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Fandom The Gray Scales [CS]


Frozen Thyme

There’s a little witch in all of us.
In a multiverse facing calamity, a lone witch summons a handful of warriors to seek the potential founders of a new coven that will bring the rampant light in check...

Welcome! Please read carefully!
In this project, you are playing as fandom characters whose powers have been drained as they were drawn through the chaos that is the strained veil between worlds.

While the characters still have just enough power to begin this undertaking, some abilities may be locked or diminished. Special equipment such as power armor, cybernetic augmentations, or enchanted weaponry may also have reduced functionality initially. Characters without any special powers (such as a normal human) do not suffer any major loss and will likely build power through items they find along the way. Their practical skills such as marksmanship, their spectrum of knowledge, or similar traits are not diminished.

Judicious selection of characters and their diminished powers is crucial to writing a successful sheet. Be prepared for an evaluation of their abilities and equipment before they are accepted.

Other Rules and Guidelines
  • Only submit a character sheet if you are certain you can commit to consistently making at least one post per week, barring a real-life crisis or physical illness.
  • Character sheets are accepted based on quality, not the speed at which you posted them.
  • Original characters are allowed, but the same conditions detailed in the above section still apply to them.
  • Antisocial loner types will be declined immediately.
  • You may add fields to this character sheet, but do not remove any.
  • Remove any notes in parentheses for your finished character sheet.
  • Limit two characters per person and eight player slots.
  • All site rules apply, and I need not remind you to avoid being a prick to one another out-of-character.

Character Sheet Template
Homeworld: (If you are playing a character from a Marvel universe or similar multiverse that uses number designations such as "Earth-616", specify the number.)

Appearance: (image and/or 1+ paragraph. Be sure your image is SFW!)

Personality: (1+ paragraph)

Abilities: (A bulleted list will do. Include any practical skills, superhuman abilities, magic powers, and cybernetic enhancements, and mutations, with a very brief description of each.)

Equipment: (A bulleted list is just fine here.)

Backstory: (1+ paragraph.)
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PLEASE let me know if/what needs to be fixed! I don't want to step on any toes. :)

Name: Sabjorn Fenrarke
Race: Nord (Human)
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Canon: Elder Scrolls Online (He is the Vestige, aka the player character)
Homeworld: Nirn

Personality: Sabjorn is an extremely volatile personality due to his soul being fragmented. This manifests usually as intense anger, with a tendency to get violent. However, anger management issues aside, Sab is a stubborn individual and not that bright. He likes to drink and hates reading, on account of having dyslexia but never being diagnosed. He fears commitment most of all and struggled for a long time in his first marriage because of it (among other things). His second marriage is doing a lot better, though he needs a lot of work on himself. He is extraordinarily protective of those he holds close and has managed to earn his trust.

Abilities: [This is before his skills/abilities were diminished during his transport here, please advise on to what degree I should nerf]
Sabjorn has training in Akaviri martial arts and can use a Teeny tiny bit of dragon magic as a result (Explained further in the spoiler). He would be classified as a DPS/Tank solo hybrid. He is good at woodworking and can smith, forge, and sew all types of armor and weapons. He can't really enchant, though, he sucks at normal magic. As in Nat 1's every time. Can also play the lute, but isn’t the best at it.

Venomous Claw

Transforms his hand and arm into a dragon's claws, and when the claws break the skin on contact, you will be minorly poisoned.*

Noxious Breath Shout

(skah feyn suf, or Taint, Bane, Gas)

A shout that is similar to Fire Breath, but instead of normal fire, green flames that poison* instead of burn are produced

Molten Armaments

Charges you and your grouped allies' weapons with volcanic power to gain Major Brutality and Sorcery, increasing your Weapon and Spell Damage by 20% for 30 seconds. Your own damage with Heavy Attacks is increased by 50% while active. basically a temporary enchant.

Volatile Armor

takes form as molten rocky armor that appears over the user. gives Major Resolve, increasing his Physical and Spell resistance greatly. also releases a spray of spikes around him, causing enemies hit to take a decent amount of Magic Damage over 10 seconds. While active, the armor returns a small amount Magic Damage to any enemy that uses a direct damage attack against him in melee range.

Take Flight

allows him to sprout dragon wings and launch himself at an enemy, dealing a lot Physical Damage to all enemies in the area, knocking them back, and stunning them for 2 seconds

Standard of Might

Calls down a battle standard (or banner), dealing a bit Flame Damage every 1 second for 16 seconds to enemies and applying Major Defile to them, reducing their healing received and Health Recovery by 16%. Standing in the area increases his damage done and reduces damage taken by 15%. An ally near the standard can activate the Shackle synergy, dealing a moderate amount of Flame Damage to enemies in the area and immobilizing them for 5 seconds.

Soul Shatter

When his Health drops below 20% his soul explodes, dealing a moderate amount of Magic Damage to enemies within 8 meters of him. This effect can occur once every day minutes. It's very taxing on him, though, and he can't control it.

*Venom and poison are akin to the neurotoxin produced by Irukandji jellyfish, but not nearly as lethal by themselves. The victim is subjected to increasing pain as time passes, which can last anywhere from a few hours to a week. Sabjorn has a high resistance to venoms and poisons as a result

Equipment: Wedding ring with an engravement, The Nord Hero armor (Pictured in appearance), enchanted to be medium weight and of the venomous smite set, Oh and he has a dwemer-made leg prosthetic, his right leg from halfway down the thigh and downwards. Powered by a dynamo core and a soul gem so he can control it. Also has a bit of oil on him for his leg, but not much. Also has the average adventuring supplies need to travel Tamriel in the 2nd Era. He has a Draugr's Demise Great Sword, and Venomous Smite Bow.

Backstory: Sabjorn grew up as an orphan in the Rift, and when he ventured out one day to play in the woods, was attacked by wolves, rendering him blind in his right eye. Luckily, he was saved by a wandering Dragonknight, who took him in and became his mentor. He trained Sabjorn to be a Dragonknight, and travelled across Tamriel with him until he was old enough to care for himself. Then they split ways, Sabjorn becoming a mercenary for hire and doing odd jobs to pay for his needs. He eventually joined the ranks of the Ebonheart Pact, and started doing quests and missions for them.

Then everything changed --when the fire nation attacked-- Molag Bal started the Plane Meld. Sabjorn was then coincidentally sacrificed to Molag Bal by Mannimarco, and wound up trapped in Coldharbour. He managed to escape with the help of a few new friends and returned to Nirn. The only catch is that half his soul is still stuck in Coldharbour, resulting in the remaining fragment being unstable and causing a lot of instability in his mental state. He hasn't lost his sanity, just his patience. He has extreme anger issues and will get violent.

He was then dubbed the Vestige, the one destined to save Nirn from the plane meld, and apparently a lot of other catastrophes, too. He was in the process of gaining political support to storm Coldharbour when he found himself in Western Skyrim, and wrapped up in a Coven Conspiracy, and resulted in getting involved with stopping the Harrowstorms and the Greyhost causing them. He is responsible for killing high King Svargrim, who ended up being a vampire of the Greyhost. The battle resulted in the Tower of the Wolf in Solitude being destroyed.

He was on his way to Markarth to continue his work against the Greyhost when the events of the RP started.

Other: Blind in his right eye and is allergic to rice of all things.

Sir Fungus

"My harem? Sure, you can join!"
Open for criticism, Idea's, etc. feel free to give me a shout.

Name: Agito Makishima
Race: Human
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Canon: The Guyver: Bio Booster Armor
Homeworld: Earth.


He appears shrewd and calculating. At one point a candidate-member of the Kronos Elite, he is now viewed by them as a traitor. Even though he may have activated his Unit before Oswald A. Lisker, the second Guyver, he did not openly appear in his Guyver armor until after Lisker was eliminated and thus he was dubbed "Guyver III." While he would prefer to work alone, Agito has welcomed the aid of several people in his life to aid him in Destroying Kronos.

The Bio Booster Armor: Guyver

The Guyver Units were designed as an all-purpose environmental suit for the purposes of the Creators (believed to be a group of aliens of different species). Although classified as armor, the G-Unit also changes many aspects of the hosts biological system, including the removal and rearranging of organs. Besides increasing the powers of a human being when he/she wears it (more than when the Creators themselves wore the armor), it also frees them from the will and telepathic commands of the Creators themselves. This led to the naming of "Guyver", which in the Creators language means "Abnormal", "Non-Standard", &/or "Out of Control".

While extraordinarily resilient, an activated Guyver can still be damaged, even destroyed with the proper tools. Guyver Killer-type Zoanoids, for example, were specifically designed to secrete a corrosive chemical compound capable of dissolving the bio-boosted armor. A seasoned, battle-tested Zoalord also possesses the raw power necessary to destroy a Guyver, as do some Hyper-Zoanoids. The most effective tool to counter an activate Guyver however, is with a weapon known as the Unit-Remover, developed by the Creators. This device actually deletes the host data from the Control Medal's records, forcing the bio-boosted armor back into it's stasis mode; The condition of the human host after the process remains unclear. Unlike the Zoanoids, the Guyver is humanoid in form - mostly because all known hosts are human.

A Guyver Unit itself is semi-sentient and can act on its own in a limited capacity if its host is unable to consciously control it. In this mode, it usually acts only in self-preservation towards a perceived threat. It is presumably also this semi-sentience that prevents the host from disengaging the armor if they have sustained injuries that would prove fatal without the Guyver's protection and ability to rapidly heal from damage.

Biological Enhancement

This is the primary ability of the G-Unit. It has been stated that the organism that composes the majority of the G-Unit (and by extension the Guyver itself) was engineered to adapt, conform, and enhance the physical characteristics of the host lifeform as to maximize their full genetic potential. By comparison, the Guyver-equipped Creators were vastly inferior to the equipped humans (who were engineered as weapons themselves). In this fashion, the powers and capabilities of an armored organism are dictated by their host genetics. In general the armor will most likely boost all of the physical capabilities of its hosts without distinction and raise the strength, speed, stamina, endurance, and reflexes of all its hosts. The armor will also protect any host from harsh environments that could hurt or even kill the host.

The Guyver organism partially merges with the host, augmenting the host on both a genetic and cellular level.

Though the host's bones and muscles aren't replaced, they are Bio-Boosted by this merger, increasing their cellular growth to peak (meaning muscle and bone density are increased to peak levels; this is why the host's physical conditioning is irrelevant) and infused with energy that both helps fuel the host's biology and increases the host's density and thus grants the host Guyver strength.

The physical alterations, like the replaced heart and lungs, provide for far greater blood flow, super oxygenated blood, and super efficient metabolism.

