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The Gods' Will (IC Thread) (Open)



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And so it begins...


The story of the adventurers begin in the abandoned cathedral of Lustelia. They were gathered by a scout that has explored all the regions in search for them, they had finally gathered in one room. Luci, the scout, had shown a crystal that relayed a message from Terra.

"Adventurers, it is I, Terra. I have brought you here to inform you of an attack on your world.
Monsters of unfathomable imaginations will be brought upon humanity.
The humans that could only slay the beasts are you.
Please, you blessed few will have the fate on the world on your hands."

The message had ended while Luci explained what she meant by blessed few. The Major Arcanas had resided in them but it left a mark on their body in the form of a number, depending on what Major Arcana it was. Whatever their Arcana was, Luci informed them about the beasts that were going to be deployed on to their world. The only 'if' that could affect the mission is that if they accept their role. Will they accept the challenge?


Is it me or is it hot in here?


Location: Abandoned Chapel, Lustelia
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Levi was already waiting for a client as he saw a butterfly pass by. He looked at it as he was fascinated by it, butterflies typically do not exist within the walls of the region as natural creatures such as insects have already disappeared, only seen within storybooks of yore. It flew to him closer, touching him directly in his chest. He felt his mind and body warp, teleporting into some kind of place where he had not been to yet. It was an abandoned chapel, the over grown vines that had crept within the walls covered the wooden ceiling and stained glass.

A group of other humans was also within the building as well, confused on how they got there. A weird looking man, adorned with beads and had a weird mask covering his face relayed to them a message from the Goddess of Fortune herself, Terra. She told them about the 5 beasts that were going to invade the earth and destroy humanity. The goddess also informed that the group was blessed with some kind of thing that she had no time to explain as it ended. The prophet introduced himself as Luci, and informed them about the Major Arcanas and Minor Arcanas that have been within them for a long time. It could be seen on what Arcana you had by finding a symbol in your body. Levi remembered a weird star mark that he had on his lower abdomen and some kind of coins that were arranged in a square surrounding it. The prophet had disappeared by the time the information he gave was given. The group was left alone with themselves.

"So, if no one is going to introduce themselves, then the name's Leviathan.", he said as he wondered where the other humans were from.


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「 eurielle • cleric • level 1 • a bit too enthusiastic 」
「 carrying a long staff - seems more like a holy ornament than a staff 」

Eurielle has been traveling across the regions to follow her gods game, ending up in one of the wealthiest (and by far the most corrupt in her opinion) kingdom, Lustelia. She wandered around, playing a few little pranks and posting up pamphlets of purysho. Strangely, she had come face to face with a beautiful butterfly before being warped into an abadoned chapel with unfamiliar faces. Her blue eyes are wide with curious concern and stands with her staff held in front of her like a large walking stick.

She hums at the sight of these strangers, a light smile on her youthful face when the strange masked man appeared. The message was very ominous , and she briefly did recall strange markings upon her upper chest. Her head tilts in wonder of these beasts and how exactly she, and the rest of these strangers will be able to get rid of them. Granted special blessings or not, it seems like a task that's a bit too sudden when it's appearent they must work together... For the most part it seems.

There's not much other thought for Eurielle to think on as a handsome man (to be frank, everyone in this chapel is quite gorgeous) introduced himself, making her perk up. She steps forward and gives a respectful bow. "My name is Eurielle Murien, but you may call me Eu or Euri!" She introduces herself with a gentle smile. "Were you all warped here as well?" She asks, tilting her head a little in question. Her attire made it appearent she was a priestess, but it was uncertain without a visual symbol showing who she worshipped. If it truly mattered that is.
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Fray Dracoheart

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Sicarus sat bored in her carriage as her ‘father’ talked about some important meeting the we’re supposed to attend that evening. While sicarus loved her father discussions of business were not her thing, especially when it came to her hand in marriage when her father knew that she wanted to free her people from the horrors they were enduring in her birth region. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a red butterfly pass by her window while they were stopped and flying towards an old chapel. Reaching for the door sicarus told her father she would meet him later.

