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Multiple Settings The End came on Wings of Gold

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Action, Adventure, Dystopian, Horror, Magical, Romance, Super Powers, Supernatural


For longer than anyone can remember, mankind has looked to the skies for hope. So when the day that Angels came down from the heavens, so many bowed their heads in fervent prayer, and were swiftly beheaded. On that day alone, in a matter of hours; over 99% of the human population was culled.

Once the Angels had done their duty, they left.

The remnants of the human race dwindled further once society had fallen. Eventually, scattered groups of survivors formed and coalesced into a single faction spread closely across what used to be the far north of Canada.

There is currently around three hundred thousand people left alive in the world.

The threat of the Angels returning spurred the remnants of humanity to search for a shield, and a sword, with which to wield against their heavenly aggressors. It came as little surprise to many when the answer to the threat of the bright ones above; was found in forging a bargain with the dark ones below. The opposite of the Angels and their omnipotent master. Devils. The bargain was riddled with trickery and deceit, but the most clever among us struck the deal with the lowest cost. Our salvation would be granted, but the power the blessing granted would also deliver a curse to those who would bear it. Demons, as they came to be known; Women and Men damned by the Devils, granted unnatural powers and forms. When the Angels returned to finish humanity off, angered by their dealings with the dark ones, the Demons did their duty, and fought back the radiant menace. The most powerful among them were seduced by their own power, and once they were finished their fight, sought to be the only ones blessed with strength. And so, they sought to consume each other for their own gain. Only one survived the conflict, a monster created from his own greed, who’s name has since been lost to time.

As years turned to decades, and they to centuries, the Old War was forgotten. Forgotten, or dismissed by the descendants of the wartime generations. The Demons, weapons forged against inevitability, continued to germinate within generations even though they had lost their purpose. Through the years it was forgotten why they had come to be, their title the only thing to stay with them. Among the things to change, the emergence of fantastical creatures became the norm. Nowadays it would be commonplace to find the peak of an ancient skyscraper occupied by a colossal dragon, or to need an exterminator to clear your food cellar of goblins.

In the present, those who bore the curse of being a demon are simply a part of the world. Every few years or so, a family was 'Cursed' to have one brought into their midst. Most serve themselves, others seek to better the lives of those around them. But none of them are prepared for what is to come.


Hey there, thanks for checking out this thread! This project is about 99% complete, but I still consider it WIP. I wanted to post a small blurb as an interest check for anyone who might find this appealing.

If you're interested in participating, I only ask a couple things;

~post at least once a month

~don't be difficult / rude

~don't bring extreme fandom snippets in via character traits

What can you expect out of this story?

Well, that's currently open to change, but what I have planned so far is a post apocalyptic take on the Meta Human genre. It will be somewhat short and action oriented (since I’m still working on my story-running chops), and most likely done in an episodic manner; after the story ends if people want to continue it I’ll write another in the same continuity.

Warning: This story will deal with death and violence (within site rules). Most of the human race was subjected to a genocide. Your characters are not immortal. Dealing with mortality, morality, and death is commonplace in this canon and your characters should value their lives*. Being cocky is frequently overwhelmed by the fear of facing a legitimate threat most times.
To Note: The enemies we will be facing in this story will rarely be horde-style chumps. Writing your character running into a pack of enemies and killing them all effortlessly will result in the post being retconned as a fever dream of the character as they lay dying after being struck down for being foolish. Enemies will pose a legitimate threat, and behaving inappropriately to the situation will end badly. Permadeath is not necessarily guaranteed, however. But characters who may perish and be brought back will now have to deal with the moral and mental consequences of what happened.

Angel encounters: Angels are one of the pinnacle threats the characters will face in the world. They are powerful and extremely durable. Fighting one takes legitimate strategy. Running in to do a dramatic last stand will just kill your character and most likely not buy any crucial time for the party. Your character cares about their own life*.

*(excluding a legitimate suicidal tendency as a character trait, but fear of pain should still be considered.)

Onto in-universe expectations:

Powers characters can possess can be as complex or as simple as you desire as long as they follow a simple set of rules;

~the more complex / powerful the power, the bigger the drawback

>as an example, someone who is able to run extremely fast would require a long rest period between bursts so that they don't enter cardiac arrest

>someone who can control and manipulate elements is not immune to the effects of those elements

>someone who is resistant to fire is not immune to suffocation due to the fire consuming all the oxygen in the area.

There are exceptions to the downside rule in terms of how it affects your character. For example:

>Someone who stores electricity (or other types of energy) in their bodies as part of their power may not become a walking tesla coil, but they do have a lot of static buildup and can be a nuisance more than a hazard by shocking people accidentally.
>Enhanced durability would reduce the sensations of smell, sight, touch, etc.
>Increased strength would be difficult to control when emotions are heightened.
How hazardous to other people or your own character the downside is, is up to you within reason.