Finally the Guyver has a system of organs that channel the gravitational energy from the gravity control orb through the body and can be used instantly to boost momentum by a factor of 10x (allowing the Guyver to punch or kick far harder than normal speed and mass would normally allow)

This compensates for the fact the Guyver has neither 100x the mass nor 100x the speed of the host, both of which is normally needed to give 100x the power of a punch or kick. It's also a very efficient method of directly channeling energy into a physical attack.

Vibration Globes

The two orbs at the Guyver's mouth that produce highly destructive sound waves known as the Sonic Buster. At full power, the sound waves produced by the weapon do not merely batter or shake the object, but in fact "hone in" on its molecular resonance frequency, causing it to literally disintegrate into a cloud of disparate particles.


The Mega Smashers are the Chest Armor Particle Beam Cannon, which fires a high energy particle beam that is officially stated as being able to deliver more than 100 Megawatt output. The lens body is fragile, but is usually covered by the chest armor.

Head Beam

A multi-directional infrared laser mounted just above the Control Medal on the Guyver's head. In the 2005 anime series, Lisker explains it utilizes excess body heat, concentrated under one single point and expelled through a laser generator. Since the Head Beam uses body heat, rapid fire is obtainable and it is often used over the Mega-Smasher which requires a substantial amount of time to charge.

High-Frequency Swords

Also known as "Sonic Swords". These are multi-faceted blades that protrude from the Guyver's forearm and are reinforced by a powerful alternating current and resonate at extremely high frequencies when extended. This oscillation weakens the molecular bonds of most solid objects within inches of the cutting edge, effectively increasing its cutting ability. While striking, cutting, and thrusting attacks are the usual uses with the blade, proficient users were also able to wield the blade with such accuracy and speed that they were able to deflect bullets. They also possess elastic properties and can extend up to a meter-long. Though remarkably efficient, they have their limitations. The placement of the blades limit their effective range and utility to elbow strikes and swings. Also other vibrational weapons of equal frequency can disrupt the sword's oscillation, often resulting in explosive feedback (often referred to as high-frequency lock or high-frequency clash). Another flaw lays in their durability, as corrosive liquids and explosions can easily destroy them, despite oscillation.

Gravity Controller

The Gravity Controller orb siphons gravitational energy from a higher dimension. Two main uses include giving the Guyver the ability to fly and to unleash destructive gravity waves that are compressed into a circular shaped ball and fired in the form of a directed Gravity Launcher, also known as the "Pressure Cannon". This cannon could also be used to block attacks like a small temporary shield.

Sub ability: Pressure Cannon

A powerful gravity attack that concentrates high level of gravity within a single point between the palms of the Guyver's hands. The gravity is manipulated then forms a type of compressed virtual black hole that spin in a circular rotating motion. If something happens to come into contact with the ball, the target mass is smashed by the pressure wave and the resulting displaced mass is sucked up by the compressed virtual black hole and phased out of the continuum.

Head Sensor

Each Guyver displays two metallic orbs on either side of its head. These orbs give the Guyver the ability to sense electromagnetic fields outside of their direct line of physical sight. The manga often displays this as an outline of whatever body the Guyver is sensing. It also appears to have some thermal sensing properties. It also allows the wearer to hone in on sound waves and pick up on vibrations within the atmosphere, allowing the wearer to locate individuals from a distance or sense incoming attacks.

Control Medal

It is located on the Guyver's forehead, this medal button-like sphere regulates the energy flow between the organism and the host's body, as well as preventing the alien parasite that the Guyver system is based on from literally eating its host alive. It also stores the genetic structure and memories of its host along with the host's own consciousness, so that if the host is injured or killed, it regenerates the host from even the smallest bits of genetic material (even regenerating scars made by past wounds). It can also be assumed that control medal's ability to store host's memories and mind is the reason why Guyver users are immune to telepathic control/manipulation. The control medal has tentacles that reach into the host's brain and is the hard wiring of the Unit that allows the host to use the systems of the Guyver.

Guyver Bio-Organs

During the joining with the Guyver, the host's body is changed permanently. The Guyver leaves two growths on the back of the host that act as a form of 'transceiver' to the Guyver while also being able to sense other Guyver hosts nearby. When the host calls for the Guyver, a signal is sent and the Guyver is activated. When not needed, the armor is stored in what can best be described as a sub-dimension; it follows the host constantly so as to be instantly available when needed. When the Guyver is called by its host, its appearance causes a destructive burst that damages anything within a few feet of the host's body.

  • Highschool Uniform
  • Winter Coat
  • Yen (15,000)
  • The Guyver (Guyver III)

Once the foster son of a man named Genzo, Agito came to hate the company that the man worked for almost as much as he hated the man himself. Genzo, who had driven Agito's parents into bankrupcy and later suicide, was a greedy, power-hungry man, with seemingly no redeeming qualities at all. Certainly none that Agito could see, or even care to look for.

Agito grew to young-adulthood with the knowledge that too many mistakes, too much defiance, would make him useless to Genzo and he would most likely be killed.

Upon finding the Guyver, his means of enacting his Revenge on Kronos, He referred to himself as "Zeus" while in the Presence of Guyver I, he would later reveal his Identity when the both of them would Invade one of their facilities to rescue Guyver I's father. Agito will do what it takes to bring Kronos down, even at the cost of his own life in the process.


kickin it into overdrive
Name: Angelica
Race: Human
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Canon: Library of Ruina
Homeworld: Unidentified, Post-Apocalyptical Earth




Of the wonderful cast of characters who make up the ecosystem of the City-- where the last vestiges of humanity reside after ecological and chemical disaster scorched the rest of the planet, Angelica remains one of the vibrant tones and Colors who can remain decisive and optimistic in a world that is as cynical, despairing, and hopeless as the City. Years of experience as a Fixer has taught her well, and in a place ruled by might and carnage, where it is excusable to kill each other and make artwork out of the innards of your victims, she remains unphased by it all. Whenever confronted with grief and sorrow, she would rather wear a smile than a frown, to let trespasses go and bygones be bygones.

She often relies upon reciting the words of a particular poem as a means to get through the day, quoting lines and stanzas as her own line of defense against the troubles of the present:

Prayer for Loving Sorrow​

I have nothing but my sorrow and I want nothing more.
It has been, it still is, faithful to me.

Why should I begrudge it, since during the hours
when my soul crushed the depths of my heart,
it was seated there beside me?

O sorrow, I have ended, you see, by respecting you,
because I am certain you will never leave me.

Ah! I realize it: your beauty lies in the force of your being.
You are like those who never left
the sad fireside corner of my poor black heart.

O my sorrow, you are better than a well-beloved:
because I know that on the day of my final agony,
you will be there, lying in my sheets, O sorrow,
so that you might once again attempt to enter my heart.

Francis Jammes

English translation by Chi-young Kim,
from The Investigation by J. M. Lee
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To her, the ugly realities of the world aren't diminished or derived. They're simply left alone to run its course. Like many denizens of the City, she has long accepted it as a fact of life. After all, "That's that, and this is this." Humble and well-tempered to a fault, she has remained stoic even when she was on the verge of death when fighting the Blood-Red Night-- only becoming vulnerable around those she can truly trust.

However, that's how she was before she was killed, still pregnant with Roland's child. How her personality and character will change over the course of her journey summoned by the Grey Scales has yet to be seen. Will she be able to maintain the pure white and blissful persona she held in the past, or will her tone darken as she suffers in black silence?


Wing Augmentation

In the World of Library of Ruina, Wings govern sections of the City and are in possession of one or more "Singularities," physic-defying, nigh-magical systems that grant those augmented by them supernatural powers. Their use is mostly reserved to the Corporations of the City who govern each District, from 1-26, with corporations assigned letters from A-Z. That means, at a young age, Angelica, who has been experimented on by researchers of a Wing of the City, has been granted the effects of what is essentially a super-soldier serum and was able to live to tell the tale. However, most of her power as a fighter largely resides in her arsenal of weapons.

Unity Formation

Angelica was renown for a special combat style that revolved around group coordination and ambush tactics. This level of battle awareness is a byproduct of her Wing Augmentation that grants her super-human strength-- (able to punch through Workshop-grade steel), speed (able to maneuver through the Blood-Red Night's blood-vessel attacks that had small margins for error), and reaction time (augmentations allowed through the gloves that were made by Alias Workshop). In essence, she is almost always to get a kick in to follow up someone else's attack, or to appear at the right time to intervene from outside threats with the tools from her gloves at her disposal.

An Ungerminated Seed of Light

The Seed of Light, a result of the piercing white glow that emanated throughout the city for Three Days and Three Nights. However, Angelica soon perished after it had taken root to all of the denizens of the city, and was not able to properly manifest itself. But-- now that she has been reanimated back from the dead-- she has the dormant ability to manifest E.G.O., the actualized, ideal form of oneself, or become a Distortion, by falling into the despair and bitterness over her fruitless endeavors. At such a crossroads, the path she takes is up to her.


Gloves of the Black Silence


The gloves Angelica wears aren't just for show. They contain an entire arsenal of weaponry that she has spent her life using-- and are ultimately an extension of herself that she can bring out at will and are just as deadly, if not more so-- that real Workshop-grade weapons. Each of which came from a different Workshop in the City, and all but one of the Weapons displayed below are accessible to her.

Nuovo Fabric

The suit that Angelica is wearing is more than just a snazzy outfit, it's a weapons-grade protective piece of combat equipment custom-made for a Grade One Fixer such as herself. It's basically the equivalent of combining a flexibility of movement found in modern athletic wear and the protection of iron-plated armor all into one. However, now that she is far and away from the tailors and craftsmen who keep maintaining it for her, it would be hard to repair, let-alone dry clean.


Tools of the Black Silence (From left to right, top to bottom)Workshop of Origin
GreatswordWheels Industry - Created a giant greatsword that causes exploding impacts on hit.
LanceAlias Workshop - Created a massive spear capable of ramming through opponents.
ShotgunAtelier Logic - Creates guns and bullets that have capable stopping power and penetration.
MaceZelkova Workshop - Created a mace and axe able to be dual-wielded without overburden.
DaggerRanga Workshop - Created special gauntlets and a dagger that pair hand-in-hand for precise slashes.
Dual BladesAtelier Workshop - Created special dual-swords that slice effortlessly through opponents.
KatanaMook Workshop - Created a katana that unleashes a flurry of lightning-quick slashes.
HammerOld Boys Workshop - Created a hammer able to be swung quickly.
GauntletsRanga Workshop - Created special gauntlets and a dagger that pair hand-in-hand for precise slashes.
RevolverAtelier Logic - Creates guns and bullets that have capable stopping power and penetration
AxeZelkova Workshop - Created a mace and axe able to be dual-wielded without overburden.
Longsword (inaccessible)Roland's Durendal
Each piece is an expensive piece of custom-designed, top-of-the line weaponry specifically manufactured for the use of the Black Silence. They are made in a way where necessary upkeep is minimal, as the weapon is stored and repaired almost instantaneously within the confines of Angelica's gloves. And given that she can switch weapons with similar speed, it makes her one of the most versatile fighters. Normally, any normal fixer would have about one or two of these weapons on hand at a given time, and would spend their time mastering its use through years of training. Angelica has accomplished this, with TWELVE WEAPONS of this caliber. The only one that she may have some struggle handling would be Roland's Durendal when used at its full capacity. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at things-- Durendal remains inaccessible to her at this moment as it is still with him.

