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The sun rose high on the beautiful city of Rolragga. The streets unusually clear for such a busy place, it's normally a vast hum from a sea of crowds. People come from all across Jarack for this charming location, a mix of cultures blended perfectly for the best of both Maho and Jareedi. By the great dragons beard do these fine stone streets know traffic... from the humble Maho mages who visit the great library of Mogga to the Jareedi tourists missing the tastes of home.
The usual scene is one of a bustling location yet the roads remain empty, in fact it's the guards and knights of Rolragga who keep the streets clear of civilians. The great Fire Queen Shina Hart is arriving at this moment, grand carriages with the iconic red and gold that represent Jareedi. These carriages are certainly fit for royalty and each horse apart of this grand procession can only be described as majestic or perfect. They do not stop in the city however, the Jareedi didnt even have much time to look out the window and see the guards bowing down as they roll on through the streets leading to the embassy overlooking the city.
The gates open in advance allowing the five carriages to enter. As Dartha Rout exits the queens cart he is met by the captain of the Maho spellswords and fellow soldiers from Jareedi. Hearty laughter could be heard from ol Dart as he thought outloud in regards to his city. Shina Hart exits the transport after hearing the joyous reunion between Sir Rout and his subordinates. Though she makes her way towards her children to ensure they listen before the opportunity for a private discussion is lost.77a4a385edd49c1c82229c393e23.jpeg.jpg
"Keep your wits about you, there's no telling if that paranoid mage king has planted spies amongst servants or even Rolragga's guards."
A slight snarl appeared but vanished just as quickly before Shina continued.
"I assume you all know what's expected of you? You represent Jareedi, You represent the fire Queen, like your father and every King before him you to must radiate strength, think with wisdom and always protect your honor.
Jareedi rules Jarack, we lead everyone towards a future our ancestors are proud of...
The great Dragon blesses our people with power and the Phoenix spirit protects us from evil with warm wings,
like a great Dragon we will show Jarack our power but like the Phoenix we must protect those foolish enough to follow their own evil ambitions."

A small smile rested on the queens face as she selected the words she believed correct. As a mother she hated herself for even thinking along these lines, but as fire queen of Jareedi and ruler of Jarack she needed to place spies and enforcement among the royalty of Maho and Akuma
"I believe Jareedi eyes and ears in the company of those below us would help protect those who foolishly mistake safety for insidious actions, even if i wasnt Queen, i can think of no one better to represent Jareedi then my children... so Strong, so wise, so honored are you all. All of Jareedi treasure you, much like your father and myself."
The queens eyes grew a tad misty as she brought up her late husband but the stoic face returns as she faced the guards and knights who bow down in the presence of royalty.
While this was happening the Magic king Ains Circa was also reiterating his goals to family and trusted individuals.

"Gather now! Assume the position before we begin the incantations, Stand within the Magic circle..."
Multiple mages are in the process of getting ready a spell for mass teleportation, the king knew now was the time to arrive and had those accompanying him to Rolragga along with luggage and equipment and a detachment of spellsword guards and servants prepared and assemble within the Magic circle to hear Ains speak his thoughts outloud.
"We can only hope this farce of a party results with some answers... at the bare minimum a artefact i have shall help deduce when someone is lying, I shall be conserving my mana to use this tool throughout our time at the embassy. Our main priority is finding who is responsible for these murders of upstanding Maho elites!"
All remember the horrific wounds Shenani Circa and his men were found with. As if stabbed by a toxic spike of fire, the skin glows faintly green in the dark, the eldest prince was found mutilated just outside the enchanted Forrest. His corpse and his escorts bodies still fuming faint green mist as the blood pooled underneath them. Like all who have been murdered recently within the lands of Maho. The wounds glow...
"We shall avenge Shenani, we will find out who ordered the death of my son and we will enact justice... while I fear the worst shall happen it can just as easily go our way, do not let emotions cloud your judgement.
Remember to be charming and social, let the pompous Jareedi dogs and those backwards savages from Aku assume and think whatever they please of you."

The magic king forced a confident smirk.
" Our victory shall come from information, our deaths would be our defeat- while I know many of us would choose to die fighting those who seek to conquer Maho... If it comes to it I shall teleport you all back here to castle Maho, for none can burn down the protection that is our enchanted homeland so long as the Circa bloodline lives Maho can never truely die"

As the mages finish the incantations the Magic circle glows purple and flashes as Ains speaks soft and briefly to direct the party safely and instantly infront of the embassy in Rolragga. The act of teleportation on this scale was somewhat expected by the Fire Queen and any stationed at Rolragga but none could deny it was a impressive feat.
As Ains peered at all present he bowed his head at the sight of Queen Hart before lifting his face to speak with a slight jab.
"hail fire Queen, I hope the journey pleasant and that we are not to late."
"indeed it was pleasant Lord Circa, it's not often I get to visit the outskirts of Jareedi... let us take a moment to settle in, i trust you will be attending the party? I hope we have time to speak further then"
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Your characters are face to face, you can choose to be social or to simply have a servant take your shit and show you where your quarters are. Though the Dragon is visible in the sky the only thing one can tell at said moment is that it looks odd. Not like regular old green red black or gold dragons of Jarack.
Post order is "1 2 3 then me" meaning let three others post before you post again. Only control npcs from your own faction.

While royalty made with small pleasantries and servants did their jobs... Those from Akuma made the journey towards the embassy. King Welt was busy and unable to join but he sent those who could be trusted to deliver his message.
"we must unite Jarack, we need everyone to combat this force from across the seas... inform them what we know and if need be show Akuman strength, but we will not be able to strong arm Jarack into unity, we can not make them join with fear, we must trust each other and have the three kingdoms become one."
They would arrive in Rolragga soon, Welt's Dragon was not the largest to call Akuma home but it was certainly one of the faster monsters. Fearsome to... Like most things in Akuma dragons to grow different, this Dragon being a dark purple with multiple glowing eyes. The large furry saddle fashioned to his back looked somewhat comical up close but from a distance made it seem like a strange hybrid of monster.
It was Welt Stawa who tamed this incredible monster, his power over beasts is legendary among the Akumans. But it was his adopted son Almond who controlled the monster at this moment, well to say total control would be stretching it somewhat...
But Almond being talented in the same way, was trusted by the king to steer the winged monster towards Rolragga. His son Yahno being able to direct them where from the sky.
"you can see it now Almo! Overlooking that city, it's white with red roofs"
Yahno shouts towards Almond to remind him where they headed.
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Your characters are riding this Dragon with Yahno, they arrive soonish but they have enough time to talk amongst themselves.
Post order is the same for you guys as those tagged above so "1 2 3 than me" let three others post before you go again.
Once the Dragon has arrived I'll write the landing but feel free to get a first post in or wait til your character has joined the others. I'm not to fussed aha
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Rias felt himself struggling to hold back his tears and to keep his face neutral as they teleported into Mogga. His thoughts, like they have been lately, on his elder brother and his gruesome murder. If the culprit was among those of the Akuman or Jareedi Rias would find them and make sure their punishment wasn't at all swift or pleasant.

Pushing down the thoughts of his late brother Rias took in the sight of the great Maho city formerly known as Mogga, Rias felt himself oddly disappointed. Yes the city was beautiful and brought the best of Maho and Jareedi but that Rias believed was the problem. Referring back to the books at the magic castle Rias longed to see what Mogga would've looked like with out the Jareedi influence in person.

Feeling the air surrounding the two royal families swirling and tensing Rias decided to make the first move.

"Well met Queen Hart, rumors of your beauty have reached my ears for many years but I tell you those rumors have done you a great disservice." Rias proclaimed while taking her hand giving it a kiss and bowing. "My name is Rias Circa. Youn-son of Magic King Ainz Circa."

Rias slipped back into his role of the social and outgoing prince many had known him as. He would chat with the royals and nobles as if nothing was amiss until he found the information he was looking for.

