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Kana couldn't help but stare at the vial given to her for a few moments. Nothing like this had ever existed in her world and it was no telling if it would work for her or not. Hopefully she would never have to find out. For now though she simply pocketed it and grabbed hold of the guardian's shoulders with her feet planted on its back before it followed her wish to follow after Greymourne.

As she neared the palace it didn't take long for the Assault Armor's sensors to pick up the signal of the armor that Tobias wore, letting Yunica know where exactly she needed to go. The explosions and various other kinds of magic being caused by the fighting happening in the area, and even the demons were largely ignored other to simply avoid them. The clone wasn't going to let anything distract her from getting to the gravity man. Finally, after racing through the streets and crashing through more than a few abandoned buildings she caught sight of him floating a short distance up in the air, but still within reach of her sword. Better yet, he seemed to be distracted by something and not entirely paying attention to his surroundings. Some part of her knew from the combat skills copied over from Dana that swapping the sword's cartridge out for the lightning-based one might be a good idea for damaging his armor, but she ignored it. Getting to him quickly and striking him down was the only thing that mattered.

A burst of intense energy erupted from the Armor as Yunica unleashed her Boost Mode, the power enhancing every aspect of the AA's abilities. With newly enhanced speed the warmachine raced forward, ignoring any obstacles to get within range of Tobias so the woman could bring her sword down upon him in a two handed grip, the blade erupting in magical fire as she screamed "Murderer!" at him.



The Once and Future Kai
Mask Squad VI
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Escorting Tobias. Interaction: StaidFoal StaidFoal (Tobias) YsFanatic YsFanatic (Yunica)​

A dozen magical longswords fly through the air only to ding off the hardened super armor of the mecha ineffectively. Powerful gusts of wind blast against it but fail to divert it from its charge. Finally, only one option remains, as Yunica brings her blade to bare against the master of gravity the masked berserker leaps between them with his greatsword braced to block the blow. It is woefully insufficient before the might of the meager of super technology and magic. Yunica cleaves the masked beserker and his greatsword in twain, cutting through armor and internal construct parts with ease. He erupts in an inferno of destructive magic as he falls.

Still the human shield does manage to take the edge off Yunica's attack and buy the master of gravity a few extra seconds of reaction time. He is aided further by a gust of wind that pushes him away from his attacker and the masked jester darting up behind him to help him right himself.

The two remaining constructs broadcast in their loud monotone. "This battle is lost to you. No reinforcements are inbound. Withdraw to Verruk and you will be given an army to lead in conquest of this city."

Far away, a woman chained to a wall clenched her jaw in frustration and despair. She had lost the young goddess. Frostfire had disappeared. Now the master of gravity would be lost too. She had no more resources to deploy. "You stubborn ass, just come here."

Mollug Masks
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Second Wall. Interactions: Snackofthefuture Snackofthefuture (Sakujo)​

The Notrestran soldiers lead by Sakujo and the Reverend slew most of the masked Mollug soldiers making their way to the Royal Palace. Three or four managed to slip pass them but were destroyed by other guards alerted by the explosion at the palace. The entire Mollug unit, including its commander, had been defeated thanks in no small part to the mysterious warrior Sakujo.
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Hathrax the Pit Fiend
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Frontlines. Mention: Judge_Vulxray Judge_Vulxray (Midyiel)
Hathrax was confused. The archon... eladrin... eryines.... By the pit! The enemy, whatever it was, had been diving down at him when it disappeared in a burst of lightning. The Pit Fiend glances around. The battlefield was still there. There was lightning arching over the battlefield from somewhere. The addle minded devil couldn't think that through so he just ignored it.

"Hmmm...." Hathrax tried to remember what he had been doing. Oh yes, he remembered now. He was butchering mortals. He started forward again, crushing an entire row of Notrestra soldiers, and a few Mollug soldiers, with a swing of his massive chain maul.

As he waded back into the fray, he conjured up fiendish magic that should have obliterated the forces before him. It fizzled. He frowned, trying to cover up his confusion. Had he forgotten something? A regent? Some of the words? By the pit!


The Once and Future Kai
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Frontlines near MIdyiel
Interactions: Snackofthefuture Snackofthefuture (Ivan)

Caedmon glanced back at the city as an explosion rocked the large structure at it's center. This occurred just seconds after the siege machine began electrocuting regular soldiers on both sides of the conflict. The timing was too perfect to be coincidence and he was reminded of the stratagems of certain Daemons from his reality. His eyes narrowed. There were signs everywhere. Tactics that didn't line up. Successful attacks at locations that should have been heavily defended. Soul harvesting going on on both sides of the conflict. Could this have all been a stratagem to kill as many regulars, on both sides, as possible? There were daemonic forces on both sides. Even among the other summoned.


"It's a trap." Caedmon says to himself. He felt very certain of this. Someone or something was manipulating events. Perhaps the daemons or even the moral construct. The moral construct might well be a daemon in disguise. It was a trap but for who? A thought occurs to him, suddenly, and he asks too calmly over the astral network, "Ivan, where are you?"

New Ivan. The person who had offered him this defense mission. The one who had suddenly abandoned the front lines without explanation and disappeared back towards the city. The city where an explosion had just erupted. Caedmon could sense that the psicrystal he had given New Ivan was near that eruption and the emotions he was sensing from him were... Caedmon had dealt with traitors before. So many traitors. It had been difficult once, now it was basically reflex.
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The Once and Future Kai
It was true that, from a cosmic perspective, death bothered her - it was a temporal waste and the eternal loss of a unique form. Even for those whom she had deemed worthy of death, she would have preferred if most of them had simply never been conceived. Just consider all that their pointless life had consumed and all of the waste they had produced. Still grisly scenes of violent death were not something that disturbed her in the slightest. In truth, she herself had created numerous scenes like this over her long life and when she was a few millennium younger had even taken a certain pleasure in causing them. Even now, she still felt a unique satisfaction in eating pesky little persons who had outlived any other purpose.

So it was not the grim scene before her in the Nortestran throne room that troubled her. The splattered gore and eviscerated remains of royal guards, servants, and demons were just unflattering. It could actually be made beautiful with some contrast, for instance if there were a single flowering tree at the center of it all bathed in a stream of light. What did trouble her was one of the dead servants - a young page of eight or nine years old. She bent down beside the bloodied body and gently brushed back the locks of his hair to close his unseeing eyes. It had long displeased her when children were harmed or killed. Those feelings were far stronger now that she had lost her own... She would have done something to preserve this child but his soul was gone. The soul harvesters had not even spared this little spark of spiritual power. She pulled a tapestry off the wall and lay it over him, then continued on with a hard glint in her eyes.

The throne room was a wreck. There were some lingering magical auras but whatever objects they had belonged to had been destroyed. Cautious royals often had secret tunnels near the throne room or their chambers, so they could make a hasty escape if needed, but she wasn't sensing anything like that here. She remembered the words of little Egg Tart 'Nobody's ever broken into the palace, before!' She hadn't believed that it was true at the time but, perhaps, that was the reason for the lack of such precautions. She thought back to the person she had assumed was the King fighting for his life and wondered if the monarchs had just trusted too much in their power. Even if one was powerful, it was foolish not to have stronger supports and contingencies in place.

She planned to search for the royal chambers next; it was another common location for hidden escape routes, she could find something to use for scrying there, and there might be something of interest... A ledger, tome, or notes. She tilts her head as she hears explosions from outside the palace and then shakes her head. This had taken too much time. She had hoped to come across the princess near where her father was fighting for his life but there had been no sign of her. By now the princess was either dead, had made her escape, or was hidden in a chamber somewhere.
(Mother Voorjaar)

Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Royal Palace → Royal Palace Neighborhood Exterior
Mentions: StaidFoal StaidFoal (Egg Tart, Athena, Tobias) Bob Bob (Varium)

Palaces were designed with hierarchy in mind, often with a confusing maze of ill shaped servant quarters and work chambers smashed around elegant centralized areas where the royals congregated. That made it simple to guess where the royal chambers would be and she soon found them. She made a point never to make her own sanctums so predictable. The demons were numerous here. She shifted her form back to that of the wounded princess and filled the chamber around her ice to block their advances. She moved freely through the solid ice as if it were air into the chambers.

FrostVoorjaar (1).png
There were more dead here, probably the royal's personal servants, and no sign of an escape tunnel. She found a hairbrush in a changing room, a few strands of platinum hair still in it, and then paused by a window looking out over the city. In the neighborhood nearby, she could see buildings bobbing unevenly in the air, no doubt the work of the master of gravity, but no sign of him. She had only intended to invite the old schemer to join her at the palace but he'd brought along the Lich and that spirit. That had annoyed her at the time as it precluded any chance of subtlety. Yet now, it seemed presentient with the interloper committing regicide and demons crawling all over the palace... Perhaps the old schemer had sensed something she'd missed. That thought annoyed her even more.

Pulling on the threads provided by Virtue's clue had lead to more than she had expected. She thought that she'd find Frostfire turned to stone, being drained of her power, or in some other similar state. Perhaps the deity had a purpose in providing vague clues rather than details. It had forced her to look closer. Virtue had directed her towards the heart of the hidden web orchestrating the events roiling over this land and... She felt that she was closing in something else as well.

