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Fantasy The Five Kingdoms - The Fall of Sarthenfall - Ic

What do you want for Sarthenfall Ch. 2?

  • 2nd generation!

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  • I’m not ready to let go of my original OC just yet... (stick with current characters)

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  • Bitch I ain’t sticking around for Ch. 2 HA

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • And...I want a female antagonist this time

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  • And...I want another male antagonist

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    Votes: 5 71.4%
  • Prequel about the original five hero’s!

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Just...no. No Sarthenfall 2. This is just awful.

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One who was denied a simple fate

Jeod Swift
On a ship. Finally. Strange to say, even with all of his traveling and world experience, he had never actually been on a ship. He had been on small boats, but never a full ship. Finally, he could talk with more people. He wandered around, looking for people to converse with, make a deal with, or perhaps win some money out of in a game of corners. Noticing someone he had met many weeks before, he figured he would try to rebuild some connections that he had lost in the time they were all separated. He quickly strode over to Annabel, remembered their business and conversations early on.

"My lady..." he said with a bow, "It has been a long time! How have you fared thus far? It has been a rather chaotic time getting to this place, hasn't it? I trust you got yourself here alright?"

Lots of people here to make acquaintances with, lots of secrets to find and webs to weave. Not that he would be betraying any of them, he was serving this cause for a reason. Now admittedly, he was a natural schemer, but it was more stemmed from the love of the game, and less because he wanted to hurt people. He couldn't stop thinking about what that man had said in the ally. Angelo handled himself...less than calmly, even when he had tried to put out the fire. Apparently that had struck a nerve, and though he probably shouldn't look into it too much, he knew well his curiosity would lead him to try to figure it out.

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Fanfic Kitty
Angie stared out across the water, her arms crossed as she delved deep into her thoughts. Was this really where she’s wanted to be? Where she was supposed to be? This felt... wrong, somehow. Something was missing. She had been trying to place it for a while now, but nothing was coming to mind.

She turned slowly and looked around. The deck was shockingly empty for such a big boat. Everyone milled around, aimless and lost, probably just as confused with the path this journey was taking them on. Her teal eyes roved over the group, instinctually counting all her allies and... maybe even friends?

Friends. That was it. That was what was missing.
The wind whipped off the water, mussing the young teen’s red hair as it blew around her face. She ran her fingers through the red strands and tucked the loose bits behind her ear, then went back to playing with the sand.

The boys sitting around her all seemed to be in a similarly docile mood, each staring out at the deep, dark water that lapped at the shore. They were all distinctly ignoring the big red welt on Angie’s face, making her eye swell up as they all sat in silence.

Eventually, the silence was broken.
“... do you guys ever wonder what it’s like on the other side of the ocean?” Zan questioned, earning the attention of the other three kids around him.
“... Well, it’s a different country over there, right? Dechrister, or something?” Dain stated, looking up across the water to the horizon.
“Delchristier.” Seth corrected him, looking up and over at the eldest boy.
“Delchritiers, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter, we’ll never see it.” Dain snapped back, gesturing to the open ocean, “At this point I’m starting to doubt that there isn’t anything else but Sarthenfall out there.”
“I’m not sure if anything but Ezeris even exists.” Seth mumbled into her arms, subtly agreeing with Dain, for once.
“Yeah, right? If any of those kingdoms actually existed then you would think that they would do something to fix this fucking place.” Dain added bitterly, looking back at the city that stood behind them.
“... you can’t fix something that is this broken...” Angie mutters, causing the three boys to fall into silence once again. They all took in their battered friend and almost instantly she could feel the piteous looks aimed in her direction, but she didn’t care.

“... I’m sure none of that is true.”
Zan, always the optimist said, looking at his three friends, “I’m sure we’ll see the rest of the world. Think about it!”
The thirteen year old stood up, waving his hands around and gesturing, “The four of us! We’ll... we’ll steal a ship! Just a small one! And... We’ll go and live our lives as new-world explorers! We’ll find hidden temples, and treasure!”
“I can collect more flowers for my pressings.”
Seth added with a soft smile.
“Exactly!” Zan exclaimed, gesturing down at Seth, “Seth will be the navigator cause he’s so good with maps! And Dain can... man the cannons! I’ll be Captain Sozen! And Angie will be my first-mate!”

Angie blinked at Zan, with his big, child-like smile as the other boys started chattering to him, (mostly Dain complaining about Zan immediately making himself captain) and she couldn’t help but to notice the twinkle in her best friend’s eye and for a moment she felt warmth creep up her face as she took note of the pale Ezerisian sun poking through the clouds to shine a ray of light upon him. A bright red blush crept up her face as Zan reaches out and grabbed her hand, hauling her to her feet and swinging her around, talking about hopes for the future.

“We’ll see the world, all four of us! Together! Right, Angie?”

Angie was startled from her thoughts by Alex, as he stood next to her.
“Um.. Angelo?”
“Wh... What, what is it?”
“I’m just... Baxter has asked everyone to come gather to the middle of the ship. Something about Fransen?”

Angie groaned and stared off over the ocean. Fransen? Now? Really? It’s been weeks, haven’t we moved passed that? I am not in the mood for a bunch of emotional saps right now.
Her eyes drifted down the edge of the horizon until they fell upon the city. Where she grew up, in that little manor on the hill. With the lions guarding the door. Where she found friends and fell in love, only to run from it all.

“... He can manage without me, I’m sure.” She said, turning and walking away, further down the ship until she all but vanished from the sight of everyone.

Ms. Sparrow

Queen of SHIIIPS
Azalea Eve Windfore
“Ah, shit.” Azalea loudly blurted in response to Baxter’s latest command, talking to herself for the most part, though even up from the crows nest could be heard by everyone as she immediately began to dread the upcoming conversation. Deciding she had to get out of her current position of dangling upside down, Azalea grabbed unto the banister with her hands, the same her legs were hooked upon, twisting her body and folding it in almost impossibly so as she allowed her legs to loosen, sliding over the wooden banister before she allowed herself to half-fall, her legs now dangling over the ship deck, her arms the only thing supporting her and keeping her from falling splat unto the deck. Azalea pulled herself up and over the banister, rolling over the wooden surface and allowing herself to fall back unto her back, gazing up at the darkening light blue-purple sky, letting out a breath she hadn’t realized she been holding through the whole ordeal, the adrenaline of the ship heist slowly exiting her as dread replaced it, antipating a stern lecture.

Azalea winced at the sudden pain in her shoulder, the strain of her movements catching up the the wound from only a week before. Azalea arched a brow, trying to peek down at her shoulder from the position she laid in before she sat up, lightly putting a hand on her shoulder, trying to feel out her wound through her leathers. Warmth pulsed underneath her hand, filling her with a bit of worry, unsure if she had pulled her stitches out by mistake or not.

“Azalea, you great idiot,” She chastised herself lowly with a groan as she pushed herself to her feet, peeking down from the crows nest at the crew below in silent thought. Months ago, she would’ve in fact ran from lectures, quite literally. In most circumstances, she would’ve hated Baxter, he would’ve been the sort of fellow she would’ve pelted with food alongside her sisters. She just supposed somewhere along the way she’d grown to respect him, perhaps even like him somewhere along the way.

Azalea furrowed her brows, looking down at all of the group members, though Raymond and Clyde were missing, she had grown to...care for them all? No...that was a ridiculous notion, she thought to herself as she leaped from the crows nest unto the second highest boom of the mast of the ship, before jumping down another level, unto the lowest boom, her balance impeccable, landing catlike on her feet on the wooden pole before situating herself, sliding along the boom until she was next to the mast it was attached to, sitting in the direct center of the ship, her legs dangling freely over the boom as she leaned her weight against the mast, resting her head against the wooden surface.

Only a good eleven to twelve feet off the ground from the deck, Azalea swung her legs, forcing a soft smirk down at Baxter, “So, what about Fransen?” She quirked a brow, “I don’t suppose your calling a meeting to congratulate our success?” She asked lightly, her voice filled with false hope, her smirk turning just a bit bashful, guilty with her own reckless behavior from the Fransen mission.

Aria stayed off to one side of the ship, knowing she had no part of the upcoming talk with Baxter and the group, her lack of role in the Fransen mission guaranteeing this. From what she’d heard of it...especially from her cousin, the group was in need of a reminder of, well, sticking together. Then there was the matter of the man Azalea had been with...Aria rubbed her face, growing weary just from thinking of it.

From the corner of her gaze, she caught sight of Angie, her expression looking...well, not quite her usual self, though she supposed Angie never really was herself to begin with. Aria crossed her arms, concern instantly blossomed in her as Angie said something to Alex before disappearing into the lower deck. Aria glanced around, wondering if anybody had taken notice of her sullen mood. Wondering if she should pursue the woman at all before eventually deciding within herself she should at least check on her...right?

