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Fantasy The Four Courts RP [closed]

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Colorfully Ecstatic Time Mage
This is the roleplay thread for The Four Courts, an original RP. The sign-ups, discussion pages, and character sheets can all be viewed in the above links. Right now this thread is closed to new players, though this may change at a later date.

Please read through the entirety of this initial post before responding, as important details such as post formatting and your starting point will be touched upon.

When posting please include your character's name, court affiliation, and location at the top of your post, so that way we can keep things more organized and know at a glance where you are. : )

Below is a map of Regalia, where the majority of this adventure will take place:



It is a cool spring morning and what you would consider to be a perfect day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and yet, as a mage of the courts, you are concerned. Vivifica has closed communication with the High Priestess and the other three courts, and they have been found traversing to the Outskirts, aided by the residents of Miko village to export raw mana known as Itika back to Regalia. As you know, Itika is illegal, and the fact that Vivifica would do this outright raises an eyebrow among many, even within its own court.

Because of this dire situation, the High Priestess Mabel has summoned an audience with the four Maesters and Maestras of the courts, each of which responding that they would arrive in Sanctus Heights to meet with her. These maesters and maestras have selected a number of mages to accompany them, and that is where all of you come in.

Currently you are in your court, and it is almost time to leave and board your means of transportation. Horses and carriages have been prepared for the Umbra mages, while those of the Somnum court are traveling by the Eastern Sea north of Sanctus Heights. Both the Ignis and Vivifica mages will be taking trains, though it is unlikely that you will see Vivifica mages within the audience.

Perhaps you already know your fellow mages that you are traveling with, or you have seen them around the court but have never actually conversed. This is a great opportunity to get to know your comrades, prior to leaving for the council in the High Priestess’ presence.

For the bounty hunters/independents:

You are in a tavern in Vita City. Whether you know each other or are sitting together is up to your decision. The tavern is about 20’x30’, not too large but enough for a modest bar and a few tables. At a nearby table you see a table of two men and a woman, their personal affects placed on the floor beside them. They are playing cards, and the prizes stacked high in the center of the table. One of them loudly announces that they are going to be wagering their train tickets to Sanctus Heights. Tibarn Llang, a companion to Gabriel and Arno, glances over, nudging Gabriel and jerking his tankard in their direction.

Vita City is one of the largest independent establishments in Regalia. It borders a forest and a river, and often it is considered a tourist city. It is a great place for trade and to stock up on provisions, and the perfect place for bounty hunters and mercenaries to pick up odd jobs and line their pockets.

For Court Mages: you are within your court. Below is a description of each of the locations:

Umbra: located in the northwest in a canyon just south of the Cliffs of Valentia, bordering the land of Valentia itself. The court primarily consists of twin massive towers, each containing thirty or so floors and housing roughly 600 court mages and their families, in addition to shopping and the majority of needs for the court. There are homes outside of the towers, but these are scarce and predominately for the very wealthy.

Somnum: nestled in the Somnum Woods in the northwest between the Mortem and Green Mountains. To the east lies the Eastern sea, which is the easiest point of access to the court. This court consists of gardens and many hammocks, along with a large mansion that resembles a shrine or temple. With eight floors and about three-hundred mages, the sheer expansive building provides all that the mages need. There is not a lot of stores available in the Somnum court, though there are a lot of independent sellers that have either stands or panels within the shrine where they sell their wares.

Ignis: along the coastline of the Tempest Ocean. The court is within a simple building that consists of many sparring grounds, with balconies overlooking them and rooms along the three existing floors. The court consists of about 800 mages, and there are huts outside of the court building that provide wares in addition. The majority live within the building.

Vivifica: the oldest of the courts and built around ancient structures. The 100 mages within the court live in a renovated structure of an ancient temple, rejuvenated through magic in addition to hard labor. The court is along Vita Falls, and also within the heart of the forest that has among the largest and oldest trees in Regalia. Outside of the temple, there are stands where goods are sold, in addition to cabins that have provisions also.

Current players:
High Priestess Mabel (Mystics Apprentice)

Maester: Daruk Mordem (Thanny)
Ephraim Myrei (EchoFox23*)
Vincent S. Watson (Stardustblade358) - non-magic user
Arun Roshan (Stardustblade358)

Lev Noirtier (Endless Thundaza)
Soren Monroe (Nero Kunivas)
Henry Heid (Scrapmaster)
Aquilla Anistar (HeartofFerria)
Shiroo Chickori (NPC - Mystics)

Maestra: Thea Nero Leviathan (Elrandir)
Jari Coriander (Thanny)
Mellark Crowe (Mystics Apprentice)
Kagura Sumeragi (Xion136)
Luka Rabbi (Heart of Ferria)
Mako Koyle (rikunobodyxiii)
Laguna (Nero Kunivas)

Maestra: Aislinn Nosferi (Mystics Apprentice)
Jynn Venas (Endless Thundaza)
Zion (Xion136)
Richter Vanis (Scrapmaster)
Elliot Luxmore (Nero Kunivas)
Vallery (rikunobodyxiii)
Quinn "Oberon" Lawrence (HeartOfFerria)

Maester: Gerik Lockford (rikunobodyxiii)
Eclaire De Wynter (Xion136)
Pali Noirtier (Thanny)
Eleanor Le Doux, Fierce Shadow (Nero Kunivas)
Arkane Gravemore (Stardustblade358)
Morpha Gallant (Endless Thundaza)
Diane Corbeau/Cerberus (Elrandir)

Arno Cross (Scrapmaster)
Gabriel Woods (Nero Kunivas)
Tibarn Llang (Mystics Apprentice)
Saffron (HeartofFerria)
Ronin of the Shade (Nero Kunivas)
Yael the Trickster (Stardustblade358)
Incarose Vassar (Elrandir)
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Endless Thundaza

Jynn Venas, ready to board the train

From the steam, the young Vivifica mage, Jynn Venas, was awaiting the chance to board the locomotive. A quiet soul, not one to express his thoughts to strangers, and often intimidating to some people because of this. However, those in the Vivifica are lucky enough to see his good hearted nature.
Jynn was slightly annoyed by the fact he had to ride the train, rather than horseback. But at least he gets to see his fellow court members.


New Member
Ephraim Myrei, watching the people boarding the train as he waits in line

Standing next to his stop, Ignis mage in-training Ephraim Myrei, watches people go into the trains. He doesn't say much to others, more so curious of who else is coming. Despite his reserved nature, Ephraim is a kind soul who always wants to do what's right. Though some may find his kindness and justice a bit too black and white.
Ephraim slowly inches towards the train, while looking around for anyone he knows. He recognizes some faces, but hasn't talked to them yet. In the distance, Ephraim spots his mentor boarding the train. It eases him a bit to know he sees some familiar faces, regardless of him talking to them or not yet.


Child of the Pale Mistress
- Thea Nero - Court of Somnum: Maestra's Office -

It was such a pretty clear day outside, it wasn't cold or hot, just perfect. A few clouds here and there with the occasional breeze that made the leaves of the trees rustle. It was such a relaxing sound when it was combined with the faint sound of rushing water coming from the different sources around the office of the Maestra of the Court of Somnum. But the day was anything but relaxing, far from it, it was a little tense. The Court of Vivifica closed communications with all the other courts AND the High Priestess and, in fact, they had been found exporting Raw Mana back into Regalia. What prompted such a radical change by the Maestra of Vivifica was a serious question in everyone's minds, one that no one knew the answer to.

A meeting between the Council, made up by the Archmagi of Somnum, and the Maestra was currently in place. 7 individuals stood in the Maestra's office, not including the Maestra, all looking interested in the woman behind the beautifully carved oak wood desk. The Meastra's hair was pulled into a long braid that reached almost to her waist, her eyes were as blue as the water of the sea, those same eyes scanned the people currently present in the office.

"As you may already know, the Court of Vivifica has closed any communication between the the High Priestess and the rest of the Courts. For this same reason the High Priestess has summoned us to a meeting between Courts," the Maestra said while looking at the group, "That means that I will need to leave the grounds for a few days. Professor Tusk Whacko will be in charge in my absence."

The Maestra waved her hand towards a barely old-looking man with messy white hair tied in a ponytail. The man, Professor Whacko, nodded in agreement with the Maestra, the rest looked between each other and nodded.

"Professor Nero, is it true that Vivifica has been found exporting Itika into Regalia?" Asked Artanis Aenhild, Archmagus of the School of Conjuration, "Maestra Nosferi should have been removed from her station if that is the case. Dealing with any form of Itika is illegal, and for a Maestra of a Court to be found dealing with such material is unheard of."

"That is quite correct, Professor Aenhild. We do not know the reason for such change from Maestra Nosferi, but this will be one topic in our meeting," Replied Maestra Nero.

"You will travel to Sanctus Heights, but I do not see you taking any guards with you Maestra Thea. Is there a reason for that?" Asked Claus Odil, Archmagus of the School of Evocation.

