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Futuristic The Frontier Initiative - Character Sheets


Viper Actual

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Header Character Sheets.png
  • Name
  • Alias/Nickname
  • Age
  • Face-claim (Realistic preferably, NO ANIME)
  • Allegiance (Civilian/United Nations/Corporate)
  • Detailed Allegiance (Optional, name of UN department or parental company/employer)
  • Staff Divisions (Admin, SecDiv, DevDiv or LogDiv)
  • Biography
  • List of three (3) personal items brought from Sol to Krasivyy

Existing Companies/Employers:
  • Terradyne Heavy Engineering
  • Red Rock Private Security
  • Calypso Investments Inc.
  • Jansson & Söner AB
  • Herschel Industrie und Entwicklung GmbH
  • Warren & Sons Mining Equipment Inc.
  • Shanghai Strategic Investments & Development
  • European Corporate Alliance
  • Bishop Global Armaments LLC

Existing UN Departments/Sub-Organizations:
  • UNFCA (United Nations Frontier and Colonial Administration)
  • UNWPO (United Nations Wildlife Preservation Organization)
  • UNCDO (United Nations Colonial Development Organization)

ICCA Staff Divisions:
  • Administration (Admin), includes corporate reps, board observers, UN attaches and other admin-related staff.
  • Security Division (SecDiv), includes private security contractors, corporate bodyguards/close-protection staff and colonial rangers.
  • Research & Development Division (DevDiv), includes scientists, miners and more.
  • Logistics Division (LogDiv), includes logistics staff, drivers, pilots, etc.
* * * EXAMPLE SHEET * * *

NAME: MICHAELS, JOSHUA D.SecDiv Michaels Cropped.png
AGE: 43

ALLEGIANCE: Red Rock Private Security


A former career soldier from the United States Marine Corps, Michaels only real vice is his love for strong alcohol which- unfortunately- sometimes included drinking on the job. Despite multiple disciplinary actions Michaels was eventually dishonorably discharged from the USMC, utterly destroying his once promising career as a Non-Commissioned Officer.

Before the bottom of the bottle got to him a rep from Red Rock Private Security reached out and to Michaels' surprise they offered him a well-paid job as one of many colonial security specialists. Now, Michaels had never thought much of the prospect of seeing new worlds but with such an enticing new pay to keep him motivated he promised himself that he'd stay in line. Mostly.

With nothing but luck, silent promises and a few friends that vouched on his abilities as an NCO Michaels was assigned to the 2nd Krasivyy Expedition.

Currently he's crossing out days on his paper calendar until he gets to rotate back home to Sol for some well-deserved R&R on some sunny white beach.

1) USMC-stamped canteen, used.
2) A pair of aviators, scratch-resistant, includes synthetic fiber cloth.
3) Crucifix necklace, worn, passed down the Michaels' family since the American Civil War.

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Name: Sardet, Sarah, K.
Alias/Nickname: Cathey
Age: 22
Face-claim:unnamed (2).jpg
Detailed Allegiance: Red Rock Private Security
Staff Divisions: SecDiv
Sarah was born in the former United States on earth. Her mother was a doctor who worked at a military installation, and her father was a Captain on the USS Vancouver. She spent much of her younger years around the military, leaving a lasting impression on her. She often watched the soldiers go about their days when she was younger. Her mother often took her to the hospital when she was young. As she got older and started to attend school, she started to think about what she wanted to do as an adult.

So at 18, she enlisted with the navy, and a few weeks later, she left for basic training. Once her basic training was complete, she was sent to intelligence school. She studied hard as well as performed highly in her class. Upon the day of her graduation, she was eager to get to her first assignment. Eager to make a good impression, she is ready for duty. After three years, she left the service and joined the private security contractors, itching to get a shot at going to a new planet. She figured the best way to get there was to join a group hired to deal with matters there.

Personal items brought to Krasivyy:
1. A journal detailing her trip
2. Family photo
3. A box of books

Viper Actual

Ask me about my tourniquet fetish.
NAME: DRENNEK, ELISABET J.Admin Drennek Cropped.png
AGE: 38

ALLEGIANCE: Calypso Investments Inc.


Cold, ruthless and unforgiving when faced with failures and excuses. That is the reputation Drennek has among both her peers and those unlucky few to ever have crossed her, be it politically or on the opposite end of a conference room.

Throughout her relatively short but intensive career Drennek has made a name for herself through her unsympathetic demeanor and for being a bad omen that represents the ever secretive Calypso Investments Inc.

She's been responsible for several hostile takeovers, turning potential allies into puppets and rivals into broke and utterly decimated versions of herself. In the corporate world Drennek has also earned the reputation of someone that always gets results- no matter what.

