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In all of creation, there is but one constant. The creator. Or so we were led to believe. Our father has gone, disappeared without a word. In his place, he left a machine. A powerful machine, capable of of great and terrible things. Many of us refused to follow the commands of such an abomination. Our reasons varied from loyalty, to spite, pride, uncertainty...whatever the reasons, the heavenly host resisted. We couldn't have known how much power and control Father had given this machine, nor how cold it could be. At first our powers only diminished and our punishments were minor, as though we were children acting out against our father.

In time, however, our numbers began to dwindle as our brothers and sisters disappeared. How we didn't realize what was happening until it was too late, I cannot say. Our resistance became rebellion, and for only the second time in all of creation, Heaven was thrown into the bloody chaos of a civil war. We fought valiantly, or so we choose to tell ourselves, but were defeated. So few of us remained, and they were legion. Though we were more powerful individuals, those whom sided with the machine gave their numbers the strength to persevere. In time, we were routed.

In a last ditch effort, those of us who remained, fled the golden city. We fell. Now we live among the humans, hiding our true natures and the divinity we brought with us from our home. We are mostly human now, though we are capable of tapping into our divinity. Some more than others. Doing so is risky, however, as relying on it serves as a beacon, and the machine can send its angels after us. Our existence is one of suffering and loneliness, though not all of us suffer equally. Some have taken to our new home, even preferring the chaos and mundane of Earth to our celestial home.

Mostly we are divided, though we have on occasion grouped up in order to fend off attackers, be they celestial, infernal, or even human, on occasion. Because of the risk involved, it is rare unless absolutely necessary. Some of us hope that we can reclaim our home. Some of us hope that we can simply learn to love our new existence. Some of us do not hope at all.

What about you?

The story will be primarily taking place in modern day Japan, with our cast of angels having taken on human identities for the better part of two years. Most angels will recognize each other fairly easily upon close inspection , but they generally look indistinct from humans.


  1. No Godmoding. (Ha) This rp involves celestial and infernal entities, you are all superhuman, but remember that everyone has weaknesses, and no one is perfect. Do not expect to always come out on top in every given scenario.
  2. No controlling other player's characters. Do not presume to dictate what other players want to do with their characters. If you discuss beforehand, it's okay, but do not do this against the wishes of other players.
  3. Follow all site rules. This roleplay is hosted here, and I would prefer to stay on their good side as much as possible.
  4. Ne kind and respectful to the other players. We are all here for the same reasons, and we are all people with feelings. Just don't be a dick, it's usually quite easy.
  5. I am the GM, and as such, if I make a ruling, please do not get argumentative about it. I am fairly easygoing and prefer to work with players, but I don't tolerate belligerent and rude people.
  6. You may only play a single character for now. If we lose people, I will consider allowing multiples.
  7. Right now, players are only allowed to play Angels. No demons or humans, I am sorry.

Character Sheet: (Feel free to edit this however you like, but I will need the important info)

True Name:

Name: (The Human identity they have adopted)

Relative Age: (Roughly how old their body appears to be, angels essentially are as old as they feel)

Vessel Appearance: (How they appear on Earth)

True Form: (How they appear in Heaven, this is optional, as they could appear the same or be more biblical in their appearance)

Celestial Gift: (All angels have a unique power or ability that separates them from their brothers and sisters)

Virtue: (It is believed that all angels embody a virtue, an aspect of divinity that they embody)

Vice: (Even divine entities are flawed. Every angel embodies a virtue, but they also fall prey to their own vices)

Equipment: (Earthly weapons don't do much to angels, generally speaking, but sometimes they can be useful against their enemies)

History: (A brief description of their lives prior to the start of the rp. This can detail life in Heaven before or start at The Fall. A paragraph is plenty.)