"I will take a small entourage to this meeting. I am sure that any mage in the court would be capable of doing such assignment, so I picked a group and sent them a message requesting their presence and explaining the nature of our travel to Sanctus Heights," Thea Nero explained as she looked at a small pocketwatch, "In any case, I will take my leave. The ship should be ready to sail and I do not want to be late. Professor Whacko, please take care of the Court, I will return as quick as possible."

One by one the Archmagi bowed to the Maestra and left the Office. Maestra Thea Nero sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. She stood up and walked towards one of the cabinets, there she picked a small suitcase and, before taking one last look around the office, left the room. Walking through the hallways always made her feel happy, just by watching the students spending time together, laughing or just relaxing. Some students and teachers greeted her, some of the younger students asked why she was leaving and when she was coming back, to which she just said "soon".

- Thea Nero - Court of Somnum: Harbor District - Docks -

Professor Nero was looking at her pocketwatch, wondering what the future had in store for her and the Courts, while still holding her suitcase on her other hand. It was close to the appointed time for the boat to sail into the ocean, she was only waiting for the group that would be coming with her to arrive.


The Destined Undestined
- Daruk Mordem, Ignis, migrating from his living quarters to the train station -

Daruk wiped the sweat from his glistening brow with a strikingly red towel, having completed a few rounds of weights within his room, the only things within its spartan grounds being a sturdily set table and chair with whatever food he kept on them as makeshift pantries, a hefty set of weights and dumbbells, and a firm bed. Well, that, and the many shelves of books, some of which he never read fully but perused from time to time. People keep giving him books, hoping to enlighten him about certain subjects when he knew enough about them already.

Walking over to the doorway leading to a roofed patio, he studied the sparring courts below, which seemed to harbour some interest as some combatants strugged against each other and others onlooked. A grin overtook him as he watched a few he knew and wiped the last salty beads off of his red-headed face.

"Oho!" he laughed rowdily, eyes twinkling with interest as he observed a scenario playing out down there. "That seems like a situation that needs resolving. Oh, but look! Others already resolved it. Others actually do listen to what I say! Gwa ha! But lo, there is a train to board soon. Lucky me, I know a good shortcut."

And with the merriment of seven men, he spun his heel, lobbed the towel onto the back of the chair, and vacated the premises in something between a jog and a run before leaping like a madman off of the balustraded hallway and into a nearby set of trees. After leaping and twisting around the tree branches (and getting a good number of leaves stuck in his clothing), he brushed himself off and headed for the train station, entering with a gleeful smile. He caught a glimpse at Ephraim while he did so and gave him a small salute with his index finger before slipping onboard.

- Pali Noirtier, Umbra, exiting out of his study -

A pale man lazily scavenged through his research on a desk that seemingly far exceeded him in years, stained by an abundance of beverages and inks. Papers fled his grasp as he reached out and performed minor telekinesis, capturing a few words from each document with a sifting magic and, knowing exactly what the documents were, lobbed them away elsewhere on the table. He was searching for a page with writing within all of its white space, and since that was the description for 40% of his documents he was further searching for two of his hidden phrases within the document written in the same ink: "fugit inreparabile tempus (it flies, irretrievable time)" and "timor mortis conturbat me (the fear of death confounds me)."

Finding his paper after searching such for the span of two minutes, he glanced up at the window and found it to be morning, with the detestable tracker of time, the sun, trekking its way across the sky and into his room with beams of sunshine. From him escaped a heavy sigh, and he groaned achingly as he lifted himself from his chair. It had been two nights since he last rested, as he did not dare let his muse escape him, and now he felt that he had trapped her succinctly. His eyes, dull and morose, sparked with a light of recognition. Within the mess of scribbles and neat print he pieced together a new way to preserve necrotic flesh so that it did not rot as horribly. This will keep his butlers and maids smelling better.

Living corpses drifted over the room performing a medley of chores, some sweeping, some dusting, and one other acting as, for lack of a better word, inspiration. The self-afflicting zombie gave up parts of himself willingly for study, lately giving up an ear for his master. He felt no pain, the man, but Pali (as that was the master's name) smiled at his sacrifice and with a wave of his hand allowed him to regrow a new one.

"One more possibility," he croaked, not using his voice for at least a few hours and afterwards clearing his throat. One of his hands went up to his neck where a pendant with Lev's picture rested. "Hopefully this means less spending on perfume. Nurelio."

The self-afflicting zombie looked up at being called, his hearing with his new ear clearer than before.

"See to it that this room gets adequately clean. I am heading out to reward myself with a bottle of wine, then hop into the carriage."

Nurelio nodded stiffly and shuffled towards one of the cleaning maids, observing her work with eyes not quite perfectly set. Pali allowed himself a smirk, grabbed his coat, hat, and gloves, and slipped out the main door. He frowned when he realised that his coach was already at the door, awaiting him, and in an act of patient begrudging he slipped into the carriage.

- Jari Coriander, Somnum, heading for the docks -

For once, the self-proclaimed fox boy was panicked so much that he forgot his tail. He rushed down to the docks in effort of getting there on time, and constantly looked down at his watch as if to will it to go slower, or him faster. He bumbled around the traffic of students and teachers, adjusting his makeshift hairpiece oftentimes while doing so, and sprinted as fast as his little legs could allow him. Finally he stopped close to the Maestra of the Somnum court, Lady Nero, and he grinned sheepishly at her. His pack was filled with the barest of essentials, perhaps excepting the metal ingots he had on his person and his gaming board, but he considered them vital for the trip anyhow.

"Howdy, Lady Nero!" he uttered through labourous breaths, swallowing the gasps as best as he was able. "Nice day for a run, right?"

Mystics Apprentice

Colorfully Ecstatic Time Mage
Endless Thundaza Endless Thundaza (and other Vivifica mages, if desired)
At the train station at Cape ad Draco, Jynn would find that the train was filling with many passengers. Most of these individuals did not seem to be affiliated with the court, though those who recognized Jynn as a Vivifica mage bowed to him respectfully. Some averted their eyes out of fear, though more seem rather curious about him. One woman with tight coils in a bun walked up to Jynn, kneeling before him and grasping at his garments (cloak, if worn).

"Oh, high mage!" she pleaded, her face lowered to Jynn's boots. "It is urgent! My daughter, she is so ill and but a mere child! The doctors say that there is no cure for her, but they say that you mages have been blessed by the goddess to heal. Please, I have little to offer you, but I would do anything! Please, save my daughter." She began to sob as people continued to push past her, some shooting her quizzical glances as they boarded the train. It did not take long for security to take notice of the woman upon Jynn, to which a man in a navy-blue tailcoat whistled and beckoned toward him. Two men with revolvers at their waist, in the same security uniform, moved toward the woman, whose desperation only climaxed as they dragged her away from Jynn.

"A thousand pardons, Noble Mage," one of the men said, gruffly dragging the woman as she fought against him. "She meant no harm, I am sure."

the conductor of the train continued to signal passengers aboard before glancing down toward his watch. "Five minutes!" he bellowed, before returning to his duty of examining tickets and granting passage onto the train.

EchoFox23 EchoFox23 , Thanny Thanny , Nero Kunivas Nero Kunivas , Scrapmaster Scrapmaster , Endless Thundaza Endless Thundaza , Stardustblade358 Stardustblade358

--Train Station: Walla Beach Central--

"EPHRAIM!" bellowed a fellow Ignis mage, clubbing the young man on the back as he jolted into him from behind. "Whoops, sorry, too much speed." Shiroo had a lot of energy, perhaps even more than that of his cousin, Jari, from the Somnum court. He adjusted his maroon vest and threw his red ponytail back over his shoulder before fixing Ephraim with a sideways grin. "So, been chosen by Maester Daruk to join us, huh? Lucky us, lucky us. There really aren't that many mages invited to the council this time around."

A bee swarmed around Shiroo, probably attracted to his sweet honey wine in a flask at his waist, to which he swatted it away moments before being stung. He swore under his breath before sucking on his finger.

In the distance he thought that he spotted two other mages that he knew, ones that, too, had been selected for the journey. "Whoo-hoo! Soren? Arun?! Dat you guys?" He waved, clearly making an entire spectacle of himself at the station, to which everyone stared. But he didn't care–he partially enjoyed the attention.

Whether Henry, Lev, and Vincent were with them, he wasn't certain. There were a lot of similarly dressed individuals in the packed station, and he'd had perhaps just a little too much wine to properly focus.
Thanny Thanny , Elrandir Elrandir , Xion136 Xion136 , HeartOfFerria HeartOfFerria , rikunobodyxiii rikunobodyxiii , Nero Kunivas Nero Kunivas

--Docks of the Eastern Sea--
Mellark Crowe stood with arms crossed over his chest, leaning against a wooden flag post as he lazily watched Jari approach. His emerald gaze flickered onto his favorite fox-boy wannabe, before stifling a yawn and turning to the Maestra.

"Well, that is probably everyone now, Professor Nero," he said, tone emotionless and disinterested. He glanced over in the direction of the other mages, which likely could've been Kagura, Luka, Laguna, and Mako, among perhaps one or two other nameless individuals. "Though I am partially surprised that you invited . . . ." His voice fell, a frown pinching his brow as he glanced at Laguna with a slight tilt of the head, long blue hair falling over his shoulder in one fluid motion. "Well, forgive me. I suppose that I am still not wholly acquainted with you yet. There is much talk about you within the court, though a proper introduction between us has never happened."

