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Fantasy The Divine Conquerors Ⅱ - Main

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Mii let off a pained gurgle as it lost a tendril to Yunica's blade. The separated fluid fell flat across the ground like water as the stub of the tendril retracted back into the main body. As Tobias drifted above his slime friend, the attack escaping his view; he did however catch the bright orange light in the corner of his eye. He bit his lip, then gripping his hands and swiftly raising them. At once, ground, Mii, and dozens of buildings rose, having their gravity reversed. At the same time, Yunica's beam went off. The wave surged through the debris and translucent fluid, narrowly evading the spherical core of Mii as an entire fourth of her was dissolved in the attack. Tobias himself was close enough to feel the heat of the ensuing bursts of energy lick his face.

"Great Scott!" From the distressed Mii to the razed rubble, Tobias felt his skin crawl at the carnage sent barreling his way. As if the large beam wasn't enough, With the onslaught of attackers, Mii was forced to a halt, now focused on defending herself. It hurriedly ushered her core to the center of the mass. Astonishment turned to fury as Mii cried out at the sudden loss of mass. Tobias gripped his fists. Just crush them all, you imbecile... The grip softened, though. No, Mii would perish as well... Rather than turning up the gravity, Tobias spread his arms out to extend the reach of his power. "None of you seem to realize the crimes of Nortestra!" Over four blocks, the buildings shook and rose to different elevations. Civilians could be seen through the windows, terrified beyond belief.

Before Tobias lifted the several buildings, Mii focused on the pesky annoyance that was Remus, endlessly hacking away at the mass with a scorching hot blade. The slime hurriedly furled away from him beyond the sword's reach, but left a layer of the fluid on the floor around Remus' feet. Within seconds, Mii reeled him in by the feet, hopefully toppling him over his back before the rest of the body engulfed him whole. Whether or not Remus broke free of the attack, Mii rose with the buildings, reforming into a gelatinous sphere like a miniature planet at Tobias' behest, looming silently over everything.

But with the orchestrations of Tobias, several of the weightless buildings drew nearer to Mii, and the slime shot dozens of tendrils around its spherical body, latching onto chunks of ground and houses lifted into the air. Each tendril flew in a different direction with each building. Some collided with each other, raining dust and dirt. Others smashed into the ground, leaving a sizable crater full of rubble. Many houses were flung into the air, threatening to land in a distant block. As more houses drifted nearer, the slime easily replenished each tendril. Some tendrils smashed their buildings in the ground beneath Mii, shaking the already unstable foundations that the attackers stood on as dirt and debris flew everywhere. It was through this that the slime made it harder for people to get near, while destroying different parts of Castellan at her distance.

Tobias sweat profusely, lowering in elevation and below Mii. It was then a different voice called out to him, reading out his name, moniker, and a bounty he wasn't aware of. Don't act like I'm doing this on your behalf! This is personal! He would've liked to say it, but their aid would have been handy at this stage. He only nodded to the Masks as he drifted to where he last saw the biggest threat he currently knew of. "So no matter what information I give, you still side with the traitors!" Tobias motioned his hand out at Yunica, grasping the air and raising his fist. After a moment, she would no longer feel her feet on the ground, ascending up to the destruction-hungry slime and the sky above. "Up and away with you!" However, Tobias didn't notice that the moving houses could act as potential platforms for Yunica as she drifted upwards. And after a few minutes, the gravitic effects would dissipate.

It was only now that he noticed the figure beside Yunica; his jaw dropped at the sight of her. "Felicia...?" Tobias drifted to her level, applying a heavy gravity zone to the side to stop incoming rubble. His hateful scowl was now a relieved shock. He eyed the scar over her face, drawing closer to his old ally. "Y-You're alive! This is perfect! You can explain to all these misguided people how Nortestra betrayed all of us, especially you!" He extended his arm out to Felicia's shoulder with a genuine smile. "Together we can spare any future heroes from the greedy selfishness of this kingdom!"


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(The calm).

Watching the siege and conversing on the second wall.

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Ashe, Auron, Varium, Bastion, Ivan, Tobias, Beam Team, Dirk, Aedehana, Kotori and Wakiyan.

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- - -

I struggled to steady myself when Bastion (Almost too eagerly) shook my hand, nearly dragging me to the ground with him.

"Havoc is one thing I can practically guarantee when I'm in town haha! Allies are fine Carmen, Just don't get in my way and all will be grand. I hope that didn't sound too threatening, I'm just trying to convey my point solidly.”

When the Summoned released me from his hold, I discreetly wiped my hand on the side of my suit and beamed at Bastion, paying no mind to the explosion that chipped away a portion of the wall.

"It seems as if we are on the same page then, my fiery friend! So long as you do not stand in my way, I will not stand in yours. However, I should inform you that I do not take kindly to being crossed."

Although I was not fond of Bastion's overzealous nature, the Summoned seemed to have a better head on his shoulders than the gunman, and I could respect him for not irrationality attacking me.

"Well, no fucking shit. Only an idiot would've been dumb enough to attack you when they're outnumbered four to one. You aren't intimidating in the slightest, so quit acting like it, you spineless fuck. Also, you fucking deserved to be shot back there. You're lucky you befriended some old coot who could heal your dumb ass."

I quirked a brow at Maxwell's sudden aggression, but the beast quickly averted his gaze from mine and gave me the one-finger salute with a scowl.

"Why the fuck are you staring at me like that? Keep your eyes trained somewhere else. The longer you stare, the more stupid you look."

With an annoyed huff, I disappointedly shook my head and followed after the Summoned, making a mental note to question Maxwell about his strange behavior later.

Taking my place next to Bastion, I peered down at the battlefield with a twisted grin, admiring the bloodied corpses that were piling up on both fronts.

The very thought of harvesting so many helpless souls filled me with immense excitement, and I found myself eager to add all of them to my collection.

"Don't you already have enough shitty slaves to do your idiotic bidding? Pretty sure you don't need anymore."

I silently laughed at the beast's closeted mindset, knowing there was no such thing as having too many souls.

As they always say, the more the merrier!

“Don't you just love it!? There's nothing like a good clash of arms. Nothing at all!”

I patiently waited for the Summoned to finish his passionate warmongering rant before piping up with a low chuckle.

"It is quite amusing to watch two powerful nations tear each other apart, though there is nothing more exhilarating than building up someone's walls so you can personally tear it all down!"

There was a glint of sadistic satisfaction in my eyes when falling debris crushed one of the retreating Nortestran soldiers, his blood splattering all over his horrified allies.

“Say, what happened to you Birdman? You've got some bullet holes in your clothes, and they look sorta fresh.”

Self-consciously looking down, I cringed at the sorry state my clothes were in and began to smooth out my tuxedo, now feeling disgusted with my appearance.

Hopefully, once the war ended, I could find a town with working plumbing and a suitable clothes tailor, but if not, I would have to settle with mending my own outfit.

"What a keen observation, Bastion! I apologize for my less than optimal attire. I normally dress to impress, but some of the Summoned here can be very confrontational, haha!"

I tried to ignore the embarrassing memory of being shot and instead focused on making myself look presentable, summoning my red handkerchief to wipe off the blood and grime that coated my body.

"To answer your question, I got into a small quarrel with one of the old Summoned, but it is nothing to fret over. There was no major harm done, and I am most certain that the rowdy gunman will be in for a rude awakening!"

I grinned knowingly, almost being able to imagine the Summoned's festering wound.

If only the gunman had not been so reckless, perhaps we could have become great allies.

I shifted my gaze to Bastion, who was still wearing the same large smile and viewing the siege with gleeful anticipation.