As he moved to greet the rest of the royal family of Jareedi he found that the beauty of Queen Hart was something all of her children inherited. "Hello royal children of Jareedi. I hope you find Mogga as beautiful as we of Maho find it to be. Even with the.... modifications added to her features does she not shine as the Jewel of Jarack."


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Nohren Hart

Nohren's company of guards and servants converged on the line of Jareedi carriages. He could tell from within his own carriage whom they belonged to and he had already made the order for his people to settle them at the back of the pack as they rolled across the land, nearing the gates of Rolragga. Nohren could not see the faces of his siblings or mother as they matched speed and tailed the others, but he could see the helmeted face of a guard on horseback approaching before stopping at the side of the carriage.

"Identify yourself," the guardsman shouted towards the carriage. Nohren pressed a hand against the door and pushed it to swing open. He leaned forward so that his face could be seen clearly by the guard. "Prince Nohren Hart, on time for these sorts of gatherings, as usual." The guardsmans eyes widen a little, realizing that perhaps he had taken too strict a tone with his prince. "Deepest apologies, sire. It is a pleasure to see you safe from your journeys." Nohren offers a smile and a nod, forgiving the transgression before he takes hold of the door and swings it closed once more.

Nohren breaths in a breath of air before he releases it slowly into the rest of the cabin. As they drew closer to their destination, Nohren ensured that he had his weapons on hand. Bladed gauntlets strapped down to his waist beneath the robbing, edges of the blades covered in a leather sheath of sorts as to not nick his flesh underneath his exquisite clothing. His sword was bound to his back, resting within its own metal sheath.

Soon enough, the carriage comes to a stop. Nohren waits as one of his escorts steps to the door and opens it, the light of the sun once again flooding the interior of the carriage. He steps out, hands together and covered by his noble robes, the golden trim glittering in that bright sunlight. He approaches his other siblings, observing his mother and noticing the oncoming speech she was prepared to give to them. He could only wonder if she spent some time rehearsing it before she sent orders for him to come to this gathering of sorts.

He watched and listened, observing her face as she spoke. The paranoia in her tone and words, suspecting the worst of what is to come. Nohren was simply amused. He was ready for anything, and he didn't need to be paranoid to watch for threats as they come. No, he would enjoy himself as time passed within Rolragga. Best not to worry too much about the now when it's the future that holds the true excitement. He wondered what the reception would be like. How prepared Rolragga was for the noble families to converge within the territory.

As he wondered, the mana blessed Maho royal family appeared in a blaze of violet light, traveling instantaneously. Nohren was not amused in the slightest. It was a cheap trick for travel. Was this some kind of demonstration of magic superiority? It mattered not to the Jareedi prince. He just smiled still, watching as the people of Maho gathered themselves.

Indeed it was tense, the air around the princes and princesses of the two kingdoms, but some of it was certainly distaste from Nohren. He did not fancy the people of Maho. After all, the majority of the games he played as a child involved the slaying of Maho scum. As the tall prince of the Maho kingdom spoke, Nohren stared at him, absorbing all the little details he felt he needed to identify.
"Yes, I certainly do find Rolragga quite lovely, moreso now that touches of home can be found here. Why, I'd say it's made it just right. A perfect balance of both kingdoms to represent the peace we have come to establish." Nohren just kept that same smile upon his face, watching the three siblings before him. He didn't bother with any of the research and examination that his mother requested of himself and his sisters, he just observed as he pleased before he thought of the city they had all gathered within once again.


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jareedi princess


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RIAS, NOHREN (slightly)

Her mother would have made for a masterful thespian had she not been the Fire Queen herself. That she could look at the child she loathed most with such love... That she had treasured Layla as much as Jareedi had?

Layla's facade nearly broke into a grin. A true testament to her skill, no doubt. Nevertheless, she did agree with the message. Think with wisdom, and always protect one's honour. Warily, however, she turned to her two siblings. With their particular...temperaments, it's anyone's guess as to whether this would spell the ruination of this event.

If only Lyle had been here. Between the two of them, he had been the kinder one, gaining true friendships by virtue of simply being himself. It was the same case with their younger siblings, too. They listened to him. With her? There's always bound to be someone storming off mid-way into their 'conversations', though it'd be more accurate to call them arguments.

Rather than wallow in her misfortune or play house with her siblings, she, instead, turned to the servants to check on the arrangements. If anything went even slightly awry... Her head was sure to be the first on the chopping block.

——— 🎕🎕🎕 ———

Just as she finished with her task, purple coloured her vision. Then, out of thin air: the Maho delegation.

Ostentatious as ever. Even their young prince was of the same vein, going so far as to take the initiative to give their mother's hand a kiss before turning to them.

Prince Rias, as he called himself, seemed quite fetching with those strangely fascinating eyes. To her surprise, he matched her in height, too. A rare find. If only he hadn't committed such an obvious faux pas.

Mogga, he said. A subtle jab at Jareedi's actions, and one that won't go unnoticed. That's certain to ruffle some feathers; whether this was a conscious attempt on his part to seed discord remains to be seen. Her brother added to that fuel, but she was rather taken aback at how diplomatic it had been. By his standards, at least.

Before tempers could flare even further, Layla joined her brother in parrying the slight back, reminding Maho of its place and of their current unity. "Like my brother has said, Rolragga," she began, bringing particular emphasis on its new name, "is indeed beautiful. Truly, you were right to call Rolragga a jewel; much like a diamond, it took great pressure from both our kingdoms to turn it from coal, would you not say?"

"Do forgive me for not introducing myself sooner." Holding her hand out as if she expected him to repeat his greeting to her mother, Layla transitioned the conversation away from the potentially triggering topic. "Layla Hart. Charmed to make your acquaintance, Prince Rias."

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Almond never really flew a whole dragon before, but here he was looking like he’s been doing it for years. Not many 7 year olds claim they could ride a dragon or in fact speak to one, but Almond had the bragging rights. Not like he’d use them to make others feel bad, but at least he can add it to the list of things he’s done. He was grateful that his father was letting him do something so… astonishing as he was beaming like a little goof before coughing because he caught a bug in his mouth from beaming so much. At least his eyes were protected by his goggles.

he didn’t have the dragon in reigns, simply steering it like one might steer an elephant by tapping the side of the dragons neck to let it know where he desired to go. He wouldn’t let his father down, nor his peers as he looked around for what his father said to look out for, before he pointed to seemingly red roofs as he looked up at his father.
“Is it that right there papa?” he asked beaming gently happy that he was quite good at this already. It wasn’t too hard thankfully, the dragon seemed to like little almond most likely due to his hair reminding the dragon of the nut Almond fed him when they became friends, something the little boy seemed to be doing more often then not but never said why. Tho the nut was a bit bland, the boys personality sure wasn’t.

He liked being so high up tho, it seemed like their worries were so far away including people that would harm them or strived to harm them. Whoever they be, Almond didn’t know who in particular strived to hurt his now family which was probably a good thing. Either way, that wasn’t important now. Now he was busy focusing on where they were supposed to go and in a way it was like driving a car. A very alive, dangerous and scaly car, but the thought was still rather humorous nonetheless. His backpack was almost as big as the little one, but it must’ve made a good thing to hold like those handlebars on a rollercoaster, but thankfully the dragon was such a smooth glider that such things like a saddle wouldn’t be needed, but for safety purposes they were added with Almond promising the beast he’d remove them once they’ve landed since they were very high up in the air and chances did not wanted to be taken. Or at least that’s what Almond told his father as the boy was putting them on the dragon. At least he was taking in count the safety of the others.

“Papa where are we going anyways? I hate to tell you this but I already forgot.” Almond admitted as he turned to his father giving him the look that a simple confused child would give with his usual small and soft beam that he seemed to always have on even if someone was being murdered in front of him. Now that hasn’t happened… yet, but the thought makes me smile.


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Location: Traveling Via Dragon

The boy, Almond, may have felt at ease upon the scaley beast, but the princess could barely breathe.