Aria unfolded her arms and pushed herself off from the side of the ship, following after where she saw Angie disappear off too, crossing the deck before descending down the stairs to the lower deck. “Angelo?” She called somewhat quietly, not daring to use her feminine nickname when she knew many others could overhear them.


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Baku the Shipping Lord

The lord of shipping
"Why did it have to be me? Of all of the people in the world why did fate seem to pick me? I shouldn't be here, the proper prince should be here while I am stuck living my old life... Yet here I am, stuck on a journey with two, er one psychopath and the other an emotionless brat. Stuck wondering if in her quest for vengeance we will all die due to some dumb shit involving that thing. In fact I think she is more of the leader then Bax- oh lord."

Cali looked up regarding the whole fransen mission. "Is it about the dumb idea of bringing something that can easily kill us!? And actively wants us dead! Or is it just you telling us to be nice while in Fransen. Because I am fine, pretty damn sure the only ones you have to worry about are the psychopath and her!" With each title she pointed to Ivanna and Azalea respectively. "Bax honestly I think you are a great leader but all you are doing is going to Azalea and getting her ideas. While the rest of us have no say! And personally I am afraid of even being under her leadership because I am afraid of what she will do! I know people seeking revenge! And more often then not they will stop at nothing! How long till she throws you in the pile of sacrifices to get to Soris! Is Aria even safe!? Look as much as I love this meeting I know how it goes! I'm going to the soldiers to help them out! I know to them I have a use! While you all sit around and just chat about some new strategy!"

Cali attempted to stormed out now frustrated at everything. Some rowing or physical activity could help out with the fact she could hear her own heartbeat due to anger. She needed this and fast. Before she grabbed the Armor cracker and fire it into the sky.

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Fanfic Kitty
Angie had worked her way down to the private quarters of the ship where passengers normally stayed, and was gazing solemnly out of the porthole window when someone showed up at her door and called out to her.

“... yes?” She turned slowly, expecting to find a random crew member, only to find the one person she felt she could actually, truly trust on this ship. At least, the closest thing she had to a best friend right now.
“Ah... Princess Aria. What a pleasant surprise.”

She turned and started back out the porthole again. She could see the city from this side of the ship, and honestly if she had any choice, she probably would be there on the shore right now rather than here.

“... I grew up in that city, you know.” She sighed, leaning away from the porthole and starting to shrug off her armor, “Spent a whole lot of time wandering those streets with the three friends I had. I wonder if that confetteria is still there on that street corner... I didn’t try to go look...”

Her expression fell significantly as she thought back to a time that was far simpler.
“I’m lucky they found me, otherwise my life would have been a living hell. Locked inside a fence, waiting for father to marry me off like some kind of prized cow... I wonder how they’re doing.”

Images of her friends flashed behind her eyes and she stopped in the middle of unstrapping her arm guard. Her eyes became misty and she sniffled as she stared off into space. “I wonder if Seth ever opened that bookshop he was always talking about... or if Dain finally inherited that smithy his father ran. Or.. o-or Zan... I...” Her voice crackled a little and she choked back the next words, bringing up a hand to wipeat her eyes as they began to get teary. Only for her to steel herself and get back to taking off her armor and get comfortable.

“What... How can I... How can I help you, Aria?” She asked finally, starting to pile her armor in the corner.

@Ms. Sparrow

Ms. Sparrow

Queen of SHIIIPS
Azalea Eve Windfore

“How long till she throws you in the pile of sacrifices to get to Soris! Is Aria even safe!?”

Azalea had all but been silently fuming, watching Cali’s little rant until those words had been shouted, to which she snapped. Perhaps it was because of the implication she would harm others, even her own cousin, to get to Soris. Or perhaps it was because the small, darkest parts of her that hid in the corners of her mind dared to whisper that Cali was right. Maybe she would. The sudden possibility scared the hell out of her, and with it, confrontation turned to rage. Azalea pushed herself off the boom, landing loudly as her feet came into contact with the deck as she storming past Baxter and after Cali with clenched fists, stopping a good five feet away as Cali fired her device into the sky.

“Afraid of my leadership?” Azalea seethed, her cheeks pink, tinged with anger, “You’re afraid of everything!” She jabbed a finger in her own direction, pointing to her chest , “You think I wanted to bring that bloody thing with us?! No! But right now, it’s the best thing we’ve got to get Aodren to believe us, so deal with it!” Her words turned colder, unable to stop her harsh words from flowing at this point, “And from what I heard, you weren’t exactly perfect in Fransen either, you twat. So save the bloody criticism and stop blaming us for your problems when we’re all you’ve got!”

“Azalea!” James snapped behind her, and admonishing tone in his voice.

Azalea spun around, “WHAT?!” She snarled.

“успокойся! Your throwing a fit.” He advised sternly, his own accent thick in his voice as he tried to cool her raging flames but only ended up fanning them.

“Bite me!” She snarled, storming past him, bumping his shoulder as she strode to the upper front of the deck, past the helms wheel over to the ledge, leaning over the side of the ship and casting her down gaze to the water, watching the ship gently move the water around it as it continued on its path for Delchistrier. Azalea took a deep breath, trying to stomp out her anger.

More than anything, she was scared that deep down, she might become the monster Cali predicted her to be in her path of vengeance.

Aria’s features softened as she approached Angie, noting her forlorn features, her brows furrowing the slightest in concern as Angie went into some detail about her own story, naming friends that were dear to her at some point in her life. Aria...knew what it was like to miss people. She knew what it was like being strong for everyone, and she could only imagine how hard it was to bond with others that didn’t even know your own gender.

Aria approached Angie as she finished speaking, choking on her words and trying to put up a strong front as she inquired about her own presence. “Actually, I came to check on you,” Aria said calmly, offering a smile to Angie, “It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks afterall.” Aria paused, and glanced out the porthole Angie had been staring out a moment before, “I miss them too, the people I used to cherish daily.” She said softly, pausing as she thought of her parents and lover, a familiar pain pressing down on her in the reminder that they were all gone.

“The strongest followers of Deleth,” Aria glanced at Angie, a light smirk appearing on her face, “most of the North, teach us that emotion other than triumph, bloodlust, valor, and honor, is a weakness, that it’s wrong to exploit your true colors and give your enemy an edge,” she looked back out the window, “but I never believed that, neither did my parents. I think the strongest people, are the people that can show their emotions and keep fighting for themselves, and others at the same time, the people that feel the strongest...are the strongest.” Aria looked at Angie, “it’s okay to miss people, it’s okay to miss our pasts. Our memories are what make us human, makes us who we are.” Aria smiled a bit and shrugged, “or maybe I’m just launching into another useless rant.” She laughed a little.

“But I’m here for you. All of us are. We’re friends, right?” She smirked a little in a way that almost resembled Azalea’s, with a softer, caring touch to it.

“The dark shadows... hands...hands...gold...”

Nox jolted awake, snapping out of her incoherent mumblings from her unconconcious state. Nox looked around wildly, the smell of salt-water overwhelming her sense as she took in her surroundings, her eyes narrowing angrily as she noted the gentle sway of the floor beneath her feet, and the sound of water against wood. She was on a ship. Nox’s face twisted in an expression of anger, that...mortal woman had taken her down in her state of confusion, a state of weakness. Angrily, Nox yanked on the heavy chains that were wrapped all the way around her wrists and around the wooden pole she’d been tied too, the chains almost covering her arms entire, her arms painfully pinned above her head. Which was not the only pain she felt. Her head still distantly throbbed, her shoulder-blade stinging from getting shot earlier, along with the soreness in her jaw and knee. Unlike the last chains, they were not quite as old as the last ones, in fact, she could hardly move her arms underneath them, if at all.

Nox struggled further, but to no avail could escape. A hiss of frustration escaped her. She was no longer in control. She was going to Delchistrier. A cold anger seeped into her ancient bones as she sank back against the wooden pole defeatedly, her dark-gold eyes were dangerously calm, glinting with predatory intent as her eyes slowly roved up from the floor up to the feet in front of her, up until she met the eyes of the man in front of her, his scent somewhat familiar to that of Baxter’s, his age indicating a brother perhaps. Nox felt her metallic teeth slide into place before giving him a terrifying, cold grin.

“Here to keep me company?” she crooned coldly, nothing human in her deadly features.

