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Realistic or Modern The evolutionary quest

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the ranmantiric

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(this is a quest game themed on evolution and the likes, you evolve your starter creature by choosing any of the options you give, without further ado, let’s start the game)

You are the common vermiris, a basal creature on the planet Vermis, you, along with two of our relatives are the only multicellular animals on Vermis so far, you have no stomach or respiratory system and only have simple muscles, you feed on dirt and dead plants.

things seem simple, until one of your relatives evolved, the green vermiris, it is like you but with a green tint in their skin, since they have the same niche as you, you and them get stuck in competition with one another, how would you get out of the competition?

1. get carnivorous and eat your competitor
2. Get herbivorous and eat the algae instead
3. Stay being detritivorous but try to outcompete your competitor

Choose one of the options and tell your reason why


The Destined Undestined
2. Get herbivorous and eat algae instead

The best way to stay on top of things is to remain nutritionally balanced on plant matter. We can always stamp out the competition later with our plant-hugging hands and feet when we grow hands and feet . . . if we grow hands and feet. Right now we have to do with flagella to swim and slap in place of fisticuffs or kicking.

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