Backstory: Experimented upon at a young age, she escaped the laboratory that held her hostage along with her younger brother, Argalia. She eventually began to work her way up in the world as a Fixer, a mercenary-for-hire of sorts in the world of the Library of Ruina. It the purest sense, associations and offices hire fixers to complete odd-jobs whether it requires a security detail, helping with transporting goods and supplies, policing the streets for crime, or straight up being on-the-call assassins, the term "Fixer" has evolved to encompass all of those and more in the simplistic and blunt vocabulary of the City.

Rising through the ranks from humble beginnings, Angelica became a Grade One Fixer who joined Charles' Office, working together with Roland with whom she would fall in love with and eventually get married too. However, they were unable to move from the Outskirts (a district's slums) into a Nest (a district's safer, urban area) because of suspicious illegal drug activity Roland got caught up with. Even though she told Roland that everything would be alright-- it was this fact that led to her eventual demise.

When Roland went away to assist his friend, Olivier, who was in dire need of assistance, The Pianist, a Distortion who appeared as a result of the White Nights and Dark Days Incident (where for Three Nights and Three Days the city skyline was illuminated with light), had begun playing music throughout the district she lived in. Because she was still carrying Roland's child, she was unable to fight at all, ultimately succumbing to the ruinous song that echoed out on the streets, becoming another note in the melody and dying along with her unborn baby.

It was from after this moment, that she would be summoned forth as her soul tried to make its way to the afterlife, caught in the rift between dimensions instead and sputters back to life with thoughts about her husband and the grief she's caused him, and the loss of her own son plaguing her mind.


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The lord of randomness and the warp
Name: nix
Race: heavily modified doppelgänger
Gender: n/a
Canon: D&D
Homeworld: forgotten realms?

Appearance: 1636932072419.jpeg

Personality: Nix is a cheerful if somewhat scatter brained creature, whom is overly honest with most things, socially incompetent it assumed this makes up for such shortcomings, thusly often ask prying and likly inappropriate questions. There is however an underlying motive To all of those as Nix is a failsafe, it’s real objective is kept hidden and will get defensive about it if asked.

Abilities: shapeshifting: nix is imparted with a much greater degree of shapeshifting then most doppelgängers, mimicking objects relatively flawlessly from observation, and even coming up with there own shifts, free of the limitations of humanoid form, there eyes will always be milky silvery colour however regardless of what they look like. (Currently limited to limb augments) it Should be noted that even if they can turn there arm into a sword.. it doesn’t mean there any good at using it, you can mimick skills but not experience afterall.

perfect recall: while nix has perfect recall of stuff they’ve seen it’s sadly more of a downside as there minds filled with various rituals and arcane gibberish that serve no purpose here due to there components no longer existing or requiring a lich power to cast that it leads to Nix’s forgetfulness when it comes to new memories

fabricate: it’s just the fabricate spell but used on nix’s body.. overall not a fun experience but if you need bandages in a hurry then it’s useful

Equipment: four bags of holding currently empty or filled with useless herbs only good for tea

Backstory: nix was a doppelgänger originally everything was fine scamming people out of Money To live, but one day a cabal of Lich’s sensing some kind of impending collapse knew not even there power would save them so they resolved to make a contingency. Grabbing the doppelgänger and through great deal of rituals modified Nix to store and be able to enact many many Plans to bring the lichs back or others strange contingency depending on the circumstances… thoug what actually happened they’d not anticipated so when nix activated there firs words where “aah crap”

Frozen Thyme

There’s a little witch in all of us.
Name: Harrow
Race: Warframe
Age: Unknown; refurbished 3 years ago.
Gender: Male
Canon: Warframe
Homeworld: The Void


Warframes are made to not have any sentience; they are essentially puppets. While his consciousness is transferred into Harrow, Operator Soranus (See the Lore page, under “Supporting Characters”) projects his personality. He gets restless easily, has a dry sense of humor, and often recites Tenno mantras and sermons of Harrow for comfort. He also takes pride in his deep knowledge of the multifaceted discipline of Tenno weapons engineering.

  • Transference - There is a transference plug in the back of every finished warframe’s neck. It allows Tenno operators like Soranus to project their consciousness and exert their will over the warframe.
  • Infested Physiology - All warframes possess the Helminth strain of the Infestation, a technovirus that warps flesh and steel alike, optimizing all matter it infects to be an optimal life form. Warframes are able to withstand extreme conditions, including deep space.
  • Bullet Jump - Originally exclusive to Excalibur, the first warframe, all models have come to possess the ability to leap at high velocities and then stabilize into a short-lived glide, during which they can aim and shoot.
  • Condemn - Harrow spawns a row of chains that bind foes several meters in front of him. Each foe hit repairs his electromagnetic energy shields.
  • Penance [LOCKED] - Using a special thurible like a flagellum, Harrow depletes his shields to augment his weapons with life-sapping powers. Friends near him reap the benefits when he hits a target.
  • Javlok - A staff that shoots small fireballs or can be thrown like a javelin, emptying its magazine in a violent burst upon impact.
    Vectis - A heavy, single-shot sniper rifle. Soranus never uses it and the Javlok in tandem.
  • Lex - An accurate, large-caliber handgun.
  • Thurible - A focus for using Harrow’s abilities. He is never without it.
Backstory: Harrow’s original Operator, Rell, defended the Origin system (Earth’s solar system) from entities that may emerge from the Void. To contain an especially worrisome entity known as the Man in the Wall, the dying Rell sealed it and his consciousness in Harrow and bound the warframe in chains in the deepest reaches of a temple in the Void.

Later, in an act of mercy, another operator destroyed Harrow, accepting the burden of containing the entity and allowing Rell to truly die. Operator Soranus later discovered lost blueprints for Harrow in data vaults in the most remote reaches of the Origin System. He then rebuilt the destroyed warframe and it has since been the crown jewel of his arsenal. He frequently runs missions in the Void, trying to gain an understanding of what resides there and how to keep it there.


Tende altum, volare altius
Art by Mikail Palamarchuk
Name: Thirteen
Race: Black mage
Age: 5 years
Gender: Being concentrated black magic, distilled from fragmented souls, Thirteen never really contemplated assigning themselves one. Thirteen goes by They/Them, as it is the least problematic for their thinking.
Canon: Final Fantasy (IX in terms of origin and mechanics)
Homeworld: Gaia


What were once fine clothes of leather and linen are frayed a little, and faded at the edges. The form underneath them is slight, and seemingly only in imitation of man. The figure moves with weight and substance, but only as if mimicking how a person would move. A thick scarf is wrapped tightly about their neck and drawn up to hide the inky black abyss that served as a face. The only things that can be seen are a pair of glowing yellow eyes, slitted and cautious, yet curious too. The mage carries a staff of twining, root-like wood, dark and crooked at one end. Rings of gold serve to contain the unruly thing, and nestled in the arm of the crook is a glowing gem that serves as a channel for magic. When spoken too, Thirteen will answer with an echoed, distant voice that could be male or female.

  • Thirteen makes an attempt to be quiet and reserved, however their curiosity generally gets the better of them and it often leads to them asking questions, sometimes beyond the confines of social permissibility. The fact that they were created as a tool of war is glaringly clear to them and they are also aware of how destructive their powers can be. Despite the gravity of their existence, Thirteen doesn’t seem too put off, nor do they feel especially attached to fulfilling their purpose. They are wary of new faces, as being created as a tool, they are accustomed to being treated like one, but anyone treating them like a person is met with only slightly guarded interest. Thirteen likes to create things with their skills, be it statues of ice, or dancing, coloured flames, they are learning to apply their powers in new and innovative ways.

    Thirteen does not know much of pride, so insults usually go over their head, if you want to make them angry however, the destruction of something they deem beautiful irritates them greatly. Thirteen can sometimes grow distant when thinking about their mortality. The earliest models stopped functioning after just three years. Thirteen has made it to five, and the constant threat of death nags at them.

    Thirteen is relatively naive, having only 5 years of experience. They are slowly learning to apply the human abilities of empathy, and sociability and efforts are fairly mechanical still, but the will to learn is present, and Thirteen is trying.

    Overall Thirteen’s curiosity and relaxed approach to things makes them a rather agreeable team member.
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Hahli Nuva

We got a city to burn.

Name: Sophitia Alexandra

Race: Human

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Canon: Soul Calibur

Homeworld: Athens, Greece


For the beginning of Soul Edge, Sophitia was a young girl with pale skin, green eyes, and long, braided blonde hair. Over the years, she grew up from a brave teenager into a caring, protective mother. During her creation, designers focused on maintaining an innocent appearance for her face, to give the character a sense of feeling fresh and young. Freedom of movement between the sword and shield were also emphasized, with the intention to allow for the blade to rotate around the shield for cyclonic attacks. An alternate character called Azula was conceived during the development of Sophitia's secondary outfit in Soul Edge, but was abandoned


Sophitia is a benevolent, faithful, valiant, selfless, and strong-willed woman who is devoted to her family and will do anything to protect them by all means, even if it means sacrificing her own life. She is especially fond of her children, and willingly decided to join the forces that serve Soul Edge to protect her daughter Pyrrha, whose life lies in the hands of Soul Edge. She may also be considered as tough as her younger sister Cassandra, because she has taken on a very tough decision that few could bear. Her personality has softened and matured a lot in Soulcalibur III; her voice is more low-pitched and monotonous, for example. In Soulcalibur IV, Sophitia is very melancholic and doubtful, due to the danger her daughter incurs.


The daughter of a baker, Sophitia never wanted to become a warrior. However, after being given a divine mission by the god of the forge, she took up the sword and now fights with courage that matches any of the greatest warriors of legend. Sophitia handles her small shield with natural expertise, leaving few openings for her opponent to exploit, and blindingly-fast thrusts with her short sword are difficult to anticipate even for the most veteran of swordsmen.

Her pure heart and unflinching faith are what allows Sophitia to fully utilize the power of her holy sword and shield. With her beloved Rothion's arms in hand, she fights now for those she loves, and as such is stronger than ever.

The Athenian Style utilizes a short sword and small shield blessed by the gods themselves. It allows for excellent offensive and defensive moves appropriate for any battlefield. While the sword's length makes landing decisive blows at a distance difficult, the light weight of this style's battle gear makes the Angel Step possible.

Moves are kept on the light side with the sword and shield fighting style. Its highly-maneuverable Angel Step can quickly cover distance, letting its users score deadly blows at close range. It also possess a wealth of moves that can attack enemies while simultaneously repelling their strikes.