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Call me Ninja

𝑰𝒗𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒂 𝑲𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒊𝒏

It’s been awhile since Ivanna has last been on a ship. She’s wandered through the snowy mountains and grassy plains for most of her life. Ivanna was still adjusting to the big ship as she climbed up the rope then looked at her surroundings. The first instinct was to find the nearest place to meditate and rest a bit without watching eyes. Even though Baxter told everyone present to gather around for a discussion on Fransen, Ivanna wanted no part of it. Instead she needed some quiet time to herself to prepare for the long journey ahead. Hopefully this was going to be smooth sailing—-

The thought was interrupted when Cali started shouting in the distance. Calling the tall black knight a psychopath. And maybe....she was right. Ivanna shut her eyes for a moment to not try and turn around, grab her sword, then shove it up Cali’s as—Bam! The Hot Head Known as Azalea was already the first to give the Hot Headed number 2 a piece of her mind. This was getting ridiculous, Ivanna thought.

The drama, the plans, all of it. Ivanna was getting sick of it “Tell me if you got any more bright ideas Hm? Come on let’s all hear it.” Ivanna takes out her dagger then twirls it around in her hand while walking towards Cali “Because I’m sure whatever plan you have is better than the rest of us. Isn’t that right? Does anybody here have a better plan than being on this shitty ship sailing for god knows how long till we gut each other for useless drama!” Ivanna was shouting at this point then stabs her dagger on the wooden pole “You call me a psychopath? Haha No no, I can be the devil from your nightmares if you want me to. I didn’t see you make a single meaningful input into any planning. Not fucking one! You were playing pretend with your fake persona. So take the stick out of your ass and grow a pair!” Ivanna looked on at everyone else.

“If I’m going to be on this vessel with a monster at the bottom and two hot heads at the top then you all better start praying to your Gods I don’t lose my fucking mind. Cause all I want is some peace and quiet for at least a few hours. Just.....a few, it shouldn’t be that hard to do.” Ivanna huffs out in frustration then descends down the steps into the ship, wanting to get away from everything and everyone.

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True Black Rose Beauty
Once Annabel has managed to get both groups on the ship, she was looking out at the ocean when she was on the ship. ‘...I have forgotten how beautiful the ocean is when it has its sunsets. As I was always so focused on trying to survive in Ezeris with my parents.’ thought Annabel, who was thinking of the peaceful times in her past. As she was thinking about that on the ship, Annabel snapped back into reality when Jeod said something to her. “Oh my gosh, Jeod!” said Annabel, who was surprised to see him again. “I thought you were dead when you disappeared from the group. But other than that, I am doing alright so far, because I used to live here. I was sent to get both of the groups to get on this ship. But group b was dealing with a certain someone who wanted to kill them.” Annabel looked at Nox who was awake right now.
After saying that to Jeod, Annabel looked at what the others were doing, and oh boy did it got interesting. Baxter wanted to talk to the group about Fransen. Cali was shouting about some of the things that was frustrating her, and then Ivanna shouting at Cali for calling her a psychopath. ‘...Oh boy. This is getting pretty bad real fast.’ thought Annabel, who was concerned by this.
She wanted to go check on Cali after she had left, because she wants to calm her down. So Annabel went to where Cali was at right now.
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( Annabel didn't notice that Jeod was in group c until now. )
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Fanfic Kitty
“... Deleth, right...” She mumbled, then coughed and cleared her throat, before groaning deeply and sitting rather heavily on the cheap cot in the corner. “I must admit, I am getting so unbearable sick of making my voice so deep and gravelly, UGHHH.”

She sighed and leaned back against the wall, staring forward for a moment before starting to talk again. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be lamenting woes to you, you’ve lost people too, I don’t want to dig up old emotions. I’m not... I’m not particularly good with emotions. I was always taught to hide how I felt because a lady should be ‘seen, not heard’. So... yeah.”

She laid back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling before glancing over at Aria and patting the bed next to her. “Honestly, it’s not often that I get to talk about myself, or how I’m feeling, so pardon me if I indulge myself a little here... We’re friends, I can trust you. I just feel like nobody actually respects or listens to me. Cali takes every chance she gets to run off and ignore what I tell her, and then today with Clyde and Alex and Jeod, I just f-“

Suddenly, the sound of stomping and shouting caught her attention, and she quickly looked up at the ceiling. It was pretty clear that people were starting to go at each other’s throats quickly.
“... Gods... I walk away for five minutes, and they just start fighting.” She muttered, eyes closed tight as she pressed the heels of her hands into her eyes, trying to relieve... something. Pressure? Tension? Stress? Who knows. But it certainly looks uncomfortable.

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The Clever Paradox
Baxter Callahan

Baxter diverted his gaze from the ocean to Azalea when she asked about Fransen. He parted his mouth to respond until Cale started spouting words. Assumption after assumption followed. Most if not all the rebellion's strategies were developed in an open forum within reason. People had the freedom to yell out their objections and let Bax logically consider them. Within a few moments, Cale started insulting Azalea and Ivanna like it would make any situation better. Further defenses could have been raised, but the prince kept going on and on pushing the leader to furrow his brows.

Before Baxter could even utter a word, Azalea literally jumped in. She had no second thoughts about attacking Cale by openly hinting at his flaws during the Fransen mission. This seemed to be the habit of a good number within the particular group. A number of them were attacking the person rather than the situation. Soon, Azalea stomped away.

Ivanna attacked the plan, but then circled back to talk about being a psychopath. What's new though? She too eventually stomped away.

Basically, Bax was left alone with brows furrowed even further then ever. His cold blue eyes scanned the few who remained on deck, but weren't even within range to speak to.

Was he wrong about getting the group together in the first place?

"For anyone listening . . stick together. It will make things easier," The rebel leader merely mumbled, "Otherwise, you all were decent at achieving the goal and returning for the most part in one piece." With a sigh, Bax looked around once more just to see Aurelie following the rules with hesitation as usual. Why were the ones who didn't need a talking to always there? Why did Bax have to hunt down the ones that needed the most guidance?

Selfish. The thought rang out in Baxter's head. They were selfish. All this time, all this time he placed the group above it all. The father didn't even rush to protect his son in a war of Shades. For what? So he could save selfish people? Not once did he ever prioritize his own desires or needs. So what? So they could have their temporary peace? The man had his own intuitive instincts that he intentionally buried below practical strategies even if he felt the opposite should come true.

No one would understand that though. No, not until they were in his shoes. Baxter wasn't even born into this obligation. He could have been a father to his son back in the kingdom, but no. The man was there. I am here. His thoughts crazily raced through his mind. They were all technically in a ship in the middle of nowhere. Yet they still managed to find a way to disobey his simple, much needed meeting call.

Bax could feel himself trying not to break , but no. He was human too.

"One meeting . .," The rebel leader clenched his fist, "You all could not even do ONE meeting." It was ridiculous to say the least. Most of them acted as if the meeting was optional. Maybe if he spoke in their language of "I's", person to person attacks, and "personally's", they'd understand. "THEN WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE YOU IF YOU CAN'T EVEN GET TOGETHER IN PEACE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GOD DAMN OCEAN!" Baxter roared with his eyes shooting right through the few on deck. Whether it was Aurelie or not, he didn't care.

The leader moved a hand down his face. Then finally, for what seemed to be the first time ever . . if anyone was even aware, Baxter finally mentioned something about himself. "I am not here to PARENT YOUR EMOTIONS!" His footsteps strongly hit the deck as he walked across it, "I am here to LEAD A REBELLION and FIGHT FOR THAT ONE IN A BILLION CHANCE!" Pack! His hand slammed down onto the railing and it smarted.

It was a sight none of them had seen before. NOT THAT ANYONE WAS IN RANGE.

Baxter's breath was quick as he looked around at the still almost empty deck. What the heck was he even thinking? Getting a bunch of amateurs into a dangerous mission to save Sarthenfall. It was probably his worst decision yet.

His eyes locked onto the line where the sea and the sky met. Did they ever look at the broader picture of things? Practicality in the long-term was priority, but gambling chances in the short-term under any extreme circumstances such as these were inevitable.

Bax lowered himself onto a barrel and sat in silence with his brows furrowed. He just stayed still, glaring at the same line where the two layers met. His raging fire was still there blazing through him, and it was hard to contain. In an attempt to keep his silence, the rebellion leader crossed his arms across his chest to hold himself back.

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Raymond Callahan

The sound of chains shackling against one another soon stopped after Raymond finished tying the prisoner to a post. He yanked once more on the metal to double check its knot before taking a few steps back and slightly tilting his head to observe her features. Hm, she's kinda pretty. The prisoner had really pale skin and light hair. Honestly, she could pass as a regular human with ultra light pigmentation. . minus the claws of course. But this all just made Ray all the more curious about whoever was chained up in front of him.