She burst through the window in a shower of stone, glass, and ice. Landing at the side of the royal palace she began to walk towards the master of gravity. The royal gardens here, in the shadow of the palace, were lovely and well tended. It was a shame that such talented gardeners were probably dead. She shook her head. Death was a waste. She had been certain that she had the solution to waste once but that had cost her the things she held most dear.
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Ivan had come with Tobias to the palace, the older scientist looking for revenge, Ivan of a mind similar. Now Ivan’s eyes were open, they had been used by Nortestra as a shield. They were a tool to be cast aside when finished with. Ivan was tired of the lies, the treachery and the violence. Ivan knew things could have been different and that's what disturbed him most. If Athena and the royalty of Nortestra hadn't schemed so much, the Summoned would have been able to aid them unmolested. Now in a much deeper sense they had to save Nortestra, Ivan, Tobias and Frostfire together. Ivan didn't fire his gun, as they entered the palace.

Soon as they wandered through the palace grounds, they eventually realized that Athena wasn’t in the palace. That was when the demons began to appear, attacking and killing all within the complex. Ivan groaned as they moved, then speaking to Tobias he said, “Y'know Tobias there were easier ways to deal with this treachery... If you hadn't turned against Nortestra you’d still have their trust. And Athena wouldn't be running from us… I know it would be treacherous… But sometimes that's the best way. The least bloody… Ya gotta stop with the collateral damage…”

Ivan noticed that the sounds of battle with the Mollugs was reaching a crescendo. That couldn't be good, he hoped the Nortestran line would hold. Hold at least long enough for the citizenry to escape. Ivan sighed and pulled his mask up over his face, his hood following shortly after. Suddenly he felt a wave of concern wash over him. He wasn't alone though, that was something Ivan had to remember. The trust placed in the psicrystal Caedmon had given him. Had that not been a show of trust? A great one at that? Access to each other's thoughts and feelings was something not to be trifled with. And yet Caedmon had trusted him, seen the genuine and the good in Ivan. Ivan knew right then, their bond was strong enough. He could trust Caedmon and the others in the link. Ivan didn't know that much but he knew the psicrystal was honest. He’d tell them what was going on in full.

As Tobias and Ivan got closer to Athena Ivan began to tell that things were really going to hell. Demons were appearing throughout the complex, killing all they came across. Ivan touched the psicrystal and felt the link open fully. He spoke then to all the members of the psilink. “My friends, I don't know whether it is wise to give this information, but I need to make sure each of you are safe. We have been betrayed. Nortestra is planning to abandon us once the siege is over. Their word is not to be trusted, at least that of the royalty and aristocracy. They tried to kill my friend Felicia, one of the other summoned. I don't know why yet, and I don't care. She was said to be dead several days ago, while they imprisoned several of our other summoned, who had earlier judged their true intentions. But she just reappeared to me, scarred and damaged by her encounter. The Princess is to blame for this I have been told.” Ivan’s voice shook slightly as he went over the information he had, relaying as much through the psicrystal as possible to Caedmon, Professor Membrane, Midyiel and the others within the psilink.

The psicrystal also conveyed the truth and emotion of what Ivan was telling them, lending him credibility as he went over the sudden revelation. The New Summoned knew far less of Nortestra so far, they were vulnerable to her machinations. Ivan conveyed as much information and then left the link open as he moved with Tobias. They were close.

And suddenly they had found her, running through a street dressed in a brown cloak. Ivan snarled and he fired his gun into a demon that had approached them while Tobias confronted Athena. Then suddenly as soon as they had found Athena she was gone, Tobias having obtained a bloody nose in the process. The beastwoman Meira had interfered. And now Athena was gone. Ivan would confront her next time, make sure she understood the consequences of her actions

Then suddenly a scream of “Murderer” reached Ivan’s ears and he turned just in time to notice one of the Mollugs that had been fighting alongside them get cleaved in half by the mecha that had been fighting them earlier. Ivan cursed and wished they had been able to explain the situation to more of the summoned.

Ivan begins to charge his gun, conserving power in the weapon as he moves to defend Tobias, who is now open to the mecha. There are only several of the masked soldiers in front of the Scientist Adrift. Ivan then lets loose with his gun at Yunica, firing a couple dozen red hot lasers at her, shearing stone and metal off of the surroundings. Several demons in the area come apart due to the onslaught, exploding into black and gory mist, blood splattering all around. He dives into cover after firing the several dozen rapid fire shots, and then detaches a portion of his gun, which forms into a circular grenade like device. The device would explode on contact. Ivan then took several steps away from his cover and then with several steps forward hurled the grenade at Yunica.

“I dont know if you can hear me mecha man, but back the fuck off!”

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The Once and Future Kai
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Frontlines near Midyiel
Interactions: Snackofthefuture Snackofthefuture (Ivan) Judge_Vulxray Judge_Vulxray (Midyiel) Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505 (Professor Membrane) YsFanatic YsFanatic (Yunica) Juju Juju (Kotori)

Caedmon was relieved to receive the report from new Ivan. It confirmed his suspicions while alleviating his concerns. It was a known tactic of Daemons to corrupt the most powerful and influential regulars. He was aware that there were more layers to this, the enemy's schemes were often multifaceted, but he would start by investigating the claims against this princess.

"Midyiel. Professor. Kotori. We need to reinforce Ivan in his investigation of the traitor." Caedmon sends over the astral network. He pivots in the air and begins to fly back towards the heart of the city. Unimpeded by terrain he leaves the front lines far behind and soars towards the second ward walls. His scowl deepens as he further explains the situation, "This will also position us to directly protect civilians. I suspect that the repeated attacks on the civilian populace are due to intentional security lapses and that there is a significant risk that we are falling into a trap by focusing on the regular soldiers. "


Caedmon focuses on the sensory input coming in from new Ivan. His ally is in combat with...the baby? Why was she there? Probably manipulated by the traitor. Wait. The baby was the one who told him that not all summoned could be trusted. She had referenced one of the soul harvesters, the mass of intellectual muscles...Hug Lord of Doom 3000. When Daemons schemed there were always layers upon layers.

A glowing mote of green psionic energy springs into being beside new Ivan while Caedmon is still a city ward away. It grows in intensity as he focuses his concentration and then fires a psibeam at the baby. He kept the power level down to prevent causing actual injury - his primary goal was to inflict morale damage to dissuade her from opposing new Ivan. If necessary, he'd increase the power to attempt to knock her unconscious but...there were risks to that and he didn't want to harm someone whose only wrongdoing was being manipulated by the enemy.
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Valucia was an interesting little world, or rather it would be better to say that its denizens were quite ferocious in some sense of the word. It was far more refreshing seeing a warzone than the peaceful and quiet worlds she'd walked on. Dreadfully boring they were, but that simply meant that it allowed her to explore with far more freedom than what would usually be allowed in a battlefield. But perhaps that may be why she was chosen alongside her master to participate in Virtue's little game. The multiverse she's walked had very powerful opponents. Some she killed and collected their skulls, while others overpowered her in every aspect, teaching her through defeat that she had much to learn from these long lived entities. Would Valucia house some of these entities as well? Time will tell, but she simply smiled when her master lifted a single finger towards the raging battle with Tobias at its core.

That dragon shapeshifter had decided to leave their group as she charged into the palace. Not her place to say when it comes to impulsive decisions, as she may have done the same had her master been her utmost priority. Still, she obliged her orders and vanished, the absence of air cracking evidently obvious. It was a lack of care that she moved with such raucous movement before. Her speed was more than simple destruction of the sound barrier, but the very world she lived in. As she made her way to the battle, she was walking with steady gait, yet the world moved in slow motion. Debris and fire stood still in the air as she approached from their landing point. She encountered few demons, but rarely gave them the care of day, weaving past them with absentminded grace. Her scythe blade glided over their necks slowly, lethargic in her eyes, but to the demons, a blade that surpassed the speed of sound several times over. It was a peaceful walk all things considered.

And when she entered the scene, time seemed to normal as she exited the realm of motion. For the summoned present, Varium would have appeared from nothing, calmly walking with a gentle smile on her face. A sweep of her scythe and she gave the surrounding people a small curtsy.

"My, my," she chuckled. "It seems you're all quite enjoying yourselves right now. Would I be so rude to ask to join in this affair as well?"

Her eyes focused on Yunica, recognizing her presence and appearance, then towards Ivan. "Oh my, if it isn't Mr. Ivan. A pleasant surprise to see you again after our brief interaction in the cathedral," she gave a soft laugh before sweeping her scythe behind her back, a smug smile on her face. "Unfortunately, I won't be able to chat with you like last time. After all, the dear princess has been considered as a very important objective for my master."

Those mismatched eyes turned their gaze towards Athena and Meira, no ounce of bloodlust or malice in their intentions. Rather, she stared at them impassively like they were decorations to the environment. Barely worth considering outside of their appearance and importance. For her, the summoned were only the things she considered as remotely dangerous. The pair of women barely scratched her warrior heart, pitying their unfortunate destiny to be cut down by her blade and taken by her master.

"I must sincerely apologize," she said, leaning forward as she readied to separate their heads from their necks. "I will make this painless."


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Merchants of Castellan's Second Ward
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Palace District. Theme: Crisis, Xenoblade

1610282107534.png 1610282255464.png 1610282327442.png

The streets were filled with scores of terrified civilians pushing their way away from the eastern edge of the city where the wall had been breached. Some were pushing carts full of belongings, others were hurrying along with little more than the clothing on their backs. There were few soldiers to be found. Most had moved towards the breach in the second wall to reinforce it or abandoned their posts for safety themselves.

