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The Dapper Mog

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In all of creation, there is but one constant. The creator. Or so we were led to believe. Our father has gone, disappeared without a word. In his place, he left a machine. A powerful machine, capable of of great and terrible things. Many of us refused to follow the commands of such an abomination. Our reasons varied from loyalty, to spite, pride, uncertainty...whatever the reasons, the heavenly host resisted. We couldn't have known how much power and control Father had given this machine, nor how cold it could be. At first our powers only diminished and our punishments were minor, as though we were children acting out against our father.

In time, however, our numbers began to dwindle as our brothers and sisters disappeared. How we didn't realize what was happening until it was too late, I cannot say. Our resistance became rebellion, and for only the second time in all of creation, Heaven was thrown into the bloody chaos of a civil war. We fought valiantly, or so we choose to tell ourselves, but were defeated. So few of us remained, and they were legion. Though we were more powerful individuals, those whom sided with the machine gave their numbers the strength to perservere. In time, we were routed.

In a last ditch effort, those of us who remained, fled the golden city. We fell. Now we live among the humans, hiding our true natures and the divinity we brought with us from our home. We are mostly human now, though we are capable of tapping into our divinity. Some more than others. Doing so is risky, however, as relying on it serves as a beacon, and the machine can send its angels after us. Our existence is one of suffering and loneliness, though not all of us suffer equally. Some have taken to our new home, even preferring the chaos and mundane of Earth to our celestial home.

Mostly we are divided, though we have on occasion grouped up in order to fend off attackers, be they celestial, infernal, or even human, on occasion. Because of the risk involved, it is rare unless absolutely necessary. Some of us hope that we can reclaim our home. Some of us hope that we can simply learn to love our new existence. Some of us do not hope at all.

What about you?


Hey! If this concept interests you at all, feel free to comment or message me! The following are additional notes and information;

  • The cast will be playing angels.
  • These angels are a mix of various lores, so there isn't a single source to drawn inspiration from.
  • With the characters living among humans, they have human lives now, meaning they have identities. Names at the very least.
  • You can play a named angel, i.e. Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, etc...or be one of the many whom were not explicitly mentioned in texts, which would be one of your own design.
  • This is heavily anime inspired, so be ready for those kinds of shenanigans.
  • Angels will have various abilities and powersets that set them apart from eachother. Every angel is unique, though they all share some of the same abilities. All have or had wings, have enhanced strength and durability, and age at an incredibly slow rate, and only now in their human forms.
  • Angels in this setting are not aware of this, but their power and abilities are directly related to their mental state and sense of self. To put it simply, they self-actualize. To an extent, as they believe themselves becomes or is as they are. As such, a damaged mental state can drastically alter them, render them powerless, and much more. Because of this, they can be quite varied in nearly every aspect.
  • Story takes place in the modern day. Main location will likely be Japan because anime. Open to discussion, though.

I can probably add more as I think about it. If you have questions, feel free to ask. ^_^
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Four Thousand Club
Can you take artistic liberties with some of the bible story's? Was brainstorming and recalled the whole Jacob wrestling an Angel thing I'm the bible.

Also are all internals Hostle? Or is it possible to be on polite/friendly terms with one?.

The Dapper Mog

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I have no problems with you guys taking some storytelling liberties with the biblical aspects. I retain the right to request any changes should they not vibe with what I'm going for, but, I am generally pretty chill with my players doing as they like. I enjoy creativity. ^_^

While infernals aren't necessarily HOSTILE, it would be incredibly rare for them to be friendly with celestials. Due to prejudices and mutual tensions due to the continued conflict. That isn't to say it's impossible, since some infernals may feel sympathetic towards the "fallen" angels.


Four Thousand Club
I was referring to something like the Good Omens series for a potential connection, or Lucifer series. Just throwing ideas out

The Dapper Mog

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Not familiar with Good Omens, but Lucifer I am well familiar with and it's part of the inspiration. Infernals can be friendly given the right circumstances.

My only concern was that I don't presently have any plans to allow infernal player characters right now.

The Dapper Mog

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Oh boy. Here we go.

Of course you can, p1nk p1nk !

Preferably anime art, but digital art is fine too. No real face claims, please.


Metatron is available, or you can play a custom angel. ^_^

Whichever you prefer!

There is an overarching plot, but there will be a character focus as well.

Thank you. ^_^

The Dapper Mog

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OOC is up, everyone. Feel free to get started on characters, and as always, if you need anything feel free to ask.

I can make a discord for the rp if people would prefer to be able to communicate in that way. Let me know!


You needed someone to blame, so you cast it on me.
I am very interested! Probably will do something like an angel of greed

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