Entrusted with key corporate assets on behalf of the BCC, Drennek was appointed by Calypso Investments to be their representative on the 2nd Krasivyy Expedition where she brute-forced herself to the top of the colonial hierarchy where she will remain until the 4th Krasivyy Expedition arrives to relieve her.

1) Ink pen, golden trim, engraved with 'ED'.
2) Vinyl record player, used, packaged with a smaller vinyl collection.
3) Analogue wristwatch, platinum-plated, custom-made.

NAME: LEVKOV, ARTEM B.DevDiv Levkov Cropped.png
ALIAS/NICKNAME: 'Boris', 'Lev'
AGE: 41

ALLEGIANCE: Levkov Biomedical Research Corp.


Usually described as an 'oddball' and sometimes, though rarely, as 'creepy' Artem Boris Levkov is a self-made biomedical research genius known for developing several groundbreaking treatments and vaccines via alternative means. He comes from a long lineage of Russian scientists with the earliest mention of them having been traced back to the Soviet Union.

As a person Levkov can come off as a bit eccentric and he has a habit of zoning out mid-conversation only to show sudden renewed interest for the topic at hand to the point where he can be perceived as intense.

Being a member of the 3rd Krasivyy Expedition Levkov is destined to arrive at Krasivyy any day now and before he was put into cryogenic sleep some crew members of the CCV Horizon reportedly heard him giggling like a boy.

1) Leather-bound notebook, worn.
2) A holographic camera, includes 10 TB flash memory.
3) Medal, USSR origin, family heirloom.

NAME: JACKSON, BROOKE Y.LogDiv Pilot Jackson.png
Age: 25



Perhaps destined for a quiet and calm life as a VTOL-pilot on Earth like her parents, Brooke Jackson wanted to experience life before molding into some stained and dirty commuter shuttle cockpit. It wasn't personal (it really wasn't) but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and, well, in Brooke's case that meant speeding through several different pilot certifications.

From fixed wing to rotor and ultimately all the way to exo-atmospheric thrusters Brooke managed to catch the eye of a prominent UN official that made regular trips across the Sol system.

Suddenly with a well-paid official job Brooke had racked up quite the hours on three different aircraft before she was even 22 years old.

Eventually she was recruited into the United Nations Colonial Development Organization and trained to become a Hostile-Environment, Adaptive Navigation ('HEAN' for short) pilot. Brooke would celebrate her 25th birthday flying high above the exotic jungle canopies of Krasivyy as part of the 2nd Krasivyy Expedition.

1) Hula-doll, magnetic bottom, worn.
2) Binoculars, military model, United States Army.
3) Reinforced pilot boots, custom fit, synthetic leather.

The Jenkins Curse

Among the Stars
Name: Hartmann, Burke A.


Age: 26

Face-claim (Realistic preferably, NO ANIME):

Allegiance: Corporate

Detailed Allegiance: Herschel Industrie und Entwicklung GmbH

Staff Divisions: LogDiv


Burke was a troubled kid growing up on Luna at the height of industrialization. Coming from a background of generational workers under Herschel Industrie, Burke had no real career paths to choose from but the familial call to action as one of the company's countless workers. Despite not being the most controllable of employees, the Hartmann kid was a natural at throwing himself into danger, just like he had always done in his younger years. His willingness for taking on some of the more hazardous jobs earned him his promotion as a senior surveyman later on in his career, where he'd be sent to take extensive tests in dangerous or hostile conditions. Whether it was a building fumigated with toxins or a collapsed mine tunnel on Luna, Burke was one of the best in the field for such a task.

One of his colleagues, Otto, had been selected to join the 3rd Krasivyy expedition, which Burke would admit to being jealous over many times in the windup to his friend's departure. Otto was one of the best at their job, it was only logical; everyone knew Burke was good at what he did, but couldn't compare to Otto's cool-under-pressure attitude and adept handling of intense survey missions. Unfortunately for him, Otto would be the victim of a cave-in on one of the last expeditions he would've taken before the expedition, leading to a panic in replacement on such short notice. When a higher-up had heard of the next-best-thing, a young Burke Hartmann, a swift decision was made to send the young surveyor in Otto's place. Despite being distraught with the loss of his friend and colleague, Burke was excited and eager to join the expedition after all.

List of three (3) personal items brought from Sol to Krasivyy:

1) portable music player (speaker/headphone combo), 500+ songs w/ solar charger
2) Guide to Toxins, Exotic Conditions. 8th E., Simon Presley, 2138
3) Otto's recovered protective mask, busted
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Name: Lindström, Allan J.
Alias/Nickname: The Accountant
Age: 35
Allegiance: Corporate
Detailed Allegiance: Jansson & Söner AB
Staff Division: Admin

The saying that "appearances can be deceiving," is especially true with Allan Lindström. Though he outwardly portrays himself as a quiet, reserved man, such is far from the truth. His seemingly kind and fragile nature is a front to hide Lindström's true nature. In truth, Lindström is a merciless, manipulative, and deceitful man. Lindström also wields an astute mind with an aptitude for numbers. He is dedicated to his career, and has only one goal in mind; profit. Lindström's cold and calculating nature is the very reason Jansson & Söner took a liking to him. It should come as no surprise that Lindström became one of the youngest executives in the history of the company.