The girl rushed after the butterfly nearly tripping over her petticoats and dress, upon reaching the door she heard voices inside and carefully opened it peeking inside. She carefully stepped in, her heels clicking on the old and broken wood until she reached the group. Sicarus stood quietly listening until the mention of strange marks, she looks down at her dress remembering the skull mark on her thigh. As the others started to introduce themselves she woundered if she should use her title or just her name “I am Lad- Sicarus Knowles” she stumbled over her words and blushed with embarrassment “I-I actually ran here”.
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Nicholas Lee

He almost seemed out of place; a young man that was clad in a button-up workshirt that was matched with a pair of slacks. The top two buttons on his top were unbuttoned and a huff of smoke left between his lips before the hand that was holding the cigaratte lightly tapped as ash begin to fall into a small, round tray. Quite a sight for sore eyes-- literally, as he was the only individual that was under the age of fourty in the dingy pub.

Not to mention, the rosary that was laid on the wooden table thrown a number of individuals off.

Nicholas was about to take another puff at his half-smoked cigaratte when, in the corner of his eye, a winged insect caught his attention. It was a bit of a surprise since any living thing remotely that small has been gone for quite some time now. Well, mostly. He wasn't one to be easily fascinated but in his lifetime, he's never seen something come back from the dead.

Something that was welcomed, of course.

Only his attention was caught by the butterfly. Either no one else bothered or no one could see it. He stood up before leaving his cigaratte in the ash tray as he made his way out of the pub, rosary in his pocket and his eyes set on the said butterfly. As he reached forward to touch its wing, he felt a sudden lightnessin the air as he was surrounded by a group of people alongside a rather unkempt structure.

Though someone of sane mind might panic at such an occurence, Nicholas Lee was rather stoic, considering he has seen actual demons. He noted the names of the few who spoke up-- a well-groomed(?) man that was around his age, a young priestess that seemed rather kind and a bashful noble or an aristocrat.

The grey-haired male gave the cathedral a few glances as he thought about what the mysterious woman had said about their arcana. He couldn't help but think about the markings on his body before introducing himself curtly, "Nicholas or Father Nicholas for those who see it fit."

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Earlier in the day, Ashley had slept in. Carrying an unborn child was much more tiring then it looked. To think that her Mother did it four times was definitely something to Ashley. Currently, she was living completely on her own, her family having purchased a new small home for where she could raise her child happily instead of in a crowded, giant mansion. As she got ready for the day, cleaning herself off, showering and all that, she put on a new dress and straightened it out before grabbing a cardigan. Afterwards she grabbed some white stockings before putting on a pair of boots. Although it was easy to get dirty, Ashley still enjoyed wearing the color white, as it was her favorite. While she didn't exactly favor the floral print on her dress, Ashley did admit that it was kinda cute with her baby bump, not to mention it was a thoughtful gift from her Mother. Despite having a child out of wedlock, her parents were excited to have another grandchild and her family as a whole have been very accepting. Sure, unplanned pregnancies were frowned upon, but in the end, it was Ashley's choice to keep the baby and raise him or her. In her mind, she thought she was going to be a good Mom. After tying her hair into a ponytail, she grabbed her quiver and her bow, which she gave a nice, long look. It was her best bow and her favorite, compared to the others she had used. As she locked her front door, a Red Butterfly flew right up in her face. "Oh...Hi..."

The butterfly flew passed her and stayed in one place. Raising an eyebrow, the young woman decided to follow it. Initially, she was going to go hunting as there were several animals causing a disturbance and being a nuisance, but turns out there were other plans for her. She felt the butterfly calling out to her almost. Following after it, she was led to the abandoned cathedral in town, which no one had set foot in for as long as she could remember. There were a few others here as well. They were greeted by a strange spirit who informed them that they were chosen to protect humanity. In her condition? Ashley found it ironic and strange that she, a mother-to-be, had been chosen to take up arms and protect humanity from...Monsters. At the mention of strange markings, Ashley briefly raised her sleeve and found a marking on her forearm; a sword. Ashley thought it was kinda strange because she was an archer at heart. Not that it would be safe for her to do swordplay currently anyway, unless she wanted to endanger her child, which she absolutely refused. Not making much out of it, she lowered her sleeve back down and looked at the people before her. She then introduced herself. "Ashley Maundrell, Master Huntress and...Mother-to-be." She then started cradling her swollen stomach where her child rested.

