The Final Colonies.

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  1. ((Warning: During this RP there will be death and gore. Some characters may die -with consent of the RPers- and cannot be brought back.))

    The fall of Humanity
    Long ago, humans used to be the dominant species, or so they thought. In 2075 humans achieved intergalactic travel for long periods of time. However, one of their main flagships, carrying military personnel and citizens as well no longer responded to their countless calls. On 2089 an unknown object entered the Milky Way galaxy. Military ships moved to confront it, and were shot down immediately. The many countries issued an evacuation order. 70,000 ships were sent into orbit around the Earth if the Earth should fall to danger. This is what happened, as 3 months later the Alien Ship entered Earth's Orbit and promptly began its invasion and destruction. Those that had stayed behind were shortly killed. The Human ships in it's orbit began their evacuation to another colony in another galaxy. Only 10,000 ships survived the Aliens' attack.

    The Final Colonies
    The 10,000 ships that had survived their Aliens' attack on Earth settled on K-Prime. Much like Earth, however it's coated in a thick Jungle. However, it's already inhabited by Aliens that are called Kijota. A people that look like both Gorillas and Bears (Brutes from Halo is a good representation). Despite their appearance, they are an advanced race. Having armor advanced enough to enhance their physical capabilities (Speed, Strength, Jump height). Sharing their technology with the humans, to create soldiers that are capable of killing the other aliens. Known as the Jilitak. Reptilian in nature, they are large in stature. Having two hearts, one in the chest, one in the gut. Standing from 6'"-7'" they are smaller compared to the Kijota, standing from 7'"-9'". But now, the Kijota and Humans have allied themselves to combat the Jilitak's conquest. However, the Jilitak have recently entered K-Prime's galaxy. And are approaching the planet. War is coming, as invasions of the other planets in the system has started. ​
  2. Idk if you needed a CS to join the rp... I made one anyway?
    The spoiled info[/~Name~
    Amanda Duarte
    Amanda is blunt and honest which aren't always the best of things but it gets her where she needs to be most of the time, when felt threatened by others she becomes a little insulting throwing insults at people and comebacks and is sometimes aggressive. Although she is seen by most people as loyal, intelligent, analytical, driving, amiable, and expressive, each having their strengths and weaknesses but is seen as perfect traits for a soldier.
    Just because Amanda is a soldier doesn't mean that she doesn't like a few things, she likes people putting up a good fight for something that is worth fighting for, she likes classical music and reading too. She is a well educated woman and is seen as an upper class person because of her expensive taste in lifestyle, she likes clean, bright and open spaces. Like most people, Amanda loves a good amount of banta in her life, especially if in a fight or an argument, she likes to make fun of tough situations, though when need be can be a bad ass mother *beep*
    With every normal person comes some dislikes, not everyone likes everything. Amanda doesn't like being confined in small spaces for long periods of time and hates the smell of dirt and sweat. She dislikes people that think they are smarter and better than she is and will usually get pissed off at it. Amanda isn't much of a family girl, she doesn't like cats or dogs or really any animal that will make a mess and take too much time to look after. One thing that Amanda hates is people wasting her time, she is a very to the point person and has better things to do with her life than have someone waste it.
    Amanda specialises in hand to hand combat, though when given a gun, can shoot pretty well. One thing she cannot handle is a sword or a bow and arrow, she does like to think that she can use her gender as a weapon in some cases though it doesn't always work out, because hey by now gay marriage would be legalised. Amanda is often found training, she can run far distances and can punch someone several times and take a few hits, although she will not climb or slice people or she will more than likely be the first to die.
    Amanda is pretty good with a computer, which you would hope so since this is the future but she is actually really good. Sure there are a lot of better people at hacking out there but they are hard to find, and that is what she is good at, she can hide anyone's phone, computer, phone calls, emails, from anyone and anything.
    Amanda was raised by a typical family, though was an only child. Her parents were quite successful, her father a lieutenant in the army and her mother a well known lawyer. Like any parent, they wanted to see their daughter grow to be a huge success in the world though didn't get to witness her graduating from university, they were involved in an accident when a driver flew through a red light and T-boned them sending them flying off of a cliff and sadly dying. Her emotional state hardened, and she became basically a depressed rock, so she decided to join the army as a soldier and has had more kills than you have trips to the toilet.
    Amanda has a some really good strengths like being thorough and disciplined, she thinks about things and is highly independent which maybe isn't that good for team building skills in a war, but hey, every man for himself? Amanda is decisive and determined which are really good traits and often a good communicator until you waste her time and she will kill you even if you have information.
    Amanda is no perfect woman, she has weaknesses much like everyone else. She excludes her feelings from decisions, sometimes goes too far; perfectionist, is too rigid or demanding of self/others, sometimes has troubles operating with others, does not take time to consider other perspectives (I guess this could be a strength in some ways too?), domineering; too focused on doing it "my way", sometimes can come on too strong, and is highly stubborn.]
  3. You do, and you're accepted. I'm still working on the CS stuff for the page but pretty soon I'll have it up and running.
  4. Uh, okay, I'll also make a CS because this looks interesting

