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Fantasy The Five Kingdoms - The Fall of Sarthenfall - Ic

What do you want for Sarthenfall Ch. 2?

  • 2nd generation!

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  • I’m not ready to let go of my original OC just yet... (stick with current characters)

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  • Bitch I ain’t sticking around for Ch. 2 HA

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  • And...I want a female antagonist this time

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  • And...I want another male antagonist

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    Votes: 5 71.4%
  • Prequel about the original five hero’s!

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  • Just...no. No Sarthenfall 2. This is just awful.

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True Black Rose Beauty
When Annabel notice that Cali came up to the upper deck of the ship, she was going to tell her to go back down to the lower deck. However, it was too late for her to tell Cali to do that. For those leather bat creatures ended up noticing her, and then surrounded Cali in order to prevent her from leaving. 'Great. Now Cali is stuck in this mess, and they might still try to attack us.' thought Annabel.
Even thought, she was expecting for them to do that. What happen next was a bit unexpected for them, because the leather bat lady ended up giving Azalea a letter. The Bat Lady then tried to force Azalea to read it, but the stubborn princess didn't want to read it for some reason. 'Are you kidding me, Azalea? Why aren’t you going to read it like the bat lady said, since you are just making her mad.’ thought Annabel. She knew that the letter might be from either Soris or the Delchistrier King. However, Annabel didn’t want them to be angry, since it isn’t a good idea to do that.
The Bat Lady ended up throwing a temper tantrum over the fact that Azalea isn’t reading the letter, and that behavior confused Annabel. Because she thought that bat lady would be more mature, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. ‘Geez. This bat lady is even worse than Azalea if she is throwing a temper tantrum over that.’ thought Annabel.
After she thought about that, the bat lady started to point at all of the non royals, so they can play a game with her. This immediately got Annabel’s attention, and her face turned pale from that and what she said to her. Because she didn’t want them to find out about her royal title, due to how the bat lady is treating her differently. ‘Oh shit! She is trying to separate the non royals from the royals, so I kind of stand out now.’ thought Annabel, who was worry about that. She knew that they were going to be suspicious of her once this is over. But for now, Annabel needs to be ready for whatever the bat lady is trying to do.
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Call me Ninja

𝑰𝒗𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒂 𝑲𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒊𝒏

Hand gripped to her sword, not breaking her guard or breaking her sight from the creatures surrounding her. Ivanna glances between the beings and Azalea, listening to the conversation from the right ear. The leader of the creatures it seems, yells at Azalea to read the letter. Ivanna was currently looking at the bat creature in front of her until she heard Azalea refusing to read the letter. In response, Ivanna angrily scoffs at this. Why won’t she read the damn letter?!

Ivanna knew this probably won’t end well, which proved to be true when the bat leader started throwing a child tantrum over a letter. What the fuck was going on, her eyes were glued away from the scene, getting ready for anything that was about to happen.

“but I can touch THEM”

This caught Ivanna’s attention as she looks to see the creature point directly at her, to which she gave back a cold staring glare. Watching as the leader pushed Azalea against one of the her minions with superhuman strength. The hot head tried to read the letter again but it was too late, the leader has already made up its mind. The being starts shouting about finding Baxter, and....

“find the boy too!!”

Clyde....no..not the kid. Ivanna clutched in her sword handle so tight in anger, her mind starting to generate thoughts about on how to take down every single of the bat creatures. The leader repeated the last statement of bringing a selective bunch from the group for some sort of game, and unfortunately Ivanna was one of them. Commanding the other bat creatures to push the unlucky chosen forward. She started to feel a claw poke at her lower back to go forward. Seeing how the creatures was walking towards the stairs to the lower deck. The bat beast growled and shoved Ivanna forward a little after she refused to moved, but unlike the others, the response to this was an elbow to the creature’s face making them stumble backwards. The other beings around her all become sort of angered by this and grabbed Ivanna with their superhuman strength to force her forward. Of course she tried to struggle, but it was no use with all 4 of them pushing her to their leader with the rest.

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Ms. Sparrow

Queen of SHIIIPS
Azalea Eve Windfore and Nox
Nox's gaze slid to Cali, expressionless and expectant when she bursted into the room, full of rage. Humans and their emotions, such fragile little things. Nox blinked at her, coolly, calmly, with a spark of bemusement in her eyes. "Loves?" Nox said with a cold laugh, "he does not love as much as he obsesses you silly girl," she said, oblivious or uncaring of her condescending tone. "You need not worry about if I can kill the Hound, but if you can keep your head," she said to to the Lorenthian princess, and decided to say no more. She'd figure it out...sooner rather than later most likely. "Know this," she said, her features sharpening, crisp and cool, "I'm killing the Hound because she has disobeyed her orders by not following Soris's orders, and now, disobeying mind. I don't care to save either of you, nor to betray my Creator-- so do NOT mistake my intentions. This is discipline." Her words were cold, and harsh as she glanced between both Cali, Baxter, and Jeod making her point known to both.

Finally Baxter seemed to make up his mind, to which Nox smirked in slight approval and bemusement at his predicament. Finally. She was in complete control. Her dark-gold eyes never left his face as he moved to untie the chains wounding around her arms pinned above her and the wooden post it chained her too. One by one, the chains dropped heavily to the floor, and she savored the sound of it, along with the feel of her arms loosening. Finally, the last of the chains dropped, and Nox stood up, slowly. Her ancient bones sighed in welcome relief at the new position of standing up for the first time in three months. Nox stretched, ignoring the presence of Baxter and Cali entire as she savored the movement of her muscles, her black leather armor stretching around her as she arched her back, a few pops sounds before she flexed her nails and looked at Baxter, grinning cruelly at him as her sharp metallic teeth slid into place over her real teeth, "you have until Delchistrier," she said coolly, before pulling her hood over her head as she turned towards the stairs. The stairs creaked, as if someone, or several someone’s, were descending the stairs. Nox strided carelessly towards the steps before stopping, right beside Jeod. Nox bent down so she was head to head with him, and leaned in, “I’ve been able to drag a man’s death out for 4 hours,” She crooned quietly in his ear, “I wonder if you’ll break the record.”

With those threatening words, she stepped towards the stairs. The four Tall Ones ordered to find Clyde and Baxter had only just begun to descend the stairs below deck when Nox round the corner, appearing at the bottom steps. The creatures froze before Nox snarled at them, sending them scurrying backwards up the stairs with distressed screeches.


The Hound clapped her hands together gleefully at the four that was forcefully pushed to her, her white, pointed teeth gleaming in the sunlight. “So feisty, “ she remarked, her pale, fair skin a stark contrast to the black beings around them. She might’ve been pretty if it weren’t for her giant nose and gaping nostrils that were constantly flaring, as if she was breathing them all in. Behind her, Azalea glared into the back of her raven-haired head, one hand clenched tight around her bow, the other crumpling Soris’s letter, the Tall One behind her, with its clawed, leathery hands gripping her shoulders inhaled above her, as if inhaling her. Azalea tried not to shudder, focusing on the itching pain in her cheek instead.

The Hound dipped her head to the Tall Ones restraining the four she’d summoned to her, which then pushed all four simultaneously closer towards her till they were all in breathing distance from each other.

“So angry,” The Hound murmured loudly, extending a caressing hand toward Ivanna’s face, stopping just before her claws touched Ivanna’s face and turning on Angelo beside her, “and you,” she said, her red lips splitting into another unsettling grin as she lightly jabbed a finger at Angelo’s chest, “I know how we’ll start, I could tell them, you know,” she said quietly, pausing for an extended amount of time to let that threat hang in the air before she bursted our in a cackling laugh, hunching over and laughing madly as if she just told some hilarious joke. She then turned to Priscilla, “oooooh,” she wondered aloud, “I like what goes on in that head of yours. Your fears taste...delicious.” The Hound let a long tongue slide over each individual pointed teeth to exaggerate, eyeing Priscilla like her next course before turning tobher last victim, Raymond. So distracted was she, that she didn’t even pay attention to the screeches that sounded by the stair, along with the sound of scuffling, as if something had tripped, or several somethings. “Mmmm,” The Hound purred, reaching out towards Raymond and running the back of her cold hand down his cheek, her other hand beginning to trail a finger down his torso as her bright gold eyes burned into him, “so handsome—“

“If your gonna kill us just do it!” Azalea snapped behind her, causing the Hound to stop her intimate movements and drop her hands to her side, turning around and face the now seething redhead.

She grinned a red lipped smile, “mmmm I can practically smell the jealousy radiating off of you,” she purred, and Azalea glanced away, glaring at nothing in particular. The Hound clicked her tongue, “all in good time—“ The Hound was cut off by several screeches, glancing over to witness Tall Ones shrinking away and dispersing, falling back closer and closer to the center of the ship where they stood, and the Hound caught a glimpse of red in the sea of black, her nostrils flaring.

“Welllllll, look who came to say hello,” The Hound drawled, turning her body to face the path that carved its way out as Nox neared, the Tall Ones shriveling a clear path away until Nox could be see clearly, cutting a harsh red outline against the black around her, her features ice cold, angry perhaps. The Hounds expression fell as Nox stalked towards her. “Master said you might be here, but you smell so similar to—“

“Shut. Up.” Nox commanded, staring the Hound down as she stopped directly in front of her. For a moment, the Hound even looked hurt. Though the Hounds claws her longer, she still stood considerably shorter to the lean-muscles Nox that towered over her. Nox took in the scene, the four restrained gathered around her, Azalea clutching a letter, and looked vaguely irritated in her cold, sharp expression.

“Did you miss me?” The Hound crooned, trailing a finger down her bare chest, “I missed you,” she purred seductively, her bright golden eyes widening innocently up at Nox.

Nox grabbed her by the jaw and yanked, tugging her closer and forcing her to look up at her, leaning down until their faces were intimately close, “only when your silent,” she crooned back coldly with a metallic grin, her hand tightening, claws digging into her skin.

The Hound hissed and pulled away, stumbling back with scratches on her face and an ugly sneer in Nox’s direction, the Tall Ones hissing their displeasure around them. “I’m supposed to be here!” She seethed, stomping her foot, “he told me to deliver a message and make a demonstration!”

“Of a child?” Nox questioned, quietly. Too quietly.

“He said anyone!” The Hound hissed, straightening as if trying to make herself tall to feel strong.

“We don’t do children,” Nox replied icily, her dark-gold eyes burning a hole into the Hound, “those are the rules. And you’ve disobeyed. Again.”

“I’m sick of your rules—“

In one fluid movement, Nox lunged for the Hound, her arm lashing out and slashing against the Hounds abdomen, her sharp claws slicing easily through skin. The Hound stumbled back with a loud snarl,her hand clutching her heavily bleeding stomach, black blood oozing from the giant slashes on her stomach and between her hands as she glared up at a stone-cold expressioned Nox, rage burning into her features. The Tall Ones shrieked angrily around them, glancing between Nox and the Hound.

“I’m gonna kill you Nox. Slowly.” She breathed angrily, “and then I’m going to kill them.” To this, Nox arose to the challenge and grinned, her metallic teeth gleaming menacingly in the sunlight, her eyes angry and cold, before the two lunged for each other, fighting with in a flurry of teeth, claws and other violent means.

In the chaos, the Tall Ones shrieked and turned on them, attacking everyone on board the ship. Until it wasn’t them. Around them, all people would see the Tall Ones differently—their worst fears, manifested.

Suddenly, all Azalea could see was multiple Soris’s in their place instead, no Tall Ones around, just multiple Soris’s smiling their cold, thin smiles as they attacked everyone. Azalea felt the air leave her body, the hand in her shoulders felt still leathery and yet...Azalea slowly turned her head to the black gloves hands on her shoulder and went ridged. The ship seemed to spin for a moment, and she couldn’t quite get enough air to breath. It wasn’t him. It wasn’t him. It wasn’t him. Their were too many of him. Too many. Azalea choked, swallowing her fear, pale and taunt, her hand tightened on her bow as she strengthens her resolve.

Azalea grabbed her bow with both hands and swun the force of her bow up into the Soris that had been holding her, savoring the feel of his jaw cracking at the impact knocking him to the ground—even if deep down she knew, it wasn’t him. Nonetheless, Azalea couldn’t stop the beating pulse of fear that threatened to consume her as she leapt upon the Soris she’d knocked to the ground, pulling an an arrow from the quiver on her back and relentlessly stabbing her arrow into his neck over and over again as chaos broke out upon deck, black blood spurting her face, crying out in fear and rage with each stab of the arrow she pierced in his torso. Shrieks of some soldiers breaking out around her as they fought against their own worse fears, a fair number getting cut down within seconds as everyone found themselves fighting their worst nightmares.