Surprisingly the Summoned was well-dressed and fairly polite for his chaotic nature, but I knew from firsthand experience that the brightest of smiles hid the darkest of secrets.

“Don't you wanna get in there?! Get into a fucking fight?! I know I wanna get in there! You wanna go!?”

Although Bastion's joyous invitation did not seem directed toward me, I still felt the need to respond to his battle-crazed comment with a hearty but dismissive chortle.

"Your enthusiasm is certainly admirable, Bastion! It is almost inspirational enough to move my cold dead heart, hahahah! Sadly, while your offer is most enticing, I will have to decline for now, but do not let me stop you from enjoying yourself."

Despite being a profound serial killer, I received little enjoyment from the art of killing alone. It was the emotional trauma that I craved, the fear and hurt that one could only receive from unraveling hopeful lives and pitting close allies against one another.

I did not care for pointless fighting, so there was no use participating in external conflicts that did not concern me.

"A good day to you as well, Mr. Fortress. As young Carmen has said, we're sorely lacking the motivation to enter the fray with these other summoned. I'm not quite as young as some of the others Virtue has summoned, so you'll have to excuse my rather lackluster reactions. However, my colleague and I were simply having a private conversation, so it would be rude to turn my attention to another without concluding the dialogue."

I looked over my shoulder to find the old king still perched upon his throne, overseeing the siege with impartial disdain. While I could not determine the exact age of the Summoned's soul, Ashe was old enough for me to assume that he had seen his fair share of wars, explaining his discontent.

I merely hummed when the conversation took to a different direction, noting that Ashe was not the type to waste his breath on excessive words and indulge in trivial banter.

I turned back to observe the war when a thunderous boom caught my attention, and the previous drizzle morphed into a heavy downpour, the skies now an ugly shade of grey.

I stuck my hand outside of the protective barrier, letting the rain soak my gloved limb before I retracted it with a frown.

I was never particularly fond of getting wet, and I much preferred to spend rainy days from the comfort of my home, where I could bundle up next to a warm fireplace and did not have to worry about catching a cold or impairing my flight.

Thankfully, the lich had already cast a spell that would shield us from the surrounding chaos, but it was only a matter of time until the charm wore off and left us exposed to the harsh elements.

I calmly watched as the rain extinguished the roaring flames that were engulfing the front lines, unperturbed by the dazzling lights and the resounding thunder that cracked across the smoke-filled skies.

If need be, I could always morph into my shadow form and wait for the storm to pass, but for now, there was no reason for me to be alarmed when I was not in any immediate danger.

"The last time that you thought you weren't in danger, you got shot, jackass."

I quizzically glanced at Maxwell when he stood beside me and folded his arms with a scowl.

"Pathetic, every single last one of them. They're either defending a hopeless cause or just trying to one-up each other in a dick flexing circle jerk. It's hard to believe that these morons were summoned here by an actual God. Give me ten minutes with my old powers, and I could turn this nation into a smoldering pit of ash and decay."

Maxwell sneered with disgust as he watched the Summoned struggle to destroy the looming mechanical horror and engage in combat with the opposing troops.

"You know that thing is eventually going to barrel through the wall, right? Not sure why you're acting so nonchalant unless you specifically know that someone ca-"

Suddenly an ear-deafening shockwave shook the tentacle-ridden abomination, followed by a massive concentrated beam that tore open a gaping hole in the monstrosity's side, causing it to malfunction and crash to the ground.

I would have been in awe to view such a vivid display of teamwork, but I was too busy recovering from the intruding explosion that left me with ringing ears and a throbbing headache.

I dully rubbed at my temples in an attempt to ease some of the tension from my head, unable to perceive Ashe's uplifting compliment or Maxwell's snarky remark.

By the time my senses recovered, a familiar horned individual had clung to my waist, babbling nonsense about fires and nearly sending me plummeting over the ledge of the wall.

"Mon chéri, I am overjoyed to see that you have risen from your slumber, but I must please ask you to refrain from touching me unless I initiate contact. I have a strong aversion to being touched, and I do not want you to wound up hurt, haha!"

I dryly laughed as I desperately tried to pry the Summoned's filthy brittle hands from my waist, annoyed that yet another stranger was unfamiliar with the concept of personal space.

When the crazy bag finally released me from her hold, I made sure to distance myself from the deranged woman and breathed out a sigh of relief, not expecting the wall to begin trembling as a floating man destroyed Castellan's only line of defense.

Fortunately, the protective barrier suppressed the quake, allowing me to steady myself with my cane.

Given the unfavorable circumstances, I was about to suggest to my allies that we change locations when someone hopped onto my back and dug their nails into my chest, causing me to curse French profanities as I stumbled.

Once again, the familiar frenetic jargon of a delusional Summoned filled my ears, and I grit my teeth in anger as I struggled to shake the horned woman off.

"𝕄𝕠𝕟 𝕒𝕞𝕠𝕦𝕣, 𝕧𝕠𝕦𝕤 𝕟’ê𝕥𝕖𝕤 𝕡𝕒𝕤 𝕥𝕣è𝕤 𝕓𝕠𝕟 𝕡𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕤𝕦𝕚𝕧𝕣𝕖 𝕝𝕖𝕤 𝕚𝕟𝕤𝕥𝕣𝕦𝕔𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕤."

- - -
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The Once and Future Kai
(Mother Voorjaar)

Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Mii, Second Ward Theme: Natural - Imagine Dragons
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Ah sweet serendipity. The master of gravity recognized Frostf̶͍̋ĩ̶̻r̸͇̈ĕ̵̺ and floated over to her, placing a hand on her shoulder with a warm smile. This was it. She should be able to easily freeze him solid now and then figure out what to do with him later.

Yes. She could do that or...

"My friend... They cannot be reached with words. Please, listen to me, this is a ploy of our enemy. These people that you are fighting are set around her as barrier, by design, so that you appear as the villain while she laughs at us from luxury. It is by her scheme that our friends cannot comprehend the truth." Frostf̶͍̋ĩ̶̻r̸͇̈ĕ̵̺ responds earnestly, reaching up with her good hand to squeeze the master of gravity's hand and then turning to point at the towers of the royal palace. Her good eye narrows, a cold flame in it, "We must cut off the head of Nortestra, then the corrupt body will fall. Fly the three of us over the city, then we can together put an end to Nortestra at its core. She wants us to delay here, killing expendable human shields and fighting with friends, while her schemes come to fruition. But together, friend, we can pull this corruption out at the root."

To reinforce the sincerity of her words, Frostf̶͍̋ĩ̶̻r̸͇̈ĕ̵̺ wills the blizzard to shift to freezing rain - coating the surrounding area with slick ice that made it nearly impossible for feet to gain purchase. In the chaos, Frostf̶͍̋ĩ̶̻r̸͇̈ĕ̵̺ could ensure that Meira and Eggtart came to no harm. They would be confused, angry, disappointed. No matter as long as they were alive. She'd just visit them in a different form next time. This was an opportunity not to be missed, an opportunity to do something more than scrounge around the periphery. There so many questions that could be answered. She could secure a solid foundation to build from.

First though, Frostf̶͍̋ĩ̶̻r̸͇̈ĕ̵̺ cast a quick missive spell; sending a whispered message in her true draconic voice to the old schemer. There was no guarantee it would go through, he might have a ward up to block it, but he was well within the range of the spell. Back at the cathedral she had instinctively recognized him as her most dangerous rival yet now, to her surprise, it seemed he was leaving with the lich. Why else would the lich be casting a conjuration effect of this potency? Certainly not for the draconic automaton, it had demonstrated a flight speed that had no need for teleportation. Deep down, she feared the old schemer because he had some kind of power over the mind. He had convinced even the lich so she didn't trust in her mental defenses. Yet it was the exactly that kind of power that inspired her to reach out now. ...why make egress so swiftly? Did you not notice the ones orchestrating this from the shadows? Sacrificing hundreds of thousands and most of a country to further ambitions that have little to do with this conflict? There are secrets worth more than this kingdom at play and some answers to be found at the palace. An opportunity has presented itself so I plan to take it but it would be simpler if you joined me.


