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Fantasy 𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔣𝔢𝔲𝔡𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔨𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔡𝔬𝔪𝔰--CS thread


Reiia silver

Queen of romance!
𝕋𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕚𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕖 ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕒𝕔𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝕤𝕙𝕖𝕖𝕥

ᴿᵘˡᵉˢ ᶠᵒʳ ᵐᵃᵏⁱⁿᵍ ᵃ ᶜʰᵃʳᵃᶜᵗᵉʳˢ
¹. ᴺᵒ ᶜʰᵃʳᵃᶜᵗᵉʳˢ ᵘⁿᵈᵉʳ ¹⁸
². ᴺᵒ ᵖᵒʷᵉʳˢ ⁿᵒᵗ ᵐᵃᵗᶜʰⁱⁿᵍ ᵗʰᵉ ᵏⁱⁿᵍᵈᵒᵐ ʸᵒᵘ ᵃʳᵉ ᶠʳᵒᵐ
³. ᴰᵉᶜᵒʳᵃᵗᵉ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᶜˢ ʰᵒʷᵉᵛᵉʳ ʸᵒᵘ ʷᵃⁿᵗ, ᵇᵘᵗ ⁿᵉᵉᵈˢ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠᵒˡˡᵒʷⁱⁿᵍ ⁱⁿᶜˡᵘᵈᵉᵈ
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Name -


Role -

Powers -




Weaknesses (Personalty wise)-

Strengths (Personalty wise)-

Bio -

Picture (Must be anime)-​

Reiia silver

Queen of romance!

Name - Erica

Age- 20

Role - youngest Princess of the South

Powers -
Heliokinesis - manipulate and control the sun and sunlight.
Pyroportation -teleport or move though fire

being alone

overly loud noises,
being disturbed when reading

losing her family
, getting married
, losing control of her powers

Weaknesses (Personalty wise)-
she is very timid and shy, she hates to meet new people and does not like the idea of getting married at all.

Strengths (Personalty wise)-
she is very smart, if she concentrates really hard she can control her powers very well, but if she's put in a position of discomfort she loses all control.

Bio -
Erica has always been a very serious young woman and she would often spend a lot of time alone. She loves her brother and sister, she never really felt like they understood her and for the most part she felt out of place. She often has trouble with her emotions, when she feels sad or like crying she will often go to her room not to bother anybody. She does not smile very often, if somebody could make her smile they probably would find out a part of her that she has been hiding for so many years. She has no desire to get married at all, in fact at one point she tried to convince people to let her go live in a nunnery and just leave her there. Of course that didn't work, so unfortunately she's going to have to learn to get used to this idea or live a life of misery.



Reiia silver

Queen of romance!




Only Princess of the East

She can heal taking the life force from plant life, but she has to sleep for days afterwards
Conjuring flowers


mean people
being made fun of
Being bossed around

Her arranged marriage

her weakness would be the fact that she is the youngest in her family, she has grown up very spoiled and it can often be seen if things don't happen her way. Despite her kind heart and willingness to help, sometimes that spoiled-ness peaks its head through. She is also very excitable and very energetic which can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation, the reason it is her weakness is due to the fact she will run headfirst into danger without thinking about the consequences. She is also a bit of a narcoleptic, which has caused her a lot of trouble especially during her lessons or anything like that.

major strength would be the fact that she would protect her family as much as she could, she would have no problem using the powers even if it meant she has to sleep for days especially for families in trouble. When she loves, she loves with her whole heart and nothing less.

Hana is the youngest of two brothers, she is often rather tomboyish and finds herself wanting to escape the world inside the castle. She dreams of falling in love, but doesn't think that it will ever happen. She does not want to get married to somebody she does not love, she's already plotting how to run away and gained her freedom. She absolutely adores her older brothers, wanting them to be happy as well. She has a hawk that allows her to send messages to friends that she has and is one of the only freedoms that she really has.



Reiia silver

Queen of romance!
Name -
Ella Morgan


Role -
Lady in waiting to the Princess of the West

Powers -
none - talents, she is a very good cook and very dedicated to those she works for.

the Princess
her daughter

overly sweet things
hot places

losing her daughter
Aleksander hating her
getting lost

Weaknesses (Personalty wise)-
fearful- she gets really fearful easily and mostly when it comes to her daughter, her daughter means everything to her and she will fight for her no matter what.
Impatient- she can be rather impatient and that of course always causes trouble

Strengths (Personalty wise)-
motherly- she is very motherly to her daughter and the Princess, it's something that comes naturally for her.
Energetic= it's always good for a mother especially as young as her, to have a lot of energy.

Bio -
Ella had a on and off again fling with Aleksander which resulted in the birth of a little girl named Jace. She was not expecting to be a single mother, in fact she had high hopes that they might even get married but she never was able to say what she wanted since he spent a lot of time with his brother. She doesn't really like Orion mostly because it seems like he keeps his brother distracted. She does not give up hope that they might be a family one day.

Picture (Must be anime)-




Daniel Reaving

Thirty Thousand Club
Isla V. Blackwood

Dead lover, whispering robes, Blackwood, Angel of Death (Due to her appearance around the middle kingdom)

Reaper, Whispering robes


900 (has the physical form of 19)

This is Isla's usual appearance, made by her magic to hide her true face and form around the middle kingdom in other words. Her more formal look
5”0. 7”4 in her “official” form

(Look to appearance photo)

Body Modifications/Implants*:
some pale tattoos

Blood Type:

Isla is most commonly refereed to as just plan insane and broken. Having a tendency of fits of rage as well as drastic personality changes. The voices she hears being a big contributor to her insanity. Isla is seen as having the personality of a child at base, mixed with a cereal killer, mixed with a very wise Monk. though the child side shows up most making most underestimate her. Her mental state being very fragile due to the endless rituals and necromancy. She is easily broken when people bring up her past. Even if they no nothing of her just asking of her past will set her on edge and make her violent. Due to her past Isla has found a liking in the torture of other humans, feeling the world needs to know what she felt. Despite this she is an advisor to the throne due to her knowledge and almost overwhelming power.

Isla was Born in The northern kingdom around 900 years ago. Being born into Nobility in that time was a gift. A gift she wanted to give up. And that gift came on the night she was to be married to a rival lords son. In a desperate attempt to flee her future she ran deep into the woods only to find her self at the door step of a necromancer. Quickly he took her in though it wasn't out of good will. He tortured her to no end, along with many other things. testing his spells on her as well as keeping her for his personal pleasure. Bringing her to the brink of death before only bringing her back to do it all over again. This continued for 10 years before the necromancer slipped. One day after he had finished torturing her he had accidentally left his spell book out and open for her to see. That night she read from it just enough to escape. Taking the book she used it to slaughter her capture and Leave. Immediately she ran back for home though came home to abandonment and being outcast. Out of rage she killed her family. taking her sister soul in a necklace and her brothers soul in a ring out of love for them. After that she ran, wanting to start a new. A few days after she found a ritual to stop her aging. Quickly she did the ritual then left to explore the world, needing to enact the ritual once every 5 years

mother- Deceased
father- Deceased
little sister- Decesed
big brother- Deceased

Powers: [Include Descriptions]

Death Whisper

Mastery of Power:
Very adept almost a master

Being a more automatic ability she has it mastered

Her limits only consist of having troubles with very very very advanced spells.
Sometimes the voices of the dead overload her hearing and shut her down mentally very easily. Due to her age shes rather frail at times and thin. Correlating into how close she is to needing to perform the ritual. Currently she needs to perform the ritual in about a month
Due to being alive for so long Isla has become numb to pain prone to randomly bleeding and not noticing it till someone else points it out or she bleeds enough that her clothes become very stained
Very flexible and Acrobatic. Master pianist and violinist, can and a handful of ancient languages often used in her spell casting. in addition Isla considers herself a scientific genius. fascinated with science and technology. Often inventing things ore studding things

Equipment: [5 max]
A necromancy Book given to her by her Capture. used to make casting of spells and incantations easier

A Necklace shaped like a fang, The fang is a Vile filled with the blood of her deceased baby sister. After speaking a special incantation the blood turns into a massive undead dragon that lives till defeated or she releases it (Can only be used once then the necklace shatters)

Personal Belongings:
The necklace and the book, Her mothers wedding ring which is now a priceless antique, Her older brothers soul trapped in a ring she wears
(soul ring)
(Mothers ring)


[Include anything I missed]
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Soviet Panda

Red Panda Commanda.