"How much longer until we arrive?" she asked no one in particular.

Try as she might, the knuckles that had paled from the tightness of her hold on the beast belied the nonchalance she feigned. Flushed cheeks inflated with a sigh she withheld as she glanced around, hoping to spot some indication that they were near their impending destination. Seeing none, the princess went to brush a stray lock of crimson from her eyes, but immediately thought better of it and returned her hand to the beast before it could get more than an inch above.

Not that she minded the dragon itself. It was... okay enough. But she preferred it stationary and on the ground.

Her father preferred this sort of travel, but there was plenty her and the king didn't agree on. She adored and respected the man, but she thought a more direct approach to their issues would elicit a more favorable outcome. Perhaps, it was the lack of war in her life, but she itched to fight. Politics were filled to the brim with talk, but little to no action.

The princess ignored the fact that she was young and inexperienced in the ways of war, not understanding the tragedy that often results from it. Still, she knew enough not to go against her father's plans. As much as she wanted an adventure, she was too level-headed to disappoint him.

Closing her eyes, she focused on maintaining a somewhat static heartbeat and pushed aside the other thoughts. It would serve her well to focus on not passing out instead of thinking on other things she could not change. When she had reopened her eyes, she appeared a bit more at ease, but there remained some tension around her mouth.

She silently vowed the beast that she would find him a cow when they landed and feed it to them, if he got them all there alive.

"Or maybe two," she murmured beneath her breath as she clung to the dragon.
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The queens face hardly changed as Rias reached for her hand and introduced himself, the young man's confidence came from a place of ignorance it would seem. Shina couldn't tell if the Maho king taught his children a different account of history or if this Rias child was something of a nationalist.
What the fire Queen cared more about was what magic the Circa children are capable of.
"yes, well met"
Once her hand was free she raised it to her side and made a fist, her hand burst into a brilliant blue flame for a moment before she let the flame extinguish and brushed her knuckles across her dress. This was on the off chance Rias was able to poison her with a strange magic, but many guards took this as a show of force! 'Don't touch me so freely, I can end you in a instant' sort of deal.
The queens eyes gleam with curiosity but her face remains stoic as she speaks before turning to leave
"Yes I believe no one can deny Rolragga is quite charming, I know sir Rout is certainly happy to return..."
Her eyes glance towards Dartha Rout who was still laughing loud and talking to the soldiers lucky enough to call this city home.
"My late husband named this city in his honor, Ro from his surname... and Rah from the back of his throat"
Hearty Laughter could be heard from Dartha which might have made the queens joke make more sense

Ains was half sure he would lose more family on this day. Rias being himself couldn't help but show some form of cheek... Though even the Magic kings cocky children must realize a blue flame made so quickly is a sign of danger that could come to pass. Seeing as the Jareedi were so quick to correct Rias, Ains decided not to mention it. If it becomes a hassle he would simply have to apologise and force his flesh and blood to follow suit. In his mind and what he has seen so far though it appears the Jareedi have been treating this like a vacation of some sort. If they are oblivious to the situation or simply don't care sits in the kings mind... that is until one of his mages whispers a warning to him. Ains stared toward the incoming Dragon with a sense of awe escaping into his tone as they spoke in hushed tones.
"no, I've never seen a purple one..."
The king glances at the Jareedi family, the queen was entering the embassy with some servants and guards... did she notice the Dragon? Did she care? Did she summon it with that blue flame?!
Ains was to old to be worrying so much but one thing for sure was a Dragon arriving now could only make disaster happen.
Salla fiddled with his glasses as he went to stare at what caught his kings eye... "my word, Circa my king..."
"Assemble the guards, Salla I ask you to accompany them. The spellswords of Rolragga might need A barrier specialist..."
Salla and two of the guards left in a hurry, "...must be black I've never heard of a purple Dragon..."
It would seem only a few people have noticed the Dragon. Hopefully it remains that way and the Dragon does not fly closer.
The Dragon flies closer.

Yahno climbed across the saddle to reach Almond and to ensure he didn't say what he thought he just heard. "Rol-Raggah Almo, it's a Maho city taken by the Jareedi before you was born... papa Welt is sending us there to speak his words for him. You don't need to worry, just stay close to Yahno and do as I ask" Yahno smiled wide while giving the young boy a head pat. Though his actual family made noise whilst hanging onto the saddle for dear life.
"won't be long Wena"
Yahno shouted towards his sister over the sound of wings flapping and soaring in the wind.
"you'll like Raggah, different to Akuma in many ways"
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Princess Yelae Hartparty gown.pngDresses were much too constricting for Yelae's tastes, even the flowing silks of Jareedii fashion, yet this day marked an unusual occasion... and unusual occasions meant dressing the part. With a small frown on her face, the youngest princess of Jareedii struggled with the folds of her skirt as the others exchanged honeyed words and narrowly concealed daggers. Her sister, most notably.

Yelae stood farthest away from the elder twin, choosing instead to flank Nohren. She gave Layla a half-glance as she corrected the Maho prince and compared the city to some jewel. She clasped her hands in front of her, weaving her fingers lightly together. "Above all else, it is the will of the great spirits whom we must give thanks for Rolragga's prosperity. This land was clouded by darkness and ignorance until it was blessed with their illumination. Like seeds sown in the spring, see now how it flourishes under their benevolent protection."

She eyed the horizon, quickly spotting the painted flags and gilded roof of the city's temple, "I must present them an offering of gratitude... and light a flame in honour of my father, who shepherded their wisdom to the people of this land."

The fondness in her eyes shifted to surprise when a dark shape appeared above the temple. With webbed wings and a shining coat of the finest mail, it was effortless for the princess to identify.

"What's this? A child of flame descends from the sky! Could this be a sign from the great dragon spirit itself?" Yelae exclaimed happily, forgetting all about the meeting of nobility. She took a few steps away from the group and raised her head to the sky, stepping on the tips of her toes and shading her eyes with a hand. The heavenly sun was harsh, but she squinted her eyes against it to get a better look at the approaching dragon. At first the scales appeared to be black, but as it grew closer this colour was more akin to a purple. "This one is violet in colour... how unusual. And... hmm...what is wrong with its back? It is an odd shape for a dragon..."

Too distracted by the delightful sight, Yelae had completely lost track of her mother and the conversation in whole. She hardly took her eyes off the dragon, smiling in awe.

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Kane Silva
Kingdom of Akuma
Traveling by Dragon

Being one of the ones picked for this meeting made Kane feel both honored and a bit unlucky to him. He would get to get more recognition for his clan for doing so but Kane wasn't a fan of these kinds of things. But he knew that even the might of Akuma alone would not be enough to beat the new enemy.

Having had a bit of a shock after first looking at the royal family's dragon. He never really ridden on a dragon of this kind before. So it took him a bit longer to calmed down and simply started enjoying the ride in the carriage so much so he couldn't help but start laughing. Seeing how the young Almond could handle the best also impressed him. He thought maybe I should give it a go but who knows how that would go mild flight.

Hearing the princess ask the question of are we there yet made him get up from his seat and take a look around. Making sure to keep his footing he was able to make out a city in the distance." Well, lady Rowena we seem to be almost there. I wonder what the royalty of the other lands will be like though. Do any of you know anything about them? "Kane asked for anyone who might answer to try to distract himself. But he was more interested in the city it was different from Akuma. Seeing them just made him jump off the dragon and explore it and he didn't try to hide it. He wondered how about all the kinds of things and people who would be there.
Rias could do nothing but grin as his barb had the desired effect, though the action seemed to never make it to his eyes. Poke and prod to see what he could get away with and what was off limits to the Jareedi. Even the queen had felt inclined to respond so he could tell that the royal family had no qualms with how Mogga was stolen from his people, much like a lot of the lands the Jareedi now call home. And with this revelation Rias no longer felt inclined to feel an iota of sympathy or regret about the task he was undertaking.