Equipment: Omega Sword and Elk Shield.

When the god of the forge entrusted Sophitia with a great task, her young swordsmith fiancé Rothion was provided with the iron of the gods with which to craft arms and armor for his bride-to-be. He poured his heart and soul into every hammer blow, forging a sword and shield designed specifically for the love of his life.

Rothion’s love and the blessings of Hephaestus would aid Sophitia well on her arduous journey. They serve her here as they did then. Other than their short reach, these divine armaments are a well balanced and iconic weapon for Sophitia.

Even still, the darkness calls out to the beautiful maiden, promising untold relics of great power hidden across the stars…


Sophitia was a simple baker’s daughter when Hephaestus, the god of forging and masonry, transformed her into a holy warrior, and bestowed upon her a mission to destroy Soul Edge. When she confronted the owner of the weapon, Cervantes, she was able to destroy one of the sword’s two halves. However, her success came at a price. As she destroyed the sword, its shards pierced her body, causing near-fatal wounds.

Fortunately, she was saved by the ninja, Taki, after which she returned to Athens to recuperate. However, fate was not done with Sophitia just yet. Little did the baker’s daughter know that she would soon be charged with another mission…

Sophitia found a soulmate in the swordsmith Rothion. However, despite their becoming betrothed to each other, she was given another mission by Hephaestus. Determined to fulfill her duty, she set off, protected by the armor and sword made for her by her fiancé. On her journey she purified any land infected by evil, and saved those affected by malfestation. However, she never encountered Nightmare, the new owner of Soul Edge. In time rumors of the Azure Knight faded, and were eventually replaced by ones of his disappearance.

One day, she met a man wielding a giant sword. She engaged him in combat, and before disappearing, he left her with some mysterious words. For some reason she felt that by meeting this man she had accomplished something, and decided to return home. On the way back, her heart was filled with warm thoughts of her loved ones awaiting her. The day Sophitia and Rothion tied the knot would soon be upon them...

Things get worse for her after this. She goes on a second mission only to have her daughter and son kidnapped. Sophitia sacrifices herself to save her children, and mysteriously disappears.

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Magical Menace
Name: Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange

Race: Human

Age: 54 (Physically)
Over 500,000 yrs old (Chronologically)

Gender: Male

Canon: Marvel

Homeworld: Earth-616

Dr Strange.jpg
Dr Strange1.jpg
Dr Strange2.jpg
Dr Strange3.jpg
Dr. Strange is defined by 2 outstanding factors: his extreme dedication to his task as Earth’s foremost mystic guardian, and his need to keep his secrets safe.

Dr. Strange is eccentric. He spends so much time in other dimensions and associating with magical beings that elements of normal human life escape or perplex him. He has trouble managing his finances, or noticing when his strange garb is out of place. He loves just getting a chance to stop and eat a hotdog, or Astral Project into a Mets game.

He more or less invented the unwritten “Comic-Book Magician’s Code” of not telling your allies any more than they need to know. An encounter with Doc should leave his allies with a lot of questions that they’re a little afraid to ask.

That said, Doc is also a very pleasant, polite and compassionate man. He makes friends and allies easily, and is always there when they need him. He has a great fondness for meeting new people and learning their customs, of observing their own odd quirks. As a result, he is often unflappable in the face of weirdness.

Dr. Strange’s adaptability and ingenuity are also noteworthy. He has defeated vastly superior foes by means of his resolve and resourcefulness on many occasions. He is consumed by responsibility. Because he is in charge of safeguarding our entire dimension, and because he no longer ages, Strange focuses on the big picture and the long term. Wars and politics are of little interest to him. It doesn't matter much if countries rise or fall from his perspective, because he's busy keeping our dimension from being conquered by Dormammu or eaten by Shuma-Gorath. As a result, Strange sometimes seems indifferent and even callous when he ignores the suffering of every day people that other superheros try to alleviate. This is because Strange is dealing with greater threats, and sometimes has to sacrifice the few to save the many.

Dr. Strange still troubled by the selfish, petty behavior he exhibited as a surgeon. He tries to avoid reminders of that time in his life.

Egocentric Arts or better known as Arcanum Ego (from the Greek: ego, "self") This method for manipulating mystic energy, originally known as the Lapis Path, refers to magic derived from tapping into one's own spiritual, psionic energies and biological energies. This particular form of magic may appear to the untrained eye to be psychic alone in nature, but indeed spiritual and biological energies are tapped rather than psychic or mental energies dependently. Egocentric skills include Astral Manipulation, Extrasensory Perception, Telepathic Force Manipulation, Telekinetic Force Manipulation, Empathic Force Manipulation, Chi Manipulation, (Self) Bio-Energy Manipulation, Self-Aura Manipulation, Personal Chakra Manipulation and various other psionic and spiritual-based abilities. This form of magic is quite limited as you are literally using up the limited energy housed in your body and as such cannot use it for long or strenuously.

[Partially Accessible]
Ecocentric Arts or better known as Arcanum Eco (from the Greek: oikos, "household") This method for manipulating mystic energy, originally known as the Emerald Road, refers to the ambient mystic energies of an environment. After learning to control his/her personal energy through the study of Egocentric magic, a sorcerer may next learn how to connect his own life force to the ambient mystic energies of the surrounding environment. Once entwined, the energy may be manipulated to create a variety of effects as with individuals, some places have greater "mystic potential" than others. On Earth, magic energy flows through chartable courses called "ley lines" or lung-mei (dragon paths). Churches and temples are oftentimes built along these lines with sacred sites like Stonehenge and Glastonbury Tor occurring at points where two or more ley lines meet.

Once an environment's mystic potential has been tapped, a sorcerer may manipulate it to form and hurl energy blasts or erect basic shields. Illusions and disguises are also woven together out of ecocentric materials. One may even conjure up small "solid" items, though said items are not usually very stable and may disappear as quickly as they appeared. Classic elemental substances (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) are also available to the learned mage and may be manipulated into weapons, shields, or in some cases, minions. With mastery, one can access the ambient energies in the entire universe, and draw power from the sentient life force of Earth's biosphere. Ecocentric abilities include (Including the things already explained above); Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Illusions, Nature, Necromancy and Transmutation.

(Since its partially accessible, he can only physically manifest the ambient magical energies for ergo-kinetic uses [energy blasts, energy constructs, etc] and Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination and Nature are only accessible, the other four are inaccessible)

Wyrdling (Weaver) Arts- This is a rare and forgotten form of magic that allows the user to mystically see the "threads of destiny" or "life-threads" that float around all living things. Instead of tapping into his own energies (as with Egocentric) or into the ambient energy that surrounds him (the traditional Ecocentric method), the Weaver Mage taps into the personal energies of another individual. Not to steal them (as with Necromantic), but to read them and possibly manipulate the energy lines within the other individual's aura. A Weaver Mage may instantly learn the entire history of anyone or anything just by touching one of these threads, and an experienced Mage is sometimes able to create more favorable fates by entwining this thread with that thread or shearing away knotted destinies. Through careful manipulation of these "Life-lines" a powerful Wyrdling could prevent an undesirable fate from coming to pass. In addition to weaving preferable fortunes, the Weaver Mage is gifted at fashioning bindings, crafting illusions and weaving enchantments into items, especially cloth items. A Grand Master of the Wyrdling Way created Dr. Stephen Strange's Cloak of Levitation by using the veils of destiny to weave the fabric of destiny and fate into a tangible matter.

Extra-Dimensional Magic (Exocentric Arts) or known as Arcanum Exo (from the Greek: exo, "outside") This forbidden and forgotten form of magic, originally known as the Golden Way, is the ability to utilize magic/spells that originate from another dimension, enabling feats that are normally beyond the power of his native mystic energies. This very advanced form of magic refers to the form of magic that draws upon forces from dimensions outside of our own. Only very experienced sorcerers are able to communicate with powerful mystical beings that inhabit these “other dimensions'' and appeal to them for assistance. To invoke the aid of these god-like beings (Also referred to as mystic principalities) such as Cyttorak, Ikonn, Raggadorr, Watoomb, etc, a sorcerer must learn complex incantations and master subtle gestures in order to increase the chances of receiving a positive response. The more powerful the entity (Or the less powerful the sorcerer) the more complicated the ritual or invocation becomes. To attract the attention of an entity, a supplicant will generally use the entity's name in a rhythmic or rhymed incantation. Just as poets and musicians once tried to gain the favor of powerful monarchs by composing clever poems and songs about them, the sorcerer uses his words to gain an entity's favor and display his or her own wit and knowledge. A few examples of incantations…

A spell to conjure the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak.
Seven rings have Raggadorr --
from indigo to deepest black --
but Oshtur grant me something more --
The Crimson Bands of Cyttorak!

Summon and project the Vishanti’s Flames
By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth,
By Oshtur’s Ancient name,
Agamotto hear this novice,
Vishanti give me flame

Conjure the Mists of Morpheus to banish someone's mind to the Dream Dimension or induce a deep sleep onto them
May the Miasmic Mists of Morpheus now rise in a vaporous stream --
Enwrap you in their ghostly haze --
Till you reach the Realm of Dream!

Cosmic Banishment/Reality Rejection
By the Seraphim's dread shadow --
by Munnopor's moonlit vale --
get thee hence, foul spawn of evil --
far beyond the cosmic pale!

