unfamiliar, like a bolt of lightning that just so happens to bounce off of anything it comes in contact with without dealing damage. Likewise, it could also become a lightning bolt that pierces through targets leaving them paralysed and only able to speak abyssal. It is a forbidden rune Eiru never uses due to the fact it is literally useless 99 percent of the time.​
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The Swiftest Shot In The West
Tír na nÓg

Tír na nÓg is an isolated country of Witches, Druids and many species of Fae. Nature plays a huge role in this isolated country and mana is more than abundant with a mass of leylines flowing through the country almost like rivers would in any other. Nature in Tír na nÓg is valued and protected rigorously and any construction project that is brought into commission is always necessary and built in such a way as to avoid harming the natural geography of the land itself. To that end, the capital city Rathúnas is very much an impressive amalgamation of magnificent stone buildings sprawling up and down a mountainside and cliff-edge. One should also note that Rathúnas is actually the only city, or village for that matter, in Tír na nÓg. The vast majority of the country is in fact forest and or overgrown grottos/mountain zones. With such an emphasis on protecting the natural order and nature itself, this is actually by design.

Tír na nÓg is a neutral country and remains isolated from the outside world as to protect itself from would-be invaders in search of natural resources or untapped land. Tír na nÓg however, is a well-known country, with such high-level mages and magic races residing within its borders it's quite a topic of concern. Although Tír na nÓg would never declare war not many kingdoms like the thought of a magical powerhouse being kept unchecked. Tír na nÓg defends itself and it's isolation by masking its very presence. Throughout the island country, magical constructs were constructed through the masterful crafts of all the races residing. These constructs resemble tall stone towers with large magical stones situated atop. These magic constructs erect a barrier around Tír na nÓg that hide it from vision and create a thick mind-numbing mist around it's shores to ward off any would-be invaders. Turns out it's very hard to invade a country one has trouble finding in the first place. Let alone trouble recalling it's location following the mind-numbing effects of the mist.

All and all Tír na nÓg is a peaceful and isolated country of Druids, Witches and several Fae species. It specialises in magical crafts and research yet values nature over all else. Very few leave Tír na nÓg and even fewer outsiders ever set foot within. Some countries even dismiss it's existence entirely.

Tír na nÓg is ruled over by a fae queen by the name of Morrigan. A tremendously powerful witch that's also as much of a myth as the country she reigns over.


Creature Highlight: Slimes
Slimes are found across the world in various climates. They can range from harmless and cute, to ravenous, malicious masses. Adventurers should exercise caution whenever faced with one.
Green – The most harmless type. Omnivorous. Their body is mildly acidic, but only causes slight skin irritation in the short term. They make good practice for new adventurers to hone techniques, before taking on the more dangerous variants.

Blue – On land these are largely ineffective, and even if you get stuck in one, they’re not acidic. Beware, however. Once in the water they become one of the deadliest types.

Yellow – These can often be found in petrified form in the desert. When exposed to water they revive to create patches of sinking sand.

White – This variant is known for leaving crystalline trails of ice wherever it goes. They suck the warmth out of their prey, leaving behind the frozen carcass.

Red – Acidic, but not as much as its undead cousin. Found in hotter climates. Impervious to heat.

Purple – Found in the spirit realm; very rarely in the physical one. They can feed directly off the soul of a living body.

Black – Found in the underworld. This entity is highly acidic, enough to dissolve the bones of the undead, and to eat through the skin of the living in seconds. On occasion they may appear in dungeons reaching far below the ground.

Food: Slimes are classed as magic creatures. Contrary to appearances, what they live off is not the body of their prey, but the energy left over once the soul departs. Slimes only consume flesh to increase their mass.

Body: A slime’s malleability is linked to how much energy they consume. Often once a slime has reached a size it is satisfied with, it will cease absorbing the flesh of its prey, and focus instead on accumulating lifeforce.

