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Fantasy The Flight of the Falcon (CS)


Soviet Panda

Red Panda Commanda.
Age: (Minimum of 18, there's no spots for children to serve on the crew.)
Crew Role: (Medical Official, Gunner, First Mate, Cook, etc.)
Name: Otrygg Margold
Race: Dwarf
Age: 123
Crew Role: Mechanic
Personality: Otrygg has spent most of his life working with engines, and has developed a religious fascination towards them, even going as far as to carry around a spark plug from The Falcon's Flight Engine as a good luck charm. Born in the depths of a Fleet City, he has a fear of open spaces, luckily he has found a way to navigate throughout his beloved ship so there is never not a roof above his head. He would rather die than leave The Falcon, and has shown his willingness to do so several times over. Good at his job, he is neurotic about the state of The Falcon and will worry over every strange noise and scratch on her paint, this is only heightened if someone tries to help him in his seemingly never ending maintenance of the ship.
Background: Not much is really known of this dwarf's past, though it is common knowledge that he was born in a Fleet City, nobody knows which one. All that is known is that he is a feature of The Falcon, and has been a part of as many crews as she had captains.
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Cherri / "Sugar" Cherish-Rihanna | Orc-Elf-Troll | Demolitions


'"Sugar," Cherry Bomber, Breaker, Miss Ballistic '

Equiv 26 yo | 6'5" | 240lbs | Blue Eyes | Cherry Black Hair | Green Skin
She/Her(s) | Detonation Powers | Merc / Gunner, Demolitions and Major Ass-Kicker

Tattoos: arms, legs, back, chest and tummy. Pierced: lip, ears, tongue, brow, navel, hood.

Scars: all over, major one from her left thigh to navel.



+ Easy-going, Friendly and Light-hearted
+ Loyal, Dependable, and Helpful
+ Heroic, Honarable and Hard-working
+ Affectionate, Huggable and Encouraging
+ Imposing Presence, Protective, and Brave

- Poor conversationalist, Cannot Multi-Task, Slow to get jokes/sarcasm/complex thoughts.
- Aims to please, Easily Tricked and Easily Peer-pressured,
- Over-protective, Stubborn in beliefs, Only tries to see the good in her mates
- Acts first before thinking, Overcompensates being girlie, Cannot get over her ex.
- Violent in an instant, Prone to berzerker fighting, Kills no questions asked


  • Known in the Frontier and Nomads as 'Miss Ballistic' due to her explosive powers and accepted in both.
  • Served as Gunner (Callsign: Breaker) on the Fortress Tank, The Grinder on the ground for the Frontier. Served on The Prestidigitator in the air for the Nomads with her half-sister.
  • Nicknamed 'Sugar' on the Falcon by a former crew member because she is sweet and is bribed by sweets too.
  • Served in the Falcon for 4 years as Gunner, Labourer, and bigass Enforcer.
  • Fave personal weapons are her heavy machine gun, "Rainy" and her two handed sword "Ki".
  • Can use her explosive powers to create jet force to launch and fly. Poor maneuvering but works cuz she just launches herself at targets.
  • A really good dancer too yet doesn't do it cuz she feels awkward cuz of her height. But Corki does manage to coax her to dance when music plays.
  • Wears "girlie" colours a lot and is a sucker with anything camouflage patterned.
  • Flexes and poses 'by accident' a lot in front of mirrors. And works out when bored or nothing better to do.
  • Blushes brightly but laughs it off when she says/does something silly.
  • Doesn't show it but creeped out by bugs

Corki / "Click" Corinna-Kiana | Orc-Elf-Dwarf | Pilot


'"Click," Talkie, Mantra, Miss Magic '

Equiv 19 yo | 5'0" | 100lbs | Blue Eyes | Cherry Black Hair | Green Skin
She/Her(s) | Hellfire Manipulator | Ace / Pilot

Tattoos: arms, back, legs. Pierced: tongue, navel, hood.