The noble district, normally a place of quiet elegance, was full of panicked people when the explosion erupted at the Royal Palace. Most scattered as shadowy demons flited around the palace grounds and terrible entities summoned from other worlds appeared. A few were not so fortunate and found themselves caught in the midst of the developing chaos.

The beastwoman alchemist Amara Elmaris had abandoned her shop in the second ward. She was riding a wagon filled with alchemic equipment and supplies, but the horse spooked at the explosion and broke its ankle. She was tending to the animal, soothing it with a alchemic concoction and trying to set the injury before using a healing potion when several nearby buildings and the wagon were lifted off the street by some strange power.

Her quick reflexes served her well as she was able to grab onto a grating and hang there, upside down, as gravity went wild. Then there was an explosion and she pulled herself up, which was actually down, to the grating. If that person hadn't gotten themselves killed, hadn't rushed off to war, maybe they would be here now and she wouldn't be about to die. She felt ashamed at her anger but what did it matter. "...I'm probably going to die here anyway." She glances up at the horse and wagon, her face grimacing as she looks at the wounded animal. This was all so wrong. Then she looked around and, noting that gravity seemed normal a short distance away, braced herself to jump there.

Several streets over, a small dragon trudges along with a heavy load of fabric and sewing supplies weighing it down. It had refused to leave any of its current projects behind when it retreat from its shop and even now was obsessively thinking about it's work. The dragon couldn't help itself, it framed its entire existence around it's work.

"The seam allowances...unlined so they must be finished... One point five millimeter to 2 millimeter..." The dragon mutters to itself as it drudges along. Not quite oblivious to the shadow demons, explosions, and summoned - just not able to maintain focus on them for long.

A small caravan of four wagons, loaded with trade goods, rolls down a street on the other side of a lavish garden. At it's head sits a large blue figure, wearing silk robes and bejeweled adornments, who is staring at the royal palace with consternation. Ichabod Glazur had presumed that the royal palace would be the most secure location in the city - it's how he would have run things - so he had plotted his retreat through here to benefit from that security. Instead the war had come here.

Ichabod glanced back at the two dozen hired thugs he had guarding his wagons, then back at the royal palace, and then back to the hired thugs. He shrieked at them in a surprisingly high pitch voice for such a large figure, "Pick up the pace you good for nothing trash!" He had spent decades gaining this wealth while doing as little work as possible. He wasn't about to lose it now just because the monarchy was too stupid to have proper security at their palace.


Captain GreymourneInteraction: YsFanatic YsFanatic (big sis Kana) Pai Chan Pai Chan (Aurora-semnpai) Bob Bob (Yandere) | Mention: Snackofthefuture Snackofthefuture (Ivan) StaidFoal StaidFoal (Tobias)
To reach the palace quicker, Greymourne created yet another construct of fractured metal. She clung to it, leaning in close as she focused all of her power into propelling the construct forward. The captain remained silent for the majority of the mad dash to Castellan's heart, seeming to pay little heed to anything Kana or Aurora said. It wasn't until a terrible explosion crackled through the city streets that her battle focus was momentarily broken.

"Damn it!" Her eyes rose to the tendrils of smoke and debris, a frown darkening her face. She searched the castle grounds for any sign of the culprit, but it didn't take long for her to notice the harsh glow of Ivan's gun and a floating man slowly descending downwards. "There's the bastard. This way! Stay close!"

Instead of taking the usual route, Greymourne smashed through a wall connecting to the castle gardens. The bladed hooves of her metal steed tore up the flowers and soil as they made a straight line for the other side of the gardens. There stood a wrought iron gate that connected them to the street, but it easily bent open by a swing from Greymourne's hand.

The trio arrived in the street just in time to see Meira running towards them with the Princess in hand. Behind them were Tobias, Ivan, and some new girl Greymourne had never seen before. Not that it mattered.

"Kana, Aurora, protect the princess!" Greymourne ordered the other two. Her body became enveloped in a coat of gold-bronze and two curving horns of the same metal protruded from her forehead. She dashed between the approaching summoned and the princess, bringing up her twin gauntlets to absorb the strike from Varium's weapon. Before contact, Greymourne's metal manipulation took hold of the scythe, slowing it down significantly.

Greymourne grit her teeth, eyes full of hatred and metallic sheen, "Painless, eh? I can't say the same for you."

The weight of Greymourne's power pressed down on Varium's weapon, attempting to bring it to the ground. The mass of metal that had once been a construct now floated around Varium in separate pieces. Their jagged points took a moment to lock onto the girl before launching towards her all at once.


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"Ooh! Did you not get the quest from Virtue? Don't worry, I can totally be your tutorial guide. Anyway, this place is called Castallion and we've gotta protect it from the bad guys. Zombies are kinda just mobs, but it's ok because we'll get some xp." Nemu explained to Hiba with all the surety of a college professor. "I know it's a lot to take in, but you'll get the hang of it. Look, I can be your knight and you can be the queen! This way, your majesty!"

Once they had made it to the alley, Nemu charged in without thinking, sword drawn and at the ready in a dramatic pose. "Halt fiend! Face the noble Sir Nemu in glorious combat! Oh... aww, where did it go?"

She peered into the alley, finding it completely empty of the 'zombie' she had just been chasing. It was just like in the comic books, which meant... "Oh, oh, I know this trick! It's totally an ambush~! Which means... hmm... any moment..."

To the side of the alley, clinging onto the rooftop was a strange creature with large eyes and even larger fangs. Its skin was pallid and thinly stretched over its bony frame. Despite its malnourished physique, it moved with all the deft grace of a jungle cat, creeping on what should be unaware prey. Of course, most things didn't think to look up, yet the young witch knew exactly where to look and quickly found the spooky creature.

"Alas, I, Sir Nemu hath found thy horrid creature! Prepare theysel-" Nemu's heroic speech was cut off by an ungodly screech as the bloodbeast pounced off of the rooftop, misshapen claws outstretched. "Wahh!"

In a blast of purple ectoplasm, the bloodbeast was blown off course by a ball of mixed energy from Gloop. The beast flew backwards, rolling across the ground a few times, before hitting the far side of the alley and coming to a stop.

The slime jiggled and crouched down beside Nemu, little wings stuck out like an angry, yet very chubb dragon. "Nice attack, Gloop! Geeze... they didn't even wait for me to finish my speech!"

The bloodbeast hauled itself onto its feet and let out another shriek, only this time it was answered. Four new bloodbeasts arrived, two from the rooftops and two more from the street connected to the alley. They circled the group of adventurers, as if corralling them together. Nemu got into what she assumed was a fighting stance, sword in one hand and a sparkly potion in the other. "Okay guys! First battle!! Gloop, use Slime Attack of Justice!"

Instead of attacking, a strange voice emitted from the slime.
>> “My friends, I don't know whether it is wise to give this information, but I need to make sure each of you are safe. We have been betrayed. Nortestra is planning to abandon us once the siege is over. Their word is not to be trusted, at least that of the royalty and aristocracy. They tried to kill my friend Felicia, one of the other summoned. I don't know why yet, and I don't care. She was said to be dead several days ago, while they imprisoned several of our other summoned, who had earlier judged their true intentions. But she just reappeared to me, scarred and damaged by her encounter. The Princess is to blame for this I have been told.” <<

"Oh my! What a twist!" Nemu said, jaw dropping. "We need to warn the knights and stuff! Uh, after the battle of course."

Attracted to the loud noise, one of the bloodbeasts leapt on top of Gloop while another chomped into his tail. Nemu bonked the tail-nommer on the head with her sword, doing very minimal damage, "Begone, infernal knave! Unhand my loyal steed!"

Gloop seemed completely undeterred by the claws and fangs digging into it and instead turned its attention to the bloodbeast about to swipe at Nemu. Blasted by dark tendrils, the beast was thrown to the side of the alley and stuck onto the wall in a gooey mass of ghostly webs.

The two remaining bloodbeasts pounced for Hiba, jaws slavering for her blood. They attacked from two different angles, one behind and one in front.

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Aurora Del Rosario
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Aurora looked at the passing scenery and carnage with an aching heart. War was truly a disastrous thing. Panicked, injured, dying, and dead filled the streets and Aurora couldn’t help. She wanted to stop and lend her aid to those in need but there was a bigger picture. There was a mission to be focused on.

Aurora learned the hard way that straying from the mission only ended in more lives being lost. The first war she was in showed her that. If she had just done as she was instructed then she wouldn’t have had to take the lives of so many.

An ear piercing crackling snapped Aurora’s attention back to the current events at hand. The palace erupted in flying debris that leveled most of the structure. Everyone quickened their pace as Greymourne rushed ahead and led them past the palace and to the nearby street.

The commander must have spotted them earlier because soon they came across two girls with people close in pursuit. The second Greymourne issued the orders Aurora was on her feet, staff in hand, forming an invisible barrier around the building they ran to for cover. The priestess stepped inside and got a better view of the two girls. One of them wore a cloak. Likely to conceal their appearance but up close she could clearly see the signs of royalty. Aurora did a brief curtsey to Athena. The beastwoman, Meira's appearance was fascinating to Aurora. She hadn't seen anything like it. A person with animalistic traits. But she didn't let herself be captivated for too long. There were more pressing matters at the moment.

"I'm here to help along with my comrades. We'll keep you safe." Aurora looked around before a thought occurred to her.

