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Multiple Settings The Founding of Hogwarts!


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❝ Welcome to Hogwarts. ❞

"Dear Student , We are pleased to inform you of your acceptance into Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We are sorry for your late letter, but the book of acceptance has only just seen your magical abilities. We have attached the forms referring to all the necessities you will need. Hope to see you soon!”


The four founders have recently created Hogwarts they are now in the stages of searching for students they believe fit what they want. Strange things fill the school as everyone begins learning their ways through the new building. There are secrets to discover and soon a prophecy comes to light which involves one student from each house. With the help of there friends hopefully they can all keep Hogwarts going and save the founders from a danger that lurks around the corner. (A war is about to break out amongst the founders and the school is about to be swept up into it.)


RULE.All Rpn rules apply here.

RULE.Discord is encouraged but not fully needed. The rp will be done on RPN but a lot of the character creation and plotting will be done on discord.

RULE.Currently everyone is limited to a max of 4 characters.

dramatis personae.

ROLE.The normal students of all four houses. The professors as well.

ROLE.The four chosen for the prophecy.

ROLE.There will be five students only who can have a special ability.

— The School of Witch Craft and Wizardry .
Yes! Discord was just for some easier chatting and such! However I’ll also have a plotting/chatting thread on the site so you won’t really need discord.
ooooo I am eyeing either the Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw chosen student for the prophecy
Thinking I might make twins: one whose the Hufflepuff chosen and maybe a normal Ravenclaw Student
Hello! Answering some quick questions I’ve seen. Yes the founders will be available. I’ll be playing Godric Gryffindor he will be teaching defense against the dark arts. And I’ll also be playing the care of magical creatures Professor.

With all this interest! I’ll be getting the cs and plot/chatting thread up soon!
Hello everyone! Here is the plotting and chatting thread! You all can head over there to discuss what kind of characters or roles you would like. Also ask any questions you want before I post the cs thread!

We are still open! I’m currently accepting characters so right now is the best time to join!

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