Everything we do we do for the sake of Maho and the Circa line. Rias repeated the line over and over in his head as he felt his mask nearly slip off fully at the Queen's "joke". Oh Queen Hart how I'd love to reunite you and that oaf of your's with your late husband in the darklands. Death was a kindness he did not deserve.

Seeking out his father's gaze and was met with purple eyes that shone with displeasure and fear. Fear for his safety. Fine father I shall play nice with the arrogant simpletons... For now. His gaze said back. Until Shenani's killer is skewered on a pike and his corpse food for the birds that is.

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"The pleasure is all mine Princess. Hopefully you can forgive my previous comment." Rias said as he composed himself and repeated the action of taking Princess Layla's hand and planting a kiss on it, his lips lingering far longer than they should've. "We of Maho are a proud and sentimental people. I was raised calling her Mogga, so Mogga she shall remain in my heart."

"And I do agree. When we of Maho and Jareedi come together we can make wondrous things. But I'm afraid that discussion is best saved for when it is dark and behind closed doors."
He added unperturbed by the various people present.

Seeking his father's gaze again he found Ainz's attention preoccupied with something in the sky. What could be important about the sky that would force his father's attention, especially here in Rolragga of all places?

Rias couldn't believe his eyes. A dragon. A genuine dragon. Rias barely managed to contain his excitement. He had only seen illustrations of dragons in the books at the royal library at home. Magnificent beasts unrivalled in Jarack and from this istance it appeared black which would be an issue for the guards of Rolragga. Maybe the dragon will do him a favor and kill a couple of Jareedi, preferably Rout. Rias couldn't help but find that thought amusing. Who was he becoming.


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Nohren Hart

The prince of Jareedi breaths a soft sigh. Truly there was little point to just be standing about with those present. There would be nothing but jabs taken to try and get under each others skin, so Nohren made a conscious decision to simply turn to his belongings. He would leave the obviously bothered nature to his eldest sister. She seemed prepared to go at it in the end. He honestly didn't care to know those of the kingdom before him at the moment even though he was sure he knew just what was in store for them all. He turns back to face his carriage. He was here for far more than the social aspect, but it still carried some importance to him.

Stored within the back storage of the transportation were various items and personal effects, but nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary. Two packs filled entirely with clothing, another pack carrying already dirty clothing for he was on a trip before a messenger had arrived at his camp with a summons, a small chest that clinked with the sound of an abundance of coin and finally a few wrapped items. It was difficult to tell what these last items were, but perhaps that is the point of the wrapping. "Gifts to be shared for later," Nohren says as a more thoroughly equipped guardsman approaches him from behind. One of the guardsmen that was part of his own convoy. "Yes, sire. Well selected gifts as well."

Nohren only hoped that they wouldn't go ill appreciated, but he wouldn't mind if people with the bitter pill against Jareedi would turn down or dispose of these gifts. He was a warrior, but he did not lack a polite nature. Though he had to admit to himself that he wished there was a nearby training grounds in which he could go to keep himself in line. Being without movement and improvement for long was a difficult task for him at the best of times. Turning to the guardsman, he planned to speak with him, but the ramblings of something in the sky caught his attention. Nohren looked up with little amazement and wonder in his eyes. It was a dragon, and though some people praised the creatures as flying deities, he saw nothing more than a beast, though one to be respected in its own way.

As everyone seemed to be in awe of the scaled creature, he took the time to take some mental notes. His eyes travel to his young sister. The burn marks across her flesh didn't bother him too much. After all, he had markings of his own. What did bother him though was her ever increasing faith. He mourned the thought of how she once was, though it was then that she was still sickly. He mourned the thoughts poured into her head by the religious sects of their kingdom. She has changed so much. Perhaps he could try and guide her back to normalcy eventually, even if just for a moment, so that he could once again have a simple conversation with her.

His crimson eyes then shift to Layla. It has been quite some time since he has seen his eldest sister. She has not changed much, but what happened to her while he was gone was a mystery to him, but it is not a mystery he would dwell too much upon. She had enough weight on her shoulders at this time it seems. That, and her own brother was a challenger towards her for the succession of the throne. He wondered if she trusted him at all anymore. Were they siblings, or rivals? Only time would tell on that one.

Finally, he turns his gaze once more to the Maho prince. This time, he would look upon him less as an old enemy. Best not to hold grudges when creating a proper analysis. Needless to say right off the bat that he was a womanizer. A scoundrel for all things beautiful. Though perhaps that was only natural. When you were raised around all you were taught was perfect, you crave perfection in all you pursue, even women. Maybe Nohren was getting ahead of himself in this presumption, but that is yet to be seen. This would all require further examination.

All that was left were the two princesses, but he had yet to get a read on them. He did hope that they'd be a bit more transparent in their intentions. Honeyed words always painted a veil over the truth. But where pleasantries were exchanged, he was pleased that at least his own were honest. He has grown up far more mature than what some would expect of the battle loving prince.

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Rowena's heart lurched in her chest at the sight of Kane rising to his feet and strolling over to peer below. If her hands weren't glued to the scales she held, she would have marched over and pulled him back to safety. Instead, she closed her eyes and took a steadying breath.

His question interrupted her fears of him falling to his untimely death, arousing a completely different kind of fear. Rowena had paid little attention to her history and geography studies, but she knew enough to know that the civilizations they would be introduced to today were far different than their own. It was possible they would be viewed as savages in comparison to the other royals. In truth, they practically were.

"Not really," was all she said in response to Kane's question.

Kane was sure to do well today. He was confident and astute with a passionate edge that would serve him well when speaking up for his kingdom.

Yahno's assurance gave her conflicting emotions. On one hand, she was ready to get off the dragon and admittedly, excited to see what awaited her at their destination, but she was also nervous. Still, his words and use of her nickname earned him a smile before it was lost entirely as her eyes flitted forward and captured the sight of the people below.

Her first thought when she noticed the people was tinged with regret as she realized the women were finely dressed while she was garbed in her traveling attire. What was more, her naval area was exposed. Her peoples customs had never bothered her until then, but a defiance rose up within her and she steeled herself before the dragon could land.

She was a representative of Akuma and refused to allow fear to force her into a playing a role instead of presenting the true vision of her kingdom's heritage and customs. Shoulders back, spine straight, and hands still painfully clinging to the dragon, the princess of Akuma waited for the beast to land.


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By this point Ains and two guards spoke in hushed tones as the queen entered the embassy seemingly without a care.

"The Dragon is to fast, the city wont have time to evacuate"
"I feel the city isn't what that beast is after, I believe it's staring at the embassy... Or us..."
Ains stroked his beard attempting to calm himself and think logically about the situation. A guard held up a scope attempting to get a better view. "My king, there is people on the dragon!"
Ains reached for the scope so he to could see what was up...
The Dragon is flying from Akuma, that tribal king... this is his doing... but that savage has spent the better half of two years trying to negotiate with Maho, is this a declaration of war? there's people riding it... that little ma- no... That's a child!?
Ain's didnt have time contemplate the situation, a Dragon was coming but that didn't mean death is approaching. It was a coin flip at this point and the king decided to save his mana for combat rather then teleport his family to safety.
"have whatever guards still in the embassy prepare for battle, that Dragon is heading for us"
Dartha Rout stepped infront of Ains to salute "i gladly give my life to protect Jareedi and it's people, Rolragga and those who live here fall under that protection, Lord Circa please allow me to lead the charge against this beast"
Ains had half a mind to warp the man's head from his shoulders but instead he nodded with a stoic face.