"Is there an escape plan? A route of some kind to get out of the city? It's much too dangerous to stay here much longer." Aurora asked, directed towards Meira and Athena. She was sure that their pursuers had to be dealt with first but the city offered too many corners and too many blind spots from where the enemy could appear from. And Aurora didn't know what the Summoned could throw at them. As far as the woman knew, she was fighting for the losing side. That made things all the more difficult.

Aurora kept an eye on Greymourne locked in battle with a scythe wielding girl and while making sure the ones that added her were in sight as well. She would help with battle if needed but her priority to protect the princess was clear.
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F o u r

“Cas...casteleeon… ” Hiba muttered to herself following Nemu and trusting her, she sounded confident like one of her masters or fellow brothers who usually also gloated. She kept following, the architecture varied immensely from buildings she had never seen to buildings that seemed to have never finished building, Hiba questioned if this was perhaps their way of life… did they leave things undone from culture or because they were lazy, perhaps they were lazy.

Hiba hesitated again walking forward as the stench of blood grew bigger, usually sparring lessons would be known before they occurred…. Perhaps it was a surprise, but they hadn’t done that before… or maybe there was sparring already occurring, it wasn’t uncommon for the ones in love with battle to do it constantly, they always were revered by many of the teachers while scolded by others…

She then heard the words come out from Nemu… battle… Hiba looked forward, she had lost her concentration, thinking about her temple life… she didn’t realize what was happening in front of her… she questioned why Nemu carried a weapon when sparring… she has also questioned the creatures they were sparring…

“Why… are we… ” Hiba tried to ask before hearing the swift footsteps of two creatures, one coming from the front and one from the back, a surprise attack? Hiba quickly remembered practicing many variations of how to counter such attacks…

Hiba waited in place for the creatures to attack before jumping quickly up into the air and landing on the head of the creature coming to her from the front spinning around to swiftly kick the creature behind into the wall before kicking the creature below her into the ground. Hiba then quickly stepped off the creature, having both of them in front of her and slowly recovering from the blows, in the end it was simple sparring; she had to be cautious or else she would hurt them too much.

Juju Juju

"Lucky you, being stationed at the wall," they said. "Nothing's gonna reach you soon, boy, don't worry." But as a mass chunk of the wall lay in ruin, summoned ran amok in the second ward, and the Royal Palace under attack, Anthony Ranulph fought the urge to sob. To be drafted just two days before the invasion and immediately met with destruction of the city he grew up in; his shoulders sagged as if he was meant to carry the burden of Castellan's failed defense. His head swirled as vomit clawed at his throat. The faces of his peers and superior came to mind, faces of terror as they and the wall segment they were in were lifted into the air, only to be slammed down into nothing but a pile of rubble. Anthony sent a quick prayer that his sister had helped their grandparents escape—it was the only thing he could do.

But even as his vision blurred, he turned to see another explosion, this time off in the warzone. Anthony recalled seeing the enemy general in white and gold battling there, and the golden arrows seemed to have stopped. Their machine of metal and lightning had gone mad, striking at everything, including the Mollugs. It was a slight comfort, seeing the least of their problems taken care of.

"And so ends the tale of Desh Daalwijk." Another's voice caught Anthony's ear. He was supposed to be alone on this part of the wall, unless Castellan had enough men to spare a rescue squad with. The knight crawled up to his feet, leaning on the merlons for support. He saw the man gazing far into the distance with a spyglass. In his other hand was a small black device, his thumb pressing a red button on the top of it.

"Wh-Who are you?!" Anthony yelled, noticing the dry strain in his voice.

The stranger calmly put his spyglass away, folding into a pocket. He locked eyes with Anthony, giving a cordial smile as he began to speak. "I apologize for the intrusion, sir knight, but it seems I've been separated from my group in the middle of evacuating. I took refuge in here when the chaos drew near, I hope you don't mind." The low and smooth, yet sharp tone of his was enough to send a cold sweat down the knight's spine. He did not like this man; there was just something off about him: The unfazed demeanor contracting what would normally be panic-stricken words, the unscathed clothing he brandished that was of wealth and prosperity, the warm, unchanging smile he bore. There was a war ravaging Castellan, and he acted as if everything was already over. And how did he lose his way and move towards the wall? "Now please let me be. I can find my way back."

Anthony bit his lip. "Before you go, sh-shall I take you to a superior of mine? H-He can help you. I think his base is still u-untouched." Anthony cursed himself. He was too shaken to speak properly, but there was just something that wrenched his gut about the stranger.

"There is no need, boy. I have more important matters to attend to." Yet still not even the slightest twitch in his genial smile, nor a change in his soft and low tone. There was definitely something up with him.

The stranger began walking over towards Anthony's side, where the staircase down the wall was. The knight sidestepped in his way. "I-I'm afraid I cannot allow you to leave until I report your presence to my superiors!" What am I doing?! Anthony drew his iron sword, still glinting in the daylight. Listening to his gut was a heat-of-the-moment decision; he hoped it was the right one.

"You would do this an ordinary citizen?" Anthony stood his ground, feeling icy cold sweat dribble down his cheek. The stranger tilted his head. Still no difference to his countenance. Only a deep, drawn and disappointed sigh. "Forgive me." The stranger waved his hand, and almost immediately, Anthony felt the weight of the sword dissipate. He stared wide-eyed in horror as his blade morphed before him into a dull, mere butter knife. His eyes darted up to the blue-haired stranger, who brandished a small blade in one hand, keeping the other behind his back.

Anthony instinctively drew his arm up in front of his face as the man came within reach, instantly feeling wind from movement brush across his hand. He felt his guard bounce upwards from the stranger's hand. Then a cold, metal shape across his neck.

With the next breath came a gurgling burst of blood, dribbling from his mouth and down his neck. Anthony brought his gloved hands over his throat, falling to the ground. He flailed helplessly like a fish, eyes darting everywhere as a warm pool spilled beneath the young knight. In seconds, Anthony forced his rapid train of thought to a stop, slowing his attempted breaths and clenching his throat tightly. He rolled onto his back, reaching for the rag over his belt to press on the cut. The stranger, still smiling, took a handkerchief to wipe the blood off his knife.

"Parcel in Point A, sweep it under the Rug as soon as possible," came a new voice. It was scratchy, as if coming from a radio—not that Anthony knew what one was. The owner of the voice seemingly appeared out of thin air beside the stranger. His attire was completely alien to the knight, and he held a gun similar to that of Ivan's, though of obvious lesser power. Anthony felt his lungs press from lack of oxygen, and he fought the tears to witness the scene.

The stranger did not bat an eye to the Weavers, instead pressing a device in his ear before speaking. "Mikhail, must it have been the Blackburn Manor?"

"Is there a problem, Your Grace?"
a Czarsnikeian voice responded. "As far as I'm concerned, Julianna isn't returning to Castellan for some time. Not that it matters, since she isn't affiliated with Providence, anyway."

"Of course."
Before Anthony could overhear what the man on the other end had to say, one of the Weavers grabbed him by the shoulders and began dragging his weakening body away. The knight lost grip on the rag, and one of his hands fell limp. Everything was blurring. The loving faces of his frail grandparents appeared. He recalled the corner bakery and begging them to buy pastries. His older sister was here, too. They sat before the caskets of their mother and father. He embraced her tightly as tears streamed down his face. Tears fell once more, and the rag fell against the ground.

"Your Grace, are we heading to the Blackburn Manor?" one of the Weavers asked, keeping himself in a kneeling position like a statue.

The Constant moved towards the staircase. "We can take our time. Athena and Meira are running late, it seems." The Weaver nodded, activating his cloaking device. The Constant was alone once again.


U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
POMA & Rook
Interaction: Bob Bob StaidFoal StaidFoal Remembrance Remembrance
Everything seemed to be going swimmingly at first for POMA. With the stark lack of internal defenses the Coelacanth had, her Helpers were able to spread all throughout its body like parasites. Outside the machine, groups of her Helpers had been collecting corpses and weaponry, dragging them to mass graves so they could be infected. This process was sped up by the metal they harvested from the Coelacanth, which made it easier for the Axis Virus to do its job. Of course, metal weaponry, shield and armor also had the same effect.

Unlike the other Helpers, the ones in the Mass graves would begin to fuse together as the Axis Virus took effect. Corpses were malleable given their lack of a spiritual guideline to follow, but get a whole bunch of them together and Axi could use the biomass to create all sorts of things. As a result, the creatures which began taking shape inside those mass graves were distinctly non-human looking. Of course there was some resistance, but given how much focus had been turned towards the second ward of Castellan, the NOXCO employees found nothing to severely hamper their work.

At least, that's what Poma thought at first.

Sitting upon a pile of scrap, running diagnostic checks on any Helpers who brought something to her, she found herself wondering just how much of this machine she'd take before destroying it from the inside. She'd made a promise to a Nortestran to offer support, and technically that was exactly what she was doing. Rendering this war machine unusable would be a great piece of advertisement, even if she'd only been stepping on its body after the others had done their work. It was all about marketability after all, needed to get the right accolades for the recruitment drive she was going to have to put together after this.

With the sheer number of Helpers being made out on the battlefield, she wouldn't have to worry about worker numbers just yet. They could regroup once they were done with the beast, split up to work on Public relations and get started on setting up some processing plants simultaneously. With their numbers steadily rising, it would be no issue to divert some towards the citizenry and get working on that good ole public image. Poma figured something like Universal Relief would look great on a billboard or flyers. By all accounts, things were looking pretty swell for NOXCO here.