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Ashe & Auron
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The mana around Ashe was a palpable wall of magic. The very air vibrated with power behind him, the chanting Auron was wholly focused on a simple reminder of the lich's immense magical power. He took note of Varium's wandering eyes, vigilant and alert of any movement not of their own. Her thoughts were clear, simple, and focused. Protect, defend, kill. Three simple words she repeated in her mind, as he watched with concern of the girl. It was almost terrifying to see this side of the girl. She was well mannered with the bit of mischievous streak that separated her completely from her master's personality.

But his thoughts were interrupted briefly by the voice of the dragon he saw in the cathedral within his mind, the direction towards the wall. His eyes calmly wandered to the edge of the wall, glancing towards the floating man and the woman next to him. Strange, she wasn't there before, but his eye simply blazed with power as it took in everything he focused on. How curious. Disbelief, yet relief from the manipulator of gravity when she had approached him. Delight and relief came when the man spoke. He'd have read their lips had they not been facing away from him, but that did not matter. He could gander a guess on who was talking to him, judging by there was an emotion deeper than those in the surface as his eye bore through her. It studied her, observed and meticulously pieced its clues together. Body language was as intricate as any spoken language. Tells could tell so much of a person, from the way their eyes shifted, their posture swayed, and the minute movement in their muscles. Many fail to completely control the ticks their body exude, ticks that his eye can see and create several predictions with enough observable information. It was subtle, but present. He saw fear, uncertainty beyond the confidence of the draconic shapeshifter placed over herself. A deep set fear of... him? No... of compelling others to his desires. Why else would the dragon who created the blizzard contact him after retreating from the cathedral if not to feel overwhelmed by the idea of being seen as a target? She was no longer a target, as most summoned have assumed she had vanished in the storm. How clever of her to now establish contact.

He was intrigued to say the least, but he saw little need to dissect Voorjaar's machinations and moment of weakness when his goals remain the same, if not taken to another direction. Every world, even Valucia, always retained an underworld where those who battle on the surface are mere pawns the dark machinations of its shadow organizations. It would not be his first time to delve into the darkness of the underground and subjugate it for his own. Rather, he expected to encounter such existences from the beginning.

"Tempting," his words were controlled to mask his intrigue and curiosity. His eyes looked briefly to the concentrating mage as the words continued to flow from his mouth. "A dying country's black heart so readily available for the taking. How quaint for such information to fall into my lap so easily. Perhaps, too easily. How you've come to find this information is of little concern to me dragon, but know I am not one to take my share of the spoils without understanding the consequences. I am not so blind to ignore the darkness that hides under this war, but it seems you've been rather focused on such an endeavor more than I have." His power bore deeper as outer parts of his eye began to leave black scars around the tissue . "Ah... I see. Overconfidence is an insidious killer after all. No foundations, no support. A mastermind without pawns is a deaf and blind existence." His eye relented as its glow softened and returned to its crimson color. "I shall take you up on your offer, if only for our mutual benefit. My colleagues and I shall rendezvous with you shortly. Mark a zone of entry. Our teleportation circle shall handle the rest."

Ashe sent the message and turned expectantly to Auron. "A change of plans."

"I sensed the magic," the lich simply replied. "My wards notified me of its target. Will I need to purge your mind of psychic influences?"

"No need. I apologize in advance, but it seems I've gained new information regarding Nortestran politics. We'll need to redirect the destination."


Ashe pointed his hand towards the castle. "My established contact shall mark our destination."

Auron stared deep into the old king's eyes, almost considering ripping his soul from his body for wasting his time on deploying a wide range teleport to only land a few miles within the city they were intent on escaping. But pushed such intentions away. Ashe was withholding information, though it did not seem to pertain to his quest for magical knowledge, Auron let the slight go without too much of a fuss. though he gave the old man a warning.

"My mana is precious. See to it, old king, that it is not wasted like you have with my time. I am patient, but I am no saint." Auron reconfigured the spell, redirecting the power needed to create a stable mana flow. With an excess of mana flowing within, another effect would be needed in order to prevent mana destruction upon the time of teleportation. The letters and circles shifted and changed, creating a barrier within the formula to deploy after the teleportation was complete. It would be several days before he could recreate this spell, so it seems he'll be relying on Varium's dragon form as a means of escape.

Ashe replied calmly, turning his gaze towards the castle, then to the floating figure of Frostfire. "Know that I shall compensate you for my errors lich, only if you understand that our collaborative efforts are for something greater than us."


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Sakujo Honomura

The samurai saw Kana fall, the poison fog enveloping her, knocking the lights out of her. Sakujo snarled and hacked through a masked soldier, his body exploding into two pieces, blood splashing in every direction. Sakujo began to walk forwards, cutting down masked soldier after soldier with incredible ease, his rage empowering him like an Oni. Both hands on his blade the warrior strode forwards, dodging through cuts with superhuman reflexes. With each movement, a cut was made, disarming and killing each opponent that came after him. The masks continued to explode and Sakujo continued to narrowly evade each explosion. Rubble exploded around him as enemy mages clashed with Nortestrans from buildings on either side, fire magic was most common, but flashes of electricity and the rumbling of the earth were evidence of more varieties within the field.

Sakujo followed after as the Mollug troops stole Kana away from the battlefield. He attempted to get to her first, but unfortunately the samurai appeared to be one hell of a bullet magnet. Nearly all of the mask forces were being diverted to put down the samurai, possessed and original alike coming after Sakujo like ants to some fallen sweet. And damn was Sakujo sweet. Another body exploded behind Sakujo as he continued on, felling soldier after soldier on his way to the unconscious goddess. Then suddenly darkness fell upon the area and Sakujo found himself almost blind for a moment. Then suddenly as his augmetics kicked in, he found himself staring down a larger masked warrior, who was in the midst of swinging a hammer at Sakujo’s face. Sakujo just barely evaded the attack by falling backwards, crumpling onto his own legs in desperation to avoid the deathblow. The hammer smashed into a wall Sakujo had been running alongside after The Young Goddess. The soldier struggled with the weapon, trying to remove it from the wall and Sakujo scooted away rapidly, whipping out his pistol and blasting the soldier several times in the chest. The masked warrior began to run forwards, and instead of doing something more complex, Sakujo simply shot the soldier several more times, twice in the face.

Sakujo had adjusted to the darkness, his many augmentations having already identified and dealt with the magic, and he raced through it, his shielding shrugging off the poison rather easily. He could see the fog was dealing damage to him however and by the time he had gotten through the miasma the masked soldiers had already left. Sakujo snarled and sheathed his blade, watching as masked warriors in the miasma melted. The samurai chuckled and patted his armor down, noting no damage from the fog. His shielding had taken the damage, and was still near full. Sakujo laughed heartily at the fact he hadn't needed a complex alternative route through the poison. Then the samurai turned back to his objective and began to run in the direction of the masked warriors, his sensors picking up the Mollug warriors inside a building nearby, his eye augmetics projecting a route for the samurai to follow.