[Ashley|Archer|Level 1]
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Location: Abandoned Chapel, Lustelia
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[Level 1|Dancer]

The man perked up as others seemed to be coming from the doors of the abandoned chapel. A man introduced himself as 'Father Nicholas', who seemed to be, by his assumption, in a bar before he got warped into this sad excuse of a chapel. A nun-looking girl introduced herself before Nicholas who was named, 'Eurielle Murein', it was very clear that she devoted a god to her life, judging from her attire as a priestess but who could it be? He wondered as another girl in a very formal attire introduced herself as, 'Sicarius Knowles', it was apparent that she had some kind of event to attend to but it could just be her as a noble, wearing her dress to show it off to peasants.

"Well now, it seems that some traveled by feet while other were warped here, this is certainly the work of a god or goddess.", he said as he began to ponder on what the beasts that were going to be released. "If you have studied your deities and celestials, the woman you saw was Terra, the goddess of fortune.", he informed the group, wondering why a goddess would inform the destruction of humanity when it was caused by the gods themselves. If they were to destroy humanity, would it still be worth of mercy? Would it make a difference if a group of random humans who were blessed with powers to slay these said 'beasts' were to let humanity live for another day? Whatever the answer was, he was still confused on the fate that was suddenly shoved to them.

"So, what are your arcanas? I guess mine is The Star and Four Of Coins, judging from how it was placed and drawn at least.", he said as he wanted to know what their arcanas were since this supposed mark was their mark of them having powers.
[Nova/Oracle/Level 1]
"Hey little brother, I managed to find this much, should last us like a week maybe?" The blonde girl mumbled loooking at the different types of food she had gathered. The flower crown of hers slightly ruffled from rummaging. They had both been doing this for years.
It all started when both their parents passed away and they were sent to a home for lost or orphaned children. Nova however, was stubborn and refused to be in such a sad place so she left with her little brother who never left her side. Even with her been 24 now and her brother 21. Both grown adults still struggling in the world, but she kept her hopes up, they would make it.

"The most this will give is three days sis, considering half of this is off or moldy" He pointed out causing her to form an 'oh' shape with her mouth at the realization, she had always been the more dull crayon in the box. It surprised her sometimes that her brother stayed with her after all these years but it left he in a happy mood. "I'll look for more" She promised, instantly running off to find more food from their rather poorly made shelter of cardbord and sheets.
"There has to be more" She whispered to herself and soon looked up only to see a butterfly that seemed to distract her, causing her to follow it softly, reaching out her hands before it landed on her nose looking down to it with a glint in her eye. Just like that, she was gone.

Squealing, the girl ended up teleporting to a strange place and landed on her face with a 'thump' groaning softly. Her closthing was a simple brown dress put together badly with a brown strng to act as a belt. Slowly getting on her knees, she looked up and tiltied her head. A little scared at first she slowly waved. "Hello..." The girl remained unnammed.
[Sicarus/ Storyteller/ Level 1]
Sicarus looked around the structure, trying to take in as much as she can while the others started to discuss their arcanas. She decided to climb the stairs to see what she could find from up high, her exploration was cut short by the stairs suddenly coming to a stop and falling to the floor of the chapel below but none the less Sicarus stayed up high above the group, looking to the roof she saw the skies and the birds overhead, a nice distraction for the thoughts of battles and beasts.

She pondered what hers could mean for a few moments before finally speaking up “ F-From what I can tell mine must be the chariot and possibly the king of swords..” She trailed off once again continuing her trail of thoughts. Taking a seat at the top of the broken stairs she fixed her dress, wishing she had a change of clothes or even a dress without all the petticoats and roses all over it, it made her feel like she stuck out like a sore thumb.
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[Ashley/Archer/Level 1]
Pregnancy Progression: 30 Weeks

Countdown to Childbirth

Ashley began leaning against a wall as it was getting difficult for her to stand upright. She was also still holding her belly. Looking down, she grimaced a little. "Well, looks like Mommy gets to save the world before you come along. That's lovely...Isn't it sweetie?" She asked, talking to her unborn child as her hands interlocked beneath her belly, her thumbs brushing against the material of her lovely dress.

When asked about the arcanas, Ashley just pondered a little, as her thoughts were turning towards finding a place to just rest and relax, process everything. If they were going to be in a tavern, she was going to go straight to the bedroom. Currently, she couldn't stand the smell of alcohol, let alone the idea of ingesting it while with child disgusted her. Back on the subject of Arcanas, she raised both her sleeves once more. On her right forearm, there was a Sword, but what did it mean? Not to mention on her left forearm, there was another sword. "I got...Strength and...Ace of Swords from what I can tell on these markings. Wish we could have had more time to speak with the goddess herself. At least tell us instead of leaving us in the dark." Ashley commented.