The purple dragon was now close enough to Rolragga that people were beginning to panic. Many guards rush to form ranks outside the city in a attempt to shoot it down and engage the monster in a location that wouldn't result in mass casualties and destruction. Unfortunately they were not fast enough, the dragon soars high over Rolragga faster than any mage, spellsword, or guard could adequately aim much less fire upon. Yahno burst into laughter as the Dragon swooped down to land at the edge of the embassy. A mix of adrenaline from pure excitement and the chance of death that comes from falling from the sky.
All the Akumans hang on for dear life and brace themselves as the wind pelts against their faces until a sudden lurch came from the dragon flapping it's wings to land on the embassy's courtyard. Luckily the party is being held indoors as the most recent guests took up most of the outside area with their arrival.
As the embassy guards rush towards the monster with courage and regret in their hearts, they falter and come to a halt when they witness the beast up close...
Frightened by its awesome size and form the guards barely register that people are on top of this Dragon, six stand in a saddle and a child sits on the neck of the beast where all boys, girls, women and men have imagined themselves perched at least once in their life.

It was obvious to Yahno that the other lands wouldn't be accustomed to monsters like those from Akuma, but the shock and fear evident on their faces resulted in a powerful surge of emotions that could only be described as pleasure or satisfaction. A feeling of superiority washed across the man as his own thoughts proved true by reality...
They know nothing of us or Akuma, with our strength we could take all of Jarrack!
keeping it would be impossible...
This must be what father meant by we cannot force Jarack...
but still I shall have some fun!

The dragon's eyes glow only adding to the menacing stare,
Purple smoke fumes out of its nostrils as it sniffs and huffs loud snorts,
The wings extend sending out a strong gust of wind before folding up into its sides allowing those in the saddle to climb down.
It was Dartha Rout who sprinted to the front without fear, fire conjured from his grip to encase his weapon but the battle cry in his throat lost its roar as he noticed Yahno waving with a smile. It had been a few years since he traveled the lands and talked to foreign people...
The greetings and phrases took a moment to come back.
"hail fine people!... is this everyone? I can repeat myself but I'd rather not..."
Yahno announces as he looks at the guards and spellswords who assembled to see the Dragon.

"Are you the king from Akuma?" Dartha shouted unsure if these tribals would be offended that they aren't bowing down. indeed I am Yahno thought to himself with a smirk before speaking loud and clear...
"We represent Akuma as we were chosen by my father the great Welt Stawa, we come on behalf of the first Akuman king"
Some of the guards bow but that might have been due to fear of the dragon rather then showing subservience to a foreign king. (Even though green dragons are considered weak any adult/grown Dragon Is regarded as dangerous and worth evacuating civilians whenever possible. especially for unknown sorts)

Ains and ten of his trusted spellswords arrive ready for a fight as Yahno picked up Almond from his spot behind the dragons neck, (to avoid the young boy falling from a height)
to slide down the side of the saddle like the others Akumans.

Yahno and Rowena Stawa including the adopted Almond Stawa, aswell as chosen warriors Kane Silva, Dahno and Nahno Kutt, along with another man who may or may not be a Stawa. Could just as well be another warrior. ( Fluffykitty9000 Fluffykitty9000 not sure if you wanna jump in or not either way no problem lol)

Yahno placed Almond on solid ground and continued
"we have travelled very far to attend this event, though our king's words are important so to is our well-being. My brother's Dragon requires feeding... less it go mad with hunger and destroy this fine city aHa"
"and what Prince Stawa do you feed your Dragon?" Dartha asked trying to hide concern
"My brother's dragon," Yahno ruffled Almond's hair as he corrected the big man with a smile that seemed to be getting wider and more smug with each moment.
"I'd say... four cows or six horses but for us my friend, i was told there would be a feast, your finest cooked birds and drink would be much appreciated...less i go mad with hunger and destroy this fine city..."
Dartha squinted daggers at the one eyed Prince unsure if that was a very casual threat or a joke of some kind, Yahno laughs a jubilant "hah" before clarifying "relax my fiery friend I jest... though that Dragon is hungry and I suggest it receive a sacrifice worthy of its journey..."

Ains quietly suggested to a spellsword that they should feed the Dragon those Jareedi steeds.
The magic king having to stop the man "That's a joke you fool... however do go find some livestock for that monster"
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A timeskip is coming up so if you want to have your character do anything before the nobles of maho and Jareedi form a line to the embassy hoping to get into the party and be in the presence of royalty now is the time.
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Princess Yelae Hart
incidental music
party gown.pngWith just the sight of an approaching dragon, Yelae instantly turned from a princess into a child. Gathering up her skirts, she tore herself away from the other nobles and ran across the courtyard, crimson eyes locked on that mythical beast. With a giant grin on her face, she caught up to the carriages, where Nohren was sulking.

"Nohren, do you see the size of that dragon? Have you ever laid eyes upon such a hue? Surely not even in your adventures! It is brighter than the evening-lotuses in our royal gardens!" she grabbed onto his hand, shaking it in her excitement. "This is truly a blessing to behold!"

The winds swept across the embassy like the breath of a hurricane, spooking the horses and causing Yelae's hair to whip like prayer flags. Her laughter rose with the dust, though mostly drowned by the panicked neighing of horses. Yelae held an arm before her face, feeling the dusty, dry air rush across her. The fine silk dress she wore would be covered in dirt, but she didn't care. Beneath its silk, she slid off her shoes.

"It's landing! Over there! Quickly!" Yelae shouted above the noise, presumably to Nohren, but took off before she could hear his response. She leapt over boxes of luggage and weaved between panicking guards with all the fluid movement of a dancer.

She untied her sash as she ran and grabbed a handful of her skirt, bundling it up around her hips so that her knees were freed. While she ran she tied the sash around her waist once more. It was hasty and messy, a horrid sight for any Jareedii noble, but it fulfilled its purpose in freeing her legs. Once she was freed, Yelae climbed onto a carriage and scaled the embassy's wall.

On the other side, she dropped down into a roll and kept running. The ground was still swimming with clouds of dust as she ran through the inner walls and practically burst through the garden gate. Bare foot, she sprinted through the leaf-strewn ground, the scent of flower and fruit tart in every breath. They did not burn just yet, which meant the dragon had not attacked this day. How strange, yet so holy. It must be nothing other than the will of the spirits themselves!

The garden wall was crumbling near the back and was all too easy for the princess to scale. She stood upon its height and gazed down at the dragon in all its glory. To see a child of the dragon spirit was a rare sight, and to survive was even rarer... yet there were people atop its back as if the beast was no more than a draft horse. Yelae could hardly believe her eyes as she watched a child be lifted down from its nape.

"Who are you to tame the burning heart of this child-of-flame? You, who must be chosen by the dragon spirit themselves!" The Jareedii princess hopped down from the garden wall and approached the dragon and its people. She stopped a stones throw away from the dragon and bowed deeply to the creature, muttering some prayer beneath her breath. Only once this was complete did she turn back to the princes and princesses of Akuma. "Might I too present this child with an offering? We who keep the spirits know of a ceremonial gift for such children. Spiced lamb, butchered and prepared with greatest care."
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Losing her brother: Shenani was painful for Maria when she found out about that, because she loved her big brother very much. This then caused her to not want to go to the party, since they wanted to grieve over their death. She asked her father if she could stay in her room instead of going to the event. However, Ains said no to his daughter. He didn't want her to ruin the plan by not going to the party, since it is important for them to be there.
Having no way of changing her father's mind about the party. Maria went along with their plan, because she can't go against her father.

The poor princess had a fake smile on her face when everyone was getting ready for the mass teleportation for Mogga, which is known as Rolragga now. They wanted to cry so badly, but she isn't allowed to do that in public. The Maho princess needs to have a strong appearance in front of the public. Especially when Shenani isn't here to take the blunt of being the oldest in their family.
Maria was shoving her thoughts about Shenani's death down as well, because if she doesn't do that. She is going to burst into tears from that.

They arrived at Rolragga, and instead of talking to the other royals. Maria asked a servant to carry her stuff to their quarters, since they weren't in a good mood to talk to them. Despite her having a fake smile on their face, the servant did as they were told, and guided the Maho princess to their room.
She wasn't aware of the dragon, who was flying towards their location, due to how fast they left for their quarters.


