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Multiple Settings The Forest (IC)

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I'm trying my best

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electronic music believer.
Murderous chicken guy (What was his name again?…)
His color is sad blue when he’s speaking and really bad shade of mint when he’s thinking
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Jacket was having some sort of beauty sleep inside his ‘iconic’ chicken mask. Or was it a rooster? Did he even have a mask on or was he on a very uncomfortable pillow? Pillow? Was he sleeping???? All these questions that rushed our mysterious, chicken-y fellow's brain suddenly stopped when he felt a sharp, stinging pain in his head, making him wake up from his slumber in a panic.

“Wh… Where am I?

The only ‘words’ and thoughts that came to him the moment he opened his eyes, and all his senses came back to him, and talking about senses, taste. And where was taste? The tongue. And unlucky for Jacket, a bug just decided to crawl inside his mask, and into his mouth, feeling it (Almost vomiting.), he removed his mask, exposing his bruised, bloody face. Important thing is, he spit out the bug, and all was fine.

That was a lie
nothing was fine

I mean, first of all, he had a bug in his mouth, what if it was one of those… Salmonella bugs?! Do those even exist?… Whatever, on to the next point: Where… Was he? I mean, yeah it was a forest, but… Where was this forest? Is he even in Florida? Wait, was he in Florida before this? Was he even alive? So many doubts filled Jacket’s brain, he forgot his face was not only exposed (And he should KEPP IT THAT WAY he is beautiful), but had bruises and blood in it. He couldn’t seem to remember why, and that worried him, but honestly, who wouldn’t worry if you were on this situation?

Jacket looked down at his mask, staring at it in the eyes. His mask and had blood, and similar to his face, he had no idea why. Or maybe he just couldn’t remember.

“Alright. Let’s get out of here, Jacket.” He ‘telepathically’ spoke to his mask. “We aren’t looking to get killed right now. And we won’t. Wherever you are, you will get out… Most likely.”

He put his chicken mask back on and stood up, inspecting his area for any danger, or anything out of place, hell, even a trap. Jacket got steady on his feet and began walking left, passing through some bushes, making noise. That couldn’t be good, what if there was a bear? He doesn’t like bears. Better keep quiet.


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Vincent "Vinnie" Rosen
(italics is thinking, and quotations is speaking <3)

Interactions: Jacket ( TwoDucks TwoDucks )

So, Vinnie started his day fairly normally. He woke up, and went to go tend to his little garden. He heard a rustling of leaves from out behind his treehouse, and he nearly dropped his watering can. Had Connor finally come back?? He rushed down the little ramp he had built to get to the treehouse, since he had really messed up his wing. He reached the bottom of the ramp, sprinting out to the bushes from where he heard the noise.

"Connor?! CONN-"

He looked up at the person, stopping mid-sentence. Not Connor. It was.. Some guy in a bloody chicken mask. Was Vinnie scared of this possibly dangerous man? No, of course not. He instead went to go help, because this guy obviously looked hurt.


He slowly stepped closer, looking up at the stranger. They didn't look like anyone else Vinnie had seen around here. Well, Vinnie hadn't seen anyone around here for a while, so maybe he just had a bad memory. Anyways Vinnie is gonna go try and help, please don't kill the idiot.

...Woah, he's tall-

"You're.. Uh.. Bleeding. Are you okay..? D'ya need help?"​
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I'm trying my best
Marco opened his eyes, being blinded by intense sunlight. He felt odd... In fact he didn't feel anything. For some reason the feeling of nothing was more disturbing than pain. He wasn't sure where he was. Maybe he got drunk and passed out in a forest? That wouldn't make him numb though... Did he even drink? Was that something he did? Wait, why was he asking himself that, he should probably know. He tried to think back but gained nothing. In fact he couldn't think back to anything beside the moment he woke up a few seconds ago. Who was he? He could recall that his name was Marco. Who was Marco? His mind gave him nothing in response.

For a while he stayed where he was, thoughtlessly staring up at the sky.
The numbness slowly wore off so he could feel the wind blowing over him and twigs making his arms itch. Eventually his fingers started to twitch, his arms regained mobility, and he was able to sit up, though he couldn't move his legs. He looked around. He was practically surrounded by thorny bushes, the only clearing being where he was sitting.

Marco stood once he was able to, using a tree as support for his weak legs. He didn't know who the heck he was, but he did know he needed to find water. He remembered that was one of the first things you should do. He wasn't sure where he heard that from. With a lot more effort than usual, Marco started his way down the slight incline in the land.


