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Futuristic The Face of Nippon, an Idol life!

Discordant Hymn

New Member
August 3rd, 2037 – Tokyo, Japan

The capital of technology, neon lights and holographic entertainment, Tokyo attracted the brightest youth of Japan yearly great waves of ambition. That you had to have the love of the public and the backing of the big companies of the country to get anywhere here was known worldwide. The Face of Nippon, the top Idol of the country, was the highest paying and most rewarding position in the world these days, even more so than being a country leader, for everyone knew that public opinion was the way of the world in this age of propaganda and financial backings. The road there was long, however, and full of pitfalls and thorns. Will you be able to make it to the top?

You and three others were chosen by the Sakuya Corporation to be their new rising stars, competing to gain more recognition and backings the higher up you reach in order to keep your place as a contender for being the new Face of Nippon. The public is fickle, yet mistakes are forever, will you manage to tame the fickle public? Or will you fall from grace or worse, become an unknown? Once a week you will be tested on your learned abilities, will you manage your time and talents well enough to make it big? It remains to be seen.

Four spots, four chances, have you the mettle of a Star? This will be a bit like a visual novel in feels, with day to day activities and great obstacles mixing to form a hopefully enjoyable game. With three slots of tutelage per game week, your character will have skillsets and be able to unlock additional challenges for you to think and trick your way through. The main areas of study will be as such: Singing, Dancing, Acting, Grace and Presence, choose well each time, and know that while different skills are encouraged, a minimum of skills in each of these areas is vital to make it as an Idol.


This sounds really great to me, and it looks like there's some element of strategy to it rather than just your typical Idol roleplay. :D Would have to rethink my character(s) though, since I had wanted to set up a Dynamic Duo but it looks like you're going for more of a one-and-only-one-victor kind of thing. Either way, definitely interested!

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