Magic: They seek out sources of energy, the more potent the better. Witch magic seems to be particularly tasty.

Crowned Slimes: Rarely a slime will be found with a ‘head’—an item of sort that is suspended in the main body. These entities are known for being more intelligent than others of its kind.

Note 1: The quickest way to deal with slimes is with a powerful, wide-range attack, smashing it into pieces too small to regenerate.

Note 2: If incapable of such, whittle away parts of the body until it is a manageable size.

Difficulty: A slime’s power level can be judged by its saturation. The more colour it has, the better it will be able to shape and reabsorb parts of its body at will.

Crowned Slimes: You must destroy the head of a crowned slime before it can be killed. An intact head will always regenerate, given enough time.
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Subject Highlight: Gods
The nature of the divine has been a long studied subject by scholars and skeptics. The truth is undeniable—they exist—but the details of that are widely disagreed upon. Gods come in many different types and forms, but the most widely accepted explanation is that they are rulers of a spiritual domain. Much like monarchs or conquerors, they can determine the conditions of entry into their land, and mortals who they have connection to may be granted passage after their death.

It is thought that persons not bound to any deity--or refused entry by the patron they worshipped--will either cease upon their death, or be forced to wander the spirit realm until they perish. Some theories go so far as to say that the mortal body is merely a seed hosting the spirit until it matures enough to survive in the 'pure realm'. No one really knows if much amounts off this theory seeing as, like most speculations about life after death, it generally requires the host to die before they find out.
Rulers of the spirit realm, or gods as they are often called by mortals, cannot influence the physical world directly. Instead they must work through a medium, most commonly a worshipper who has offered something in exchange. Their power commonly manifests in the forming of a second affinity, and it is not unknown for a person's affinity to change upon finding a new patron—though the process can be dangerous at times.

The same works in reverse, to an extent. Monarchs cannot rule over a spirit domain, but they may influence it somewhat through the use of special abilities or by making large offers to a patron.
It is commonly known that immortals do not have afterlives. As their spirits are bound to their bodies for an eternity, they cannot survive the separation and cease to exist. Instead they reside somewhere between the mortal realm and spiritual one. It is not unheard of for them to become deeply upset after realising there is no future beyond the twisted world they are in, but some particularly long-lived ones have been around longer than gods.
Becoming a Deity
Deities are thought to come into existence in one of three ways; inheritance, selection, or conquest.

A deity can give birth to another, though it does not usually happen in a fashion understood by mortals. There are plenty of strange stories of the ways gods have come into existence, but the general rule applies that if one god gives birth to another, the latter is given a domain by birthright.

When a god foresees the end of their life, or their domain grows too large to control, they may select a successor. This may be an entity already in the spirit world, or a mortal who has yet to pass on.

This most commonly occurs when a minor god wishes to expand their domain, however, it is not unknown for powerful spirits to 'ascend' through the use of this method. It is a dangerous path to take as such wars can act as a catalyst for rifts--and where rifts appear so too do the primordial spirits.
Killing a Deity
A deity is nigh impossible to kill within their domain, much like how a monarch is safest within their castle. Even if they are brought outside their land, it is still a difficult task, though it can be done. By far the easiest way to kill a god is to have them enter the physical realm and be tethered to a body. When in that form they can be killed, with some effort, alongside the host.
Extra: Primordial Spirits
These ancient beings tend to defy classification. They are considered guardians of the spirit realm, free to traverse the endless expanse, though their existence was first noted near the rifts. At first they were thought to be the catalyst for them, but over time it became clear their presence was more like a failsafe. They are the only known beings in existence able to close the paths once they open fully, as the nature of a rift exists outside a god's domain.

In some cultures primordial spirits are revered as deities, in others as a myth, but the general consensus is they don't fit the classification of a god. They don't rule over domains, nor have the ability to act as a patron to others. It is unknown whether they can be killed, but some theories say it would be the same method as destroying a deity. Thankfully, there are no known records of anyone having tried.