In fact, her appearance wasn't the only intriguing thing. The woman's random mumbling about shadows, hands, and gold made Ray try to decipher a riddle that didn't even exist. He was in such deep thought that when she jolted awake, he jolted back a bit himself. It took a few moments for the prisoner to understand the scene around her before trying to tug out of the chains. All Ray could see was pure struggle though.

If anything, Ray's ties were much better than whatever they latched onto the prisoner prior to the mission. It wasn't really his first time doing this. That and she looked pretty beat up too.

The prisoner eventually sank down in temporary defeat until she finally looked at Raymond . . straight in the eyes. So that's why they kept her in a box. He thought to himself finally seeing the prisoner for the first time with her sharp-toothed grin.

Soon enough, the lady asked if Ray was there to keep her company. A response was at the tip of his tongue until he heard Cale's screaming from the higher level that was muffled by the wooden floors between them.

Ray glanced upwards then shifted his gaze back down to the prisoner. After a few seconds, Azalea's voice could be heard as well. " . . Looks like it," Raymond smoothly yanked a box under him and sat on it so that he was across from the prisoner. As crazy as it sounded, he kind of preferred staying in a room with a deadly prisoner rather than listening to whatever drama - and there went Ivanna's voice screaming right after.

Ray's gaze almost awkwardly shifted around the room trying to avoid talking about whatever was going on up there. A short silence lingered between them. "So," He leaned forward with his elbows on top of his knees, "What is your name?"

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Baku the Shipping Lord

The lord of shipping
"Aye, never saw her the type of person to make Assumptions. Also OW! Kinda in range here leader." Priscilla exclaimed as she stepped out from one of the many corners of the ship. "Can't say I blame the Azalea insulting but she ain't helping anything. If only these guys can be taught a lesson is what you are probably thinking right? Well I may or may not have an idea or two that could help. I mean one of them is going off of the pure assumption that we leave them alone and they won't kill each other. But if it means anything I'm here. And I ain't going up there! Got a issue with the oc- oh god gimme a moment." Priscilla quickly ran to a barrel before she threw up into it.

"Gah fuck I hate this whole ship thing! I understand the whole best way deal but I can't help but wish there were better options! No offense Bax, just a downside of me on the ocean. Ignore my salt and other unpleasant issues for the moment. Just keep venting, I promise I am indeed listening."



One who was denied a simple fate
Jeod Swift
What a spectacle! It seemed that everyone was starting to fall apart here, and he couldn't tell why. Life was good, what was there to be so angry about? Sure there was some tyrants, and sure the crown wanted his head. He was no more fond of the crown than anyone else here, but all his life he found ways to solve things without violence. He was not a fan of fighting, and would much rather talk his way out or flee then actually fight. He had never killed a man, which probably separated him from everyone else here.

After the two woman had their little spat, he figured that he could help put out the fires a bit. He excused himself, and started to head over to Azalea who had stormed away from the situation. He stopped in his tracks when he heard Baxter's booming voice, Jeod almost saluting to the commander in startled obedience. Not wanting to be around the man when he was like that, he slunk away and followed to wear Azalea had run off to.

Quietly walking up the stairs, he watched as she stared down into the waters below. He didn't want to startle her and make her run, and he especially didn't want to provoke her; for he was 1000% certain she would kick his ass. Still, he figured standing here watching her probably would lead to the latter, so he strode up and leaned against the side of the ship a yard or two away from her.

"Ya know I heard a story that if you stare at the water long enough, your reflection will wink at you." He said softly, with a half smile on his face. He didn't look at Azalea though, just mirrored her gaze into the water. "I always had a problem with it. I mean, if it was something else, wouldn't you be its reflection? And if it got up and left, would you just vanish?" He pulled a pipe from his coat and started to pack it.

"You don't smoke do you? It's a nasty habit. One that I can't seem to kick...but it calms me down." He continued to pack it, and finally looked up at her. "How are you? I don't mean to pry, but the entire ship heard your little chat. Are you alright?"

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Queen of SHIIIPS
Azalea Eve Windfore and Nox

Fuming in her anger, Azalea’s hands dug into the wooden railing that kept her from falling into the rolling, dark waves below as Ivanna turned rather...frighteningly menacing towards Cali, lashing back at the woman Azalea had once believed to be a man. What right did she have to judge her?! Was she not allowed to get angry?! Was she supposed to be AFRAID instead?! Baxter mumbled something that was incoherent from Azalea’s distance, drawing her attention the slightest, and she looked over her shoulder but instead, glanced across the ship at Cali instead, glaring hotly at the woman, yet biting her tongue to keep from saying more, turning back towards the sea.

Abruptly, Baxter shouted out of pure, unyielding rage from behind her. Azalea jumped hard, whirling around as she watched in absolute horror at his anger, shock and guilt slamming into her as her temper was doused like an ice-cold bucket of water had been dumped upon it, nearly gaping as he raged at them, yelling at them for their actions and behaviors towards each other. And he was right. She hated it. But he was right. It pissed her off nearly as much as the heavy guilt that was weighing on her now did. Azalea winced as his fist slammed down on the hard surface, her heart sinking. They had broken him. Her features fell. They were destroying their leader and they hadn’t known it until he exploded. He was doing his best, she knew, he had given them all that he had and in return...they did nothing to respect him, nothing to show gratitude. He was right. They fought each other more than they fought the war they all believed in.

Stubbornly refusing to apologize, her pride planting her feet in place, Azalea turned away, leaning over the wooden railing as the guilt enveloped her. “I’ve done a bang up job, haven’t I?” She bitterly murmured to the waves, expectedly met with silence in return. Behind her, she could hear Priscilla talk with Bax, catching bits and pieces of the conversation.

“Can’t say I blame the Azalea insulting...”

Azalea winced, her ego wounded, slightly hurt as she stared stonily at the waves. She didn’t care what Priscilla thought anyway...but suddenly she was reminded of what everyone else thought anyway, their words replaying in her mind.

“How long till she throws you in the pile of sacrifices to get to Soris! Is Aria even safe!?”

Did they believe her to be so cruel? Was she? Azalea clenched her eyes shut, as if it’d shut out the pain, but the words slammed into her shrinking, shriveling heart anyway.

“... you act like a child, despite the fate of your nation that rests on your shoulders, you are nothing more than a cocky, arrogant, brat.”

But...they knew that’s just how she was...didn’t they? It’s who she was. Surely they had to know it was simply her demeanor. She never wanted to...never wanted to hurt anyone..Azalea nails dig painfully into the wooden ledge, feeling a growing emptiness naw at her stomach.

“...allow the world to hate the girl they never really wanted to know in the first place.”

It was always supposed to be Violet. She shouldn’t have been here. She should’ve died, Azalea knew. She was always the shadow of her sisters, or the light that shone too brightly and burnt everything she touched.

“How could you face the family and friends that died because of your actions?”

Azalea’s lip trembled, visions of her happy, laughing sisters haunting her. The twisted, transformed Adrian.

"you will always be the one that took everything from them."

Azalea felt hot, angry tears swell in her, angrily wiping them away. She wouldn’t cry. She wasn’t weak. She didn’t deserve to cry, not anywhere near them. Of course they hated her. She did this.

"Nobody will love you after this. "

No, she thought quietly, frozen as she stonily stared at the black, abyssal waves below, taking a step and closing the space between her and the railing, the waves calling to her. A sweet relief. A sweet end. Drowning was a less painful way to die these days, she doubted anyone would notice if she just...fell. Do it you coward, she pushed herself. Do it you fool. You child, you pathetic idiot. Do it and be done. Let go and be free. Azalea closed her eyes and felt her body relax, her hands loosening from the rail as she prepared herself to just slip...

Footsteps behind broke her focus and numbing thoughts, she glanced over to her side as Jeod joined her, her face unnaturally pale and stony as she glanced back at the sea, listening to him retell some sea reflection superstitions he had his own inquiries about, her face blank. Slowly however, she came down to earth, looking over at him as he pulled out a pipe, lightly arching an eyebrow in interest as he asked her if she smoked before asking if she was alright.

Azalea reddened in both embarrassment and shame, her pride hurt, but pushed a smirk that said it hadn’t bothered her at all. Azalea snorted, “I think your asking the wrong person,” she said dryly, side-glancing Baxter as she turned her body towards Jeod, leaning her weight and resting her elbow on the rail, keeping her voice low so none would catch their conversation. Azalea eyed the pipe, “I don’t smoke,” she said, “but I think I’m gonna need to start.” She said wryly, trying to bring light to the bleak situation in her own way. Concern reflected in her eyes as she looked back at the lost looking group before suddenly straightening, an idea popping into her head.