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One who was denied a simple fate
He closed his eyes as if in pain as the chains rattled to the floor. Why would they release her. Regardless of his fear she would not go back once she killed her victim...or was killed herself, in which case they were all fucked. Today might be the day... he thought, watching as Nox left. Of course she didn't fight for them-she fought for herself, and then fought to kill Baxter. He shivered as she spoke to Baxter, but began to settle down as he got a hold of himself. He waited a bit and watched her walk out, and perhaps the most terrifying thing he had ever seen was her threat to drag out his death for over 4 hours, her fangs and claws gleaming in dim light. It left him shaking as she walked upstairs, sending the minions of the hound scattering.

He stood there trying to regain his composure for several minutes, before using his cane to steady himself as he moved up the stairs. Upon seeing the scene on deck, he was met with both surprise and horror. The deck was full of violence, commotion and...two creatures of evil fighting like mad dogs. For the first time in over a year, he reached inside his inner coat pocket and felt the hand guns that he had made so many years ago. They were powerful-could blow a man's head off and even penetrate through steel; but the reload time was long and tedious, and unless he was close, his accuracy was quite poor. Mixing that with his very rare use of them, they were hardly useful weapons.

Suddenly, the scene began to change. Instead of Nox fighting this "hound" like an animal, everyone was fighting her! Was this one of her abilities? To spread like an infection? He saw an image of her glare at him, and give him a sickening grin with those metallic teeth. Despite himself, he yelled out, and bolted towards the upper deck, hearing her laugh manically and launch after him, her claws scraping against the wood. He stumbled up the steps, forgetting about his projectiles and pulling the blade out of the sheath that disguised his cane. He pointed it at her as she approached.

"Stand back! I'll kill you I swear it!" He tried to sound brave, threatening, but his voice came out in a whimper. Nox glided closer to him, head tilted and smiling a crooked smile. She crept closer, not saying a word, yet her previous words echoed across his mind. He backed up, until he felt the hard wood of the back rail against him. She was still coming, and there was nowhere to run. With a yelp, he slashed the air in front of him as a sort of warning. It didn't work, as the creature continued after him.

He knew now that this was unlike any threat he had ever faced. This was not someone he could talk sense into, or a situation that he could wiggle out of. He had to do it, take the life that was in front of him-the life of the monster. He yelled out, and swung the thin blade at this "Nox", and cut right into her. As he drew his blade back with surprise, he saw her laughing, blood pouring from her cut. His eyes widened in fear, as she slugged him hard enough to make him see stars. He dropped the sword, and as he turned to pick it up he felt her claws rake across his back, tearing his coat. He turned and swung the cane, which she parried easily and tossed it aside. She grabbed him by his coat and held him up, teeth gleaming. He reached into his coat pocket and dropped a small red ball on her face, which burst into a red gas which caused the creature to begin chocking. For his bravery, he was rewarded by being thrown across the deck by this creature, who shrieked in pain.

Hurting someone was difficult for him, but it was easier than killing. As he frantically stood and pulled out his handgun, thoughts of murder raced through his head. She was a monster, not a person, it should be easy to kill. But why oh why, was it so hard for him now.

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True Black Rose Beauty
While Nox and The Hound are fighting against each other, the Tall Ones did their attack towards everybody on the ship. However, what they didn’t know was that it was a horrible idea to use their fear ability when Annabel was nearby. For you see, Annabel doesn’t have a physical fear like everybody else. Because she ended up finding out a way to kill them by using either her bow and arrow or her sword. Heck, not even the Shades scare her now, since she found out that their weakness was fire.
So when they activate that ability, it didn’t make Annabel afraid of her fears. Instead, they ended up doing the opposite effect on her. Because now, the fear ability has caused Annabel to be triggered into a fit of rage. Why? It is because she is seeing Queen Lydia, the bullies, the Ezerisian people, and her gang members who seemed to be badly injured from a Shade attack. The first one that Annabel ended up seeing was Queen Lydia, and that made her snap as soon as she saw her face. “QUEEN FUCKING LYDIA!” said Annabel, as she ran towards the Tall One who was disguised as the Ezerisian queen.
Although, the Tall Ones weren’t afraid of Annabel, because of them having no emotions like Nox. Anybody else who saw what she was doing would be afraid, for Annabel had the intention to murder the Tall Ones without any mercy.
With the sword in her hand, Annabel tried to kill the Tall One that she runs towards by stabbing it in the heart. But it ended up blocking her attack with its arm. ‘Smart, but not smart enough.’ thought Annabel, as she used her sword to roundhouse kick it's head. The Tall One didn’t see it coming, for it thought that she can only use a sword. That Tall One then tried to attack Annabel with its claws, but she immediately sliced one of its hands off. “You shouldn’t have shown your ugly face towards me again," said Annabel, angrily. She has always hated the queen whenever she was around, because not only was she being greedy with the kingdom’s money. But for some reason, Queen Lydia kept trying to target Annabel for any mistakes she does around the castle.
The Tall One tried to attack Annabel with it’s another hand, but she sliced that hand off with her sword too. “Oh boy. I have been wanting to do this for a very long time. Although, I wouldn’t have done this when Queen Lydia was alive. However, you are an exception to that rule, because you are trying to use that bitch to make her my “fear”.” said Annabel.
Annabel picked up one of the Tall One’s hands, and tried to shove it down it’s mouth. “DIE YOU SON OF A BITCH! DIE FROM YOUR OWN FILTHY HANDS, AND SCREAM IN PAIN!” said Annabel, who clearly lost it.
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( Have fun dealing with Annabel, Sparrow. ^;3^ )


The Clever Paradox
Raymond Callahan

With a rough push from the leather creatures, Raymond stumbled forward eventually getting close enough to Angelo, Ivanna, and Priscilla. It wasn't much of a surprise when the thing noticed Ivanna's anger. He was curious though when she said she could tell them something. Was Angelo hiding a secret from the rest of the group? Soon, she pointed at Priscilla. It sounded like the creature knew every one of their fears. What followed next though caught Ray off guard. Screams were emitted from the stairway prompting him to slightly shift his gaze at the thought of his brother and nephew being harmed. That wasn't the only thing though. He was expecting the woman to say something intimidating or even threatening to him. Instead, she . . complimented him?

Her freezing hand brushed against his cheek, while her other one seductively ran down his torso. Ray's facial expression though expressed a mixed look of confusion and shock. At the sound of Azalea's voice, the guy immediately snapped his attention to the princess who thankfully took him out of whatever odd situation just happened. That was when Nox made her entrance.

Long story short, Nox was basically helping the rebellion take out the creature. No doubt that it took some convincing for Bax to let their prisoner loose.

Raymond's thoughts were instantly disturbed once the creature behind him aggressively grabbed his right shoulder. On instinct, the rogue brought his left hand up with the hammer in his hand and slammed it onto the creature's head. A claw quickly followed attempting to wound Raymond'd torso, in which case he narrowly dodged before pulling his body up with a horizontal post and kicked the tall thing's head. There was no time to waste. Ray landed behind the being, turning behind it as it turned in confusion with their backs just inches apart. The creature had lost its target. Well, that's what it thought until Ray hit the beast's head and knocked it out. His movements were quick and sharp.

Fighting with a plain handyman's hammer against magical creatures wasn't exactly the easiest thing to do. Luckily, Ray caught sight of a rope in his peripheral vision. Without any second thoughts, he slid toward it and tied it around the hammer's handle. The experienced blacksmith swiftly put together a makeshift weapon that somewhat resembled his unique chain whip. By the time he got up though, his eyes found themselves pasted on a figure looking straight at him.

That was when everything stopped. The people and creatures all simply faded into a blurred background.

"Hazel?" Raymond was paused, almost speechless afterwards. She slowly approached her older brother as a small smile made its way to his face. He thought she was dead, gone. How did she- crack! Her punch sounded against a now dented post just as Ray thinly missed her strike. "What are you doing?" His brows furrowed before he straightened himself back up. What followed next was a series of furious attacks that Raymond stubbornly dodged. "Hazel!" He ducked down then circled back up with a fist headed toward her, but stopped just before it made contact. No, he would never hurt her. It was a game they used to play. To see which one would flinch first. "Guh," Raymond stumbled back feeling a strong punch land on his gut. "Haz-," He held his stomach and paused, noticing her blank gaze. What was happening? His eyes glanced around at the rest of the ship. There were no more leather things just-

"Mom?" Punch. Ray felt the strike land on his right cheek as he stumbled sideways and into the pole. Now he knew it. His gaze quickly shifted back to his mother (Rayne) and sister (Hazel). The leathers were using some sort of black magic to play with his thoughts. No way his mother would punch him like that . . but they were so real. The way his sister confidently flipped her hair to the way his mother genuinely smiled at him from the short distance between them. The guy quickly turned himself toward them and paused as if to give them another chance. He knew it was a leather thing, but he just couldn't bring himself to hurt them. At this establishing scene, his mother's gaze slowly turned into one of disapproval while his sister's painfully turned into sadness.

Zip. Ray swiftly leaned out the way once his sister tried launching a dagger right at his head. It wasn't them, and the feeling sickened the guy. He couldn't bring himself to hurt his loved ones. But they aren't them.

His sister lunged as he quickly shifted left, wrapping her arm behind her and put her in a head lock. Something in him wanted her to say tap out, but nothing was mentioned. The guy looked away up toward his mother who was watching with teary eyes. "SAY SOMETHING!" Raymond screamed feeling his eyes start to moisten as his gaze glanced at Hazel, her face reddening before he shut his eyes and looked away.

Punch. Ray's eyes flew open after his mom squarely slugged him. In one smooth motion, he flipped Hazel and slammed her onto Rayne before quickly letting go. The movement came with an odd feeling. As if a part of his inner craving was shortly leaked. The thing was, it wasn't an emotional sensation, rather a physical one. It was like his body had to do it with or without his feelings being attached. Raymond's gaze worriedly shifted between them. There were only two ways to solve this illusion. Get rid of whatever feelings he had . . or at least substitute them with the opposite. With great hesitation, the rogue tried everything in his power to bend the way he felt about the realistic figures in front of him, both his mother and sister.

Hate. The inner thought rang in his mind. The rope fell by his side with a numbed reaction on his face as he slowly found the courage to swing the hammer the way he did with his usual chain whip.

Rayne ran toward him, in which case he flung his rope right around her waist then ducked under his sister's kick. Anger. Something in him tried forcing it all into anger. The momentum of the hammer had wrapped around and thwacked Rayne in the face. Betrayal. His body smoothly stepped past Hazel's as he looped his arm around her and put her into another arm lock. Meanwhile, his other arm elbowed Hazel into position. Pain. He toughly wrapped the opposite side of the rope around the disguised leathery being 's neck. Then, without looking at their faces, Raymond grabbed the dagger from the pole and slashed the creature's throat.

His face twisted as his brain pushed to remind him what he really was killing. Darkness. "Ah," He threw a punch at Rayne's face before quickly pushing the dagger into her stomach.

It didn't end there though. The being in front of him seemed to shift once more. This time into an all too familiar figure. The unkempt hair and pained expression . . Ray's hazel gaze reflected off of his own. Raymond, almost immediately stepped back, pulling the dagger out before sharply throwing it into the creature's skull. Thud. The body dropped backward.

He swallowed hard. Raymond's terrified, realizing eyes remained on the creature as it slowly turned into leather. It seemed that everyone was seeing their own fears. What did this mean? His gaze moved up scanning the area. The rebellion was fighting his loved ones. However, the figures one-by-one slowly shifted into himself as his gaze glossed back over to the other side of the ship. Raymond feared betrayal, the darkest magic of any form, leaving his loved ones vulnerable, and losing them. Yet something in him knew what he had been capable of doing in the past. This guy feared hurting his loved ones.

Creak. A wooden plank sounded, making Ray look over his shoulder. The figure smirked, slowly pulling his hood down. What if . . what if he failed them? What if he made his loved ones vulnerable? What if he . . hurt them?

Alas, Raymond had to fight the subconscious fear that finally surfaced itself. He was his hardest judge to please. His hammer sounded against the ground. It didn't seem like Raymond needed the last-minute weapon that much. The seventeen year old impostor swung his fists, while Ray quickly blocked each strike. In the blink of an eye, the real Raymond stepped forward and threw a flurry of punches himself. Pah. Pah. Pah. His fists were fast enough for his counter part to lose the blocking rhythm and keep getting sharp strikes against the chest. Slamming his foot down into a forward horse stance, Ray launched his final strong fist sending the creature a couple steps back.

He was against himself though. The decoy ran back, immediately looping an arm around and putting Ray into an arm lock. It swung the original guy around as he sneakily kicked a loose peg up off from the ground sending it flying upward. While being swung around in an arm lock, Ray put his foot out, tripping the thing and using it's momentum to flip them around. Now he was out of the arm lock with a free arm and grabbed the peg just in time to stab it down into the creature's heart.

Not once or twice.

The man brought it down repeatedly at least seven times, throwing the peg off to the side once he was done. His brows were furrowed and his eyes looked disapprovingly upon the body that shifted into leather again. Was he really his own enemy?