Scars: all over, major on left arm.



+ Easy-going, Very Playful and Light-hearted
+ Quick Reactions and Quite Perceptive
+ Very Bold, Daring and Very Flirty
+ Sly, Glib, Chatty and Witty
+ Strong-willed and Smart

- Petty, Snarky and Holds Grudges
- Impulsive/Random and Lacks Filter
- Needs Quiet Time 1x/day or Cannot Function
- Talks too Much. No, like really Talks Too MUCH
- Adrenaline Junkie but Cowardly in Physical Combat


  • Known in the Frontier and Nomads as 'Miss Magic' due to flight skills and her 'Bully-Neutralizing Techniques'.
  • Served as Ace pilot (Callsign: Mantra) on the WingedSlayer Squadron for the Frontier. Served as Pilot on The Prestidigitator for the Nomads with her half-sister.
  • Nicknamed 'Click' on the Falcon due to constantly making clicking sounds a lot when she is thinking or bored. And yes she too is bribed by sweets.
  • Served on the Falcon for 4 years as Pilot, Nav, and the talking talker that keeps on talking even when told not to talk.
  • Fave personal weapons are her twin pistols; "DJ" and "Pow" and fave fighting style is hide behind her half-sister or just run away.
  • Rarely uses her powers because she has not learned how to properly use them. That's a lie. It's cuz when she uses them she has horrible, vivid nightmares.
  • Always has a toothpick or something at the corner of her mouth and always craves cigarettes.
  • Sings a lot and is actually a good singer. That's a lie. She's the only one that agrees that she can sing well. Cherri is usually the only one that can stop her.
  • Pervie. Pretends like she clumsy just so she can rub up on a girlie or two.
  • When angry or standing up for her half-sister, her eyes turn a ghostly ice blue and her hair dances rippling with heat.
  • Scared to death of Cherri when she goes Berzerk but is the best one to talk her down and out of her bloody rage.

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Name: Aurin Adrianna Nethersole
Race: Half Human, Half Unknown
Age: 26
Crew Role: (Medical Official, Gunner, First Mate, Cook, etc.): Gunnery/Weaponry, but not adverse to doing anything asked of her, including cooking, cleaning and helping with maintenance. Anything to stay busy.

Personality: Aurin is incredibly energetic when she's meant to be working, but has no issue leaning back when need be. She may be fairly young, but she has a lot of experience under her belt. If someone doesn't want to hear her advice, she has no problem shutting up and letting them learn the hard way. While she may be slow to warm up to people, once she does, she can be incredibly funny and supporting.

She is mostly an observer, preferring not to act immediately when confronted with a situation, unless the enemy attacks first, in which case she will fire back with the full power at hand. Her kindness should not be confused with vulnerability.

Aurin's scrapwork armor, which is something she is incredibly proud and protective over, is her cherished possession. Very rarely is she seen without it, loving the adrenaline she gets from seeing it intimidate her enemies in battle. She often removes her helmet outside of battle, because sometimes it can be hard to shout loud enough for everyone to hear her.

She is one of the most loyal people you will ever meet if you have earned her trust, and while she might still be secretive about herself and her movements, her friends and allies can rest assured she would never betray them, even if some of her movements might seem odd.

Background: Aurin doesn't know much about her parentage, her father never speaks of her mother. She knows her father is (mostly) human, but in her mind her mother could have been of nearly any race. She grew up with her father, who loved her dearly, and they bounced around a lot as her father was a merchant. She was lucky enough to experience many towns, many races and kinds of people, good and bad.

When she was ready to strike out on her own, Aurin found her niche by becoming a bounty hunter. She was great at it, but when she discovered the crew of the Falcon, she knew she'd fit right in with the colorful underdogs and offered to work under the captain, finding a love for the rundown ship. It soon felt like home to her, and she wanted to stay, even when captains came and went. Because of the years on her own and being raised by a merchant, she's become quite good at having a little skill in every area. a jack of all trades master of none.