Even after all the effort put forth for the invocation, an entity may or may not grant power to a petitioner. The mere act of being asked gives the entity power and so to encourage this action, some spiritual beings will grant power to any individual who invokes their name in the proper way; however, the entity may also choose to ignore the request. The spiritual energy or "mystic potential" present in the petitioner plays a part in how often requests are granted. The invocation or prayers of an individual who has large amounts of spiritual energy would provide the entity with a more enticing exchange and they would be more inclined to answer them. Some malevolent entities, like Chthon or Satannish, are willing to offer vast amounts of power, but only in exchange for the supplicant's soul, but this can be bypassed by giving them the soul of another being or one that already physically died. Those who have mastered the art of Exocentric summons will tell you that even perfectly performed rituals may yield no results. The entities can be as fickle as they are powerful. Special arrangements are sometimes made between entities and sorcerers, which allow a certain amount of energy to be accessed without the customary incantation or ritual. In these cases, a single pre-established "magic word" or gesture can be used to trigger the energy exchange.
  • Transcendent Sources: Strange can channel the extra-dimensional energy of mystical and non-mystical beings in multiple dimensions (known as Principalities) to empower his spells. This can take the form of standard (or more say complex) spells ("Crimson Bands of Cyttorak '') or just state what he wants to occur and channel some being to make it happen. It is unknown at this time what debt, if any, he incurs by invoking the powers that be. There is no strict quid pro quo (as the simple acknowledgment and invoking of the entity increases the entity's own powers, inexplicably), though some entities will feel he is obliged to heed their call when they need help in their conflicts as did the Vishanti. This ability to be a conduit to multi-dimensional power sources has given rise to the phrase "He is as powerful as the god he invokes." Stephen's powers typically come from many otherworldy sources: The Vishanti (a trinity formed of Hoggoth, Oshtur, and Agamotto) and the Trinity of Ashes (a trio of malevolent and dark entities comprised of Griefsavor, Ygmlosvorraich, and Misan-Ha-Gorath/Father of Pain), the Octessence (a group of eight beings, consisting of Balthakk, Cyttorak, Farallah, Ikonn, Krakkan, Raggadorr, Valtorr, and Watoomb), Elder Gods (Oshtur, Gaea, Set, Chthon) and other beings who owe him a debt (this includes Satannish and even Dormammu). However, certain abilities of his stem from more obscure sources, such as the Faltine, the Seraphim, Cinnibus, Sheol, Ikthalon, Denak, Cyndriarr, Munnopor, Morpheus, Dyzakk, Storaan, Kkallakku, Zarathos, Damballah, Dyskor, Enitharmon, Gorn/Gormac, Vyhagh Ar, Daveroth, Gondurr, Nirvalon, Mokarr, Pohldahk, Bromagdon, Jarakk, Umar, Yog-Sothoth, Shuma-Gorath, D'Spayre, N'Gabthoth, Kthl, Qu'vin, Zom, Phorcys, Yandroth, K'Kylthri, Nyerlathortech, the Demiurge and other beings invoked for power or strength include gods like Cernunnos, Mitra, Morrigan, Serushan, Taranis, Tetragrammaton and Valka, as well as the Greek Protegenoi such as Tartarus and Ananke; demons like Lilith, the N'Garai, the Nisanti, Quoggoth and the Great Old Ones; and cosmic entities like the Black Winter, Abraxas and Eternity. Dyzakk is the name of a dimension, but very little is known regarding other names used in invocations, including Amtor, Avanahm, Bharph, Bishru, Burballak, Cocteau, Courstatt, Daronthon, Draggus, Drood, Edor, Ereathe, Falroth, Gothorah, Gusoyn, Hrrs'hana, Iah, Ishtoreth, Kuma Rhan, Lantarr, Maalock, Magnium, Marchosias, Mercillon, Mehroth, Moshto, Mytorr, Nyogtha, Orvandel, Penemue, Quantu, Rabis, Rangsabb, Ravenna, Ryzzanel, Sharee, Skartekis, Sulfindum, Suvius, Syd'rakk, Taaru, Urzuu, Whazoom, Yasa, and Zhou'synn; some may even be locations or non-magical beings, such as ancestors or historical figures.
Necromantic Arts (from the Greek: nekromanteia, from nekros "dead body" + manteia "divination, oracle".) The fourth path or "forbidden path" (as it was originally known) was developed on Earth by the Elder God Chthon and is recorded in the Darkhold. Witnessing his brother Set gaining power by destroying life, Chthon became curious. He studied the release of death energies in order to master this source of power for himself and to better defend himself against the insatiable hunger of Set. Drawing on the potent energies generated by the termination of lesser energies (i.e., human sacrifice) and capable of generating swift and significant results, necromantic incantations have resulted in the destruction of entire civilizations. This form of forbidden art allows its user to harness and drain the very life of any sentient life as well as siphon the necromantic energies emitted by the dead. By controlling these deathly forces one can discover and possess the darkest of magics and cast powerful Black Magic spells.

Death Transcendence- Dr. Strange has exceeded/transcended the limitations/concept of his death, allowing him to do things like continue to live on, regardless of the fact he was destined/fated to die or disappear and even transcend a lifeless/undead state by making himself alive again and much more. Though he can physically die, he is essentially is beyond the concept of simply and truly 'dying'.
  • Eternal Soul- Doctor Stephen Strange possess a soul that cannot be destroyed or take any form of damage, in addition to always existing, rendering him completely immune to all manner of spiritual alteration or destruction including their absolute versions. Even if bypassed his soul will instantly restore themself, forever transcending any kind of spiritual/metaphysical death that effects only his soul.
Standard souls are categorized with a natural form of immortality, though in this instance he is totally immortal in every possible way except the physical sense. He can, however, regain his physical forms as he desires by using his own innate spiritual and life force to indefinitely produce and freely regain his physical form, allowing perfect recreation/restructuring of his old bodies in whatever way he sees fit, granting him modifiable and semi-immortal (or ageless) physical forms as a result.​

Darkness of the Divine Conduit (Black Magic): By sheer force of will he can "take" the power of another entity. This does not require the use of a spell. He used this ability against Arioch and Shuma-Gorath. The fact that Vincent can do this is a testament to his incredible willpower and strength of mind. This is considered black magic and as such he rarely employs this. Also when taking the powers of celestial entities he absorbs the mind and assumes their duties and roles in the dimension in which they exist. If his will falters, he can lose all sense of self.

Invisible Shield of Everlasting Enchantment: To protect himself from harm, Vincent has an invisible shield around him at all times that softens impacts and absorbs magical energies to protect him from harm. This does not make him invulnerable, and things like bullets and arrows, falling from high buildings, super-strong beings, telekinesis and powers that affect physical forces can still kill him. And he doesn't completely absorb the magical energies from mystical attacks, only by a certain amount to lessen the damage/effect, but sufficiently powerful spells can overpower this enchantment.

Mirror Dimension Manipulation: After his training at Kamar-Taj, Stephen Strange is able to manipulate and access the Mirror Dimension. He uses this ability sometimes in his many battles.
"The Mirror Dimension, ever-present but undetected. The real world isn't affected by what happens here. We use the Mirror Dimension to train, surveil, and sometimes to contain threats."
Yao, Ancient One, to Dr. Strange

The Mirror Dimension is a parallel dimension that mimics Earth's plane of existence. It is complete with the same surroundings and inhabitants, but its visual appearance is distorted like a fractured mirror. It allows an advanced sorcerer to train more advanced and dangerous spells without adversely affecting the real world, keep an eye on threats without being noticed, and a prison for those without a Sling Ring, since it can be reshaped and manipulated freely without fear of adversely affecting the natural order of the world. The final usage is paramount that a prisoner is locked without a Sling Ring as it is the only means to escape. However, the realm is shown to be accessible without the use of the Sling Ring, which allowed the likes of the Ancient One and Doctor Strange to transport themselves and others into the dimension, though a Sling Ring was ultimately required to leave it.
In addition, the Mirror Dimension can be used in combat by a sorcerer with the knowledge and skill needed to perform it liberally by manifesting a gateway to it to absorb attacks and then sending the manifestation at the enemy to trap them at the Mirror Dimension. As well as reshaping and manipulating it for various purposes, such as collapsing the dimensional gateway to create shards of the Mirror Dimension to rain upon his opponent/s. (Something like this, see below spoiler)
Those who channel extradimensional power from the Dark Dimension have been stated to be more powerful in the Mirror Dimension.

Planeswalking: Dr. Strange can travel to other planes of existence, myriads of different realities all simultaneously coexisting within the same expanded cosmology. Planes are often multi-layered and likely endless in number, though they are usually organized into local cosmologies centered on a prime nexus plane.

Strange is skilled and advanced enough that he can create pathways of his very own that links to any specific place within any plane of existence that could go beyond his own cosmology, opening and closing doors to travel in and out to new worlds beyond his universe, even create crossroads to different dimensions regardless of their nature within said existence to travel into new realities, time streams and even metaphysical realms.

Planes and their inhabitants exist in an infinite diversity of forms and natures, and he is bound to meet untold wonders and dangers during his travels, as well as exotic artifacts, arcane knowledge, and unique power sources.
  • Nexus Creation: He can create/generate a Nexus Point, a dimensional hub that either leads to and/or is connected to various realities and acts sort of like a dimensional oasis or anchor point for those realities.
  • Reality Crossroads: He can create/open pathways to anywhere/everywhere, including other afterlife's, worlds, realms, realities, dreams, planes, dimensions, universes, times, domains, etc. linking those places with the world he calls it from. Pathways created by this are a easily usable for others besides him, and may either be permanent or temporary by choice depending on his skill and the place in question.
Unlike Dimensional Travel which automatically sends you there, he merely generates the path to reach those places. Dr. Strange has to do the actual traveling to reach those places himself.​

(Normally wears the Cloak of Levitation, the Eye of Agamotto, and the Orb of Agamotto. He possesses a wide array of arcane texts, artifacts, and relics.)

Strange's own power is often amplified by the numerous magical artifacts that are in his possession or by artifacts that he uses in the course of his adventures. The three artifacts he carries with him at all times are the Eye of Agamotto, the Cloak of Levitation, and the Sash of Cernunnos and the Sling Ring of Lantarr.

The Eye of Agamotto (which resides within the Amulet of Agamotto worn at Dr. Strange's throat) is a powerful and valued artifact that has many functions. Using the Eye, Strange can see through any lie, deception, or illusion, send the eye out at light speed to intercept and absorb massive amounts of any type of energy, and free others who are trapped in their own illusions. It is often used to amplify his mind's eye, giving psychic abilities that rival the most powerful of telepaths. It is also often used to playback an area's past events, lift beings weighing thousands of pounds into the air telekinetically, and open dimensional portals, as well as place beings in suspended animation. The Eye can track beings by their psychic or magical emissions. The light given off by the Eye also weakens a variety of evil mystical beings, such as demons, devils, undead beings, dark extra-dimensional entities, and even sufficiently corrupt human practitioners of dark magic. When used offensively, no being can withstand its light for long; due to its lethal effect, it is often used as a weapon of last resort. The Eye appears to be dimensionally linked to the Orb of Agamotto and is presented to the current Sorcerer or Sorceress Supreme to aid them in their great duties. The amulet can only be used by a being with a pure heart and a clean soul.
(Instead of the green light, it's golden)

The Cloak of Levitation- A magical relic that allows him to fly (at roughly supersonic speeds for intermediate lengths of time, but can be augmented using magic), levitate and hover in the air. It appears to be sentient and can move on its own power, causing it to move and flap in the air without the presence of wind. Offensively, the cloak's ability to move and fly with or without a wearer allows it to grab, lift, tackle or send enemies flying through the air. The cloak assists Strange in combat by protecting him from attacks, preventing his enemies from blindsiding him, as well as attacking enemies on their own whenever possible, and doing maneuvers that are difficult for most humans to do. It responds to his thoughts and has used it many times as a "third set of hands" to attack a foe when his own body has been incapacitated. The Cloak is near-indestructible to almost any and all physical harm, often escaping damage during even the most violent confrontations but might suffer great damage in physical confrontations if not careful.

