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Multiple Settings [ the great comeback - plots and pairings inside ! ]

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敵の気配はない !
✉ ➵ ❤
welcome to my peachy little thread !

✉ ➵ ❤ lil' Intro / about me !
hello everyone, and thanks for stopping in ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) i'm recently coming back from a loooong hiatus - life has been a whirlwind for the past couple of years. luckily for me, i've been able to catch my bearings and the dust has settled significantly so naturally i'd love to get creative again. i've been on this website for a handful of years now and admittedly i have a few old throw away accounts, so if a few plots look similar that's why haha! a bit about me and the type of partner i am: i'm in the military and currently stationed in south korea, so be wary of the time zone difference haha. additionally, i've been writing and roleplaying for a good chunk of my life (maybe around 13 years?) and depending on what i'm given to work with i can write anywhere between 500-1,000 words. however, i'm perfectly happy with shorter writing :,) i am in my early twenties and would absolutely love to be friendly with my partner, i adore sharing character sheets, pinterest boards, playlists, etc! i don't have much else to add, so if you have any questions about me feel free to ask~! (^ _ ^)/

✉ ➵ ❤ what i look for in a partner !
i'm gonna try and keep this short and sweet so we can get to the good stuff! realistically i'd simply love for a partner to match my energy. and by that i mean everything from post length to contribution to the plot. i'm not asking for novellas for every post, however it would be nice to bounce off of one another nicely in terms of effort. i'm not a huge fan of writing a good chunk of text to get a sentence in return. also a partner that's 19 or older would be wonderful, it's just a comfort thing for me uwu also! if you find yourself no longer interested or vibing with the roleplay feel free to let me know OR feel free to ghost as well! i will not get mad or upset, roleplaying is supposed to be fun (*´꒳`*)

✉ ➵ ❤ plots and whatnot !
these are just a few plots and pairings that get my creativity bone going lately ;; if you don't find anything that interests you but would still like to write with me feel free to suggest something ❤

✉ ➵ ❤ the princess and her guard
My character is a princess, the only child to the King and Queen of a rather large and prosperous kingdom. For most of her life, the kingdom was in a sort of 'golden era', the crops were plentiful, tension was low, war was unheard of, and the people were generally happy. Because of this, and the doting of her parents, my character is rather sheltered and innocent — sweet and naive. Blind to the horrors of humanity (and monsters, should we choose to go down that path.) However, as she grew older...the King's greed grew as well. A sense of malevolence had overtaken the King and he began committing atrocities(which we can both decide on) and the people have grown unhappy, violent, and various rebellions have had to be squashed throughout various provinces. But, of course, the sheltered princess is kept from these facts...but the anger of the people keeps growing. This is where your character comes in. He's a knight, one of the top knights in the kingdom, and had been serving on the king's guard for a few years before he was assigned a prestigious task — becoming the protector of the Princess. Your character has been the Princess's personal guard for a few years now. Accompanying her almost wherever she went, riding alongside her when traveling outside of the castle walls. Shadowing her... silent like a ghost. Because of his well-known reputation as a top fighter, his cutthroat fighting style, and his unwavering loyalty to the Princess, the people and nobility alike often refer to him as 'The Princess's Pitbull'. However, behind the scenes and out of the public eye...they're best friends. They share inside jokes, and it isn't unheard of that one might prank the other. After a stuffy dinner with elites, he might have her in a giggling fit as he mocks and imitates the rich nobles. She might have him chuckling when she pretends to be a powerful and frightening knight — frilly dress and all. And this, of course, would potentially lead to romance between a rather forbidden duo. And the plot could branch from here! We could deal with 'arranged marriages' and potential suitors visiting. As well as the potential of a full-blown rebellion taking place. What if they seize the castle? Will the knight escape with the princess in time? What will become of them, living life on the run?

✉ ➵ ❤ the mountains of yami
This one is more in the works and need some tweaking, so I would love some help plotting and planning! Fair warning: I'm not a historian. The setting is feudal Japan and your female is the daughter of her villages chief (shoya) and though Japan is on the brink of industrialization, her village is tucked away in lush farm and woodland far from the thick smoke and loud clanging of heavy machinery. From where their village resides, war between villages are relatively unheard of and trade is plentiful. Harvests bear healthy crop and seasons are never too harsh. Life is good for the people of Futaba, and the village is not bothered by the changes of the country. However, there is one thing that plagues the villagers. One thing that keeps them clutching at their weapons late at night and refusing to travel alone. And that's the yokai of the Yami mountains. It had been countless years since the last sighting of these yokai, and countless more years since the village and the yokai had been at one another's throats. Bloodshed was something that wasn't unheard of between the two. However, it had been so long and now the yokai were nothing more than a silly, superstitious tale shared amongst children. Yet still...no one dared visit the Yami mountains. Your character is head strong though, curious and free spirited, and finds herself venturing into these deep woods. Beautiful, mysterious, teeming with energy she could not touch nor see. And what else would she find? My character, a yokai of old tale, wondering just what a human was doing in HIS forest.

✉ ➵ ❤ word bank and pairings

☆ childhood best friends to lovers
☆ rich and buys love x poor and wants simple love
☆ down to earth x hot head
☆ yokai x human
☆ serious x bubbly
☆ flirt x clueless
☆ flirt x very easily flustered
☆ villain x cinnamon rol
☆ sassy rivals
☆ mafia member/yakuza x civilian
☆ dorky best friends having difficulty coming to terms with feelings
☆ hopeless romantic x afraid of commitment
☆ innocent witch x demon
☆ loyal protector x smol bean
☆ more to be added !

studio ghibli | magic | slice of life | drama | angst | fluffy fluff | love at first sight | slow burn | opposites attract | dorkiness | mature themes |genuine chemsity | shoujo | cliche | world building | multiple characters | coming of age | multiple story arcs | more to be added

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