And then the War machine started moving.

It began as reports which came from those Helpers farther up towards the front of the Coelacanth, warnings that the systems they had been scrapping were starting to activate again. Poma couldn't help but shake her head as the entire thing began shaking around them. She didn't need the reports from the Helpers to know that the thing had resumed its carnage, it had gone into an even more chaotic frenzy as before. The Helpers outside had to distance themselves from the machine, spreading out as it targeted quite indescremenently.

Poma found herself groaning and rolling her eyes as she slid off the scrap pile, waving a finger as she commanded the helpers to redirect their efforts. They needed this thing crippled now, scrapping would have to come to a halt. Through her will, the Helpers directed their attention to actively destroying whatever looked the most important. One would think that finally she could relax and focus on a single problem, only for a report to come in that some of her helpers had come across something quite distinct.

It didn't take long for Poma to determine that it was either a guardian or a tool of another one of the summoned, either of which she couldn't waste time letting the Helpers deal with. Flying through the inner workings of the Coelacanth, it didn't take long for Poma to across the Helpers who had reported in. She barely got there before the machine they'd called out slinked away, only to be replaced with another with far more visible firepower. It wasted no time before taking aim at Poma and speaking in a voice that she was certain she'd heard before.

Whilst the Helpers outside the machine were caught up in outmaneuvering the Coelacanth's vicious attacks along with whatever mollugs and Nortestrans remained, inside Poma was going through her memories of the day trying to put a face to that voice. It was only after really considering the agitated tone of the speaker that Poma's mind danced back to one of the Summoned she'd overheard back at the Cathedral. Before she could really get to the name part, another report came in that she had to deal with.

"Good Day ma'am, as per requested I've located quite an important glowing thing back here, and was wondering if you'd-"

"Rather occupied with something at the moment," she whispered "just follow previous orders and let me get back to you after the fact."

"Can do, Madame!"

With that taken care of Poma brought her hands together and gestured with them towards the robot, "As for you, I'm afraid I gave my word that I'd provide some level of aid to the people of Castellan, and leaving an enemy Warmachine like this active right on the border of their city does not align with that assurance. If you were to provide-"

The Coelacanth jerked violently, and Poma quickly found herself demanding a report from some of the Helpers outside. What she heard only made her scoff again. It would seem the Coelacanth was aware of intruders inside of it, and several of its tentacles were currently attempting to dig their way in to attack her. Which meant she had even less time to deal with the battle droid and its master.

"As I was saying..." she began again "If you could grant me some assurances that whatever your plans for this machine are will not endanger the people then I could-"

The Beast shook violently again, and this time Poma was just assuming that it was just its tentacles trying to get to her again. But a few reports from the helpers outside proved that nope... it was a dragon. As if she didn't have enough trouble already, it would seem a full-grown dragon was now attempting to destroy the very machine they were inside. And apparently there were several reports of a girl with bunny ears launching a veritable armory's worth of firepower at the dragon right outside.

Poma sighed, tapping a finger on her head, wondering how any of this could get any worst.

Far far towards the center of the Coelacanth, a single Helper casually stacked a pile of scrap into some makeshift stairs so he could reach the large crystal-like machine with numerous pieces of machinery built into it and around it. It pulsed with energy that was filtered off into the Coelacanth's numerous systems, one of the three primary power generators for the great warmachine. But the Helper knew nothing of this, all he knew was that it was big and important looking, and that he had been specifically ordered to break whatever looked the most important. So he hefted the large battle-axe scavenged from the battlefield below and began ascending the scrap pile towards the magitech core with a jaunty whistle.

Back near the front of the beast, Poma was attempting to explain the need for assurances with mixed results.

"I cannot leave this machine until I'm assured its no longer a threat to Castellan," she said, waving a finger and shaking her head "Perhaps filling me in on whatever you're plotting could convince me to simply give it to you without you having to throw this battle droid at me? It would certainly be less stressful for all parties inv-"

Before she could even finish explaining her conditions, the core at the center of the Coelacanth exploded. Of course, Poma had no idea of this at the moment, and was at first under the impression that one of the other attacks had interrupted her. But that stopped when she turned around with agitation, only to be met with open sky. The Center core's explosion had been massive enough to blast an immense hole through the middle of the Coelacanth, leaving the passage behind Poma exposed to the outside. She'd lost dozens of Helpers in the blast, but considering the fact that Machine was now rapidly losing altitude, she'd consider it an acceptable trade.

"Ah, would you look at that?" Poma briefly glanced to the Battle Droid as she levitated off the floor and gave a polite bow "It would seem those assurances won't be necessary after all, NOXCO thanks you for your participation and welcomes further cooperation in the future!"

Far closer to the action, Rook had no time to notice the newly wrought destruction occurring near the Coelacanth. For he was too busy engaging with the armored heretic who would dare insult his Queen's possessions. Such an offense was punishable by death, a death of death to be administered through crushing blunt force and purification. Both of which were things that Rook just so happened to be highly experienced in administering en masse. So when the armored Heretic seemed eager to face him down head-on, Rook was urged to raise his Aegis tower as he charged.

He brought it down just as they were about to collide, with the armored heretic sliding to the side as the Tower crashed into the ground with the force of a truck, kicking up a wave of dirt as Rook heard something. A clang of metal as the armored heretic's blade slammed against his side, the impact and blaze of the weapon merely cluing Rook in to where his quarry had gone. The Heretic had slid into his blindspot, something which Rook was none to thrilled to let continue. So he buckled his legs and leaped directly backward, his tree-like legs launching him backwards into another building which crumbled around him as he sighted the Heretic again.

This time he didn't even hesitate, rearing up and launching his Aegis tower at the heretic before slowly turning towards him, "The King's strength fails you, Heathen! This Queen's Rook shall purge his influence through the eradication of your very being!!!"


Zero Mortal Plan!
=New bonds, and The Endless Horde of Demons=
Location: Castellan, Frontlines
Involved: Sakujo ( Snackofthefuture Snackofthefuture ), Hitori/Erza ( Kai123 Kai123 ) Susan ( Juju Juju )​

Sakujo moved forward on the battlefield, Nortestran soldiers following after. They had been fighting long and hard and had pushed the Mollugs to a standstill. Sakujo fired off several shots from his pistol at the general direction of the enemy, then growled and put away his sidearm. Reverend was guiding most of the soldiers behind Sakujo, keeping things organized and moving smoothly. The samurai warrior made some motions with his hand and said a few words to one of the Nortestrans and they all began to spread out and look around.

The battle between Synthia, her inquisitors and the summoned had been large and quite destructive of private property. Then once the Mollug generals head had exploded, Sakujo had immediatley rallied his men to push the enemy back. Sakujo, Reverend and the Nortestran soldiers began to fight harder as the Mollug will to fight dimmed. The death of their general reduced morale significantly and the other generals of Mollug were either nowhere to be found such as in Brother Beasts case and otherwise occuppied in Cardozas case.

Sakujo knew the ones who had been fighting with Synthia were nearby, and if they were still alive, they could still prove useful in defending the palace. The Samurai kicked down the door of a destroyed building, and a small smile appeared on his face as he saw them. Hitori and Erza, resting away from the carnage of the battle. Sakujo approached, careful to lower his sword so as not to seem like an enemy. "Youre the ones that fought that Molug general right? Im Sakujo, Summoned and substitute general for Castellan. You fought well kids, but you might not be done for the day." Sakujo waved his arm to the Nortestran soldiers outside and some healers were found among the troops.

The healers immediately began work on Hitori and Erzas more grievous wounds, they also started to use stamina magic as well to restore their energy. The sooner any allies of Nortestra were on their feet, the better. "Im Sakujo Honomura, Warrior of the Shogun Empire, Im here to assist you."

Hitori heard footsteps running close by the building, but he was still unable to move due to his bodies limitations. He struggled to even lift his arm, he hated being like this it was lame to him to be this weakened. Once the door was kicked down Hitori looked to see a strange face come through he was most likely a summoned as well. Hitori didn't bother moving as he just laid there, once the man mentioned the battle with Synthia Hitori nodded in response with a small smile remembering it was all over.

Sakujo he said his name was, Hitori would offer his hand to Sakujo, but was unable to do so. As the healers worked on himself and Erza completely restoring their stamina Hitori jumped up flexing his muscles. Placing a hand over his shoulder Hitori twisted his arm in a circle motion. "Nice to meet you! Hitori Kage I'm a summoned as well. I guess you can call me the last flame." Hitori said looking over to Erza who had finally woken up. "Yo Erza we were saved once again! Hahaha!"

Erza looked around coughing a bit as she noticed all the knights were Nortestra allies. She slowly stood to her feet looking over to Sakujo then to Hitori. She walked over to Hitori giving him a kiss on the cheek, she assumed he was the reason she was still safe. "Thank you Hitori."

Hitori's face turned red as he took a step back from Erza, he had a shocked facial expression. "YO! WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?"

"A simple thank you. What? Never been kissed by a woman before?" Erza responded with a soft giggle realizing Hitori was a innocent bean. She gave him a pat on the shoulder before turning to Sakujo. "Thank you for restoring us enough to be able to walk I will have to regain my mana to fight once again, but that doesn't take much especially how rich of mana this world is."