Azalea looked at Jeod, a strange determination in her features, “this ship needs drinks. Lots of them. Wanna help me see if the old crew had any lying around?” She asked, smirking rather mischievously.

It had become suddenly so easy to wear such an easy facade.

Nox bristled irritably, her words having the seemingly opposite effect on the Callahan sibling. She didn’t answer him for a moment, glancing up to the ceiling above them at the sound of stomping directly above, followed by the angry words hurled by Baxter himself, her enhanced hearing catching every word. Nox looked back down at Raymond after a moment, her gaze cool and calm if not irritated. “You’re rebellion is breaking your brother,” she said flatly, “I could’ve put him out of his misery much faster.” Nox has already deemed it was this man that had tied her up, much to her anger, and decided to see how she could make him snap mentally if not physically, a silent rage unfurling under her cold, predatory mask.

She leaned forward as much as she could, “Your mortal hearts kill more than any blade could,” she said harshly as she studied him, her gaze emotionless. “You reek of pain, just as them.” She narrowed her eyes, sniffing him out, “guilt, ” She leaned forward farther, “just as her.” Curious and curiouser. The Windfore girl and him shared more in common than both could ever realize.

After a moment, Nox sat back and decided him worthy enough of her name. “You could not pronounce my name in your tongue, though it is roughly translated to what your kind define, “darkness.” Nox. It is what you may call me before I rip apart your brother and feed him to you.” She said coldly, her eyes narrowed into a steely glare, a touch of anger showing through her killer face.

Aria sat on the bed next to Angie, staring up at the rocking ceiling above them and folding her arms behind her head as she still listened to her friends woe’s, warmed at the thought of Angie trusting her so much, more than her cousin ever would for certain. Aria listened raptly to Angie, frowning slightly as raised voices and stomping could be heard overhead, catching the word ‘twat’ inbetween and sighing, recognizing the Calorian slang.

“Cali...” Aria said, sounding out the word on her tongue, “I’m still trying to wrap my head around that. I should’ve guessed he—she, was a woman.” She glanced at Angie, smiling faintly, “what are the chances of that, huh? That both of you would be, well, disguised.” She looked back up at the ceiling, “I know what you mean, Azalea’s temper can be...a mess.” Aria chuckled a bit, before falling silent and considering Angie’s words. “I’m not sure,” she said after a moment, “but I think...Cali might be trying to prove her strength to you, just in...all the wrong ways... and who cares how a lady should be seen! We should be loud enough to where the whole damn world could hear us...that would show them.” Aria paused for a moment after her slightly passionate burst, in deep thought. “I think they’re just scared, not that they don’t respect you. I think they’re all fumbling their way about, trying to prove their strength in all the wrong ways.”

Aria looked at Angie and smiled, “ I think Cali might idolize more than you may know.” She said, slightly amused. She wished and hoped Angie would someday come clean about who she really was to the others, but knew it was not her place to suggest such a thing. She had no idea why Angie did what she did, but she did know she wanted Angie to become Angie, when she was ready for it.


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One who was denied a simple fate
Jeod Swift
Jeod was always a people person. He lived on the road, and met thousands of people, never failing to find someone he couldn't at least get along decently with. He had seen her, and she had not looked good a few seconds ago. She was clearly a good liar, but no lie was perfect, and he could see that even now her mask was just that-a mask. Still, he knew better than to push her now, though perhaps he could try again when she had a few drinks in her.

He lit the pipe, looking at it and remembering how he got it. His own master, who taught him his craft, had carved it himself. It was all he had left of him, and though he was
wealthy enough, he found it one of his most prized possessions.

A puff of smoke erupted from the pipe, followed by a smoke ring that he blew. "Here." he handed the pipe towards her, "first time goes down a bit rough, but it gets easier. And I think a good round of drinks is just what we need. A little sea shanty never hurt anyone right? And how are you at drinking games? I have learned quite a few games over the years, perhaps I could teach you some?"

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The Clever Paradox
Raymond Callahan

Raymond's gaze shifted off to the side at the sound of his brother's roar. It didn't sound like anybody else screamed after that. If anything, the rest of them were probably taken back by the older Callahan's sudden expression. Ray was fully aware from the start though that Baxter was going to break at least a couple times. He also saw Baxter's outbursts from before and knew that this one was somewhat restrained.

The prisoner's voice quickly snapped the guy back to reality, prompting his eyes to shift back to her. She claimed that she could put Baxter out of his misery much faster. Unfortunately, the fact was almost true. The rebellion added a massive weight to Bax's shoulders, and Ray knew it. The younger Callahan silently moved a hand through his hair and leaned back onto the box. Part of him was aware of what she was trying to do. The thief was once in a villain's shoes.

Is she some human Shade? His gaze was unmoving as he studied her features. Whatever this woman was, Ray knew she worked for Soris.

The concept about mortal hearts killing more than any blade could soon came up. It looked like the prisoner was poetic too. She tried reading between the lines of a mortal's battle, but it didn't phase Ray one bit. Her next lines though caught him off guard. Apparently he had pain and guilt "just as her." Raymond raised a brow, stopping himself from questioning who else she was talking about. As curious as he was though, the guy had to put his questions on hold. This time he had with the prisoner was valuable. As of now, it wasn't that important to gossip about whoever "her" was.

Nox eventually came around to introducing herself before concluding with Bax being Ray's meal. At this, Ray glanced away. "Nox," He titled his head toward her as his eyes refocused on her golden gaze, " . . what happens after you kill him?" Out of all the comebacks that could have been made and all the other questions he could have asked, it might have surprised the woman a bit that Ray wanted to dig deeper into the darkness that could possibly reign the world. Unlike some of the other group's members, Raymond accepted that there was potential for the Shades to completely take over. So, what exactly would happen? "What happens to you?" Ray asked more precisely out of genuine curiosity.

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Baxter Callahan

Baxter shut his eyes and took a deep breath. 1 . . 2 . . 3 . . He mentally counted the time it took him to inhale before holding his breath for another three seconds. 2 . . 3 . . He slowly exhaled as the sound of footsteps neared.

It was Priscilla no doubt. Whether the group knew it or not, Bax could point out each person's voice and step sounds even if he was blindfolded.

The man gradually opened his eyes as Priscilla started her speech about teaching the group a lesson. He was aware that she was supporting him; however, Baxter was a bit irritated since the general annoyance was still lingering in his mind. As soon as his eyes shifted to Priscilla, she ran to a barrel and threw up in it. Bax merely blinked a couple of times before she went on confessing about her seasickness.

"Thank you," His eyes met her's with some sadness in them, but that only lasted for a few seconds before he turned to look back at the line between the sea and the sky. " . . . Cale needs you," Baxter mentioned naturally turning his concern toward the group again, "See if you can clear his mind before the stars come out."

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Call me Ninja
𝑰𝒗𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒂 𝑲𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒊𝒏

Ivanna was wandering further into the ship’s interior until she stopped dead in her tracks to the sound of Baxter’s loud commanding voice. She turned her head towards the stairs leading up to the deck, the sunlight shining through. Is this group already making the leader go mad? Ivanna felt a ting of pity and guilt, but just for a moment. She figured it would be best if she stayed out of sight for the time being.

As she continued on, she walks past where Ray and Nox were facing each other and talking, it was a split second of Ivanna’s eyes looking at Nox’s golden eyes before focusing on where she was walking. There was a door ajar, to which she opened to reveal a room spacious enough for her to rest at least. The room was dimly lit with four windows and two candles. The chandelier up above was old and dusted with some flames still dancing. The room was located somewhere in the middle back of the ship.

She starts removing her heavy armor, feeling a rush of relief as the weight of the armor came off. Ivanna dragged herself towards the ragged bed then sat on it like it was her first time. Starting to take off her boots, her bare feet were aching for being in a tight shoe wear for so long. Then she gets down on the floor by kneeling, taking a deep inhale before releasing, closing her eyes before going into a calm state.

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Queen of SHIIIPS
Azalea Eve Windfore and Nox

Azalea didn't hesitate as she gratefully took the offered pipe from Jeod, bringing it to her lips. She was going to die anyway, smoking anything potentially harmful was the very least of her concerns. She took a big puff, regretfully, hunching over as she burst into a fit off coughs, covering her mouth with one hand whilst handing the pipe back to Jeod. She straightened as she recovered, her eyes watery, but smiling nonetheless, "Rough was an understatement," she said, chuckling a bit as she folded her arms across her chest, humored at his question of drinking games, snorting a little, "Ask me that when I have a few drinks in me." she joked dryly. Other than last weeks drinks she shared with Aria, resulting in a nasty hangover, Azalea had only been allowed to drink wine and nothing else. Now, she hoped they had anything but wine.