[Partially Inaccessible]
Orb of Agamotto- an immensely powerful mystic scrying crystal that can peer into other dimensions and worlds and automatically detect and locate powerful magic’s use and evil threats to the world. The Orb of Agamotto can be used to teleport others or to travel into Agamotto's personal realm. The Orb is also capable of projecting a telepathic voice (different to each who hears it, yet with the same essential meaning, likely from Agamotto himself). Once, after displaying an image in its depths of the desired subject, revealing the past of the Evil Eye of Akron while simultaneously displaying corresponding images; as Doctor Strange had been expecting such a voice, it seems that either the Orb had displayed such an ability in the past, or the Sorcerer Supreme knew it was possessed such an ability. It is also possible to view images of other planets or outer space through the Orb in the same dimension. The Orb is even capable of finding dead beings, at least those the user had been considerably familiar with. The Orb can be used as a gateway for the viewer to enter the dimensions it displays. It also seems to be dimensionally linked to the Eye of Agamotto. Individuals entering the Orb can at times exit through the Eye and vice versa.

The Orb can observe/view/watch absolutely everything, everywhere, everywhen, and everyhow at the exact same time and regardless of where or when it is or might be. It can view realities outside of the whole of existence, into dimensions shielding against every form of observation, see the lives and connections that tie together anything/everything and the thoughts and dreams of every creature/entity/demon/god or eldritch horror that exists or doesn't exist. It can view out into the boundless emptiness and nonexistence where isolated and locked entities dwell. All that is, isn't, might, might not, could, could not, can, can't and won't exist is visible and laid bare before it, and nothing can be hidden from the orb.
(Since its partially inaccessible, it can only view or show things the user is familiar with or see places the user has been or knows)

Sash of Cernunnos- worn around Vincent's waist, this quasi-sentient enchanted yellow sash can be extended ten times its normal length and can be used to bind, grapple or get things for him. The sash is very durable but not invulnerable and can be ripped or damaged. It also can also harness nearby energy to be stored for later use. (See sash up in his appearance^)

Sling Ring of Lantarr- Sling Rings are used by the users of the Mystic Arts and other magic-users to facilitate long-distance travel where a temporary portal is desired. Sling Rings are worn on the second and third digits of the left hand when conjuring a portal, and this is achieved by the wearer tracing their right hand in an anticlockwise circular pattern while focusing on a destination beyond the space directly in front of them. Most of the time they are simply carried until needed, typically somewhere on a user's belt. Each ring is uniquely crafted for its wearer. The portals created by the Masters of the Mystic Arts through the Sling Rings share numerous similarities with an Inter-Dimensional Gateway, as they both channel extra-dimensional energy from other dimensions to open a door to a specific place they wish. With the Sling Ring drawing upon the dimension of the loathsome Lantarr

Incantations and Gestures Dependency: Stephen also depends on spoken incantations, mystical gesturing, and his arcane artifacts in his duties; likely these can be counted as weaknesses. Strange has been incapacitated various times by being gagged and bound, preventing him from uttering arcane invocations or performing mystic gestures. Breaking his hands can greatly cripple his magic ability for instance.

Artifact Dependence: Though much of his power comes from god-like beings, a great deal of his strength comes from his magical artifacts that can be disarmed or destroyed.

Astro-Limits: Such is the skill and mastery of Doctor Strange that he is capable of spending up to 48 hours upon the astral plane before he must rejoin his ethereal form with his physical one, lest succumb to corporeal deterioration leading to bodily death and eternal suspension as a spirit. The physical form remains in an inert, death-like trance, vulnerable to both physical and magical forms of harm while the astral form is absent. If harm were to befall his physical form while he was in his astral form, he would be stranded in his wraith-like state. Though Strange has only his personal abilities in his astral form, the Ring of Oshtur/Ring (of Full Power) can grant him access to the same resources he possesses in his physical body. According to his mentor, the intense atomic radiation of the sun's core can change the composition of astral forms.

Human Factor: Another weakness is that Vincent, despite all his spells and magical training, is only human physically. Hence, if not taking proper care or defenses, Strange can be overpowered by mere blows, energy attacks, or gas.

Magic-Induced Physical Changes: A fact not known by many people is that the use of magic takes a physical toll on its user. During his first lessons, Stephen vomited for three days straight because of this. As years went by, Stephen's body changed so much his stomach can't even accept human food and can only ingest that which would kill a normal person.

He cannot fight for long periods of time, since this magic is so complex and enigmatic that using it for too long can be severe for his bodily condition, thus must refrain from overusing it. This can cause him to get migraines, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and other negative side effects of using his magic too much, even going potentially unconscious.

Doctor Strange constantly analyzes things, creates new possibilities, returns to the 'what-ifs and the 'might-have-been-s’. He is always aware of possible dangers and worries about how to handle them. He cannot let go of fear and realization that he can’t always guarantee anyone absolute security.

Stephen Vincent Strange was born as the oldest of the 3 children of Eugene and Beverly Strange in Philadelphia in 1930. From a very young age, Stephen had been destined to replace his future master, Yao the Ancient One, as Sorcerer Supreme. However, he was oblivious to this fate for much of his life, and grew up caring for little but wealth due to the harsh views of his father. After helping his sister Donna when she was sick, Stephen had grown an interest in medicine. This fueled his future as he earned his medical degree at Colombia University. His inevitable success as a surgeon fueled his arrogance and greediness, until the day he suffered a terrible car crash. The event left the nerves in his hands irreparably damaged and left them unusable, essentially ending his medical career. After desperately trying countless, often shady operations to fix his hands, Stephen heard legends of a powerful sorcerer named the Ancient One who could repair his hands, he traveled to Tibet to meet this wizard. However, the Ancient One refused to repair Stephen's hands and instead offered to teach him magic. Though initially refusing, a powerful blizzard kept him in the palace where he reluctantly agreed. For years The Ancient One taught Stephen the ways of magic, where he had a rival in the jealous Karl Mordo, a fellow student of the Ancient One who was aware of Stephen's fate as the next Sorcerer Supreme. A final test awaited Strange, a challenge given by Mistress Death herself. When he completed the task, Stephen transcended the concept of death and was granted immortality, taking on the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. Ever since then, he has been protecting Earth and his Multiverse as its most powerful spellcaster from the evils of great evils like Dormammu, Shuma-Gorath, Chthon, Dweller-In-Darkness and Mephisto.
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Name: Marcus Wright
Race: Half Human/Half Terminator Cyborg
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Canon: Terminator Salvation/Final Battle
Homeworld: Post Apocalyptic Earth 2029

Appearance: 1637627397961.png

In reality, Marcus was a criminal on death row when he was executed by “lethal injection” due to crimes of killing a cop for beating on his brother spending most of his life in prison. Everything he believed about himself in prison in his life and on the last days of his life, he thought he was worthless and nothing mattered more than people’s own harsh opinions on him as a “monster. However he had an unusual trait about him: Most criminals would be willing to defend themselves, giving excuses. Marcus believed his death was just and the value of other humans had higher worth than himself.

He was ready and willing to give up everything to die. He thought he might make people happy to get rid of him as he gave his body up to Cyberdyne System’s “Project Angel”, run by Dr. Serena Kogan.

However, there is more to Marcus instead of a monster who is seen as a killer and nothing more. He had no final words to say on his execution. His own eyes reveal a man looking for another chance to live out his life in the right direction.

When someone meets Marcus, they notice his determination. He is an extremely hard worker and will push through any sense of obstacles to get to a goal. Like they say “This man can move mountains” when he pushes hard enough. He is extremely gutsy and will go above and beyond the call of duty to show his worth to someone. However, his emotions are hurt easily and usually go to an extreme at anything relating to his past especially relating to memories of his dead brother.

However, Marcus is extremely loyal to a fault and does not take betrayal well. He “takes no shit” when it comes to protecting his loved ones and allies. He’s gone to lengths such as stabbing a guy in the knee, being the first man in line to save John Connor and give up his own heart and protecting Blair with a wooden board.

When Marcus takes a leadership position in Final Battle, he is promoted when John Connor is away. He changes for the better as he’s able to lead the Resistance as a high commanding officer to help defeat a common enemy. John Connor’s respect for the common man makes Marcus, not a terminator to him but more than that. Someone who can be trusted for who he is and not for his past mistakes.

Abilities: *Marksman: Good with guns and trained Kyle Reese to use a gun in his teenage years.
*Skills such as working with his hands and cars: A self trained mechanic and used skills such as this when he was a criminal as a teenager.
*Hacker: He is able to get into a computer system with a touch of his hand.
*Cyborg Terminator: He is a unique mix of human and terminator and as such can regenerate his heart (slowly) but also his skin.
*Only terminator shown to swim: He's the only terminator that can swim.


*Plasma rifle- A plasma rifle is a gun with superheated plasma turned into a weapon, normally carried by a heavy use terminator during the war against the machines. But this is a reprogrammed one by the Human Resistance that works in the hands of a terminator and or human.

M4A1 Carbine- More called a AR-15, a standard gun in Marcus's world.

Heckler and Koch MP5SD- a Submachine gun used in Marcus's world.


Marcus spends his final days a prisoner in Texas Prison, debating his life. A cancer patient doctor named Dr. Kogan is looking to gain bodies for Project angel and Marcus is looking to sell his body for a mistake he would take. His executed body is taken away, killed and to Project Angel, a Cyberdyne project in the coming years. Out of the project comes a unique mix of terminator and human, a terminator hybrid and Infiltration unit. Project Angel was originally used as a project where humanity could be expanded into something more, instead Cyberdyne bought the project using terminators like Marcus as military weapons instead and eventually Skynet took over.

Marcus's Second Life

15 years, Marcus wakes up in 2018, finding out he's alone in a hellish landscape of destroyed Los Angelus. As he walks around alone, he meets the only remainder of the Los Angelus Branch Human Resistance: Kyle and Star

Marcus helps Kyle Reese hold a gun the right way after he holds it up against Marcus the first time. After being stubborn, Marcus decides to go back to Skynet territory after Kyle and Star beg him not to go only the two get captured by a giant terminator. After going on a wild goose chase to chase Kyle and Star down inside the giant terminator. He gives up and finds a woman pilot named Blair Williams who was a pilot for the Human Resistance nearby only after spending one night with her, he decides he likes her. They enjoy each other's company while sitting around a fire, Survivors attack their camp and Marcus attacks them protecting Blair. Once that was done, they go find the Human Resistance HQ. Marcus steps on a metal triggered landmines meant for terminators and he blows up, revealing he's somewhat of a terminator.