Sakujo’s augmetics picked up a trail and Sakujo followed, leading him to a building where some crashing and violence was occurring. Sakujo raced inside and through the interior, until he found the room Kana was being held. Greymourne had also found her way inside, along with a massive armored axeman and a woman wearing a strange cap of some sort. Greymourne and the two were surrounded however. Sakujo immediately stepped into the room through the door and shoved his katana through the spine of one of the warriors. He then flicked the blade easily though the warrior, severing bone and armor with ease as the enhanced blade crackled through the Mollug. Sakujo then began to chop. Limbs and body parts flew through the air as Sakujo moved through the room, focusing on the Mollugs rather than saving Kana at that moment. In that moment, Sakujo was just trying to keep Greymourne alive rather than Kana, seeing that dozens of Mollug blades and spells were about to launch themselves at her from every direction, all of them recognizing Greymourne as the Nortestran general. Sakujo at that moment prioritized killing rapidly. Soon he was at Greymourne’s side, the two of them having dealt with the guards holding Kana, Nathan and Aurora both continuing to fight the masked warriors.

There was a point early on in the fight where Nathan nearly decapitated Sakujo. The samurai warrior dodged once again falling on his legs and preparing to shoot the armored man, before they both recognized that the other had been fighting Mollugs up until that point. Nathan reached down and grabbed Sakujo and pulled him up onto his feet with one hand., he then pushed the samurai with that one hand as a flash of electric magic crackled in between them from a masked mage, sending Nathan smashing into the wall of the room they had entered. The explosion of magic and Nathan’s shove sent him stumbling backwards until he found himself in a perfect position.

Sakujo found himself right in front of the masked commander as the spear angled at Greymourne. Sakujo moved quickly, recovering from Nathan’s shove and using his katana brushed the tip of the spear away so the blast didn't hit Greymourne directly.The blast echoed right behind Greymourne and Sakujo and the samurai warrior laughed as the explosion crumbled the buildings behind them, Sakujo batted the spear fully away then and stabbed his blade forward at the Masked Mollug leader, attempting to impale her on his blade.

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The android’s sensors were quick to analyze the incoming attacks, allowing him to come up with a course of action. Charon simply moved forward, ignoring the attack aimed at his gut, the bladed portion of the bow simply scraping off the armor, and barreled through the other two clones. While the arrow hit his face, blowing off some armor and destroying one of his eyes, it did nothing to slow his forward momentum. Scooping up a rock as he ran forward, the soul eater then blasted the horrifying sound of a 56k dial-up modem on full volume, a momentary distraction from him throwing the Partisan at Rama. The weapon would almost immediately vanish after leaving Charon’s group, converting to energy that returned to the barber, but that in turn was a distraction from him flinging the rock at the general. Regardless of if that hit or not, the rock throw was also in turn yet another distraction, this time from Charon rushing forward at full speed to grapple Rama. Should he succeed in grabbing the fleshy, the android planned on putting his soul power all into strength so that he could crush the man into paste.



She was still processing the strange announcement from this ‘Grand Hierophant’ when Tobias made his move. A horrified gasp could be heard from the Armor as Yunica witnessed countless buildings being lifted into the sky, along with the giant slime. There wasn’t much time to process what was going on, much less formulate a plan of action, before she found herself falling up. Her limbs flailing, the clone tried to figure out what to do to stop her ascent, but couldn’t come up with anything. Thankfully she didn’t have to as the Assault Armor impacted against one of the floating buildings, leaving a crater in its side.

As she climbed to her feet, Yunica sought the location of the armored gravity man, her sensors locating him near Frostfile’s location before long. Hastily she sent a single Flaeli at him, four bolts of fire emitting from her hand at trajectories that would have them converge at a single point should they hit. However she would not see the results of her spell as another building drifted in front of her, blocking her view and giving the clone no choice but to turn her attention back to the slime. Even with her inexperience she could tell that this situation was bad simply because of all the innocents in the area, and then there was the warrior who spoke to her earlier, who was now being reeled in by the slime.

“Damnit!” As she cursed, Yunica started to leap from building to building, at times barely making it or almost overshooting due to her lack of experience, but even so she made progress towards Remus until she was within range. A swing of her sword unleashed a fire-enhanced Airslash at the tendrils pulling him in, hopefully severing them and freeing the main. A tendril then impacting the building she was on caused it to shake enough where she lost her balance and fell down. It was at this moment that the clone realized that there was a spell she should have cast much, much earlier. ”Warla.” With the casting of the spell, an almost translucent orange barrier would settle over her, Remus, and several of the nearby innocents before vanishing as the protective spell stabilized.

For now at least however, Yunica was completely unaware of the nearby Masks.



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Interactions: StaidFoal StaidFoal (Mii or slime)

Remus continued hacking away at the slime, his strength hardly diminished and despite not making much progress as was apparent, his efforts were not in vain. As soon as he began to gain some ground, the mass reeled away from his sword. "Bothersome slime you ar-" Remus lost balance and slipped, falling onto his back on the stone-paved roads. The divine knight grunted as he noticed the blue mass rising into the sky. "By the Divine Lord-" Not allowing Remus to finish his swearing, the slime began to reel him in like a fish in water into his ever-growing mass. Before he was fully engulfed, however, the Hero of Metal freed him, cutting the tendril from the main part.

The Chosen of the Lord of Flame rose from the debris-ridden ground. His body throbbed from his abrupt descent. That's when he heard it. The brief clicks of an object all too familiar to him. The Forged Arcanum. It tempted Remus with power. The same power that had gotten the Great Dragon Prince Razamundo out of the sky. The same power that had tempted him some few years back. The same power that could crush his foes without any mercy or struggle. Rising from the debris, Remus grit his teeth as he picked his sword up, the divine flame from before reigniting itself. Stabbing it into the ground, he used it to support his battle-worn body and mind. Battling the compulsion of the artifact within him and enduring the physical pain inflicted upon him; his suffering was to such an extreme that he failed to notice the translucent barrier steady itself and various buildings fall beside him.

"No..." The knight groaned out as he straightened himself out. "I... Will not be ridden with the same anguish as before!"

Denying the power of the Forged Arcanum, Remus held his sword high, pointing it to the sky once again. "Give unto me, O shining moon; the girdle, the breastplate, the pauldrons, the boots, the sword- and above all else, strength." The Warden's Edge, engulfed in the flames of the Divine Lords, began to shine an iridescent blue as did his armor. With his second battle prayer finished, Remus began one more. "I, who hold the Warden's Edge. May the two-edged sword of the Divine Lords be ready in my hands so that I may expose the actions of the demons that surround us!" A hard coat of ice stretched itself across the ground as he finished his third battle prayer of the day. The coat of ice covered all except Remus, who took it as a sign from the divine. Praise be to the Divine Lords!

Stepping onto the ice, Remus maneuvered himself around the fallen buildings. He positioned himself with a clear view of the moon-shaped slime. The divine knight cleared his thoughts, though the pain from his body could not be cleared, he could ignore it until it became a real issue. Raising his sword, he gripped it as if it were a spear. "Foul slime, today you shall fall!" Lightning began to spark off the Warden's Edge as Remus imbued it with his magic. The knight clad in silver armor threw his sword like a spear, aimed to hit the slime at its core. Enchanted with his magic, the sword should, upon piercing the slime's mass, explode into a burst of electricity not impeding the sword's momentum nor path.

A risky move, to remove his only weapon from his general vicinity but he had faith he could re-obtain it before battling another foe.