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
Appearance: Kan Ibis is a tanned caucasian man standing six feet tall with a strong build by human standards. His black hair is kept short and messy and his beard is buzzed down to avoid ruining his food. Clothes and armor depend on the situation.

Name: Kan Abis,
Race: human/metahuman?
Age: 25
Crew Role: Gunner, perhaps one day captain...

Personality: Kan wasn't always a confident man "practice makes perfect" is a phrase he took to heart as a child and he molded himself into the slick piece of work you see today. A cautious but Friendly son of a gun who isn't afraid to speak his mind (even if his words could be seen as offensive or stupid)
Over his career Kan has evolved into something of a functioning alcoholic, working and even fighting while under the influence. The type to let the pieces fall where they may, only willing to catch those pieces and arrange them when the stakes are dire. Even then his plans and actions are straightforward.

Kan Abis has been apart of a number of ships and with a few different companies in his working life. Mostly as a pair of extra hands or a gun in security/soldier details. As the man has a decent grasp of Aether/magic? He is adept in combat situations with his accuracy and techniques. Why he isn't the captain of his own squad is due to the fact Kan arrived to his promotion drunk and was promptly fired.

Eventually Kan was accepted into the crew of the Falcon, he has been onboard for four days now. Almost met everyone on the ship and has a decent idea of all their names.
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A Vibing Lad

Name: Tiffany Groffen-Piezz
Age: 43
Crew Role: Cook

Tif adores being around people and also hates them. Maybe it’s the tough love ideology she subscribes to or maybe it’s just how she is. With a penchant for mischief and slinging around insults, her love of baking can often be a surprise to the people she knows.

While it can sometimes be hard to tell if she wants to pat you on the back or push you over the rails, there’s no doubting her commitment as Head Cook (which is totally her title and not at all because she’s the only cook) of whatever dingy ship she happens to find herself on.

Tiffany never knew her parents. Well, she knew her troll dad before leaving for the nearest port city. But her mother was always a mystery. Whether or not her own stunted growth is a hint is beyond her.

For several years, she worked as an entertainer, making money at savory and unsavory places alike. She was a drifter who left a string of broken hearts in her path. A few broken bodies as well. Eventually those bodies began to catch up to her. So for the past something-odd years (the number always changes when asked), she has been ship hopping. Tiffany never expected herself to settle into such a career, but she fell in love with the open air and crew of people who have to eat her cooking. Now she’s dedicated to becoming the best cook in the skies and leaving her past far behind. Well. Most of it.


The lord of randomness and the warp
Name: Odolvo Golnes
Race: elf???
Age: 40
Crew Role: Medical Official
Personality: an odd is a somewhat creepy-looking elf that has an unreasonable fascination with biology and poisons resulting in his uncouth and odd attitude also just showing up at the least appropriate times his attempts to socialise often come off as a little invasive as he doesn't exactly understand personal space at all but he's good at his job.. so throwing him off would suck.
Background: a doctor of questionable practices and origins some say he's part spider others say he's a magical experiment gone wrong, of course, the medic is hardly legendary beyond a single port city that he worked at in his early life, but aside from that his career prior to that is a closely guarded secret, all that is known is Odolvo definitely had a bunch of mental health issues that haven't been taken care of and some idiot gave him a medical licence.. and ended up on the falcon as a crew member brought on by one of the previous captains who died in an unfortunate accident.