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Almond was probably the only one who held his arms up high with a wide smile on his face before the dragon landed, tho it was probably expected from a 7 year old experiencing every other 7 years olds dream to ride an actually dragon. After he accepted help from Yahno and fixed his hair immediately, his seemingly carefree spirit turned into an awfully bashful one after he fixed his hair, tho his smile seemed sweeter then the finest of honey anyone can ever offer. After he made sure no one fell off counting the people, he turned to the dragon as he gently patted its snout. “You did well! I shouldn’t have fretted that you could carry so many people.” Almond said softly, making sure the giant lizard was alright before he returned to his brother side. With the clothes he was wearing, he obviously seemed like the odd one out, tho the clothes from Maho, in Almonds opinion, were a lot more comfortable and desirable. Anyways, the small bean looked up at Yahno with great pride and a small smile after he returned to his side, before catching what the man said as he turned to him with a frown. “He has a name, Cashew. Because he eats Cashews!” The boy exclaimed with upmost pride, before he finally removed the goggles he used only to ride the dragon for safety reasons as he slipped them in the bag he was carrying. He carried the bag everywhere tho, so nothing too out of the ordinary even if it was awfully similar to a bag you’d bring for a young child on a road trip or simply on a long wait at the doctors office. “But he also likes eating kids.”

Almond snickered at his small joke, before he witnessed the lady running up screaming about the dragon as he then felt a pride I can only explain as a bunch of parent flocking around your kid and calling them charming and lovable. And then, Almond turned to her with a smile as he copied what the princess of Jareedii did only because he liked the way it looked, and plus, little children always copy the things they like the look of. “He likes pork! He ate a whole bunch of it last time, right?” He giggled, looking up at Yahno before he then got the look of disquiet on his face and this time when he spoke he sounded a bit scared. “They’re not cooking any of our birds right?” He whispered, the naive child unaware that the birds that flock around him whenever he was home were simple song birds coming in for a quick chat or rest, but you know how children are with their innocent assumptions. ”Cashew is really hungry, I’m afraid he might eat something a bit out of the ordinary if we don’t feed him soon...” He then turned to the princess who was interested in his dragon as he had a smile full of pride as he stared up at her with them big ol’ blue eyes. “You can pet him if you’d like! I can show you how to!” He said with utmost excitement. He knew if he saw a beast like Cashew, he’d want to pet it, but maybe that was just how he felt.

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The young lady with what could only be deliberate scars across her body perplexed Yahno, her words and demeanour struck the man as fascinating aswell as odd. Dartha Rout made a involuntary sputter as the young princess rushed towards the Dragon, but upon hearing the dragons name many present couldn't help but wonder...
How do the Akumans tame dragons?
Is owning a Dragon common amongst Akuman children?
Exactly how many nuts would be needed to feed a dragon?
"dragons eat nuts?" Dartha asked with a raised brow in confusion, looking between Almond and Yahno as he let the mace in his hand extinguish and placed it down as a makeshift cane.

"They can but they always prefer meat, Kashuu's a bit odd for a dragon though. "
Yahno answered with little thought as he looked over the guards still bowing and the others to arrive. Clearing his throat with a cough before speaking for all to hear,
"rest easy friends! We come in peace! old shuu here won't disobey a Stawa, though he will hunt if he gets to hungry..."
Ains wouldn't let the embarrassment of the guards define this moment...

"I am Ains Circa the Magic king, ill explain this just once prince of Akuma...
i will not tolerate sly threats and blatant shows of power, what is your father's intentions sending you here on this Dragon?"
The magic king stepped forward with authority in his tone.
"I am Yahno Stawa, King Stawa has sent me to speak on his behalf, the six I bring are trusted by the king to assist me in this task. I have only been truthful since i--"
Yahno was cut off but didn't take offense to it
"And what does king Stawa have to say?"
Ains couldn't help but feel this man would speak forever if given the chance
"I would rather relay his words infront of everyone to avoid repeating myself, i was told this was a event? Food, drink, a party of some kind? I shall save my father's words for then."
The two stare at each other for a moment, Ains's hand hidden in his robe as his eyes flash a dim colour...
"something for your Dragon to eat shall arrive shortly. Make sure it does not provoke this city or it's people."
The magic king left after making sure his men could find some cows to sacrifice, his concern now being that the Jareedi priests and religious nutters will flock towards the monster like that princess has...
"kashuu would thank you but he doesn't speak people!" Yahno called out to deaf ears.
With the king and a handful of guards leaving the courtyard, the guards left stand at attention outside keeping the threat in view.
Yahno's attention turned to Almo and the woman, "Maybe wait til Kashuu has been fed, it'd be a shame if he was to eat our new friends by accident... I know!"
Yahno snapped his fingers as if he figured out a great plan, he glanced between the guards and the fan of the dragon with a warm smile.
"How about we go with the kind girl here to get that offering, Dahno an Nahno can make sure Kashuu stays out of trouble"
Yahno crouched down to look Almond in the face, neither have the talent for telepathy but Yahno thought hard and tried to convey his thoughts from his tone and face.
Agree with me.
From the third floor in the nicest bedroom of the entire embassy, Queen Hart peers from her window with a surprised smirk. The Akumans seem to come in peace despite arriving on a dragon...
Though... I'm unsure if I should be grateful for Yelae's enthusiasm or upset at her lack of preservation.

The queen had a assumption that Circa arranged that whole scenario just to kill a Dragon in some display of magic. The reality being more of a concern to the Queen then a old man's ambitions and schemes...
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Nohren Hart

With all that happened, the prince appeared extremely composed. The arrival of a dragon though was not foreseen by him, but he clearly did not come unprepared as seen by the gathering of his soldiers. They were something else aside from normal guards, they were made of a different stuff. They were elite soldiers, but more than that, they were fellow monster hunters alongside Nohren. They all looked upon the dragon as it soared with shadowed gazes, standing in formation around their leader yet keeping a mild birth and offering the prince some space.

As Yalae approached, her excitement might have made her ignorant to the eerie anticipation that surrounded the young Jareedi prince. Upon his face was a smile. He seemed lost in thought. His sister might have been jumping with glee at the arrival of a dragon, but something kept Nohren still with anticipation and created an air of tension around his men. They were monster hunters after all. Some monster hunters crave the excitement of hunting a new creature. A dragon has always been an incredible yet rare, and perhaps taboo, find. The soldiers around Norhen seemed to be waiting with uneasy patience for their prince to command them into battle against the creature any second now.

As Yalae separated from him to pursue the dragon and meet it in its descent, Nohren breathed a soft sigh. He decided to be courteous and not bring harm to their guest. Now was not the time for blood after all. 'A dragon,' the prince thought to himself a few times. He had been looking for an opportunity to test himself against such primal creatures. To learn from them in victory or defeat. There was much he wanted with a dragon. So much opportunity for growth. Though if the report was true and people were upon the beast, then perhaps locking one in battle wasn't the only way to get close to such creatures.

He takes another look towards the direction of the dragon, watching as it came to a landing on the other side of the embassy. With a grin, Nohren takes off after his sister. "Tanik, Zorr, please accompany me. The rest of you, please move the rest of my belongings and unhitch the horses in a safe place. I don't want anyone getting any ideas about misplacing my horses." On command, two guardsmen from the formation swiftly tail the prince as he goes on his way. The rest of the guardsmen begin to unpack, others making sure their leaders command goes on uninterrupted.

If he had not ordered an escort, he would have taken the same path as his sister, but Nohren instead proceeds through the embassy and exits through the back, however long it would have taken. He arrives in time to hear a young boy talking about the dragon as if it was a pet. The creatures owner then? He took note of this for a later time. His head tilts back to focus in only on the dragon for a few moments, that is until he can see the Akuman people gathered around it. He had always taken a particular interest in these people whose lives are filled with danger in untamed lands, but one thing that felt pleasant to him was the lack of distrust and anger he would usually feel towards those of Maho. To encounter those of Akuma was a slight breath of fresh air.