She turned on her heel, "but lets go see if they having anything, shall we?" she asked him rhetorically, not glancing back to see if Jeod was following as she walked down the few steps to the main deck, filled with a newfound sense of temporary purpose. Tonight, she was gonna make Baxter smile at least once and get drunk until she forgot everything. She had to try and turn this around...even if Cali had started it, they needed to learn how to be friendly with one another, at least to some degree pf working together. Azalea guiltily avoided eye contact with Baxter as she strode past him with a determined pep in her step, though she didn't give Priscilla nor Cali the time of day either, stubborn in her anger with Cali, and Priscilla's words fresh in her mind. Azalea began to descended the steps to the lower deck below.

"If they have wine," Azalea called back to Jeod, "I'll throw myself off the ship with it. Have you ever tasted wine? It's bloody awf-- Oh!" Azalea halted as she reached the bottom of the steps, sighting the creature and Raymond sitting together--well, not sitting, the woman was chained to a wooden pole, she really had no choice but to sit. The woman glanced at her, her golden eyes holding nothing but cruelty and cunning. Azalea glanced at Raymond, surprised and suddenly feeling guilty. She had almost killed herself...for what? Imagery of the Fransen mission popped into her mind, including Raymonds anguished features when he had thought her lost. She would've caused him more hurt if she had leapt into the ocean only moments prior. She shrugged off the thought for now.

Azalea glanced between the two and smirked, "getting chum with the half-shark?" she joked rather smugly towards Raymond, arching a brow.

"Tch," The woman clicked her tongue at Azalea's and Jeod's arrival but said nothing else.

"Don't mind us," Azalea said as she began to walk past the two, stopping and opening a door, peaking inside before closing the door again, and continuing on her opening and peeking of doorways, "we're just checking to see if our friends left us any gifts--like alcohol We need A LOT of it. ."

Azalea opened another door, "Huzzah!" she cheered before rushing into the small, dark storage room, sighting a wooden-crate filled with bottles of old ale in the darkness. "Jeod! Help me with this bloody thing!" her voice echoed out from the doorway. Once the two firmly held unto each side of the box, they left the room and began the ascend back up the, with Jeod backing up the stairs and Azalea carrying it up from the other side. "Toodle pip!" she called back to Raymond and the prisoner as they disappeared back up the steps, feeling some small sense of triumph in their task.

The two carried the crate to the center of the ship before dropping it promptly a few feet away from Baxter. Azalea silently bent down and pulled out a bottle, extending her arm to give it to Jeod before bending down once more, the clinking of bottles nearly reverberating through the ship as she straightened, holding an armful of bottles.

"Your right." Azalea said quietly to Baxter, avoiding eye contact as she knelt down and rolled a bottle towards his feet, then another, and another. Until five bottles of ale had bumped against hit feet. It was about as much an apology as one could get from the prideful Azalea, her face already enflamed in red from her wounded pride as she grabbed a bottle for herself before turning around and grabbing a barrel that was stood by the mast, pulling it to her with one hand, with some effort before situating it in front of her, turning around and sitting on the barrel. She looked to Jeod then at Baxter's---forehead. "I think we all need a drink," she said, her lips quirking up a little in amusement before finally drawing her gaze to Baxter's eyes.

"As people." Azalea said meaning without rank to separate them. Leader or no, Baxter was a person, not just a leader. He deserved to be human sometimes too.



Nox watched the Windfore heir and the unfamiliar man disappear back up the stairs, her features sharp and blank. War. It was the one word that came to mind when she saw the Windfore girl. Nox looked sharply at the Callahan. Evaluating him and his question. His curiosity may very well be his curse, she thought. His current lack of fear was...infuriating. He looked at her like she was human instead of what she deserved to be looked at. With respect, with fear. The Callahan boy lacked it. It made her wonder if he was like it with all his inferiors. He was tempered, calm but hiding. If he didn't show her the respect she deserved then he would just have to leave before she ripped him apart.

"You want to know?" Nox asked him coldly, leaning forward, in response to his question, "I'm a weapon, boy. I was made to kill. Once I kill your brother, I return to The Creator and kill whoever he wants me to kill." She adjusted her position, bringing a long leg up to her chest, the chains on her wrists rattling as she got situated. She drummed her metallic claws on the chains, an eerie, faint clicking sound producing from it. "Once the mind of the rebellion dies, Baxter, the position of leadership would fall to your General," Nox cocked her head at him, "why don't you tell me how that would go?" she asked with a rather scary tone before sitting back.

"Get out." she commanded him with an authoritive tone, the silence in the room thickening the sudden tension. She couldn't talk more without revealing more of Soris's plans to him, and he had so far outlasted his entertainment. Nox glanced towards where Ivanna had disappeared to, she however, was always an entertainment. Already she longed for the feel of the blade in her hand and the taste of blood in her mouth, which made her all the more irritated.

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The Clever Paradox
Raymond Callahan

Raymond was simply waiting for an answer from Nox when Azalea and Jeod walked in on them. "Ha," He pronounced just as the prisoner clicked her tongue in response to the princess's joke. His eyes then shifted over to Jeod who he gave a slight nod to. Ray and Jeod were pretty good friends to say the least. It was nice to see another familiar face in the rebellion from Sarthenfall's more peaceful term before all the Shades broke out.

Meanwhile, Azalea was busy opening and closing doors . . for alcohol? What exactly happened up on deck? First they were screaming, now they're . . what are they doing? Raymond slightly furrowed his brows in confusion when the two brought out a box of bottles. It didn't take long for them to retreat back up the stairs with Azalea's signature line signing out their departure. In which case, Ray returned his hazel gaze to Nox to find the woman staring at him. She seemed to be deeply evaluating him.

The prisoner answered his question rather coldly, saying that she was made to kill. So she WAS created by Soris. Raymond tilted his head a bit as he listened to the creature go on about her duties. Nox's tone kept trying to pry open the depths of Ray's oblivious soul, but somehow couldn't. If she killed Baxter and the General, then the rebellion would keep trying to nominate a leader until it was depleted. His expression suddenly shifted into a straight one, similar to that of which was usually found on his brother's face. He already knew that.

There was a sensation of annoyance in Raymond when Nox commanded him to leave. His natural inclination especially in this case was to do the opposite since he was so stubborn. Ray's gaze silently followed Nox's toward the direction one of the other rebel members walked in. He hadn't seen who it was since his back was turned away.

"You said 'your' mortal hearts kill more than any blade could," Ray looked back at Nox, "All minds kill more than any blade could." If he wasn't mistaken, she was probably talking about how mortal emotions led to violence. But the way Nox said the earlier line stuck out to Raymond. She made it sound like her heart whether figurative or literal was very different from their's. She made it sound like mortals were the worst beings that ever existed. Did it ever hit her that she was possibly no different? " . . More than any claw or tooth could," He continued keeping his calm demeanor as he stood up and stepped toward her, stopping a few inches away from what he assumed to be Nox's kicking range. His gaze alone strangely exerted a calm dominance over the situation. "A heart's just an organ that pumps blood," Ray bent down and nodded toward her bleeding shoulder blade. The substance coming out from her wound was silver, but nonetheless seemed to be some form of blood, "I doubt your creator explained that." Nox's anatomy must have not been too far from the average human especially after Ray recalled her line of "I function just the same as any, mortal woman" from when she needed to pee.

"From what I know, our emotions really come from up here," His finger tapped his temple as he stood up from his squat, "Unless you don't have a mind, then you aren't immune to the way mortals feel." His crash course with the rebellion's doctor covered quite a lot of material. Out of everything, Ray remembered this the most since it was so interesting to him. The detailed science about which part of the brain connected with emotions was hazy though. He slid the box back to the wall with a light kick, "But what do I know, I was only a doctor for nineteen hours."

On that note, Raymond went around a corner for a few moments then came back with a bandage. He didn't want his nephew to question the silver blood in case he saw the prisoner. Ideally Clyde wasn't supposed to see Nox in the first place. It was almost inevitable though since they were all stuck on a ship now.

Raymond stepped toward Nox, moved behind her, and crouched down, "Lean forward a bit, will ya?" There was no more time for her murder games. Sooner or later this Callahan had to check on the ship's course. As soon as Nox did so, he started looping the bandage around her arm to cover her shoulder as best as he could. It would have been impossible to move her leather armor and he didn't want to risk untying her from the post.

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Baxter Callahan

Thud. The sound of a crate dropping caught Baxter's attention, but he didn't bother to look at it's direction. All it sounded like to him was more trouble that someone was trying to unravel before another outburst from another person. The cycle was endless and disturbing. Wasn't doing the same thing several times and expecting different results the definition of insanity?