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Baxter Callahan

Baxter backed away as Nox stood up and had her first stretch in three months. It didn't take long for her fangs to appear out of nowhere. As expected, she threatened Bax a bit basically saying that she would kill him once they arrived in Delchistrier. A slight sense of hope arose thought when Nox snarled at the creatures and threatened them. She wasn't with the rebellion, but for once she wasn't against them.

In a split second, Bax focused his attention back to Jeod and Cale. Jeod had immediately gone up the stairs though. "Follow me," Baxter stated to Cale, turning down the hall expecting to hear his footsteps quickly trail after his. However, he suddenly turned back and grabbed Cale's forearm, "Clyde's in the end room. I need you to position your crossbow aimed down the hallway toward the entrance before some of the attackers get down here. I will fight by your side the closer they get. In the mean time, fire away if they start coming." The rebel leader routinely grabbed his two swords from the side. "We fight by challenging our weaknesses, but we win by using our own strengths . . as a team. Fight with this," He pointed to his temple before quickly jogging down the hall toward Clyde, "Something you are good at."

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Fanfic Kitty
Angie watched as Nox appeared, her eyes wide and disbelieving as the two... creatures, began to hiss and growl at each other, clearly agitated. Seems this thing wasn’t following orders well, and that had pissed off Nox. Angie couldn’t care less WHY the two lunged at each other, but she used the opportunity to elbow backwards and hop away from the creature that was at her back, but-

Upon looking it’s visage, she froze in place.

The sword in her hand fell to the floor with a crash, and she squealed- a real, girlish squeal- and toppled backwards onto her rear, eyes wide and terrified. She was hyperventilating.

“No... nonono, you- you can’t find me!” She whimpered, scooting away from the male figure standing in front of her, staring down at her with disappointed brown eyes.
“I.. I ran away, I turned my back on you, you CAN’T have found me!”

The figure of her father stood there, staring down at her with a sneer as she continued to crawl away, eyes wide and horrified. He looked angry, as always. Clean shaven with his lip curled in disgust towards her. Her mother soon walked up beside him, her eyes sad, but expression indifferent. Even her little sister, probably fifteen by now, sharing that same trademark “I’m so superior” smirk on her face. Just like the last time she saw them.

“No... no I won’t go back with you. Y-You can’t make me!” She shouted in defiance, but shrieked in fear when the three suddenly lunges forward and lashed out with their claws. She scrambled to her feet and took off running, whimpering like a baby as she did. The three figures took off after her, screaming things at her.
“You never deserved the life I gave you!”
“Why can’t you just be like your sister?!”
“Daddy says that you’re just a waste of breath!”
“We never should have kept you!”
“You’re a lady! Act like it!”
“I should just lock you up!”
“Friends? You don’t have friends!”

The assault was endless, and it was taking all Angie had to not start bawling. It was all things she had heard before, bouncing around in her head like a mantra... wait. In her head. She halted in her fleeing. That’s right. It was in her head. When she turned slowly to look at her pursuers, she realized they weren’t saying anything. They all came to a sudden stop when they realized that their prey had stopped.

Angie finally took this moment to take in her surroundings. Everyone was fighting... a whole bunch of the rest of her family. And they were all shouting different names. Ray in particular caught her attention. They couldn’t possibly know who all these people were unless.. unless they were all seeing different things.

“Oh... ohhhohoho, so THATS the game you’re gonna play.” She whispered, turning to her adversaries as she came to this realization. “Now THATS dirty.”

The three figures growled as Angie reached down and picked up some rumble from the fight- a board from a crate or smashed barrel- and wielded it like a club. “Well.. Since this isn’t real... I might as well get some fun out of it.”

The figures growled, and as one they sprang forward. Angie swung the board, cracking her father across the face with the foreseeing, and her mother with the back.

She had to snatch her little sister out of the air. The creature hissed and thrashed, waving her arms around and digging we claws into Angie’s arms, making her hiss. “YOU! You who did nothing but absorb dear Tomas’ bullshit and scream it back in my face, YOU who spat in the face of orphans because you thought you were better than them, YOU who screamed and chased and tortured me for the small amount of time I knew you, YOU. ARE A SPOILED, SELFISH BRAT!”
She threw the kid to the floor and brought the board down on her neck, once, twice, thrice, before the next figure finally recoiled from the whack and attacked.

“AND YOU!” Angie reeled around and blocked the next attack coming from her mother with the flat of the board, “YOU, who did NOTHING to stop the torture I endured everyday because you didn’t want to upset dearest Tom. YOU, who could have easily stopped it if you just spoke up! YOU. ARE A COWARD!”
She brought the board down hard on the beast’s head, causing the board to snap, leaving a jagged edge in Angie’s hand as this one reeled back as well.

When Angie felt some claws rake across her back, tearing through her shirt, she lurched forward with a cry before whipping around, finding the last figure standing there angrily, jaws parted and teeth sharp as it snarled.

“Ohhhhhohoho, and YOU.” She pointed the remains of the board in it’s direction, promoting it to leap forward with a hiss, only to swiped across the face by the jagged edge of the board.
“YOU, who was supposed to be my father,” she swiped again, this blow being being by the beast, only to get punched in the face by Angie’s right hook, “You, who was supposed you take care of me. YOU who did NOTHING but belittle me, hide me from the world, try to mold me into the perfect child, and when I didn’t act the way you wanted you beat me into submission.”
She delivered a high kick to its chest, sending it tumbling back to the deck, “You who never cared about my happiness or any right to happiness that I may have, you who acted like you did it all for my own good because you were my father and you knew what was best! Well guess what? I know your little secret.”
She rushed forward and straddled the thing’s chest, watching her father wriggle and roar like a wild animal before she leaned down and whispered, “You’re not even my father.”

With that, she raised the jagged end of the board up and brought it down hard into the man’s chest, causing it to squeal and writhe for a moment before falling still.

Suddenly exhausted, Angie sat back and looked at the body, briefly overcome with emotion as she realized that she had just released a whole lot of pent up emotions... and secretly was hoping that nobody heard any of it.


Call me Ninja

𝑰𝒗𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒂 𝑲𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒊𝒏

One by one each of the chosen few were pushed to the front with the Tall Ones restraining them. Pushed in front of the leader once everyone was shoulder to shoulder with someone. Ivanna still had the creatures hold her arms down, the claws brushing against the skin, along the scars that resulted in a itching feeling. The Hound first set her eyes on Ivanna, remarking how angry Ivanna was under her breath. The long claws slowing extending to her face, she thinned her lips in response but the hand didn’t touch.

The leader went on to the others, examining them, watching them, it seemed the creature can get into people’s heads. Then the Hound went to the end of the line, to Raymond, and acted rather seductively towards him. Azalea’s voice shouted out at the Hound to just kill them all. “Tch!” Ivanna said in a low voice that only Angie might hear.

Sounds of screeching and scattering can be heard from the lower deck, getting louder and louder. Ivanna turned her attention to the sudden noise, then it seemed this situation got a whole lot worse when the creature that was thought to be chained up, was let loose. Frowning at the sight of Nox and having the sudden urge to free her restrained arms. However, Nox looked pissed, well of course she’s been chained up for months, but it wasn’t to any of them it was to the Hound. Acting violently towards her, Ivanna didn’t think Nox was doing this for any of them. It didn’t matter now cause the two powerhouse creatures started to fight each other with claws and other means.

All hell started to break loose as the fighting started. The creatures threw Ivanna to the side, her body sliding till it hit the wooden stairs. Her hand was still gripped to her sword, getting up quickly by the heel of her feet. One Tall creature snarled at Ivanna with claws out, slashing her hand in a upward motion. Ivanna dodges the strike almost falling back on the steps again, but catching herself. Before the Tall bat could strike again, Ivanna was already getting her arms ready to swing the large sword. In one quick stroke, the sword cut the Tall one’s upper body, slicing it in half. The blood splattering out as the others were closing in.

Suddenly, a strange occurrence happened, the Tall ones started to fade in their appearance, and slowly, one by one, each of them started to look like her past worst enemies. “What the—“ a swift punch to the face sends her back to the ground. The nose starting to leak of blood, spitting out the blood that formed in her mouth. She tries to get up when one of them with an axe forcing gravity to cut down Ivanna, lifting up Her sword to block the attack. Using her left hand to jerk herself up, now standing on her own two feet on the lower deck. Watching as the bandits, mercenaries, warlords, all of the people that nearly killed her started to close in.

A sight, Ivanna widened her eyes, it was a sight that caught her off guard. A face, No....., a face made her lower her sword in a state of shock and confusion. In the sea of all the violent chaos, stood a man she never thought she would see again. “Uncle?.....” her voice broke at the sight of someone she didn’t see for years. Bam!, another punch hits her face, she blocks the next one with her arm and hits their face with the hilt of her sword. She turns her head back to the appearance of her Uncle, then, of someone else. “Sister...” No....no no no...their dead...they can’t be... it’s not possible...

She was distracted when the illusion of her enemies started to corner her, slowly blocking her view. “No...Get out...Get out the WAY!” About to swing her sword when one of them grabs her arm then twists it to a painful angle. She felt her lower left side get slashed, the skin breaking open on the surface, the cut wasn’t deep but starting to bleed. In the distance she saw her dead family all stare at her, she tries to free her other arm but the supernatural strength of the Tall one kept the grip.

Time felt frozen in that moment. Flashes of the past, flashes to that night, flashes to points in her life where she was rendered....useless.

“You seemed like an innocent person in the middle of crossfire”

For second, it seemed there was another familiar face in the crowd. Their movement, Hold on a second could it be— Another slash to her left side, making the existing wound worse

“Your weak! You can’t do anything about it!”


“Give up little girl...your just another sheep to the slaughter”


“Go! I’ll hold them off!”

My family...


A spark flickered in her soul. The illusions were all grinning, mocking her. “Your weak” “Your just a little girl” “Give up” “Stop trying” the voices played on repeat over and over and over. None of it is real, none of it is real. That spark turned into a fiery rage.

A roar echoed across the ship, as Ivanna forcibly kicked one of the illusion’s knees in which broke on impact. Turning over to her right to headbutt the one restraining at her arm then pulling herself away. Growling in a fit of anger, her blue eyes looking at each individual on deck, seeing how everyone was facing her worst enemies. “You wanna play mind games” snarling in a low voice. One of the illusions try to strike, and in response gets cut in half by Ivanna’s sword. Then the next one, and the next, and the next. The sound around her was deafened, only the sounds of her sword slashing through the air was heard. Blood, was the only sight seen as the blade cut through the Tall ones like a hot knife. One lost their head, the other got both of their arms cut off then kicked off the boat. The last one had the misfortune to be hacked to pieces by the constant force of an angry mercenary.

And then there was no more, she drops her bloody weapon and sits on the floor. In that chaos she felt like she was alone, and she silently cried with no one watching.

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Cali slowly looked to Baxter at the compliment he had given her. Unsure of even how to react to this, she was hardly ever complimented and she heard the sound of something coming down. "Bax, get you and Clyde to my Workshop. There are a few odd things in there. You'll find an odd looking crossbow with a weird box looking thing. Put the box looking thing into the slot that the Crossbow has. I'll keep you backed up with my own. If we get to to the workshop we'll be able to form a chokehold on these things after Clyde."

Cali was fully confident for once until whatever these new enemies could do happened. Her head felt weird and as she turned to one of those freaks she found herself at the bottom of the stairs. "What's wrong Cali, looks like your not used to seeing me." the copy said with a sickening grin that oozed pure malice. Leaving Cali horrified as it threw something her way. "Your welcome by the way, I put the Ezerian harlot down without incident. I mean the nerve of her, believing an Ezerian like her could ever be friends with Lorelthians like us. I mean unlike you, trying to be nice about it despite the fact that her people have made Sarenthall as a whole much worse. "

Cali froze at what the copy threw at her. It was Angelos head, now at Cali's feet. "Bax, you need to get back and fast. Grab clyde and run as fast as you can!" Cali shouted trying to take a shot at whatever this other her actually was. "Your illusions have to be the most garbage thing I have seen so far!"

At least she got halfway in the insult, she hit her copy but in the blink of the eye she felt a horrible pain on her face and she was sent a good few feet back. And right there was the replica. "You know it must say a lot of your self esteem to shoot me. Just like how it says a lot for you to call me a fake!" It shouted as she felt another sharp pain hit her. It didn't even feel like the boot that the other her was wearing. It was an illusion, yet a tall one was behind the copy. Which made this even harder. She could tell she hit something with the shot but the copy showed no damage. How good was this illusion to even seemingly mimic Cali's size, was any of the other Cali even where the tall one was standing. Damn even with her usual ranged methods this thing was too fast, every bit of distance she made this thing closed in and almost with some demented delight kicked Cali while she was down.

"Come on then, you either got me or Clyde! Your choice in this you winged freak!" Cali shouted as she pulled out her shortsword and felt it make contact with something but as she found some level of victory the copy struck back as it grabbed Cali by the neck with one hand, and pinning down her sword arm.

