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The Gods' Will [Tarot-inspired Fantasy RP] (Open)


Let's paint the town, red!
Well hello there, fellow adventurer...

The destruction of humanity was getting nearer and nearer each day. They weren't prepared, it was themselves who was the monster. As the Gods were planning on the destruction of the world, they were divided on what it's fate shall be. After all, the eventual fall of humanity is caused by themselves in the end.

In the beginning, Gorelus created the world. He had admired it but he felt that something was missing. He wanted to let creatures of his own roam the land of his creation. The Major Arcanas were made to reside within chosen humans and act as a link to the gods. The Minor Arcanas were made as well, acting as a kind of guardian to the Major Arcana, in case that the human was in danger. As time went on, humans had forgotten that they were only mere creatures, being blinded by pride and desire.

The world was divided into 7 regions that specialized in a certain area. Some of them had conflict from with each other, causing wars to break out between them. They are named Lustelia, Athenard, Dollopolis, Cherai, Magemahi, Fedaris, and Ballilo.







A goddess who goes by the name of Terra sent out scouts to patrol for the adventurers who were deemed worthy of the Major Arcanas to live in them and grow with them. She wanted to let these creatures live as she still had hope that they could have a change of heart and cooperate to slay the 5 beasts that were unleashed to wreck havoc among the world and prove to the gods that they still are worthy of mercy from them.

The goddess of fortune, she controls the luck of each and every human being in the world.

The goddess of the underworld, she controls the passage of souls to heaven or hell.

The goddess of time, she controls the passage of time that always runs. She can see the future or the past.

The god of mischief, he tricks humans on a daily basis for his past time.

The god of morals, he questions the behavior of anything and ponders about it.

The god of beauty and pleasure, he was created to control the desires of mankind.

The head god of all gods, he is the god of creation. The father of everything that ever existed.

Who knows how their story will end, will they be successful or will humanity face their demise?


hopefully i caught your attention! ^-^'

my name is LittleRedAssassin, welcome to my tarot inspired fantasy ic!

this is my first time hosting a group rp, please bear with me if i cant gm good but help would be good

if you have slightly guessed by now, this rp will be having some aspects of final fantasy in terms of magic and abilities.

im looking for atleast 5 peeps or more if possible to start this rp

also for the choosing of major arcanas that your character will have, i will get a number generator to make sure that its fair and the minor arcana will also go through me

thank you for taking a look!

( ^ - ^ ) /
Oh! That's totes fine by me. Even though combat will be present in the story and a pregnant woman is like I really can't see fighting. But it depends on how you write it though so totally cool with me.
It'll work as long as she doesn't get up close and personal. As long as she stays in the back, she'll be fine, but when it comes to fleeing...well, I'm gonna have to think about that.

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