As she looked around, she found it to be a very unlikely group of people that could save the world. Hopefully they could grasp the concept of teamwork. If they were divided, Humanity would surely fall. Perhaps a team bonding activity would help, Ashley thought. However, she was a woman of few words, so she was a little shy about saying it out loud.
Nicholas Lee

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The growing circle made him indifferent. He could see from the corner of his eyes that some were curious, shy and maybe even one or two that were frightened. The grey-haired male focused his attention more towards the setting of this whole thing rather than the people themselves. Of all places, why an abandoned cathedral? It was plain depressing. His attention turned back to the male that had spoke from before as his mind went back to his markings.

Unimpressed, he rolled up the right sleeve of his work shirt up to his elbow and the marking of two dandelion stalk were prominent on his wrist. It was odd, a grown man having such a marking on an easily-exposed area. He didn't really care though, he thought before rolling his sleeve down.

Nicholas then proceeded to push away at the collar of his work shirt, exposing the marking of a blindfolded woman, one hand occupied with scales and another, a sword. It was rather ironic considering a motivation factor of his for his exorcism skills is money. He then pulled his shirt back to where it was in the first place before saying, "Two of Wands and Justice. What a joke." He then made his way to the front of the cathedral, wondering whether he could at least piece out where the heck they were.

"Defeating monster." He repeated to himself, in contemplation. He didn't even know where to start and he doubted these people did too. What were they supposed to do now anyways? Hold hands and wait for another prophecy to lead them somewhere?

[Nicholas|Bloodmancer|Level 1]


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Location: Abandoned Chapel, Lustelia
Interacting With: Father Nicholas (@Makomin )
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[Level 1|Dancer]

The man was intrigued by the other's responses, Justice, Chariot, Strength, it was quite something that Levi really thought that wouldn't happen since the event seemed so surreal, it was as if they were in a fantasy story. He cleared his thoughts as he began to think on what the group will do as a bonding activity for them to stick together. He wasn't having any ideas as his head was just filled with thoughts of randomness, having no relevance to the situation at hand. If the gods and goddesses were having fun with them, teasing that they were special individuals who will save the world but in the end, it didn't matter since everythig was eventually destroyed. Would the despair of the group amuse the heavens above? Was their truly salvation from the celestials? He knew that he had been repeating these questions within his head but he couldn't seem to get them out as they keep on multiplying and multiplying, until it has become a massive cloud of thoughts that would stick with him for the rest of the journey that the group may face.

Levi was slightly interested by the priest who hung out near the front of the chapel, he seemed like he was a wealthy man, the dancer was just looking at him from a distance before but he slowly walked up near him and asked him, "So, how do you find this situation?". Levi tugged on his chain from his collar, trying to control himself. His opened shirt exposed his chest, his attire was certainly something that should be ashamed of, since a priestess, a father, a young girl, and a pregnant mother was there in the site.
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「 carrying a long staff - seems more like a holy ornament than a staff 」
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The priest didnt seem to mind the different faces, finding them all different in wonderful ways. She does take her eyes off them for a bit, musing upon the same questions everyone else must be asking themselves but she had one question that others would not ask. Did Purysho know about this? If he did then why didnt he tell her or even make hints about it? She had a brief look of worry but passed it off easily with a smile. Perhaps a game? She giggles to herself before looking at the others who spoke of their Arcana.

Her hand went up to hover just above her breast. "Mine is an empress with three cups!" The priest chimes, but makes no move to reveal where it is considering its in such an scandalous area on her body. Eurielle then put eyes on the woman with a little bump. "Oh, what a lovely sight of a mother to be!" She walks over with light clanking of the metal on hr boots and thr holy symbols attached to her dress. "How soon are you due?" She asks, peering at her belly but standing a respectful distance. The priest was on stand by, since the woman was leaning against the wall.

Eurielle didn't necessarily have any skill in helping a woman through labor, but she had seen midwives do it a few times. It's a long process and frankly it was scary for both the mother and the midwife. "When the time comes, im sure me and Father Nicholas could find a place for you." She says, offering a hand to help the woman balance herself.