"Oh no your joining those stupid soldiers that the idiot leader of yours had as guards! And after that I'm wondering how I can make Clyde suffer!" The copy shouted back as it's Grip tightened leaving Cali gasping for air as the she felt her own throat being forced shut by this thing.


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Queen of SHIIIPS
Azalea Eve Windfore
Azalea plunged the arrow into the imaginary chest of Soris a final time, panting from execrations as she watched his tall, handsome figure dissolve beneath her into the leathery, batlike Tall-One. Azalea let out a shaky breath, slumping defeatedly on top of the warm body, feeling her heart race a thousand beats within a second. She wasn’t sure she could do this. Something from behind suddenly grabbed her wrist, and Azalea was yanked upwards. Azalea stumbles back into the chest of what had grabbed her before she spun on her heel and plunged her arrow into the first thing her arrow found contact with and stepped back.

Her mother stared back at her with one eye, her bloodless lips parted in agonized pain as she clutched her stomach, blood beginning to bleed from her wound into her ivory dress. One mossy green eye stared at her emptily from under messy blonde hair. Azalea choked and dropped the arrow, stepping back in horror.

“How could you kill me?” Her mother mouthed, an emotionless tone sliding its way into her mind. And suddenly she could hear her mother, who proceeded in stepping towards Azalea, only stopping to awkwardly bend down to grab the arrow before straightening. Azalea choked on her words as her mothers face became more paler and skeletal the closer she approached, her body becoming more frail and thin.

Azalea shook her head, back away, “I had to....” she stammered, her voice cracking, “he made me choose—“

Her mother lunged, grabbing her by the shoulders slamming into Azalea and smashing her back against the wall to the captains quarters, something slicing through her the fabric covering her shoulders as colors bursted in her vision, her skull thwacking against the wood. Briefly dazed, her mother then yanked her away from the wall before shoving her to he ground harshly, leaving Azalea little time to recover as she leapt upon her.

Her mother’s hands felt odd as they wrapped around her throat, leathery, bigger and stronger than they skeletal hands looked, just as the imaginary Soris had felt. Azalea struggles under her mother as the last of her air was taken from her, leaving her a writhing mass under her mother as she clawed at her face and kicked her legs to free herself. Her lungs began to burn as her mother only squeezed tighter, her voice echoing in her mind.

“I wish you could’ve been more like your sister.”

“Be a lady!”

“Honey, it’s a man’s right to do so.”

“Nobody will ever marry you acting like this!”

“I’m so disappointed in you.”

Azalea felt her stomach drop into rage, a cold stillness seeping it’s way into her mind as her things threatened to burst from her chest, her vision darkening. With the last of her strength, Azalea reached up, gripping both sides of her mothers leathery-feeling face before yanking her head down and bringing her head up to meet hers, their heads smacking soundly together, as Azalea headbutted her mother, coldness etched in her features.

Her mother let out an inhuman shriek of suprise, releasing her grip on Azalea’s throat as the hit propelled her backwards. Azalea gasped and coughed, taking in a gulp of sweet, precious warm air. A cry of pain caught her attention, and Azalea watched in horror as she watched her another identical version of her mother snap a neck of a soldier, his body slumping across the deck as his sword clattered across the deck. Towards her. Azalea lunged for the sword in the same time the mother she’d been fighting had. Azalea’s hand had just wrapped around the hilt of her sword when her mother tackled her once more. But this time, when Azalea gazed angrily at the mother figure above her, her skeletal face leaked tears of sorrow, hurt etched in her features.

“Why me?” Her mothers voice asked in her mind, full of pain and sadness. “Why not your father?” She said, sounding a bit angrier this time. Out of the corner of her gaze, she watched as Raymond stabbed her mother brutally several times, a dissaproving look in his gaze as the body slumped to the floor. Something in Azalea hardened as she came to the resolve. An illusion, she told herself, it was an illusion. Her mother was dead.

Azalea’s features softened as she dragged her face up to the grief stricken face of her mothers, and she shook her head, her eyes watering as her fingers grasped the hilt tighter.

“Because I was never a failure to him,” she whispered. Her mothers gaze hardened into something glinting of dark madness, thinking Azalea’s resolve weakened as she raised her hand, ready to slap Azalea—

And Azalea plunged the sword through her mothers side, stabbing through her waist. Her mother’s corpse sank on top of her, her weight unordinary heavy, and she couldn’t shake the familiar feeling of deja vu as a familiar memory reminded her how all too familiar this was. Azalea let out a pained sob as she shoved her mother’s body off her and sat up, shutting her eyes as guilt nearly immobilized her, keeping the tears from leaking from her eyes, her head drooping to the deck. She was so scared of failing but...she already had. She was a failure. She’d failed. Failed, failed, failed. So absorbed in her fear and guilt had she been that she hadn’t noticed a famailar presence kneel beside her.

“I told you we’re alike,” a smooth chocolate voice said in her ear, sending chills running down her spine and rattling to her core. Opening her wet eyes, slowly Azalea raised her head, slightly comforted by the fact that she knew he was an illusion. Slowly she turned her head and peered at him numbly from the corner of her eyes. Soris knelt behind her, his gloved hand draped over one knee, peering at her like a curious child, adorned in his usual black attire, though today his clothes were different. More...regal looking, his stitching etched with shining silver thread, and his black attire seemed to be made from much richer, sleeker fabric. Azalea blinked. Why was this illusion different? Azalea began to shake her head, opening her mouth to object, but his simple, dimpled smile stopped her.

“Of course you are,” he purred, as if reading her thoughts, directing his gaze towards her mother’s body. Azalea followed his glance, her numb features shifting into to guilt and pain. He looked back to her and smiled with what could’ve been a look of sympathy. Soris reached out and swiped a stray tear from under her lashes, “there now,” he comforted her gently, “you’ll get used to it,” he said, his black eyes watching her with an unreadable expression as his soft, silk thumb brushed her cheek. Azalea blinked slowly. The feeling of silk. Silk. Silk. Silk. Silk not leather. Azalea’s eyes widened in horror and he smiled, “killer,” he crooned.

Azalea screamed a blood-curdling scream and recoiled.

She jumped to her feet and stumbled backwards, blinking frantically. And when she reopened her eyes he was no longer there—just an empty space that hadn’t ever been occupied in the first place. Azalea let out a frustrated cry and dig the heels of her palms into her eyes out of fear and anger.

What was real and what wasn’t?!

Meanwhile, two Tall-Ones scrambled down the stairs to pursue after Baxter and Clyde, coming upon a struggling Cali in the process, the two proceeded to rush past the currently suffocating Cali, rushing for the direction of Baxter and Clyde.
At the far end of the deck, Nox kicked The Hound in the ribs and unto her side, her expression cold and sharp. Her cheek was marred with scratches, silver blood bleeding from them, and the other cheek was a discolored purple, her red-cloak ripped and stained with both her own silver blood, and the Hound’s black blood. The Hound crawled away from her before flipping unto her back and scrambling back from the encroaching Nox.

“Bitch,” she hissed up at Nox, her nose crooked and face marred with bleeding scars of her own, her stomach nearly torn to ribbons, which she clutched, which was about the only thing from keeping her insides from pouring out. Her black, bat like wings flapped meekly as she was backed against the end of the deck, the railing the only thing that seperated her from the crashing waves. “You can’t kill me,” she said quickly, eyeing the sword Nox had picked off a dead soldier, “Master wouldn’t like it,” she said, panting from exertion, more black blood leaking through her fingers. She winced.

Nox knelt, rather awkwardly, though if she was in pain, her facial expression didn’t show it. "No," she crooned, leaning in so her cold breath touched the Hounds round ear, unlike her own pointed ears, "I can't kill you, but you've just terrorized not only the allies of the rebellion, but the royals as well," she leaned in so much that her lips grazed the Hound's ear when she spoke, "and I have a feeling Soris has a score to settle," she hissed coldly, and feeling the Hound flinch, she smiled icily and pulled away. Nox straightened up and gave the Hound a calculating stare, tilting her head, "I don't want you interfering anymore with my mission however, so..." In one unnaturally swift, fluid movement, Nox slashed her sword upwards, and the blade cut a giant slash through the center of the Hounds right wing, before swiftly doing the same to her left. The Hound let out a piercing shriek of pain that cut through the air as her sensitive wings were damaged, rendering flight incapable with both wings nearly cut into two. Without another word, Nox pressed her foot into the Hound's upper torso and shoved, sending the creature flying over the deck and crashing into the waves below. Abruptly all the remaining Tall Ones shrieked in dismay and stopped their attacks. One by one the Tall Ones leapt into the air, their black wings carrying them into the sky as they flew off the ship, desperatly seeking their missing leader beneath the waves, and leaving the rebellion to deal with the aftermath of their troubles.

Slowly, a troubled Azalea walked over to the fallen letter, bending down and picking it up lightly, as if it might dissolve into ash any moment in her fingers, reading over the disturbing letter with troubled features. Slowly she turned to make her way to her quarters, her eyes never leaving the paper as she made her way for the stairs, stepping over a few Tall-One corpses as she did so.

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One who was denied a simple fate
This "Nox" continued to creep over to him, hissing and laughing with delight. He fumbled with his gun, his arm shaking as he aimed. She got closer, and closer, and all the while his mind screamed at him to pull the trigger...but he couldn't. It was a monster of course, yet it was a life. Why would he take it? Did the one in front of him have dreams? Hopes? What justified this, that he could kill and still live on.

But another part of his mind spoke to him as well, a more logical part that he seldom heard from. He called it his Iron Heart, as it whispered only logical thoughts to him, without checking for emotion. This creature is a monster, and it will kill hundreds if you don't do this now. It has no dreams, it is evil, and it needs to be put down. With a sharper look in his eye, he raised his weapon. Strangely though, he was looking at something else as he took perfect aim at the creature's head. He tensed, and fired.

But of course, he didn't kill it. About this time, the real Nox had taken care of the hound, and the Hound and the rest of the Tall Ones had retreated. So instead of blasting it through the eyes, he watched the creature fly up and leave the ship.

He stood there for a while, eyes looking off, gun raised. He should be dead. If Nox hadn't taken care of the Hound, he would have died. He had hesitated for way too long, and the only reason he survived was because of magic. Had this been combat, he would be in the void that awaited those who died. He lowered his weapon slowly, and vomited off the side of the ship.

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The Clever Paradox
Raymond Callahan

Raymond was giving a disapproving look at the dead leather creature as several deep almost dark thoughts began running through his mind. Reality managed to snap his attention back itself though when he heard Angelo from across the deck. Not many of the others around the redheaded mercenary seemed to hear him though since they were so engulfed in trying to face their own . . what Ray assumed to be fears.

Angelo wasn't quiet. He was a good fighter though. Ray glanced around him in case any creature tried attacking while he briefly observed the scene. Apparently, the guy was facing his father and yelling about how he was abused for the sake of not being the perfect child he was expected to be. Meanwhile, Angelo placed a right hook and chest kick in between his monologue. Then there was a little secret in which Angelo whispered in the creature's ear before bringing a board down into its chest. It didn't take long for the mercenary to sit back seemingly in shock.

Raymond made his way over to Angelo and put his right hand out toward him intending to help him stand back up. However, his arm suddenly moved upward and blocked a strike headed for Angelo's head instead. "Andiamo, Angelo," The rogue cringed feeling a bruise form on his forearm from the impact. He rounded his right arm outward, grabbing the creature's left arm in the process prior to shifting his body left and bending inward. What followed was a seemingly effortless flip of the creature down onto the ship. Ray didn't have a blade or any weapon with him though. So, he shifted out of his spot leaving a perfect window for Angelo to possibly stab the creature to death with a random object within his reach.

It was just in time. Within a few moments, the black-winged things flew away. Raymond missed the whole Nox versus whatever face-off since his attention was centered on trying to help the others. But even then, the adrenaline was still rushing through his veins even as he passed Jeod and patted his back a few times, while the tinkerer let it all out off the ship. "You did well," Raymond mumbled to his somewhat longtime friend. For the length of time they knew each other. The rogue knew that Jeod would rather get captured than kill anyone.

Ray walked around the ship, only shortly stopping in his spot to process all that had happened in what seemed to be the quickest time span. It felt like a trap. His thoughts almost naturally started diving into the darker end until he quickly blinked them away. The guy's intention for now was to study the surface of the situation rather than his own fears and what he had personally seen. That personal moment would be saved for another time. Meanwhile, he could easily get distracted trying to help the others.

Raymond was walking over to Azalea until he stopped himself. He should probably start by seeing if the ship was still on track to Delchistrier. Him and Azalea would most likely talk about whatever happened later on anyway. At the moment, steering course was more urgent. His body painfully moved to the upper deck and leaned against a post as he checked the ships direction. Surprisingly, they were only driven a bit off course during the battle. His hands routinely spun the steering wheel before bringing the motion to a pause. All was okay now in terms of sailing. Ray scanned the area just to make sure, until his hazel eyes stopped on a figure almost hiding off to the side. The often tough Ivanna was silently crying away from the more public eye.