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Laying on his back completely sprawled out with his arms and legs extended out in each respected direction, his one good eye staring blankly up at the only hole in the leaves high above the ground from the trees. The young male stayed silent while he breathed steadily to himself before reaching an arm up towards the sunlight just so that the back of his hand covered up the light in front of his eye. Who was he? Where was he? How did he get here? Questions flooded his head as he pondered these thoughts over and over again without a single answer to any of them. He continued to lay there thinking that if he couldn't even figure out who he was, than how was he going to even begin figuring out where he should start going from here.

"What should I d--"

Just then, as he finally spoke out simple a few words, a loud grumbling and growling echoed all around him as his sapphire colored eye widened before he quickly sat up wrapping his arms around his stomach instantly. "Food! I need food!" Immediately, his persona based on trying to figure out his situation as well as himself was taken over by the simple need of eating. As the growling and grumbling continued, he'd squeeze his stomach region before slightly leaning forward in his now seated position. Problem was, he wasn't even sure what was edible around here, though it did not seem as though his stomach was in the mood for caring what it was as long as it was something that could be digested at this point.
Without another thought, the pink haired male quickly hopped up onto his feet before blindly rushing off in a random direction while looking around for anything that could resemble a berry bush, a river, or anything just slightly edible. His constant search for nutrition had him completely unaware of his surroundings as he ended up tripping over a root that was sticking out of the ground from one of the large trees before tumbling down a large hill. The initial trip itself had the male feel as though time itself had slowed down as he fell forward, giving him just enough of a moment to bring his arms over his head to protect himself as he rolled down the hill, bumping and scratching himself against rocks, branches, and thorns all over.

Eventually rolling himself down to the base of the hill where he found himself falling into a small river that washed off some of the mud that had stained his outfit, he'd glance down at the water before wasting no time to cup some of it into the palms of his hands and sipping it. He didn't care of the water was poisonous, or rather didn't even think it through before sipping it till he was at least somewhat refreshed from his hunger, even if only slightly. "Ahh...much better!" Commenting the refreshing taste, he'd step out of the river just to begin searching for a long and sturdy branch just to take a seat onto the floor and begin carving away one end of the stick till he had a sharpened tip. After make shifting himself a manmade spear, he'd return to the riverside just to stare down at the water silently and patiently for several minutes before finally thrusting the spear downwards to end up impaling a fish straight through it's center. "Yes!! Finally! Food!" The feeling of success had him excited enough that he stayed and continued to catch a couple of more before carrying them a little ways away from the water and laying them down upon the floor.

Taking several more minutes to go in search of some dried up leaves, tinder and a couple of rocks that he found were decent enough to get a slight spark. As the spark formed and the tinder started to smoke, he'd gather up several smaller branches together to eventually form a fire that he could warm himself up against while also impaling the fish onto several sticks to let them roast against the flame.
Finally, with food cooking, and a water source nearby, at least he had a start somewhere even if he still had no idea where he was at the current moment and still no recollection of who he was.



electronic music believer.

Richard/Jacket/Chicken Guy
yeah sometimes it do be like that tho
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Hearing someone scream out a name and approach him made Jacket move into a defensive/attacking position. You know, the usual, fists up, standing up with a good posture for once, etc. But, he quickly realized that whatever was approaching him seemed... Amiable. I mean, possibly? It looked like a goat, and from what he knows, goats don't bite... Sometimes. Noticing the little goat-man look up at him, he looked back, confused. Why was it screaming out for a supposed 'Connor?' Jacket couldn't remember his real name (He only remembers his nickname Jacket.) But it certainly wasn't Connor. Pssh, imagine naming your child Connor.

Jacket lightly waved to the goat man, who seemed worried for him. Questioning if he was hurt, on which he nodded, denying. But with his head hunched back and his awful posture, some blood from his face dripped down to the stranger's muzzle. Pretty evident that he was some sort of hurt.

"Hmmm... Wow, this thing's like a miniature person in a goat fursuit-... Thank you, goat man." Why was he saying thank you? No idea. A little bit more blood dripped from his face.

He lightly pat the goat-man's head, smiling under his mask in the process, ruffling the thing's hair while at it.

"...Hope you find Connor..." Jacket's last words as he headed down away from the goat-man. Stumbling a bit, he still wasn't in good health and mind to walk, and it looked as if he was just asking for help, but no, he was stubborn and kept on, quickly trying to leave behind the goat-man and forward his plan to get the hell out of here. With no help from the goat man at all. But it did slightly warm his heart that it seemed to care about him.


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Vincent "Vinnie" Rosen
bitch accept the fact that ur hurt 🔫

Interactions: Jacket ( TwoDucks TwoDucks )

Goat-man..? I've never met a goat-man. What's a goat-man?