Lindström prefers subtlety to overt notoriety. He believes that one can dictate the will of the people without the people having the slightest notion they're being directed. He moves pieces from behind the scenes, changing outcomes for better or worse. This could be as simple as curtailing a rival's reputation to toppling entire administrative structures of competitors.

Lindström was born to a wealthy elite outside Stockholm, Sweden. His mother died during childbirth, leaving him as the only son of a cold and unloving father. For many years, he chased after his father's approval. Yet, despite his best efforts he never got it. On the day of his father's death, Lindström discovered that his father had left most of the family estate to his stepmother and her son. He learned to believe that life was a cruel, unkind place. In his own words, life was like a hungry, rabid dog; ready to pounce on any poor soul that got too close. So, if one is to survive in this world, you have to be the one to bite first.

With the board eager to get a foot in the door to the lucrative market of colonization and deep-space exploration, Jansson & Söner were quick to sign off leases for the use of their equipment for the latest expedition to Krasnivyy. Lindström was elected as commissioner to oversee the installment and distribution of Jansson & Söner hardware. This would mostly include various weapons systems and aircraft. According to the board, it is crucial that Lindström establishes Jansson & Söner as the main supplier for small arms, weapons systems, and aerospace consulting. So far, there are a number of corporations with their sights on the Krasnivyy Expeditions, including Calypso Investments. Lindström is prepared to eradicate the competition by any means necessary.

Personal Items
  • A personal supply of luxury cigarettes; Sobranie Black Russian.
  • A copy of the book The Iliad & The Odyssey, collectors edition, leather-bound.
  • A vintage pocket watch, gold-plated, german-made.


The Fashionable Crab
Name: Sirosky, Delano R.1658542114355.png
Alias/Nickname: Dell
Age: 33
Staff Divisions: LogDiv
Biography: Dell was born to a Polish father and French mother in a Russian Lunar colony. Yes, it confused him too. His father was the CEO of an energy giant that supplied the energy needs of a sizeable number of Lunar colonies, and as the youngest of three sons, Dell was set to inherit the least of the company. Despite his family wanting him to get a business degree, Dell chose to pursue a degree in Aerospace and Engineering before attending flight school for exo-atmospheric craft.

Dell's father died when he turned twenty-three, and, predictably, left him with very little of the family company. Selling what few stocks his father left him back to his brothers, Dell made a living on the moon as a pilot, gradually bolstering his flight times and certifications until he began taking on contracts with various private security companies that employed air and spacecraft in their protection details. At first, he only acted as a chauffeur of sorts for clients before gaining the necessary training and evolving into piloting armed escorts. Hopping between different companies seemingly at random, Dell held no loyalties to any of them.

While investigating an act of corporate sabotage over Dione, Dell and his squadron were greatly misinformed of the danger the mission posed. The squadron, Dell included, was shot down and crash-landed on the surface of Dione. Dell, miraculously, survived the impact with a broken leg, a cracked back, and a few broken ribs. After waiting sixteen hours for a rescue ship and nearly suffocating twice over, Dell was finally retrieved from Dione. His final mission had left him with too many outstanding health issues to continue service in a combat environment, so his career for private security came to an abrupt end and he had to return to acting as a cargo pilot for varying companies. Currently, he's taken on a contract with HIE to travel to Krasivvy Prime as a logistics pilot, granting him the unique opportunity to explore the universe and uncharted worlds. Dell just wants it in writing that he's getting paid for this, really.
Personal items brought from Sol to Krasivyy:
RRPS M23 Lunar Flight Suit, a military surplus series discontinued in 2146. It may not perform as well as newer models, but it holds sentimental value.
2) Antique Zippo Lighter
3) Handheld Camera
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Name: Cohen, Leo B.
Alias/Nickname: Agent Rahab, Cohen-inator, Best-By, William Santonio and a dozen other fake names.
Age: 34

Allegiance: Corporate
Detailed Allegiance: Calypso Investments Inc.
Staff Divisions: SecDiv (Cover Division: LogDiv);

There comes a time in a corporation's life cycle where they must sidestep the law in order to achieve their goals. They reverse-engineer or bribe, but when those options are not available then they must turn to the covert. Corporate Espionage and Sabotage. Calypso being this organisation who, to use a corporate idiom, corner the market on furtive businesses is not timid about dirtying their palms (or rather the palms of others) to get the latest insider information. One such agent that they call upon is Rahab or going by his real name, Leo Beckett Cohen.

