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News & Updates The Future of BBCode+ and Further Development

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The Sleepy One
Hello everyone, I am Alteras Alteras , a mod and a huge advocate for BBCode+.

As most of you will have read by now, BBCode+ support will be suspended. This means that all BBCode+ related tags will no longer render. This doesn't mean that your code will be lost to the void of the internet, just that it won't be readable. To counter this, I recommend surrounding all your code in [code][/code] tags. Here is the full list of tags that will not be supported:
[div= ][/div]
[div class=][/div]
[class name=][/class]
[script class=][/script]

For most of us older coders, this just means we have to fallback onto janky pre-bbcode+ codes. In fact, this post is already using jank in preparation for it ([bg=transparent; width: 1000px; max-width: 100%; margin: 0 auto; padding: 0; color: currentcolor;]text[/bg]). For newer coders, you'll have to learn how to use stuff that most of us consider improper coding. But not all hope is lost. BBCode+ will return.

I have been allowed to pick up the BBCode+ project myself, and will be working with @The Dark Wizard to find support for it in the future. I will try to preserve the current syntax of bbcode+, but because we're essentially building it from the ground up, we have some leeway in what we can do. I believe that classes and divs will make a return without much change, however bbscript is questionable and is actually the main reason behind the decision to stop bbcode+.

BBScript is an extremely powerful language that uses Javascript and PHP, and one that should be paired with divs and classes. However, when Lyro designed BBCode+, he determined that the safest way to allow what BBScript does is to make a full compiler. This is current compiler is actually way too complex to expect RPN to keep supporting into the future. Likewise, there are changes being made in the backend, so this compiler needs to either be rewritten or completely scrapped for a new method of bbscript. In fact, bbscript must be supported entirely using javascript independently. The current goal is to revive bbscript in a not so intense fashion. Because of this, there are several changes I am considering going forward, and would like the rest of the BBCode Community to contribute their thoughts and opinions as well.

To help facilitate this discussion, I am opening up my private BBCode Discord Server, the BBCult, for others to join. I want the BBCoders of RPN to be in charge of what BBCode+ will look like, and to contribute to the system. I explain more on the server, so please feel free to join.
Do note that this is still a private server, so read up on the rules.

To wrap things up: BBCode+ will return. In what form it will return in is questionable, but I believe us BBCoders should know what is being changed. There is no time horizon for when it'll return, but we'll have a say in its development. This project will take a long time, maybe even a year or two, but it will be accomplished.
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