Thanny Thanny , Xion136 Xion136 , Stardustblade358 Stardustblade358 , Nero Kunivas Nero Kunivas , Endless Thundaza Endless Thundaza , rikunobodyxiii rikunobodyxiii
--Western Canyon, entering coaches--
A woman with ebony hair in waves down her back sighed as she watched Pali climb into a carriage all his own. "It is no wonder that the man always chooses to ride in luxury," she murmured, brushing a few stray strands from her face, before smiling at her companion.

"Would you like to ride with me, darling?" she asked tenderly, turning to her companion who was likely Eclaire de Wynter, the latest member of the Umbra court. A few of the Umbra mages sent scathing glares in their direction, to which this woman merely shrugged and opened a carriage door for her.

"Sorry about them," she murmured, shaking her head dismissively. "There is a lot of tension between the Vivifica and Umbra courts. Especially now. Surely you understand."

"Everyth!" A man with violet locks was waving to get her attention, to which she let out a sigh and gave her companion's hand a slight pat. "I'm sorry, I shall return, but make yourself and our belongings comfortable until then, okay?"

She then left, nodding respectfully to some of her fellow mages, Eleanor, Arkane, and Morpha in particular. She wondered where Maester Gerik was within the throes of people, and whether he was planning to travel among his mages or alone.
Xion136 Xion136 , Nero Kunivas Nero Kunivas , rikunobodyxiii rikunobodyxiii , Scrapmaster Scrapmaster .
(As a Vivifica mage, you can be prepared to travel to The Outskirts, if you desire, or you are welcome to still board the train to arrive for the summoning at Sanctus Heights. The choice is entirely yours, but I wanted to give this opening in case you'd like it)

--Aislinn Nosferi–Vivifica–Vivifica Court --
A piercing scream escaped the bedchambers of the Vivifica Maestra, some looks of concern filling the hall while others said nothing. Aislinn sat up, wiping a bead of sweat from her brow as she rose to grasp a pitcher of water. These dreams were a common occurrence to her, yet they were becoming more and more frequent. She knew that they were coming, though she did not know when.

The clearing of a throat arrested her attention upon the silk drape screen which closed off her room from the remainder of the building. "Lady Aislinn?" a woman asked, dressed in what seemed to be pickings from the garden and not much else. Leaves even adorned her hair. "I apologize for the intrusion, but another set of mages are prepared to head to the Outskirts, so–"

"Oh, yes, I shall go greet them," she said timidly, regaining her composure as swiftly as putting on a new hat. She glanced down into the pitcher into her reflection, and for one brief moment the face she looked into was dark, with red eyes and a gaping opening for a mouth. With a gasp the pitcher clattered to the floor, water pooling out onto the soft soil and elegant Persian rug alongside her bed. The entering mage deftly began to clean up the spot on the rug with her own skirt, while Aislinn murmured many apologies as she deftly moved behind her screen, dressed into a silk gown, and made her way to greet the mages prior to their departure for the Outskirts, only one thing on her mind:

They had to hurry.


The Yiling Patriarch
- Arkane from Umbra Court - Umbra Court, preparing for departure -
"Your parents will not return. This alone should cost you your life in the court of law. But I will give you a chance. Come and serve under the house of Umbra. We may be able to make something out of that raw talent of yours after all, Arkane."

The scent of decay was long a usual sense in the Umbra court. Though they had long practiced spells and oils to make the aroma less disturbing. The entire place was on the move. They were preparing for a move to meet with the other courts. As it turned out, the Vivifica court not only had distanced itself from the rest, but they had begun breaking the rules. This worried many people, as well as pissed them off. But worry was a more prominent emotion. The rules were set for a reason, after all. Should they begin to break it, then the rest of the mages in the different courts could begin to follow suit, and absolute chaos would reign. The representatives for the Umbra Court would be getting ready for departure. Each maester and maestra could choose a number of mages to bring along with them, and he was one of them, for whatever reason. He would admit that he was not against it, however. Everyone wanted to know the drama that was of the Vivifica court, and he was more than happy to collect that juicy juice to deliver back to his honeybees. Though they would have to hand over some honey in exchange, if they wished to hear more in detail. The purring of a cat against his leg would interrupt Arkane for a moment, who merely turned over to the gentle cat who meowed at him. Well. Half the cat, as the skull and the ribs were exposed. The cat would look up at the quill and jump onto the desk. It then swatted after Arkane's quill, much to his amusement as he left the parchment to dry. "There there." He spoke, picking the cat up and setting him back down on the ground beneath. His attention would turn to his beloved servant, one he called Qion. "Do make sure that he does not get his paws into the manuscript." He spoke. The young man with paled skin and white eyes merely bowed his head. Arkane would turn over to his window and close it with a lock. It was time to leave. He would keep the Grimoire on his satchel along with his flute and made his way out to the hall. He closed the door behind him with a loud click and made his way down to greet with the others. He had already come a long way, and even at his age, he was considered to become a maester...well, that is what the whispers spoke about, anyways. He did not mind, nor care. But maybe as one he could take advantage of bending the rules more often than in his current position.

The sight of the carriages outside of the court had brought most mages out. Some would linger by the doorways or windows, looking down at those who would be heading over to the council meeting. They would whisper and speak among themselves, leaning against the windowsills as they took breaks from their magic and practice. Arkane would step out and glance over at Pali, Everyth, and the newcomer. He would take out a simple paper fan, waving at himself as he would glance around. "The corpses around here are livelier than half of them combined. Flick them off as we ride and they should return crawling to their lairs before sundown." He spoke, glancing at Eclaire before turning forward. She was born of the Vivifica court. It made sense that people were wary. He would walk onward to one of the carriages. Usually people rode on their own, but taking an entire damn caravan was not the most practical of senses, either. But no one wanted to share a carriage with him, usually. Arkane was no exception. He huffed, looking away as he would enter his own carriage, sitting down inside as he would lean against the window.

- Arun from Ignis Court - Ignis Court, preparing for departure -
"Straighten your back. Keep your head high. Focus on the incense and the sound of the clock. The world around you is your domain, but unless you can control yourself, you will not be able to control your magic. Failure is not an option. All for Ignis, or none at all, Arun."

Arun opened his eyes, still sitting on the cushion inside his room. He would sigh softly, turning to the metronome as he would place a finger against it, pausing it. The gentle seaside breeze stirred the delicate curtains that decorated the windows. It was almost time. He would stand up and get properly dressed, setting his headgear on last. He would tilt his head from side to side, maing sure that it was well adjusted before hearing a whistle. His attention turned to the chirping birds within the gilded cage. Another present from father. He turned and walked over to them, opening the cage and picking the small being in his arms. He gently rubbed its head with his thumb and took it to the window. He opened his palm and the bird took off. Arun watched for a little while longer, only to see the bird fly right back through the window and into the cage. "Why do you not leave?" He asked, frowning. "The sky is there for you." He would reach over and rub his cheek again, smiling softly. "...we are similar, it would seem. We cannot see our chain." He whispered. He would place a gentle kiss on its head and leave the door to the cage open, picking up his sword and shield before turning to glance at the clock. "Best not be late."

Arun traveled with Soren, stepping across the station as he stood tall, back straightened and head lifted. "Do not harm the bee." He spoke, his tone as calm as it usually was for an Ignis mage. Then again, his magic concentrated more of the Earth than the fire. One had to be calm and strong in order to contain it, or else be crushed. He would watch the bee fly around in search for something else. Arun would take out his own flask of sweetened water and poured some on the cap, watching the bee quickly become attracted. It would land on the cap and begin to sip, to which Arun merely allowed and watched with a soft smile. "Has everyone arrived?" He asked, unable to take his eyes off the fuzzy bee.

- Vincent from Ignis Court - Ignis court, preparing for departure -
"You are lucky that you are of brilliant mind. Your weapons and ideas are the only reason the Court of Ignis would sustain a non-magic individual as yourself. Do not let us down, nor make a fool of us. A single mistake will cost you your place. One that many more brilliant, and talented mages will be able to fit more than well, Vincent."
The sound of metal against metal echoed in the workshop. Well, his room that also served as a workshop. To his credit, his bed was clear of any debris or sharp metals that could pierce a lung. But the rest of his abode did consist of dozens of shelves of books, tools and materials stacked one on top of the other. It was a mess, but he always knew where everything was, apparently. He was unpopular; a non-magic user taking up a spot that could be given to a magic user was certainly an unusual case, and one that did not stir good feelings. Yet they never complained when it came to the weapons, now did they? Vincent would remove his goggles, rubbing his eyes a bit before stretching with a yawn. He had been working on another commission for one of the courts. However, he had to currently delay any existing ones regarding the Vivifica court for obvious reasons. He would pick up the sand clock and stare down at the numbers. How long had he been working? Wait, what hour was it? He turned around, opening a window as to look over at the clock. Oh damn. "I'M LATE!"

