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Fantasy The Grand Coven: Witchcraft, Spiritualism, and Mysticism

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Action, Adventure, Horror, Magical, Meta, Multiverse, Mystery, Slice of Life, Super Powers, Supernatural, Zombies

Kobe Nathan Wade

Senior Member
In ancient times the secret societies of Alexandria gathered the world’s written spells into the Library there, each of course holding back their most precious treasures. This was the first instance of the magicians of the day coming together collectively to share knowledge. Since then the participants of this unofficial communion of magic have called it many things. The Illuminati, The Grand Coven, The Black Sabbath, every nickname served their purpose for a time before the passwords and guest list changed century to century along with them. Nevertheless, the letters always found their place in the mailboxes and writing desks of Wizards and Magus alike. Their scarlet lettering on parchment is both famous and infamous in the magical community, and for good reason.

Dear _____________,

You have been cordially invited to attend a gathering of minds, this year to be held on the Full Moon of March until the Full Moon of April, in the Crescent Hotel and Spa in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. A photograph is enclosed for your Astral Projection and Scrying purposes.

No RSVP is required, and on site stable workers will be equipped to hire all manor of mounts or familiars, though discretion is as always advised. You will be responsible for any Humans whom are exposed to the magical world through any spells or transport used outside of the outlined premises. Likewise any wormholes, rifts, dimensional gateways, deaths, births, conflicts, and curses will be resolved between and by their casting and effected parties and are not the responsibility of The A. Necessary cloaking spells will be applied to the grounds after midnight on the day. We look forward to your presence and energy, and hope you’ll make the acquaintance of one of our 400 vendors eager to show their wares during the convention.

The A.

Individuals who are given access to the gathering covet the time they are granted, for there is never a guarantee they will be invited back. While there, nearly every form of magic, charm, practice, and intention can be found under one roof. Spells the likes of which are not possible anywhere else or indeed anytime else are cast during the month it is held. For all their own reasons, the magical minds of this universe, and a few others, traverse The Grand Coven in search of whatever it is they want or need to accomplish their goals before their chance has ended for this century. It is highly advised you do not miss yours.


Magi always love their societies. They whisper and point over their shoulders at the rivals on the other side of the room, chuckling because they know what they don’t. They all absolutely love to boast about how many members they each have at The Grand Coven. Even the Eastern Mystics wander the halls during the festival, though with slightly less representation. These are the banners under which most magical beings belong:

Witchcraft: Also known as Wicca, Satanism, Elementalism, or sometimes Paganism, but don’t say that to their faces. It involves the use of a Book of Shadows, through which a Witch, Wizard, or Warlock can connect with the magical energy of the universe like plugging into an outlet. If this spell book is destroyed, their powers diminish greatly until they disappear. They are able to enchant another book to become their new Book of Shadows, and must do so to regain their full powers.

Witches have been known to summon demons and familiars, command the elements, or even cast curses directly onto a person’s soul. Conversely White Witches, or Wicca, can commune with animals and possess healing powers rivaled only by the gods themselves. Their spells often involve nature and creating living organisms as opposed to demons. Descendants of Druids are especially powerful with white magic. It is not unheard of for witches to practice both.

Spiritualism: Spiritualists include, but are not limited to, Priests, Shamans, Psychics, Paladins, Mediums, the Possessed, the dead, the undead, and interdimensional consciousnessess. The abilities are many and varied, however each follower of this magical practice is required to make a pact with a “Spirit.” Spirit is a broad term, which can refer to literally the soul of a dead person, or in extreme cases a God or Demon.

It is remarkably hard for a mortal to convince one of the latter to grant them power. If one should manage to, the risk of burn-out exists. This is when the user’s soul is burned away due to too much magical energy passing through it. Likewise, if a pact is made with a lesser Spirit the spirit may be the one to burn out from overuse. These spirits in question have been known to roam The Grand Coven with intentions of their own.

Eastern Mystics: This term covers all of what is a very broad spectrum of warriors, monks, and Magi that attend The Grand Coven from the Eastern hemisphere. They do not respond to the invitations sent out at quite the same rate as their Western counterparts, no matter where it is held. This seems to be because they are less likely to share their knowledge, according to the ones who do attend. Amongst their abilities are the unique use of “Chi” or “life energy.” This is different from magical energy, and has a most interesting interaction with it. Chi seems to effectively cancel out magical energy, cutting through a spell or construct with stunning certainty. It is what’s known in the magical community as a “spell slicer.” Their Priests also seem very adept at blessing weaponry so that they have magical effects.