The Once and Future Kai
Frontlines Collab
Participants: Snackofthefuture Snackofthefuture (Ivan) Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505 (Professor) Judge_Vulxray Judge_Vulxray (Midyiel)
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Front Line, Third Ward Ruins.
Ivan.JPG Professor.JPG Midyiel.JPG Caedmon.JPG
Ivan leaned back from his old stance, taking a couple steps away as he did so, a decent amount of energy expended from the unexpectedly powerful energy beam. And despite the addition of the angel lady at the last second to their attack, they had not managed to destroy the Mollug mecha. The blast had driven away a sizeable force of the Mollug attack, but there were still legions upon legions of oncoming warriors. Ivan smiled and pulled out a candy bar, one of his few remaining on his person, he then ripped it open and took a bite, relishing the artificial flavor. He finished the bar quickly and hopped in place a couple times, feeling some energy return to his body. Ivan was probably at 75 percent power as of that moment with more easy shooting probably potentially leading to 80 or 85 percent power. Ivan wiped his face and looked at the crashed mecha. They had solved one problem for the time being.

The angel introduced herself as Midyiel and Ivan waved to her saying, "Wassup, Im Ivan. Ivan Federico. Nice to meet you Angel lol." Ivan slung his gun over his shoulder and relaxed for a moment looking at each of the members who had fired the attack with him. He smiled for a second.
Far above the battlefield, Caedmon continued to survey the locations of daemonic and corrupted units among the vast host of Mollug forces. New Ivan and the Professor had extreme firepower but, through the astral connection, Caedmon had sensed that the bird woman preferred to fight fiends and similar foes - it seemed to be her combat specialty. It would be a tactical mistake to send her against regulars if she was a specialist. The corrupted... Regulars who had accepted and been transformed by daemonic power or whatever passed for it on this world. He could sense many among this army so assigning the angel to this task was an appropriate allocation of resources.


Midyiel looked at the strange man... Ivan he had introduced himself as... with an air of question. The way he spoke confusing her as it was a dialect he was all to unfamiliar with. But as he waved to her, she offered a light bow in return.
"It is a pleasure to meet you as well, and I hope that I can be of any service to you as well."
she looked around at the small group that remained, feeling how tired and exhausted they were. with a small flutter of her wings, a soft white light emitted from her and spread over her fellow... Compatriots? Friends? whatever they were, she would figure that out later as she helped recover their fatigue, though it lightly draining her, but she has been used to this so her recovery is almost instantaneous. Once this was complete, she turned her direction towards where she felt great anguish and suffering, realizing that she could communicate with the Crystal, she asked;
"Please lead me towards anybody that is suffering and requires my aid." before flying up into the sky.


After pinpointing several concentrations of fiendish energy near the front lines, Caedmon mentally highlighted them for the bird woman and informed her quickly over the astral network, "There are fiends and corrupted regulars concentrated at these points in the enemy army."

Then Caedmon slid his glasses back... The spiritual auras that had all but blinded him to anything else were filtered by the lenses and he was once again able to clearly see the armies below. He spotted new Ivan down there, near the angel, and realized that he could inflict significant damage on the enemy forces from this vantage point. "Ivan, shall we transposition briefly so that you can fire on the enemy from above?" He glances around to see if anything else was in the area but spots only the dragon. The teenage girl in flying combat armor appeared to have disappeared. That was probably for the best, new Ivan could likely handle a dragon but a teenage girl might be too much for him. "We can transposition back after you fire."
The battle raged in the streets of Castellan now, up close and personal combat erupting throughout the city as Mollug and Nortestran troops clashed. Thousands died as the two sides raged agaisnt each other. Ivan was aware of the troops dying around him, his implants highlighitn nearby alleis and and the psycrystal enhancing this ability immensely. Ivan Felt Caedmons mind throught the psycrystal link and he moved back to the vantage point finding Professor Membrane near as well. The man was sipping tea. Ivan tried not to think too much as he acknowledged the fact Membrane was drinking tea.
And so.... right after the countdown, and adding in his own beam along with the many others in the combined effort, it had struck the large machine directly into its hull, and for now; is out of commission, allowing them to focus on other important things, such as finishing that cup of tea he wasn't done with right now. Immediately after the beam was done, Membrane then went out and made his way back to the rooftop he used to be situated on, jumping from building to building, from rooftop to rooftop, and right back to where he 'borrowed' that chair from earlier. Grabbing the cup from the sea, and instead, sitting down in its place, Membrane then began to raise the cup to his mouth, and continued drinking of what's left in the cup.

"Ah.... nothing like a good ole cup of tea to enjoy, after potentially doing thousands of dollars in damage to another nation's war machine and lost soldiers, as well as the other thousands of dollars in damage I caused to multiple other neighborhoods, which are thankfully empty. You know.... there is much more Matcha in this tea than usual... meh, its dream tea, so no need to worry much about it." Membrane said to himself casually, as he now, began to rest after putting in some more than minimum effort in the battle... but would still be likely to provide his aid if asked.

Ivan listened to Membranes monologue halfheartedly but found himself agreeing that the tea was nice. He wondered for a moment if Kotori was doing alright but then pushed the thought from his mind, focusing on what was in front of him first. He fired another shot into a platoon of advancing infantry and then allowed his weapon to vent heat for a moment.

Ivan turned to Membrane and asked, "Tea, could I have some? Perhaps in a thermos if ya got one?"

Midyiel flew up into the sky, and towards the direction that Caedmon had pointed out, feeling the wave of Demonic Aura that crept throughout the city. It was indeed similar to what she had fought in her own world.. but it was slightly different. More corrupted than demonic... or maybe it was just a different breed of Demon. She didn't have the time to recollect her thoughts as the memories of the war flooded back to her. Pictures of the scene flashed in her mind. Her brethren dying around her, Demons flooding over the fields. Fires leaping from corpse to corpse, devouring all in its wake. And suddenly Midyiel wasn't thinking straight. The only coherent thought echoing throughout her mind and, potentially throughout the network, broadcasting loud enough through and empathic field rang the words;
And she flew straight into the heart of the swarm, her sword swinging and slashing at nearby Demons, her shield repelling and deflecting attacks. her eyes were glossed over with a darkened glow. All manner of reasoning was lost as she only sought to destroy.
Ivan watched Midyiel fly off screaming, shuddering slightly at her bloodcurdling wail. She was on the warpath it seemed, and only demon blood would quench the fire that blazed within. He raised an eyebrow and sipped the tea he had taken from Professor Membrane. No thermos had been available so Ivan had simply used one of the cups Membrane had brought. The tea was soothing and sweet to smell.

Ivan took another sip and smiled at Membrane giving him a thumbs up before saying, "Good tea man, and better idea. Thanks for the cup."

Hathrax wades through the Nortestran soldiers like farmer harvesting wheat, sending half a dozen of them flying with each swing of his vicious spiked maul. Sometimes he catches a Mollug soldier in the backswing and sends them flying backwards. His eyes are dull, the Mollug magic that binds him suppressing his bloodlust and keeping him following the inane orders of mortals.

His yellow eyes squint as he hears an angelic voice proclaim that all demons must die. He looks up to see a woman with beautiful wings as white as snow and instinctively knows that this is his enemy. But what enemy is it... He can't bring the word to his mind. "Arc...arcon..."No that wasn't it. "Eladrin!"By the pit! He can't remember!

Hathrax holds out a clawed hand and speaks a word of infernal power. A ten foot tall wall of flame erupts before him, cutting through the Norstran and Mollug lines for fifty feet! The Pit Fiend growls in disgust, he can meant to raise a...a... A what? Nevermind. He readied his spiked chain to strike at the...eryines? No, that wasn't it. His inability to recall the enemy's name distracts him for a moment and leaves an opening.


The Once and Future Kai
Mask Squad VI
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Second Wall. Interaction: StaidFoal StaidFoal (Tobias)
The masked warriors are in position to defend the slime from attack. Yet they do nothing to assist. Their orders were to safeguard Tobias and escort him back to Verruk as soon as possible. Since he could simply crush them into paste or send them flying into the stratosphere, they were ordered to accomplish this with diplomacy rather than force. Their orders said nothing about the slime other than to avoid being absorbed by it.