Name - Lord Commander Otrygg Styrksson, the 'Isern Vargr', or Iron Wolf

Age - 52

Role - Knight of the Aldor Weard, or more commonly known as the Old Guard

Skills -
  • Martial Prowess: It takes more than a sharp mind and white hair to become the Lord Commander of the Old Guard. Otrygg has proven himself to be masterful in the use of all but the most obscure of weapons. However, he prefers the use of a two handed axe. Gripping it close to the head, Otrygg has great control and can strike incredibly precise blows. This also allows him to grapple with it, throwing his opponents to the ground before sliding his hand down towards the bottom of the haft to deliver the devastating blows the two handed axe is known for.
  • Tactician: A good strategy can be used for more than just the battlefield. He has navigated the political web as best he can, falling into as many traps as avoiding them. Along the way, he has picked up a handful of useful skills, such as picking up on a few tells for when people are lying such as excessive blinking or swallowing.
  • Iron Skinned: Seeming more a magical power, Otrygg simply has trained himself to ignore the pain of combat. Some of the youngest Squires of the Old Guard whisper that he once was struck in the neck and continued fighting, only to have his head sewn back on after the fight. Of course, this is simply a tall tale, but it goes to show just how much Otrygg can handle.
Likes - Otrygg is most content when he is taking care of his plants. However, a good meal and some good company is a close second, or perhaps tied with a good, warm bath. Quite fond of game meats, venison, hog, pheasant, and that sort. He is a simple man at heart, after all.

Dislikes - Those that look down on other's because of their position raise his ire. It is important to observe the hierarchy, yes, but that does not give one the right to think lesser of their subordinates. Otrygg himself, after all, was once a lowly Stable Boy.

Fears - While it might not be anything like the weight the nobility carry, Otrygg is none the less terrified of failing the Old Guard as Lord Commander. Every thought, every action, every move he makes in the political web is to make sure the ever shrinking Order he finds himself in command of does not vanish entirely.

Weaknesses (Personalty wise) - His dedication to his Knightly Order can be easily exploited and manipulated. The current Southern King has done so a number of times, much to Otrygg's chagrin.

Strengths (Personalty wise) - He's a stubborn sort. Once his mind is made up, few things can make him think otherwise. This also carries over in meaning what he says. If he says something is going to get done, it's going to be done come hell and high water. It might not be done immediately, but Otrgg has a good memory.

Bio -
Otrygg's comes from Northerner decent, explaining his light blond, almost white, hair and icy blue eyes. Though he does not like to talk about why exactly his parents migrated to the south, moving the conversation swiftly along, he is not shy in stating the abject poverty he lived in. His family had left everything behind for mysterious reasons, reasons he's not willing to share, and so they arrived in the South with nothing but their names and the now ratty clothes that hung from their thinning frames. It was a rough life for many years, with Otrygg working many odd and unsavory jobs. One of which, was as a stable boy.

The story of how the Aldor Weard knight, a Maximus Avitus, chose him is one Otrygg loves to retell. If the old man is to be believed, Maximus had just arrived at the inn Otrygg was working at. With a mischievous glint in his eye, the knight handed the reigns of his trained warhorse to the unsuspecting stable boy, looking forward to the spectacle to come. However, not only did the horse not even manage to move the young Otrygg's arm, but Otrygg also slung a bale of hay across his back before dragging the horse into the stables, sparks flying from the iron shoes as they slid across the cobbled street. Now it is no secret that Otrygg is a strong man, but it is very unlikely that the events he talks about actually happened.

Regardless, Otrygg was snapped up by the Order and mentored by none other than Maximus. His mother and father were informed of this, and compensated accordingly for taking their only son on such short notice. Of course to keep the fresh squire from simply going back to his family to work, the Aldor Weard, or Old Guard as it is more commonly called, made steady payments to his family. Nothing great, but enough for them to rise out of the squalor and filth of the ghettos and to more well to-do places. Satisfied, Otrygg stayed with the Old Guard, Maximus teaching him as much as he could.

Otrygg sucked it all up like a sponge, easily grasping the fundamentals of everything he was taught and quickly mastering the more nuanced points through physical practice. With his abilities growing greater by the second, he quickly rose through the ranks until he eventually stood as the Lord Commander of the Old Guard. Sadly, by that time, the Order had shrunk greatly. The Old Guard's focus on heavy infantry combat and intense training regimes daunted many prospective members, who instead opted to join the government supplied and regulated infantry or cavalry.

So, one day, mustering up all the courage he had, he met with the Southern King. He begged and pleaded with the King to send the Old Guard some of their more promising soldiers to be trained, but the King would hear none of it. He would be giving up good men that were already faithfully serving him, and serving him well, to be trained and out of commission for months at a time. Simply so a dying order could prolong it's existence. It was not a deal favorable to the king. That was, until Otrygg pledged the best of the Old Guard to serve the King and no one else, as well as adding in training additional troops. This tipped the scale in the King's favor, trading out troops for ones of higher quality, with no one but him as their leader. And so, with this arrangement, the King agreed.

Naturally, this lead the Lord Commander to become a regular presence at the castle. When the young prince and princess, the latter of which he had found hiding in a barrel of all things, began showing an interest in dueling, sparring, and combat in general, naturally it was Otrygg that was to train them. He did not see himself as a teacher, but he did what he felt was right. And soon the two had become fine young warriors. Of course they had their flaws, he could easily tell blood bothered both of them, Miriam hesitated with her final blows, and Vern was quick to claim boredom and walk away from his failures. But these were all things he hopes to work out. All in good time.

Yellow Swan

Why Stop Dreaming When You Wake?

Name -


Role -
Oldest Daughter of the East

Powers -
Kiku can communicate with plant-life.
Typically used to find if any crops are sick, or to find her cute little sister if she stormed off again. Don’t ask for a compliment from Flowers, they are the worst at it.
Chlorokinetic Constructs
Kiku can grow and manipulate plants into tools, objects, weapons, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures of varying permanence. Using this power for small things will make her lose feeling in her extremities. Using it for large things such as growing a whole field of crops, or creating a protective thick wall of various vegetation will cause Paralysis that ranges for a few hours to a week.

+Horse riding
+Long Hot baths
+Garden walks/seeing sights

-Sleeping in the Dark
-Hot chacolate
-Animal cruelty

Hana’s Arranged Marriage
The Dark
Her 'Reputation' getting worse

Kiku has always had a soft spot for Hana so her resolve will typically crumble for her. But just as she has a soft spot for Hana, she also has a small inferiority complex which can shake her confidence. She also knows when Korossa raises his voice she can't fight it.

Once her mind is made up, Kiku will execute her actions with little phase. Her family is her heart, and while their lives don’t line up perfectly her siblings are all she trusts.