Damn them! They did not tell him when they were leaving! They just ignored him again! Vincent ran across the train station, looking around as he panted for breath. Where was the station? Wait, which station? What train? He glanced down at the ticket again and groaned, scurrying along as he was careful of the people. "Excuse me! Sorry! Pardon me!" He said, looking up at the large wooden board with the hours, departures and locations. He groaned, rubbing the back of his head as he could feel his heart racing. He groaned, taking a deep breath. "Right! Calm down, Vincent! You do better when you think straight." He spoke, only to laugh at himself, covering his mouth. Oh he was screwed. His attention would return to the board, trying to focus as he found where he was meant to go and went off running. Hopefully he was not too late!


An extremely knightly lad.
- Henry Heid - Ignis - Ignis Court - Boarding the train -

Henry arrived somewhat more late than everyone else, for he had to do his morning practice routine first and he figured he had enough time, of course he would have arrived early had some other novice mages not ask him for sparring practice, something he didn't mind doing of course, he was always happy to help new and old mages of the ignis court alike. Of course his arrival would be signaled by the ample use of his fire and sunlight magic to speed things up, momentarily using them to speed him up as he arrived in a flashy show of light and fire in one of the less populated areas of the station, he frowned, not that the public saw him and most were at awe at his entrance, he frowned because even Daruk managed to get there before him. He quickly appraoched one of the guards who were picking up tickets, offering his to him but the guard simply pushed it back with his hand while cocking a smile. "Ignis and Vivifica mages ride for free today". He exclaimed, Henry nodded and quickly put his ticket back into his pocket as he entered.

"Morning, Daruk" Henry greeted the ignis master with a respectful slight bow as he scouted the train for other Ignis court mages, managing to spot Arun and Ephraim.
"I take it Vincent is late." He commented with a dry tone. That boy was too relaxed for his own good sometimes.

- Arno Cross - Bounty hunter extraordinaire - Vita City tavern -

Arnor was sitting on his chair at his, Gabriel and TIbarn's table, head resting back with his hat on top concealing his entire face, anybody that'd look would think he was sleeping, but he wasn't, he did this often mostly to rest his eyes as Gabriel and TIbarn's banter was often too much for him, and this got him some silence, most of the times anyway. Mages were having a meetup at Sanctum heights, this was interesting, it was pretty much a nation wide event at this point, his index finger tipped his hat up as he heard of some men playing cards wagering their tickets to the trains.

Arno glanced at them, then back at Tibarn, nodding towards them subtly, if they could get their hands on those tickets, it would be great. They had done this before, Arno would be the one playing the cards as he had the best poker face, and apparent luck with the cards, TIbarn would be on the side, commenting and trying to pickpocket anything of value off anyone that looked like they had value, and Gabriel would either watch or be the card dealer.

He would wait for Tibarn to initiate conversation, as he was the one with the most tongue out of the three.

- Ricther Vanis - VIvifica - Vivifica Court - Awaiting Aislinn -

Some Vivifica mages had already left to board the train to Sanctum heights, some others, however, had stayed behind to accompany their maester on the way, Ricther was one of them, no doubt one of the most, if not the most loyal of the Vivifican mages, always worrying and caring about their maester. His dedication to her was astounding, and he'd go to the depths of hell to see her safe, needless to say, his dedication was only further bolstered when Aislinn told them of her dreams.

"You need to sleep, how long has it been since the last time you laid down on a bed, Richter?" One of the Vivifica mages who awaited for Aislinn's audience asked him, clearly worried for his peer's health. And in truth, Richter hadn't slept in over five days, always worried sick for Aislinn, the maester of VIvifica had been having dreams and her waking up everyone screaming was becoming ever the more common occurance.

"I will not sleep as long as Aislinn needs me" Richter answered the mage's pleas with a piercing gaze, his blue glowing hair floating in the air as he looked none the worse for wear considering he hadn't slept for days, then again meditation helped a lot.

Richter shot up from his seat the moment he heard Aislinn's scream, which echoed throughout the halls of the court, his expression did not change, a neutral face as he waited, alongside the other mages who had stayed, for her to give them her audience.


God of Yuri, Sovereign of Shoujo-Ai
Kagura Sumeragi - Somnum Court, Harbor District

At the bow of the ship erupted multiple tendrils of water. They twisted and turned around the bow, and soon more and more erupted, intertwining around the masts, a twisting vortex that continued, refracting the colors of the sun until they went rigid and exploded into mist, causing a localized rainbow above the ship that faded as beside Nero landed a young dancer, veils settling down as all movements ended.
"Hello." Came the soft reply. "I'm here." Kagura said softly, bowing to the Maestra. Little shy show off.

Zion - Vivifica - Train Station

The guard would be stopped by an angelic mage landing before him. In her hands was a softly glowing orb. "Release her." She requested softly, then pushed the orb into her hands. "Quickly. This will heal your daughter. Do not dawdle, for the further I am away the weaker it becomes." She smiled. "May you ever walk in the Light of the Goddess." She beamed.

Where others did not care or were not inclined to, or busy as hell, the Archmagus of the School of Light was...well, she was an altruistic woman with a heart that would get her killed. Giving the guard a bow, she began to weave through the crowd, heading for the train. She had long been told not to fly in the station, to her annoyance. Flying was so much faster in here.
But alas. Digging into her Gate of Connection, she finally found that damnable train ticket pinned under a battle axe. Yanking it out, when produce it.

She really needed to clean that damn thing out, she didn't even USE axes!

Eclaire de Wynter - Umbra Court, At home

Eclaire yawned, stretching. Tail flicking a bit, she sat up, her tank top falling down one arm. Rubbing her eyes, she crawled out of bed and into a nice, warm shower. Taking her sweet time, she finally was out and dry, dressed in her black Umbra uniform and heading downstairs. Her mother, long Raven hair reaching her thighs, did not turn around until breakfast was ready. Laying out everything, she quietly sat beside her much more colorful daughter, until done.
"Be safe." She said softly. "I'd never be forgiven if you got hurt."
Eclaire only nodded. Kissing her mother's cheek and accepting a bento box for the ride, Eclaire took dlight towards the carriages, leaving the manor grounds where her mother lived and worked. A maid for one of the wealthy Umbra mages, her mother watched her precious daughter fly away, praying for her safe return.
"Fly swift, my precious Clary." She whispered.

Eclaire de Wynter - Umbra Court, The Carriages

She took the many glances and stares with little regard. Her ashen wings were the only sign that she belonged to both the lines of Umbra and Vivifica, and even then - she had never met her father. Finding herself near a black-haired woman, she would nod in response to the question.
"Yes...thank you. I...I'm Eclaire. But by everyone's scathe, you probably had guessed that." Smiling weakly, she climbed in, tail curling around her waist so no one sat on it. "...what is your name?" She asked the ebony-haired girl as she climbed in.

Endless Thundaza

Jynn Venas - Vivifica - Boarding the train

A woman abruptly kneels in front of Jynn, asking him to heal her ill daughter. This was unfortunate, he does not possess the power of healing like his Maestra does. “I’m sorry ma’am. I don’t possess such power. But......” He reaches for his pocket for a small bag of lifepowder. “....... this may help.” Before he places it in her hand, two guards pull the woman away. But both were soon stopped by another Vivifica member, Zion. She offered an orb of sorts to the woman, and then heads to the train.
Jynn catches up to her, putting the lifepowder back in his pocket. “Thanks Zion.” He soon takes a seat.

Lev Noirtier - Ignis - Boarding the train with Henry and Daruk

Behind the Maestero and Henry, a young woman boards the train hastily. “I’m sorry for my lateness!” Noticing the two, she regains her posture. “Hi Henry!” She then turns to Daruk and bows. “Greetings, sir Daruk.”
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Child of the Pale Mistress
- Thea Nero - Court of Somnum: Harbor District - Docks -

The faint ticking sound of the small golden pocketwatch and the sound of the waves were enough to relax the Maestra's mind. Simple things often helped her. She closed the pocketwatch and stared at the engraving on it, a very detailed engraving of a mythical sea serpent, a gift from her parents for her graduation many years ago. The sound of approaching footsteps made Professor Nero turn around to look who was approaching.

"Ah, Mister Coriander, I am glad that you managed to join us," she said to Jari with a smile, noticing one of his famous accessories was missing, "Early mornings are always good for some exercise. Now take some time to breath and recover. We still have a few more minutes before the ship is ready to sail."

The Maestra turned around once more to look at the display happening around the ship, she had seen this from time to time, and a student quickly came to mind. She got her confirmation when she heard a soft voice besides her.

"Good morning, Kagura Sumeragi. That was a beautiful display," Professor Nero said while looking towards the ship, "Although I would suggest letting the crew know beforehand of what you are planning to do. Some of them look quite confused, but it also look like they enjoyed your performance."

The disinterested and emotionless tone of Mellark Crowe made Professor Nero turn around to look at him. The young man still had much to learn and, perhaps, this assignment would be the perfect way to learn a valuable lesson, but only time would tell. He had a good heart, Nero knew that.

