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Name: Sam Ludlow
Alias: S
Division: Unaligned
Extras: Sam is a quite reserved kid. He normally just sits in alleys and scrolls endlessly through his phone. Although seeming quite harmless overall, he harnesses some unique abilities. These abilities were gained from extreme exposure to hard light, causing his cells to change. This allowed him to use hard light as he wishes, to create barriers or shoot rays of light.


Hubris Embodied
Name: Tharraleos

Gender: Male

Species: Areasginero Griffin (often called a Mergriff)

Physical description: 7 feet tall, 430 lbs, white feathered head, gold beak, yellow eyes, 3 head fins, dark brown furred mane, tawny brown lion body and arms, soft, russet torso scales, black feathered wings and lower half of legs, gold taloned feet, feline tail with avian tail feathers at tip.

Division: Demi-human

Special notes:

Abilities: As an artificial creature designed solely for combat, Therraleos has a number of advantages and special techniques unavailable to more mundane creatures, even those he is based upon.

Physical Superiority: Therraleos' body is a masterpiece of biological engineering, and all of his physical parameters notably exceed that which natural specimens are capable of. At most, he's able to deadlift one thousand, four hundred pounds and deliver strikes at forty miles per hour with up to nine hundred pounds of force. He possesses durability capable of allowing him to endure an upwards of seventy tons of gradual force. The easiest to measure is his resilience, which is as high naked as if he were wearing quality body armor, and the rest of his parameters are superhuman to a comparable degree, including reflexes, survivability, flexibility, agility and constitution, as well as the ability to run up to fifty miles per hour in open terrain. Most notable, given his brutal, bestial fighting style, is his raw strength, with which he can crush concrete, create concussive bursts of wind by the force of bringing his palms together, and even rending metals with great effort, all with his bare hands.

Fast Healing: Not true regeneration, in that he can't regrow limbs (though he can put a severed limb back in place and the healing will reconnect it), his body naturally hyperstimulates the healing process by channeling its magical energies into his wounds even as he sustains them. Gashes heal moments after they are received, and even bones, once first set, are quick to mend. Note that none of this corrects the position of misplaced components of his body, which has to be done manually. Severed parts have to be held back in place and bones and vital organs have to be tucked, at least roughly, back into their appropriate positions. Furthermore, this is accomplished through his great reservoirs of arcane energy, and the recovery process will become progressively slowed as those supplies are exhausted, either by expanding them in combat or through extensive and constant recovery from injury. In short, the more exhausted he is, the slower his body recovers from damage.

Flight: While a crude and clumsy flier when compared to the far lighter and more aerodynamic bodies of birds, Tharraleos is capable of sustained flight. It takes significant effort to get off the ground and is best accomplished from a height he can jump from, and then flying by his own wings takes a great deal of energy, and so he stays aloft by gliding through updrafts and thermals like a bird of prey rather than through beating his wings. While it's nigh impossible to sustain lift with just his wings alone, he can hover about in place for a short time through taxing flaps. He can reach speeds up to 300 miles per hour while diving.

Aquatic Adoption: Under normal circumstances, one with Tharr’s sizable physique wouldn't fare well in water. With his body naturally equipped for submersion, such a drawback has been rectified. He can maneuver through the water with as much finesse as land or air. The powerful gills within his beak make sumbersion possible for two week’s time before he needs to surface.

Hydro Cannon: Much like a camel, Therraleos' body contains an internal reservoir of water in case of drought scenarios or missions into extremely arid environments. Unlike a camel, he can disgorge this water at will and at extremely high pressures. Obviously, the usage of this ability depends on actually having a filled reservoir, but it makes for a very effective impromptu crowd control technique.

Hyper Roar: An impossibly high-decibel roar from deep in Therraleos' chest. It disorients and stuns unprotected enemies, and is magically laced to encourage instinctive fear in those who hear it.

Combat Empowerment. A natural ability of the Aerasginero to increase battle performance in the midst of a skirmish. It manifests itself in various ways depending on the warrior and Tharraleos’ variation is more combo oriented. His body is a natural kinetic dynamo, and the more momentum he can generate, the greater the speed and impact force of his blows can become. Though this is a constantly building and incremental process, even a miss doesn't necessarily negate it so long as he can conserve the momentum, itself, in his response. This rise can continue up to twice his full normal speed and impact force, generating concussive force at this point that further enhances the threat of his blows. This energy gradually winds down when he returns to a state of rest or is disrupted, but the generation of momentum, itself, has to start again from half of its level. One disrupted combo won't completely disperse his accumulated energy, but repeated disruptions will rapidly deplete his momentum.