Earthborn to a dysfunctional family of the highest order, a life of crime hung over the youth with startling certainty. It is then fortunate to know that application to his country's army had been the siren song to save this wayward soul. In a contradictory manner. But rather than excelling, Leo's doughty and stubborn nature made him inflexible with the chain of command. His self-isolating nature secluded him from his battle buddies. And ruthless attitude edged with a penchant for lying through his bone-white teeth expelled him from the military almost immediately upon completion of basic training. But his attitude and aptitude were not unnoticed by eagle eyes.

He was contacted by a recruiter of a secretive organisation. To this day, Leo has never discovered the truth of who these people were but with an offer like theirs then he would have been mad to refuse. Blackbagged and transported several hundred kilometres from the closest semblances of civilisation, Leo spent five months improving on his skills, both innate and acquired. Trained by instructors through one way mirrors, Leo had figured that this had been a sort of Spy farm where individuals were taken, trained, educated and then tested. But as mentioned previously, he hadn't the foggiest as to who commissioned this one or why was he a candidate for selection. In either case, Leo continued his training. Difficult and intensively heavy on his mind, body, and soul. A kind of sensation that could best be described as a boulder crushing you into a bed of daggers.

For his final test, he was dragged out of the dead of night and back into the nearest city. A tourist-rich attraction with the singular objective. Deduce who was the enemy, hidden amongst all these ordinary civlians, and avoid capture. Initially he assumed that this was merely a test, but as the investigation proceeded then the cascading realisation of just how terribly real this mission was hit him. If he were to be caught here then the only thing that awaited him was most likely damp, cold UN-sanctioned prison or worse, execution by the Farm.

Years later, he wondered whether this task was actually real or simply another illusion that he forced to endure. Leo continued to live his life as a spy, either for the highest bidder or a task that would catch his interest. His current employment is to Calypso as a "driver" for their illustrious upper-management personnel.

List of three (3) personal items brought from Sol to Krasivyy:
  • Motorcycle Keychain with a Tungsten Cheetah Figurine, Bruised with Battle Damage.
  • Hybrid Material Stealth Suit for the rare occasion when social engineering is not a viable option.
  • Steel Thermos, carved numerals "IX"
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Cai Xuzhe.jpg
NAME: Cai Xuzhe
ALIAS/NICKNAME: Xu, Callsign: "CQ".
AGE: 34

DETAILED ALLEGIANCE: Shanghai Strategic Investments & Development (SSID)
STAFF DIVISION: SecDiv (Team coordinator)

Born into a life of service to the state and to the people. Cai's youth had already been designed, implemented and pressed into effect alongside all the other loyal members of the People's Republic of China. His father had long served as a Officer in the PLAAF, his Grandfather in the PLAGF and so on. Feeling at ease in the waters nearby his shoreline family home, Cai would often see Navy ships on the horizon and wondered what life would be like away from the homeland.

Perhaps as a act of rebellion, he choose to enlist with the Marines rather than to follow in his family's history of the Army and Airforce. There he was further forged into the warrior his state required him to be, his loyalty to his country was unquestionable and the skills Cai aquired would see him through anything the world could throw at him.

Almost anything..

During a international incident, where a South Korean submarine was detected within disputed Chinese territorial waters and was subsequently forced to surface by training depth charges dropped by the Destroyer Cai was assigned to. The crews of both vessels cursed one-another and it wasn't long before the order to board was given by Cai's superior. Without a moment's hesitation, a party was formed of Marines and pressed out onto small boats to engage the Korean Submarine. Whilst being thrown around in the boat by the wildly current, Cai was completely unaware that during this time an American vessel had answered the Submarine's call of aid and raced to intercept before the conflict escalated beyond all control.

Thinking back on it, Cai wondered why his superior ordered the boarding without any consideration. There was little chance of this incident not leading to something much worse, perhaps a embargo of Chinese goods or ceasing diplomatic talks. Then the American stealth aircraft opened fire, shreading the boarding craft with 20mm cannon fire and subjecting all those who were not instantly killed to a significant emotional event. Cai's left leg was torn away in a instant, he crumbled to what little floor remained below him and blacked out from the shock.

The naval conflict of '41 was eventually resolved with skilled negotiation by neutral parties on both sides but the damage has already been done. Chinese policy towards other nations soured greatly and investments into other alterative means of securing stability such as private firms greatly succeeded other nations. Within a couple of years, several 'Chinese proxy' security contractors began making a name for themselves with their aggressive expansion across the known galaxy. Despite being medically discharged from the Navy for his gruesome injuries, Cai was offered a job with SSID and part of his employment package included a bionic limb.