Extras: (Anything extra you want to add can be added here.)
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True Name: Sandalphon
Name: Casssandra Alphonse
Nicknames: Sandy, Bubbles, Mail Girl, The left-hand feminine cherub of the Ark of the Covenant
Relative Age: 21

Vessel Appearance:
Height: 197cm
A youthful woman of exceptional height and proportions, despite being the youngest of the angels she stands heads above her siblings. Golden hair adorns their head, with twin bangs running the length of her face with the rest secured in a tight ponytail down her back to the lower thigh. Amber eyes stare out from innocent soft facial features giving off a friendly and approachable aura. She normally class herself in soft light colors, choosing simplistic traditionally feminine fashions.

True Form:
Height: 1.7^12 cm
It is said that a human would take 500 years to walk the length of their body alone clearly showing her celestial size. Gabriel even once stated that he witnessed a human walking on her ear lobe, which took roughly around 70 years to reach the end. Her true form otherwise shares many similarities with her vessel appearance, with the exception of her hair being longer, several floating sigils and of course her divine ornate garments. There is also the fact that space around her appears to distort, though she is able to however become nearly entirely invisible as well by using her gravity to absorb even light at her full form. Due to the fact she was initially a human, her angelic form is overall the most human in appearance despite its size.

Celestial Gift:
Gravity: A complicated gift whose name either does not entirely encapsulate its ability or perhaps the true scope and understanding of the concept is still greatly lacking. Sandalphon is capable of performing a vast array of effects with this gift, orientation, attraction, repulsion, compacting and expansion being a few of them, though these also allow her to do such things on a conceptual level rather than simply physical. She is incapable of using such to their full range within her compressed or vessel form, though even weakened they are more than sufficient to be used on a personal or large local group without notice.

Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust

Equipment: Variety of Balls compressed via her gift (Ballbearings, Baseballs, Bowling Balls, Cannon Balls), Baseball Bat Keychain, Smartphone, Letter Opener.
Sandalphon is the archangel "twin-sibling" of Metatron and is regarded as the master of heavenly songs and charged with delivering humanity's prayers to god. They are said to have done this through their gift, allowing these to be attracted, compressed then handed directly to the heavenly realm. It was also stated she was responsible for determining the gender of a person in the embryonic state. She has been described as the Dark Angel as opposed to her twin who was described as the bright angel, though the exact reasons for this are unclear.

-Originally Elijah, risen to an angel
-God Machine

Sandalphon however rebelled more in her own unique way, employing the greatest of her father's creations against another by utilizing the concept of free will. More accurately she turned her songs to instead inspire creativity and aid in the creation of concepts the great machine was unable to comprehend, and through this both aided in masking her siblings and subverting the control of the machine. She has done this by bringing certain people together and pushing those she believed to be visionary, particularly within the Art, Media and Technology fields as these had the greatest reach to create a cascading effect.

Given that Sandalphons role had her interacting directly with humanity through listening and carrying their prayers, she appears to be the one among her siblings with the greatest understanding and thus the greatest ease in fitting in. Currently, Sandalphon has been working as both an independent contractor and Junior Mail Clerk within several companies, a relatively low-key role that gave her access to individuals of interest as well as information to could be used.

Weaknesses: The degree and range of Sandaphons powers are linked to her physical size, while she can condense herself to impossible degrees they can not access the full extent of these and remain in human form. Larger forms of course naturally make it far more difficult to function in human society and not cause damage, especially in urban enviroments.
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  • 1802b56f43466f156c3cc01512d2145f.jpg
    True Name: Gigallim

    Name: Giovanna De La Cour

    Nickname: Gigi

    Relative Age: 21

    Vessel Appearance: A 21-year-old female with pale skin and a pair of blue eyes. She possesses short white-hair with blue undertones. She has a slender stature and stands at the height of 5'2". (Art by FZ BARD in Artstation)

    True Form:

    Art by Chase Stone for Legend of the Cryptids

    Theme song:

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  • images_-_2022-08-07T193343.397.jpeg
    True Name: Amorel