Bio -
Kiku is the second oldest child. Being the only girl of the family was short lived. Once Hana was born the fawning over she got for being ‘cute’ was turned to Hana. Kiku didn’t mind this as she too loves Hana’s cuteness. However with the loss of their mother she tried her best to become that role; Which is and was impossible for the child. Kiku never properly mourned for their mother hence she can seem a little cold towards Korossa whenever he mentions her. As she got older she was always told how ‘mature’ she looked. And she liked being complimented as such, but one day she overheard the domestic maids speaking about how women who looked ‘mature’ were such lewd and conniving creatures. So cute ment innocent like an Angel and Mature meant sinful like a demon. Kiku’s attitude began to harden as she tried desperately to get approval in other ways. She wasn’t particularly smart like Hana, responsible and passionate like Korossa (use to be) or the Kingdoms Hero like Jesse. The only thing she thought she won with was her power. The ability to see if the kingdom's crops would yield well meant she was needed for the kingdom. When the Arranged Marriage was brought up, she always assumed that it would be just her and her brother. Now that the time has come and Hana is a part of it; she is mad. She always told stories of true love to Hana with the assumption Hana would have the choice of Marriage for Love. Now she feels she has wronged Hana, making this ordeal harder on Hana (In her mind)

Theme Song:

Kiku’s dearest memory, using her powers she would tell little stories and with the flowers Hana Reiia silver Reiia silver would conjure; typically the Red Tulip knight fighting the Snapdragon to save the White Lilly Princess.

Kiku's favorite Memory of Korossa xAlter xAlter , Watching him sneak out the tutor's window from the garden. Always made Kiku laugh when they were young children.

Memory of Jesse Daniel Reaving Daniel Reaving always talking about a wider world beyond the castle, the only time his gentle voice seemed to grow. And when he returned, how shameful of a face she must have shown him when he first returned, but she is not awkward about it anymore. And the fact that he was still her gentle brother soothed her incessant worry for him during the war..
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Something Wicked This Way Comes

  • 1620763395485.png



    Eldest Son of the Eastern Kingdom
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Nico Nico No
Ice Gorl.pngName - Lynette

Age - 21

Role - Youngest Princess of the North

Powers -
Ice Aura
The ability to surround herself in ice or cold air. Surrounding herself in ice takes concentration but when she is frustrated or nervous, cold air radiates from her.

Likes -
Horseback Riding

Dislikes -

Fears -
Disappointing her siblings
Small spaces
Being left out

Weaknesses (Personality) -
Easily Persuaded

Strengths (Personality) -

Bio -
Being the youngest princess and with no expectation of inheriting the throne, Lynette was allowed a fairly carefree childhood. It was a blessing, at least compared to the strenuous training her siblings had gone through. Her days were spent running through the courtyard and fawning over the practicing knights. Well, that's what she was doing when she wasn't off in her own world - carefully brushing colors onto a snow-white canvas (and sometimes while in the snow). To her, there was nothing in this world more relaxing than painting. Watching the canvas come to life with different colors and shapes, mostly flowers, never failed to set her mind at ease. Of course, as a young member of the royal family, she was still expected to meet daily with her tutors. She eagerly awaited these lessons, wanting to learn anything offered. However, to the frustration of both herself and her tutors, none of what she learned seemed to ever stick. She could never remember the names of important people in history nor the dates in which they lived. The same issues plagued her in foreign languages, politics, economy, and most other subjects. Both of her siblings seemed to be absolutely brilliant and, in her eyes, truly fit for the throne. It seemed though, even after many repeated lessons, that Lynette could never catch up with them. Desperately, she wanted to impress them both, but she always came up short. Rather than discouraging her, she found this fueled her to work even harder. She was absolutely determined to catch up with her siblings one day and become just as great as them.

While painting and studying filled her days, at night she had picked up a different hobby (and one perhaps not befitting a princess) - eavesdropping. As the palace quieted down for the night, she often stole out of her chambers to listen to the servant's gossip. What could she say? Her curiosity always seemed to get the best of her. Being the youngest, she was sheltered from the politics happening - especially if it was negative. The servants, however, always picked up things they heard and spoke it in hushed tones. It provided Lynette with the perfect nighttime activity, both entertaining and informing herself. These whispered secrets were swiftly written down into her diary. These entries ranged from basic gossip to possible battle plans overheard from the other side of a door. The only person knowing of the diary's existence is her dear friend, Viana, her lady-in-waiting.

Daniel Reaving

Thirty Thousand Club
❝ Though unknown to all others. I will follow you forever. For my heart is eternally yours. I just wish you knew that.

Viara R Waters
twenty. servant/North. no power.

Weaknesses (Personalty wise)-
Very submitting to the wishes of lady Lynette
Often known to get cold and quiet when something is bothering her or when shes sad or hurt
feeling she isnt good enough for Lady Lynette
very easy to read when shes upset

Strengths (Personalty wise)-
Loyal beyond compare
knowing she will do anything for her princess
likes // Serving lady Lynette, cooking, the mornings, being praised, the outdoors
- dislikes // mice,
being scolded,
the cold,
getting messy
- fears // Losing lady Lynette,
being cast out from the person she closest to, dying before she confesses.

Viana grew up in the castle. Being the daughter of the head maid she was always around royalty, Particularly princess lynette. As they grew up they became very close friends and out of that Viana developed very deep romantic feelings for Lynette but never expressed them. As the years went by the two stayed close together, Viana becoming her personal maid to keep close to her secret love despite not knowing if Lynette feels the same or not. When Viana turned 18 though she came close to openly confessing her love for Lynette to her but didn't for feeling she would be rejected by her one and only love, the scariest day of her life she was only two words away from letting it all out to Lynette. To this day Viana holds a very deep love for Lynette but refuses to confess due to how different they are, her being just a maid and her love being the princess. Though with the up and coming marriage of her love to another Viana has found it harder and harder to hide her feelings for Lynette and fears Lynette will find out how Viana feels for her and break her heart​
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Name: Aron1620766523127.png

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Role: Eldest son in the Southern Kingdom

Nickname: Phoenix, Bright Knight.

>Spicy food
>Warming things up
>Helping people
>His family

>Water (Of course)
>People giving him insults
>Anyone who touches his wing's

Aron, the oldest son of the Southern Kingdom is a rather
happy person most of the time but when it comes to fight's
it's usually him who start's them.
He is really hot headed and is easily angered if tempted.
He usually isn't home a lot cause he is a knight until one day
his mother and father wanted him to marry and rule as king.
So he couldn't say no to them cause he loves them to much.
Now he waits to see what the fates paired him up with.

>Making his parents disappointed
>Losing a fight in front of people
>Being grounded

Power's: Phoenix- He is able to turn into a Phoenix.
Summon- He is able to summon a Fire monster that looks like this
Fire Conjure: He is able to make any weapon out of fire.
Fire Blaze: He run's at full speed burning everything behind him.


Theme song:
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Whiskered Wizard



Youngest Prince of the Western Kingdom

While by far not the best at wielding water as a magical means, he is by far one of the more precise and calculating of water wielders. His level of precision can see water even in miniscule amounts as either useful or dangerous.

Sightless Visage
Light warped by a thin layer of water allows for illusions of any kind when used effectively. Damien has created a means of hiding himself in plain sight, bending light around him with his powers to appear invisible. This ability is not used for many reasons other than getting away from situations that are out of Damiens depth, but it can at times allow him to hear things that perhaps were not meant for his ears. He does not take advantage of what he hears if he can help it.

Hydro Reclamation
When lacking moisture that is desperately needed for his spells, Damien has looked to spells that seek any active or available sources of water around him. Be it from the very air around him or the moisture from living things nearby. This can obviously be a very risky spell to cast when any person is nearby, so this is one of his more forbidden spells.

Crucible of the Drowned
The most forbidden and potentially lethal abilities in the young princes arsenal. It is by far the most subtle of spells he can wield as well. Upon the spells activation, one might find the air around them far thicker with moisture than before. The intensity of the spell can eventually have the victim of the spell feel that they are drowning, lessening oxygen going into the lungs and filling it instead with water. Damien could not in his dreams imagine having to use this spell on someone. If anything, it is a product of his nightmares.