Worthless pleb

Name: Rekar Augur Austen

Race: Elf;

Age: 42;

Crew Role: Course Navigator and Quartermaster Assistant;

Personality: Rekar Augur Austen is an especially impish Elf when compared to many of his peers. He shuns the flamboyant and devil-may-care in favour of a tactical and calculating style of life. This does not mean that he is reserved around others or lacking the courage to be bold, the lifestyle never gelled with him yet by fate, he is always serving aboard the flying marvels with the dedication that he prescribes to other aspects of life. A pensive perfectionist, Rekar noticeably becomes disgruntled whenever someone fails at a task that he gives them. Hoisting high expectations not just on himself, but others as well. This studious nature of his earns him a frequent spot as a navigation specialist or expenditure analyst for crews though he does not mind digging his elbows in dirt and grime. Possesses an incredible sweet tooth.

Background: Born to high-class Elven parents, Rekar Augur Austen lived an incredibly sheltered life away from the rest of the peasantry and their "world." His parents placed him under tremendous strain in Aether academia to exceed their expectations. Though one day the crushing weight finally buckled his legs and shattered the fragile mind that he had up to that point harbored. The young elf acquired whatever monetary value he had accumulated up to now and fled the snobbery den of sycophants and maladjusted parasites. He lived for years on the run and the fly as he trapezes from one crew to the next, never staying long. During the run, he continued his studies though this time at a leisurely pace as opposed to the mind-breaking speed of the academy.

Unfortunately he would not remain free for long as his proud parents hired cunningly cruel bounty hunters to shutter the freedom away from Rekar. During an ordinary introduction to a new crew -- so pedestrian that Rekar moved through the motions disinterestedly -- he was caught unawares by the bounty hunters who lied in wait. Caged and drugged, Rekar was returned to his home. But the captors made a crucial mistake in the dosage of the anesthetic, allowing Austen to awaken prematurely, but not give away his advantage.

When the family and captors went to inspect the cage, they found the IV drip disconnected from Rekar's wrist before a massive explosive of aethereal origin blinded them all. Rekar disappeared into his home to evade his family and their assorted manhunters. Rekar would escape, but not before tremendously desecrating and ruining his home. Costing thousands and millions in damages, ensuring that he will always do this and worst if they were to pursue.


Extry! Extry!
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Antaine Laurens

Height: 5'10"
Picrew: Link

Name: Antaine Laurens

Race: Human

Age: 19

Crew Role: Deckhand, and general handyman. He helps with any tasks required of him on The Falcon, be it as simple as cleaning, as physically demanding as handling cargo, or as tricky as trying to assist with maintenance on this fragile ship.

Personality: Antaine is a very approachable young man, always willing to befriend anyone. Though he is not disobedient and has enough common sense to do his job correctly, his work ethic is not as strong as it perhaps should be. When he isn't working, he can be found playing cards, mingling with the people they encounter on their travels or taking a nap. Antaine has a loud voice and an even louder laugh, and though he can be deceptive when he wants to be, he's not one you should tell secrets to.

Background: Antaine was born in a large Fleet City as the youngest of 4 children. His father spent a lot of time away during Antaine's childhood, constantly flying to distant lands as part of many ship crews. He'd return with stories of grand adventure, which inspired Antaine to perhaps follow in his father's footsteps someday.

His mother, on the other hand, was not keen on her husband's line of work, though Antaine didn't understand why until he reached his adult years. She worked in one of the many food stands in the city's sprawling market, and had to compete hard to get sufficient business to support her children as her husband's pay was very irregular.

One by one, Antaine's elder siblings left home to pursue their own ambitions, and soon Antaine was thinking about leaving home to join a fine ship crew like his father. It was around that time when his father disappeared, and the ship he had boarded never returned to his hometown again. It was then that Antaine's mother divulged the true nature of his father's job. He was a freelancer, helping to smuggle illegal materials across the Fleet Cities for many notorious criminal clients. It's presumed that the law caught up to him, or his ship was shot down in some distant land.

Though the disappearance was devastating to the entire family, Antaine was not deterred from his goals. Though he lacked direction, apart from promising his mother that he'd stay out of trouble, he was determined to find his calling in this line of work. After working at his city's port for a few months, he jumped on the opportunity to fill a vacancy on The Falcon.

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