Vinnie? Nah he's never met a goat. Or a goat-man. Doesn't know what any of that is. But hey, he'll take it as a compliment. Because the stranger's tone was polite, and no one really says insults in that tone, right? He smiled, but when he spoke he sounded quite unsure.

"Th.. Thanks?"

Then the man started to walk away, denying the obvious fact that they were injured. He got angry about the lie for a moment, then couldn't help but smile when his hair was ruffled. He leaned into it somewhat, eyes closed.

Mmm head pats.. Okay wait back to being mad.

Vinnie let out a low huff, narrowing his eyes at the fact that this stranger just blatantly lied. Yeah, anger time. He wiped the drips of blood off, continuing to follow the stranger. Vinnie grabbed the other person's arm, spinning them around.

"Hey! You're obviously hurt- I think I can help. I have a treehouse...! It's nearby here."​


I'm trying my best
Marco was traveling for a while, in fact he was walking for most of the day just trying to find some water... His throat was starting to get dry and he was getting a bit dizzy from a lack of food and water. It was nearly an hour before he noticed anything other than trees, though the hour was worth it because what he noticed was the wonderful smell of food. Stumbling his way toward the almost irrisistible scent, he made his way through trees and bushes, eventually (very clumsily) stumbling into a clearing where another man sat near a fire cooking fish.

Although it was a bit of a struggle to speak, Marco was relieved to find someone. "H-," Marco's voice hitched, "hello there."

He realized he may look a bit insane, though he wasn't trying to. His hair was messy, he probably looked tired and confused, his cloths were covered in dirt and blood... Blood? Where did that come from? After a moment of staring at himself he found where the source was. It looked like there was a small gash on his side, perhaps from slicing himself on a branch. It started stinging only when he saw it existed. He was hoping the person wasn't one to judge appearance...

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TheSpeck TheSpeck

While it had taken some time, eventually the fish had finished cooking one after another, the scent of the cooked fish only causing the pink haired male's stomach to growl all that much more as he held onto it with a single arm just to attempt and keep the pain away for even a moment longer. Quickly, he'd reach for one of the sticks that held up the fish by the flame before bringing it to his mouth to begin tearing away the cooked flesh with his teeth. Even though the fish was not seasoned in anyway, the taste was absolutely divine to someone who was practically starving. Enjoying the taste for several minutes while he sat by the flame to keep himself warm, the sudden sound of rustling in the nearby brush had caught him off guard. Dropping what was left of the fish he was eating in his hands onto the floor, he'd back away from the flame ever so slightly and away from the sound in case it was some kind of wild creature.

On the contrary, rather than a wild creature, it was a person. A rather injured and quite obviously exhausted person. Just from looking at the stranger before him as he greeted himself with a 'hello', the pink haired male would only raise up a hand to wave ever so slightly in response. Taking the assumption that the man before him wasn't exactly a threat since if he was, he would've probably already attacked, Shinji carefully and slowly pointed towards one of the fishes that continued to cook by the flame on one of the sticks questionably before pointing towards the stranger in a sense of attempting to offer the food to him. Meanwhile, whether or not the stranger decided to take the offer of food or not, Shinji had started to tear off a large portion of one of his sleeves of his outfit before handing it to the stranger before showing by example on himself of how to wrap the cloth around his injured side as a makeshift bandage for the time being.
Even without memory of who he was let alone where he came from or what this place was, survival memory was still a clear thought in his head for some strange reason.

The entire time, whatever the stranger had decided to do, Shinji had made up his mind for the moment to keep a somewhat slight distance from him just in case this was all a trick.


I'm trying my best
Marco stood where he was for a moment, not intending to move from where he was until the pink haired man seemed to offer him food. Was the guy offering him food or was he just pointing at the fish for no reason? He couldn't tell, but being hungry as he was he decided to assume the guy was offering fish. Before he could move toward the fish cooking by the fire, the man started to rip off a portion of one of their sleeves. He didn't realize what they were doing until they offered him the torn off piece of fabric.

"Oh... Thank you." Marco said, slowly taking the fabric and wrapping it around himself in a way to stay over the bleeding wound. He started to move toward the fish, keeping his distance from the pink haired man. He wasn't particularly worried about the guy attacking him, especially after offering so much, but he felt like he should stay away just in case.

"Are you lost too?" He asked. He didn't want to speak much since the pink haired person hadn't said a word since he got there. Maybe they didn't like having friendly conversations? He didn't want to annoy them. When he reached the fish he picked it up, biting a small chunk off. It tasted delicious.

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