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Futuristic The Exile Battalion: Black Ops in Deep Space

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Action, Adventure, Dystopian, Horror


High Priest of Depravity

Soldiers overlooking ugly ruins.jpg

The grand insterstellar war has finally come to an end in 4266 and in its wake, a vast swathe of planets belonging to neither the neo-corporatist Unified Celestial League and the ancient monarchial Arkradian Empire sits as a buffer zone between the undisputed hegemonic power of the former and the remaining holdouts of the once great empire that was the latter. The galaxy has been permanently changed as new powers emerge from this cataclysmic conflict, sprouting like a rampant growth of weeds in a huge swath of territory once belonging to the Empire and the various independent territories that cluttered around it. The peace treaties have been signed but in truth, hidden state actors and those hungry to carve out their share of these carcass-worlds, ravaged by years of corrupt misrule, economic and open warfare, and proxy conflicts to reshape the post-war balance of power. The war has ended but the hostility has not and in what is simply known as the Ashen Expanse, the great power games of the past are waged once more.

This is where you come in.
When the war came to an end, those who fought the hardest for that silencing of the guns were cast off to the side. Loyal militias were abandoned by the allies who had armed and trained them, soldiers once honoured for their bravery exiled for crimes and misdeeds once encouraged by their generals, and the great nomadic fleets who fought in exchange for the promise of settling down once more treated as vermin. You are among those discarded by the great powers, in disillusion and opposition forging a new future for yourself as part of the nascent Frontier Solar Assembly. Created by those who saw an opportunity in the current ceasing of larger scale hostilities, it has assembled a variety of human and alien factions together as a growing force on the cosmic scale intent on forging a different path from the League and the Empire.

Creating this future is not an easy task or is it a clean one. For noble as the Assembly may be, the future it fights on is not one protected by goodwill and compassion.

Human Resistance by Shimmering Sword.jpg

The FSA was forced to exile, imprison, hand over, or even "execute" many of those who joined it due to their checkered pasts as concessions to the far larger galactic powers in whose shadow it dwells. Here's the twister: they actually didn't. You are among those names stricken off of the record and given new identities; maybe you were a hired gun, a mercenary, a once decorated veteran, a homegrown militia - whatever your past, you haven't exactly gone quiet. Instead, you were integrated into a hidden army that doesn't actually exist, known to only the most high ranked members of the Assembly, and answering to none beyond your handlers and your own flexible mission parameters.

As a member of this deniable operations group known as Damnation's Hunger, you are the hidden knife in the FSA's hand, shaping the outcome of the tumultuous conflicts and tensions in the region in missions "officially" never having happened. You fight against not only locals manipulated by home grown demogogues and foreign intelligence but the covert operations groups of the Empire and the League itself, fighting in the most questionable and controversial of conflicts for the promise of having your name cleared and being able to settle down into the core worlds under their control. You are a deniable militant fighting force with limited support from those you are holding to their word, trusted to solve their problems with limited resources.

Nothing will be as simple as it seems. In this world where the combatants are ghosts and behind every civil war raging across shattered worlds are hidden forces more monstrous than you can imagine, your missions will draw you into a world of terror, deception, obfuscation and annihilation that you will only wish had ended with the Great Interstellar War.

[CRAB SPIDER MONSTER THING] we_found_him_by_rhinoting-d6ci7ol.jpg

Gameplay and Rules
- Let's start with the unga bunga basic things you should all know. No powerplaying, godmodding, overpowered characters, being a douchebag or a bigot to or around other participants, and so on and so forth. You've heard it a thousand times but one more just for good measure. Now let's get onto the specifics.

- Just comment in the thread or message me over discord if you want to join.

- I will be the GM and essentially handle all of the NPC's except in certain scenarios where you may have limited control over some of them.

- This RP will have you a large part selecting your own missions which will have larger over-arching objectives. However, there will be various optional objectives you can do... some of which may clash with both your handlers and higher ups as well as any allies you have. Your actions undertaken in this RP will affect how the story and even larger scale galactic events play out. Let's say that after a contact gives you the information leading to a hidden listening outpost run by undercover League agents posing as locals. You eliminate them, destroy the outpost, find that your contact is a war criminal and take him out for good measure. In the following days, news agencies state that the Empire's agents are brutalizing civilians and killing war heroes out of spite while at the same time, counter-terror operations in your area of operations will kick up meaning you have to deal with more enemies who are specialized in hunting people like you down.

