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Fandom The Dragon Prince (Rayla Wanted)

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Action, Adventure, Magical, Romance


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Hello there and thanks for checking out my partner search! I'm looking for someone to play Rayla in a roleplay set in the Dragon Prince universe, but set further in time than the show. I was thinking the characters could be around 20 years old by this point.

I do not expect my partner to be a 100% show accurate Rayla. Such expectations are ridiculous, only the original creator of a character can ever portray them completely accurately. I won't be upset if she's not 100% accurate.

I have a few story ideas that we can discuss and brainstorm together. I'd like this roleplay to focus mainly on romance between the characters, but of course not solely on that. Action and adventure is a main staple in almost anything I do.

Right now I am heavily leaning towards playing Callum, but I am up for other suggestions as well. I could create an OC, or anything of that sort.

A little bit about me;
  • I've been roleplaying for about 10 years now.
  • I prefer to roleplay in PMs or offsite.
  • I am in the EST time zone.
  • OOC chat is necessary, I like becoming friends with anyone I roleplay with. I'd prefer to chat on Discord, simply because of how slow PMs are.
  • For the love of god, please don't ghost. If you aren't having fun, say something. Don't just delete the rp and never say a word to me about any of it.
  • You'll never get less than 2 paragraphs out of me, usually 3-5. That being said I have no real upper limit, I just write as the story demands.
  • I usually post at least twice a day, but can go much higher if you have the time to sit down with me. I don't mind roleplaying for hours straight, though I know some people get tired of that.
  • I prefer to roleplay with people 18+. I myself am 25 and am uncomfortable rping with anyone under 18.
Thanks for taking the time to read this! If you're interested please PM me for further conversation!

If you cant PM yet feel free to leave a message in the thread!
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