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Fantasy The Fowl Chase - Yeet Haw!

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Elephants can smell water.
The Fowl Chase TITLE PNG.png

So yes!! Hello!!
First time here and this is what I've got kids!

This is a Western, that is for heccin' sure boys and girls. There's little you'll see here that argues it otherwise. However, it is a Western, with a twist. With this one you see, I wanted to combine all the fun and freedom of the Cowboys and Outlaws of yore, but with a bit of that good old fashioned, spooky spooky Gothic Americana superstition and folklore added in for good measure. It follows what would be widely considered to be a pretty conventional Western tale, but along the way, our little rag-tag gang will encounter their fair share of all things Mystical, Moralistic, and Meaningful.

This one is heavily inspired by the recent Western revival we all seem to be going through lately. But, as I said, it is still a bit of a mish-mash, we keep things loose in this house. I don't want to venture too far into the supernatural side of things mind you, rather, I'd like it to effectively be a sort of icing on the top of the cake. A nice extra, but not the main event.

Basically, if it has a cowboy hat on it, or it's set in America before the 1900s, it's legal tender.

But anyway, I digress...


The Plot & Whatnot PNG.png

The Year is 1884.
It's mid-June, and the town of Goldfinch Pennsylvania, is simply getting on with things.
Just minding it's own business. A Perfectly normal 19th Century American town.

There's a Butcher who butchers things, A Postman who posts things, A Barman who Bars more people than he ends up serving, A Grocer who is only a little bit gross, and of course, the resident staple of any decent modern-made town; A rugged old Outlaw who's rocked up with a small following of rag-tag misfits, and has somehow managed to rope even more people into shadowing him about the place.

Burdock big balls wilson title PNG.png
is that very man.

And your character owes him something.

It could be as simple as money, or perhaps they lost a bet? Maybe Burdock got them out of a tight scrape? The choices are variable and up to you.
Maybe your character only met and became indebted to Burdy in Goldfinch?
Possibly, they're old pals who just owe each other a favour?

Whatever and/or However you want it to be, just so long as somehow, in someway, your character needs, to repay this man, it'll do.

See, a man of Burdock's particular reputation simply cannot stay in a place like Goldfinch without causing a mighty fine dose of chaotic hell soon enough. There are a number of people who want Burdock Wilson dead, but some desperately want it more than others. Won't be long now by my reckoning. Not long before the call goes out, a bounty is made and Burdock Wilson & Co. become wanted. Dead, or Alive.


Burdock Wilson Signiture.png
Since Burdock especially is such a semi-crucial factor into the shaping of your own characters, I thought I'd include his CS in this after all.


Full Name |Burdock Wilson
Nickname| ... Wait Burdock isn't just a nickname? You mean to tell me that's the mans real name? ...Jeez.
Gender| Macho Macho Man
Age | D.O.B: Burdock was born on Friday the 10th of August, 1838, making the man 45 years old.

He's a big old lumbering thing, with a broad stocky frame to match it. Age has weathered him, as it does all things. But a life as lively as his has kept him in relatively decent shape. he ain't tuning senile yet at the very least. That said, maybe he isn't quite as on the mark as he once may have used to be? It's hard to say.

Height | 6'3"
Face Claim | Clancy Brown
BurdockClancy Face Claim.png

About | Truthfully? Age has weathered him. Rather roughly too. Gruff, uncouth, and often times quite grumpy. Burdock isn't really the smooth charmer he may have once been in his prime. Although that said, don't be completely fooled by the rugged exterior. Just because he's a 'lil crusty, doesn't by any means mean he's stupid. There's a smart and clever little mind hidden beneath that hat. Quick to conjure a hefty variety of schemes, opportunities and other various no-good activities, Burdock's a sharp one, but only when he wants to be.

But otherwise, he enjoys Napping, his favourite drink is Bourbon, he's not overly keen on the cold, he has a surprising soft spot for music, and his Horse is the only thing in the world he is willing to be pleasant to in the early morning.

Burdock, but as described by his Lackey Second in Command, Robin - She grins at the question. A toothy, rather smug grin, and she turns to show him this smugness too. Leaning back in her chair, she folds her arms, "Well that's easy enough. I personally think Dirty, grotty old Scrotum of a Man sums 'im up pretty well."

She laughs as she dives to avoid the glass bottle thrown in her general direction.


He was an apprentice to a banker for about nine days, and that's honestly pretty much the only respectable line of work he's ever really had.

From a young age, Burdock's lived outside of the law. The names of what he did might have changed, Rustler, Gun for hire, Drifter, Bounty Hunter, Robber, Highwayman, etc. but the goal always remained mainly the same.

Get money, and don't die.