"It does look that way, Mister Crowe, and the time to set sail is upon us. But before we go," Nero said while looking at the group, "I am aware that you are mages of different years and classes, and it wouldn't be surprising that you do not know each other. So, why don't you all introduce yourselves to your companions who will be sharing this assignment."
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The Destined Undestined
- Daruk, Ignis Court, with Henry and Lev -

The bubbly court leader Daruk whirled about like a tornado of muscle and red hair and grinned wildly at Henry, offering what would be a firm handshake to the young man.

"Henry! Hah! Glad to see you made it, and me with it!" he boomed, taking back his hand. "I lost track of time, but I am here now. As for Vincent, he will be around, I know it. He's an inventive guy, after all! He finds a way, even if he has to craft some crazy gadget to fly him all the way where we are going."

He turned again to find Lev, and offered her his hand as well, though not nearly as firm as what he offered Henry. He attempted to be as polite as possible to the young lady. It would be the better course of action than being known as the court leader who popped a girl's arm out of socket.

"And a fine how-do-you-do to you too, young missy! It seems we are all late here, or hold ourselves to being it, so let's just call us all early or on time! Gwa ha! So that leaves a few others, Shiroo for one and Soren. Are they here, do you all know?"

- Jari, Somnum Court, with Thea, Kagura, and Mellark -

The young boy took Lady Nero's words to heart and found his breath after a moment of calming his surging heart and lungs, only to find his breath being taken away by the amazing display of the dancer Kagura appearing out of thin water. Jari was smitten by the dancer for, oh, a few days now. He never really had a chance to talk with her, admiring her from afar, but he yearned to talk to her. And yet, right now, he found his tongue tied in a knot. What could he say that would not come out wrong? He decided after several seconds of fighting himself that it was best just to keep it casual.

"W-welcome, Kagura. Nice t-to see you," he forcibly replied, embarrassment cutting him short as he scratched his "ear" and shifted his eyes to Mellark. "And yeah, it seems like the gang is fast approaching! We soon will be asea! I love the open water!"


The Sleepy Magician

Luka yawned as she supported herself on her Javelin. Resting against its cold iron exterior. It gently shifted and shimmered like it was breaking apart and reforming ever so softly. The researcher seemed like she hadn’t slept in a few days. Her bag clinked and clacked with the sound of stones. Her small cape was inlaid with a rather sparkly dust. She moved to find a place to rest before the good spots were taken, choosing not to converse. She simply wanted to rest for a bit.


The blonde bounty hunter quietly sat at the bar, drinking alone. That is until she heard about the tickets. She turned in her seat and simply watched as two other folk had already gone up to the fellows with the tickets. “If i could get my hands on one of those I could get away from this wretched city. Maybe I could even check out the Ignis Court. They seem more realistic... heck any of them have more realistic ideals than this Vivican Loonies....” she muttered to herself.


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- Ephraim Myrei - Train Station - Boarding train

Ephraim chuckled at Shiroo's misfortune, then asked "Bees can't get enough of that stuff eh?" He noticed Maester Daruk, and salutes back at him before he boarded the train. The bee buzzed around Ephraim and Shiroo once more, until Ephraim swatted it with his trench coat sleeve. Finally, the bee flew away from the two men, letting them be at peace. "Sheesh, these bees don't know when to stop," he commented. A man in a tailored maroon suit signaled to the two men to keep moving along. Ephraim boarded the train, searching for Henry and the others.

Nero Kunivas

Xehanort's Nobody
- Soren Monroe - Ignis Court, Walla Beach Central Station -

Initially keeping watch over the other mages present at the train station, Soren Monroe's attention was garnered by their resident clown: Shrioo Chickori, who shouted the Bulwark's name and waved in an exaggerated fashion. Soren would peer over to where Shiroo's noises were coming from, his mostly yellow eyes bearing their usual slight glow as he eyed the boy from under his hood, though he figured it wouldn't intimidate Shiroo too much, so he turned fully in the young man's direction and nodded. "I am here, Shiroo. You needn't shout so loudly, my hearing hasn't left me just yet." Soren commented dryly, then gestured to the trains. "Are you accompanying us, boy?" He added, motioning to the other mages present, though Arun caught his eye, as he tended to, with his affinity to nature.

"I didn't think Bees would have much care for us humans...then again, a sweet scented drink can do wonders I suppose." Soren noted aloud, shrugging to himself.

- Eleanor Le Doux - Umbra Court, Western Canyon Coaches -

After waking up and sorting herself out fairly quickly, Eleanor Le Doux departed from the Courts homestead and was approaching the coaches when Everyth passed her by, giving her a respectful nod, to which she replied with much the same, before entering the carriage Everyth had just hurried out of at the behest of a distant calling and sitting opposite Eclaire De Wynter, who sat alone on the coach carriage. Eleanor didn't know Eclaire personally, but she knew the other Umbras didn't think much of her, knowing she was of Vivifica descent, yet she was amongst the Umbra Court and that didn't sit well with them, but Eleanor didn't really care. She thought Eclaire was quite cute, personally, but she wouldn't say it out loud...probably.

Adjusting her position, as to make herself comfortable with having two swords upon her back, Eleanor relaxed, though she beckoned Eclaire's attention. "You all right there?" She would begin with a friendly tone, then eyed the empty seat beside her fellow Umbran, one who bore feline features that still were unexplained. "Are ya travelling alone? No buddy?" Eleanor added inquisitively, preferring not to make the assumption that the seat was for Everyth or someone else, though she would've been right to assume the former.

- Laguna, Somnum Court, Docks of the Eastern Sea -

Having meditated for some time before arriving at the docks, Laguna was fairly relaxed amongst their fellow Somnum, awaiting their transportation calmly and quietly, though none could really tell their facial expression beneath the mask and hood they bore. Mellark Crowe would feel Laguna's gaze despite this after his partial comment on their presence. They weren't offended, but their attention was caught nonetheless and Mellark's suggestion of an introduction didn't fall upon deaf ears for Laguna approached Mellark and extended a hand for a handshake.

"Laguna. Pleasure to meet you, Mr...?" Laguna began, their voice masked as always, but their inflections were unmistakably courteous as they inquired as to Mellark's name.

- Elliot Luxmore - Vivifica Court, The Court Itself -

The shrill scream of Lady Aislinn didn't go unheard by any mage of Vivifica who awaited their transportation to The Outskirts, Elliot Luxmore especially, who felt a disturbance in his very soul after hearing it. It didn't show on the outside, for he was fully encapsulated within his armour as per usual, standing with his comrades. From Richter's reaction coupled with the man's clear sleep deprivation that Elliot's dedication to Lady Aislinn paled in comparison, but it had become unhealthy for Richter, who had not slept in five days and was clearly beginning to waver in spite of his neutral, stoic expression, there were always subtle hints one could look out for.

Still, Elliot, while he hadn't felt like himself in quite sometime, sympathized with Richter and took a few steps toward him as they awaited Lady Aislinn. "You look well, Richter. Your resilience is commendable...but you really must find time to rest." Elliot recommended, his voice eerily serene and his passive aura would be felt by Richter. This was intentional, as Elliot knew it would help Richter at least a little bit with keeping himself awake, on top of his meditation.

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The Yiling Patriarch
- Arun & Vincent from Ignis Court - Train Station: Walla Beach Central- Boarding the train -
Arun would remain calm, looking up at Soren. "They are the original magicians. They bring life to the world by spreading the pollen. They do not think much about us, but without them, we would not be here. That is, unless one decides to have people run around and pollinate on their own." He watched the bee drink up the sugary water and then take off, flying into the air and off to do whatever was that his schedule had today. Arun would gently twist the drink back closed before turning to the train. "Right." He spoke. He would step into the train, following behind the others. Arun was always the quiet strength. His calm hid the storm that he could unleash. Then again, when one was raised by the man he could not even call father, it was also just the way one interacted with the world. One could not risk of harming anyone or bringing in bad attention...He would board the train and pause as he turned to hear a familiar yell.

"I am here!!!"

Vincent ran across the station, almost tripping and sliding on the floor, excusing himself from when he bumped into people. He almost fell over more than once as he would look up at the station guard. "I am from the Ignis Court?!" He asked. The guard merely stared at the ticket and then gestured to the train. Vincent panted, nodding as he would tip his head. "Thank you very much!" He said, running up to the train and stepping onto it. "Hey! You guys are here!" He smiled, waving. "And here I thought I was going to miss it! You see- someone did not warn me when the rest of you guys were leaving! The bunch of pricks..." He muttered under his breath on that last bit before smiling over at the rest of Ignis. "Want to sit together! I call the window seat!" He chimed, walking along. Arun merely stepped to the side to allow Vincent to walk through. Vincent would scratch his cheek. "Yeah, sorry!"

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--Train Station -- Cape ad Draco--

The woman clutched the orb of light to her chest, tears streaming down her face as her sapphire-blue gaze met with Zion's warm, tender face.