- At the same time, your enemies will not be as organized as before and there may be protests from the civilian populace against restrictive, invasive measures. Insurgent groups previously suppressed might become more open about fighting security forces in the region. High value targets might start moving around to new safe houses, presenting ripe opportunities to exploit. Don't just focus on the morality of your actions but how it might affect gameplay and the world your characters inhabit. You may be put into many situations you won't necessarilya gree with with what you're doing. At the same time, if you're clever enough you can avoid these situations altogether though it may not be easy.

- As this is a pretty far future soft sci-fi setting, I'm giving all players a lot of leeway with what they kit their characters out with. We even have "magic" in the setting though it manifests in a more cryptic, occult form somewhere between Warhammer 40K's the Warp and Mass Effect's biotics. However, there are some limits on how powerful you can be (ie. you can't bring vehicles off of the bat and I will ask for what weaknesses your character has in some scenarios) and no matter how powerful you are, you still have to be killable. A part of the appeal is meant to be that you will be fighting enemies who on occasion will be as well trained, equipped, and supplied as you are being the hidden weapons of the great powers.

- This is an RP will touch on a lot of sensitive subject matter and I trust you all to tread a fine line when you can. There will be a number of unpleasant scenarios that emerge and some that might be abhorrent to you but this is part of why I said to view things not so much through the lens of morality but also those of power. If there are ever any parts that you find just too much to handle, please message me and I will see what compromises can be worked out.

- As expected, this RP will get pretty violent. Please be aware that even if you don't intend to outright kill an enemy, a hyper-accelerated slug is going to do some pretty graphic things to human and alien bodies. You have been warned.

- I would say this RP generally requires around two or three paragraphs per post. It will be fairly detail intensive at points and this extends to your actions. If say, you are swinging a knife at a biomechnical soldier, try to specify what part of its body you aim at. If you are investigating an area to steal intelligence files from under the nose of the local government, make sure you specify which parts of a room you are searching. This might be lessened in certain areas but I will reward those who are cunning and creative in their posts.

- You are allowed to contribute your own lore. I will have a lore post written up if there is sufficient interest for this RP that further elaborates on all factions and the history of the setting. It is not required that you will be *super* familiar with it but it will help those who are interested.

Name(s): (Include both their current name and their name before being scrubbed from the records)
Species: (Refer to the species list in the recruitment thread or create your own. Robots also work.)
Physical Description: (Using a picture can help but isn't necessary)

Skills: (Are they good at demolitions? Hacking? Infiltrating? Heavy weapons? Elaborate here. If you have any species-specific perks, include them as well.)
Etherealism: (Are they capable of interacting with the unearthly parallel dimension to our own? If not, are they affected by it or capable of interacting with it somehow?)
Loadout: (Weapons, equipment, other items, possibly even certain companion automata/organisms/etc.)

Prior Associations: (What faction or factions had your character once fought for? The League, the Empire, or something else entirely?)
Background: (Who were they before they ended up with Damnation's Hunger? Who were they fighting for during the war? Make sure you include what specific things caused them to end up in the organization.)
Personality: (What are they like? Do they have any tendencies that might make them a liability to their higher ups? Any habits or practices worth noting?)


Expect a discord once enough people show interest. You can message me on my discord in the meantime if you have any questions you don't want answered here.

Lore page here on google docs.

Official Discord

CS thread.

Also have some more cool art.


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I pull levers
If I find anyone interested I will, but I was wondering if you had an idea of who your character would be. I'm gonna try and work together histories with a few people for the rp if that works for you.


High Priest of Depravity
If I find anyone interested I will, but I was wondering if you had an idea of who your character would be. I'm gonna try and work together histories with a few people for the rp if that works for you.
Oh I'll be the GM! I won't quite be controlling a singular character as much as all the NPC's you will be encountering throughout the RP.


I pull levers
aaaahhhh, sound good then. I guess the question still stands for any npcs you've got currently.

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