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Nation Building The Galcora Cluster: A Sci-Fantasy Interest Check

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Loved by Christ

Currently, I am carving a nation-building Role play. After doing one I found the experience to be amazing and a new favorite flavor. So I am looking to see if anyone would like to try for another.

*UPDATE* My plan is to do a Sci-Fantasy, set in a star cluster. The timeline will set 10,000 years after the origin world has been destroyed, and its magic has influenced the area of the setting.

My hopes are for maybe at most 10 "nations", some might be major organizations with no real borders. I am open to more, but that all depends on the situation. Fantasy races are open, if you want to make your own that is totally welcome.

A lot of stuff is still in the air, and that was kind of brief. If you are interested just let me know your preference on style, and ask questions it helps the process.

Lore page: Nation Building - The Galcora Cluster: Lore
Character Page: The Galcora Cluster: CS
Discord link: The Galcora Cluster
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I might be interested in it. Not quite sure yet, I don't know if I end up having the time for another RP. I took a look at the CS though, and I think you could have picked a better image to use as a basis for borders. In this one the stars are packed too tightly to really make borders around them, so it effectively serves as just a white sheet for painting borders. And certain nations might be harder to see, depending on colours.

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