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Fantasy The Godtier tournament reboot (martial arts, aliens, fruit!)

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The Flowiest on site
Since the dawn of time humans have fought. It is in their very nature to fight!
In fact humans fight so much that many made combat into a art. Specifically called Martial arts...
Fighting hand to hand has evolved over decades. Boxing, judo, karate and wrestling are some common examples.
But some humans have gone beyond what most consider possible. There is sixty five humans on Earth who hold the title and rank of Godtier.
A indvidual who has reached GT is required by law to give a verbal warning before fighting as it's common knowledge any who challenge after hearing the warning are insane or have their own Godtier style. A tournament is held every five years to decide which are worthy, however in the year 2355 the Godtier tournament attracted alien competition. The two aliens to enter lost terribly... but it was all caught on film which propelled humanity into the galactic spotlight. The humans technique and fighting strength was highly enjoyable to watch for most sentient races of aliens.
Technology improved dramatically with outside help. But Earth and it's population were easy to manipulate and control. Aliens soon ruled the planet and slowly began making humans a second class in their own home. Allowing intergalactic criminals to target human law enforcement, trafficking of humans...
Only the richest of humanity survive unscathed. The rest deal with oppression, humiliation, exploitation, put simple aliens are bullying humans. A human life is considered less then a alien, the police from beyond the skies remind us daily.

How can one live comfortably in the new world?
How can one oppose the aliens?

The Godtier tournament of course
The original Godtier tournament has changed. No longer is it a event to showcase skill and determine who are the most deadly fighters on the planet...

The tournament now is a special event held every three years treated as a galaxy wide sporting event with companies across the stars trying to buy ad space for marketing. With the tournament not being needed to establish new styles and forms for up and coming masters.

The big kicker was the prizes.
alien fruit.jpg
Alien Fruits. It seems trival, but for a mere mortal human these fruits are made of dreams...
You could unlock hidden potential and powers in yourself,
You could find love and build a unstoppable family,
You could auction it to the highest bidder and have enough money to buy and sell whole countries....

(Only three humans have won a AF. That is why we wrote down the examples.
1st winner ate his alien apple and flew off into space. By himself, no rocket.
2nd winner was a woman who shared the fruit with her loved ones, all became successful in life the next day.
3rd winner sold his fruit and bought Australia, he turned 40% of the land into a salt water theme park.)

But how do you enter the tournament? To even qualify to become Godtier one must master a fighting form or style.
For example here is three.

Vanishing Sky Style
Precise movements so swift and deadly it cripples people, leaving them unable to look up at the sky due to hemotoma and worse.

Kêjâ Fu
A style of fighting that allows it's user to strike before the opponent realised what happened.
Often resulting in a sudden feeling of "Have I been kicked in the head like this before?"

Scuttle claw,
A style so brutal a master can destroy victims. Leaving them forever walking sideways like a crab...
(Pictured below is the current master of Scut Claw and a victim who will forever walk sideways)

Once you have gotten close to mastering a style you should join a Dojo or a gym, that's said because you actually got scouted by one of the greatest masters in recent history. A man who became godtier before aliens turned the fighting tournament into sports entertainment... Mox Marshal!
That's right the aged legend himself the fire fist master has opened up a Dojo to give back to the community and help keep active during retirement. (Look the man ran out of cash and is to old to join a tournament, but he's experienced enough to teach)

And the triple M-A dojo is after some students worth a damn. (Mox's Mixed Martial Arts)
You and at least four others have been chosen for a free membership and Mox's word that you will master a style before the next godtier tournament.
hoping to reboot this and make it last, to that end I shall be hoping to accept two or three players and make this group rp a old school Mario party (4 players)

A group rp that focuses on a school of different styled fighters learning to become a master as they fight against aliens and other humans. (Some Gintama vibes are present here I won't lie.)
A tournament is coming up and everyone wants to win a fruit.

Feel free to get creative and whatnot with the fictional fighting style, spitball here or let me know if your interested
I might say edit or change if you create something world ending.
"my Gravity destruction form let's me crush anything by manipulating gravity, it's a form of knife fighting so just slashing a knife in the air means..."
I'm up for goofy fun but if I read what you have and it seems to bullshit or OP I'll let you know

But easy things to go off is pick a real martial art and mix it avatar style. Like tai chi and water = water bending.
Anything below in quotes I got off the wiki.

"Airbending is based on the Baguazhang style of martial arts, also known as "circle walking" or "Eight Trigram Palm", along with a small hint of Xingyiquan, also known as "mind heart boxing". Baguazhang involves "smooth coiling and uncoiling actions". Such moves employ dynamic footwork, throws, and hand techniques. These martial arts feature swift, evasive maneuvers that evoke the intangibility and explosive power of wind; drawing energy from the center of the abdomen"

"Firebending moves are based mainly on the Northern Shaolin style, also known as shaolinquan. Aspects of the firebending combat style can be seen through a similar emphasis on highly technical kicking strikes, fundamentally strong movements, and the usage of swift, direct maneuvers. Northern Shaolin is an external style that uses long, aggressive techniques that explode and drive through the opponent."

A easy few to think up...
shadow boxing, mix Noob Saibot with Floyd mayweather for a fighter who manipulates shadows to get closer/evade and even clone themselves.

____Fang/claw fist/style, basically name a animal with a sharp part then put fist or style. The movements copy the animal and somehow your violence effects the enemies in the same way. "Tiger jaw style allows ones fingers to rip into flesh like sharp teeth"

Anything Ki chi or chakra related, like goku learns martial arts and how to harness ki to fire off a kame-hameha and fly. Will probably need to make sure this stays balanced and maybe split it up so we don't have someone like Tien, able to shoot the dodon ray, double his arms, clone himself, fly... odd that I'm pointing out Tien as OP from Dragon ball...

Stretchy yoga dude from street fighter could be a choice, lots of things work
Character page is here
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