So they simply continued their escort of the master of gravity. They put more distance between themselves and the gunslinger as he arrived fresh from the frontlines. They immediately identified him as a high priority target but their simple logic evaluated that their current orders superseded their ongoing orders to capture the gunslinger.

The masked swordswoman continued to follow along after the master of gravity, keeping the winds swirling around him in a protective barrier. The masked berserker stepped aside to let the gunslinger approached but otherwise continued to act as rear guard. The masked jester flited from shadow to shadow, sending out flying longswords that swiftly cut down Nortestran troops and civilians in the area. The jester kept within eyesight of the master of gravity, having a spell prepared to protect him from attack.

Far away, a woman chained to a wall gasps at the personage who had greeted the master of gravity. There had been reports that she was dead but...there was no mistaking the icy power and those injuries... She needed to get the young goddess back but she could have three... Maybe four... Oh, the masks she would make for them!

"The Prophesied Princess, Felicia, The Frostfire Princess. If you side with Mollug against Nortestra, all charges all you will be forgiven and you will receive rich reward in Verruk. This includes official rank in the Mollug military." The masked warriors broadcast in their loud monotone. They didn't note that the official rank was as one of them, a masked half construct.

Mollug Masks
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Behind the Nortestra Lines, Third Ward Ruins. Interactions: Snackofthefuture Snackofthefuture (Sakujo, Nathan) Juju Juju (Greymourne) YsFanatic YsFanatic (Kana) Pai Chan Pai Chan (Aurora)
The masked soldiers scrambled to pull the young goddess from the gauntlet that had snatched her but then a swordsman appeared and ran the Mask Maker through with a powerful blade. It cut through even the internal frame of the construct, dealing irreparable damage. Automatic protocols kicked in at this and the construct parts within the Mask Maker immediately exploded into an inferno of destructive magic.

Far away, a woman chained to a wall screamed again as her attention was diverted back from the wall to this conflict near the front lines... No! No! Not her drow! That was one of her favorite masks and now it was... Damnit! There was no way the remaining troops would be able to reclaim the young goddess! Not from warriors who wielded this much power! But to lose such a prize here?! Where the hell were Nightshade and Brother Beast?! They could have cut through the line just as easily, maybe more easily, than she had. But they were holding back. Why? And who was this swordsman? She didn't recognize him from the bounty list or the Nortestra commanders... She'd make him suffer for this. That gauntlet woman too!

The remaining masked soldiers fight on for another moment then, abruptly, scatter as they withdraw from the battlefield. However, instead of making their way back to the main Mollug forces they move along diverging streets and alleyways towards the hole in the wall. Their latest order was to join the squad with the master of gravity and reinforce them in their efforts to bring him back to Verruk.
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Brother Beast/Alexander Murkoff
Brother Beast loped across the battlefield, his troops massing around the edges as a second layer of sorts, many of the troops even behind the Colecanth. They were all in position, ready for Athena to turn the mecha on the Mollugs when the time was right. His many legions of soldiers were obedient all, ready to fight and die at his command. The Mollug general continued avoiding blasts of energy and fire Nortestran snipers directed at him. He deflected occasional shots with his claws, batting aside the projectiles with practiced ease. Most of them however, he seamlessly dodged, weaving through the projectiles like he could see the future.

The general neared the outskirts of the battle with Tobias and watched as the man floated off into the air with the slime and figures in pursuit. Truly this was a strange battle; No less dangerous however, with the Scientist adrift’s powers of gravity manipulation. The slime was a threat all on her own however and had grown much in size yet again. Brother Beast sighed and wished the creature had been put down the first time it had grown so large. The Nortestrans had apparently taken mercy on it however, much to their misfortune. Brother Beast ordered several soldiers to keep an eye on the slime and Tobias. They rushed off following after the scientist and the slime and the other things the gravity manipulator had taken.

Explosions rippled across the battlefield as the Mollug vanguard reached the Nortestran line, the entire force of Mollug save for some select units and Brother Beast’s men, attacking Castellan’s last defenders. It was a scene out of books and ballads. Both sides clashed with fire and hatred, burning and cutting their way through one another in the hundreds. Soldiers fought with magic, martial arts, blades, cudgels and anything they had on them. The Nortestrans were fighting for their very survival however so there was an edge to their defence. They had nothing left to lose, and men with nothing left are very dangerous.

Brother Beast carefully kept as many of his men as possible on the outskirts of the battlefield, keeping them out of the frenzied melee that had erupted. Brother Beast knew that once the princess turned the mecha on the Mollugs, they would be caught between it, Castellan and Brother Beast’s soldiers. The Mollugs would break when faced with this assault from all sides and then the slaughter would begin. Taking cover behind a ruined wall, Brother Beast directed a messenger to begin spreading movement orders. The runners moved out and Brother Beast’s bodyguards approached. Each was an 8 foot tall barbarian from the Edge of the World, where Brother Beast himself had come from. Each was nearly as powerful as Brother Beast and he knew they would not fail him in battle. There were 12 of the barbarians and including the general that made thirteen. They moved out from behind the wall, more troops not part of the general’s bodyguard moving around them. Brother Beast’s soldiers were sticking to the edges, using ranged fire as their main choice.

The largest, a brute named Durgath approached Brother Beast and nodded once he was close enough for them to speak. He wore a full helm with two small sets of antlers sprouting from the top. “The preparations are almost complete my lord, our troops are moving into position as we speak. Cardoza and the other generals won't see this coming, Athena’s victory is assured with your assets at her command. No force can stop this route from coming.” Alexander Murkoff studied Durgath for a moment noting the obligatory exposition speech, and then focused once again on the Tome he held chained to him.

The general of Mollug was weaving battle spells to enhance and protect himself. Each was another layer of protection, designed to ward off blades, missiles and assault in general. Brother Beast smiled at the book and closed it after weaving 4 additional spells into his protection. He then moved off in search of more things to do on the battlefield, finding himself headed in the direction of Caedmon, Midyiel and Professor Membrane.

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Ivan Federico

Ivan moved throughout the battlefield gunning soldiers down with trained efficiency, his bullets shredding armor and tearing through steel with ease. Each shot was an explosion of force and power, each bullet smashing and exploding with fervent vigor. As he moved, the tide of battle began to thin in Ivan’s direction as warriors began to avoid moving directly towards the gunslinger. Instead the Mollugs were learning and directing their own ranged units at Ivan, mages and sages and wizards and warlocks, all firing at him. Ivan chuckled and walked into a house that had been at the edge of the fireline, he continued firing, his gun highlighting targets far away from him. The shots exploded out of the housing building leaving bowling ball sized holes wherever a bullet exited.

He dodged behind a couch with impressive timing, just as a large shock of earth magic tore away the wall facing his foes. A rapid fire staccato blast of enemy fire tore up the room he was in nearly destroying Ivan’s cover. Ivan summoned another pistol in his left hand and got on his knees. He began firing repeatedly with his pistols then, right over the ruined couch as a squad of heavily armored Mollug soldiers rushed the building, magic shields flickering as bullets and lasers pinged off their armor. Ivan’s smile faded and the troops rushed in on him. He was surrounded and already they were trying to remove Ivan’s head. The Gunslinger lanced several close range blasts, destroying the armor and shields of the enemy with ease. A warrior with a longsword roared and almost ran the gunslinger through, Ivan narrowly evading the thrust with the recoil of his pistols evading his dodge. Both were large firearms, about the length and size of Ivan’s forearms, they punched at close range, tearing apart the Mollug shock troopers with ease. Despite this Ivan was forced to combine his dual guns into one. A shotgun.

