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Nation Building The Galcora Cluster: A Sci-Fantasy Interest Check (Redux)

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Loved by Christ

A sci-fantasy setting inspired the Endless Universe, Dune, and elements of Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere novels.

Where space fairing empires and mystical powers share, The Galcora Cluster combines them. In the star cluster many civilizations have seated themselves on new worlds using technology, magical art, or even a mix of both. Many races live here, some familiar, others new. The stories of these great nations may cause them to grow or fall to ruin.

History of the Cluster: Lore

This a redux of the same nation building RP, after the first I learned a thing or two about how to better manage this type of role play. This does demand having a Discord account as all the major confirmation and OOC will be there as with the rules too. My hope is at least seven (7) nations to start. If you have any question please ask, here, in the discord or in DMs.

Link to the Discord:

CS: Nation Building - The Galcora Cluster: CS
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