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Kane Silva

Seeing the grounds of the embassy Kane couldn't wait for the touchdown. Once the strong winds being blow by the fantastic beast had stopped he hoped off. He would have taken off and had a quick look around but their arrival was met with a large and somewhat on edge looking group. But lucky Yahno seemed to be able to calm them down somewhat. Kane could not help but laugh at the joke he made. But he would have just had been ready to defend the group if he needed to. But instead, he simply grabbed anything he could from the dragon's back and carried it down. he also offers to help anyone else down.

"Well Yahno, things sure do seem like they will be interesting, to say the least." pointing to Dartha "Nice weapon you have there if we get the chance I would enjoy a good spar with you, good sir. And if you best me drinks all around on me.". Once he finished he waved to everyone who showed up to meet them. Not long after a lady in some fancy dress approached them did some kind of ritual at the dragon. then turned her attention to them with a question. " But by all means, lead the way to the feast we have been on a long journey, we and this fellow could use more than use a good meal."

As he took a good look around him taking in the environment. Kane couldn't help but be interested in trying out the food of other lands. Almond had named the dragon chewy which he didn't know he thought was a good name simple and easy to remember. Giving a
thumbs up to don't then to Almond."Great job getting us here you two. If you ever find yourself bored and wish to pal around let me know. But just so you know I will not hold back."He then let out a heartedly laugh.


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The ground was sturdy, a quality of the earth she had never been so thankful for until the moment her feet left the dragon and stood beside it. Her arms crossed in an instinctive stance of defense. Though she attempted to smile, it felt and probably looked more like a grimace. The land and its people were already terrified of them due to the dragon, she feared there would be nothing she could do to alter their preconceived notions that Akuma was a land of savages.

Her eyes darted to the Jareedii princess when she approached and offered to give Almond a gift. Despite not knowing that she was the Jareedi princess, she guessed she was royalty by the extravagance of her attire. Her kindness to the child earned her a genuine smile from Rowena. She liked her instantly.

The Magic King not so much.

She wanted to reach out to Yahno and snag his attention to warn him against playing the instigator. It would serve their mission well if they did not poke the bear and though the magic king lacked fur, his temperament was parallel to one.

But she respected his leadership and let the pieces fall where they may.

“But he also likes eating kids.”

Rowena stifled a laugh. Almond's creativity and sense of humor never ceased to entertain her.

Another arrived shortly, but whom, she did not know. He was flanked by two warriors. No, not warriors. Here they were formally known as guards. He appeared interested in her people and the dragon. Unlike the cantankerous magic king, he seemed welcoming enough.

Rowena tore her eyes away from the people standing nearby and took in the scenery. It was a stark contrast to Akuma, but beautiful and almost majestic. Too enthralled by the land and its people to speak, Rowena remained silent as she stood and waited with hunger gnawing at the pit of her stomach.
Rias watched the dragon's decent with glee and was once again met with crushing disappointment that not a single one of the pompous jareedi were eaten, not even slightly maimed. Why do these things never go right for me? Curious though it seemed like the dragon was merely a means of transportation. Rias smiled. I see father wasn't the only trying to make an entrance.

Rather than immediately flock the Akuman delegation, Rias opted this time to stand back and observe. The Jareedi were a known quantity Rias was at least familiar with and already loathed, the Akuman on the other hand were complete enigmas and he didn't want to say something that could ruin any potential alliance. Particularly if Jareedi killed his brother like he suspected.

'I am Ains Circa the Magic king, ill explain this just once prince of Akuma...
i will not tolerate sly threats and blatant shows of power, what is your father's intentions sending you here on this Dragon?'

Rias felt his eyes roll into the back of his head. His father's vicious paranoia was always closer to the surface now since Shenani's assassination.

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"Well met delegates of Akuma. Please do not let my father's jealousy bias your opinion of the Maho. He was simply upset he didn't think of riding a dragon here. Do not take it personal." Rias said approaching the crowd. "And while I'm not his biggest fan please cut him some slack as he's been under a lot of stress lately."

Rather than go for the same exaggerated introduction he did with the Jareedi, Rias instead opted to drop the mask and all pretense.

"Sadly I cannot stay as I must help my father with his preparations and see to my sister but let me be to first to genuinely welcome you to Mogga, jewel of Jarack. I hope we can talk more at the feast later. I'd love to hear more about you all." Rias said evenly and with a bow walked toward the embassy.


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Those of her family seemed, to Layla, free of the distress most would be struck with from the mere sight of that strange beast. Nohren, true to the Jareedi legacy, donned the same undisturbed disposition their mother had, merely smiling at the proceedings. Truly Mother's son.

And Yelae, that girl... She whooped, cheered, jumped for absolute joy. Nothing particularly unexpected from her, as she was always so mirthful when it came to that which she most revered, but likely not a reaction others would have shared.

Certainly not Layla, at least. With all the guards—flames, even Maho's king—taking up arms, keeping her composure had been a monumental task. She may have managed to stay rooted to her place, but her nerves couldn't be completely buried away from those more perceptive: her eyes, glancing far more often to the skies than to the Maho delegates, her hands clasped together, nails pressing crescents into her skin. So focused was she on the danger that could befall them that Layla failed to notice even the indiscretions her younger sister had gotten up to.

All, (but Yelae,) waited, anticipation loud on many faces until, finally, a solid thud behind the embassy building.

The dragon had landed.

——— 🎕🎕🎕 ———

Layla, confident in the power of numbers, followed suit after the main party. After passing through many arches, she made it to the other side only to see... Yelae on the ground before the beast. Was she hurt? she worried, but that was quickly dismissed after Yelae rose up to greet those by the dragon with a gleam in her eye. Layla sighed, the tension finally released. She's unharmed. She thought, but that relief was far too ephemeral to save Yelae from Layla's lectures later.

As she approached the group, she could hear fragments of the Maho king's frustrations, all centred on the recent arrivals from Akuma. Suffice it to say, some of his comments were ironic.

Sly threats and blatant shows of power, he said. As if he and his kin had not attempted to do the very same with their theatrical appearance and their blunted jabs. The king went further in his disrespect, interrupting their guests in his hypocritical tirade. Just moments ago, when their mother was still before him, he had seemed so cautious, so timid... The cat is quite dignified until the dog comes by.

At least the king had some semblance of rationality, eventually making his exit from there. With the aggressor gone, she invited herself into the conversation and acted antithetical to the one before her. Far easier to placate than it is to mediate, after all.

"A warm welcome to you all. I'm Layla Hart of Jareedi," she began, wearing a cordial smile, a clear contrast to that of the frown the king had worn. "I hope his... temperament will not sour your stay here in Rolragga."

"It'll be some time yet 'till the feast begins; why not settle into your rooms first? I'll have someone guide you to your quarters on the first floor." She quickly called for a few servants—ones who peeked out from the large oak doors, with curiosities greater than their senses of preservation—to assist their guests in this endeavour.

Included in those people was the embassy's quartermaster, a blonde woman with spectacles so comically large, it's impossible to mistake her for another. Her arrival could not be more well-timed. "Your dragon, too, shall be pampered here in the meantime, you need only give its dietary instructions to that madam over there. Madam Dana." Hopefully, that would assuage their worries and soften Jareedi's image.

"And once that's over with, I'm certain that Yelae would be more than glad to give you all a tour, should you wish it." Though, only after Yelae's dishevelled dress was fixed. Perhaps a lecture, too, just in case.

Yelae's likely to take issue with this separation to her enduring adoration, but Layla isn't allowing any insurgency on this matter, especially not with so many eyes watching. She quickly held her sister close and steered themselves away from the group. "Make yourself presentable first, sister. Do all your rituals not require proper garments and preparations first?" Despite the smile on her face, her whispers carried an edge of derision for Yelae's lack of decorum. Yelae needed to remember her position.