Pets: dogs or anything small
Calm spaces

Prolonged times outdoors

Creatures with scales
Living things that lack visible emotion

Weaknesses (Personalty wise)-
Damien, though one to always uphold a rather regal and quiet air about him, can get easily flustered when subjected to conflict. His guise of sorts as being a calm and cool individual can shatter in moments. He works very hard to try and change that, exercising his sensitivity so that he might be a better prince in the long run, but it has all been for naught thus far. He also works tirelessly to be a proper younger brother. When it comes to the line of succession, he views himself as privileged yet unimportant. If it came to deciding if he or his older siblings should perish, he should be the first, and ideally, only sibling to fall. This can at times make him do what he can to preserve the honor of his siblings or even going so far as to endanger himself. Granted this might not mean he entirely adores his brother and sisters, but he is duty-bound to do his best for them.

Strengths (Personalty wise)-
Although quiet and at times seemingly antisocial, his desire to return to reading a good book will make him a prime example of royal etiquette. One might see him truly fit his role as a prince when he is under pressure to return to a quiet place to enjoy some reading or to return to his writing. His quiet nature can at times allow him to become cold and calculating, taking measured decisions to achieve an overall goal. This state of being can become a major benefit, but when something is done to break his concentration, he slips out of this state almost immediately.
Bio -
It is because of the rain in their kingdom that the youngest son of the western kingdoms king does not leave the castle often. He grew up quiet and preferring his time to himself. However, in some ways, the people and staff that call the castle their home would say that the young princes preference for alone time was also his greatest tool for growth. When he learned to read, there was no further need for tutors or anything of the like. Should the young prince wish to learn something, he would learn it from books . His greatest weapon is his ability to learn and hold onto knowledge. Though it would be this strength that would prove a weakness with time.

One day, the king had spoken with him. "You are not due the throne and you will be nothing but weak should things not change. Your brother on the other hand is working diligently to prove ready to be the true heir to my throne. What will you be though? Will you continue to be some lazy hermit? Tending to the books within our library and offering nothing to this kingdom? No. You will learn to value the station of your siblings. Tend to them and allow them to thrive. Protect them so they may one day rule. Learn to be of use so that you are not cast aside. As succession is not in your favor, I task you, my son, with being my blade. An extension of my will to see your siblings set on their path. A task I can only trust you with." These words set a fire in the young princes heart and with that spark of a flame he began to learn how to do as he was instructed.

At times the pen is mightier than the sword, but honing both weapons will meet one with true prosperity in life. Damien learned swordsmanship, a skill one cannot simply learn from books. It is an ability that he will sharpen so that he may stand beside his brother as an equal, or as close to an equal as he can. He would also endeavor to improve his skills with water magic, his affinity. However, where he lacks in power, likely the most important aspect of water magic, he makes up for in clever tricks or harsh and punishing spells.

Picture (Must be anime)-

RP character 1.2.PNG
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Daniel Reaving

Thirty Thousand Club
Name -

Role -
Youngest prince of the East
Powers -
Being outside, animals, Nature, people who feel the same, the arts of swordsmanship
Cities, people who have no regard for the health and nature of the world, trophy hunters
Not living up to his role, not being seen as a “Full man” due to missing his arm, his future wife not liking him
Weaknesses (Personalty wise)-
While Jessie is strong his Disability makes it hard for him to want to be in public. People staring at his arm make him quiet and down. Often seen as two sweet for his own good in many cases. Jessie is a quiet man, even when he talks his voice is gentle and quiet.
Strengths (Personalty wise)-
Jessie is humble and often disregards his status entirely to help his subjects. Always willing to disregard the royal robes and thrones to be with the people and help them. He’s kind and caring, respectful, honest, and refuses to take his status for granted or abuse it in any way.
Bio -
Jessie has always had a close tie to Nature and the animals of the world. Since he could remember he always was with animals. He has always had a gentle and kind soul. Always out in the streets helping the people of his kingdom instead of in the castle with the rest of Royalty. Truly A man of people and nature Jessie would do anything for his people. Even go to war for them which he did. That’s where he lost his arm. He’d always been a warrior but after the loss of his right arm he grew distasteful to battle despite constantly studying the art of swordsmanship. Since the loss of his arm Jessie has become a huge activist for peace and sees this union ship of the kingdoms as a great way to keep the sibling kingdoms in peace with one another.
Picture (Must be anime)-


The Swiftest Shot In The West


Name -
Lady Braska / The Northern Wind's Chosen


Role -
Eldest Princess of The Northern Kingdom / Heir Contestant Of the Northern Kingdom

Powers -

Cryokinesis: The ability to generate and control ice. However, the more this ability is used, the more body heat she loses eventually ending up in a state of hibernation.

Freezing Aura: An ability akin to Lynette's but lacking in the ice department. Braska has the ability to chill the air around herself and does so unconsciously while undergoing strong emotions such as anger, sadness and attraction/love.

Cocytus: Cocytus is an ability that Braska has inherited from her father the king of the north. It is an ability akin to the frozen winds of the north, an ability that indiscriminately freezes anything and everything in the area surrounding the ability bearer. It has thus been said or surmised that wherever the northern monarch threads the Northern Kingdom follows close behind. It is a famous ability and the very reason Braska has a claim to the throne.

The Cold

Being Overly Warm
The Idea of Being Wedded Away
Her Brother Ever So Slightly
Miriam Of The South

Losing the battle of succession
Lynette falling ill or being pushed into a bad marriage
An assassination attempt on any member of her family

Weaknesses (Personalty wise)-
Braska is a sore loser, a very sore loser. Braska's extremely competitive and strives to always give her best and more, it is for that reason that when she fails she can throw quite the tantrum. Braska never denies that she has lost nor does she make up excuses for herself instead she merely goes on a smashing spree- One of her less princessly features. Braska also has a soft spot for her sister Lynette and dotes on her a lot more than she probably should. Braska is also prideful in herself and can be quite stubborn.

Strengths (Personalty wise)-
Braska has been raised to lead much like her brother, as such her greatest strength is her ability to conform to the given situation. Raised and trained rigorously in proper etiquette and political know-how Braska can, for the most part, suppress her more rowdy tendencies in order to blend in and curry favour when at a gathering that requires her more feminine side to take charge. Braska is a princess through and through, she may not like it but her training has been thoroughly embedded in her and serves as her greatest weapon while off the battlefield. Braska is also quite an inspiring figure who has been known for her uncanny ability to spark new life into the most hopeless of people. Braska is also very charismatic when it comes to common folk and has been known to blend right in, which likely stems from how in the north even the royals are found aiding in the manual labour nearing the winter seasons.

Bio -
As the firstborn child and twin, Braska was raised to rule in case her brother were to perish. Many things were embedded into her from a very early age: Etiquette, Strategy, Dialectic, Swordsmanship, diplomacy and just about anything else a ruling queen might need. The harsh academics and rushing of them pushed Braska to become a hard worker, but unlike her brother, she became confidant in her abilities and grew to be quite proud and refined both on and off the battlefield. At the same time as her younger brother, Braska began earning experience in what she had been taught. From the get-go, the battlefield was her primary goal and it quickly became her home. Braska had natural prowess for warfare and her rigorous training only helped bolster her skills. Braska's brother was a brute of a man, he was harsh and boisterous but did what needed and expected of him. A true Battlefront Soldier. Braska on the other hand a tactician who swiftly brought down foes with precision and skill.

Parties and balls were soon brought to the forefront of the royals agendas. Braska for one loved parties but it was during this time she would come to despise dancing. Dancing was an activity she was acutely trained in as a princess, it was an activity she enjoyed. That was until she was asked for a dance by a Barron. The Barron was a wonderful dancer and although his motives were to curry favour with the princess his words would forever embed themselves in her heart. "Much like how a man leads the dance, a true king must lead the kingdom. A true ruler would never allow themselves to be lead by another.". It was those very words, those few simple and harmless words that on the spot made the princess vow never to dance again.

It was around this time that the prince stopped mingling with the 'weaker' or more sophisticated nobility and began partaking in activities where he could better show off his valour and brutish strength. Well unless drink was involved. Braska in this time saw a weakness in her brother. A weakness that combined with the words of her dance partner made her finally come to a life-changing conclusion. Braska was to contest the crown.

