The Grand Masquerade

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In the year 2084, humanity finally managed to overcome the physical hindrances of the human body. Through government classified technology, individuals with enough wealth and influence could "transport" their conscience into an android body. The term "Reborn" was deemed for those who received the procedure. Immunity to disease, enhanced physical attributes, and a more durable frame caused those who had been "reborn" to be immediately admired and be treated with awe by the rest of the world. Almost immediately, any person who could afford the procedure eagerly accepted it, and the ratio between those who had been reborn and those who were still human gradually began to even out.

Within the next several decades, society underwent a complete transformation. Social classes were reinvented, the justice system was modified, and even a new government had formed, all of which revolved around the reborn. As more and more attention fell upon the reborn and their miraculous feats and developments in science and technology, it simultaneously became more evident that the rest of the human population, those who were still restricted by their natural human bodies, were becoming irrelevant and ignored. Resources, land, and power were allocated exclusively for the reborn, causing protests and activist groups to arise, challenging the new society. Their requests were cast aside and the reborn population responded with sudden acts of hostility upon the rest of the population, casting the entire world into turmoil.

To call it a war would be an overstatement, as the majority of the government and military had already been converted, thus causing the humans to have little fighting force. Resistance was futile, and soon, the humans found themselves at the bottom of a new hierarchy.

One ruled by the reborn.


Just as all hope seemed lost for the human race, rumors of a new spark of power and rebellion rose to life. The world was still blanketed in uncertainty and despair, and the rumors were at first disregarded. It wasn't until the first assassination of a reborn did the human population began to realize what was occurring.

They were fighting back.


The group called themselves The Grand Masquerade, and they held true to their name. Each member of the organization wore a mask unique to themselves, though the purpose of the masks was what allowed the group to rise where the entirety of humanity had fallen: it represented power. Not the figurative sort, but literal and utter power. These powers came in many forms, and each, like the mask, was unique to the user. Just like the technology that created the reborn, how the masks functioned remained a mystery to the general population.

No power was considered useless, for there was potential behind every mask.


As word of the organization spread, many began to pledge their allegiance to the cause and join in their efforts in combating the reborn. Soon, four prominent leaders rose up and split off, each creating a faction of their own to represent their ideology.

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The organization has been operating close to an entire decade now, and although they have had several accomplishments, nothing has really been changed. The population is growing restless for change and humans have become even more despised in the reborn ruled society due to the active rebellion of the group. In the end, the leaders of the organization have decided to organize a group of skilled masqueraders with the objective of assassinating a high-ranking reborn official. The oppression must end, and only through action can change occur. The team will be assembled at the capital city known as The Web, where the reborn government is currently residing. There, they will undergo rigorous training, form a plan, and execute their mission.

Failure is not an option.


This is a reboot of an idea that my friend and I had collaborated together to create

Tags for those that expressed interest last time as well for those that I believe may be interested: @GayJay @Bill Nein @Yumiko @Dair @SheepKing @FabulousTrash @santialessio @Vudukudu @xxxtentacion @Sh3w0lfSp1r1t @mikolayev @Daniel reaving @JPax

I personally don't like rigid expectations for post lengths, so don't be expecting any here. My only requirement is you contribute to something in your post, whether it be your own character, their interactions with other characters, the plot, or some other aspect of the roleplay.

As for characters, the majority should be masquerades, but if you have an idea for a rogue reborn or something else then run it past me. I'd say I'm quite open-minded when it comes to new and unique concepts, so you should have no worries.

I have some general ideas for planned arcs and I do intend for there to be an overarching plot to be present. The planning is not completely finished nor is it set in stone, so input is always appreciated.

The Lore along with the Character Sheet are currently being worked on. Expect them soon.

I’m sure the majority of you know the general list of rules present in every roleplay, and therefore I shall save you from a few more arduous lines of reading. If you are unaware, have forgotten, or have a question, don’t be afraid to ask.

Thanks for reading. Comments, suggestions/ideas, or simply expressions of interest are definitely encouraged. If you have any burning questions, ask away.​
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Hi! This thread caught my eye and I have to say the roleplay's really intriguing :) Definitely interested!
super interested
Thanks, both of you, for expressing your interest! It's very encouraging as the GM.

For the time being, I'll create a group PM here on RPN to serve as the roleplay's out of character chat. From there, I will begin to share pieces of lore as well as the character sheet once it has been fully completed.

I suppose this is a bump as well. However, although the roleplay was originally intended for a larger group of individuals, a smaller group could work just as well with a few simple tweaks. In the end, it all depends on how many are interested.

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