"Oh, bless you, Archmagus!" she cried, no longer fighting the guards who held her hostage. The security troops felt compelled to obey the Vivifica mage, releasing the woman tenderly and both removing their caps and bringing them to their chests in respect.

"O' Noble Magus," one of them stated lowly, averting his gaze. "Forgive us. We only meant to spare you and your companion from beggars. We mean no harm or disrespect, madam."

If the two entered the train, it was like any other; bustling with passengers finding a car to seat themselves in. One family beside Jynn seemed all smiles to be traversing to Sanctus Heights, discussing seeing their Aunt Wendy and Uncle Roy again while their father loaded the luggage up beside Jynn's seat. While the cars were filling, there were seemingly no other Vivifica mages other than Zion and Jynn, or at least that had yet to arrive.

–The Train – Walla Beach –
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Loose sand lined the flooring of the train. While it looked as though it were once a top-of-the-line steam engine, it looked like it was in a state of disrepair. Paint peeled around the windows, and several windows were even missing their glass panels. The leather seats looked worn, and many were torn in the centers (perhaps from the neglect and abuse of people standing on them when the no-standing policy is ignored).

Shiroo was gladdened to have everyone around, smiling as he swung around his fellow mages and wound up alongside Lev. He did so like to flirt with her, perhaps because she was the cutest girl in the Ignis court. The pickings, sadly, were also narrow, their court being predominately of bachelors, as odd as that was.

"So, Lev," he starts, grabbing her luggage and carrying for her before loading it into a nearby compartment. "Glad to see that you made it. Haven't seen you in a while. Training mightily, I presume?" Many of these words were larger than ones Shiroo would normally use, but he heard that women were impressed by a large vocabulary, or so his cousin Jari once told him. Apparently his cousin was trying to woo over a girl himself from the Somnum court these days. A water dancer, if he recalled.

Shiroo noticed Ephraim seemingly in search of someone, so he waved the young man over and gestured to an open seat. "Say, care to join us?" He asked, assuming that Lev was already committed to sitting alongside him. He'd always enjoyed Ephraim's company. While the fire mage seemed a bit more reserved than himself, Shiroo was impressed when he saw Ephraim bravely defy several other mages when it came to something he felt was right. Even Shiroo wouldn't have had the courage to do that. He felt Ephraim was someone worthy of calling a friend after that.

–The Docks at the Eastern Sea–
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The display that Kagura displayed was indeed impressive. Mellark responded with a curt nod toward the young mage, before turning back to face Laguna with a hardened expression. The figure's voice was masked, as always, making it impossible for Mellark to learn more about his or her identity. Well, no matter.

Mellark extended a hand to return the handshake, gripping Laguna's hand and giving it one firm shake before letting go. The hand didn't reveal much to Mellark, though his curiosity about the mage only burned more fiercely.

"Mellark is fine," the blue-haired mage responded, gaze trailing over to the Maestra as she spoke. For some reason the Maestra's words made Mellark feel like a child again, causing his skin to spasm oddly as a cold sensation coursed through him. Sometimes when his emotions got the better of him his elemental magic would seep through, something that he was working on and yet still untrained.

"Well, I know Jari"–he shot a quick glance at the "fox boy"–"though I do not believe that I ever met our lovely performer. Dear girl, that was a marvelous show of magical prowess. What a way to channel your water magic."

The quiet yawn in the corner drew his attention, his gaze shifting onto Luka propping herself on her javelin. Perhaps her lazy nature should've disturbed him, but it didn't catch him off-guard in the least. Many of the Somnum mages valued their rest and relaxation–it is where they derived such powerful mana and why their magic came so readily to them.

"I don't think that I have had the pleasure to make your acquaintance either," Mellark started, nodding to Luka without making a motion toward her. "And for those do not know me: my name is Mellark Crowe. I do not consider myself a very engaged, ah, student, having completed the majority of my education, but there is always more to learn in the art of magic, and Professor Nero could not be a more splendid instructor." He glanced over at the Maestra, hoping to seek her approval.

–Western Canyon of Umbra Mages–
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The raven-haired woman returned to the carriage holding Eleanor and Eclaire, responding to Eclaire's question with: "One can hold so much power with a name. My father once told me to be careful who you give it to." She studied the girl a moment before running a finger over her cheek. Something flashed in her eyes–danger, hunger?–before it faded back to their usual violet, and she gave Eclaire a slight smirk. "However, I can tell from your reaction that you meant no harm in asking for my name, so I shall give it. My name is Everyth Castanova, and I do indeed know that you are Eclaire de Wynter. I know your mother. What a kind soul. She saved me once from an adversity that I shall never forget, and I will be forever indebted to her. The least that I can do to repay her is to give her beloved daughter a warm welcome."

Eleanor's voice arrested her attention, to which she glanced at the girl and frowned. "Nothing foolish, Eleanor." Her tone was cutting, though why this was could only be guessed at. Was she concerned for Eclaire, or was it somehow a jealous response? She turned back to Eclaire and said, "Well, dear, I think it is good for you to get to know some of your fellow mages. Umbra is your home now, and your brothers and sisters of the court should learn to love you, as you should learn to love them. I will be riding in another carriage, but I will see you later."

She blew Eclaire a playful kiss, shot Eleanor another warning glance, and left the carriage.

Dust blew up onto Everyth's dark violet dress, standing out like white particles on a dark-colored velvet. She moved on to the next carriage, silently praying that Eleanor and Eclaire would hit it off just fine when she found a boy sitting alone. She smiled over at him, tongue running over her dry lips as she thought of what to say.

"You are somewhat new to the court, aren't you?" she asked Arkane, before gesturing to the seat across from him. "Would you care if I join you? I like to make myself acquainted with everyone within our court, and yours is a face that I am still unfamiliar with."

–Tavern in Vita City–
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The gambling group was jovial and laughing heartily, not silencing even as a bartender came over to deliver drinks. One man tried to slap her on the backside, though was instead slapped by the woman in their group with a scowl on her face. It was unclear whether they were a couple, or this woman had enough respect for another woman to suggest that such a behavior was inconsiderate.

Tibarn grinned up a storm in response to Arno's suggestion. The two had worked together long enough to discern what his brother in arms was thinking by a glance. He'd met Arno and Gabriel together once, in this very city some odd years ago. Apparently they had been hired to do the same job, and thankfully in ended in all of them getting paid and none of them losing any body parts.

In response to the calling, Tibarn traipsed over to the raucous table, withdrawing a leather pouch from his person and pouring it forth onto the table. Electrum poured forth, perhaps twenty or so pieces. It was all of Tibarn's earnings that month, and if they lost this game they'd lose everything.

"Hello, kind wonderful people!" Tibarn greeted warmly, pulling himself a chair while the group started at him with a frown. "I couldn't help but oversee that an exciting game is going on. Me and my brothers would love to put up our own wagers if you have room for an extra player. Winner takes all."

The butt-slapping man, a man with a dark braid swung to one side, frowned, amber eyes narrowing at charismatic Tibarn and shifting over toward Arno and Gabriel.

"So you all are not playing?" he asked, curious. "Only the one with the hat?"

"Oh, Arno?" Tibarn craned his neck, glancing over at Arno and giving him a grin. "Sure! Don't need to all get our hands in there. Not 'nuff room for all of us to play, after all."

He shoved his chair back, allowing Arno room to join the others. His gaze fell upon Saff, whose curiosity seemed piqued by the gambling table. She was blonde, female, and cute, enough reason for Tibarn to give her a wink before shifting his attention back upon the crew. The crew summed up their cards and began to shuffle.

"What are we playing, then, poker?" he asked gruffly, preparing to deal out the cards.

(Side note: I have never played poker, and thus do not know the rules, so I apologize in advance if I seem a bit off in this scenario. I will try to research.)
–Aislinn Nosferi – Vivifica – Vivifica Court–
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The other mages seemed unperturbed by Aislinn's screams, likely because it was an occurrence common enough these days. The Maestra soon appeared from around the corner, her smile radiant as she greeted each of the surrounding mages with a kiss on the cheek, a custom within the Vivifica court. No one would've guessed that anything ailed the Maestra, save for the dark circles that haunted under her eyes.

"Hello, one and all," she greeted. "Thank you so much for coming here, and so bright and early at that. I understand that the High Priestess has requested our presence in the cathedral tomorrow, and I am sure that it puts everyone at a great unease that we are not attending." Her gaze grew serious as it fell upon the other mages, lingering upon Richter and then Elliot before she fixated it on an inanimate object. A tree, to be precise. "The High Priestess and the other courts do not understand what we are trying to do, and the evil that we seek to prevent. One day they shall thank us, but for right now our only choice is to harvest enough Itika."

She hesitated, seeming as though she wished to divulge more as her lips parted, though no words came forth. Instead she continued with. "I appreciate those whose loyalty remain unwavered, for those who stand by my side even though I have provided no explanation for my actions. All will become clear one day. Please continue to have a little more faith in me."

Clasping her hands in front of her, Aislinn turned to the group at large. There were only seven in total, though all seemed to have a fierce loyalty and love for their Maestra. "Now, let us sail from Cape ad Draco to the Outskirts."