Everything has a rule, as the goal is meta-human; not Superman level ridiculousness.

If you need a character sheet template to copy/paste:
First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Curse (Power/Drawback):
Gender: (If transgender use the preferred here, and add in brackets their physical gender)
Marital Status:
Romantic Orientation:

Body Structure:
Notable Physical Features:
Description/Reference Image:

Good Qualities:
Bad Qualities:

Personality likes: (What would make this character dislike someone)
Personality dislikes: (opposite of above)

Background Information:
Weapon(s) / Tools / Items of note: (Go into as much detail as you would like about gear that your character brings)
Theme song: (I find having a theme to set the tone of a character helps when writing around them but it is not necessary)
(The BBcoding should work on this site to make the sheets a little more pleasing to read, edit as you see fit)

As for physical mutations, I have no limits. Fantasy elements are all on the table for this one but be reasonable about which fantastical things you pursue. As a note on this, you can use a physical mutation such as increased muscle mass combined with the power of speed, to be fast and strong. If you go too far or pile too many advantageous mutations onto your character, I’ll let you know. Also note that the more mutated your character is, the more it will affect how other people treat them as Demons are considered social outcasts unless they have worked against that stigma.

Imprtant to note: Every demon character has a set of horns. It can be single, or more than 2, but it is an omnipresent trait that signifies one as a demon from birth. Feel free to customize them to your preference, rounded, straight, spiraled, or shaved to nubs. (If you upload a character picture it doesn't have to have horns, just describe them in text)

The end-goal here is to have about 4-5 people total, I don't think I would be turning more people away but everyone versed in group story writing knows the difficulties in maintaining a large group. If you've got any questions about the story, the weather, life, the universe itself, shoot me a DM and we'll chat! Or y'know. Just reply here. Either works.

EDIT: Fantasy - Wings of Gold character Reliquary

Character page because I'm nearly done with the plot anyways.
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Good to have you on as well :csmile:

EDIT: If you want input on a character before I throw down the character thread (which may be a while since I want to finalize the story beforehand) feel free to DM a draft to me if you want, this goes for anyone else as well
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I've edited the first post with a link to a character page but here it is again for people scrolling down here and missing it :P Fantasy - Wings of Gold character Reliquary

I know I said I would finalize the story but I get excited about the character process and sometimes it's helpful when people have an example, amirite?


being meguca is suffering
Sye Sye just to clarify, is there any kind of learned magic in this setting, or are the demons' powers the only supernatural abilities a humanoid can have?

And is everyone still clumped up in Canada, or have they dispersed more?


forbidden maiden
I assume that this will be a rather slow-paced RP since the requirement is only at least once a month? If yes, count me in!
Because I'd love to RP but my time is kinda full ^^


SP3CT3R SP3CT3R theres no learned magics, just what the demons can do. And the majority of people moved to the colony up north but settlements still exist in other locations. None overseas are known about in the context of this story however.

Dovinique Dovinique the story will be as fast paced as people manage to post, I just ask a minimum of once a month so it doesn't stagnate. I know people can be quite busy and I'd like to accommodate but I'm also not demanding entire novels per post, and for this I'm fine with a few sentences as reactionary posts, so up to you based on what time you have available as long as its once a month.
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Sye Sye Since it has been centuries since the wars between demons and angels, is the current human pop still at 300 thousand? Are humans and other creatures still gathered in settlements and small communities or developed cities and civilizations?


The population has been rising but only slowly. It's much more difficult to raise a family in a wasteland, and most pioneering communities wind up disappearing. Settlements are usually built into old suberbs, the houses and such being retrofitted to accomodate things like wood burning stoves and furnaces for smelting metals. It would be like a medieval community, just adding the things they scavenged from the modern world. Major cities usually become the domain of larger creatures and are avoided. Sometimes Demons take over cities as their territory. General humans avoid making communities too large as the infrastructure for supporting a large community doesn't exist, you can't import food or supplies quickly anymore so even if a group would call themselves a community as a whole, they would be spread out over miles and miles of land.
Sye Sye How different are demons from humans, apart from their horns and abilities? What happens to their appetite, physical capabilities, etc.? Also can demons cut off or at least file their horns to make them smaller?


MidsummerNightmare MidsummerNightmare depending on their physical mutations they could be otherwise identical to humans or red meat cravin animalistic ferals. It's up to you. And yeah I mentioned in the first post that they can look how you please, including being filed down.

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