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There is nothing to fear
1. Godmodding is in no way acceptible, we are powerful yes but auto hitting and assigning damage is not allowed nor is automatically dodging. Be fair and everyone should have fun.

2. Dragons and Humans are the only playable ones allowed for now. Drakes can be some form of aliens but none of the other factions listed in the lore/interest check.

3. Magic does not exist in this realm, instead there is an otherworldly power called the Source. This power allows people to manipulate, create, destroy, and alter Matter and energy in case specific ways. True dragons and Thu'Aan are the universes most proficient users of this force.

Image: (as many as you wish to include but I prefer if you have one for each of your most common forms. I.e Dragon form & human form or whatever your character is mixed with.)
Name: (A true dragon always has a ' in their name somewhere except for Bahamut and Tiamat. Example Bast'eon .)
Age: (True dragons have a 10,000 year lifespan. Drakes will have a lifespan up to ten times the lifespan of their non dragon half so long as that does not exceed the 10k lifespan of true dragons.)
Species: (True dragons, Drakes, Wyverns, and Humans are playable. If a Drake list your base species followed by the word drake. Example Human Drake.)
Gender: (While usually self explanatory bear in mind yall can invent your own alien drakes which really extends this category, some aliens may well be genderless.)
Proportions: (if a Dragon or Drake list your Height, weight, length, and wingspan. If human list height and weight. Drakes gotta have both dragon and base forms.)
In depth
Personality: (a paragraph explaining how your character interacts with the world around them. You can include their status within your faction of you'd like.)
History: (explain where you came from and how you came to be involved with all this madness. Also a paragraph minimum.)
Ambitions: (What does your character hope to achieve?)
Fears: (what does your character dread most.)
Likes: (what brings joy or comfort to your character?)
Dislikes: (what triggers rage sorrow or discomfort in your character?)
Abilities: (True dragons have Actual shapeshifting into a wide variety of lifeforms. Drakes can shapeshift between Dragon and base species form. While the source allows for many different ohysical and energy based abilities both true Dragons and Drakes tend to choose specific elements to master. Do not list any kind of all encompassing ability like "flame manipulation" instead list different ways your character manipulates the flame, almost like special moves. "Flame whip" is a good example. That way we can have more than one person using an element. While you may be immune to damage from your own elemental attacks you will only be resistant to attacks of that same element from another person. Wyverns Always have some form of poison or venom and up to 3 natural weapons in addition to their breath weapon. Dragons, Drakes, and Wyverns all have an elemental breath weapon that is spamable and scales with their power. )
Equipment: (This is where you list what artifacts or gear are. Most characters will need at least one artifact to keep up and the dragon faction is very generous when it comes to arming their allies with artifacts. Each artifact has its own special ability such as a blade that extends or a slingshot whose projectiles explode violently. This is also where you list any gadgets or armors you may possess. Humans and drakes will often fill the gaps in their abilities and defenses with technology whereas true dragons are less likely to use any non artifact tools.)
Strengths: (What does your character excel in a combat setting and what do they contribute to the team?)
Weaknesses: (What does your character struggle with and what is the most effective way to bring them down.)
(Anything else you wanna add like theme songs, apparel, additional images, etc you can put here just make a category for it like all the categories above and go for it.)


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Name: Clearfang
Age: 37
Species: Frost Salamander Drake
Gender: Female
Frost Salamander:
Length: 35.3 ft
Height: 5.9 ft
Weight: 2.7 tons

Length: 70.6 ft
Height: 11.8 ft
Wingspan: 35.4 ft
Weight: 6.3 tons

In depth

Little better than a beast before her transformation, she lacked any sort of moral compass and attacked others on a whim, even if she wasn’t feeling hungry. She took sick pleasure in ending the lives of others in the most brutal and painful ways she could think of, such as freezing the wings of birds tossing them off of cliffs, dismembering other animals and freezing the stumps to let them live just a bit longer, or any other form of slow and painful death her sick mind could think of. When the true dragons came however, one saw her potential to be a valuable ally due to her honed combat abilities and viciousness. When she was draconified and turned into a drake, her intelligence was boosted well beyond the normal intelligence levels for her species. With that boost in intelligence, came a moral compass, and she realized with horror what she had been doing for all of these long and cold years. Now, she is much more friendly, hiding her pain and anguish of what she has done behind a cheerful exterior in hopes that she will forget the dark parts of her past.

History: (explain where you came from and how you came to be involved with all this madness. Also a paragraph minimum.)
Clearfang was a cruel and heartless being before her transformation, taking pleasure in the pain of others without realizing what she really was doing. Sometimes she would let them live, only to hunt them down again. She lived like this day in and day out, causing killing just as a simple past time, not because she was hungry. This changed when things started to get crazy. Dragons came to the land, changing the native creatures there to help them in their fight against the Dra’khan. One dragon saw something within her that very few would, and passed along the gift of draconification to her. With her newfound intelligence, she realized what she had been doing all these years and became incredibly distraught, not eating for weeks on end out of fear of having to kill yet another creature and the pain that they would suffer due to it. She eventually got over it, developing methods to kill almost painlessly, but she still has a long way to go until she is back to normal, at least as normal as she can be, though she is trying her best. Currently, she has found herself in mainland America after being slowly pushed from her territory up north due to all of the random occurrences. She is very confused as to what is going on, and is willing to help against the invading forces, if only she knew what she could help with.