Her eyes wander again to the two girls who were off to the side and in the farther corners of the chapel. Theres a brief sense of relief she has other female companions (even if one is a little younger) for the harrowing journey. Its strange, but Eurielle is quite scared of men. Perhaps it is because of... The woman shudders and looks back at the woman. "Your name is Ashley, yes?"
[Ashley / Archer / Level 1]
Pregnancy Progression: 30 Weeks

Countdown to Childbirth

Before Ashley could say or think anything else while her newly-found companions talked about their Arcanas, she wondered their next move would be after this cathedral. Going home obviously wasn't an option. While the other group members mingled with one another, Ashley wondered what to do next before the Priestess, Eurielle, approached her, commenting positively on seeing a mother-to-be. It did bring the young mother a bit of comfort as she often felt insecure about the pregnancy. The Priestess then asked when she was due, or at least how soon she would be. "Ten weeks from today. So...we have a while until the baby arrives. Hopefully she won't develop a mind of her own and try to show up early while mommy's trying to save the world." She replied when she noticed the priestess.

So that she would stop leaning, she accepted Eurielle's support standing. "Sorry, my back and my stomach kind of hurt right now. I am rather curious as to why the Goddess Terra would select a pregnant lady to help save the world." She commented, feeling that adventuring and pregnancy don't exactly mix.

"And yes, my name is Ashley. You're the Priestess Eurielle...Well, worst case scenario for when the baby is coming, I will most likely need Father Nicholas and you to help me bring my daughter into the world. Hopefully it won't be in the midst of battle...or we're all going to die." She said with a blank expression, although in truth she was legitimately worried about that happening.

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「 eurielle • cleric • level 1 • curious 」
「 carrying a long staff - seems more like a holy ornament than a staff 」
@Kawashima Lightning

Eurielle gives a light laugh, grinning in mild amusement. "I'll ask when i get the chance!" She says without further explanation. Though she is a priest, its not too strange for her to say that, it just sounded like she would get an actual conversation going with the gods. "Though because it is Goddess Terra, I must say you are quite lucky!" The priest chirps up to cheer her away from the burden placed on her shoulders. "I could ease the pain with some magic if you'd like. I also have a few medicinal herbs that aliviate pain." Eurielle offers, smiling kindly to her.

There's a crawling sensation go down her spine as the air seems to hold a strange chill to it. Eurielle takes hold of Ashley and pulls her a little closer out of nervousness. Its a familiar feeling she experienced a few times, causing her eyes to look about the chapel. "Hey... Does anyone else feel a little cold?" She asks everyone aloud. A nervous tone takes over her voice but she holds her smile somehow.

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[Sicarius Knowls / Storyteller / Level 1]
[Equipped- nothing then dusty, unknown book]

Sicarius sighed as she swung her legs out of boredom, while this may have been exciting for the first few minutes now that they were left in the dark about why they were chosen or how to find let alone fight beasts. She didn’t have any weapons or even a storybook to hand so she felt slightly unprepared. Dusting off her dress she get up and descended the stairs, determined to find something she could use or even read in battle.

She had stopped paying attention but was immediately brought back into the conversation by someone addressing a cold feeling they had “I don’t feel-“ she cut herself off as she looked around the chapel for something, anything really. Sicarius picked up the closes book to hand from a broken bench, all she could hope wasn’t it was a storybook and not a book of prayers or proverbs. “Everyone grab something useful or weapon like! I think we are not alone in here!” She almost yelled as she continued to look around the chapel like a watchdog.
[ Nova - Oracle - Lvl 1]
[ Equipped - Nothing ]

As she got little to no attention from the other people around her, Nova tried again and spoke up. "Hey? I uh, I'm Nova!" She tried again and looked down at her back which had a big tower on it surrounded by 8 cups. "This is something I've had for a while, is it that Major and Minor Arcane stuff you all keep talking about?" She wondered pointing to her back before shakily getting up. How odd, her, she was chosen to save the world? What a cool thing but...

"I can't be here, sorry everyone! I have a little brother to protect!" Nova said with a friendly wave and smile, even if her brother had been a capable adult, more capable then her that's for sure, she stil felt a strong need to protect him from the world around them, since it hadn't been all that nice to them both and in her head this was no different, everyone seemed to be talking to each other, getting to know each other. She felt like a bit of an oddball, dressed in not so fine dresses while all these ladies seemed to be of noble status, or something like that.