The guy hesitantly looked around once more after seeing Baxter emerge and speak to Azalea and Nox. It looked like this was the younger Callahan's best way of helping with the aftermath while Baxter handled all that. Raymond made his way over to Ivanna, while rubbing the back of his neck. He knew she was a strong woman whose last wish in the world was for anyone to catch her crying. At this point though, it wasn't worth taking the risk and letting anyone deal with these problems alone. Besides, they all in some way had just gone through the same thing. They all needed each other now more than ever.

"You're not alone ya know," Raymond calmly mentioned, not wanting to alarm Ivanna or make her feel ashamed in any way. His eyes slowly moved down to see blood dripping from her left side. "I don't know what you saw," Ray glanced at one of the downed guards, "But you've gotten this far." He rubbed the back of his neck knowing that even some of the rebellion's best trained guards couldn't get pass the attack. Comforting moments weren't exactly his specialty. Ray was much better at providing a distraction from negative emotional situations if anything.

"Alright," He suddenly blurted, almost changing the topic as his hand casually reach out to Ivanna, "Let's go get our best raging slaughter-er to stop bleeding." A small smirk made its way to his face hinting that he was in fact talking about her. Ivanna didn't seem like an emotionally sensitive person. Hopefully his little interaction somehow helped her get to a better place though.

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Baxter Callahan

Baxter was jogging down the hall to Clyde's room, while Cale said something about a workshop and crossbow. On the inside, Bax mentally shook his head at how the prince didn't bother to heed his orders before talking about his own. Regardless, the man made it to the room where he almost threw Clyde onto his shoulder and sprinted into Cale's workshop. Bax was annoyed how he went with Cale's plan rather than his own. He had to do it though so Cale knew where he was. In the mean time, Bax briefed Clyde on the way to the workshop and found the crossbow box combination Cale informed him about.

It took a split second to realize that Cale was in trouble. The first sign was when it took more than two seconds for the prince to meet them at the workshop. This was exactly why Bax went with the single plan. Now they could easily troubleshoot it.

Bax exited the workshop with Clyde close by, finding two leather things coming right for him and his son. The boy grabbed his father's leg in fear and watched the two dark creatures come straight for them. Now it was time for Baxter's original plan.

Clyde ran back into his room after feeling a nudge from Baxter, who was positioning himself at the end of the hall in front of his son's doorway. There was one major adjustment to his original strategy though. The rebel leader pulled the crossbow in front of him, intent to shoot the leather things down. Cale was supposed to be where he was.

Bax didn't know how to reload the crossbow! As a result, the man left the weapon in front of Clyde's room and started slashing away at the two tall-ones attempting to push down the hallway. Long story short, Bax took the creatures out in exchange for a couple of long scratches on each of his arms. Next, he quickly took the crossbow and fired it at the dark thing that held Cale.

Once the dark creature's head flew off with the powerful arrow, Baxter glanced at his son and gave him a firm command to stay in his room with the door closed. The rebel leader then walked down the hall before passing Cale in the process, "When an order is given, listen". He knew Cale's strength was never close range combat. Hence why he wanted the prince stationed all the way down the hall where he could use his strength with the crossbow, while Bax could take over close range in case a creature ..oh you know tried suffocating Cale.

Bax's strong steps echoed down the hall before he made his way up the stairs and onto the deck with furrowed brows. His eyes immediately focused on Nox once he fully resurfaced. At the same time, his arm also stretched out into Azalea's way, preventing her from trying to walk down the stairs. "You said I have till Delchistrier," Baxter's blue eyes were burning holes into Nox's head, "Then explain all of this." He firmly spun Azalea around, bringing her with him as he stormed over to Nox. "Tell us what you know since you're that confident we won't make it out alive . . What? Are they looking for me? Fine," He finally released Azalea, while he still kept his gaze on Nox and continued heading toward her. "You can take me, but even if I go down I know the people of Sarthenfall won't stop fighting." With those words, Baxter finally stopped in front of Nox so that their faces were only five inches apart.

"Threaten me," He nodded, "I know where the balance of the war lies, but I keep fighting till I die for that one small chance I want to see happens."

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Angie sat there with the corpse of the bat beast under her, and she looked up at Raymond as he approached and offered her a hand to help up, but instead used the arm to attack something that jumped at them- another little Serah. OOoooof course. How fun.

But Raymond just threw that tween around like she weighed nothing. And soon enough, the illusions faded away, and the bat creatures flew away in a panic, leaving their dead behind. Angie watched them as they went, then slowly stood and began to examine herself.

Mostly just some thin scratches, though there were some pretty nasty looking claw shaped punctures on her forearms- Goddamn Serah, always with the nails- and the stinging, deep scratch across the back of her shoulders that smarted anytime she moved anything in that area.

She looked over at Azalea, and suddenly she growled, preparing to charge after her and demand to read that letter, but Bax soon swept from the upper decks and began an interrogation with Nox and Azalea. As much as Angie didn’t want to interfere... she reeeealllly didn’t trust that thing to not attack Bax. So she quickly grabbed one of the nearby men and told them to knock “that thing” out of it got too aggressive towards Bax, before she turned and disappeared below decks.

There, she found Cali. She wanted to say something to her, something perhaps comforting? But instead she opted to simply haul Cali to her feet and brush the dust off of her. She made eye contact briefly, struggling to come up with something to say, before simply deciding against it and turning to walk away, making her way down the hall to her room, making her way inside and shutting the door behind her.

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"What? Wait you didn't see, that... like no one saw that! There was another me, she spoke and everything! I can't have been the only one. Ang- oh... your going away." Cali muttered the last bit as even Angelo was gone. She was mostly alone down below deck, "That can't have been real, it just... what in the world sort of shit show are we in for? How badly are we outmatched?"

As she turned she jumped back as she saw the other her right behind her. Yet not able to move out of her own vision. "Well look who's realizing the terrible nature of this whole situation. And hey with all that has been happening figured I can come out. You look like you need a hand and no one out here is willing to. And unlike what that weird magic shit does I am actually here. Wait, you are following me on all this, right?" This other Cali said as she casually walked next to her, leaning on the actual one but given some of the crews reactions nobody could see her.

"What? I, uhhh." Cali shambled as she looked at this other her that seemed to be the exact opposite, no words could come out.

"No not physically, like in your head, and please just think, people may give you crazy looks and the like. But besides that this whole rebellion, bit if a shitshow ain't it. Baxter is alright, he ain't wrong, but it's those others. The psychopath, that apathetic knight, and miss hothead herself. I mean look at this, every decision has been made based on what that princess says. I mean yeah she may be on our side, buuuut there may or may not be some conveniences, how does she seem to know this Nox is our key to getting that other kingdom to come and help us. And isn't it odd as those weird things demanded she read the letter, not anyone else on the ship, just little old Azalea."

"It's not that, she was manipulated, there is no chance that... Wait, are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting. I mean I have questioned why Nox, what stopped us from nabbing a lesser shade. But maybe with Nox." Cali stopped mid thought as a look of horror came to her eyes. And all she could mutter was a single word.


The mental Cali chuckled at the realization that she herself had. "About dang time you can catch on. I mean think on it, the sob story, Soris coming and making her announce Soris himself, her deciding to take Nox on this trip instead of obliterating her where she stands. Those winged freaks of nature demanding she reads the letter. But for now you have a confrontation to deal with. What is in that letter, what truths is dear Az hiding in that pretty little head of hers? I'll be back in a while to see what you think you need to do."

As Cali blinked there was no other her there anymore. And all she could think was one thing "That stupid hot headed brat." She snarled as she began to storm her way up the deck. Nothing was fucking stopping her now, either Azalea says what is in the letter or Cali will rip it out of Azaleas stupid hands. Climbing up the deck to see her sister tending to soldiers that may have been injured by those things.

"Ok what in the shot was in that letter! I mean forgive me but what is in it that caused them to attack us if Azalea didn't read it. Or let me guess, something that by some chance stupid harlot over here can't say because she loves her secrets or some dumb excuse like that whole silver deal."

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Queen of SHIIIPS
Azalea Eve Windfore and Nox

Nox gazed out into the watery blue abyss, her eyes never leaving the spot where the Hound has splashed into, sinking into the deep depths. She expected she wouldn’t be back for some time. If ever. Soris would not be pleased with her actions today. Though Nox expected he wouldn’t be pleased with her either, and the thought made her grimace slightly, visualizing a few hard hits from him already. The ancient woman glanced down at her claws, caked in mainly dried, black blood, scraping flakes of it off with her thumb as her pointed ears picked up movement behind her. Slowly she turned, her golden eyes instantly locking unto Baxter’s as he emerged from the lower deck.

Nox took a step down from the upper part of the deck, twirling her sword in one bloody hand as she took a couple steps towards Baxter, her cool smirk pleasantly predatory as he walked towards her, her gaze smoldering as his words seemed to stop and still the deck, soldiers waiting and listening with bated breath. Even the wind seemed to stop to listen to his words.

Azalea glanced up when the arm suddenly entered her perherial vision, scowling at the sight of Baxter that was obviously blocking her way. Before she could say anything he gripped her firmly by the shoulders, and spun her around, she flinched slightly and sent Baxter a scathing look as he pushed her towards Nox, opening her mouth to object before deciding better of it as she noted his furrowed brows and strong speech.

Azalea crossed her arms crossingly as he released her and continued making his way over to Nox, watching the intense interaction. The tension so thick in the air it could be cut with a knife. Many on the deck stood awed by Baxter’s speech, inspired to say the least. Azalea’s lips quirked a little, her eyebrow arching with it, slightly impressed at the scene. She had to give it to the guy, he certainly knew how to preech to the choir. Because despite all that the soldiers had faced only minutes ago, right now their weary expressions were only hopeful and eager, mixed with worry for their leader, ready to fight their worst fears again for Baxter and the cause they believed in.

Nox looked down at Baxter and gave him a positively feline smile, the air around them tense and suddenly cold. Azalea stilled begins them, eyeing the sword Nox held and her predatory smile, wondering if this was about to be Baxter’s final words. After a moment, Nox spoke.

“That’s a cute little speech and all,” she crooned, breaking eye contact as she stepped around him, her shoulder brushing his, “but do you even know what your asking?” She asked him, circling him closely, the tip of the steel sword dragging lightly on the wooden deck, making an awful, eerie scraping sound. “There are things in Faroliis you mortals wouldn’t even be able to comprehend, least if all believe.” She stopped, her ripped, black-stained, red-cloak swishing lightly around her, and she peered a glance back at Baxter, her face hard. “You think this all matters in the long run? You have no idea how small this is in the bigger picture you can’t even see,” Nox swiveled her head towards a wide-eyed Azalea, “even you, with all your secrets, are so little to what this is,” she said in a cool, blantant manner before turning back to Baxter. “But considering I have been tied up and depraved of movement for the past three months, I see no point sharing any of it with you, as for your role in this...” she paused, stalking towards Baxter until she was directly in front of him once more, “as long as your alive, this rebellion will continue to thrive. They may always fight, yes, but without the proper leadership to aide and inspire them as you have done, they will fall. Soris aims to correct this.”

Nox’s arm lashed out like a snake, her clawed hand gripping his shoulder, she leaned in close as she had with the Hound, so that her breath just barely hit his ear, “Don’t ever demand anything from me,” she hissed, “you’ll learn what I allow you to learn, and if you ever think otherwise, we both know I can kill you and paint my nails at the same time.” With these threatening words Nox straightened up, her features cold and sharp as she looked down upon Baxter, retaking her power and control once more.

The sound of stomping on wood caused Azalea to turn around as Cali came barreling up the stairs, her expression twisted into that of rage as she turned her gaze on Azalea, who narrowed her yellow-green eyes in anticipation. Cali opened her mouth, shouting angry, spiteful words at Azalea in an open display of distrust and anger as she demanded she read the letter.

The comment about the silver oath sent tendrils of rage to wrap around her already, currently frail mind, and Azalea clenched her fist. The paper crumpled in her hands as she faced off against the Lorenthian princess. “What?” Azalea hissed, “that bloody silver oath cost me my kingdom and my family and you, you,” She seethed, jabbing a finger at Cali, “have the gall to call it an excuse?” She asked her angrily, her features briefly softened as hurt expression crossed her face before it was covered up in anger once more, “you don’t like me?” She snapped, “get in line!” She threw up her arms, looking around and gesturing to the whole deck before looking back at Cali and pointing another accusatory finger at her, “you wouldn’t last a day in my mind, love,” she said coldly, “and you would thank me for some of the secrets you’d never wished you’d learned,” She hissed in a voice like death.

At the far right of the deck, Aria gazed on with furrowed brows, concern etched in her features. This wasn’t like Azalea at all. Even angry she’d never...been so cold, so shut off. Aria frowned and looked towards the sea, what had happened to her?

