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Fantasy The Eobine Expedition [OPEN]

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seal enthusiast
The Eobine Expedition

img source: Etrian Odyssey 5

Intro ;
At the centre of our world, there stands a tree. The roots stretch deep into the earth, whilst the branches extend high into the heavens. The base of the tree alone rivals the size of several small nations, and, as a result, many societies and cultures have developed upon its' branches. It has stood for as long as human civilisation has, perhaps for even longer, and has undoubtedly had many names over the years - but the one it is most identified with, is Eobine.

Countless human lives have been dedicated to scaling and exploring this tree, but even now, after centuries upon centuries of attempts, there is not one single documentation of anyone ever reaching the top. Many believe it will never be reached - some even believe that there is no top to be reached in the first place. But it is not just size alone that makes Eobine remarkable. Strange wildlife exclusive to the tree thrive on Eobine, creatures with outlandish abilities that make them deadly to humans. The tree seemingly defies all logic and explanation at times - it has waterfalls, but no one has ever been able to find the source of the water, it almost has different 'biomes' or layers to it.. and people say the higher you climb, the more outlandish - and dangerous - it becomes.

Much of the lower half of the tree is documented, with many villages taking up residence on it due to it's immense size and resources, and even some higher sections have human civilisation, although they are constantly having to fend off the local wildlife. But there is one point that people cross, and then never return from; the 'Deadman's Layer'. It is said that nobody who has crossed this point has ever lived to say what's beyond it.. not for lack of trying.

Summary ;
This is the general plot of the roleplay: There's a huge, mysterious tree right in the centre of the world that no one has ever been able to reach the top of, in all of recorded history. You will be playing as a member of a makeshift expedition team, made up of mostly complete strangers, united with the common goal of.. getting to the top of this big ol' tree. Maybe for fame, maybe out of curiosity, maybe your character has a different goal in mind. However, that's easier said than done, because it's home to a host of ravenous monsters and equally deadly plant life. The tree itself seems to be a source of weird, otherworldly phenomena that gets stranger and stranger the higher you venture.. fog that spirits people away, logic-defying weather, strange, disembodied voices.. All that good stuff. Your characters will have to tackle all of these issues head on and try their best to survive the tree, and, at the same time, try not to drive each other absolutely crazy. You'll also meet other expeditioners, and learn the stories of all the other people inhabiting this enigma of a tree.

This takes place in a world that is much more primitive than ours in many regards, but makes up for it in other aspects. They don't have advanced technology as we would understand it - transportation devices like trams are still very new to them, and there's definitely no such thing as the internet or computers or the like. However, many of the plants, animals and raw materials found on their Earth contain elements we would consider 'magic', and these elements are extracted from them and put into forms that can be harnessed by humans. They are used a lot in daily life - to run machines, to protect and augment crops, to quickly fix things - the world is practically dependent on it at this point.

The world has wonders other than the tree, of course, but they're mainly overshadowed (often literally..) by Eobine. Eobine takes up residence on a chunk of land called Leranor, and is considered to be right in the 'center' of the earth. Its presence cannot be explained with any kind of science, but it's so unavoidable that people have simply accepted it as a fact of life.

I'll write more about the setting in the lore pages, once I've seen if people are interested.


Rules and Notes;
- I'll post the CS and Lore pages if people show interest.

- General rules, like no godmodding/bunnying/ect, no being rude OOC, ect. apply.

- Although I have plans for this, this will be a roleplayer where players can collaborate and help develop the world and story. That means people are free to suggest ideas for what certain sections of the tree will be like, what dangers they could face, what treasure they'll find - that kind of thing.

- Human characters only. There is a magic system that I'll elaborate more on in the lore pages though, just to keep things interesting.

- There's no set rule for response length - ideally responses are 1-2 paragraphs, but if you're in a situation where you can't reach that, don't stress - just make sure your response in some way adds to or pushes the story forward a little.

- Any faceclaims are okay, just remember that the characters are all human.

- This isn't exactly a rule, but there will be an OOC chat, and you are aaaabsolutely free to go hogwild and make playlists for your ocs and draw the characters and do headcanons and all that fun stuff, in my opinion it makes it much more fun!

I think that's it! Please don't be afraid to ask any questions, and also - this is my first time posting a RP here, and first time hosting one that is in a completely new world, so go easy on me please haha!

Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten
Oh, looks nice. Sounds like Made in Abyss but going up instead of down. Also, for the 'magic' system the human can't use them directly but instead harness it via various devices?


seal enthusiast
Oh, looks nice. Sounds like Made in Abyss but going up instead of down. Also, for the 'magic' system the human can't use them directly but instead harness it via various devices?
Never seen Made in Abyss but from what I know of the plot - basically, yeah!
And yeah, people aren't *born* with magic, but certain items can be enchanted to have particular properties and magic can be used through them. I'm thinking people use enchanted ink to give themselves tattoos that allow them to use it more directly too, lol


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Oohh I really like the look of this! I can't wait to read some more lore ^^
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seal enthusiast
I'll put up the lore page in a while once I have a chance, and then if I get a few people who are definitely definitely interested I'll post the CS page too ^^


seal enthusiast
Okay, here's the character sheets, lore and OOC pages!

Feel free to post your characters whenever/post in OOC ^^ I'll be making my character tommorow


Deer Lord
Hey, I'm interested! I'll do a basic plot of my character and get back to you. I'm really interested in the ink ideas, hahaha
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seal enthusiast
This Sunday; I'm going to be in a place without wifi from Friday to Sunday morning, so I'd like to start it then. It also gives enough time for people to definitively submit their character sheets.


seal enthusiast
Okay so quick note if there's anyone still wanting to join: I'm leaving to a place without WiFi for a couple days, and then after that I'm going to start the roleplay and probably close it too, so if anyone wants to post a character sheet please do it by Sunday ^^

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