A side effect of delving into the ability is that Tharr taps into an instinctual feral state of mind. This can lead to primal, unstoppable rage that allows him to perform in vastly increased capacity, taking and inflicting damage he wouldn't in his normal state. Tharraleos can lose himself to the animalistic fury entirely at the peak of his momentum building. While this barbaric nature isn't preferred, it's more beneficial than harmful and only temporary as normalcy is gradually gained once he finds himself at a state of rest.

Pride Empowerment: Because of the overexposure to the sin of pride, Tharraleos has become an embodiment of it and has the added ability of Pride Empowerment as a result. The more confidence he has in himself, be it through thoughts, actions or words, the more his overall power is increased. Each instance grants a reserve of energy equating to a tenth of his base power to his overall repertoire. With each reserve, his irises become purple in color for only a couple seconds. This is the only sign of the increase in power now being stored within him. Moreover, this power is subconscious and he must act prideful naturally while if he is intentionally prideful, this ability will cease to function.

In addition, Tharraleos unleashes this power by projecting a glowing purple outline composed of Pride energy along his frame. The solidity of this is steadily heightened with the increasing amount of reserves. At higher counts, it begins to coat Tharr and his surroundings more and more in a purple glow. Furthermore, the purple change of color to his irises is momentarily permanent for the time of the augmentation. Once this is formed, only then will Tharr have access to the entirety of his reserves. This lasts for two minutes and caps off at fifty, increasing his overall strength threefold at maximum intervals. Ample rest is necessary once the duration expires to tap into the reserves once more.

Not only does his power scale with this ability, but his pompous demeanor as well to the point of blind pride. For the span of this technique, only his vanity is expressed and little else. This causes him to naturally enter a state of self-induced tranquility. He remains calm in virtually any situation, focusing solely on his hubris and allowing him to think with perfect clarity even when under extreme emotional or physical distress. High amounts of mental stress can be endured and he's essentially immune to emotional manipulation.

Even more, the effects can stack onto those attained through the augmentation of his kinetic generation. This gives him the aptitude to channel the power of his primal rage while maintaining absolute control. This permits him to attack in full ferocity while retaining control and to strike with his relentless feral strength while not affecting speed and precision.

Pride Weapon Constructs: Aside from receiving a generalized boost in power, Tharr is able to form a variety of tools composed of solidified purple energy at the nonrefundable expense of five reserve each. Their damage and durability progress in line with his surplus of strength and each is wielded in a natural, savage way with great speed, power and skill. They shatter to pieces and dematerialize into nothingness once they reach the end of their use, the latter happening only if physical contact is severed after being disarmed. Alternatively, he can hurl the energized constructs at foes where they will break apart on contact and inflict varying levels of damage.

Claws of Conceit: Fast, but extremely close range, these claw gauntlets serve in much the same capacity as his own natural claws, but their blades are a foot in length and benefit directly from his high magical power.

Hubristic Halberd: An eight foot long polearm with a broad frontal axe head, a top mounted dagger and a rear crescent-shaped hook. The extensive length gives it great reach for piercing thrusts or swings to either slash with the blade or grapple with the hook.

Grandiose Greathammer: A mallet of prodigious size, this requires two hands for even Tharraleos to wield and is the slowest of his weapons, but possesses the greatest impact power.

Shield of Superiority: Manifesting as a large, round shield in the style of the Greek aspis with a four foot diameter, all of the power normally put to offense in his weapons instead provides a dense, durable defense against attacks. Short of bludgeoning someone with it, however, it lacks offensive options of its own.

Bigoted Boomerang: This large, aboriginal hunting weapon is three and a half feet in length and the only weapon Tharraleos can manifest that doesn't disperse when thrown. Instead, it will ricochet off of a target or other surface, or enter a returning flight path if it hits nothing at all, and return to its point of origin, at which point he can effortlessly catch it due to his link to it granting him awareness of it even if his attention is elsewhere. This makes it his most energy efficient method to attack at a range by far, but its concussive impact is much less damaging than his bow's piercing arrows and it makes for a rather poor, very inefficient improvised melee weapon.