As her brother further withdrew himself from the wider court Braska went about on a mission of her own. With the winter approaching the kingdom was in need of some extra hands. Braska spent her autumn months aiding the people in their preparations. She did everything from sowing new clothes to logging and mining. The princess would work hard with her people during the day and in the evening she would consolidate her power in the court circles.

Her brother was weak-minded outside of war, he let the 'stronger' nobles push him into fighting when things looked grim for their pockets. Braska, however, made moves to secure assets and favour with those who would ensure she had the power to pull the entire court into line just as her father had done before her. That was nobles involved in all walks of life, from mining to milling.

Braska would soon take up a leadership role in a campaign with the silver legion. Moving to further contest her brother on the military side of affairs.

Braska's campaign with the silver legion earned her great renown in military circles, she brought the bandits further north to heel and outright slaughtered those to the wintery east. It was during this time Braska first displayed her ability to use Cocytus the kings signature ability. Braska was known to bear the ability but until now she had never used it for a display of force. Word of her triumphs and display quickly reached the capital and upon her arrival home, Braska was welcomed as a hero. Much to her brother's disbelief.

Almost immediately after her return and warm reception the king was bombarded with requests the kingdom over to allow Braska a chance at the throne. Braska made her stance very clear when questioned on the matter by her father "The north has chosen me to bear its magics, I am the firstborn and have proved my aptitude for the role. I wish to challenge the crown! I will be the Crowned princess and in time the queen of the north! Of this, you can be assured!"

Sadly Braska had been away for quite some time at this point and in that time her brother had turned cold. Braska thought herself worthy of the crown and yes she did think of her brother as weak or single-minded, however, she not once thought he would turn his cold and rash word upon her even if there were a succession war. The sight of her beloved brother in such a state brought with it great sorrow. Braska was officially recognised as a candidate for the crown but a month later and for the past four months the two royals have been competing for the crown. This marriage thing has come as quite a surprise and upset to the whole event but a minor inconvenience is all it is. Well unless Braska is married off to an heir... that might cause some problems.

Braska Loves her brother dearly and would love nothing more than to restore his smile. Alas, she has tried... since when did such close siblings become hated enemies. Lynette, on the other hand, is adored by Braska and doted on entirely. By Braska's orders to the court, she has been kept at arms reach from politics to ensure her safety. Not that she had much interest in it anyway.

Braska's main focus has been on expanding the kingdoms mining sector as well as improving the current lumber and farming sectors while focusing on improving the ways In which these sectors operate. Imploring great tinkers to invent new equipment and means to do so. It is clear Braska has big plans for the kingdoms growth and her aims and the linked rate of growth the north is seeing is indeed a terrifying economic sight to the other nations yet a welcome sight to the common folk.


Profile on Adrian

"I first met Adrian when he was but a fresh graduate of the academy. A village on the border was pillaged, his home town no less, he arrived shortly after my squad had finished inspecting the town's damage. I didn't speak with him then, I had no words I could offer. His town and all its people, his family, all lay dead before him. What could I have said? Sorry? I fear that would have only made things worse for the lad. But still, I often wonder if I should have offered him words at the time, not that I'd ever ask... just I do wonder.

Anyway, I had little contact with the man following those events. The bandits were hunted down and dealt with and a funeral was held. Adrian returned to the capital and as far as I'm told his skills quickly improved. It probably wasn't improving at a healthy rate or in a healthy way but he improved remarkably nonetheless. Nothing steals a man's heart or will like death or the realisation of a person's true uselessness in the face of such a dreadful situation. I worry he still blames himself for their death you know. I'm sure he would have given the invaders hell had he been home but... he wouldn't have been able to stop them. Honestly, I'm sure his family were glad he at least lived to fight in their name, for their honour. I'm sure they'd be proud and... Gah he just shouldn't be so hard on himself right! That's all! End of story!

Look, he improved a lot and that's what matters in the end. His improvements caught the eye of my recruiter and he was soon enlisted into my Silver Legion. Adrian stood out. And I mean he stood out like a sore thumb. He was an excellent fighter right from the get go. He could follow commands, grasp my strategies and he was ruthless in his execution of both. He rose quickly through the ranks and in all honesty before I knew it he was my right-hand man. His skill with the sword and unique use of Cryomancy was nothing short of amazing. Even among my skilled and elite unit, he was a cut above the rest. A force of nature much like myself.

Naturally, we became close friends. He was my right-hand man, The very man I trusted would always be where I needed when I needed. A man to whom I could entrust my life to and he his to me. Through battle, we grow close quite fast and now it's honestly hard to imagine a time when we weren't friends. We've spared countless times, he's accompanied me on ventures and he's more than used to my drunken rants. Leading the Silver Legion I learned quite a lot about the man but with him now in the guard, I find him physically closer to me yet somewhat out of my reach. He'll always be my closest friend but I suppose its wrong to still call him my right hand.

Still, with all that said I find it important to note those rumours of us dating behind closed doors are preposterous... and as for those going around saying my attitude is more feminine when he's around... absolutely ridiculous! Where did Lynette even hear such things!"​
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Prince Kumo
Age: 24

Role: Eldest Prince of the West, the proclaimed Warrior Prince of the West

Cloud Formation
Kumo has the ability to fabricate clouds, the size of the cloud depending on how long he spends developing said cloud. Of course, as related to his kingdom, he can freely control the rain that is emitted from these clouds, along with when it'd rain specifically. Kumo can also control how these clouds move, allowing him to even combine smaller ones to build up these cloud formations to the grandest scale.
Festering Storm
As an extension of his cloud crafting skills, the Warrior Prince can evolve his cloud formations into destructive storms. With enough water and the perfect environment, Kumo could expand these storms into full-blown hurricanes. Yet again, this technique of his requires an insane amount of time to build up and with the larger strength means a quicker duration. But, when used to its full potential, these storms can devastate nearly all in his path.
Strike of the West
This power has not been mastered by the prince, meaning he quite literally never uses it. However, Kumo has spent plenty of time attempting this very power only to fail again and again. With every practice of it though, he drags himself closer and closer to perfection. Put simply, the prince is learning how to control the water within his rain clouds to spawn strikes of lightning, hence the name, Strike of the West. No one has ever seen him use it, but Kumo knows that he'd use it one day with no hesitation if it means to defend himself or those that he loves.

- Entertainment (Music & Theatre)
- Nature (Views the outdoors as his area of tranquility)
- Competition (In combat, to be fair)
- Seeing his siblings happy (coughtheymeantheworldtohimcough)

- The heat
- Being alone
- Boredom
- Being underestimated

- Dying
- The fall of his kingdom and people
- Diminishing his honor

His relentless mental drive can be overbearing, causing him to easily stress out or get frustrated. He's also known to be a slight hothead, his pride and emotions have been displayed with everything he says or does. That, of course, means he can be quick to get into an argument if someone pokes at these feelings enough times. Being the eldest prince and future heir consistently weighs upon his mind, Kumo believing that he has to make everyone proud. Nonetheless, that belief also leads to Kumo willingly beating himself into the dirt when he fails, whether it was his fault or not.

Driven, strong-willed, and bold. The three main pillars that remain as the foundation of Kumo. Kumo has always been determined to do what is best for his people and kingdom, no matter the cost. Besides that, Kumo is a social butterfly, always ready to interact with new individuals, especially when building alliances. Still, when push comes to shove, the prince will do anything in his power to defend what and who he stands for. This desire to defend is what aids him in being a warrior, a leader, and the successor he hopes to be.

The Western Kingdom. The natural jewel of beauty blended in with lovely people and powerful leadership. Although, within the lavish forests, past the volcanic beaches, and above the dark waters lies a brewing storm. A storm by the name of Kumo. The eldest prince of the West. A young man bound for greatness since his very birth in the chambers of his palace. From the moment he was able to stand, his father was focused on one thing truly: turning his first son into a successor fit of ruling the West. That he did.