Ivan fired several shots and found himself no longer surrounded. Still in a shitty position as the mages were continuing to shoot at Ivan, regardless of the Mollug shock troops. Ivan leaped from a ground floor window into an alleyway still shooting into the building with vigour and one hand, the other helping balance the gunslinger as he ran from the enemy. Soon he found himself near the wall Tobias had destroyed recently. Finally, arriving at his destination, the gunslinger sent a telepathic message to Caedmon and Professor Membrane that he was at the assaulted point. Nortestrans were still fighting all around, but Mii and Tobias seemed hell bent on destroying those same Nortestrans. The gunslinger needed to get to them fast, get them to stop attacking Castellan fast.

And so, Ivan entered the scene. Carnage and combat alike were very relevant currently on the stage of Castellan. And this scene was no different. Tobias and Mii appeared to be on a rampage of some sorts and were battling some new summoned and what appeared to be… Felicia!

Ivan had just left Caedmon and Professor Membrane at the point where they had fired the kickass laser beam at the mecha. He had noted Zasha seemed eager to get to it, worrying slightly at her fervor and speed in getting to the downed behemoth. He sent a telepathic message to the pskyer and the genius telling them to watch her and make sure she was both alright and not about to blow them all up. He had then left with one last worrying look at Midyiel, telling them to rendezvous with Ivan at the final wall should things truly go to shit, and truthfully also if things went well. Ivan had then leaped from their vantage point with his enhanced physique and went on his way. The tea had truly helped Ivan, calming and relaxing his nerves to allow him the best focus. Ivan smiled and thanked Professor Membrane through the link, telling Caedmon to get some tea as well.

Ivan returned his thoughts to the present and analyzed the scene. Mii needed to be stopped first so Ivan began firing lasers at the slime, trying not to kill but shred off large portions until she was smaller. The rain was beginning to beat down even harder and the combination of blood, oils and water, as well as the slime’s body was beginning to turn the battlefield of the crumbled wall into a swamp. The mire of combat and fluids was sickening to look at, but Ivan forced himself to, firing as many shots as he could directly into the fray at the Mollugs. Every shot landed true and Ivan smiled despite the situation. He then nearly threw up. Ivan reloaded his weapon, shifting some parts around for the charge sequence and then began to fire once again.

There was what appeared to be a new summoned on the field, using a blade and lightning magic to duel with Mii. He was certainly out to kill the creature and although Ivan could understand why, he still felt a slight pang of sadness for the slime, it had not chosen this, it barely knew what it was doing, had it been given a more responsible master it might not have had to come to this. Ivan lanced another laser bolt through the slime, then gave a thumbs up to Remus, who he did not know was Remus yet. He frowned as he gave the thumbs up, but overall he was conveying a positive attitude to the swordsman. There was also another mecha, one Ivan had glanced at earlier when he had gotten to the cathedral. He had almost forgotten about it. The mecha, which was actually Yunica, was above the battlefield and had not seemed to have entered the fray with the slime save for one attack yet.

Ivan sent another message to Tobias,”Bet you’re getting tired of me aren't ya Tobias? Please leave this battle, I understand if you’re upset but that's no reason to kill these people. We’re fighting for them because we’re their last hope. Youre fighting for revenge! Can't you see how that's wrong!? Please just leave this fight Tobias, find another part of the world and go about your life! I really don't want to have to fight you and Mii!” IVan sent his message to Tobias hoping he could somehow get through to the scientist. He didn't want the man and his pet slime to die. Sure they had done wrong, but if things continued on this track, they'd end up having to kill each other. “If you keep on this track Tobias, you're gonna have to kill all the people you swear you're fighting for! Your revenge will have no meaning and you will be known as a destroyer of the people! Please don't do this Tobias!” Ivan was really going on and on at this point, but he figured the more distracted and conflicted the scientist was about fighting them the better. Tobias’s gravity based powers were nothing to laugh at or joke about by any means.

Ivan then turned his attention to the last problem at hand. Felicia was alive! He had been told she was dead, never got to see the body, nothing. His last sight of her had been at the feast! He had told a lame joke and she had laughed for real, it had been a nice moment before things went to shit. Before Kotori and the rest had been imprisoned. Ivan shrugged and smiled, wondering where she had been and what had happened with the assassins. And finally why had she been in hiding? Had she been recovering from the attack, planning some secret assault? It was all so confusing to Ivan, but nevertheless he resolved to go and speak with her. He began heading in her direction through the carnage, firing off the occasional shot at a Mollug or Mii tendril. He dodged a lancing fire ball and several crossbow bolts, leaping into a crater right as they flew overhead. He then stumbled out of the crater onto flat ground once again, right as the crater exploded with earth magic. Ivan continued on his way to Felicia, now calling out to her as he jogged, hoping she would notice and come to him.

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The Once and Future Kai
(Mother Voorjaar)

Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Mii, Second Ward Theme: Natural - Imagine Dragons
Interactions: StaidFoal StaidFoal (Tobias, Mii) Snackofthefuture Snackofthefuture (Ivan) Mentions: Bob Bob (Ashe)

Frostf̶͍̋ĩ̶̻r̸͇̈ĕ̵̺ trusted the old schemer's competence, if not his intentions. The fact that his words could hurt her further confirmed that he was powerful and dangerous. Pawns. It cut deep not because he was wrong but because he was right. In the past she had never thought of her beloved children as pawns. That was how she thought of other entities, not her children. Her children were to inherit frozen creation with her and act as its custodians for all of time. But it was true. She had used them as pawns; that's why she had lost them. The fact that this man saw the truth, a truth that she herself had been denying, only reinforced that he was the right ally for this moment and, after Virtue, the most dangerous entity she'd met so far. She hadn't forgotten that it had been a scholar - not a warrior - who had been her undoing last time. Ernhardur, like this man, had seen through her layers of deceptions to the core of her frozen heart.

For the second time that day, a single tear rolled down her cheek before freezing in place. She had been a bad mother. That's why she was alone now. That's why she would never see her children again. That's why she had to collaborate with the old schemer now instead of relying on people she could trust absolutely.


She didn't have time to dwell on her emotional turmoil as the gunslinger ran towards her calling out Felicia. She regretted not remaining in the cathedral to learn more about the gunslinger, instead she had withdrawn as soon as Virtue had vanished. She had lied even to herself with bitter thoughts about chaos, careless displays of power, and her cunning in going straight to the seat of power...but she could now acknowledge that she'd been afraid of the old schemer turning the others against her. No. Deeper down, she'd been afraid of this - that'd he somehow pierce her defenses as he had done with the lich and others. This wasn't compulsion or mind control but, in it's own way, it was just as unsettling and dangerous.

"Tobias... Please, Athena is deceiving them all. This entire conflict has been orchestrated by her. To drive us apart, to set us against one another. to consolidate her power. We need to go directly to the palace and confront her." Frostf̶͍̋ĩ̶̻r̸͇̈ĕ̵̺ says urgently, using a trick of magic to make her words carry to Ivan's ears as well. She couldn't leave the master of gravity's side, not now, but she wanted the gunslinger to hear this. "This conflict is not what it seems. It is not Mollug versus Nortestra. The outcome is prearranged. It is a cover for her to kill her rivals and secure her grip on power. You can see the truth, can you not? Rama. Mikhail. The Coelacanth." Frostf̶͍̋ĩ̶̻r̸͇̈ĕ̵̺ earnestly repeats the names she had heard Meira utter a short time before. "Listen... She killed me. There were no assassins. I live now only because a servant defied her orders and secretly brought me back to life. But even now my fire is extinguished. It is like I am half dead. We need to go to palace. Killing these townspeople - unwitting human shields - is part of her plan to turn us against each other."