Azalea lifted the letter to her face, pulling it harshly at the edges so the paper snapped straight as she glared over the paper, “you want me to read it? My. Pleasure. ” she seethed icily, her eyes moving to the paper as her walls shut down internally, shitting out the hurt, the pain, the fear, the guilt, the compassion, and leaving all the rage on the surface. Azalea cleared her throat loudly, her cheeks tinged with pink in anger as she read the paper so loudly, it was impossible for anybody not to hear it’s contents. Each word erupting from her lips full of ice and malice; “Dear Miss Azalea,” Azalea read painfully loudly, her fingers digging tighter into the paper, her voice becoming softer and more uncomfortable as she read on:

Dear Miss Azalea,

It was an unpleasant suprise to find I could no longer reach you. So any...unpleasantness that befalls your little ship upon the deliverance of this letter is by no means a mistake. However, this throne suits me as good as it had centuries ago, perhaps better. I suppose it is the only good thing your ancestors ever did for my kingdom. I do find this palace rather boring without company however. Your birthday is a little less than a year away, no? I look forward to spending it with you.

To Baxter Callahan,
How very bold of you to assume I would allow your theft of the Serpente II in my country. To travel to Delchistrier as well...you fool. To leave with my royals, and my property. Your continuing rebellion is becoming...a nuisance. But we are gentleman, are we not? Anything can be settled fairly. I met Audrey, whom I know you know very well. She was very...lovely. She did lie to me, however. I’ll have to do something about that. It must be that Ezeris. It’s disgusting decline over the centuries has left its people to be greedy, lying, crime-ridden rats. Rats that must be dealt with. You can choose to return with my ship and my royals, and save Ezeris’s people...if you make it. Or you can keep your route to Delchistrier and hope for a mediocre alliance. Your choice.

To the rest of you,
It’s a shame we have not been more acquainted, your loyalty to these traitors is nearly admirable. I hear the most curious things about you, I am glad we had the chance to meet months ago, though it is an unfortunate tragedy about your encampment. So many lives so uselessly lost. I hope the cause you believe in is worth all the lives to be lost in the future. To the royals, I’m eager for our future meetings. And we will, have plenty of those to come. I’m sure all you lovely ladies will be just as pleasant to deal with as Miss Azalea and her siblings, if not more so. I do apologize about your families, however. Such a tradegy, but a necessary lose in war. And to think of all the other families that will lose their loved ones, fighting for your cause. Tsk tsk tsk. To those not of the Five’s descent, know your loyalty will only punish you in the future. If you do so wish to change your loyalties and assist your King, you will be welcomed only with open arms. If you do not, know I do not tolerate traitors in my beloved country. Know you will be dealt a far worse fate than any other criminal.

Perhaps a demonstration is in order.

Your new King.

Azalea looked up as she finished, looking a bit pale. She shook her head, disgusted. The demonstration must’ve been whatever the Hound had planned to do with Clyde before being interrupted. The thought made her more guilt ridden and angrier than ever. Abruptly, Azalea shoved the paper into Cali’s chest, hard. “There’s your fucking letter,” Azalea snapped, “there’s your ugly truth,” Azalea then stormed past her, purposely hitting her in the shoulder with her own as she stormed down the stair steps, avoiding contact with everyone else and suddenly desperate to get to her quarters where she could be alone, clenching her fists as she heard Nox’s dark laugh echo from above her.

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𝑰𝒗𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒂 𝑲𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒊𝒏

It wasn’t everyday to see a hardened warrior in tears, let alone in the middle of what seemed to be the aftermath of a temporary victory. It also—-wasn’t everyday to see the faces of the loved ones you once knew.

That have been violently snatched from you ever since you can remember.

To see their faces, but to not hear their voice was an aching feeling to Ivanna. She already had enough nightmares, but this one, this one seemed real. In that moment, she seemed like the only one battling her inner demons. The world around her sounded quiet in her ears, closing her eyes to imagine the feeling of being back up North. Something about the winter breeze and snowy gaze always made her feel at peace. The wind was the only sound, until the voice of Raymond Callahan started to penetrate through her deep thoughts.

Opening her eyes back to reality, the sharp blue eyes lifting up to look at Raymond expressing some sort of...pity? It was then she realized someone has caught her in a tearful daze. She quickly wiped away the lingering wet tears on her cheek and went right back to her serious demeanor. She didn’t need any help, nor sympathy, no one cared to go out of their way....and yet there was something familiar in the way Raymond smirked, the concern in his voice added with some humor. That glint in his eyes.

It seemed like she’s seen this type of behavior from a particular person before...someone that reminded her of a person she knew. The only one that has ever went out of their way to save a life they did not know, even if it was just a one time glimpse.

Ivanna was about to say something until Baxter started to speak and it seemed like the whole scene was focused on him and Nox. Ivanna still sat where she was, listening while bleeding on her left side. She had to give it to him, that type of faith in an ideal that’s doomed to fail. It was something else. From the angle Ivanna and Raymond were, the look of Nox and her movements at times seemed to be ready to strike down the leader. But why, why not get it over with? To mock us? For some type of bigger plan? Her hand slid to her sword handle and gripped it tight, slowly getting angry at the little speech Nox gave.

Then Hot Head number 2 came to bash Hot Head number 1, for whatever what was in the damn letter. Azalea finally had the “kindness” to share the contents of the letter, word by word.

The whole damn thing was a mockery

And to add injury to the insult, they gave a choice. Whether to go back to the same place they left, three months, and probably go into a trap or continue on their journey and thousands will die. It was a game of chess to them, them being the shades and their lords. The sound of Nox’s dark laughter made Ivanna dig her nails into the leather handle of her sword. That same laughter every wicked being has done when they think they’ve won. Like those raiders who think they won when they killed an entire family.


She slowly started to get up with her hand gripping the wooden pole. The pain from the slashed wound started to spread throughout her left side, but she holds it back with a grunt in her throat. Lifting herself up and clenching her sword.


Ivanna starts to slowly walk towards the steps, the sound of her large sword dragging across the wood was generating the most noise. Walking down each step with a little struggle until she could get in front of Nox.

“Killers like you......Shades

Her lips thinned at the sight of Nox’s face. Everyone on that deck thought at that moment. Ivanna was going to strike or do something that would end in bloody fists, but they didn’t expect the following words.

“It always starts with a monster doesn’t it? A monster that once wasn’t a monster, who had one bad day and everything turned into this cycle of vengeance. First the monster would terrorize those who wronged him, then comes along a group of low lives that’s against the monster. Somehow, they manage to defeat this monster and in comes another one. And the cycle goes on and on and on until the day time becomes irrelevant. This big picture your going on about, i know all too well, I’ve seen it in every corrupted organization, and guess what? It means jackshit to us in the long run, want to give us another reality check? Or another pointless narcissistic statement? Your nothing but a worthless monster under the bed to scare children at night. Cause guess what, kill the leader, kill the commander, kill the general, kill the whole unit if you want to, and nothing is going to change what this rebellion stands for. You think that killing one leader will cause others to be lost.

Ivanna only moves closer to Nox, not breaking eye contact and only speaking in a calmly cold tone.

“Does it look like I would be a little lost sheep looking for a home bitch? Continue to spit that piss talk into my ears and ima show you what the real demons are. The fact you think of us as a small threat, is a foolish sin to any soldier’s code of honor and a mockery to their own IQ. I look forward to seeing your end.”

She looked over to Baxter, someone in a position she would generally despise. However in recent events, from the time she met him outside that abandoned castle to him standing his ground for what he believes in. Bax has proved that he wasn’t like the others. “Whatever you decide is totally up to you, but know this, I meant what I said about this rebellion. Don’t make the decisions that stray away from the ideal you have built this foundation around.”

Ivanna turned her body around and walked off to where her room was located, in the lower decks, there was no limp to her walk as she walked down the steps. Carrying her large sword on her shoulder until she disappeared from sight.

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After all of the tall ones had left to go rescue The Hound. Annabel was dragging all of the dead tall ones on the ship, and throwing them into the sea. 'I am going to have to clean this mess up, since there is tall ones' blood everywhere.' thought Annabel, who hoped that nobody saw the dead tall one that had hands in their mouth.
As Annabel was going to get a cleaning cloth to clean the ship, she heard Baxter's speech, and then Cali came upstairs to yell at Azalea again. 'Nice speech, Baxter, and for the love of god, Cali. Do you need to bring that up after we were attacked by those tall ones? We would have done that after everything calmed down, but no. You need to force her to read it.' thought Annabel. She wasn't happy with what Cali did, since Azalea would have done that later.
The Calore princess got angry at what Cali was saying again, and then she finally read that letter. The first part of the letter was horrible, since Soris wants to do something on Azalea's birthday. It got even worse as she continues to read it, and this made Annabel's face pale. 'What the hell?! Ezeris isn't his, and neither am I nor the other royals. The ship isn't even his either, since I bet this is my ship.' thought Annabel, who thought that the Serpente II belonged to the Ezeris's royal family.
Azalea continues to read the letter, and her face got even paler than before. For she knew what Soris was talking about when he mentions the royals. Because he was clearly saying that the Ezerisian royal isn't dead and that they are a girl. 'I am not taking Soris's apology, since he killed my family and most of my gang members. I also don't want to meet Soris in person at his meeting, because he isn't going to do anything good.' thought Annabel. She was thinking of bringing a knife to the meeting, so she could run in a dress if he makes her wear one.
Once Azalea was done reading the letter, the poor princess went downstairs to her room. Annabel went downstairs as well after hearing that horrible letter, and went towards her room in order to avoid everybody else. 'I don't want to go back to Ezeris, because they would try to kill me if they got a good look at my face.' thought Annabel. Although, she wants to save them from Soris. Annabel also didn't want to go back, because she knew that they would do a bunch of horrible things to her if they found out who she is. 'Don't let them find out, and I need to get rid of that letter.'
Annabel thought about doing that, because she didn't want them to read that letter again.
It had two important clues about the Ezerisian royal, so Annabel wants to get rid of it before anybody other than Baxter end up finding out about it.
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"Wow. Walking away as usual! And pretending that it's only you that has lost something. You wanna know something, innocent people are hurt by this! My mother was not even royalty, she never even intended for me to know any of this! What about her life, what about all of the people that had nothing to do with your family? What about the little people that were only bystanders as your asshole ex sent shades out and decimating miles of land, killing so many people and leaving others alone. I honestly think if your actual thought process matched your fighting skill you may have an ounce of my respect. Stop thinking for yourself and how it must be so terrible to be you!

As Azalea was finally gone Cali felt the tiniest inch of regret. But at the same time that other her was making sense. "So she was right" she muttered to herself. Her head already thinking. Either it was a bad time or she was just like this. But Azalea had finely proven herself to what Cali needed to do. And at the moment her rage was more so at Soris. Baxter and this Audrey knew each other. And if Soris was trying to get at him with her. And then one thing pissed her off

"HIS ROYALS! I'd sooner an Ezerian force me to marry then that egotistical shitstain calling me his property. How low will that bastard go!" Her mind was stuck in worry for Baxter. Everything made her gears tick. Her mind thinking every strategy she could. Every thing that she believed could help or harm the rebellion.

"So if we go to Delchistrier we may not even have an alliance but it could be something, if they have books on magic their could be a chance for us to figure it out. But at the same time this threat is something to consider. Innocent lives could be at stake. Honestly this needs to have a weigh in from everyone, the upsides and threats to both decisions are clear. No choice we make will not have a downside. And even then nothing will be certain. Is he bluffing. Or is he telling the truth. Look if this needs to be discussed the final decision has to rest on Bax." For the first time she was thinking. Slowly walking down to where she remembered the meeting room was. She needed maps, inventory of what this ship had. An idea of Ezeris' defenses. How far could Soris take things before he would have a country would be against him? Too many questions for the Lorelthian to think of all at once. And her anger was put to the side as she was figuring things out. Weighing out every option in her head as she found a seat alone. Unsure if it would be just her or not.

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The Clever Paradox
Raymond Callahan

Raymond smoothly moved his outstretched hand through his hair after Ivanna decided to get up using the pole instead. It was pretty much expected since well . . it was Ivanna. His hazel gaze then followed her's to the commotion going on in the middle deck.

Cale quickly came up the stairs impatient as usual, but this time yelling about something that was on everyone else's mind at that point. What was in the letter? Azalea shortly gave into the pressure this time especially after Cale's hurtful language landed. She didn't rest without giving the prince a taste of her own anger as well as she almost screamed every word of the letter.

In the meantime, Raymond glanced at Aria who stared away from her cousin. The letter was mainly about the royals and Baxter being the leader of the rebellion. However, the rest of them had a choice. It was a thought Raymond pondered on until Ivanna started dragging her large sword over to the rest of the little group forming.

Once the bleeding mercenary stopped in her tracks and started talking, Raymond's eyes followed Azalea down the stairs. It only took a few moments for Cale to start spitting out hurtful things about Azalea as she descended to the lower level. How hurt was he? Ray's brows unintentionally furrowed as he wondered when the engineer would stop bashing the princess. It was starting to be a habit for Cale to go off on Azalea whenever they were within sight.