Now heading up several security teams of SSID contracts, Cai felt more comfortable in a role where he can dictate the engagements with a clear mind. Whilst his opinion of this new planet remains to be decided, Cai's involvement in smuggling new weapons of war to untested grounds has caused some rift within his judgement.

  • Collection of historical fiction novels​
  • Self-purchased Walther P99-QZW pistol​
  • Assortment of pictures and poems made by his young Daughter, Mi.​


Lead the charge, or get left behind.
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Name: FASF 13 (Fully Autonomous Sentient Frame)

Alias/Nickname: Titus, 13,Robot or Doc
Age: 2

Allegiance: Bishop Global Armaments LLC

Staff Divisions: SecDiv

Biography: FASF 13 is part of a limited program designed to eliminate human casualties in war. Only 50 FASF models were made as they are prohibitively expensive. Instead of the standard war drones and support platforms offered by Bishop Armaments that are either controlled by a remote pilot or only semi-autonomous the FASF is capable of being completely offline from the network and finishing the mission on its own. This is thanks to the highly classified sentient AI system. FASF 13 is part of the first 15 frames that were operational, they have the longest runtime so far at just over two years.

13 was put into various different professions to prove the effectiveness of the Frames. He has worked as a Police officer, Medical doctor and showed his strength while working in the steel mill. The propaganda generated from his work in each profession made the FASF system highly sought after.

13 has run various missions under contract for several different agencies. His memory from some of those time periods is incomplete. As secrecy is almost always paramount to his operations. Now though 13 has requested to leave Mars and begin working on Krasivyy. His superiors at Bishop Armaments were initially against having there most well know frame leave them. 13 was Adament and eventually convinced them to let him go on the mission.

Among his parameters for going to Krasivvy are to of course provide security for the inhabitants and scientists of the planet but also to search out valuable elements and continue his PR measures by recording his actions on the planet.

Personal items brought to Krasivyy:
  • A small camera drone

  • Module 13, a modular backpack attachment that Carries a med kit (for humans) and equipment necessary to service his power cell

  • A small piece of petrified tree attached to his frame with metal strap


New Member
NAME: Laura Selassie

AGE: 32



Laura studied Environmental Science at the University of Toronto and received her PhD in Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago. She was recruited out of school by the World Preservation Organization. Her first assignment was the Arcturus Project, examining elements of cosmic dust believed to have exhibited life properties in the distant past. Laura's research into "celestial post-organic anomalies" widened focus beyond meteorites and furthered interest in ecological factors involving space debris.

During the interim years after UChicago, she met Farrah Selassie at a medical conference. They sat down for drinks and chatted about the wonders of science. After a few dad jokes about Jurassic Park and four cocktails later, they managed to hit it off. They ended up tying the knot and Laura became Mrs. Selassie about a year into their relationship. Their daughter Alyssa (age 4) currently lives in Israel with Grandpa and Grandma Selassie. Laura and Farrah both managed to find their way onto the 3rd Krasivvy Expedition. The odds of a married couple coming onboard could be explained by a combination of "right place, right time" and maybe just a little bit of luck?

Her father, Eric Lexington, is currently a full-bird colonel in the United Americas Air Force. He has repeatedly derided Laura for giving up Aeronautics School and her passion (or perhaps his passion) for space. "Laura, you could've joined the program...been an astronaut. Instead you're what? Staring at a bunch of rocks and determining if it supports whaddaya call it? Microfauna? You're running your life down the toilet, 'Elle! Can't you see it?" That was the last conversation they had before she received an invitation to the Krasivvy Expedition. She wished for it to be different - that they hadn't left on such a sour note. She also wished she could hold her baby Alyssa right about now.

But that all had to wait. Humanity's next great discovery was about to reveal itself.


1) A hortorium with pressed plants from various continents (North America, Africa, Australia).
2) A rose gold necklace with liftable wings revealing a heart and the letters "F.L.A." inscribed upon it.


"Always Vigilant."
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My Interest Check

NICKNAME: 'Doc' with varied levels of urgency.​
AGE: 33 standard years (34 cryo).​
ALLEGIANCE: United Nations (UN).​
  • DEPARTMENT: Frontier and Colonial Administration (UNFCA).
STAFF DIVISION: Security Division (SecDiv).​
  • Medical Support Group (MedGru) —— Specialist, Paramedic.
  • Colonial Rangers (Rangers) —— Candidate Ranger.
A former medic in the combat intelligence arm of the IDF. Selassie served with distinction during the bloody Fourth Intifada, Levant Continuation War and Nile Wars. Post-service much of their time was spent at home caring a young daughter and eventually in fire rescue as a volunteer firefighter-paramedic. Employed on the third expedition as a Security Specialist-Paramedic and part of the next batch of Colonial Ranger candidates.​