Their walk would be pleasant, as the weather permitted outdoor activity that day. Not a cloud in the sky, the breeze cool and pleasant. The ground which they tread was forested, its trees soaring high into the sky by at least fifty feet. It would take roughly three hours on foot to arrive at the cape, and once they did they would find a small sailboat awaiting them, one that dealt with Vivifica on its imports regularly. They were tipped well, thus their lips on the trade were sealed.


The Yiling Patriarch
- Arkane from Umbra Court - Umbra Court, preparing for departure -
Arkane remained in the carriage. The horses that would be pulling it were necromantic of their own right. Skin scabbed over, skull exposed as the remaining eyes were dulled over with a white glaze. Arkane would wave the fan over his face, keeping himself cool under the heat of the canyons when he heard a familiar voice. His attention turned to Everyth, now the fan fully expanded as e kept it by his face. "New?" He asked, scoffing at her. He would narrow his eyes a bit, but did know to keep his most bitter expressions to himself and himself alone. He would sigh softly against the paper fan. "I have been here since the age of 14. I am surprised we have not met often or frequently. I know that it is rather difficult to see from that elevated podium of yours, but even you must remember your own associates." He spoke. As always, quite the blunt mage at that. He would gesture to the seat in front of him and nod. "Of course. We will have hours on the road. We might as well use the time wisely and get to know one another." He spoke, relaxing back against the seat further. "I am Arkane Gravemore. It is good to make your aquaintance." He spoke, arm crossed as he crossed his legs. He would glare at the window, sighing. "When are we moving? We will cook to death and smell worse than the corpses." He sighed, leaning against the window.

- Arun & Vincent from Ignis Court - Train Station: Walla Beach Central- Boarding the train -
Vincent smiled and looked over at Lev, waving at her. "You are not the one who is late! Honestly, it was a close one, however!" He insisted, placing his weapon leaning against the window. He would take his seat and yawn. Arun would take a seat himself, setting his own weapons aside as he would glance up at Lev and the other Ignis mages. "Shall we sit together?" He asked, smiling a bit. "You as well, Shiroo. It will be a long ride." He said, leaning back against the seat. Vincent would jump up a bit. "Think they will have some drinks and food for the way? I think I packed some before coming here." He muttered, reaching into his bag. He managed to bring one out. "Catch!" He chimed, throwing it across. Arun caught it without even looking. "...are these animal crackers?" "Yeah." "...do you have the chocolate ones?" "Yeah. I won't tell your dad."


The Sleepy Magician

The blonde quickly moved over. Wither having had large interest in Tibarn or simply something else. Her eyes focused on the group as a whole. “Slow down now. Id like to put my two cents into this game.” She drags a chair over to the table from a nearby one. She then pulled out what looked like a bullet casing, however this one was made of gold. “I suppose this will cover my fee for the game.”


The Researcher seemed dismissive of Mellark as she began to shuffle theough her bag. The clinking of vials and the clacking of rocks made it clear that her luggage was unusual. After confirming, she moved to find a place to sleep and or rest.
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An extremely knightly lad.
- Arno Cross - Bounty Hunter extraordinaire or some such - Poker master -

Arno didn't waste any time getting off his seat, his eyes neutral and serious as always, his mouth covered by his coat as he soon sat down, shooting a glance at TIbarn to tip him off on the fact he needed to nab the tickets to the train in the distraction of the game, Tibarn was one of nimble hands and guile, perfect for this sort of thing, and Arno doubted any of the men would bet their tickets on a poker game.

"Poker is fine." Arno answered as he sat down, his composure not changing, his hat covering most of his head, and his coat covering his mouth, one could only really see his eyes through his outfit, which was good for a bounty hunter. The men, while noticing his attire didn't seem too alarmed. But as a show of good faith Arno pulled down his coat collar to show the rest of his face, only to show his serious expression, as always. a Woman entered the game as well, he didn't catch her name, but it was another player anyway.

As the dealer handed in the cards and chips were given to Arno, showing his money total, each player had around 50 chips, each signifying one coin each, there were four or so players with him included, so 200 coins to get out of the game if successful. Arno always had luck in poker, now was the time to show it.

Arno called, bidding 15 coins over in his bid, this meant anyone that also wanted to call had to either fold and lose the round or call as well. His serious expression did not change as he would glance around at the participants, trying to get a feel of them, his hand looked good, he already had a pair, now to see what other cards would be dealt to him. One of the men folded, as he had either no better cards or was intimidated by Arno's expression.

Let the poker game begin. Arno stood to gain one ticket to the trains, as the man wasn't insane enough to bet all of his tickets. The rest were up to Tibarn to pick off his pocket.

The game would go on for another round.
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- Henry Heid - Ignis Court - Train -

"Hey there Lev." Henry greeted Lev as she entered and greeted him with a friendly smile, before turning to Daruk, who had greeted him with an offer for a handshake, one Henry gladly took. "Hello Maester Daruk, I hope everything is well?" Henry greeted him, trying to sound casual but letting a bit of politeness pass by, after all he respected the man a lot.

Before he could really begin a conversation, Vincent had arrived, he invited them all to sit down for the long ride ahead of them. A good chance for small talk and bonding, Henry promptly found himself a nice seat, anywhere was nice. "I've ridden in one of these trains before, usualy they give a few natural snacks, which are horrible...let me tell you." Henry began to comment, raising his index finger in the 'horrible' part to emphasize how bad they were. "But the beverages and drinks are nice, Mages get a discount on them, but I think for today's occasion...they might even be free." He added. "There's soft drinks, juice...and everyone's favorite alcoholic beverages." Henry finished, as he relaxed in his seat, setting his sword aside, resting on his right leg. He saw the crackers being passed around between Arun and Vincent, though he didn't comment.

"So...anyone anxious for the meeting in Sanctum?" He asked them.

- Richter - VIvifica court - Hike -

"I will rest, once Aislinn is fine." Richter replied back at Elliot, feeling the aura the man had spoken to him, the soothing presence did help him relax a bit, but his worry for Aislinn was too strong for him to relax fully.

But before they could continue on the topic, Aislinn had shown herself, closing his eyes momentarily as she delivered a kiss on his cheek, and alongside every other mage in the room, the dark circles under her eyes worried him, and he knew her ailing extended to much worse problems than just nightmares and lack of sleep. He knew Aislinn for as long as he could remember, while she was older than him by a few years, Aislinn was one of the first to greet him into the court upon his joining, as every mage in the court did, they all grew up together, and learning of her forced marriage and subsequent divorce only served to bolster his loyalty to her, she had already been through much, now these nightmares...

Aislinn's gaze as met back with Richter's reassuring and comforting eyes, which glowed alongside his hair of course. As she began to explain some more of what was to come.

As they prepared to leave, Richter followed along the group in their travel, which was rather pleasant, the weather certainly helped their travel, Richter was mostly silent, pondering about their objective and how Itika could help them in their endeavors. He accompanied them as close to Aislinn as he could, his hair finding a way to glow even amidts the clear bright sunlight of day.

"Maester, how are you feeling?" Richter asked Aislinn, clearly worried for her.
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The Destined Undestined
- Daruk, Ignis Court, on the train with most of the invited mages -

The Maester of Ignis emitted a huge grin at the site of Arun and Vincent sharing animal crackers, gladdened to see that they still had an innocent side to them. Sometimes the necessary combat of fighting daemons and other foul beings in the name of the people was jading or triggering, but these two had no assured signs of trauma. He had suffered trauma long ago, but in the company of such esteemed mages he had all but forgotten the scars it left.

"I'd love to sit, thank you!" he burbled happily, seating himself next to Henry and meshing his burly fingers in an effort to crackle his knuckles. It worked. He waited for the air to clear of the conversation about snacks, having eaten already, but when the subject delved into the serious he spoke up again. "I confess that I am worried. An event like this hasn't happened after centuries of simplicity and peace, so I don't know what to expect. I'll do all in my power to promote a resolution, though, and I have a lot of power! Hah! What about you all? And good to see you, Shiroo, Vincent, Arun. I'd shake your hands, but I'm all the way over here."

- Jari, Somnum Court, with almost everyone invited -

An inner light in Jari's eye blinked into existence as he jumped in startlement, his eye resting on Kagura for what seemed like a longer period of time than what was polite and trying to pierce the veil with his gaze. She looked pretty.

"Ah! I forgot to introduce myself earlier! Yes, the name's Jari, Jari Coriander, and that over there is Luka Rabbi. At least, that's what I believe her last name is. I met her a while back when I first meandered here to this court. She takes her sleep and rest seriously, so don't feel apprehension about her too much, Mellark. We'll see her later, probably when she dredges herself from the sleeping quarters."

Jari tried his best to use big words to impress Kagura, following his example that he told Shiroo. He wondered if he would see Shiroo again, and then enlightenment struck him. "MY TAIL! Where is my tail?! Don't tell me I lost it again!"

The words came in a blurt, and his eyes went wide. If he made any progress with Kagura, it was almost certainly gone now.