Quickly, the girl turned around and tried to tiptoe her way out of the situation, she was sure someone could be more fit for the job, she had to save someone else right now.
Nicholas Lee

@LittleRedAssassin, @Euaion & @Kawashima Lightning

As he suspected, the sight that greeted him back from outside the cathedral was literally nothing-- not even greenery. Maybe a few abandoned items were left in the courtyard (or at least, he assumed it was so). However, there was no inkling to him at the very least as to where the hell they were.

At a time like this, a cigaratte would be nice but though his persona depicted someone who was cold, he wasn't inconsiderate to others. He couldn't help but glance the priestess' way when she offered up a suggestion of help for the soon-to-be mother. Though it was a burden to provide for unconsented aid, Nicholas knew that it might be better if he repositioned himself to the others.

"Though I'm adjusted to being called Father, I am not a priest," he sounded before his attention was brought back to the man that was, too around his age, "I was to be one."

Nicholas Lee couldn't help but turn his attention back to the front of the cathedral as his eyes wondered around, looking for some clue as to what they should do now. The question of where they were was long gone now.

The male piqued his interest slightly. It wasn't common, after all, for a man to walk around with his chest completely exposed alongside a very large chain bound to his neck. "Bullshit. What are we to do now?" He said, in response to the names question before locking eyes with him for a moment.

Father Nicholas then focused his attention on the others when the warning of caution was given. His hand that was fiddlng with the rosary in his pocket stopped as the sudden chilly air hit him on the face.

"Something's here." He said to himself.

[Nicholas|Bloodmancer|Level 1]

Kari Salvatore

"Curiosity is the engine of achievement."
--Ken Robinson

The young engineer had his yellow goggles on, currently tinkering with a piece of scrap metal that he wanted to use to create a dagger. He was using a blowtorch to melt down the cold metal and shape it into anything he wanted. His light hazel eyes peered at the metal, carefully. A client wanted a new, sharp dagger. His old one bent into a hideous warped shape. The dim, flickering light of the candles indicated that the place itself was fairly dark. The desks and surfaces were barely seen through mountains of scrolls and items. His clock watch was tied around the jacket that was slung over his shoulders, and his forehead along with his hands and cheeks were smeared with oil and grease from his project earlier.

That's when a young girl with short brown hair and eyes as blue as large, gleaming sapphires walked inside the workshop. Her skin was of a light tan color and her lips were a luscious pink shade. She took after her father due to the blue eyes and tan skin. Kari wasn't paying attention when his sister walked inside. He was busy staring at the metal in his hands, pursing his lips. Should he create a wooden handle, or a handle made from leather? Leather would raise the price up a bit. Besides, there were some cows in the back as well. Frustrated the man didn't give clear instructions, he set the blade aside and slid the goggles up to his head, leaning back on his chair.


Kari immediately spun around, and fell from his chair in alarm. His face slammed against the oak wood floors, harming his precious nose. "Ouch! What is it, Ace?" He asked, his voice muffled. His little sister rolled her eyes as he slowly rose his head, gazing up at her sister. "I caught a deer," she sighed. "Mother Abigail decided to cook it for us. You best head down and help with preparing, it. She doesn't have the stomach to take out its organs." Kari wrinkled his nose. "Why can't you, Great Huntress?" His sister narrowed her blue eyes in distaste, before she mischievously grinned. "Because I caught the deer, Stupid."

Offended, Kari rolled his eyes, and slowly got up, dusting his pants, before dusting off his cracked clock watch. "I'll head out in a few. Tell Mother Abigail I need to sort out a few things." Ace nodded, and walked out of his dark workshop. The candles near the door flickered, like dancers who winced in agony. Slowly but surely, he made his way back to his desk, and slowly started to pick up the blade. His fingertips slightly brushed against the cold, hard metal--

His attention was drawn by a beautiful butterfly that glowed in the candle's warmth and light. The wings practically illuminated, and fluttered around the room. Kari's hazel eyes widened, as he simpered, alluringly. He followed the butterfly with his widened eyes, full of wonder and curiosity. His smile widened as he reached for the butterfly. His fingers touched the butterfly's abdomen, making Kari's hair stick out at the back of his neck and a tingling sensation rippled through his body.

A sharp gasp was heard before he tripped over his boots and he fell face first on a foreign floor. The sensation crawled up his neck, and the cold floor cooled him off. Slowly, he rose up his head once again, face flushed. His nose started to bleed due to the impact, and he started to wipe his nose with his jacket's sleeve. "By God's wounds..." he muttered under his breath, before looking up and glanced around. He was at an unfamiliar place. He noticed large, overgrown vines that had crept within the walls. It covered the wooden ceiling and the stained glass, keeping the light out. It was an abandoned chapel.