Kobe Nathan Wade

Senior Member
Character Rules
1. Follow the outline of the character sheet, and write something for every category. You may add anything else you like so long as the initial criteria is met.
2. Original characters only. I don’t mind you basing your spells and abilities off of popular characters, because don’t we all? But if your last name is Uzumaki I might judge your character sheet just a tad harsher.
3. You can hold the same name, history, and abilities of a God, Demon, Angel, or other assorted mythological creature but only up to a point. Your powers (while on this earthly plane) will be limited and you’ll be treated as a “High Level Spirit.” Most likely. Sci Fi options open.
4. No use of instantaneous teleportation, speed powers, time powers, or related bending of space time will be allowed within combat. This can be something your character uses to get to the setting, or if it is tied directly into your powers you may be called upon to use them for plot purposes if I approve it. I’m pretty flexible so long as the fights are fair. Combat will be encouraged by the role play but not required the whole time.

Combat Rules

Your character can and will be capable of miraculous feats in every sense of the word during this role play. I hope I’ve set enough of a theme that we can write a coherent narrative, because I do have one planned, but left enough room to attract players who will feel fulfilled in their assorted roles during the story. Playing the character who can do the cool things you’ve imagined is part of the appeal of RP, and there will be plenty of time to do that. That being said, no one can win all the time. Think of your character’s abilities as part of a Rock Paper Scissors game which can be effected by their mindset, their opponent’s abilities, and their environment. Take some L’s, and leave room for growth. I won’t kill your character off in a fight, and you’ll get to be straight up mutilated and come back from it with a bit of plot armor, so don’t worry. Throw yourself into the flame. C’mon. It’ll be fun.

Do not, under any circumstances, declare what happens to another character. This includes any statement which involves and declares another character’s physical state. The classic line is, you declare the attack, your opponent declares the damage. You can swing your fist with the power of a freight train, while sending two hellhounds to clamp onto your opponent’s ankles, but they get to react to that entire action before you can move again. This means if they stab both your hellhounds in the neck as they bite them, and take your punch on the chin, that’s a valid move because they reacted to your attack. After THIS, is when their attack starts. In short, no god modding, and you cannot go back on the actions you take in the next post. Be careful what you commit to.

Inactivity Rules

Everyone must post at least every two days after the last main post (my posts.) Alternatively, some sort of message explaining you’re busy and cannot post at the moment can replace your post. In the case that we are not given a heads up about your absence and it has been two days, I will continue with the story for everyone else and explain away your character’s own inactivity in the situation. There will be no posting order or limit, except for in combat or interactions. I expect you to stick with the continuity of the room, meaning if someone is involved in a different conversation in the same room as you, you would first have to notice and approach them before taking part. You can not split your character into eight clones to take part in every conversation. The only exception being, if it is a small room, would you hear all that is being said and done.

Kobe Nathan Wade

Senior Member
Character Sheet:

Description: (can be swapped out for a picture, or both.)
Community: (their community, including whatever faction you’d like to make up for your character’s sake.)
Background: (Must include how your character was introduced into the world of magic. Your character could have been raised in it, or exposed to it accidentally through some accident or initiation. Also include why your character wants to attend The Grand Coven, even if it’s only for the novelty of doing so.)
Personality: (your character’s motives, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, or even their sense of humor.)

Spells or Abilities: (the abilities will work on a point buy system. If I react to your IC post with the “Great Scene” reaction, this will be a single point. One point will grant you a minor spell (or equal ability), two points a medium spell, and three points a major spell. A major spell should use a third of your mana pool per cast, and the other ranks relatively less so. You can start with five combat spells to start, however your character can have as many “throw away” spells as you’d like throughout the role play, so long as they match your main theme. These would be things like making broomsticks fly, turning an NPC into a toad because he called you a Pagan, etc. Bonus points if you describe how your character developed their spell or magical effect, either through ritual, intention, or what have you.)

Equipment: (anything your character carries, can include weapons, magical items to boost your power, but keep it basic. I’d prefer you pick up more “epic” loot along the adventure.

Animal Companion or Familiar: (you get one freebie that doesn’t cost a spell slot. This is also the section where spiritualists will list the spirit from whom they draw their power.)

Kobe Nathan Wade

Senior Member
Hi. It’s me again, your friendly neighborhood compulsive writer. I’ve spent about four days trying to compile all of these ideas into a coherent interest check. I have multiple threads set up already for the IC sections. The only thing I need, is you! If that wall of text hasn’t turned you off yet, please feel free to make a character and post it here:

if anything I’ve said above is unclear, please don’t hesitate to ask some questions in the OOC. I can’t promise I’ll be monitoring it 24/7, but I’ll definitely check it a couple times a day to make sure I haven’t been tagged for information. Please do not hesitate to do so. If I get at least two players with well written characters, I’ll be glad to start!


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