Being strapped on a missile silo, John Connor eyes him where he's used for target practice by Barnes and some of his men and woman including Blair. While John and Barnes were busy, Blair helps Marcus to escape and everyone gives chase. Blair protects Marcus and gets captured and interrogated and Marcus goes to find Kyle Reese. John is wary at first but allows him to find him with help. John goes with Marcus and Marcus goes to rescue Kyle and Star from the facility but ends up fighting a T-800. Marcus gets knocked out and John gets a pole shoved in his heart and survives. John revives Marcus with electricity and Marcus beats the T-800 with Kyle and John’s help. John is rescued along with Marcus. Marcus gives away his second chance and gives his human heart up

Marcus's Third Life

When Parnell and the terminators work with Skynet to try to stop the Human Resistance from winning, Parnell gets in over his head and power abuses Skynet, taking over its systems for himself and attaches himself to the computer itself. As a act of despratation, Skynet wakes Marcus from the "dead" and warns John and the others of what's coming really fast. Marcus is discovered to have regeneration of his heart muscle that grows back in his backup systems.

Marcus takes over for John as acting second in command until John does what he needs to do to fight Parnell's bloody machines. John gives up his human body and Skynet calls off the attacks. Skynet and John Connor make peace and end the war. Marcus is now still alive during this time.
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Count Gensokyo

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a Fair & Balanced Game

"A lack of adaptability...is a lack of survivability. Survival is not based on who is the strongest or the smartest. It comes down to who can adapt."

  • Name: Celestia Ludenberg

    Species: Human

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Canon: Danganronpa

    Homeworld: Earth

    Height: 164cm (5'5")

Dmitri Tolenka

Sic Semper Tyrannis
Name: Sarah Asher
Race: Human
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Canon: Battletech - year 3052
Homeworld: Mars

Appearance: A willowy pale skinned red head. Sarah keeps her hair grown out long to cover up the nape of her neck. Several access ports for electronics jut out from her spine, and her right hand is clearly made from some sort of porcelain like material. While her face appears quite natural, she barely blinks and her intense stare can be somewhat unnerving.

When she doesn’t think she’s required to pilot, Sarah prefers modest pure white dresses. Several have clearly recent new patchwork, where she’s sown on some mild religious symbols. She also likes big fluffy coats when the weather allows for it.

When on the job, she dresses in a white leather suit plus a motorcycle helmet to protect her vulnerable implants.
Deborah Dreadnought Personification.jpg

  • Quiet and timid due to a recent crisis of her faith. Her sole source of confidence right now is her ability to pilot just about anything. When it comes to piloting, she's borderline arrogant. Outside of that, she can be a bit of a doormat, willingly going along with the herd, afraid to draw too much attention to herself. A peacemaker that always tries to bring out the best in people with a lot of patience.

    She believes there is more to life than the material. Artificial creations hold a special status in her eyes, as someone took the time and effort to shape the item into a specific shape. She is an ardent transhuman, and thinks nothing of altering her own cybernetics to better suit whatever task she sets herself to. After all, what is a body but a vessel for the soul?

    She loves to race. What most people would consider ludicrous speed is what she considers pedestrian. Traffic laws are for people that don't have her divine driving skills. To see her switch from her usual timid, kind self to the confident bombshell behind the wheel can be disconcerting the first time someone sees it.

    Sarah still struggles to wrap her head around the existence of non-human sentients in general. She regards them with a child-like curiosity and tends to follow them around.

Miserable Alchemist

Artificial Planet
Amaterasu Hirume Mikoto




Kadenz Fermata//Akkord:Fortissimo



Mikoto is carefree, energetic, and excitable, especially when in a casual setting. She has a habit of giving people nicknames if their names are long or difficult to say and is quick to take others up on being casual, whether they're superiors or legendary heroes. She also enjoys drinking, her smartphone, and just generally doing as she pleases when possible, having a habit of teasing her teammates. When partaking in something of little consequence, such as basketball, she'll pretty much just do whatever she finds coolest or fun, even if doing so doesn't really make much sense otherwise. She's also the type to make up a plan last minute and just run with it.

However, she can be a little more serious than she usually appears, displaying wariness at missions that appear to be beyond her limits and having taken a part time job as a Sister at an orphanage. Despite the attitude one might see from her most of the time, she does take her missions and the like seriously. As a Holy Knight of the Seventh Chord, she also has a pretty strong sense of "fairness". For example, she doesn't like overwhelming a target with superior numbers. This extends to how she perceives people as well. If she discovers her opponent isn't as bad as she's been led to believe, she will not fight them, and even work together with them. In this regard, she could be considered somewhat flexible.

Einherjar - Allows Mikoto to boost her physical abilities.
Robotic Notes [LOCKED] - Allows Mikoto to activate her River of the Exploding Flames, a different dimension that she can pull anyone into and trap them there, even if normally they can traverse dimensions. This dimension is used for battle to avoid casualties or damage in the "real" world, and contains a volcano and dangerous rivers of lava. Due to being able to draw magical energy from fire, Mikoto is also more effective in this world.
Link Slash [LOCKED] - Allows Mikoto to separate an ability user from their abilities. This requires Mikoto to actually injure them in some way first to attempt.
Flare Haze Break - Mikoto attacks by summoning a blaze of super-heated fire.
Solar Superstorm [LOCKED] - Mikoto summons a phoenix of fire to strike. By allowing her to apply her Barrier Jacket to this attack, it nullifies any ability.

Nostalgia Drive/Barrier Jacket - The clothes she wears double as defensive equipment. "Abilities" directed at her don't work. While even magically created physical phenomena such as fireballs or swords can still hit her, abilities such as the removal of senses, increasing her gravity, having her kinetic energy reduced to 0, or changing reality through words are nullified if directed at her.
Three Sacred Treasures - The source of Mikoto's powers and her Miracle Weapon. Only one can be used at a time, normally. They include:
Kusanagi no Tsurugi - A greatsword, generally used for close combat and Flare Haze Break.
Yata no Kagami - A barrier that reflects anything magical and acts as a powerful barrier against anything else.
Yasakani no Magatama - A magatama bead that allows Mikoto to control fire. By instead absorbing the fire she would normally control, she can boost her physical power at the cost of hurting herself.
Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi [LOCKED] - The true form of her Three Sacred Treasures as one, which allows her to use all of their abilities at once and greatly boost her abilities. Also allows her to use Solar Superstorm.

Mikoto was a new member of the Seventh Chord, a seat of seven "Miracle Users". They were also known as Holy Knights. Their main goal was to serve justice and protect the world. To this end, she and the rest of the members of the Seventh Chord were assigned to defeat seven "Magic Users" due to the Mythic-class magic the Magic Users possessed. Each Mythic-class magic could threaten to destroy the world itself. Naturally, even with their Miracle Weapons and Robotic Notes, the Miracle Users were at an overwhelming disadvantage in terms of both power and abilities. However, science had found answers to level the playing field some. By defending themselves using the Barrier Jackets that negated abilities and attacking using the power of Link Slash which could remove abilities, there was a fighting chance. With this, the Seventh Chord were to reduce the Magic Users to normal humans, thus simultaneously allowing the Magic Users to live and removing the potential threat to the world. The war between Magic and Miracles began.

Hahli Nuva

We got a city to burn.

Name: Cassandra Alexandra
Race: Human
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Canon: Soulcalibur
Homeworld: Athens, Greece



Cassandra is a free-spirited and determined young woman. She will not hold back on her words nor her faith in herself in order to protect the family name and honor. Cassandra's true strength lies in her belief in herself, as opposed to otherworldly deities, in which to secure her choices and destiny. This gives her a unique toughness and single-minded perspective that doesn't lack in compassion. Her brash and confrontational manner are at odds with her apologetic and quieter sister, but she is a warm-hearted girl that cares very much for her family, especially Sophitia. Cassandra has a determined and confident personality, as does her nephew Patroklos, although he seems to be more cocky and aggressive than her.


Improvised Athenian Style

Athenian style is a long-forgotten fighting style of the ancient Greeks, bestowed upon holy warriors blessed with the protection of the gods. It is said Hephaestus, the god of smithing, entrusted sacred armaments to his most devout followers as a means of destroying the evil sword Soul Edge. Those who took hold of these weapons received divine protection from the gods, including the gods of wind and war, and were able to wield unimaginable power.

When compared to her sister Sophitia, Cassandra fights with a more uninhibited style, using her shield both to strike her opponent and sometimes even as a projectile. However, perhaps due to this aggressive approach, her defensive abilities occasionally come up lacking.

Offensively, she is able to momentarily concentrate her holy energy to perform powerful techniques that invoke lightning and violent winds, giving her the air of a noble veteran warrior. It is unknown if she received some form of revelation regarding how to wield her holy weapons, or if her fighting style is simply a natural outcome of her tendency to completely throw herself into everything she does. Regardless, between her style and the immense power she receives from the gods despite seeming to not have the strongest faith, Cassandra is truly a wonder to behold in battle.

Equipment: Owl Shield and Omega Sword


Cassandra is the daughter of an Athenian baker. Some time had passed since her sister Sophitia postponed her wedding and vanished, leaving only a note. After their mother fell ill from anxiety, Cassandra and her brother Lucius became tasked with running the bakery day in and day out.

Secretly, Cassandra had a feeling she knew where Sophitia had gone. Three years prior, her sister had returned from a journey to "destroy the evil sword Soul Edge," an explanation her family had a difficult time accepting. After all, who would believe a god had entrusted the destruction of such a dangerous sword to a mortal? As it turns out, Cassandra believed her sister, having met the ninja Taki, who had saved Sophitia's life.

It stood to reason, then, that Sophitia's departure meant Soul Edge had somehow been restored, and if she was going to subdue it once again, Sophitia would need the appropriate weapon and armor... Half-convinced of where she needed to go, Cassandra suddenly began to run.

Rothion was hiding something and Cassandra knew it. Eventually, her sister's fiancé gave in to her questions and confirmed Cassandra's suspicions: Sophitia had headed out once more to destroy Soul Edge. Upset the two of them had made such an important decision without saying a word to their family, Cassandra took it upon herself to use the holy weapon and armor to fight the malfested hordes in her sister's stead.

With each battle, she slowly came to understand her sister's motivations for doing what she did, but not how she could have willfuly put her life in so much danger.

When Sophitia returned, Cassandra let it all out and told her sister everything. Sophitia responded kindly, and made Cassandra realize she could never hold a candle to her own sister.

Sophitia's wedding day finally came, and when Cassandra saw her sister's smile, she felt like all her struggles and effort had been really worth it.

However, it was not yet over. If the ominous prophecy contained even a shred of truth, Cassandra was going to have to fight to change fate, both for the sake of the future and for the sakes of those she loved.