Archery of Arrogance: This six foot longbow is closer in appearance to a Japanese "yumi," or greatbow, and each individual arrow is manifested independently from his magical reserves. Thus, each individual shot is quite powerful, with significant impact and penetration, and is perhaps the best ranged attack in his entire arsenal, both of weapons and abilities. However, it ties up two paws and its size precludes the use of any other weapon at the same time, and the constant drain from his reserves means that overuse can of this can exhaust his recourses. It is also no more effective an improvised melee weapon as any other bow, though its nature means it's not going to sustain damage from doing so like a normal bow would.

Combat Transformation: An inherent ability of the Aerasginero to access greater strength by removing the arcane limiters that are normally reserved. This removal causes his body to transform, becoming larger and more monstrous, with a quadrupedal frame, razor feathers and protruding bone spikes. For as long as this is active, his powers are increased tenfold, but he enters a berserk state of mind that renders him unable to concentrate or strategize beyond an animalistic level. However, the greatest risk isn't in this loss of higher mental functions. The extremely high adrenaline levels and the unrestricted pumping of arcane energy through his body are extremely taxing, and he can only maintain the form for so long before it starts to actually cause him physical harm, and regardless of how he leaves it or how long he was in it, he always suffers intense exhaustion after returning to his normal state.

Fighting style: Mastery of close to mid ranged tactics mixed with inherent beastly traits.

Weaknesses: His most glaring weakness is his massive size, making him easily targeted and maneuvered around by smaller and faster opponents, which encompasses pretty much every humanoid in his power bracket. He's also extremely prideful, which can make him overconfident, overlooking possibilities he really, with his experience, should have seen. Therraleos is also a predominantly close range fighter, with few ranged options that would qualify as both effective and efficient enough for a protracted ranged exchange. He's even got a noteworthy fear of ghosts. But the greatest vulnerability of all that he possesses isn't something noticeable or obvious. His enslaver, seeking a secure defense should he easily dispose of treachery, built his pawns with a striking and insurmountable vulnerability to magic. If he sent them against another spellcaster, he could reinforce them against it, but with him no longer around to do so, it remains a weakness they have no means to counteract.

Another prominent weaknesses is one that has opposing effects of pride. If Tharraleos commits any act he views as humility, his power will make a dramatic decrease, five times more than pride would increase his strength each time. Humility is a natural part of him much to his ire as subconscious moments of this emotion are still very much present in spite of his preventative efforts. There are also certain instances where humility must be unavoidably chosen over pride. Unlike his empowering ability, the ramifications of this weakness are instantly applied, leaving him momentarily paralyzed with each instance. This is visible by a dull, black colored aura that briefly surrounds him for each act of humility. The extension of this can be so severe to the point it could escalate aging and eventually end his life after repeated humility. Unlike his Pride Empowerment, the effects will not reset over time and instead slowly dissipate with prideful actions.


Name: Pixels

Gender: Unknown-it's just a giant group of nanobots
Species: A humanoid group of nanobots.
Physical Description: Pixels is described as a living space suit. The helmet covers Pixels' head with 2 gray domes in the front, which Pixels presumably can see out of. The torso is essentially an oversized grey chestplate, with the arms and legs covered in the weird alloys. Pixels is noted to have well armored boots, gloves, and armguards made of the metal.
Division: Demi-human
Abilities: Pixels relies on trickery to win.
Pixels has a laser rifle. While it has infinite ammo, it doesn't do a lot of damage.
However, Pixels has more than a rifle. It has extremely rudimentary psionics that can't go as far as mind control, but can create illusions to fool it's opponent.
Pixels also has decent dodging ability. It won't be dodging everything its way, but it can definitely evade some hits.
The weirdest quirk Pixels has is its luck. Pixels can one moment be obliterating everything in its path and the next be unable to bring down a training dummy.
Name: Molly Palmer (Alias: Powderkeg)

1: Appearance:
A young woman of average height and build with short hair that she colours based on her whims. Not that anybody could tell in a fight with her typical "budget thug" ensemble of a ski mask, biker leathers, and combat boots.

2: Division:

3: Special notes.
An armchair anarchist who was given the power to back up her talk.

Mr Kraz

Who knows what's out there.... GHOST LEVIATHANS!!
Name: Guitarii


Division: Human

Special Talents:

Guitarii is a real 80's Guitarist. But unlike normal guitarists, his music is LETHAL. He can literally kill people with 80's rock and roll music. His guitar is also a fully automatic light machine gun.

Extras: His Signature killer song is Starship's "We Built This City On Rock And Roll"

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