Seraph Darkfire

King of the Underworld
Merkon is the residential Merchant of the Guild, though he is not a member of the guild. He is the main reason why every new guild member gets such grand and expensive starter items. He aquires them and sells them to the guild at a discount in exchange for having his door placed in the Guild Hall to draw in customers. He sells an array of magical items as well as more mundane items. Each item is ranked based on its strength and is appropriately priced.

Merkon accepts mainly Coin that adventurers have gathered in their quests for the Guild, however he will also accept items of equivalent value. Everything has a rank and a price.

The items Merkon currently has in stock (that I have actual prices for) are:

2 Returning Daggers: Sold separately or as a pair. Daggers have a poor tendency to stay stuck in their target after being thrown. No one wants to run after their weapons. The Returning Daggers are specially enchanted to return to your hand after being thrown.

4 Enchanted Rings: Various rings of varying strengths and prices.
  • Shield Ring: Shields taken away by an enemy? Shields broken in battle? No worries. The Shield Ring has you covered! A single use of this ring's charges can create a buckler sized shield. More charges means bigger a bigger shield! Ring regains charges after a day.​
  • Minor Ring of Resistance: Tired of getting stabbed? Burned? Electrocuted? Stubbed your toe one too many times? The Ring of Resistance grants the wearer resistance to a single aspect of damage.​
  • Magic Storage Ring: Not for storing your items, but for storing your Magic! Can store a single magical effect for later use. No wand or no staff, no problem!​
  • Minor Ring of Boosting: Not strong enough? Not fast enough? Need a boost to that higher shelf? The Ring of Boosting will enhance your natural attributes to give you that small boost you need.​
5 Skeleton Keys: Forget your house key? Lost the key to your supply chest? Look no further. The single use Skeleton Key can open any non-magical lock, no locksmith needed.1

10 Dolls of Unharming: Sometimes we all don't have heroic friends to jump into the path of an attack. Luckily, the Dolls of Unharming are there for you. These plain unassuming dolls will gladly give themselves up to block a single injury.2

1 Trick Coin: Impress your friends, annoy your neighbors, or just have something to do when you are bored. The Trick Coin will always return to your hand when you give it a call! 1

See Merkon for all prices!

1 Merkon is not liable for any items used for illegal purposes.
2 Items are not sentient in any way.

This is more of an aside for me. Everyone can send me an idea of what they want to buy at Merkon's shop, not just the items I have listed here. Your characters can even special order items though they won't be available until after a quest is done. If you have an idea of what you want, tell me its Rank (Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold) and what the item's Effect is. Based on the rank and effect, I'll have a price for you. Keep in mind that if you can't afford something, Merkon is free to sell it to someone else.

Chinchia Chinchia Has the final say in items and prices.

The Money used for Merkon's shop is Coin earned during quests done by your characters, so keep that information at hand.

Prices aren't fixed. Merkon can be haggled with and he will often charge you more than the item's worth but never unfairly. He's got to make a profit. Also why I haven't listed the actual prices of any items :P Merkon will give you a number and it'll be up to you to negotiate or take the deal.

Merkon will also buy items from characters. Usually these will be items given as quest rewards but if you want to sell an item, it is the same as buying. Rank and Effect. Keep in mind that most Copper rank characters won't have easy access to Gold ranked items.

I won't post more in the Lore. More items will be added to this post only so check back regularly to see what Merkon has, or just post in the Guild Hall to check out Merkon's Shop.

When an item is out of stock, there will be a period of time when Merkon doesn't have those items before he is back in stock again. Since Vas'On is my other character, I might base it off of each quest he's done.

Any questions can be asked in the OOC.