The man's own thoughts started to fill his mind once more, taking his reality out of the horizon before him. Azalea's quiet voice though still managed to somehow put his thoughts on hold. Even if he didn't mean to, his world almost revolved around them. Even if he wanted to stop and take a break from the rebellion for a few seconds, it was impossible.

Baxter's blue eyes remained glued to the line where the sky and the sea met until he felt a bottle roll against his boot. His eyes peered down at the ale as four more bottles soon rolled after. Then, he looked at Azalea whose face was almost completely reddened before she sat herself down on a barrel.

A break. That was what they needed. Even if it was just for one night. His eyes shifted back down to the bottles by his boot for a couple of seconds before Baxter grabbed one up, popped the top off with ease like he'd done it many times before, and took a quick swig. He lowered the bottle from his lips as his gaze returned beyond the deck. Usually right about now someone or something would ruin the forcibly calm atmosphere that Azalea was trying to create on deck.

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Baku the Shipping Lord

The lord of shipping
"I mean come on, think on it Bax. I've got Lorelthian training in knots. I know a knot that is used to make sure even the strongest of people can't escape. But fine I'll find he- er him and set him straight. If not can I try to talk to all three of them at once and start going deep. Oh ok just walking off. Good talk I guess..." Priscilla looked around awkwardly. Realizing that the odd girl with the gang was going after Cali. Leaving her with her only option. Getting Azalea and Ivanna to talk.

"How do I get someone with an Ego of that size, and someone with an urge to fight and kill that big to sit down and talk?" And as she finished it she had a slow realization. "Good ol fashioned booze. Of course." She looked into her bag as she pulled out a bottle of some top of the line Lorelthian rum. "I was saving this for the project being finished but oh well. If only there was someone willing to drink with me! Stress levels must be high for all of this infighting to happen!" Priscilla exclaimed as she walked up to the upper deck. Proudly wielding the rum in her left hand.

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One who was denied a simple fate
Jeod Swift
He chuckled as he watched her choke on half of the smoke that went down her throat. He imagined that he did the same when he first tried it, though he couldn't remember why he started. Perhaps it was to blow smoke rings, or perhaps his mind had buried the true reason under years of memory and pain. Still, he didn't care to think about it as they looked around for that water of life. He pleasantly ignored anyone else as Azalea found what she was looking for, and he was certainly grateful for that.

"The Gods gave us 2 things for us to enjoy-sex and drinking. Let's get one of those started." He grinned as he popped open one of the bottles with ease. There was actually a third thing that the Gods had supposedly given for them to enjoy-the joy of killing. He didn't feel like that was appropriate though, as he had never done so, and doubted many people really enjoyed it. He took a long swig, savoring the fiery liquid as it seared down his throat. "What's a boat without booze?"

He took another long gulp, letting the tension between Azalea and Baxter build a bit, before laughing. "How bout a song?" He asked suddenly. He was vaguely aware that he had a lute within his luggage, though he didn't tend to play it often. He always asked around for music-it was something that he loved. "We all want to calm down, let's have a song! Music is a language that everyone understands, so let it bring us together. If there isn't a song getting sung by the time I kill this bottle, you'll be hearing my voice shatter the quiet that is our group."

He was aware he was much more cheerful than the others. He was aware it might look like stupidity-him not being afraid or tense or serious while everyone else was. He knew what it looked like, but he didn't care. What good was worrying going to do? They were either going to die, or they weren't. What good would being sad and serious do, when everyone else was doing it anyway? How much harm was there really in letting lose, and perhaps raising someone else's spirits? He was a small man, not a great leader or a great fighter, but he was a decently smart one, and he knew the way of the world. He knew that his positive attitude was wishful thinking, and that most people looked upon it with disdain. The thing was it was his choice to be like that, because what is a man really if not for his choices and his actions?

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Fanfic Kitty
“... Heh. I wish the rest of Sarthenfall shared your sentiments.” She scoffed, glancing in Aria’s direction before quickly falling silent to let her continue.

“Yeah... yeah, I get that she’s trying to prove herself to everyone. But running headfirst into a fight when you have next to no hand-to-combat experience is not the right way to do it! And especially wandering around in one of the most dangerous cities in the entirety of Ezeris is not a good idea either! Yeah, maybe it was nerves, but you know what it definitely was? Stupid.”

She sighed, looking up at the ceiling as more shouting erupted. The redhead tensed and sat up.

“... I shouldn’t have wandered off. Bax probably needs my help wrangling the unruly kids.” She stood up and hesitated at the door, chewing on her lip as she considered the situation, “I should... Oh, what? What can I do? None of them will even listen to me anyway.” She slumped against the wall, face against the wall as she took a moment to just breathe.

“... I don’t know what I’m doing here, Aria.” She mumbled into the wall, before turning and sitting back down next to the princess, her face in her hands, “I should have just dropped Cali at the rebellion camp all those months ago and left. I was planning to just do my job and continue north, up and out of Sarthenfall. Why didn’t I do that? I’ve spent so long being alone and self-sufficient, what made me decide to stick around here? I just don’t know anymore.”

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Queen of SHIIIPS
Azalea Eve Windfore and Nox

Azalea's eyes widened as Baxter bent down and took the bottle, popping the bottle off it like a practiced expert in the matter, a instant weight lifted off her shoulders as the tension subsided the slightest. She'd half-expected him to turn his nose up at the offer, at worst anticipating him to yell at her directly, which had been quite the worrying thought truthfully. Baxter loosing is temper was almost a frightening thing really, but more of a wake up call then anything else. Azalea let out a quiet breath of relief, looking out to the horizon as she pulled at the cork plugging the bottle, needing to use all her strength before the she finally triumphed with one final yank, the cork going flying across the ship as the trio sat in silence, and despite the semi-accepted apology, the tension was still thick.

Azalea snorted as Jeod mentioned the pleasure of drinking and sex, her lips quirking the slightest in amusement, "Agreed," she said dryly, clinking her bottle against his She'd only had the experience of one, not that she minded, who had times for that mushy stuff anyway? It was all rubbish really. She glanced at Jeod as he spoke, grinning at his question, “Not a boat, apparently.” She said wryly before the trio fell into another tense silence, she glanced back at the horizon awkwardly, taking another swing of her drink.

Jeod broke the silence before she could, though she certainly wasn’t complaining, until he brought up singing a song. Azalea pressed her lips together, fighting back her laughter as she tried to picture the whole crew simultaneously burst into song. Azalea lost it as he finished his little speech on music, bursting into a fit of laughter, trying to picture Jeod alone singingb was almost a more amusing picture than the latter.

“If you sing,” Azalea said between laughs, “you’ll find my boot in your mouth before the nights over,” she chuckled before Priscilla’s voice across the ship drew her attention, calling attention to herself as she walked around the deck, a bottle of some liquor in hand. Grudges aside, the woman had liquor and Azalea was gonna get as drunk as possible tonight.

Azalea raised her hand, “well what are you waiting for?! All booze is welcome!” She called good-naturally to Priscilla, waving her over with a wide grin. Hopefully, she’d get drunk enough to forget that everyone on here hated her anyway. Azalea looked at Baxter, and smirked, “tonight,” she said, jabbing a finger at Bax, “I’m gonna get you so drunk, you’ll forget your our leader at all,” her smirk grew slightly, “unless the Shades start swimming across the oceans, your safe to relax for at least, oh, 6 hours.” She joked lightly to him before she hopped off the barrel she had been sitting on, bottle in hand.

“I’m gonna go fetch the others from their hidey holes,” She said cheerily, already slightly touched by the alcohol in her system, turning on her heel and bounding off to go fetch the others.


Nox was silent. Wether she was considering Raymonds words, or irritated at his disobedience was her own knowledge alone, her features cold and sharp as she leaned forward for him. But she knew he was lucky to not have removed her from her chains to risk tending her wound, for she would have ripped him to pieces. Slowly. He knew nothing. Nothing of what she was. What they were. He was an absolute fool. A boy that knew nothing of what he spoke. He didn’t even know half the world he lived in. Soris’s words were ingrained into her memory. She wouldn’t forget it.

“Yes,” Nox said slowly, her voice colder than usual, “what do you know.” She angled her head at him so her golden eyes eyes him from the side as he wrapped up the throbbing arrow wound at her shoulder blade, “Hearts. Minds. It doesn’t matter. We don’t feel as you mortals. We don’t love, or feel joy, or what your kind call pity and sympathy. I feel nothing.” She hissed the last word, emphasizing her lack of care, looking straight ahead once more.