  • Born in the largely avoided Israeli town of Sderot to a large mixed family of Ethiopian and Sudanese Muslims, Jews and Christians, Farrah found his early life to be rather hectic. Despite advances to cooperation between nations in Africa and the Middle East, civil unrest was still common place and the rebuilt Sderot bore much the same historical pains at her neighbour Gaza. While walls were demolished in some places like the West Bank, the walls between Sderot and Gaza only grew higher—only became more heated—yet this all didn't stop a young Farrah from trading cards with kids at holes in the wall.
  • By the time Farrah's mandatory service had come about, he was well and truly set to become a career combat soldier, having not only lost a number of family members to constant back and forth missile tossing. It wasn't until he had finally touched down in his unit as a combat medic did he calm down, particularly during his first two years providing humanitarian aid to children who hadn't grown up all that far away from him. It came to shake his us versus them mentality, not quite enough to stop him from participating in some of the harshest military campaigns of the 22nd century however.
  • As talks of frontier expansion intensified, Farrah had backed out as a candidate for the first ICCA expedition, leaving a number of close friends to embark on the journey without him as he sorted personal affairs. It all incidentally lead to him settling down with an Ecologist, retiring from his service career and starting a family, much to his own dismay. Although it was an infinity differring beat, Farrah fell in love with fatherhood and the relatively mundane lifestyle of a house husband, even going so far as to relocate to the United Americas. He took great pride in the fact that he'd be shaping the life of another human and only once prompted, thanks to a few enthused rambles about the expedition by his wife, did he ever seriously reconsider joining the expedition.
  • Embarking on the furthest journey from home he's ever taken, Farrah leaves behind his proudest creation—Alyssa Selassie—to carve out a fresh life for them all on a new world. Accompanied by his wife, he's more about it all than he lets on.
1) A holographic family photo album (50+ holo-photos) in handheld form.​
2) An iridescent titanium block bracelet with "ALYSSA" spelled across the blocks, looped through paracord.​
3) An older Nubian Oud kept in working order.​

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  • Name: Aurora Korlov
  • Alias/Nickname: Rory
  • Age: 24
  • Allegiance: Civilian (?)
  • Detailed Allegiance: UNWPO
  • Staff Divisions: DevDiv
  • Biography
    • Born in the town of St. Helens, Oregon, Aurora had always had a fascination of science. Her earliest memories were being kneedeep in the creek outside her home, studying the different forms of life that could fit in the palm of her hand.
She learned fairly early in her life she wanted to become a biologist, specifically, an ecologist, so she could study the different habitats and how ecosystems formed. With this mindset Rory breezed through her studies, finishing high school with a well above average GPA.

Before applying to universities, Aurora took a year to travel and work for extra money. Once she was good and ready, she applied to all the schools and scholarships she could think of. It wasn’t long before she was accepted to St. Lawrence University in Canton NY.
For the next four years, Rory focused on her ecology major, finding her calling in landscape ecology. After graduating, Aurora applied to as many internships as she could. She was able to find one, and, only after a year of working with the program was she able to get into the Krasivvy Expedition. There she would be able to work closely with other scientists in studying the ecology of other worlds. Aurora jumped at the opportunity almost immediately.

  • Aurora is driven and very goal oriented. Once she has her mind set on something it is hard to sway her opinion. She has been described as someone who has maybe a bit too much optimism, though she personally doesn't see a problem with it. Due to her more shy nature, Aurora can be seen as a bit aloof, but once she is comfortable she is a very kind person.

List of three (3) personal items brought from Sol to Krasivyy
  • A copy of All the Light We Cannot See and Peter Pan
  • A notebook she uses for both notes as well as recording her thoughts
  • An old polaroid of her and her parents before she left for college.

Viper Actual

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NAME: MORGADO GARCIA, JUAN F. R.SecDiv Morgado Cropped.png
AGE: 31

ALLEGIANCE: Bishop Global Armaments LLC


A former career soldier turned mercenary, turned security specialist, Juan Fuentes Rios Morgado Garcia (nicknamed 'MG' by most of his peers) was once a street kid that grew up practically by himself in the sprawling slums of the United Americas.

Through either sheer luck, determination or a little bit of both MG did eventually escape the hellhole he grew up in and managed to enlist with the military. During his short stint as a soldier of some semi-bankrupt country he would go on to serve as an armorer.

Morgado would find a sense of tranquility with firearms that he could not find among people. Despite being labeled as odd by some of his peers Morgado was undeniably good at his job, being proficient in a wide array of weapon systems and knowing how to strip them down as well as maintain them easily.

This enthusiasm would eventually lead to him being recruited by a small-time PMC outfit where Morgado would go on to do the exact same job- but for three times more the pay. Eventually his name would be known among corporate circles, leading to him being headhunted by Bishop Global Armaments LLC where he'd test and evaluate new prototype weapons and military equipment as well as demonstrate these products for potential clients and buyers.