Blyke Luxford

The Pirate Lords and Queen

Lord of the Dead, Wyck Allister

Wyck Allister.png

Name: Wyck Allister

Race: Undead/Zombie

Pirate Alias: Lord of the Dead

Rank: Pirate Lord

Affinity: Body | Decay

Attribute Points: 1150 (1800 Full moon)

Strength: 400 (800)

Intelligence: 100

Agility: 250 (500)

Dexterity: 0

Constitution: 400

Fortitude: 0

Bounty: 10000

Background: A thief from a small town who got caught up in a clash between two powerhouses far above his level, as a result he ended up dying and got turned into an undead. He quickly realized that his new body was extremely durable and even normally lethal attacks were ineffective as long as his brain was still intact. During the full moon his physical power increases twofold but he will crave warm blood, along with this craving he experiences a pain that’s so severe that, unless he gives up self-control, will make him lose his ability to fight.

He got his first bounty after a series of raids on small coastal villages and a bigger raid on a rich artificer where he made away with only a single artifact.

Currently the captain of the final tomb is sailing the seas randomly, plundering each ship and every village he comes across, both for fun and because of the curse of the full moon. Though not the sharpest, he isn’t unintelligent under normal circumstances but the fact that he has to give up self-control and rational thought whenever he fights under the full moon has earned him the reputation of a brainless monster.

He is outwardly hostile to Cynric and Melina. He begrudgingly tolerates all the other lords, more so because he knows he wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight than because he can actually stand them.

Ship: The Final Tomb

A ship that, despite its broken hull and ripped sails, manages to both stay afloat and sail around. How exactly the ship stays afloat isn’t known but the most widely accepted explanation is that it’s cursed to always stay afloat, never allowing those on board the release of death by sinking to the bottom of the ocean no matter what sort of hell breaks out on the ship. It is operated by Wyck’s crew, a group of about twenty other undead.

Magical artifacts and weapons:

Cobalt Lunar Ring: A ring that simulates the effect of the full moon in an area of around 5 metres when worn. It slowly freezes the wearer's blood when worn so keeping an eye on one’s condition at all times is advised when wearing it.

Voice of the Sea, Melina Soralis

Melina Soralis.jpg

Name: Melina Soralis

Race: Mermaid

Pirate Alias: Voice of the Sea

Rank: Pirate Lord

Affinity: Water | Voice

Attribute Points: 1400

Strength: 0

Intelligence: 800

Agility: 300

Dexterity: 0

Constitution: 100

Fortitude: 200

Bounty: 13000

Background: The seas have always been Melina’s home. She didn’t have much contact with other mermaids growing, using her magic to talk to and befriend other sea creatures instead. She’s always had a strong desire to protect the sea and its creatures.

She gained her initial bounty after sinking an entire navy fleet over a dispute about throwing harmful substances into the water.

Despite her current position as one of the pirate lords Melina is a very peaceful person. She will never hurt anyone unprovoked and she will even help travelers on their way or guide them through storms. She is, however, very quick and easy to anger if anyone does something that she feels harms the ocean, which includes very minor things like fishing and throwing trash overboard. Her magic is very strong in heavily sea creature populated areas of the ocean but since Melina can only command the sea creatures who have agreed to cooperate with her its full potential is rarely reached.

She holds a particular hatred for Cynric due to the Duke of Afflictions tendency to litter the waters with infected corpses wherever he goes. She is hostile to Wyck and neutral to the other pirate lords.

Ship: The Coral Palace

A sizeable palace build on the back of a giant shark, one of Melina’s closest friends. Constructed purely out of coral and shells and complete with ballroom and several guest rooms, the palace can comfortably host at least 20 people at a time. Anyone can stay at the coral palace if they want, Melina only asks that they respect the ocean and, if they’re human, to stay inside of the personal air bubble she creates for them with her magic.

Magical Artifacts and Weapons:

Clear Water Lyre: A lyre that conveys its user's emotions in great capacity when played. Its sound travels underwater without issue like in the open air.