"Oh yeah same! I started gathering my mana back while I was stuck sitting there haha! Yo where did that one guy go? He just left without making a single sound. Like I couldn't hear his footsteps, hmmm what was his name? Nah uhhh. Dirm? Nah nah hrmmmm. Dirby? Nah I think that's too far off. Oh yeah! Dirk!!"

"Who are you talking about Hitori?"

"He was the one who brought us here when I was unable to move."

"Oh really? Yet you forgot your savior's name." She giggled once again. "How can we help you Sakujo?"

"Hey, nice girlfriend Hitori," Susan said from behind the trio of summoned. Wisps of violet-black rolled off of her, having just stepped out of a void rift. She slowly shook the raindrops off of her umbrella then stared at Hitori blankly, "Hmm... I guess you didnt die afterall. Kotori was pretty upset about it. Yknow, aside from the whole imprisonment thing. Where were you anyway."

Sakujo turned and his face turned to one of shock as Susan appeared. The opium girl had teleported! Right to them! And she knew the two younger souls? This was strange indeed. Sakujo brought a hand up to his chin, musing on the situation. Some slight stubble had grown in the week since he had been brought to Valucia.

Hitori slowly turned to a very familiar voice he had not heard in a very long time. Tears nearly ran down his face once he was able to see the young void mage that he remembered he kept alongside him from the beginning of his journey. "Susan!" Hitori ran up picking the girl up squeezing her tight to him not letting her go for any means. "You guys thought I died? Wait imprisonment thing? What do you mean? I was off at some hideout with pretty cool people that saved me before I did end up dead hahaha. I'm just glad you're safe while I was away. Sorry it took me so long to come back."

"Who's this Hitori?" Erza looked at susan with a blushing face still thinking about what the girl called her as soon as she got here. Hitori put the girl down and patted her head before turning to Erza with a big smile on his face.

"My little sister! Susan." Hitori had his hand on Susan's shoulder standing by her side more happy then ever though he soon turned serious. "Is Kotori okay though? Where's csilla and Wakinyan?" Hitori asked the young girl.

Susan's expression didn't change as Hitori picked her up in a hug, but she didn't protest either. It was quite strange, just like when Kotori had given her a hug after the week in the prison. When Hitori introduced her, she held up a halfhearted peace sign and said a bland, "Sup."

She looked up at Hitori then placed a finger against her cheek, as if in thought. "Well, 'Okay' is subjective. She's not really hurt or anything but being separated from Wakinyan for a week did something to her I guess.The two of them got thrown into prison when Wakinyan killed some of the guards. But Sulric realized they were trying to help and let them out," she shrugged, as if discussing the weather, "Anyway, I'm sure they will be here soon. Kotori's is a bleeding heart and Dirk announced your injuries to everyone soo.."

Sakujo looked at the trio. "Who are all you people?" he asked with a slightly amused expression. It seemed he had stumbled across a reunion of sorts. The younger opium smoking girl was friends with black haired lad with the katana. The redhead was new to both of them it appeared. Sakujo whistled to gain their attention and said, "Youre all summoned, right? Come to think of it I do sort of remember you, Erza is it? At that summoning in the middle of nowhere." Sakujo admitted the woman was pretty, but something about Erza unnerved the samurai, he couldnt quite figure out what it was though.

Hitori however reminded Sakujo of how he had been when first starting out. So much more brash and headstrong, always looking for a new fight, a new cause to champion. Sakujo chuckled at the introspection, he then continued speaking, "Were in the middle of a warzone so keep the reunion short. Those healers should have gotten you to at least half your energy Hitori, Erza. Be careful not to overextend yourselves when we get to the battlefield."

"So Kinji was right?" Hitori thought to himself before looking serious. "They let her free though probaby because of the war which means they're desperate. It is pretty bad out here, I need to find a man named Aldreg and fast." Hitori said with his hand cuffing his chin as he thought about it for a minute. Hitori then looked up once Sakujo whistled. "Yeah we're all summoned in here so we all foreign from here."

"Oh? You were there on that hill? I think we were summoned in Mollug wasn't it? Sorry I don't remember seeing your face there I mostly remember the group i was flung with and those two idiots who started fighting as soon as we got there." Erza said face palming before letting out a deep sigh. "So we have reinforcements coming. More specifically for Hitori right?" A few roars can be heard from outside of the building, as well as giant footsteps. Behemoths were outside looking for their mother Synthia as well as their common enemy Nortestra. It was about two of them in the area, demons crawling all over the buildings in search for the boy. Erza summoned her sword ready to fight. "It looks like we don't have much time to rest anyway Hitori."

"Thats fine with me."

"Sorry I dont recall many of the others really. " Sakujo said with a chuckle. He couldnt blame her for not remembering him, he only remembered her because of her vibrant red hair. "So you two will continue the fight? Fine, see if you can hold the frontline." Reverend appraoched now and spoke to Hitori, "You saved Sulrics magic knights yes? You have Nortestras deepest thanks summoned." Reverend placed a fist against his chest and bowed slightly to Hitori. The man had saved his comrades in arms and fought against the Molug invasion bravely, Reverend figured the least he could do at that point was thank them.

Sakujo and Reverend both dismissed the healers and soldiers around them, sending them out to new positions around the building. There was still heavy fighting between the Mollugs and the Nortestrans on the front line. But the Mollug forces had diverted much of their attention to the Colecanth.

"I think it's safe to say we can hold it off as long as we can considering we took out the main threat it shouldn't be an issue." Erza turned to look at Hitori who's attentiom was out the window watching the demons search the area. The footsteps got louder as the behemoths were moving closer. "Considering the size of creatures outside maybe you can help us take out one?" She asked Sakujo.

Hitori turned back around once he heard someone speaking to him about "Sulric's magic knights" he tilted his head confused at first before realizing who he he was talking about. It had to be those three knights that he saved each time he fought Synthia. Hitori nodded and patted the mans shoulder. "Of course I'll help as much as I can, just please don't lock any of my friends up anymore. Kotori and Wakinyan are truly on the good side. This'll be enough stamina to keep us going for a little." Hitori gave Reverend a soft smile before the foot steps got louder. "They'll find us in here pretty soon so I guess lets just let em know we're here!"

Sakujo drew his blade at the same time as Reverend. Reverend spoke to Hitori saying, "It is appreciated, this debt will be repaid. Nortestrans pay their debts." A crash echoed outside as the Behemoths began fighting the Nortestran soldiers that had come with Sakujo. The samurai jogged over to the front doorframe, the actual door ripped off. There was a flash of light suddenly as one of the behemoths roared. A massive blast of energy shot towards the house that they were all in. Sakujo was about to dodge when he suddenly changed his mind. Everything slowed around the samurai as the energy blast surged closer. Sakujo brought his blade to bear, deflecting the energy blast with a loud screeching sound and another brighter, rainbow flash of light.

Sakujo held out against the energy beam for several seconds, then adjusted the angle of his blade and with a quick bat to the side, Sakujo had deflected the energy beam. Sakujo laughed, covered in soot and stained black, head to toe from the heat of the blast. Reverend had dived behind a couch. He looked over the side of it and saw the blast had been deflected. Reverend smiled widely and leaped over the couch, rushing out the door with several other Nortestrans. "That was magnificent sir!" A soldier said as he rushed by Sakujo. The samurai warrior couched up a puff of black smoke and gave a thumbs up. Then Sakujo too joined the Nortestrans and charged the behemoths.

"Cmon, time to kill." he said to Erza and Hitori before joining the battle.

Susan slowly followed after the others, delicately unfolding her umbrella and holding it against her shoulder to keep off the rain. She stepped over a few puddles, making sure not to ruin her shoes. It would be difficult to find a similar pair in this new world, which would be such a bother. Instead of joining in on the fight she found a nice comfortable spot below a broken shop and watched the others with a dull expression. "Nice rainbow blast, samurai man."

Once the beam was redirected Hitori and Erza jumped out of the building killing any nearby demon that attempted to attack them. Once the Behemoths had spotted Hitori they let off a roar. Hitori burned down an entire street killing any demon un the line. Erza cut off many heads off of the seemingly mindless demons. Working alongside the Nortestra knights and Sakujo the fight betwee the demons.
Interactions: Pai Chan Pai Chan (Aurora) Juju Juju (Greymourne)
Everything seemed to come at once: the terrifyingly swift summoned with the scythe, the explosions that rocked the building they'd hid in, and the terror of the situation that finally grounded itself in the two women's brains. Meira prepared to defend the princess with her life, only for the saviors to come in the nick of time in the form of Captain Greymourne. The beastwoman breathed a silent sigh of relief as the headstrong captain confronted Varium.

Meira turned to the person coming to their aid. It was slight solace for her to see someone who wasn't after their heads. At Aurora's question, Athena was first to respond. The ragged hood had been torn off, revealing her platinum hair neatly tied up. Her head felt like it was burning, and she felt herself wobble as she stood, but her survival was within reach. "The Blackburn Manor, a fair distance from here. My... associates should have an escape prepared..." Meira glanced at her, wondering if the superiors would reprimand her for letting these people know of their meeting location, but quickly shook herself free of those thoughts.

Meira kicked through the backdoor of the building, leading back into the streets. "This way, princess! We need to move as soon as possible! There's still a good chance to get out of here alive!" She grabbed Athena by the arm and pulled her along. Meira glanced back at Aurora, motioning with her head that she could follow. The plan was simple: duck through the buildings to avoid Tobias' sight and lose the summoned through the winding paths of Castellan.