Kumo was never presented with a real choice for what he wanted to do, namely because his entire life was shaped around his father's goal. For years upon years, the boy was made to train and learn, balancing out his lessons between diplomacy and military. Mastering the art of weaponry and strategy, the prince used this to push himself to become a warrior alongside his role as a prince, much to his father's delight. Kumo was destined to succeed his father, so he made it that he'd be ready to uphold what made his kingdom so great when it did happen.

This lifestyle wasn't the most enjoyable. The long periods spent following in his father's footsteps made his relationship with his siblings a bit more distant. His father's obsession with the kingdom's survival only made things harder for Kumo. Sure, everything was in line for the prince to ultimately rule, yet, something always felt missing from Kumo's life. To this day, he attempts to figure it out to no avail. Even with all of the guidance in the world, Kumo kept this ideal to himself.

The crown awaited him. His people loved him. The kingdom was all ready to make that next advancement of prosperity.

The gods. His father. His siblings. All eyes laid upon him.

Kumo. The Prince. The Warrior. The Successor.


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Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Name -


Role -
Eldest princess to the western kingdom

Powers -
Persie has the ability to summon a poison or acid rain. She shifts the particles around her to create a small cloud,
and out of that could rain pours out. It burns anything it touches, and poisons those who ingest it. She is only able to hold this for a short while,
and is able to move this cloud where ever she pleases in this short time.

Shadow magic
Persie can connect with the shadow realm. She can communicate with these creatures; Some even do her biding.
Now when a shadow is brought up and connected to a living creature, she has to 'grow a relationship' with it.
If she does not have a connection to the shadow then they don't listen to her.

Persie can control water in its liquid and gas form. In both forms she can bend it and move it as she pleases.
She is infamous for creating small tornados with these abilities.
On nights of full moons her power grows.
She is not only able to pull the water from within living creatures, but also from the water within their blood.

Persie can hear, see, and communicate with spirits. There is a lot more around then one might think.
Lots of dead people animals and creatures that have wondered into the in between that is earth.
She can talk to these creatures and grow relationships with them.

Hot tea
Martial arts
Knowing what to do and say
Having control

when something is not organized
People who never talk
Things that take too long

Losing control

Weaknesses (Personality wise)-
Her younger siblings, she would do anything to help or protect them.

Perfectionist, she does not think she is good enough and will constantly try to better herself.
Even if she has already reached what she wanted to achieve; she will set to bar higher for herself.

Paranoid, she is constantly looking over her shoulder. She finds that the world is not as safe as she originally anticipated.

Strengths (Personality wise)-
War, she found that she is great at strategizing and planning. This makes her great at things that pertain to the war.
Not only this but she has learn to anticipate the enemies moves. Even if her father never let her go near it.

Intelligent, she is very well read and knows the answer to a lot of questions.
She constantly is studying; practically anything she can get her hands on.

Independent, she is very self-reliant. Always knowing exactly what to do and say.
She will do everything herself, but never really ask for help. Because of this she is very sure of herself.

Bio -
Persephone was the first to be born out of her siblings. She was raised mostly by governesses and servants.
Only really seeing her parents at dinner time. Even then they were distant from her; like something was wrong with her.
She used this as motivation to get better, for them. She thought that maybe if she was good enough; then they'd love her.
A few years later her little brother was born. She was so excited; finally someone that would talk to her. Someone that she truly loved.
But then as she saw how her parents treated the child; with so much care and adoration. She was struck.
Her parents loved this child that they had just bore, and not her whom they had been with for almost two years.
Persephone's jealousy overtook her.

Then it was like a chain. Her father would always be at the side of 'Kumo'. It was Kumo this Kumo that.
He was to be the next heir; even though she was older. Then another baby was born.
They named this one 'Damien'; she had to admit she loved the name. As this one grew up he kept to himself; away from all of them.
This peeked her interest; she tried her hardest to get to know him. She found that maybe jealousy wasn't the way.
And then the next child was born; this one they cherished like they had no daughter before. This made Persephone extremely angry.
Her governess told her to channel that anger. So she took up archery, then martial arts, and it just kept going.

Over the years her jealousy and anger only grew. She found that she didn't really hate her siblings, but how their parents treated her.
Still she resented Kumo for being so.... perfect. Why couldn't her parents just love her like that? Even through all of this anger and hatred.
She still loved them, and wanted to protect them. It was a silly thing, but it was true. Her family ties were practically severed with her parents,
and she didn't want that to be the case with her siblings. Because if that happened... then she would have nothing left.

Years passed by and she became stronger, smarter, and prettier. Many people asked for her hand in marriage,
but she turned each and every single one of them down. She didn't want to be some wife.
She wanted to rule, and more importantly she wanted to command their army. She found that she had a knack for it.
She was the best strategist they had, and she had her heart set on it. Still when her father found her doing such things he scoffed.
"A lady shouldn't be doing such manly things. Go learn to cook or something of the sort."
Persephone wanted more then anything then to kill him where he stood. But instead she gave a smile and left.

Picture -
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Youngest Princess of the West

Air Elemental
Callisto, unlike her siblings, did not inherit the ability to control water, instead, developed the natural affinity to tame air; for water alone cannot create a tempest. To her, the wind is a friend she can call upon when she needs to; such as to catch her if she falls or if she needs a quick shield from an attack. Although it is possible to use her powers for offensive attacks, being a traditional lady, Callisto has yet to train her abilities in the area of fighting. Another perk of her magic is that she can hear whispers carried by the breezes and feel the emotions trapped within the wisps when she meditates.

Callisto has the ability to sing the song of the western winds. She can hum a note to calm or tame the feelings of the people in the same vicinity as her. She can also send a specific tune or message to a person from faraway, her voice carried by the winds of her kingdom.

Much like the wind, her voice can either calm or break you. When angered or threatened, Callisto calls upon the fury of the western winds by screaming and creating air that violently vibrates, a deafening screech that can temporarily stun and deafen those around her.

  • Gossip from servants
  • Romance Novels
  • Tea Parties
  • Hiking
  • Animals

  • War and Violence
  • Wildfires
  • Irresponsibility
  • Venison

Never achieving peace

Weaknesses (Personalty wise):
If the saying “curiosity killed the cat” was embodied by a person, it would be Callisto. She has been in trouble too many times due to her excessive curiosity and overwhelming need to know about everything; from top secret war strategies to servant drama, Callisto has heard it all. This usually puts her in trouble, especially when she overhears sensitive information regarding the war. Being the youngest daughter, there’s little to no pressure given to her and she was doted on upon birth. This made her careless enough to find hilarity in the things most royal families deem inappropriate or unbecoming of a lady, much to her own amusement. Too adventurous and trusting for her own good, Callisto can also be considered naive and easily persuaded. Enough to see her as weak, as some people would claim.

Strengths (Personalty wise):
She is a social butterfly who loves talking and catching up to almost everyone. The servants find her kind, her parents find her exhausting, yet everyone thinks her endearing. She is the castle’s sweetheart for this very reason. Unlike most of the soon-to-be affianced, Callisto does not mind her arranged marriage, for she believes that anyone can, and should be, loved. Her loyalty to her family and kingdom is also a factor on why she will readily marry the person chosen for her, believing that accepting the arrangement is one step closer to peace between the kingdoms.

Spoiled and doted on since birth, Callisto has known nothing but affection since she was young, and this affection she gave back tenfold. Her constituents love her for the very reason she loves them back. Her parents, usually stern and strict, melt by the sight of their youngest daughter. She was trained to be a perfect lady; an amazing pianoforte performer with her angelic voice, a gracious host to their visitors, and overall, the ideal princess.

As a child, Callisto usually strolls inside the castle grounds to follow her siblings around whenever she spots them, asking them weird, random questions about the kingdom and the world outside it nonstop. This trait was carried to adulthood, with Callisto using her air abilities to locate her siblings just to hang out with them. She especially enjoyed staying with Damien while he reads, liking that he’s so knowledgeable about almost everything. She also does her best to talk to Kumo and Persephone but because of their occupied schedule, cannot hang out with them as much as she would want to.