The Collector, Amelia Avos

Amelia Avos.jpg

Name: Amelia Avos

Race: Human

Pirate Alias: The Collector

Rank: Pirate Lord

Affinity: None

Attribute points: 1600

Strength: 300

Intelligence: 0

Agility: 600

Dexterity: 300

Constitution: 100

Fortitude: 300

Bounty: 16000

Background: Having been born without a single affinity Amelia faced discrimination throughout the entirety of her youth. Things changed when she stumbled upon a harmless magical artifact and discovered she was capable of using it. Over the years, Amelia discovered that her raw mana supply was rather impressive and the magical artifacts she went after became increasingly more powerful and dangerous.

She gained her initial bounty by breaking into the heavily guarded artifact storeroom of a major church and making away with all the magical artifacts inside.

Amelia’s goal has remained the same over the years even after rising to the position of pirate lord. Collecting as many of the powerful magical artifacts of the world as possible and storing them on her giant ship. Though if the opportunity to dispatch Cynric arises she would gladly take it. Amelia is currently the richest of the pirate lords, in terms of value Heaven’s Vault contains a collection of artifacts that are worth as much as an entire city. However, Amelia has no intention of selling even a single one of her artifacts.

She is hostile to Cynric and neutral to all the other pirate lords.

Ship: Heaven’s Vault

An enormous iron vessel kept afloat by a powerful magical artifact. The ship is moved by two giant cogs on either side powered by a magical steam engine. The ship is said to be the most secure location on the planet, even safer than the headquarters of the governments and the palaces of kings. On top of its unbreakable security it boasts an impressive fire-power to protect the collections of artifacts inside. The ship is regarded as one of the strongest in the world, second only to The Golden Dream of the pirate queen herself.

Magical Artifacts and Weapons:

(Only the artifacts and weapons Amelia carries with her at all times and the strongest artifact in her possession are described. The items she carries with her are among the weaker she has in her possession but they all have manageable or no side-effects.)

Blade of Decay: A curved long sword that decays everything it stabs

Barrier Bracers: A set of bracers able to form illusory round shields at the user's wrists, the smaller the shield the more force it can withstand

Visionary’s Eyepatch: An eyepatch that shows its users the main weak points of whatever they’re looking at

Lie: An earring that allows the user to change their appearance completely as long as a continuous stream of mana is kept up. Amplifies the user’s emotions so caution while using it is required

Apothecary’s ring: A ring that heals minor wounds and minor afflictions. The user becomes more susceptible to disease for an hour after use

Die of Fate: A six-sided die that uncontrollably affects its user’s luck. The higher the number it rolls the better the user’s luck but low numbers will cause unavoidable harm. The die cannot be controlled and is capable of rolling itself so it is kept in the most secure part of Heaven’s Vault in an airtight box giving it no space to roll.

Duke of Afflictions, Cynric Arc

Cynric Arc.jpg

Name: Cynric Arc

Race: Human

Pirate Alias: Duke of Afflictions

Rank: Pirate Lord

Affinity: Dark | Disease

Attribute points: 1800

Strength: 0

Intelligence: 1300

Agility: 0

Dexterity: 0

Constitution: 250

Fortitude: 250

Bounty: 18000

Background: A young man who, through discovering his aptitude in magic early in life, gained a striking superiority complex. He believes those that are weak are nothing more than worms that should either be under his control or cease to exist completely.

He gained his initial bounty by wiping his entire hometown off the map, dispatching its residents with a combination of dark magic and diseases.

As the second strongest among the pirate lords the current captain of ‘The Black Death’ has a strong ambition to take over the seas and control or erase all its coastal cities and towns. However, the existence of the Lord of Storms and Pirate Queen, much to his never-ending irritation, forces him to stay somewhat in line.

He is hostile to all the other pirate lords.

Ship: The Black Death

A large-sized vessel painted in the darkest black imaginable, its lanterns cast a greyish shade of dark fire. The large windows of its captain quarters are made of white and grey stained glass. The ship is run by Cynric’s servants who all work for him out of fear rather than loyalty. The ship harbours not a single speck of dust due to the Duke of Afflictions rather ironic dislike for uncleanliness. There is nothing magical about the ship.