    Karver Hochwasser (Hoe-ch-wah-sir)
    Age: 27
    Gender: Make
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight
    Relationship: Single
    Class: Medic
    images (30).png
    Karver is a person who feels driven by no soldier left behind. Everyone gets a chance to live, and he wishes to preserve. While trying to find a balance within himself of self-preserving and selfless, because despite being a caring person, too big of a threat will cause him to be very fearful, and will often hide. While he will almsot always be there to try and save you when you've been shot, hes not the one to take the bullet for you
    Weapons: Karver lives for sharpshooting. He is one of your best sharpshooters from a distance if needed, but being a medic that chance isn't always given to him, he's usually up there trying to drag back a wounded soldier, and he's not a very good hand to hand fighter, sometimes making him wish he didn't learn medical stuffs.
  5. Name:
    Liani Jones (li, ani)
    Techy/ weapons expert
    Refer to pic at bottom
    Liani always comes across as very energetic and care free. She is very laid back and often hyperactive. A trait not everyone appreciates but in a world that can often be dim, dismal and seem on the edge of doom she likes to look on the bright side. She is smart and quick to make a quip. Fiercely caring and loyal to the bone she will always stand and be counted when she feels it's needed. Friendly and outgoing she tries to live life to the full and help others do the same when she can.
    Honestly the list is probably to long, she liked pretty much everything apart from bullies and people with a big ass mouth. Music is her favorite and one of her true escapes. Just taking precious moments to sit and listen. Her most favorite thing of all is inventing, Wether it be a neat new gadget to cut down tree's or a device that will take down an airship with one shot.
    Long silences are her biggest pet peeve as it often reminds her of many years she spent alone, A close second is in fact being alone. Liani doesn't fair well in her own company. As stated above people with big mouths and bullies, that and people who think its funny to act better than anyone else.
    Being more of one to create the weapon that actually use it Liani's arsenal is small though advanced. She can fight when the occasion calls though prefers to deter and capture where she can. She currently uses small metallic ball that shoot out into electronic nets thus trapping and incapacitating her enemy, A gun that will shoot only when it recognizes her fingerprint on the handle. That way you can't die with your own weapon right? she is working on some anti- gravity grenades right now...she tended to stick different weapons together and see what she can make. Mainly working in the repe
    air and creation of weapons for those in her team. Oh and knives....boooy does she love knives.
    If it runs on power then she is all over it, be it flying, shooting, typing whatever she is on it. It's how she got her nickname spark, its like the girl can just read electricity and how things work. She breaths for it. hand her a weapon you say is beyond repair and will never work again and she will hand you back a better one. Your ship won't fly? no problem watch it go higher than it did when you bought it new.
    Honestly there isn't much to go on here that isn't in the woman's files. She lost her parent whens eh was young to some sort of disease. She isn't even sure what, when they passed with no other family she went into homes which turned to military school which brought her to the career she has today. You wanna know anything else you would have to ask. Her life and soul went into the army, the became her family and she lives and breaths for them. 47706b33629e7dfc1bc76d4a0da50921.jpg (Hope its ok to join)

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