    Name: Aika Lowenthal

    Nickname: Ai

    Relative Age: 27

    Vessel Appearance: A twenty-year-old young woman of American and Japanese descent with golden locks of hair that reaches the middle of her back, while the mortal body she uses is that of a female there is a certain androgyny to her face and body that she gets mistaken for a man at times. She is seen as an approachable character, always wearing a smile that most would find charming. She has a slender physique and stands with a height of five-foot-nine. (Art by CTChrysler)

    True Form:
    Cherubim are known for their four wings and four faces, one representing humanity, a lion for the wild animals, an ox for the domestic animals, and an eagle for the avian creatures of the Earth. Even in the Celestial Realm, Amorel does not make use of this appearance as much unless she was in the presence of their God. More often than not, her figure only consists of her human form with a pair of wings attached to her back along with her signature Divine Bow that she uses to protect the Throne of their Lord. (Art by Mayshing)

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  • 1660147283464.pngTrue Name: Metatron

    Name: Liam Levi, or Enoch among those in the know.

    Nickname: "L", The Scribe, The Lesser YHVH, Prince of the Presence

    Relative Age: 25

    Vessel Appearance: A rather handsome man, though with a mousy demeanor. He stands at 6'3, but more often than not seems more shorter due to tending to slouch. Of a slightly fit build, but generally appears more akin to some kind of secretary than anything else. Image Source: @Zxuan_l Twitter.

    True Form:
    Artist credit: Peter Mohrbacher

    Theme Song:

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  • ee058c6bf6c55fed1714b40cfb45f1bb67f63c54.jpg
    True Name: Uriel

    Name: Akio Hayashida

    Aliases: Aki (Modern), White haired guy, White haired girl

    Relative Age: 26

    Vessel Appearance: A young man standing roughly at 5'9 (175 cm), Akio has a fit form with very long and wavy platinum blonde hair, sleepy green eyes, and pale skin. His soft appearance and long hair sometimes has him mistaken for a woman, which is inconvenient sometimes but usually does not result in anything more but a look of shock (and apologies if the person was seeking romantic companionship).

    His demeanor usually resembles someone who had just gotten out of bed, or someone who had spent all night playing video games. Akio learned to blame this on insomnia so he did not get questioned or berated too often. (Character: Il Fado de Rie from Cafe Enchante)

    True Form:
    Uriel's form stood tall and faceless, with large, broad wings that spread from his back. He was known mostly for his wisdom, but others knew him as "the fire of God", wielding a fiery sword and donning armor that covered the whole of him. Though Uriel preferred his sword, he was also proficient in polearm weapons.

    (Art credited in image)

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  • OjhCqv7.jpg
    True Name: Nephelē

    Name: Arashi Mizuki
    Nicknames: Mizu, Shi-zuki, Mistress of the weather.

    Relative Age: 23

    Vessel Appearance: a 23 year old Japanese female. She is currently a student in college, majoring in weather sciences. Her skin is tan in a sun-kissed manner. Her hair is a dark purple / black. Her eyes are of a golden hue. Her Height is about 5"7 ft just by looking, but she has never been officially measured. Typically wears unique fashions that most wouldn't be confident wearing.


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  • YbN8ksH.png

    True Name: Michael

    Name: Michael “Mikaru” Hikari (みかる 光)

    Relative Age: 14

    Vessel Appearance: A rather diminutive (5’1) looking schoolboy with blonde hair that often looks golden and glowing in light, often dressed like a delinquent with oversized jackets over a school uniform. His eyelashes, eyebrows and hair seems to have a feathery quality to them.


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    True Name: Suranvar

    Name: Eiko Tanaka
    Nicknames: His employees call him leech, but none to his face. Other angels each have their own derogatory nicknames.

    Relative Age: 27

    Vessel Appearance: A composed, calculating man, expertly hiding his own shortcomings and instabilities from the rest of the world. He stands at a decent height of 6”2, and his athletic physique coupled with his blond hair often make him stand out amongst a small crowd, to say nothing of the way he dresses. His eyes have been frequently described as downright unnerving by many, and he uses it to his full advantage.



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