“What a great load of rot that is,” a wry voice said from across the room. Nox turned her head, eyeing the Windfore girl as she jumped the last two steps of the stairs descending into the lower deck. “I suppose that means you take no fun in drinking,” Azalea jokingly sighed as she approached the pair, bottle in one hand.

“Not unless your offering something warmer.” Nox crooned back, offering a metallic grin at Azalea.

Azalea’s grin faltered, if only for a moment, looking to Raymond. “There’s drinks upstairs, if ya want to join,” She said, jabbing a thumb over her shoulder and at the stairs, “I’m getting Baxter drunk because of...shite.” Her grin turned a little sheepish as she shrugged, glancing at Nox then back at Raymond.

“I’m gonna go try and retrieve Grumps, pray for me,” Azalea jested before leaving the pair continuing in her path down the corridor, peeking in multiple rooms before she finally stuck her head into Ivanna’s room and quickly peeked back out, shutting the door.

“Hey, Grumps,” Azalea began as she stood outside Ivanna’s door, “There’s free drinks upstairs if ya want to join,” she scratched the back of her neck awkwardly, racking her brain for more things to say, “it’s never a party without your brooding presence!” Azalea added cheerfully, her sheepish grin stretching from ear to ear as she waited for a response from Ivanna, or for her to open the door. She didn’t like Ivanna, no, but she was painfully trying to get them all together—even if it killed her pride.

Hopefully drinking would at least erase her memory.


Aria smiled at Angie and sat up on the bed, “looks at us, Angie,” she said, gesturing around the room, “were all fools here,” she offered her friend a reassuring smile, “But we’re here because we’re trying to make sure we leave the world a better place then it is now.” Aria gave Angie a pointed look, “Your here because—“

“it’s never without a party without your brooding presence!” A cheery, Calorian voice echoed down the hallway, momentarily cutting of Aria. Azalea’s voice no doubt.

Aria chuckled and smiled, “Your here because despite who they are sometimes, you care for them.” She said kindly, referring to Cali most of all. She shrugged, “I think we’re all trying to learn, in our own ways.” She added with another smile before standing up, noting the cheery note she’d heard from Azalea’s voice.

“Sounds like the commotions finally weened away.” Aria said, shooting a look at the door.

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The Clever Paradox
Clyde Callahan and Raymond Callahan and Baxter Callahan

Raymond listened as Nox went on about having no feelings. Meanwhile, his hands were carefully wrapping the bandage around her wounded area. There was no use in him arguing since he really didn't even know what she was.

A few moments of silence passed until Azalea literally jumped into the room, calling out Nox's claim. Raymond glanced at the princess just after he finished up the bandaging process and stood up. His head gave a brief nod at the invite to join the rest of the gang upstairs. Was she really going to get Baxter drunk? Ray's hazel gaze looked after Azalea as she walked toward Grumps . . who he assumed to be Ivanna.

"Uncle Ray!" A familiar voice sounded out, followed by the sound of small steps quickly approaching. Clyde soon revealed himself eventually sprinting into the scene from out of no where. "Oof," Raymond let out a breath at the sudden impact from his nephew running into him. "I got caught on a net, and no one was around! So I toughed it out and found a way out on my own. THEN!" The boy took in a large breath of air, "I got lost! I didn't know which way was up! Mainly since I was hanging upside down-." "Clyde, Clyde, Clyde," Raymond calmly interrupted lifting the kid up before slowly furrowing his brows in confusion, " . . wait what?" The boy's words were too fast for anyone's good. It was easy to sense the kid's excitement. In fact, this whole situation was most likely Clyde's first time adventuring around after being in the rebel camp for quite a while. Which other kid got to sail on a ship to a completely different continent?

"I'm done with this conversation!" Clyde exclaimed throwing his arms around Ray in exhaustion. In doing so, his eyes caught a glimpse of Nox seated and chained at the corner of his eye. Is she the prisoner? The boy slowly pulled away from Raymond and kept his eyes glued to her pale face. She was the prisoner they had been babysitting no doubt. " . . hello," Clyde quietly mentioned with a shy smile. He didn't really know how to interact with any prisoner. Nox's claws and everything terrified him, but if his uncle could stand in front of her with seemingly no fear then he could too. Besides, from the way she was chained up it didn't look like she was about to run away or attack anytime soon.

"Sir," One of the guards walked down the steps, "Dale is having difficulty steering course." Raymond casually moved a hand through his hair before placing Clyde on the ground. Why was it that whenever anything happened, it all happened at once? "Do a solid favor and bring Clyde to a room," The uncle slightly nudged the boy toward the guard, "While you're at it, check if he has rope burn from the nets."

"I can't get rope burn!" Clyde exclaimed causing Ray to look right at him, "Ropes aren't hot." Oh, to have a child's mind. Raymond smiled a bit before turning around and starting to make his way up the stairs. "Try making this ship as child proof as possible," He mentioned looking over his shoulder at the guard, but suddenly stopping and turning his body toward the unfeeling prisoner, "Till next time . . Nox." On that note, Raymond turned back around then walked up to the deck. Clyde and the guard left as well in search for a good room to stay in.

"Dale, I can take it from here," Raymond patted the man's shoulder once he arrived on the upper deck. His eyes followed Dale as the guard walked off to his assigned station, "Make sure none of them throw themselves overboard," Ray slightly joked before glancing at his brother who was calmly drinking . . for now.


Baxter was stuck in a daze as he lifted the bottle to and from his lips. Next thing he knew, Jeod was announcing that there should be music. Both Jeod and Azalea were having a short conversation about song until the rebel leader noticed Priscilla make her way into the picture with a bottle of her own. He'd never had a Lorelthian drink before, causing his brow to rise as the label got closer.

Nonetheless, he remained silent even when he shifted his blue gaze to Azalea who claimed that she was going to get him drunk. In response, Bax merely blinked then looked away as she went to retrieve the others.

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𝑰𝒗𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒂 𝑲𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒊𝒏

Ivanna was in her meditating state, a place where her mind and body were at ease. It was also a time of reflection, not primarily focusing on all the negative memories but the moments of today where she might have improved her craft. Her thoughts went towards the fight between her and the one with white hair and sharp teeth. The sequence of the memory was all a blur, the grin only visible on her mind. The impact of her being thrown to the ground still stringed on her lower side.

Her opponent was faster than her, and stronger. Ivanna knew the only reason she won that fight was because of mere weakness on the creature’s part. But the beast wasn’t at her best when Ivanna defeated her, and she hated that very fact.

Ivanna didn’t notice when Azalea opened the door and shut it until she started to speak. “Hey Grumps,” The nickname made Ivanna open her eyes, breaking her concentration. “There’s free drinks upstairs if ya want to join,” Drinks? Are they serious? “it’s never a party without your brooding presence!” Ivanna rolled her eyes at the last statement. She almost didn’t want to open the door or respond back to the request.

But she didn’t hear Azalea walk away yet, which made her irritated. She stood up from her spot, not bothering to get a shirt but still had some sort of bra. Walking to the door and opening it in full swing. She gave a blank expression with her body scars on full display “I don’t drink,” she began “Besides it wouldn’t be wise since we have a living breathing shade that could cut us all to pieces in seconds and we would be too drunk and stupid to even know what is going on.” She saw Raymond and the others in the back heading out the room where Nox was. “I rather stay sober.....thanks.” Once she saw Raymond disappear from her sight, she decided to pay her potential rival a visit. Not bothering to acknowledge Azalea, she simply walks past the Windfore heir and heads to the room where Nox was securely chained up. Once there, she stands in the doorway crossing her arms and slowly walking in.

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Fanfic Kitty
“... me? Care about people? Pffft, I don’t care about people.” She put on a mocking tone, “I’m a mercenary with a heart made of stone. No, coal. No! Obsidian. Yeaaaah, that shit is dark AND hard AND will cut you.”

She looked out the door and sighed, then stood up, smoothing her shirt and pulling the sleeves up so her arms could breathe. “Like the darkest of nights, my heart and soul are shriveled and black. Oooooouuughhh.” She made some noises and stuck out her tongue, before crossing her arms and sticking her head out the door to stare at a stumbling, bumbling Azalea who was trying to get Ivanna to come out of her room and... drink with her?

Angie’s face suddenly fell, and the serious, on the job look settled on her features as she set her jaw.
“We do NOT need anyone getting drunk right now.” She was about to walk over to Azalea and yank the alcohol out of her hand, but she quickly turned to Aria and cracked an awkward grin, “Heeeey... do you feel like, maaaybe, smacking your cousin upside the head for getting drunk on a ship? With a literal demon hanging out in the hull right now?”

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