Clearfang hopes to atone for what she had done in the past by using her talents for a more definitively good purpose than she had been.

She fears that even with her longer lifespan, she has done too much evil in her life to ever atone for it. She tries her best, but this still keeps her up at night.

She really enjoys being close to other friendly creatures. It helps keep her mind off of her past, and keeps her well grounded in the present and looking forward to the future.

Needless harm. Even when she is hunting, she finds it difficult to end the life of another creature, recalling all the horrified and pained faces that she has seen in the past. She has gone hungry due to this, and has to really force herself to follow through with it.


  • Frost Breath​
    • A frost based breath attack that has a cone-shaped area of up to 80ft in front of Clearfang. This is doubled when she is in her dragon form.​
  • Frost Claws/Fangs​
    • A frost based physical attack where Clearfang coats her claws and/or fangs in frost energy to help her get additional power out of her attacks as well as to deal extra elemental damage.​
  • Frost Spikes​
    • A frost based attack where Clearfang can shoot spikes of ice up from the ground to pierce her target. This can only work on grounded enemies.​
  • Ice Flurry​
    • A frost based attack that Clearfang can only use in her dragon form. She flaps her wings and stirs up a fierce gale of ice shards that laserate her opponents​

As a non human that is used to living out in the wild and fighting unhindered, she does not possess armor or weaponry beyond her natural armor, weapons, and elemental attacks. However, the one thing she does possess is an artifact gifted to her by the dragon that draconified her. It is a pendant that she keeps around her neck at all times. The pendant is gold and is attached to a thick golden chain. The pendant is shaped like an intricately crafted cylinder that can be twisted and partially split apart, the seam where the sides of the cylinder touch being almost invisible to the naked eye and in a curvy and wave-like pattern. Within the cylinder lies a small tube of swirling blue energy. When the cylinder is twisted apart, energy flows through the chain and into Clearfang, causing her claws and fangs to glow blue. The artifact boosts her frost based attacks while decreasing the effect of frost based attacks against her. The artifact can only stay active for ten minutes before it closes up and has to recharge. It takes a full day from it’s last use to fully recharge, and then it can be used again.

Clearfang is very quick and lethal against ground based targets, even in her normal form and not her dragon form. She can prove a very strong opponent against most creatures that fight on the ground. Due to her natural toughness, large size, and average damage potential, she can find herself right at home in team fights as the team’s tank.

She is terrible at fighting against airborne opponents. Even when in her dragon form, she still struggles due to a lack of ranged attacks and attacks that would be effective in the air. She can be taken down easier by creatures that are very strong fliers and that have ranged attacks. She is weak to fire based creatures.


The One True God

  • Warhammer.jpg

    Name: ilo Mori





    Weight: 140lbs

    Rank: Adept


There is nothing to fear

True form
Secondary form
Name: Bast'eon Bahawn
Age: 1762yrs
Species: True dragon
Gender: Male
Proportions: Human: Height-5ft 6in, Weight-135lbs.
Dragon: Height 311ft, Weight 94,743 tons, Length 712ft, Wingspan 698ft.
In depth
: Bast'Eon is a strange bundle of contradictions,arrogant yet humble, he believes he is great and has a destiny that will effect the entire universe, but at the same time believes every living thing is equally great. He values all life and creation but his power is that of death and destruction, a fact which bothers him to no end. While young he has seen his end in the distance and accepts it fully. While typically calm and bored seeming his rage has been known to make him impulsive and Violent. He happens to be very confident thinking himself untouchable and unbeatable and so far he has been correct...with a few exceptions of course.

History: Bast'Eon was born from the dragon king and his attendant who had long since fallen for one another. As he developed he shared his egg with two brothers until upon hatching they went their separate ways. His older brother Zel'Gius the Cold dragon left to be raised as a diplomat, his younger brother Balt'Hazar left to become a geneticist, Whereas Bast'Eon seemed to posses only a talent for conflict and as such was raised as a soldier. It wound up being his mother who helped him come to terms with his place in the universe as a protector who would use his destructive potential for good. He was trained First to be a Dracoguardian, one of the royal guard of Bahamut. Yet he was not to keen on living life in his fathers shadow. So on his thousandth birthday when his time to chose came upon him he actually shifted his career path and went on from Guardian to Common soldier. Despite his young age Bast'Eon would see combat all across the universe and would thrive in it Facing down Thu'Aan, Violent aliens, and even the occasional Dra'khan. He found that alone his power, great as it was, was insufficient and time and time again he found himself having to rely on his teammates to survive.