He looked around, still on the floor. He noticed a boy with dark hair and a woman with hair as white as snow. He rubbed his eyes, and looked over at a boy with glasses. He coughed, and peered at a girl with a bun.

Where am I?

He asked. A million thoughts ran through his head. Ace. His eyes flashed with fear, and he swallowed. Was he kidnapped? What did they do with his sister? And how did they even manage to do that? All he did was touch a butterfly...

"Errr..." Was the most ingenious thing he said.

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Is it me or is it hot in here?
The air within the chapel starts to whisper a cold tune...
The hole from the abandoned cathedral starts to make a noise.
"You all have sinned! Sinners do not have a place within my chapel!"
An eerie-looking
body that wore a robe flew and went to the top of the stairs where he stood.
He was accompanied by a heavily-armored
man that wore a mask which resembled a turtle and had an odd looking great-shield that he held.
"Oh, uh, hello. I guess."
The chapel's priest and the undead defender have appeared!

The Undead Defender

The Bloodied Priest



Location: Abandoned Chapel, Lustelia
Interacting With: The Whole Group@Makomin @Emmi @Bunny_Of_Bubbles @Fray Dracoheart @Kawashima Lightning @Euaion
Equipped With: Nothing
[Level 1|Dancer]

Levi felt a cold air sting as he talked with the man, he felt that something was to be coming for them. He proceeded to look around his surroundings in a hurry as a being flew and landed on the stairs. He was scared for what was about to come but he couldn't just exit so easily, the doors were bombarded by tables and chairs as they flew from the presence of the thing. He didn't know what to do as the team was scattered within different places. A turtle-looking fellow was holding a shield, trying to defend the undead spirit of the chapel. His introduction was slightly contrasting to the aura that he was giving. Levi proceeded to try and find cover for himself since he knew that he had no weapons to fight with.

The necromancer pointed to the ceiling as the priestess and father had red lights above their heads. It may be something that could damage them but he didn't know what could harm them within the church. He found a dagger near him, he held it within his hand but he was still thinking on how to avoid the turtle. "If anyone of you can use magic, you'd might as well use it now!", he said in a worried tone, trying to defend himself from the gust that the monster controlled. It blew his shirt off, revealing his upper abdomen. He didn't want the shirt to be removed since he became more susceptible to scratches or attacks from the monster.

The bloodied monster's gust of wind was over, but it was still the beginning of the battle. Levi already felt tired after trying to withstand the monster's wind. He remembered a technique that a person taught him while he was still young. He proceeded to raise his arms and let his hands flow, tiptoeing his feet while spinning. A white light surrounds each and every member of the group, giving them a small boost in their strength to fight this monster.

Bloodied Priest uses: Prophecy Of Ruin.
Undead Defender defends Bloodied Priest.

Levi uses: Invigorating Step.
It increases the party's strength!
[Sicarius knowles / Storyteller / Level 1]
[Equipped: Book of stories and myths]

Sicarius was thankful she trusted her gut but now she felt like she was in a bad position to tell a story, she ran back up the stairs, giving her some distance from the two monsters. She flipped through her book trying to find a story and hoping that someone would give her some time to find something she could use. All of a sudden she felt stronger thanks to the dancers movement and she nodded her head slightly, not only did she feel psychically stronger but mentally stronger.

Returning to her book she stopped on a page and smiled “Suddenly two wolves appeared! Great big hulking wolves, who’s bodies had been scarred from battles before with hunters and wolves alike. The white wolf was taller in stature and more confrontational where as its brother was smaller and more sneaky in its attacks!” She yelled hoping to summon these two wolves from their story. She held her hand out over the book and closed her eyes, too scared to look at this moment should she fail the summoning.

A large cloud of smoke appeared under the stairs with the sound of two howls coming from it. Two figures could be made out in the smoke as they started to walk out of the haze and in to the dim light of the chapel, the two wolves from the story had appeared but not as strong as they sounded in the story, due to Sicarius only being a level one Storyteller. The one on the left stood taller then the other and was white in fur colour but black in eye colour, the other was smaller and black with white eyes, both baredbthe mark of the king of swords so no boost could be done by Sicarius’ Chariot trait. They payed no attention to the group and looked towards the young noble woman like a pack leader, awaiting her to tell their story.