So, in the third building they dashed through, the plan already hit an obstacle. Standing in the center of the dark kitchen room was the Overseer of the operation. "Mikhail?" Athena spoke first.

His figure blinked as blue light temporarily outlined him. "I take it the hologram is functional, then." This was the same method he used to meet with the Mollug generals, selling the Coelacanth and sending Rama. If Aurora had kept up, Mikhail wouldn't have spared her a glance either way; he doubted witnesses to his appearance would matter in the long run. "I assure you, this won't take long unless you make it so." From behind the visor, Mikhail glared at the beast woman. "You were so rambunctious that you left before hearing the truth. Naia, come here." He motioned for someone to the side to take his place. The hologram blinked in and out, and rather than Mikhail, there stood a blue-haired child.

"Meira!" The child waved gleefully at her sister, and the recipient couldn't help but smile amid the strenuous circumstances. Naia's gaze drifted towards Athena, who recoiled a step back for whatever reason. "Princess!"

"Athena asked you to do something,"
Mikhail's voice echoed through the speaker. "Can you remember exactly what she said?"

Naia put her hand to her chin, searching back in her memory. "She told me to go outside to rescue Meira and be a hero! I was scared at first, but she told me everything would be fine!" Meira clenched her fists. "So I went out and... I don't know what happened after that, but I had a scary nightmare that a building was flying like 'Whoosh,' and I couldn't move, and—!" Mikhail returned to view, shushing and leading her off.

Mikhail turned to the princess, who abruptly paled. "And from what I've heard, all because a certain beast woman was running late for her report. Your idea of a warning is miserable."

Athena stepped forward with a twitching snarl. "Enough of your fruitless slander, Mikhail! There's no time for this!"

Mikhail—the Overseer known for his strict business attitude and no-nonsense demeanor—laughed. "Slander? Please, Athena, you prided yourself on intelligence, and that is your response?" The man's cackle sent a piercing cold down Athena's back, striking her bone as she swallowed her words. "Honestly, princess, after the deal with the Coelacanth and your talk about reverting the kingdom's situation, you were so eager to toss your citizens and your peers in the bin!"

"Watch your tongue, acting as if you know me! Our lives are in danger, and you waste our time with your words!"

"Then I apologize for speaking the truth. Meira, a team's dispatched to grab you. Ditch the traitor. No matter what happens, she isn't of our concern anymore. He will know what to do with her."
With a salute, Mikhail's feed cut off, and he was gone.

Athena clicked her tongue. "I'm sick of that man trying to drag me through the mud..." She took a step towards the backdoor, looking back at her advisor. "Meira, escort me to the manor! We're having a stern word with Mikhail once we arrive!" However, she did not budge. The beast woman's head hung low, staring at her feet. Athena felt her stomach curl. "Meira?"

In Providence, trust is paramount... "Because I was late?" She noticed Athena divert her eyes, frowning. Every word she breathed tightened her lungs, finally feeling the constricting lies of her 'friend.' "Is that even a reason for you to try to kill the only person I have left? To send a child walking to her death?!"

Athena's mind had gone numb by this point. "There's no time for this... He was lying, Meira! He fed her a script!"

"Then why was she out there?!"
Meira felt a stream of warm water trail from her eyes. Her dear sister's screams echoed in her mind; the adrenaline rush played out as if she were there again. "I heard her across five entire buildings while making my way back to your palace! I've never heard her so scared before..."

Athena bit her tongue until it bled. There was no escaping this. "Mei—"

Before she could utter a word, the two lost their footing as the building groaned and tore from its foundation.


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As Tobias held his broken nose, a burst of noise and fire erupted behind him. "Murderer!" Tobias felt a gust of wind push him a little forward before he could even turn. If it weren't for the masked berserker's sacrifice and Ivan's swift reaction, Yunica surely would have cleaved the gravity-shifter. With dash away from his attacker, he evaded the blade and its flames, though the paint on the front of his torso's armor piece melted right off.

"Why..." Tobias muttered, feeling his eyes twitch at the very thought of it. When his vision steadied, the princess and her rescuer were gone. "Why do you people insist on defending a cowardly traitor?!" He shot his hands out in front of him, gripping the air as his fingers shook. Loose rubble being kicked around would stop and drift upwards into the air. "Was slaughtering my innocent Mii not enough for you warmongers?! Is the smell of corruption too enticing for you all?! Bah, humbug!"

Tobias drifted further into the air, taking the sizeable area below him into view. His hands slowly curled into fists, and everyone would have felt the gravity dip. Tobias wanted to send everything in the city blocks falling upwards—including his allies, blinded by pain and anger. Fortunately for everyone in the zone, this meant he needed more time. For now, they fell under the effects of zero gravity.
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Merchants of Castellan's Second Ward
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Palace District. Theme: Crisis, Xenoblade
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The beastwoman alchemist leaps from the grating towards the area where gravity seems to be behaving normally and lands with a graceful roll. She glances back at her wagon, alchemic equipment, and the poor horse floating wildly with a grimace. There was no way for her to help the poor animal now but she still felt for it as it spun around. She turned to make a run for it and found herself confronted by a frightful shadow demon. The beastwoman let out a shriek as she stumbled back but then she kept on floating backwards instead of falling! Something had thrown gravity off here as well! The shadow demon, flexing it's wings, flew after her.

As gravity faded, the dragon continued on digging its claws into the cobblestones with each step. It didn't seem too particularly concerned and instead continued to mutter about sewing.

Ichabod curses as the wagons holding his wealth begin to float around. He grabs at some jewels floating out of a crate and tries to stuff them in. "Secure everything! You won't get a copper if there's a gold missing!" He wheezes at the disoriented thugs who were accompanying him. Some the thugs grab onto the wagons and try to follow their employer's orders. Others float off, scrambling in panic. One manages to grab ahold of a bush and then starts vomiting.


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Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Near Blackburn Manor.
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Caedmon flies over the damaged city, completely unperturbed by the lack of gravity, as he approaches new Ivan's location. In truth he was glad for the sudden lack of gravity. Most of his battles had been in space and maneuvering require much less effort there. His eyes narrow as he notes the distressed old man who seems to be upending gravity but recognizes him as the person new Ivan had been protecting from the baby. He also spots several women floating around lackadaisically. Had they no sense of propriety?

A small emerald stone flited from the ESPer's pocket and then sped across the space to the gravity manipulator. Caedmon decided it would be best to bring this helpless old man into the network. He seemed extremely distressed and it would easier to calm him over the network, also it would make defending him from further attack much simpler. He shook his head. Why had the baby decided to throw a tantrum now? Caedmon didn't want to fight a baby. It seemed wrong.


"Ivan, please advise your friend to take the psicrystal." Caedmon says to Ivan as he flies closer. They needed to get this helpless old man off the battlefield, then they could focus on rooting out the traitor and getting this city's defenses back where they needed to be.
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While the HUD projected by the AA onto her helmet's screen warned of the incoming psibeam, Yunica was too focused on Tobias and thus too slow to respond. Thankfully the Armor's energy shields were capable of dealing with supernatural attacks, the nearly translucent barrier absorbing the attack at a small cost to its energy and even luckier her armor's resistances were a perfect match for the attacks used by Ivan, allowing it to shrug off the blows so that the clone could keep focused on her task. "Your slime was a fucking monster that killed countless innocents, just like you!" During the last few words her voice rose to a near-hysterical shriek, but before she could resume her attack gravity decided to take a vacation.

Once again Yunica found herself flailing around, unable to move, but unlike last time she was close enough to the gravity man to easily cast one of her spells upon him, and those helping him, including the masked figures, the gunman, and now this strange floating man seemed to have sent a crystal to the murderer, some kind of gift perhaps. With a cry of "Efess!" a blue and white beam of energy erupted underneath each of them. Even though they were not formed out of evil or corrupt energies, the spell remained her most powerful group attack option available to her, its power enhanced even more by her Boost Mode.

Kana and her guardian had moved as Greymourne had asked to protect the two woman that were hiding in a building, thinking that they would stay in place now that help was here. But that was not the case, and when the goddess realized that she was momentarily distracted and during that moment she found herself floating in the air along with everything else. In all of her centuries Kana had never experienced something like this, but the way that one man was acting and the strange energy he was emitting made her positive that he was the source. And as if to confirm her decision, a feminine voice come from the large metal 'person' filled with a tone that the goddess had heard countless times from mortals, a kind of desperate anger that appeared in those who's hearts were filled with grief over what they had seen and/or experienced and a desire to bring vengeance down upon those who had wronged them.

With that, Kana's course was clear. If this man had truly killed innocents, there would be no mercy, her would die here and now. Kana's eyes became cold as her fingers brushed against her guardian, the brief contact enough to allow her to assume her goddess form once again. Immediately swarms of dark blades appeared and shot towards Tobias, each covered in a deadly poison.



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Far away, a woman chained to a wall sighs. It was over. She couldn't see a scenario where she would get the master of gravity back. Now, the young goddess had shown up as if to taunt her. She had lost her entire unit except for these last two and had nothing to show for it... Except that her units were the only ones to enter Castellan. Maybe she could get the High Councilor's favor by playing that up but it's not like she had anything to show for her accomplishment. She blinks as a thought occurs to her. "Oh... Oh it's so obvious. He would love that!"

Mask Squad VI
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New orders. The last two mask constructs abruptly retreat as the metallic armor flings magical flame at them. They have the opportunity to shield the master of gravity from the rain of deadly blades but do not take it.