Magical Artifacts and Weapons:

Cynric has no interest in magical items, no matter how powerful. This is one of the reasons his relationship with The Collector and her ‘Trinkets’ as he calls them is the worst out of all the pirate lords.

Lord of Storms, Alric Sunder

Potential character 4.jpg

Name: Alric Sunder

Race: Human

Pirate Alias: Lord of Storms

Rank: Pirate Lord

Affinity: Body | Weather

Attribute points: 2000

Strength: 400

Intelligence: 1000

Agility: 200

Dexterity: 0

Constitution: 200

Fortitude: 200

Bounty: 19000 (Alive only)

Background: Alric grew up idolizing his father, a high ranking navy officer. After joining the navy himself Alric steadily rose to a high-ranking position of his own under the command of his father. When his father was transferred to another navy base and command was given over to another navy officer Alric and his new superior quickly got off on the wrong foot and soon after Alric was kicked out of the navy by his new superior for his unorthodox methods of handling assignments. His father was outraged and tried to get the decision revoked but the higher-ups agreed with Alric’s new superior.

He gained his initial bounty by raiding the naval base he used to work at and sinking a naval fleet to make his escape.

Nowadays the captain of the Storm Caller is infamously known as the Lord of Storms and is regarded as the strongest of the pirate lords second only to the pirate queen herself. But rumours say that even the pirate queen would avoid a head-on confrontation with the Lord of Storms on the sea. The navy, now with his father as one of the absolute highest in command has tried to get him to return multiple times to no avail.

He is hostile to Cynric and neutral to all other pirate lords but highly irritable and easy to piss off.

Ship: Storm Caller

A modified medium-sized navy ship. It’s entirely run by Alric on his own, using his weather magic to shield it from the elements and to move it forward.

Magical Artifacts and Weapons:

Alric carries a expertly crafted silver cutlass and a set of two standard daggers.

Tortoise necklace: The necklace allows the user to withstand underwater pressure and breathe underwater for a period up to an hour.

The Queen, Lyra Enren

Lyra Enren.jpg

Name: Lyra Enren

Race: Elf

Pirate Alias: The Queen

Rank: Pirate Queen

Affinity: Spirit | Gold

Attribute Points: 2500

Strength: 400

Intelligence: 1100

Agility: 400

Dexterity: 0

Constitution: 300

Fortitude: 300

Bounty: 20000

Background: An elf born into poverty. Lyra quickly learned that money is synonymous with power when she witnessed the crimes the human nobility committed against her race without consequences, no matter how horrible the crime, as long as there was enough money involved.

She gained her initial bounty before becoming a pirate by robbing all attendees to a royal gala and using her magic combined with her newly stolen fortune to break into the palace vault before making a flashy escape.

Despite her past experiences the current queen of pirates rarely kills anyone aside from her worst enemies. She will however take the gold from anyone she comes across and add it to her already immense fortune. Her fortune combined with her ability to control all gold she’s touched at least once in a 100 metre radius allows her to fight back against even an army by herself.

She is hostile to Cynric and neutral to the other lords but she has fought Alric before.

Ship: The Golden Dream

A 80 metre long vessel made out of pure gold kept afloat and propelled forward purely by the queen’s own magic. Stepping foot on the ship as an enemy of the queen is virtually the same as signing your own death warrant. A more perfect environment for the queen to fight in doesn’t exist. The crew of the golden dream is treated well and all follow the queen out of free will.

Magical Artifacts and Weapons:

The queen has no permanent weapons but she often creates spears, swords and axes out of gold during fights, either to wield herself or to control mentally. When fighting in the vicinity of the golden dream she often opts to trap the enemy in a coffin of gold or to assault the enemy with golden spikes from every side instead.​

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