When the event of her arranged marriage was brought up, at first, Callisto was wary. She is a romantic at heart, after all, and would have wished to marry for love. But her loyalty to her family and kingdom convinced her that she would do right by them. So she agreed without even meeting her future partner.
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Name - Havardr Gunnhild

Age- 27

Role - Oldest Son and Heir Contestant of the Northern Kingdom

Powers -
  • Freezing Aura: Like all the children of the Northern Kingdom, Havardr can surround and wrap himself in the cold his kingdom is so well known for. However, this aura is more like his sister Lynett's than his twin Braska's. And the formation of ice comes more easily to him than his youngest sister.
  • The Beast Within: There are rumors that on the battlefield, Havardr loses himself. He becomes less man and more beast, a terrifying blend of a creature from the north, a wolf of some kind, and man. His already berserk fury escalates, and his extreme strength reaches new heights. Of course, these are all merely rumors.

  • Havardr loves the fight and everything that surrounds it.
  • The friends he has made, both within his Ulfhednar warrior society and without, are one of the most precious things to him and he'll do everything in his power to protect them.

  • He hates sitting still and having to wait. The politicking of the courts and sitting in the trenches rankle him. His place is not in a castle, it is leading his troops at the forefront of the battle.
  • Hate is a strong word, but he doesn't like Braska.

Fears- Being forgotten and not even being worth a foot note in the annals of the history books.

Weaknesses (Personalty wise)- Havardr is easily goaded into doing things he probably shouldn't.

Strengths (Personalty wise)-

Bio -
Havardr was raised, to be a king. He was tutored in all that a king should know. The history of his kingdom, it's people, the wars they fought. And he would have been proud of what he was learning and how well he was doing, were it not for the ever present shadow that was his sister waiting to out do him. Where he faltered in matters of the mind, she excelled. She made him look like a fool, of someone not worthy of being king. He was by no means a stupid child, but compared to Braska he felt... small.

He was almost resigned to this shadow eclipsing him when a Jarl, those nobles who laid their claim in the wooded frontiers of the North, arrived to pay homage to his king. To most people, this Jarl was an overly loud, boisterous, and physical man. It was plain that he was tolerated by most merely out of obligation. But to Havardr, this man was what he should be. He somehow caught the Jarl's attention, and the man took a liking to the boy much to the annoyance of Havardr's father. The man took the boy away from the stuffy desks of the castle and out into the field. On hunts, hosting training sessions, to grand feasts to honor the warriors of old. The Jarl was teaching the boy the old ways, to live in the moment and carve your name into history.

Havardr assumed he had found his way to engrave his name in history on the battlefield. He won battle after battle, gathering like minded men and women into his personal retinue, the Ulfhednar, to join him in making history.

For a time, Havardr was content, his sister may be smarter than he but she could not match him on the battlefield. That is, until she came home a hero. Braska died that day, she died in his heart as she took the one thing he had over her, and declare her bid for the crown. And for what? Killing a handful of bandits that the local nobility couldn't handle? No, he would not accept that. He would fight her claim tooth and claw. He would be king, and he would grind her name into the dirt beneath his heel.

Picture -
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Names: Aleksander and Orion

Age(s): 19 ~ Orion is older by 8 minutes.

Role: Stewards (That's like a butler I think)

Likes: They both love pulling pranks, so they enjoy being around people who can take a joke. Orion loves dancing and gymnastics and has been trained extensively in both, he practices anytime he can and loves any chance to show off his skills. Aleksander enjoys drawing and painting, he usually uses his brother as a model when he can get him to stand still.

Dislikes: Orion and Aleksander both dislike being around uptight/overly-serious people. Due to Orion's severe ADHD he despises sitting still (but he definitely can if he has to) and Aleksander dislikes mathematics because he finds it difficult.

Fears: While not necessarily a fear, seeing people upset (especially small children) makes the twins genuinely uncomfortable and they'll pull out all the stops to make them feel better.

Weaknesses: Both of the twins are very blunt people and as a result they can sometimes come off as mean or rude without meaning too. Orion likes to push his boundaries and can sometimes get in trouble with those above him if Aleksander is unable to get him under control. One of their favorite things to do is speak in unison to annoy people.

Strengths: They are very caring and taking care of little children and animals comes naturally to them. They can be extremely patient when they want to be. They are almost incapable of holding a grudge. They learned to move without being heard and can communicate with one other in way similar to telepathy, so they are very convenient for gathering information.

Bio: Their parents were traveling performers and when they needed money to feed their other 4 children, the twins (as the two oldest) were sold to the castle and trained to be servants.



Aleksander(left); Orion(right)


Something Wicked This Way Comes

  • 1620853275023.png



    Youngest Prince of the Northern Kingdom
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Vern.jpgName -Vern

Age- 23

Role - Youngest Prince of the South

Powers - Melting - Using his powers, Vern can melt substances that have a melting point of about 590°C (the average temperature of a flame). He can melt items made of tin or lead but is only able to heat up iron or steel.

  • Meeting new people
  • Cats
  • Parties
  • Forests
  • Coffee
  • Blood
  • Bears
  • Ghosts: If you ask him, he’ll say that there is no possible way for ghosts to exist and to think otherwise is childish. In reality, even a slightly spooky story told to him is enough to keep him up for many nights.
  • Blood: Vern can’t handle the sight of blood. At all. It makes him woozy to the point of almost fainting.

Weaknesses (Personalty wise)-
  • Conceited
  • Stubborn
  • Sore Loser

Strengths (Personalty wise)-
  • Charismatic
  • Decisive
  • Focused
Bio -
Vern’s lesson plan was quite intense. Anything from world history to languages to dancing was taught to him each week in his private lessons. Although it was a difficult and sometimes overwhelming schedule, he took these lessons seriously. Although he wasn’t the first in line to the throne, he had hopes of ruling the kingdom some day. Even though he worked day in and day out to impress his parents, they still had asked his elder brother, Aron to take the throne. Sure, Aron was older than him and technically had rights to the throne, but he was hardly ever home! He can run off and play knight and just mosey back whenever he wants to claim the throne. This led to a lot of off handed comments and jabs sent Aron’s way. He knew, however, that he had an advantage on Aron in at least one aspect - socialization.

Vern had always loved social settings and the atmosphere they brought with them. Any time he got an excuse to wear his best clothes and chit chat with others, he was happy. The attention given to him was definitely a plus. Being a complete extrovert, he needed to be able to talk to others. This often caused him to approach different servants, looking for a conversation without even considering any tasks that they might be attending to. He often becomes bored without anyone to talk to. Other than servants, his favorite person to bother was his sister Erica. She was easy to find too, always with her nose in a book. It wasn’t his fault that she was often more available than Miriam to be his conversation partner.

As he grew older, Vern started sparring as a way to fight boredom as people became busier and busier. He fell in love with the activity and wanted to train more on handling a sword, mostly wanting to learn fancy spinning tricks. Conveniently, after losing a sparring match, he always "got bored" and refused a rematch. He absolutely couldn't stand losing. He swore to himself that one day he would finally defeat his older sister, Miriam. That day has yet to come. According to him, however, it will! It just meant he needed to work harder until he could eventually surpass her.


Our weakness is that we are morons!
Cyra Saffron

Age: 18

Role: The Queen of Spice/Head Chef of the Southern Palace/Personal Chef to the Southern Royals

- Proficient with healing herbs and plants to create dishes with medicinal properties
- Very good memory, remembers anything and everything that can aid her (especially due to her lack of education)

- Spice, spice, and even more spice
- Pleasing the royalty
- Learning
- New experiences and opportunities to try something new!

