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Fandom The Emperor's Will (40k)

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Dystopian


"At least my mom took me to NASCAR!"
As the Cadian Gate falls, humanity is at its knees. Regiments from a thousand worlds are lost in the warp. Billions are lost to chaos and Heretics run amok through one honorable systems. But we are not here to talk about the toil of those in the light, we gather for the toil of those in the Dark. While space marines are glorified heroes, they are not the ones we focus on. We focus on the bulk of the Imperium, the Emperor's Hammer, those who are countless, the Imperial Guard.
Howdy There! My name is Spaz the Butcher, and I want You! to join the merriest band of psychopaths this side of the Warp. The Emperor's Will is an rp focused around a mismatched group of survivors in a war zone that is literally chaos. They are trapped inside a Hive on the planet Benikolv, and are forced to work together to survive in a hell zone of an environment.


"At least my mom took me to NASCAR!"
well ,will we all be from the same regiment? either way,sign me up chief.
Yes, different regiments are allowed: all except Kriegsmen
Welp, the Emperor protects boys. Hand me a flash light and let's get this bread.
And yes, flashlights are very preffered.

One thing I forgot to mention, please pm me your character ideas so I can start setting up the stuff. OOC may be up later today


"At least my mom took me to NASCAR!"
Also, here is OOC

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