The rogue quickly found his glance landing on Aria again. He wasn't sure if he should give Azalea some time, or go after her right then and there. From Aria's look though, it didn't seem like she wanted to get anywhere near Azalea just yet.

By the time his gaze returned to Cale, he was down the stairs as well. When would it end. No, the prince had to learn where to draw the line or even apologize. The Lorelthian didn't deserve to throw insults at anyone then move on to talking about a plan like nothing happened. Inwardly annoyed by the guy's frequent outbursts against Azalea and confused by why his buddy was still living it up in a woman disguise, Ray decided to follow the royal down the stairs and into the room. It didn't seem like anyone else at this point had the patience and guts to talk to the prince, and Baxter certainly didn't have time to play therapist. "Cale," Ray entered the room with his gaze rising from the floor to meet the royal's unsure face, " . . You okay?" The blacksmith knew the engineer though. This time things would be different.

A few moments of silence lingered between the two before Raymond glanced behind him and stepped further into the room. No one else seemed to be headed to the room as of now. Yet, Ray's head checked the empty doorway behind him as if he was prohibited from talking about feelings. "My brother's got a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders, but I'm sure of one thing," His head turned back to Cale as he stopped somewhere in front of the engineer, " . . The last thing a leader wants to see is his team argue."

"-I'm not saying what you're feeling is wrong," Ray counter-argued himself and gave Cale a concerned look, "I get it, Cale. One day you're living your life, then the next day everything turns upside down." The younger Callahan's voice lowered down, while he slightly leaned toward Cale, "But I think life is all about making the day after the next day, better than before. Even if I don't know what's happening next, well at least I tried." His body straightened up a bit as he adjusted his sleeve. "Not that my opinion really matters though . . right?" Raymond naturally raised a brow. "Look, man," He placed a hand on Cale's shoulder and smiled a bit, "I'm not here to lecture you. That's Bax's thing. I'm here to let you know that I'll listen if ya need someone."

On that note, Raymond released Cale's shoulder, "I'm here if ya need to talk. The same blacksmith that tried helping you out with bolts and stuff." He nodded, "I get you . . maybe not a hundred percent, but I'm here. And if there's time, Bax is too." While it didn't seem like the rebel leader would probably be as responsive, Bax usually made the effort for a one-on-one meeting with anyone if requested.

"We will be with you come what may."

"Ahem, now it looked like you were in deep thought about something else before I so rudely interrupted," Raymond quickly cut away from the subject as he glanced at the few shelves around them, "How can I help?"

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Baxter Callahan

Baxter blinked in silence and kept a straight face when Nox's sword almost made one of the most cringe sounds against the deck. She talked on saying how big the picture really was and how small their part occupied. It was all obvious information to him. Thus, Baxter looked away and kept his eyes from rolling at how Nox decided not to share any information due to her lack of movement for the past three months.

The rebel leader saw Soris's creature walking in front of him from his peripheral vision, causing him to look back at her and have their gazes meet. Some part of him knew she was right in saying that the rebellion would fall apart without the proper leadership. They all had to act under one leader in order for their movement to get anywhere. That was the thing though. Bax was never the intended rebellion leader to begin with. From the start, it was always Weiland. Plans revolved around the man as if he was immortal. Little did anyone know that the skilled leader would fall a few days after the rebel group's creation, thrusting the leadership role onto Baxter, a 26 year old blacksmith and single father.

The man's blue eyes soon found themselves focused onto the claw gripping his shoulder. A true leader would rise to the occasion if it ever came. That's what he did, and that's what all the genuine leaders have done before. A potential transfer of leadership was risky, but when was it not? As long as people had the same intention, the leader was only there to guide them in the right direction to accomplish the common goal.

Nox's breath sent a different sensation over Baxter as she threatened him. Though he really wasn't as threatened as anyone else might have thought. Then, she straightened up before looking down with coldness on him like she had triumphed. "You have control issues," He bluntly stated almost out of character until Cale suddenly bursted into the scene commanding Azalea to read some letter.

Naturally, Azalea fired back in response as if trying to tear Cale's head off with words. Baxter did notice Azalea's rage slowly grow softer throughout her reading though.

As for what was in the letter, Baxter merely folded his arms across his chest while listening to Soris's selfish complaints of stealing his royals and property. The rebel leader's brow only raised a bit when Soris explained to make some sort of agreement.


Baxter's facial expression immediately switched from skepticism to worry. All this time he thought the eastern noble was dead. To hear that she was alive gave him a glint of hope. Of course, it was immediately shot down by Soris though who basically wanted them all to retreat and act like the rebellion never happened in exchange for saving Ezerisians lives . . Audrey's life.

Baxter glanced away with furrowed brows. He and Audrey had been long done ever since she left Clyde with him years ago. No part of him loved her the way he used to . . though some part of him inwardly missed her. She was after all his friend before being the mother to his son.

Before he knew it, Baxter was listening to Azalea's final words "Your new King". Right. He couldn't just give up now. He had to remember why they started this in the first place. It wasn't just to save one kingdom, or the ones he loved. It was to save Sarthenfall.

It took a few moments before another sword could be heard scraping against the ship's wooden deck. Ivanna walked up to Nox looking ready to impale the creature, but instead she surprisingly gave her a piece of her mind. She mentioned everything from the monster cycle to highlighting what the rebellion stood for. It was a somewhat noble action in Baxter's eyes. Then, Ivanna's blue gaze met his own. She reminded him to go with the operations that he had intended prior to any interference. True. Though there was subtle hesitation on continuing with the mission after the mention of Audrey and her life being endangered, his mind ultimately had to fall upon the more logical side as usual. It was all for the rebel group and the sake of the country.

Baxter would come back for her though one day. Even if she already had a life of her own. It would be ideal if Clyde could at least meet his mother one time around . . unless there were people there to pull them apart once again.

Cale soon swiped Bax's attention when he yelled out after Azalea as usual with his matching hotheadedness. Soon enough he laid out the group's choices then walked down the stairs.

Before taking any other step, Baxter looked back at Nox with his usual cold expression. He knew it would be near impossible to get her tied up again. So, he took a deep breath, "Take a room. For once, coexist till we get there." Bax turned in his spot, "Perhaps murdering me on our first night wouldn't be exact. I'm sure your master would like to hear news of Delchistrier and its state before havoc breaks loose and the entire country hunts you down." With that, he too turned and headed down the stairs.

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Queen of SHIIIPS
Azalea Eve Windfore and Nox

Nox blinked at Baxter, disappointed by the lack of reaction, but said nothing, just in time for her rival to get up and start walking towards her, her blue-green eyes intent and focused on her. She spoke out loud, a speech following from her stony voice as Ivanna walked to stand in front of her, the tension so thick between the two killers it could’ve been cut in the air. Nox gazed impassively at Ivanna, non-flinching as she looked down upon her, unmoving until the point Ivanna named her a monster. Something dark and cruel sprouted in her, angry at the name, and Nox’s lips curled back as she gave Ivanna a terrifying, metallic pointed grin that most—but not everyone was becoming accustomed to at this point. Behind Ivanna, a soldier in the distance made a noise, his sword clanging loudly to the ground as he held her metallic teeth for his very first time.

She wasn’t a monster. She was a soldier. Doing what soldiers did. Following orders. She just happened to enjoy the bloodshed that followed it. No—she loved it. Loved the sounds of the screams of the dying and the feel of the blade as it sliced through skin. Not a monster, a soldier. A damn good soldier. Soldier. Soldier. Soldier. Nox blinked, realizing she’d been staring off into space when Ivanna addressed Baxter, and Nox’s features shifted into cruel impassiveness once more as she turned her golden gaze on Baxter, near echoing her own thoughts of her plans for Delchistrier. If she were to garner some extra information for Soris, then perhaps her original failure would be long forgotten. Nox snorted. Right.

The woman watched Baxter disappear down the steps before crossing over to the far end of the ship, throwing the simple sword aside without a glance as she walked towards the railing, the metal clanging loudly on the wooden deck behind her as Nox leaned over the railing, her emotionless face watching the blue waves.

And feeling an odd feeling of nostalgia, though she couldn’t place why.
Breath heavy, steps quick, Azalea stormed for her quarters, her fingers digging painfully into her palms. She was angry. And hurt. But they didn’t need to know that. It was just her temper again, right? Oh Az, Violet would say, you and your temper, acting irrationally once again. Well she wasn’t! Couldn’t they see why she didn’t want to read the letter—couldn’t they see that they were all just some big game to Soris?! Just a bunch of bloody pawns to be—

Suddenly, Azalea felt her foot hit something solid, sending her sprawling to the wooden floor as she tripped, her palms and knees scraping painfully against the wood. And suddenly she was on the floor, on her hands and knees and her rage dissipated into despair as the weight of Cali’s words settled into her. Azalea let out an angry cry as she pushed herself up and fell back unto her knees, sitting alone in the dimly lit hallway, wiping a hot tear from her cheek as the sound of someone clomping down the stairs became suddenly evident to her. Quickly, Azalea stumbled to her feet and walked further down the hallway before she could be seen crying by whomever it was. She got to her door near the end of the hall, stepping into her dark quarters before turning around to shut the door, leaving a hairline of a crack to peek out into the hallway to see whomever it was coming down, blinking away her watery eyes to clear her vision as she watched Cali enter into the room a little father down the hall, a strum of anger shooting through her at the simple sight of the Lorenthian, along with a pang of hurt. Azalea pressed her hand to the door, beginning to close it once more until more clomping sounded. She peeked her eye out through the barely noticeable crack in the door.

Azalea’s eyebrows arched slightly as Raymond’s face came into view, and for some reason something in her slightly lightened as he came down the hallway. Perhaps he was coming to check on her, or distract her, or maybe just talk. But the thought was soured instantly, her hopes falling as she watched Raymond enter into the room Cali had. Azalea shut her door with a quiet click, resting her forehead against the surface of the door as she felt tears abruptly rush to the surface, her chest constricting painfully. Of course, she thought, her hands fumbling for the lock on her door, how stupid would that be. Of course she was the bad guy. Her fingers found the lock through blurred vision, locking the door to her quarters before she turned toward her empty, cool, dark room, bare of life and personality. Azalea let out a quiet sob as she sank down to the floor, her back sliding against the door. She’d always be the bad guy.

The thought was so bitter and unwelcoming, the deepest pits of her stomach hurt physically. Azalea let out an angry sob before pressing a fist to her mouth and biting down, hard, as she succumbed to tears she hadn’t released for months. Because it wasn’t because her time was ticking, and the letter was a reminder of it, or because there was a creature without a heart walking free above her, or that most the ship hated her, or even because the city of Ezeris was at risk of being decimated. It was because none of it would ever existed without HER. It was because Cali was right. All those lives. All this now...it would still always be her fault. It was because Soris was right.

She really was just like him.


Azalea gave the now annoyed, beautiful creature an equally annoyed stare, her arms crossed across her chest, with one hand clutching the small, ancient book she’d stolen from Nathanial nearly a year ago. Azalea thrusted the book in Nox’s direction. “I just need to know if you can read it or some shite,” the redhead said in as equally flat tone as Nox.

“Bored of avoiding your ‘friends’ already?” Nox crooned as her pale clawed hand took the book from Azalea’s extended hand, ignoring her briefly guilty expression. The tall, lithe woman sat balanced on the railing at the far end of the ship, opposite of the helms wheel side. One leg dangled freely over the waves, with the other crossed under her, still adorned in her tight fitting, black leather armor, though tonight her red cloak lay abandoned in her quarters, the moonlight shining down on her sleek, long white hair making it nearly glow, making the cunning creature appear all the more stunning somehow, despite the claws that now traced over the leather cover of the book.

“I’ve been busy,” Azalea muttered impatiently, tapping her foot agitatedly before forcing a cocky smirk, “Some of us actually care if we get blood seeping into our clothing and hair,” she said arrogantly, recieving a cold, flat look as a response.

“You reek of guilt.”

Azalea sneered at her, “has anyone ever told you how creepy it is when you do that?”

Nox glanced up from the journal and grinned, and even without the metallic teeth in front, her pearly white, fanged smile was still somehow unsettling. “I’ve been called creepy for much less,” she purred coolly, and the Calore Princess frowned.

Azalea rubbed her tired, weary eyes, “can you just open the damn book? I’ve got a really long day tomorrow with a arse of a King,” she snapped, in no mood for any of the creatures games now, or ever, recalling her dark laugh from six days prior. Nox ignored her, flipping the leather journel unto its back, looking only mildly interested.

“I haven’t seen this type of a cover in centuries,” Nox mused, briefly confusing the redhead. Wasn’t Nox made...just this year? But before she could say anything the creature continued on, “Where’d you steal this from?” Nox asked coolly.

Azalea opened her mouth, “Who says I—“ she began but was cut off by another deadpan stare.