- Not having access to a kitchen
- Nonpassionate individuals
- Being interrupted (especially while she is cooking)
- People who are against her royals

- Disappointing Vern, Miriam, Erica, and Aron
- Her family struggling without her

Cyra is extremely loyal to the royal family and her superiors, meaning that admiration can be easily manipulated. She'd do anything to receive approval from the four royals themselves. She is quite caring, light-hearted, and sweet, not being a person with any kind of temper. To be fair, no one has ever seen her angry. This however can be viewed as a weakness, due to the fact that she won't defend herself, she'd rather duck her head and keep quiet. Along with that, she does not take rejection well, meaning she'd do her best to avoid that outcome at all costs.

Cyra is street smart, being instinctive, and resilient. Her kindness and willingness to help those she can are unmatched, whether it be healing or just helping the hungry. At her best, the girl is bubbly and filled with personality, from her jokes to her playful hums while she cooks. She practically never runs out of energy, bursting with excitement with every new task she gets. To coincide with that, Cyra is reliable and trustworthy, doing anything asked of her with the utmost precision, using the full extent of her ability.

Crya hails from the mere slums of the Southern Kingdom. Growing up in a family of eight (including her and her five siblings), the family consistently struggled with money and food. Her father always reminded the kids that they'd have to figure out something to help provide. Her brothers all did labor jobs within their neighborhood with their father, yet as the only girl amongst her siblings, she couldn't figure out what to do. However, when her mother fell ill, she had found an opportunity to step up. She would spend hours watching her mother cook, all she had to do was replicate it. That she did. Crya would practice hour after hour, experimenting with new tastes from whatever she could put together. When her brothers and father were out, she would wander off into the forests to pick herbs and use those for more experimental recipes. Once she was confident enough, she started her next bold scheme. While her family was out, Crya put together a cauldron of her best stew, selling it hot and ready outside in the streets. It became quite popular, the murmurs of a teenage prodigy bustling throughout the streets. Her father was certainly delighted, watching the little head of blond hair shoot to work as she put together more recipes of her own. She had found her passion: aiding her family and cooking until her arms would fall numb.

That is until her world changed. Her casual routine continued: waking up to feed her brothers and father, setting up the food for the day outside, selling it off. One day, an unusual customer approached her table. The man was unlike any other, donning clothing fit of a rich man from the kingdom center. Cyra was merely speechless as the gentleman asked for a taste of the various items she prepared for the day. With every bite, the man's eyes only grew wider and wider. He was amazed! The food had been better than anything he had ever laid his tastebuds upon. From there, Crya was gifted the opportunity of the lifetime....a chef job within the Southern palace. How could she ever say no?

Although her family was supportive, she was nervous and worried about leaving. But, the very man that inspired her to find something to do reassured her. Her father had all the faith in the world in his daughter. With a heavy heart but a high head, she gave her family one last group hug, before setting off for her new home and workplace. She knew, no matter what, she would blow away the royals with her food, and then give her family the life they deserve.


Reiia silver

Queen of romance!

𝓝𝓪𝓶𝓮 Lucy beautydash

𝒜𝑔𝑒 6

ℛ𝑜𝓁𝑒 tiniest citizen of the South [orphan]

𝒫𝑜𝓌𝑒𝓇𝓈 none…. Heightened hearing since she lacks speech.

☾ Cooking
☾ a safe place to rest
☾ fluffy things
☾ cuddling

☾ being treated like she’s stupid
☾ violence
☾ mean people
☾ carriages

☾being alone
☾ thunder
☾ puppet shows

She can be really mistrusting and fearful of people when she doesn’t know them

She is a very strong personality and they really cheerful demeanor. She is always trying to make people smile even when she’s not necessarily feeling all that happy.

Lucy was actually born in the West, she was born to a maid who was not married and was struggling to feed herself. Lucy hadn’t known her brother, but one day they were headed to the South to do some trading in there was a huge accident. Because of the accident she lost the ability to speak, her mom and her brother were both killed in the carriage accident.

She was wandering the streets after she had gotten healed, mostly confused about what to do with her life. After all she was still so very young, she was only four when the accident happened and then she found herself living in the castle with all the royals.

Even though she can’t speak, she has her own ways of letting her voice be heard and one thing she does not tolerate the people that she loves being picked on or treated badly. She has a huge attachment to Aron and the cook Cyra. Lucy has really good hearing since she lacks in some areas such as the ability to speak. She can hear assassins sneaking up on her or anybody else, she just doesn’t have the ability to usually warn people.



Te al Latte

In pursuit of nostalgia
Azalea Seto
Knight of the Eastern Kingdom


A powerful and skilled swordsman, Azalea claims that he learned his skills from his mysterious master from his home country in the far east, pass the ocean. It is a wonder how he is quick on his feet even with his size.

Horseman and Bow skills:
As a trained knight and cavalry, he is a skilled rider and also proficient on the bow and arrow.

  • Sunsets
  • Training in the morning
  • Meditation
  • Hanakotoba or The Language of Flowers
  • Tea
  • Noise
  • Storms and Hurricanes
  • Pretentious people
  • Coffee
  • Disrespect of Nature

Losing his position and the reputation he has built. Not being able to do his duty to protect the children of the Eastern king, most especially the princesses.

Weaknesses (Personalty wise):
Azalea’s outward personality is nothing but a facade. The friendly, gentlemanly, and caring man he shows himself to be is just a presentation of what he believes a perfect knight should act. In truth, Azalea is uncaring and self-serving. Calculating and collected, he would only act upon things that will benefit him.

Strengths (Personalty wise):
Fortunately, Azalea takes his duties seriously and will do anything to protect the kingdom’s children, and in turn, his reputation. He is composed in any event and can calmly think through tricky situations. Snarky when he wants to, sweet when he wishes to, Azalea plays with his words with the same skills as his blades. The small ounce of affection he has all goes to his mother, who he wholeheartedly devotes his everything to.

Azalea came from a mysterious country far, far east. His mother fell in love with a passing traveler who stole her girlhood in his stride, resulting in the birth of Azalea. Growing up in a destitute, single mother household, Azalea had big dreams. Even as a child, he worked harder than anyone else he knew for the sake of reaching his only, ultimate goals: giving his mother the life she deserves and having more.

One day, as he was selling the fishes he caught in his town market, an old Lord saw him and said, “You do not belong here, young lad. I can see it, the burning ambition in your eyes.” That moment was the start of his journey in reaching his goals. The old Lord was a wealthy swordsman who had no sons and daughters. He took Azalea in as his ward, teaching him his art and discipline. But the old master did not only impart Azalea the knowledge of fighting, he taught him selfishness and apathy as well. “For you to be strong, you must not feel for others. You cannot be weighed down with your emotions. Connect to your spirit and your spirit alone. The nature around you is your anchor, but you are the ship. This is the way of the sword.”

Growing up as his Master’s student, Azalea got the connections and benefits that come along with his position, gradually giving his mother the good and stable life she needs. However, Azalea was never satisfied. He wanted to reach new heights for himself, everything was never enough. The moment a notice was posted that said the Eastern Kingdom was looking for incoming trainees for soldiers and cavalry , he packed his bags and left home, much to the dismay of his mother. He was only 20 years old, then.

A decade later and after working hard to earn his position as a high-ranked soldier, he was given the honor to be one of the royal’s personal guards. And Azalea vows with his life that nothing will ever jeopardize his position and his name.​
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  • Name: Lady Reina the Sepulcher

    Title(s): Countess of Armadyl, Master of Red Manor, Palatina of the Central Sea.

    Age: 26

    Height: 5 ft. 7 in. (170 cm)

    Role: Domineering Mastermind / Illegitimate Daughter of the East

    Affiliations: Circle of Nobles, Central Capital High Society.

    "Patience, my Lord. Tragedy requires a physically ailing victim and a witness to bear the sentimental traumas. After all, anguish and torment upon the grand stage cannot be seen, unless inflicted unto another. Such is the beauty of the contagious misery that we are plagued with - a weapon in the guise of an emotional response."

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