In the null gravity environment, the masked swordswoman's wind allows her significantly more mobility. She blasts away in a burst of gale-force wind, evading the flames and soaring towards the civilian quarter of the second ward. She soars over the wall and disappears out of sight among the civilian houses.

The masked jester has a more difficult time, taking the boosted magical flames full on. His clothing and much of his flesh are burnt away, revealing the construct parts underneath. Despite the horrible burns the mask construct is not defeated. A gust of wind catches him as well, pulling him along at a slower speed until gravity exerts itself once more. He then drops to the ground and runs through a city gate into the second ward civilian district.
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Ice comes into being around the master of gravity, enveloping him in a protective cocoon as he is subjected to the vicious assault. A moment later, a small wall of ice bursts from the ground in front of the gunslinger and provides him with cover.
(Mother Voorjaar)

Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Royal Palace Neighborhood → Tobias Conflict Zone
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Once already she had talked Tobias down from his murderous spree and there had been an opportunity for resolving this without more death. Now it would be much more difficult to pull him back from the brink of madness and convince him to resolve this without further killing. She had no moral qualms about killing, it was the waste of it that troubled her. People spent a lifetime consuming, growing, and learning. The decision to throw all of that way was not one to be made lightly. At least not from her perspective, almost everyone else here seemed to have a great zeal for processing their emotional distress through acts of destruction. Destruction. Her great campaign to freeze creation had been meant to preserve it for all of eternity.

"Tobias!" The clear voice cuts sharply through the din of battle, a trick of magic carrying it to the ears of the master of gravity. She glides elegantly across the ground towards the conflict, her feet secured to the ground by a layer of ice, with a solemn expression on her face. She would have preferred to fly in the nulled gravity. It reminded her of space, the corridors, and the gateways between worlds. She suppressed the memories. This wasn't the time or place for nostalgia or frolicking. "Tobias! Please put the horse down, Tobias!"

The equine slowly spinning in the air was a strange priority for the tense moment but she knew that surprise could reach people when reason could not. The unexpected thought of the animal might snap him out of his tantrum and provide an opportunity for rationality to gain a foothold. She might be able to talk Tobias down a second time but the two warriors trying their utmost to slay him would quickly render her efforts null.

Reaching the gunslinger, she said quietly to him - her words little more than a whisper but a trick of magic carried them to his ears - so that the master of gravity could not hear, "I fear that I may need to freeze him. He has been through much and his mind...his mind cannot take this. A skilled healer could aid in thawing him later and kinship could help mend his broken mind." Her good eye narrowed as she looked at their opponents and saw the magic that they wielded. "Unless there is some way we can drive them away? This conflict keeps us from reaching our true goal, no doubt by the princess' design."

She had a burning impatience to quit this conflict and hurry off to find the princess. This was a waste of time. Yet...there was something else, a sense of calm and growing certainty that... Something was about to happen.
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Cursing in her head Clementine followed behind Nemu, falling a little behind due to the other girl taking off without warning. Because of this, she arrived to the party a little late, rounding the corner to see what was going on. She felt instant panic in her system at the sight of Nemu being attacked. Thankfully Gloop knocked the beast away from Nemu, most likely saving the stupid girl's life. Of course, gloop didn't focus on the beasts on himself, still leaving him munched on.

Without sparing a single glance or care at the beasts fighting Hiba she rushed over to gloop. Cupping her hands to her face she blew gently in them, feeling the spark of mana from earlier dance through her veins to her fingertips. A ball of flame formed sweltering in her hand and she quickly threw it at the beast, setting it aflame and sending it falling off Gloop. She quickly acted for the last one on his tail, unsheathing her dagger and piercing directly through the skull of the beast nomming on Gloop. Blood splattered onto her pale skin as she let out a tiny sigh of relief.

As she unsheathed her weapon from its temporary place in the beast's skull she froze. Panic seized every muscle in her body and her knife, stricken with red blood clattered to the ground. Her hand was coated in the crimson liquid and her clothing had been splattered lightly as well. She felt her world spinning as her breaths came out in short gasps. She could smell the fire again, feel the heat of the explosion. She could see the sleeping mage, feel the slime losing its form. Clementine hurled off to the side, shaking so violently she had to sit down and couldn't stand any longer. Tears pooled down her face as she sobbed bitterly, the world growing spotty from her panicked breath.

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Ivan snarled as his attacks proved useless against the mecha, shots phasing out upon reaching the mechanical attacker. The grenade exploded rather harmlessly, but Ivan had gauged his enemy’s armor now. He could adjust for that, turn up the heat on his laser about a thousand percent. But Ivan didn't turn up the heat on his laser at that moment, he was more concerned for Tobias. Suddenly the gravity around Ivan disappeared and he lost grip with the earth. Ivan spun for several moments realizing Tobias was losing control. Tobias needed focusing, he was destabilizing. The violence and trauma of the current situation was apparently too much for the old man. Frostfire appeared next to Ivan and whispered to him the options that were available in that moment and Ivan frowned. This was not a good situation for any of them and Tobias definitely wasn't helping. But killing or freezing the old man just seemed wrong to Ivan.

Ivan looked at Frostfire for a moment, wondering at her inner coldness, near death encounters did that to people sometimes Ivan knew. Tobias had done wrong, but it couldn't all be laid at his feet. He’d been thrown into a warzone, betrayed twice, was quite old and obviously a little bit senile and the guy was in a fantasy world now. His reaction to things was not out of the ordinary. Ivan could feel for the old man, he was in a war that wasn't his fighting beings beyond normal comprehension. Ivan came from a more normal planet, but even then things had been strange, but Ivan could understand Tobias very well. What he couldn't understand was the man’s senility, so when Ivan suddenly found himself floating he was at first confused. This couldn't be good.

The gunslinger adjusted to the gravity in several moments, alighting on the ground for a second. Then suddenly the mecha returned fire from a floating position no doubt because of Tobias. The mecha cast a spell of some sort, energy beginning to erupt right underneath Ivan. Ivan recalled he was no longer under the spell of gravity and lept from the spot he was in towards the mech. The leap allowed Ivan to dodge the energy erupting beneath him and without gravity he was propelled forward. This time, Ivan turned up the heat. Charging his gun in a similar fashion to a railgun, Ivan charged up his shot and then let loose, aiming the recoil so he would fly into Tobias. The laser from Ivan’s gun had the intensity of a sun and when he fired the weapon, the energy from it enveloped Yunica. The gun was unbearably hot now and Ivan’s full blast lasted for a clean 5 seconds.

The weapon wouldn't be enough to destroy the mecha, but it would heavily disorient the pilot hopefully, blinding them and causing them immense discomfort. Ivan smirked as he flew away from the blasting point and Yunica, crashing into the ice around Tobias and Frostfire; Who had come to Tobias’s side to try and convince him to settle down. With a deep ugh and several groans Ivan looked up from the dogpile at the current situation. The mech had been hit with the laser and Ivan had hopefully broken Tobias’s concentration on the gravity situation. So hopefully things would improve a little bit for a little bit. Ivan got up Tobias what the hell are you doing? Focus and control your gravity powers, don't go all willy nilly blowing up everything. You'll be stronger if you focus on your targets. Stop with the area of effect attacks, it's just not happening today man. Plus, seriously? You lifted me up too old man! There are people here for you! So don't go attacking your allies yo!”

Ivan then reached into his pocket and broke off a small piece of the psicrystal Caedmon had given him, he handed it to Caedmon and said "Take this Tobias, Caedmon said it would help. Honestly my mind has felt clearer and better since taking it, im sure yours will too."

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Nathan looked at Meira and Athena as the two grappled with their emotions and revelations. It seemed the princess had been guilty of using people as pawns. Not uncommon among royalty, who were born into a life as tools. It was not surprising and Nathan didn’t blame the woman for doing it, especially considering the circumstances of the invasion. So when Providence cut ties with her, Nathan was a little surprised. The esteemed and little known of organization Providence had been working with Nortestra! This was a revelation that was sure to get Nathan a promotion. Despite Providence’s dismissal of Athena, Nathan was sure the woman still held some power. She could be useful as a vassal for the Xact Empire, a tool once more, but safer tool.

Nathan grabbed both of the women as gravity suddenly lost its power. Reaching out hands in both directions he brought them all together as suddenly they began floating. “Hold onto me while I get us out of here.” Nathan looked at Aurora knowing of the Goddess’s power. He said, “Aurora, I trust you will hold up the rear while I get these two off the battlefield.” Once the beastwoman and Athena had a hold of Nathan, he pulled out his axe and threw it outwards into a wall so that the recoil motion of the throw would send them flying. Not only the recoil motion however, but the impact of the axe caused an explosion that sent the three rocketing out of the building. The sheer velocity of the axe sent the three speeding away out the window of the building and out of the battlefield. Nathan sped away from the fight and the combatants with the princess and Meira. After about a minute of flying they finally fell out of range of the combatants, some distance away.

After a bit the zero gravity effect disappeared and Nathan came crashing/sliding to a halt on the ground, tearing up cobblestone and earth all around him as he landed. The armor protected Nathan to some degree, but it also ended up bruising him rather badly. They slid to a stop eventually on the ground, Athena and Meira clinging for dear life to the knight. He got up after groaning rather loudly, then stood at his full height. “You're Welcome.” He said with a small smirk.

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