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Fantasy The (Forbidden) Royal Romance


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Everything is going relatively well in the country of Eatalisin today. The people are glad to be united under King Ezra and his queen. The Crown Prince is unlike the same of any other country in the world, always able to be found easily outside the castle, whether he's helping the local townspeople with various things or using the public spaces for his combat trainings, which is today. More accurately, not his trainings as much as his practices, since his teacher had taught him everything he knows. Today Prince Andrew is in a mood to show off what he's learned in the past fifteen years. Displaying beauty with the strokes of his sword, precision in moving it exactly where he wants it to go with no wasted movements, and going through the more difficult exercises. He was currently betrothed to another princess from a different kingdom but he didn't have any feelings for her, except pity that she would not have the love she deserved from him. In that way, he also used today as a way to let out his frustration on the matter, knowing the king wouldn't be convinced to stop the marriage process. While he was thinking about it, he hadn't noticed the crowd of ladies gathered around him, standing a safe distance away from the sword. All the same the ladies watched him with figurative hearts in their eyes, wishing for so much as a glance but not receiving one.

Back at the castle, King Ezra sat at a table with several advisors and other friends, even though this wasn't a social call. It was an urgent matter about the country to the East, Dinelenon. "The Dines have more people than us, but our trade with them is in drastic peril due to the bandits attacking every single trade route we have open and available. We need to get word out to the caravans that they are to not venture out until we get this bandit problem taken care of." King Ezra sighs and rubs his temples, feeling a headache approaching. It's only early afternoon and yet the affairs of the day are growing on him. "Sometimes it's hard to be the king. I wouldn't wish it upon anybody, much less my only son Andrew. He has a good head on his shoulders though. I wonder where he is at the moment?" As Ezra speaks this, a servant kneels at his side. "If you wish, your majesty, I can go look for him." Ezra waves the servant off. "No, that's all right. He can take care of himself. Keep on with your other jobs." The servant nods and departs. King Ezra stands up and walks to the door. "I'll think about a possible solution throughout the rest of the day. Hopefully I won't be too bothered by any other pressing issues." He knows Andrew isn't happy about his match with the princess of the other kingdom, but he and the queen decided it was a good call. The two rulers were lucky to have fought for each other back when Ezra was courting the queen. That's a downside of living as a royal.

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