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Almond stared at his brother and by only the sheer power of brotherhood and understanding that look in his brother's eyes was he able to sort of read his mind as he nodded his head softly, before turning to the princess with his usual sweet along with a hint of bashfulness as his small hands found his brothers. Asking a stranger for something was rather difficult for the small boy, but as if his brother was transporting courage to him he opened his mouth to speak. "Can we-" before he finished, he got distracted by the man walking towards the group and observing his dragon as he waved at him gently since once again, dragon pride, then he heard Kane start speaking as he turned his head to listen to Kane speak which then but what drew the boy's attention was him giving them a thumbs-up as he mimicked what the man did, giving Kane a small yet caring smile. His attention was then towards someone else speaking, someone with a rather... interesting voice that sort of shook the small boy out of his smile as he scooched closer to his brother's side. He didn't like how this old man was accusing his brother of having ill intentions of simply letting Cashew spread his wings for once and also show off their totally wicked dragon, wicked in a cool way that is, so this rather elderly man was certainly not taking any spots in Almond's favorites list in the meantime. However, the prince seemed nice enough as Almond let out a clear sigh of relief, coming back out from behind his brother to at least give the man a small wave hello and his signature bashful yet caring smile, it was the least he could do greeting wise. He also suppressed a giggle at hearing the old man being jealous. So even the elder and wiser can experience jealousy? How peculiar.

Almond seemed to have forgotten what he was going to ask the princess again, so the look of remembrance soon spread across his face that was unfortunately soon disrupted by a rather elegant-looking lady as she formally greeted herself as Layla, the small couldn't help but feel as if he should do the same. He first started off by bowing as a princess would, he was a bit confused but at least he had spirit, and gave her a smile.
"I'm Almond." He stated quietly yet formally enough, and then watched as Layla then whisked away from her sister before returning to his brother's side with a soft sigh. "I'm sorry Yahno... I didn't get to ask her my question... I forgot what I was gonna ask tho..." He shrugged before he turned to the large giant yet beautiful castle. It was much different than the place he called home and far different from the castles he really loved seeing in his fairytales, but he really liked its outwards appearance nonetheless, and from a closer look he was able to soak up all the detail and enjoy it. He then turned back up to Yahno with a curious face. "Are we going to go inside with the others as well?" It was almost like Almond knew his brother was planning something if he was planning anything at all. Either way, if he was or wasn't planning anything, like any child in a foreign place with only a selected few people he knew he would follow wherever his brother went and do whatever his brother said unless if it was something very very horrible.



A loyal subject of the darkness.
Annelise Bravehart
Annelise had been prepping for this day for a long time now. She had made every mark down to the tiniest detail. They were prepared for everything. At least they had thought they were. What they weren't expecting was an attack from the inside; their own prince dead on the pavement. It had set the whole kingdom on a loop. Annelise expected a period of grieving, but the king insisted on pushing on. He was right to want this event to happen. But then again it was his own son that had died. Annelise didn't question the king further when he made his decision. She went along with what he said and proceeded with the preparations. The day of the teleportation Annelise went around making sure everything was in order. That was her job after all. Once she triple checked absolutely everything she could; she went back to get her daughter ready.

Katrina was waiting for her when she returned. That put a smile on Annelise's face; her little girl sitting in her night gown by the door. She had two dolls in her hands playing with them. Annelise kneeled down next to her and wiped a strand of her hair out of her face. "Sweetie. Go get dressed. We're going to be leaving soon." She said to her softly. Katrina looks up at her and nods; excitedly jumping up and going into her room. Annelise stood up sighing, she watched the door thinking to herself. She often questioned her ability to be a parent; it was hard for her to balance out work and her family. More than once she had steeled her resolve to give Katrina away. To give her a better future and more loving family than she could give. But then she looks at the kind trusting eyes of her daughter, and all of those thoughts go away. She had been doing this for seven years now; why couldn't she continue to do it. If not for her pride than to keep her daughter with her.

They were now standing in the giant circle of the people who were going to Rolragga. Annelise was carrying Katrina on her hip; waiting for the mages to do their part. She would have helped, but she didn't know any kind of teleportation magic. The most she could do was make it look cool and extra. Before the mages finished their spells the king started talking. She turned to face him; listening to what he had to say. It was his speech about his son. Annelise gave a little smile, there was the king she knew. Katrina was growing bored rolling around in her arms. She looked down at her daughter and gave her a look. Katrina quickly stopped moving looking away at the mages doing their work instead. Once the king finished speaking Annelise nodded; she had kind of noted down what the king had said. It was just something she started doing while working as the royal advisor. You never knew what information would be important later.

A moment or so later and they were transported to Rolragga. Annelise could hear the audible gasp of Katrina, as the landscape around them changed. She shifted her daughters weight so that she could place her on the ground. Annelise knew her daughter; she didn't really like being held. She had only held her then because it made her feel better; if things had gone south then she's at least be holding her daughter. Fortunately everything had gone as planned. Annelise didn't quite know what to do. She stood there waiting for what came next. Although instead of conversing with some people as she had planned; she was now looking around for her missing daughter. Katrina had wandered off, exactly as she had told her not to do. Annelise was now walking around looking for a very short female in a giant crowd. She was panicked, and that was before a giant dragon flew through the air. Now she really needed to find her daughter.

Annelise had all but given up. It turned out that the dragon was from Akuma, so now she was a little more calm. But she had just lost her only daughter in a crowd of strangers. Her search had gone like this. At first she was frantic, then she calmed down a little bit being logical, then after another few moments of not knowing where her daughter was, she was looking everywhere. It had turned out that her daughter had managed to climb up into a tree; Which they were now both sitting in. Annelise was giving Katrina a talking too, but she was distracted by the giant dragon nearby. She sighed and grabbed her daughters hand. Katrina looked back at her mother. "Please don't scare me like that again dear." She said quietly, her eyes full of desperation and tiredness. Katrina nodded and hugged her mother. She sighed hugging her back. Annelise jumped from the tree and held her arms out to the small female. Katrina followed jumping out into her mothers arms. They walked back to the crowd in silence. Annelise put Katrina back down, and they waited together.​
Rias navigated his way through the Rolrogga embassy passing by several servants and guests making preparations for the feast later tonight. Catching wasps and whiffs of conversations everyone seemed to be a buzz with talks of dragons and the Akuman that tamed it.

"-and one was as tall as a giant with a mixture of fur and scales even had a tail!" One of the scurrying servants exclaimed to his compatriots. "Are you sure it's safe inviting those savages here? They might eat us all. Heard the savage child say his dragon ate little kids!"

Rias couldn't help but roll his eyes once again. He loved his people dearly but they really needed to get over their xenophobia least they truly become like the Jareedi. He fully expected the dragon and its riders will be the only topic of conversion tonight if rumors like this persisted.

"You know dragons don't really eat humans right?" Rias stated. "There's something about our genetic makeup that prevents a smooth digestion to the point most dragons don't even bother opting for a easier more digestible targets."

He saw the look of panic on the servants face subdue into one of cautious fear and turned to make his way towards the Maho quarters and added "At least dragons that size do."


Despite loathing the Jareedi Rias again couldn't deny their cultures were indeed highly compatible. The smooth and intricate steelworks of the Jareedi blacksmiths mixed with the beautiful carpentry and artwork of Maho's most skilled artists created a place of mesmerizing beauty that could enthrall any one. Was this something the late Flame King commissioned or was it his wife? He didn't expect any one from Jareedi could or would appreciate Maho's beauty let alone represent it as on par with their own Kingdom. Hmm food for thought I guess.

Blackrose7 Blackrose7
Rias knocked on the door to the room adjacent to his quarters before walking in despite not being given an answer. "Sister? Leaving her door unlocked? That's a recipe for disaster if I've ever seen one." Rias said shutting the door behind him.

Finally as if a massive weight had been lifter off him Rias' mask had finally shattered and the tears poured down finally giving himself a moment to genuinely grieve his brother with the person he knew out of everyone in the world felt how he felt about Shenani.

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