For 650 years he was a valued member of the team, a large dragon who could tango with the best of foes and who while young in comparison to his squad, was wise enough to know his own limitations. Nonetheless eventually he managed to have his moment of shine. His war party, the Firetongue clan, had been pinned down on an alien world. They were responding to the signs of a Dra'khan invasion only to find their foes had been there for long enough to amass a tremendous army of Drakes and wyverns. Outnumbered and out gunned the dragons had no choice but to flee to the rebel stronghold and quickly draconify all the rebels they could to try and even the odds. Whil this was successful they were outnumbered at least a hundred to one. The long drawn out battle of attrition neared a grizzley end until Bast'Eon had a plan. The Dra'khan True dragons kept the hordes of drakes and wyverns under control telepathically, if they could use the source to find that frequency they could then target the true Dragons among them and take them down thus freeing the minds of the Draconified world. While they were able to find the telepathic signatures of the taskmasters, they had no way of getting out of the swarmed fortress...at least until Bast'Eon unleashed his second part of his plan. The Nova Flare, rather than aiming it at the enemy he would fire it upwards, the shockwave from it pushing the enemy back long enough for the individual strike forces to head out of the fortress and for the remaining rebels to drag the prince back inside.

It took them another six hours of holding off the siege before the effects of the strike squads success could be seen. Though rattled and exhausted the dragons were successful at defending the world and gaining a mighty new allied planet. Bast'Eon's superior officer recommended him for officer training which he happily accepted the recommendation and spent half a century in officer training under the tutelage of one of his two current advisors. He showed enough promise in his strategic prowess that when he graduated he was immediately placed in a critical location where he was expected to repel two enemies whilst avoiding conflict with the locals...and that critical location was of course earth.

Ambitions: To prove himself a worthy commander and bring the earth among other worlds into the Dragon Faction empire.

Fears: Failing those who believe in him and dying on the battlefield.

Likes: Flying in earths skies, bathing in volcanic chambers, freshwater lakes and streams, the diversity of earth, All who ally with him.

Dislikes: Being called Prince or Your highness, Needless bloodshed, those who prey on the innocent or weak, Human Politicians, Having to be in his human form, Human Clothes.
Formshift- All true dragons have an ability to shapeshift into nearly any creature whose DNA they can identify while maintaining their draconian source power though this often causes them to loose a considerable amount of power until they return to their true from. Incidentally thia same power allows for their incredible regeneration.

Source Manipulation/Fire Aspect- Bast'Eon is one of the dragon races foremost experts in fire elemental abilities. While there exists a handful who rival his talent he does possess a natural talent for it and is skilled enough to create his own technique. His skills include Ultraflare, an omnidirectional flamesplosion. Firetongue, a long tendrils of tangible flames. Melta claw, A superheated claw attack that can cut through steel. Nova Cannon, a tremendously powerful blast of fire that can cause planetary scale devastation at its most potent. All of his techniques are able to be performed in all of his forms but in his dragon form they are much more powerful than in any other form.

Flameport- Through practice of his source manipulation bast'eon can warp himself between sources of fire with seemingly no limit to the distance as he arrived in the Solar system by teleporting to the sun. He can engulf his allies in flames and flameport them with him as well but he cannot flameport things without going with them.

Firefueled- Bastion can actually reabsorb fire to replenish his stamina and accelerate his healing rate and defense.

Blade of Ruin- The sword bast'eon carries with him embues whatever it strikes with large amounts of source energy that cause a delayed explosion.the the heavier the strike the larger the explosion. This sword will grow and shrink along with its weilder aloowong it to be used even when bast'eon is in dragon form

Eye of Bahamut- Much like the very common eye of dragon kind pendant that allows dragons to communicate with one another the eye of bahamut is an upgraded version. It allows him to communicate with any holder of an eye of dragonkind even if they don't want to answer his call, and also lets him communicate with his father and brothers.

Size matters- Bast'Eon is a very large dragon falling into the top 20 of his kind. This size comes with mass and weight that make him a living siege weapon with tremendous destructive potential.

Source ocean- Each dragon has access to a pool of source power that they can pull from. Bast'Eon has a much larger than average one, while not the biggest in existence it allows him to outlast other true dragons and even elder Thu'Aan. He has even displayed enough power to fully recharge the source pool of other true dragons while still having enough in reserve to keep fighting.

Natural fighter- Bast'Eon is actually a pretty skilled warrior with excellent combat reflexes and instincts. While he still needs training his elders and more skilled warriors claim him to be somewhat of a prodigy.
Big target- while his size grants him immense power, it also makes him a pretty commanding presence and often the prime target for those on the battlefield, not to mention hard to miss.

Tactically green- Bast'Eon is a rookie leader and tactician who has very little tactical experience. While he is by no means a slouch he still has much to learn and much of that will have to come from failure as is the dragon custom.

Limited access- While Bast'Eon does have massive amounts of source power he cannot access all of it at once as he must improve his bodies threshold.

Good heart- Bast'Eon cares deeply for the lives of others, a hostage will stop him in his tracks and fighting in heavily populated areas will have him limiting his own power even if it puts him at a disadvantage.

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