“Don’t insult my intelligence by lying.” Nox snapped authoritively, her voice cold. Azalea scowled at her. It was easy to forget this captive was the Commander in Soris’s army until you spoke to her. Nox stared at her coldly, waiting.

“Tell me what the book says and maybe I’ll tell you,” Azalea replies indignantly, the small, petite woman crossing her arms stubbornly. Nox meanwhile continued to stare coldly, waiting. Each woman waiting for the other to break, tension humming in the air around them.

Timeskip: Six days after the letter. One day until arrival at Delchistrier
Time: 11:23 PM
Weather: Clear

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"I am sorry if by all means I am questioning her real position even. How do we know at the moment she is some pawn that Soris allowed to leave. I mean think on his obsession with her. If he is as powerful and as big of a creep as that letter says, I don't think she would've been able to escape period. And look at her not reading the letter. Because of her people were hurt, I'm not sure what those things did but I think they may have thrown my mind out of loop. I saw myself come down and throw Angelo's head at my feet! Baxter and Clydes lives where at Stake because of her not reading it! I think our enemy knows her own stubbornness. And she needs to get out of it before she plays right into his hands again. He might be counting on her own reckless behavior. Like having us take that thing I would've had killed long ago. We'd risk less with a smaller shade or, I don't know something that can bend metal and knock Aria out. And even make Ivanna have fun with her job."

But then she saw the way Raymond looked at her. And then what he called her. Her eyes widened out of the first real bit of help she had. But other parts of her eyes suggested she was hurt.

"Bud? Do you think I am that good of an actor, I mean Priscilla even said I sucked at being a man, and that was the pretending! Do you think I liked lying about myself to even my own guard. To you, to Baxter! To everyone in this place? That's it you need to learn the truth, I can't stand it anymore." Cali shouted as she tore some of her upper clothing off. Showing raymond the boy he knew all along, wasn't really a boy. "I'm sorry, my mom was insistent this never be learned by anyone except for those I really trusted. Priscilla would probably be scolding me a thousand times over. Or patting me on the back... OK maybe I don't know her behavior exactly, but nobody really does in truth."


1 day before reaching land

Priscilla had been largely staying out of the royals business. Even keeping her distance from her sister. Her day revolving around helping the little guys around. Only ever giving a nod to any of the royals. Spending days rotating with the soldiers and even helping them out with moving the ship. On occasion helping with repairs, but always on her own. Sometimes confining herself to the lower decks due to seasickness.

But today was different. She was hanging around in the meeting room. Due to a recent incident she was unable to help for the day. One of the soldiers mentioned her taking the day off unless she wanted a screwed up back or arms. And all she could do was sing a little song to herself. Every little note identifiable from her voice alone and for some around the meeting hall all that could be heard was a lorelthian tune of sorts.

"Tha seo, an t-òran aig mic is nigheanan, a ’faireachdainn gu bheil cuideam oirnn. A ’dèanamh sìth gus togail air an àm ri teachd againn." She sung the last bit to herself before going silent. Messing around with a small little gadget that could walk when she winded it up. Well theoretically anyways, if it could keep straight and function normally. "Stupid gear walker..." she muttered as she flicked it down. Another thing to fill the time gone for the moment. And that one was supposed to take longer and work better.


The Clever Paradox
Raymond Callahan

Raymond blinked in confusion at Cale's immediate response. It took him a few moments to realize that the engineer was ranting about Azalea . . again. Not only that. Cale was accusing Azalea of being some pawn of Soris. Ray slightly furrowed his brows at this, but quickly forced a neutral look afterward. His role as a friend was to remain as unbiased as possible even if he inwardly felt that Azalea wasn't the enemy at all. If anything, she was the victim. It wasn't her intention for anyone to get murdered. She was basically manipulated, and now people were shaming her for being human.

Then the unexpected happened. With no connection to their previous discussion whatsoever, Cale went off about being an actor who avoided telling some truth before tearing his upper clothing off.

Naturally, Raymond's eyes shifted down at the torso wondering what Cale was trying to say. He was expecting to find some sort of tattoo or scar, but was instead surprised with a pair of- The guy's eyes widened as he took a few steps back and nearly stumbled over a chair. His eyes quickly shifted back up to Cale's face. During the realization process of Cale being a woman, Ray still managed to smoothly recuperate back to taking a few more steps back. He was speechless. What the heck was going on?

"What's wrong?" The same voice rang out in his mind from earlier that day. It wasn't his, only something from a seemingly vague memory. A hand roughly moved down Ray's face as he looked away from Cali and her nearly exposed chest. "I can't forgive myself-," His own voice finally sounded in response, causing the guy to quickly blink away his thoughts and glance at Cale or . . Cali's face.

Later that night, Raymond just retreated to his room questioning his own thoughts. He was embarrassed at how close he was to a princess during almost every male bathing time they had back at the rebel camp. Gah. His hands grabbed his forehead and moved up through his hair.

Oddly enough, the tale that embarrassed the younger Callahan only made the older one laugh the following morning.


Raymond was asleep by the ship's wheel. His back rested against a wooden contraption he put together whenever he needed to take a seat while keeping his eyes on the wheel. Only this time, his eyes were closed. So, Ray was just there seated on deck sound asleep with his head slowly leaning over to the right.

It had almost been a week since the most confusing day ever. Maybe it would have been better if he checked on Azalea right after the whole aftermath? Then again, would he have ever found out about Cali's true . . self? The guy shifted in his sleep, placing a hand behind his head. Most of the guards he trained were lost in the random ship attack. That being said, Ray went back to playing captain at the oddest hours. Not to mention how his thoughts about random Shade attacks, Cali being a woman, and fighting himself made him stay up at night.

Actually, those weren't the only pressing things on Raymond's mind. Constant visions of fighting his mom and sister six days ago were haunting his mind. He couldn't bare to see his sister getting strangled by anyone especially himself! Also, what was it with Ray fighting other versions of Ray? It only made the guy's head hurt when Bax later informed him that the Hound augmented their greatest fears.

What the heck. Raymond knew he didn't fear his mother or sister, but did he fear himself? That dark thought marinaded in his mind despite the usual exterior he kept up with his friendly how do you dos and mandatory ship steering duty.

Don't forget how the women on board were time bombs enough on their own. Almost each of them had something against each other. In his mind, it was better to move less in a field of traps. The last thing Ray needed to do was show any source of negativity whenever when he was on deck. Thus, he saved his darker thoughts for when he was in his own quarters or when he often found himself at the wheel during the odd hours of the night.

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Baxter Callahan

Baxter silently shut the door of his and Clyde's room after putting the boy to sleep. It was good to know that the ship was about a day away from finally arriving at Delchistrier. However, that also meant his own clock was ticking closer than ever.

The rebel leader sighed and adjusted his collar as he walked down the hall then up the stairs. His intention was to inform the soldiers that he was headed off to bed until he saw Nox and Azalea speaking to each other. Well, they weren't speaking. They were just staring. No doubt some sort of wager or threat was being passed between the two.

Nox. He paused for a bit realizing that he could be looking at his potential killer. They seemed to mutually agree on his attack happening a couple days after their arrival. But even then, there was still some hope. Delchistrier's people could possibly capture Nox at the sight of her claws and help Bax stay alive. OR the dark creature could also have a miraculous change of heart.

"What is going on here?" Baxter folded his arms across his chest as he walked up to the two women with the usual stern look plastered across his face.

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Fanfic Kitty
“And I just don’t know how I feel about any of this!”

Angie was actively pacing back and forth in her quarters, talking rather plainly with Aria, honestly one of the best friends she had, whom had been trying to redress Angie’s scratched back for maybe an hour while the red-haired woman paced.

“I almost wish that I HADN’T heard what that letter said! I know I hate my family but they aren’t the ONLY people living in Ezeris that I care about, and I know it’s probably just a trap, but what if it isn’t? What if we get back to Ezeris and the place starts is burned to a crisp? Nothing left but ash and... and bodies! Charred, smoking bodies!”

The young woman was barely keeping it together, a very rare thing indeed as she walked back and forth, in nothing but her chest bindings and trousers, wearing a rut in the floor. She was pacing like a caged animal.

“I just- I don’t know what to think right now!” She threw her hands up and sat very hard down on the cot in the corner, “I feel like, since I’m being frank, I feel like this was a stupid idea from the start, but I trust Bax, and I trust you, but GODS.” She flopped onto her stomach and groaned into the cot.

“Why are we even doing this?” Was the last muffled question that Angie asked before falling silent.

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ANd Aurelie was there too. Hanging out the deck of the ship. Being a timid little bunny rabbit.


Call me Ninja

𝑰𝒗𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒂 𝑲𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒊𝒏

The side Ivanna quarters was located, remained mostly quiet. The familiar sound of the ocean waves hitting up against the ship as the vessel continues on forward to their destination. The only light lit in the room was a lone candle by the bed next to her. Currently laying down and staring up on the ceiling. Dagger in hand, picking at her nails with the blade, then examining the fingers. Her eyes wander to the dark corner of the room and suddenly jerks up from the bed at the sight of a shadow. Half of the dim light is shined on the vaguely familiar face.

“Why couldn’t you save me?”

Ivanna’s head starts to sweat, gripping both sides of her head to tug her black hair. Closing her eyes tight and trying to snap out of it. The voice in her head wouldn’t stop filling up her ears.

“You know what you are. What made you. Can’t escape your inner demons. Your nothing but an empty shell—-“

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

Shouting into nothingness, and the hollow room where the candle was the only light to comfort her. Sitting on the edge of the bed and burying her face into her hands.

These past few days she hasn’t been getting any sleep. Her rival being loose, Ivanna’s guard was up most of the time. Barely getting two to three hours of sleep, she trained a bit longer during the day. The creature watching her sword training with a critical eye, Ivanna could tell Nox was probably judging. She made sure to keep her distance and not to reveal too much of her training. However that wasn’t the hard part, and it was starting to get to her head.

The Tall Ones incident was an eye opener for many, but for Ivanna, it seemed like a gateway back to the haunting feeling in the back of her mind. The nightmares started to become worse, another reason why she chooses not to sleep. She got up to walk over to the mirror, then lifted up her shirt to reveal the stitches on her left side. After the incident, she treated her own wounds, like the old times when she was traveling alone. Since she wasn’t going to rest anytime soon, she thought going out to feel the breeze from the waters would clear her mind. Until she realized her rival would be there, but at that point, Ivanna didn’t care.

The door to her quarters creaked opened as she walked out and wandered through the dim lighted halls. A few voices chatting, one of them being Angie, and that nightly soldier snoring. Going up the wooden steps to the upper deck, immediately turning her head to where Nox and Azalea were. Ivanna narrowed her eyes at the sight as Baxter came into view and started to speak to the two. Moving her eyes away the scene, and spotting a guitar leaning up against the barrel.

Grabbing the guitar on her way to the opposite end of the ship, where she saw—Ivanna shook her head to not remember. Sitting on top of a barrel next to a set of stairs, legs crossed, she starts to strum a few strings. Each strum, she adjusts the sounds to match a melody she was accustomed to. As a traveler, the long rides going from point A to point B would mostly be a bore. Luckily during her travels, she picked up on how to use a guitar. It just seemed like one of those nights to play.

Putting her fingers at the starting strings and clearing up her throat.

(Play this while reading the lyrics)

Ivanna sighs as she starts hitting the first notes then starting to sing.

“I been through these roads before
And I don’t know which way to go
So I walk through these empty halls
Like a ghost”

“Every time I traveled these streets
i see—
Death and grief and broken dreams
And everyday a person leaves
In misery”

Ivanna pauses her singing to just strum her guitar and look up at the stars. The little solo had a sad rift to it, one that could represent a Traveler’s sorrow.

“I been through these roads before
And I don’t know which way to go
So I walk through these empty halls
Like a ghost”

“So I walk through these empty halls
As a ghost”

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Six days have passed since Annabel has found out what was in the letter. She has been training with her sword and bow and arrow skills in order to avoid being so bored on the ship.
Although, she was actually planning on getting her hands on the letter so they wouldn't look at it again. While she was thinking about whether or not she should do that. She decided against it, for they would be very suspicious of her if she did that. Because that letter is very important to them so ripping the letter up like that would make them curious and mad.
As of what Annabel was currently doing, she was planning on getting the royal bloodline book back, since she didn't want Baxter to keep it in his room. She waited for a chance for Baxter to leave his room, and once he left, Annabel sneaked in there. However, there was one little problem with her plan. Clyde was asleep in that room, and Annabel didn’t know about that. Because she thought that Clyde was sleeping in his own room. So when Annabel saw that Clyde was there, she tried to not make any noise, since all she wanted to do was to get that book back and leave. ‘Quiet Annabel. Don’t wake up Clyde, because you need to get that book back.’ thought Annabel, who was trying her best to be quiet. But the ship made it pretty hard to do that, because it does make a squeaky sound every single time you take a step on the wooden floors.

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