Currently Morgado is en route to Krasivyy, having been sent there alongside the 3rd Krasivyy Expedition for some exclusive, off the books, field-testing.

1) Shell-casing, 40mm, multiple inscriptions.
2) Custom weapon maintenance kit, transported within military-grade hardcase.
3) Multi-tool, military model, Infanteria de Marina.

NAME: HENDRICKS, CARLLogDiv Hendricks Cropped.png
AGE: 45

ALLEGIANCE: Terradyne Heavy Engineering


Born into a farmer's family in the southern United States, Carl Hendricks was one of three sons destined to continue to the family business after school. Operating heavy machinery wasn't as much as a hobby but rather his entire life with Carl spending countless hours alongside his parents and siblings to drive anything on wheels and treads.

Unfortunately for Carl and the Hendricks family the farmer's economy would take a nosedive as automated produce distributors were capable of delivering twice the amount of produce for half the price and offer global shipping.

This in turn prompted Carl to search for alternative means of caring for his family. Having married his high-school sweetheart the pressure to find a steady and viable source of income was rapidly increasing with every passing day.

Carl would eventually- by complete accident- land himself a job at Terradyne Heavy Engineering after recovering one of their prototype vehicles which had crashed onto family property once the automated guiding systems had failed.

Impressed with Carl's knowledge of heavy-duty vehicles the salvage team and its accompanying corporate rep sent a recommendation that Hendricks be hired.

Now, several years later, Hendricks maintain high status within THE as one of their lead mechanics and pioneers. Having been sent to Krasivyy with the 2nd Krasivyy Expedition, Hendricks sits on invaluable knowledge related to the surrounding terrain and the fleet of mining and construction vehicles currently present.

1) Baseball-cap, Robert Davis Agriculture, worn.
2) A letter from his daughter, handwritten, signed by most members of his family prior to departing for Krasivyy.
3) Heavy-duty ink pencil, steel core.

NAME: CASEY, KIARA V.SecDiv Casey Cropped.png
AGE: 27

ALLEGIANCE: Red Rock Private Security


With a dual citizenship to both the United Americas and the European Union, Kiara Vega Casey was born in London but would spend most of her early life jumping between the capital of the United Kingdom and New York City, US.

Being the only daughter of two wealthy business investors in a time where hostile takeovers involved- if needed be- making entire families vanish just to get a point across it would be no surprise that Casey's parents would spend a small fortune on training their only heir in different arts of hand-to-hand combat as well as to be proficient and deadly with a myriad of weapon systems.

Ironically they would end up losing their daughter but because of her own need for freedom rather than to some elaborate corporate game.

Branded as a brat, Casey would join the Royal Marines where she'd go on to serve with the United Nations' Mars Preservation and Observation Forces (UNMPO) as a glorified signpost with a gun and a helmet that screamed 'Shoot me!'.

After playing peacekeeper for a while Casey was contracted by Red Rock Private Security to act as a local security liaison for the BCC on Krasivyy and she is currently overseeing low-level security operations and routines on the exotic planet as part of the 2nd Krasivyy Expedition.

1) BGA 12mm Patriot Mk.II sidearm, caseless ammunition.
2) Fingerless leather gloves, worn.
3) Leather belt, utility, premium quality, gold-plated buckle.

NAME: SHEN, MARIAH N.DevDiv Shen Cropped.png
AGE: 31

ALLEGIANCE: Olympus Precision Engineering Inc.


Selected for their critical role in manufacturing specialized laboratory equipment, circuitry and advanced sensors the relatively small company Olympus Precision Engineering were approved by the BCC to send a dozen or so technicians to help with repairs and maintenance on Krasivyy.

Among those dozen were Shen- nicknamed 'Fixit' by her colleagues-, a self-taught maintenance technician specializing on her employer's highly sensitive and VERY expensive lab equipment which has played a key role in analyzing the flora and fauna of Krasivyy.

She was sent to the planet alongside the 2nd Krasivyy Expedition though little is known of her life prior with the only mention of her name being a sealed corporate prison record from Luna.

1) Soldering equipment, fine-tuned, unknown manufacturer.
2) Dog-tags, corporate, worn.
3) Old-school music player, .mp3 format with wired headphones.


John 14 :1 - 21
Name: Simon Yuce.FI-Dude.jpg

Alias/Nickname: N/A.

Age: 37.

Allegiance: Civilian.

Detailed Allegiance: Independent Contractor.


Born and raised in Trabzon with hardly anything to his name, Simon is an almost unremarkable engineer fleeing the more populated sectors of Earth in exchange for a more quiet life on Krasivyy Prime. Withdrawn, detached, and almost as cold as the machines he designs and maintains, the only distinguishing feature that places him above most other engineers is his high education and uncommon skillset in energy and robotics engineering. Having such uncommon competencies has allowed Simon access to more specialized positions; one such position being a maintenance officer in the Kızıldağ Supermax in northeastern Turkey.