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Endless Thundaza

Jynn Venas - Vivifica - On the train

Jynn grabs a Regalia Weekly newspaper while he waits for the train to depart. Meanwhile, the train was bustling with activity. A family, seemingly happy, sits beside Jynn, discussing their excitement to see an Aunt Wendy and Uncle Roy. Though he could not ride to Sanctus Heights, he did make a request to bring his horse, Melstrome, along, however, he did not know how they will transport him. However, besides Zion, it appears that no other Vivifica members decided to go. They probably had a reason.

He turns his head towards Zion, who has yet to take a seat. He remembers an old Vivifica member. “I wonder how Eclaire is doing. She left ever since we disconnected from the other courts.”

Lev Noirtier - Ignis - Onboard the train

Lev was taken by surprise when Shiroo comes up and carries her luggage for her. He started to use large vocabulary, which made Lev cringe a little. She immediately knows what he’s trying to do, but she smiles and plays along anyway. “Yes. I have been under a lot of training. However, the knowledge of how to properly use my healing abilities is much to be desired.”

Soon, she took a seat. But she also notices that Daruk was sitting nearby. Lev has so many questions about this gathering at Sanctus Heights. “Sir Daruk. How should we act if there are Vivifica members? And the High Priestess, is she friendly?”


Child of the Pale Mistress
- Thea Nero - Court of Somnum: Harbor District - Docks -

Professor Nero waited and watched as most of the people introduced themselves, others being introduced by another. Perhaps at the end of this assignments their bond would be a little stronger. It made her happy when others formed lasting connections within her court, it was better to work as a team rather than face your troubles alone, or so she thought. Mellark's voice brought her back to reality.

"You flatter me, Mister Crowe. While my expertise tends to focus on Abjuration, I'm always happy to help those who wish to further learn more in deep about the Arcane," Nero replied to Mellark, "The rest of the teachers are a great help too. We are a family, and as family we always help each other."

Professor Nero wanted to think that, and it was true that after she had been named Maestra of Somnum things had changed, hopefully for the better. She had changed some rules, gave students a little more freedom, and in exchange, their eagerness to learn the arcane and put that knowledge to use in the betterment of society grew at an amazing speed.

"It seems that we are missing one person, miss Mako Koyle, but perhaps she already is on board the ship waiting to set sail so," Professor Nero was stopped by Jari's sudden reaction, "Mister Coriander, perhaps you left this "tail" of yours somewhere else? Your abode, perhaps? We still have around ten minutes before the ship sets sail, if you think that you could go back to your place of residence and be back on time, I am sure we can wait for you."

The blue haired woman turned around to look at the ship for a moment, her mind working on a solution so Jari could have the time to look for his missing accessory.

"I could use some control over the water, that way what little time is lost can be compensated by making the ship go faster." Nero said while turning to look at Jari, "It is up to you, of course, Mister Coriander."


Random Schemer
{Gerik Lockford: Umbra Court; Western Canyon}
In an unremarkable carriage sat Gerik Lockford, the Maester of the Umbra Court. He looked out on the bustling of his mages with a somewhat bored expression. This, of course, belied his mind reviewing the current preparations. He hand picked the mages to come with him, each having a use, and levers with which to direct them. The gamble he was curious about was bringing Eclaire de Wynter along. Her ties to Vivifica could be cultivated into something useful. He wasn’t sure how intact the relationship between Eclaire and her mother was, but a mother’s instinct was an easy thing to manipulate.
Lightly covering his mouth to yawn, Gerik felt like a little exercise. Opening the door to his carriage, he stepped out and sauntered towards the others. He tipped his hat to Eclaire and Eleanor as he passed, making his way to his intended target.
“Oh, Arkane.” The Umbra Maester said pleasantly, rapping gently on the carriage door. “You look chipper today.”
He switched his gaze to Everyth, his amused smile unchanged.
“Ah, Miss Castanova. All ready for the journey?”

{Valery: Vivifica Court; The Court Itself}
Valery sat in a corner of the court, feeding her familiar when the Maestra screamed. She stirred, ready for battle, but it seemed to be another dream. Unsure of how to help with that, the Vivifica Warden settled back again. To her relief, Aislinn came out and greeted each mage. Valery stood stiffly to attention for the kiss to the check. If her cold temperature bothered the Maestra, she never mentioned it.
<My Lady.> Valery signed, with a short bow.
Listening to Aislinn’s speech, the Warden felt her own frustration build. Of course Umbra wouldn’t understand. They were only concerned for themselves, bending everything for their delight. Somnum might be trust worth, but too lazy to depend on. Even Ignis, a court she respected, were too concerned about balance to do what must be done. If only the High Priestess could be made to understand. But, Vivifica had its mission and would see it done, even if it had to do it alone.
As Aidlinn led the court out, Valery gave a concerned look at Richter. She understood and respected his drive, but she also tended to be practical when it came to resting. One couldn’t defend others when fighting off fatigue. Snapping her fingers to call her familiar to her shoulder, she joined the other mages, ending up next to Elliot. She signed at him quickly.
“Do you think we can convince either of them that they will do more good by pacing themselves for this struggle?” The parrot familiar translated for her, speaking in an unusually low tone.

{Mako Koyl - Somnum Court: Eastern Sea Dock}
Why. The hells. Was she selected for this?
That was the thoughts that ran through Mako Koyl’s head as she nearly ran to get to the meeting place. She was late, which didn’t help her nerves. But it didn’t make sense to her. The Vivifica Court goes crazy and the high priestess calls a meeting. Yes, that all made sense. But why Mako herself had been selected to accompany Professor Nero was beyond her. Well, so was being a part of Somnum Court and having magic, to tell the truth. But at least she knew how to keep out of people’s way in the workshop. But now she was expected to go to this important summit like she could do something about it. Maybe she was suppose to. Maybe she was suppose to know what to do, or some fact that would help others solve this, but she didn’t. The fear that she didn’t know something she was suppose to was knotting her up inside.
“Scrag my life.” She muttered under her breath.
Finally arriving at where she should be for the boat, Mako bee lines for Professor Nero, wanting to get this over with.
“Sorry I’m late.” She said, her tone masking the turmoil and fear she felt. “One of the newer apprentices made a mistake in enchanting a rune and it backfired. Everyone is fine, though most of us got covered in soot and the guy had to bid farewell to his eyebrows and upper lip fuzz he referred to as a mustache.”
Internally, Mako felt that last comment on the mustache was too far about the poor kid, but she was nervous and her tongue tended to say what it wanted to cover that up.


God of Yuri, Sovereign of Shoujo-Ai
Eclaire de Wynter - Umbra Court, Carriages

Eclaire shifted, nodding in affirmation to Eleanor. She then looked back at Everyth. "M....my mother is very kind...even if others do not like her as much, and she keeps to herself, she is very loving caring. I am glad she was able to help you." She smiled softly, then glanced between the two. Were they rivals? Not like each other? And....the kiss was a joke, right? Even when blown? Her cheeks flushed a bit pink, shifting a bit at the two. Why...were they so on edge...?
"O-Oh. I will!" Eclaire nodded to Everyth as she finally left to another carriage. Watching her leave, Eclaire looked at Eleanor. "I...I'm Eclaire, then. It is nice to meet you." She said with a smile, cat ears somewhat lying flat from confusion, not sure why the two had been at odds.

Nero Kunivas Nero Kunivas Mystics Apprentice Mystics Apprentice

Kagura Sumeragi - Somnum Court, On the Ship

Kagura bowed to Nero. "...S....Sorry...I-I'll...keep that in mind." The dancer stuttered out. Shifting a bit, Kagura bowed to Mellark in response to the nod...then Kaga hugged Nero's arm, a bit nervous from how long Jari had been staring. Hiding a bit behind the Professor, Kaga's feet shuffled a bit, then went still. Nero would feel how...gentle....Kagura was, especially with how those lithe arms went around her arm. Almost like a child, one could say...even if Kagura was very much an adult, the poor dancer was quite shy and mostly nervous about everything but dancing - as shown by the display of water dancing earlier. "I...I can h-help, Professor....with moving the boat faster..."

Elrandir Elrandir Mystics Apprentice Mystics Apprentice Thanny Thanny

Zion - Vivifica Court, Onboard the Train

Zion looks over at Jynn, she seemed...a bit sad. "She's a tough kid...she's fine, I'm sure." Zion sighed. The altruistic Archmagus knew leaving could leave some people in need for a time, but things had to be done, and she was one of the best to do it. She took a seat across the aisle from Jynn, then pulled out a book. She quietly began to ready, leaning over to stare down. Every once in awhile though, two spots on her back would glow a bit. Zion was only on the train because, quite honestly, she was a bit tired. She didn't want to - she would have rather flown, but the past few days had been taxing. Altruism took a toll, and she was one of the few who knew healing magic. But seeing joyful relief was enough for her to suffer it. Turning the page, she paused, staring down at the book. She then slid her finger down the page, creating a magic bookmark. On this page was a beautiful illustration of an angel.
"...I miss you, my angel." She whispered quietly, looking at it. "I hope you are safe."

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