Sir Fungus

"My harem? Sure, you can join!"
"I am Lord Zedd, Emperor of all I see. You have failed to complete the mission assigned to you. I will now resume command. Prepare the palace for my return."
―Lord Zedd's first words when appearing in storm clouds over the Moon Palace
Name: Lord Zedd
Race: Alien (Unknown)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Canon: The Power Rangers Franchise
Homeworld: Eltar

Personality: Zedd started off as very menacing, sadistic, and megalomaniacal. He coldly abused his lackeys, dangerously silencing Goldar and others frequently and blaming them for most failures rather than taking responsibility for those failures himself. During and after "The Wedding" however, thanks to Rita's Love Potion, his personality changed to a mostly-loving and caring person around Rita but he still abused her and others when he didn't get his way; for example, during their first marital argument, he silenced Rita and demanded her respect from him when she blamed him for their recent failure, then refused to comply to her listening to him from then on. Zedd harbored a lot of disrespect for Master Vile, especially when he got pushed to the side and also expressed disdain for him having stopped them from destroying Angel Grove. He is shown to hate being called "Ed" as he yells at Rito and Alpha 5 when they call him that.

  • Power: Lord Zedd was more powerful than any of his minions and the original Power Rangers, whilst possibly being on par with Zordon. In terms of overall power, Zedd's powers, while formidable, are much weaker than Master Vile, King Mondo, and Dark Specter, as he was quite intimidated by them. Though to his credit, Lord Zedd is better known and feared than the other three; being one of the most notorious villains of ranger history, as he was a candidate for the Reanimizer and chosen by Reaghoul over them.
  • Virtual Immortality: Lord Zedd is known to have lived for at least 10,000 years without aging a day.
  • Growth Bomb Generation: Lord Zedd could generate white lightning around his left palm to generate a grenade. He would then throw it to Earth where would explode on contact on the ground with the explosion growing the monster. Sometimes, the monster would grab it and slam it to the ground themselves.
  • Conjuration: Lord Zedd was able to conjure objects out of thin air, such as his staff (from a snake) or Growth Bombs.
  • Telescopic Vision: Lord Zedd's vision was so accurate, he could see what's happening on Earth just by looking at the planet and projecting a large red beam from his visor.
  • Galactic Vision: Lord Zedd also seemed to be able to see what happens in an entirely different solar system, as seen when the Rangers travelled to Edenoi.
  • Tempestakinesis:In his first appearance, Zedd caused a thunderstorm on the moon.
    • Projection: Zedd also created a giant projection of himself in the clouds of the said storm.
  • Lightning Teleportation: Lord Zedd could generate lightning over himself to teleport to any location that he chooses.
    • Explosive Teleportation: In the Dino Fury episode "Old Foes", Zedd used another method of teleportation where he vanished in a red-orange explosion.
  • Electricity Strike: Lord Zedd could charge up his fist with white electricity and slam it down on his balcony's railing with enough force to bend the metal as shown repeatedly although it was shown for the first time in the episode "The Mutiny: Part III" after the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and Dragonzord were freed from his control.
  • Lightning Blasts: Lord Zedd started firing off random blasts of white lightning from his right hand across the throne room after the Bloom of Doom's death.
  • Dimensional Gateway Opening: Through means unknown, Lord Zedd was able to open a dimensional gateway to the Lost Universe for Cannontop to blast the Rangers through but his bad aim made this scheme a dismal failure.
  • Power Regaining: Lord Zedd was able to recharge his powers by going to sleep every 100 years. How long he had to do this at a time remained unclear since Rita’s love potion interrupted it but it was at least several hours.
  • Lightning Empowerment: In the Dino Fury episode "Old Foes", Lord Zedd was able to charge himself up with red and white lightning for an increase in strength
  • Shockwave Strike: Also in the Dino Fury episode "Old Foes", Zedd was able to create red-pink shockwaves with every strike he makes.
  • Shockwave Blast: In the same fight scene, Lord Zedd was able to fire off pink shockwaves from his brain strong enough to knock down all five Rangers with one hit.
  • Strength: Lord Zedd was able to pick Void Knight up above his head with one hand and send Slyther flying across the room with a single kick, easily beating them both up.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Outside of his magical abilities, Lord Zedd proved himself to be an excellent hand-to-hand fighter, as he easily defeated Tommy in battle. Zedd used simple punches and staff swings (combined with his formidable magic bolts) while Tommy resorted to his usual martial arts. He was also stronger than Void Knight and his minions and defeated all five Rangers as well as Wolfgang and Brineblast with ease.
  • Weapon Designer: Lord Zedd is an expert designer of weapons, seeing as he single-handedly designed his own Zord, Serpentera, which is to date, still the largest Zord in the entire universe of Power Rangers and probably the most powerful if it weren't for its small energy supply.
  • Amazing Tactician: Lord Zedd also seems to have a more tactical mind, compared to his subordinate and later wife Rita. Many of his plans involve trying to cause confusion or division among the Rangers, seeing as he realized their teamwork was their greatest asset, whereas Rita, during her solo tenure, was much more straight forward. He also did not limit himself to the standard plans of just sending out monsters as he tried to create his own evil team of human Rangers on two separate occasions and changed the Rangers into children at another.
    • Psychological Warfare: Concerning his monsters, Lord Zedd also tended to create them from items personally important to one or more of the Rangers, attacking them psychologically in the hopes of making them useless in his war with Zordon. But after the Rangers realized whatever got turned into a monster always returned to normal where Lord Zedd zapped it from, it stopped by effective.
  • Good American Football Player: As seen in the episode “Fourth Down and Long”, Lord Zedd was skilled at playing the American version of football with Centiback.
  • Expert Zord Pilot: Lord Zedd was able to expertly pilot Serpentera with no issues in “The Wedding-part III.”

Z Staff: Lord Zedd had a large staff with its end shaped like a Z for combat.
It was mentioned by Rita that Zedd also tried to take the Zeo Crystal for himself in the ancient past. But because the Crystal was protected by a forcefield which damages the forces of evil, the attempt caused his skin to burn off, which gave him the flayed and grotesque appearance that he is widely known for. Due to the mocking tone Rita told this, it is not known if she was joking or if this fact is real.

Due to some unspecified failure, Lord Zedd stripped Goldar of his wings. Because he did not think Earth was important enough to warrant his attention, being to him just being a stepping stone/base to conquer the solar system, he left Rita Repulsa to conquer it while he pursued the conquest of other systems, leaving a ragtag group of minions behind to help her.

A year after Rita was released from Zordon's dumpster, Lord Zedd arrived on the Moon, conjuring a thunderstorm over the Moon Palace which made Goldar realize who he was and horrified Rita. As the race began, Zedd appeared above the Palace in the clouds before berating Rita for being utterly useless before shooting lightning at them. After declaring that he'd take command, Zedd went into his throne room where Rita and her thugs went to greet him. Goldar arrived first and met him in the throne room, terrified by Zedd's snake before he turned it into his staff. Despite not initially recognizing Goldar, Zedd remembered him as the cowardly minion, and returned the wings that Rita took away when he realized his cowardly nature would make him a good follower. Zedd then spied on the Power Rangers only for Rita to enter and beg for forgiveness and another chance but Zedd gave her a dressing down because she was "not fit to destroy a cockroach."

After watching the Power Rangers get called to the Command Center, he realized that Zordon was still alive and Goldar suggested sending Putties to destroy the Rangers. Zedd got a good laugh out of that and showed off his own Putty Patrollers. Despite her pleading with him, even kissing his feet, Lord Zedd punished Rita by stripping her of her powers and vaporizing her wand. He then shrunk her and imprisoned her within a space dumpster identical to the one Zordon had trapped her in before having his Putties hurl her into the depths of space. He then mutated a piranha from the lake into the monstrous Pirantishead, who assumed command of the Tyrannosaurus Megazord and Dragonzord. The Rangers barely survived the attack, but managed to regain control of their Zords. Furious, Lord Zedd attempted to destroy the five Dinozords, only for the Rangers to turn the tables and transform the remains of them into the more powerful Thunderzords. The Thunder Megazord destroyed Pirantishead which led Zedd to decide to stay on Earth and try to destroy the Rangers, leading to his succeeding schemes.

After the Rangers' acquisition of the Thunderzords, Lord Zedd attacked again and again, each assault deadlier than the last. His monsters were created from objects on Earth with the power of his staff, and he made them grow using grenades - Zedd would throw the grenade down to the monster who would then catch it, pull out the pin and throw it to the ground to make itself grow. He once desired Kimberly to be his queen based on her good looks and tenacity, and sent Goldar to capture, brainwash and train her into being so, but his plan failed when it was discovered that the magic dust that was used to entrance her didn't work and that she was really doing a Rita impression to fool Goldar and buy the Rangers enough time to rescue her. Zedd has hated Kimberly ever since.

After seven or so schemes of just draining Tommy's powers, Lord Zedd decided to finally start his endgame and steal Tommy's powers once and for all. He later saw five punk teens (Justin, Zane, Bobby, Tina and Kristen) harassing a kid named Stewart as well as Tommy, Billy, and Zack; Zedd decided to make them his Dark Rangers to attack and destroy the Rangers. To do this, he decided to use the Green Crystal to take Tommy's powers to some personal use and use it to corrupt and empower the teens. When the punks confronted the Rangers (minus Tommy who was getting the negative results of his bioscan at the Command Center), Zedd zapped them with his lightning and teleported them to the so-called Otherworld where he would be operating from for the remainder of the two-parter. Zedd and Goldar met them there and hypnotized the five before Zedd proclaimed thier goal to take over the world with thier aid. Goldar pointed out that Tommy still had his powers so this was doomed to fail but Zedd pointed out that the Crystal was still stealing his powers and he would soon create a monster to waste even more of it which pleased Goldar. With his minion sated, and inspired by Kimberly earlier finding a oddly large seashell at the beach, Zedd used his magic to create the Turban Shell monster from it.

Sometime later, Zedd was reminding Goldar of his plans for the Green Crystal when, to his amazement, TurbanShell showed up as he needed to "recharge his shell." Zedd berated him for letting the Rangers get away when he had them at his mercy and sent him away to fight. Presently, Zedd kidnapped Tommy and teleported him into a wheat field that was also in the Otherworld. Turbanshell confronted him there and, with Tommy's weakening powers, he was easily able to absorb his remaining powers into his shell. Zedd held up the Green Crystal which absorbed his remaining powers and began his next steps. With the Green Crystal fully charged, Zedd used it to surround the Command Center in a crushing forcefield and captured the remaining Power Rangers. He then introduced them to his newly powered Dark Rangers and revealed that he wished to use them to conquer the Earth. However, Zedd managed to shoot himself on the foot when he decided to send the Rangers back to Earth to make them watch TurbanShell destroy the city. His undoing came when Tommy escaped Goldar and returned to Angel Grove before returning to the Otherworld and smashed the Crystal. To Zedd's horror, this de-powered and teleported away the Dark Rangers at which point Tommy left to Zedd's despair. However, this was ultimately a success for Zedd since Tommy ultimately lost his powers once and for all as a result of this scheme.

Arriving in the Conflux
Zedd does not recall much, but a short time after being banished into another Dimension, Zedd had arrived in a plane between reality itself, a brand new world, perhaps universe, to conquer.

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