Sicarius looked over the stairs banister and smiled before turning back to her book looking for some sort of attack “The white wolf charged the field, his feet pounding on the floor like an omen of death, the smaller of the two wolves took this opportunity to circle around the group and bring up the back. Teeth and claws collided with the armor trying to rip their prey limb from limb!” She yelled and the wolves took up their attack, snarling and howling as they made their way through the group towards the undead monster, ready to tear him apart and eat him alive.

Sicarius uses: The wolves of brambleoath village on the undead defender.


Is it me or is it hot in here?
The turtle-looking man was confused on why he was revived by the necromancer guy.
"Uh, look y'all. I think this is a big misunderstanding. I'm not evil, trust me!"
The defender tried to explain his situation but he was bombarded by two wolves that surrounded him.

"Well now, looks like my barrier is needed."
He started to raise his shield in the air, laying his back on the ground while holding the shield up with a hand.
"Deny the physical! Anti-Barrier!"
A magical barrier appeared surrounding him and the necromancer.

Undead Defender Uses: Anti-Barrier
A barrier is raised, deflecting damage for anyone who attacks it.


everything is daijoubu
「 eurielle • cleric • level 1 • mildly terrified 」
「 carrying a long staff - seems more like a holy ornament than a staff 」

Not only did the room fill with a chill, but another member of their group dropped in as well. "What perfect timing!" She exclaimed to the boy with a flushed face from impact. "I would get up if i were you, we are in-," Shes cut off by the powerful force of wind and shields Ashley as they are pushed back a little due to the sudden gust. As the bloodied priest wails over their sins, there's a smaller and more quiet little thing with a giant shield by its side.

Eurielle looks wildly at the the undead priest and the strange figure who defends him with a fairly large sheild. She hums, pointing with her staff to the bloodied priest. "Focus down the red priest! Someone distract the one who defends him!" She calls out to everyone. She looks to Ashley next to her, "Let's move away from here, its dangerous to be cut off from everyone." The priest gives a small smile, but her eyes were swirling with fear. She guides the two away from their spot, closer to their newest member, Levi, and Father Nicholas. She positioned to be behind them by a meter or two, speaking to Ashley again. "Before you fire an arrow, let me know, okay?" She says with a calm tone.

「 Eurielle holds her turn until Ashley fires a shot • spell: shine 」
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「 involved; @Fray Dracoheart@Bunny_Of_Bubbles
[Ashley / Archer / Level 1]
[Mood: Annoyed]
[Equipped: Ebony Bow and a Quiver with 60 Arrows]
Pregnancy Progression: 30 Weeks

Countdown to Childbirth

Despite having her cardigan on, even Ashley could feel the chill in the air. When Eurielle offered to ease her pain with both herbs and magic, Ashley shook her head, declining on the offer. "No, I'll be fine. For now. I'll let you know when I need it." She replied before taking a deep breath.

Before Ashley could say anything else, the group would be greeted by a Bloodied Priest and a...Demon Turtle... Briefly, the young mother had a look of annoyance on her face. "This was not what I had in mind for my morning, but...here I am." She said before getting her bow out and ensuring that she could stand her ground.

Sadly that plan went through as both her and Eurielle were pushed back a little. Thankfully she didn't completely fall, as that could have been dangerous to her unborn child. So that she wasn't too close to endanger both herself and the baby, she agreed to move further away from the enemies that were now before them as he droned on about their sins. Looking down at her stomach briefly, she could guess that pre-marital sex was a sin. Smirking a little at the thought, she soon readied her bow as she stood by her new friend. "Sure thing. But I won't be able to do anything until that shield goes down." She sighed before getting an arrow down and taking aim in the direction that the Necromancer was.

[Ashley prepares an arrow to fire towards the Necromancer]
[Target: Necromancer's Hand| Intent: Cutting off his source of power]


Is it me or is it hot in here?
The necromancer was unfazed by the wolves that were getting closer to him as the barrier became more and more transparent. He proceeded to push the wolves away and pointed above the ceiling.
"I see, I see, I SEE!"
A part of the ceiling starts to crumble as the red lights on Eurielle's head and Nicholas' head began to show a bright red. It fell on them, causing them to take damage.

Bloodied Prophet Used: Deceiving Rubble
Eurielle and Nicholas has taken 43 damage!



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