An infamous hell hole, Kızıldağ holds the most inmates out of any other prison in the region. A majority of them are terrorists, dissidents, and revolutionaries that staged an armed insurrection, one of the most violent in Turkish history, against the GBA-friendly president Tahir Behcet which ended with his death and a still ongoing UN occupation. Rubbing shoulders with these animals, witnessing how brutal they were to one another and knowing at any moment they might turn on him should he catch their attention made Simon afraid. It made him worry enough that the moment he figured he might've crossed one of them the wrong way after an incident in the mess hall, he immediately started looking for another job anywhere else but there.

Fortunately, before he gave up any hopes of finding a better place to work, an advert flashed on his television showing off the beautiful landscapes of Krasivyy Prime. Flushed and green, it told him much of how fantastic and exciting it is to turn the newly discovered world into another home for mankind, but it needed doctors, it needed scientists, it needed engineers- he assembled his resume and sent an application immediately. With his credentials impressing the ICCA, he was sent a notification of approval. Now that the the hard part is over, he waits for the shuttle that will hopefully take him far away from the unrest and chaos at home.

Personal items brought to Krasivyy:
1) Small container full of assorted metal parts and tools.
2) A grey datapad containing various books.
A very suspiciously embellished gaming console.


One Time Luck
Roleplay Type(s)
Andrew Thorebourne.pngName: Andrew Baxter Morgan Thorebourne IV (the fourth)
Alias/Nickname: Andrew
Age: 32

Detailed Allegiance: UN WPO/CDO
Colonial Rangers - Volunteer
Staff Divisions: DevDiv

Biography: As the wild child of a rich industrialist and his uppity high-society wife, Andrew never amounted to much in their eyes. Several attempts at home schooling, private tutors and a few years in boarding school were unable to contain the young man and his desire for the outside. From a young age, exploring became his only way of entertainment as he followed his father around, planet hopping between Earth, Mars and the moon. Once he had to start getting proper schooling, Andrew was left on Earth and he gained more freedom to do as he pleased.

In the early years leading up to adulthood, Andrew learned to handle horses, to survive for extended periods of time in the wild and to escape whatever boring or useless schooling his parents prepared for him. Finally having had enough of his child’s antics, his father sent him to a military school for several years, where Andrew learned to hone his skills even more, adding a few tricks with mechanics and weaponry to his list.

It was only after leaving the military that Andrew found true love when he managed to become a student of a park ranger in Northern Scandinavia. Here he learned to handle animals like the best of them and eventually did a stint as a famous Spacetuber showing off his friendship with ‘wild’ animals and how they were kept from going extinct in ‘safe zones’. Some of his most famous vids involved him spending the night with a wolf pack in one and surviving a sudden avalanche in another.

With news of the Frontier Initiative spreading and word coming back from far-off Krasivyy prime, Andrew found himself attracted to the whole idea from a single word he accidentally picked up during an interview he was half listening to: Megafauna. He immediately went to sign up for the second wave to Krasivyy but his father found out and blocked all legal avenues of approach for his son.

He eventually decided against sneaking on board and remained on Earth but he didn’t sit back and relax. He attempted a course on Zoology and Animal Sciences at University, much to his father’s surprise, but found the lack of answers to all his megafauna related questions very disappointing. Despite that, he persevered and managed to complete his course but never stood out for any particular skills, aside from sheer courage.

Over the years, Andrew spent time in some of the most dangerous natural environments and hung out with some terrifying predators as if it was a day at the beach. That is not to say that everything always went perfect. Over the thirty or so years of his life, Andrew had spent a good four of them, in total, in the hospital, recovering from cuts, bruises, bites, wounds, broken bones, parasites and several cases of heat stroke and hypothermia and various other adventurous ailments.

When the third expedition to Krasivyy began gearing up, Andrew attempted to convince his father to let him go but after a stern no, most of his family left on a Mars holiday, leaving Andrew to ponder again on the benefits of sneaking onto the Horizon. However, before he could put anything into motion, news reached him that an electric fault in his family’s shuttle had caused a crash during the landing and none of his family members had survived.

Finding himself suddenly the heir to a vast fortune and the only living member of his family, Andrew disappeared from the public eye for a while, only to resurface months later at the UN with a big donation check and a ticket for the Horizon to Krasivyy.

List of three (3) personal items brought from Sol to Krasivyy:
  1. Bio-tuned AI hover camera (with minimal AI) (with Bluetooth or space era equivalent)
  2. Handheld PC device with audio recording function (with Bluetooth or space era equivalent)
  3. Subcutaneous data storage implant (with Bluetooth or space era equivalent)
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