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Quest The Formation of the Paranormal Investigation Club

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Anime, Horror, Mystery, Romance, School, Slice of Life, Super Powers, Supernatural
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I don't know why I transferred to a different school just after graduating middle school. I may have begged my parents to transfer me but I couldn't remember, and that situation was highly unlikely to happen at that. My friends were all still going to that school. My reputation as the craziest otaku was something that I cherished, because I get to talk to other people my age about the hobbies that we enjoy. It didn't go as far as drawing ancient Aztec alphabet in school wall to contact aliens or wear a cosplay to school, but it was still fun. So why did I transfer? Maybe I wanted to have a normal, high school life. Having a girlfriend, joining a sports club, walking home with friends or eating at a fast food chain, having a study session at someone's house... I didn't get to experience that. Maybe that's it. Maybe that's the reason why I transferred to a different school. Akanotohana School is a newly established school near our house, so I only needed to walk to go to school. That's a plus. But in order to communicate with other people that don't have the same tastes as mine, I needed to abandon everything that I knew in my middle school. It felt heartbreaking as I stocked away all my posters and anime figures inside my room, but I gradually started to adjust to the shift. I still watch anime but not that much. I started to actually enjoy reading fictional books and sports television. I'm still not at school yet, but is this what it feels to have a normal life?

But lately, I've been having these weird dreams. Nightmares, actually.

A gray, ruined world. A town that looks a lot like mine, but it's all ruined. Monsters that looked like spawns from Hell itself were inside those houses and some were walking on the street littered with rubble. Sometimes I see myself on a school. It looked something like a daycare for those monsters. 'Daycare' might not be the appropriate word, but it seems very fitting. The monsters were smaller than the other ones on that town but it was still taller than humans. Inside the school, or monster daycare or whatever you prefer to call it, were human students like me. I assumed that they were students because they were wearing a seemingly familiar school uniform. Based on my dreams, I can say that humans and those demon spawns seemed... peaceful with each other. It was weird. Maybe the dreams were an aftereffect of myself transitioning to a new personality, because I awoke to a strong headache that felt like my brain was being contracting.

I really do hope that my headache would soon subside, though. Classes start tomorrow in the morning and I'm going to make a good first impression by being early in the first years' morning assembly. This is Hiroshi, by the way, and I'm off to sleep again.

You should read the spoiler above. It's an intro to the quest roleplay I'm going to make and also a preview of how I plan to write this quest. The following would only be a TLDR and some notes. That said, hello! The subgenres and the tags may seem contradicting, but it's completely intentional. An anime high school with cups of slice of life, a pinch of romantic comedy, and bowl of weird shit a spoonful of paranormal investigating! Hiroshi Akaki, the main character and POV, is a former otaku who transferred to another school to experience what a normal high school boy should experience. By doing so, he abandoned every part of his former self, and the finished product is a mostly expressionless, quiet protagonist. But he's also having dreams of monsters and humans living with each other. But dreams are dreams, and they couldn't be real. They shouldn't be real.

How will Hiroshi Akaki spend his high school life? It's up to you to decide. But is that really true?

Anyway, if you're interested, please reply down below so I'll know how much votes I'll expect after a post! As this is a quest RP, everyone can contribute to voting even if they don't reply down here.
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I would also like to join this.
I'll be hoppin' in then!
Mhm. Alright. I'll do this.

Time to brush up on my knowledge of Kaballah. :)
I'm quite interested...

(after going on a summer long hiatus, I'm back to RPing!)
This sounds nifty, actually.
Love love love it.
Woop thank you for showing interest! Thread is up and ready for voting. Newcomers, feel free to vote


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