And from there, I' sure you can imagine the sort of life our young Mr. Wilson lead. General criminality and debauchery all around. Mischief and violence, leading ever downwards towards an inevitable end of manic gunfire. Or it would have been, if he hadn't have met Connie. But we, He, does not talk about Connie. Not just Willy Nilly anyhow. No. Rather keep to himself about Connie if you don't mind.


Songs |

Angel Band - The Stanley Brothers
Crazy Mama - J.J. Cale
In the Pines - Lead Belly

Horse| 'Canary'
A Rocky Mountain Mare he's had for a few years now. Big lug's fallen for her somewhat, and you'll oft find him sneaking her an extra treat whenever the chance arises.
Canary Rocky Mountain Mare.jpg

Robin's Signiture PNG.png
And then, since I've already revealed Burdy, I couldn't very well not show his Second in Command/General Lackey too.​


Full Name|Robin Anne Arkwright
Nickname|Rob, Bob or Bobbie.
Whichever honestly, she doesn't really mind.
Gender| All woman Hunny.
Age + D.O.B|
Robin was born on Saturday the 22nd of December, 1860. Making the girl 23 years old.


Robin's tall, but only for a girl? and she's sort of stocky too. But maybe that's just her height making her look bigger than she really is. She dresses like a man half the time, wearing trousers and suspenders like its nobodies business, so honestly who knows what sort of feminine figure is hiding under all of that masculine tat.
Height| 5'11"
Face Claim|
(A Young) Maxine Peake
RobinMaxine Face Claim.png

About | Christ, Robin's a hardy thing. Everything about her, from her nature, to her manner of speaking simply screams, Rowdy, and Uninhibited. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, don't get me wrong. Bobbie's got a truly remarkable sense of unapologetic determination about her, that's for sure. She's clever enough too, perhaps not as academically smart as Burdock, but she's certainly no fool. Not completely anyway.

Otherwise, the gal's a witty little thing, knows the best dirtiest jokes, has fallen completely and utterly in love with Coffee, despises the weather when it rains, Plays the Piano quite well (And she's trying to learn the guitar too, but it's slow progress), rather wishes she had a Dog or Cat or something, and her favourite colour is Christmas Red.

Robin Anne Arkwright, described by A Famous Old Coot Burdock Wilson | He frowns softly, and grumbles at the idea of having to think about something with any resemblance of insightful thought for a moment. Bobbie gives his arm a restless shove, "Go on, I did you." He grumbles yet again, and shuffles uncomfortably at her jabbing, both literally and figuratively. He manages to find an answer he finds suitable eventually, "Like Uh... Like a Rat. Yeah, Ratty."

There is a deafening silence of pure indignation. And then- "IN WHAT WAY, AM I AT ALL, LIKE A PISSING RAT?!"

His response is almost indistinguishable from a growl, "Well I don't know dammit! I meant it because-" He waves his hand vaguely, hoping it would be enough to finish his statement for him. Robin lingers in affronted disgruntlement. He sighs again, heavily, "You know, because your hair, the freckles, it's all, Mousey stuff."

This is getting a little heated.

Good Gracious.

Why/How are they indebted to Burdock Wilson| She's somewhat embarrassed to fully tell it would seem. She prickles and fumbles whenever the question is directly asked of her. From what little she gives, it simply would seem that Burdock helped her out of a rough patch quite a few years ago now. If it's been that long however, surely she's worked off any debt or favour by now, right?

History | As you might initially guess from the accent alone, Robin isn't actually from America. No, this little song-bird flapped her wings to America all the way over from jolly old England town. Specifically, a place called Accrington in Lancashire, way up in the Coal-fields of the North-West. Her family were, and seemingly still are, all Miners. She would have been just the same, but the Moorfield Disaster of '83 killed her Father. Mother didn't last for too long without him, and with the small sum she had inherited from the both of them, it was decided she was best off and away to America.

Upon arrival, it seems she was initially a lot more hopeful and optimistic about what the States could offer her than she appears to be now.


Songs |

Father Forgive Them - Ralph McTell
American Venom - Woody Jackson
A New Sun - The Westerlies
Two Doves - Dirty Projectors

Horse | Will be introduced in the introductory IC post.

And now, if you've the hankerin' for it,

Sick Cowboy Tunes yo PNG.png

Courtesy of yours truly

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Elephants can smell water.
Bumpy Bump!!

Initial Post is now all Hunky-Dory and 100%!!

Please let me know if there's anything you're unsure of or would simply like to know about!! 🤠


Artisan of the Absurd
Well hot diggity dog, are you still accepting? I'd love to get in on this! Got the links to the IC thread and character sheets and whatnot?


Elephants can smell water.
Well hot diggity dog, are you still accepting? I'd love to get in on this! Got the links to the IC thread and character sheets and whatnot?
Aw Heck yes!! Glad some people are actually interested!!

I’ll make a CS sheet imminently, and link it here.

And i’ll start workin on the IC now, but that will probably be posted later 🤠

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