She pauses as the masked soldiers offer her clemency and a position in the Mollug military. Her good eye narrows as she appraises them. This magical aura was... Someone had put a great deal of effort into accomplishing with transmutation what necromancy could offer with ease. No matter. Their opportunism would come to nothing.

Frostf̶͍̋ĩ̶̻r̸͇̈ĕ̵̺ said no more for the moment. She had to follow through on what she had set in motion. She knew from her scouting trip earlier exactly where to mark the palace for the entry. She would do it as soon as she heard Tobias' response. Hopefully with him but without him if needed.
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☼ Goodest Boi ☼interaction: Kaihaku Kaihaku Solirus Solirus

Goodest Boi let out a joyous bark at the return of Jason, tail wagging happily. The smelly bird man had returned! It had been so long since he had seen him! This was very good! It was so good that Goodest Boi couldn't help but run around in a tight circle around the two, glowing with happiness. The only thing that made him stay still was an offered pat from Fido. Of course, Goodest Boi sat down politely at the kind offer of head pats.

Unfortunatly, Fido did not look so happy. He didn't even eat the tasty bread-things that Goodest Boi had offered him. Not even a single bite! Was he not hungry? Rain was getting all over the breads, pitter pattering on the broken concrete and sizzling into the embers of their cooking fire. Rain was very fun! It meant puddles to splash in and mud to dig up. Goodest Boi tilted his head upwards at the sky, trying to bite at the raindrops that fell, but was confused when none of them were falling around him. In his happiness, it would seem that any raindrop bounced off of the vaguely visible sphere of energy surrounding the pooch.

The doggo tilted his head, then quickly lost focus. He trotted behind Fido and the smelly bird man, hopping over rubble and sniffing the new earthy smells. That's when he heard it, a smallish chitter coming from the now ruined house. "Bork!" He took off in a dash, leaping up into the air before crashing down into the kitchen area. Bricks and wooden planks were torn apart easily beneath his paws. After a few seconds he stuck his head into the rubble, dragging out a dim, yet still smouldering fire elemental.

Proud of his excellent work, and happy to have a new friend, Goodest Boi caught up to Fido and Smelly Bird Man. He carried the flame elemental in his mouth, seemingly unaffected by the heat.​


Captain GreymourneInteractions: YsFanatic YsFanatic Kaihaku Kaihaku Snackofthefuture Snackofthefuture Pai Chan Pai Chan
Greymourne succeeded in prying Kana from the hands of the Mollugs, but her satisfaction was marred when the enemy unleashed an attack of arcane. Of course they did. Normally she would just beef up her defenses and hope for the best, but of course she had somebody else with her. It was like Enzio all over again. She quickly brought both of her gauntlets in front of Kana and braced herself for impact, but it never came.
"Allies are by your side."

The captain loosened her gauntlets to see a priest-looking woman shield her from the attack. She didn't recognize her from the Nortestran clergy, but she didn't have much time to think much on it. She gave Aurora a curt nod of thanks, but to Sakujo she simply smirked with a hint of sarcasm, "Well, it's about time you showed up, King Among Generals. Cover me, I have something to wake up the sleeping beauty over here."

Trusting in Sakujo's skills, she turned her attention to Kana. She retrieved the syringe filled with the mysterious blue liquid and gave it a leery look. She didn't really know what it was or if it would work, but the bunny girl told her it had one hell of a punch. Without much more thought, Greymourne stabbed the needle into Kana's arm, hearing an automated hiss as the device injected the fluid.

"You better wake up. I'm not going to carry you around like some princess."

The masks seemed to be retreating now, scattering like the rats they were, but Greymourne stayed with the unconscious summoned. Admittedly, it took some willpower not to charge after them and tear them to bits. Her gauntlets dug their claws into the ground, but the golden armor and horns on her head faded away. "Cowards..."


EnzioInteractions: Kaihaku Kaihaku | Mention: Judge_Vulxray Judge_Vulxray
After the monstrous mecha fell to the summoned, hope seemed to have returned to the Nortestran soldiers. A crippling blow had been struck to the attackers, and while it would not promise victory, it gave them a chance towards it. Yet the Mollug forces kept coming, and among them was a hoard of demons. One among them stood out, butchering Enzio's men. It summoned an enormous wall of flame, engulfing both Nortestran and Mollug alike.

Enzio had never seen a creature like that before, and was at a loss of how to deal with it. Still, he could not stand idly by while his allies died. In the end, it was a shining warrior that broke him from his trance. She held a shining sword, like the legends of old, and on her back were pristine wings. Another summoned. Inspired by her bravery, Enzio felt the semi-corporal wings form on his own back as he watched the angelic woman charge at the leading demon. He had to help her!

"For Nortestra!" Enzio shouted, his sword erupting into flames. In a swirl of fire and steel, he cut through some of the lesser demons. One grabbed him by the leg, ripping into him with claws, but he was quick to release himself by beheading the fiend.

He swooped upwards, then with another flap of his transparent raven wings, made a dive for the leading demon with his sword ready to strike. "Take this, you ugly beast!"


The Once and Future Kai
Lukas Nephus
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Third Ward Ruins
Interaction(s): Juju Juju (Goodest Boi) Solirus Solirus (Jason)

Caught up in bitter memories, Lukas was barely aware of the retrieved noodles, the falling rain, the energy radiating from the dog, or even when the dog darted away to retrieve something else. It was all background noise to memories that felt more real than the present reality. He started when the dog returned with something burning in its mouth and he reached out to take it. The flames seared his hand and his dull eyes cleared at the pain. He didn't gasp, though his face is strained, as he gently takes the smouldering fire in his hand and holds it up at face level.

"Oh... I forgot...about you... I'm sorry." Lukas says slowly, with evident regret. Then he takes a deep breath and says some words in broken Ignan. As he speaks, the flames slowly settles and dies down, the heat reducing until it is just a gentle glow that no longer sears Lukas' palm. Despite the sound of sizzling and the smell of burnt flesh, Lukas' palm shows no sign of injury.

The tiny little fire elemental bounces around in Lukas' palm, issuing a fiery torrent of words in Ignan. Lukas listens with a careful nod and then sets the fire elemental on Goodest Boi's head. No longer burning hot, the elemental cozies up in the soft fur and generates soothing warm.

"You're a good dog, Fido. Thanks for remembering Ogień." Lukas says as he rubs the dog's ears. He had forgotten all about the fire elemental. He would have left it trapped in that oven forever. When did he become someone who forgot living things like that? He sighs. At least the dog remembered. He blinks as he notices the energy radiating from the dog and pushing away the rain. How long had that been happening? He looks down at the dog again. What was Fido really? More than a dog. Yet Fido seemed fully dog at the same time.
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Pai Chan

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Junko Tanukana
Ilaria, Xact

Junko, Sowilo, and the Hyena lieutenant, Trent made their way through the city of Ilaria. There was someone who asked for the Hyena's, by name. So far the city looked large and clean. Which was a good thing. Clean cities often meant there would be people of status. And people of status had money. Often a lot of it. And money was something Junko and her gang needed.

Luckily, in time of war also meant her services were often called to be put to use. The usual sabotage, assassination, and theft to try and hinder one side from having an advantage over the other.

As the trio and many Hyena personnel lingered behind, there were plenty of stares from the people of Ilaria. Whether it was because of how much Junko and Sowilio stood out, in terms of appearance, or because of the amount of people following them.

Junko spotted many guards and nuns keeping an eye on them. Junko didn’t come to blow up something for once but the city’s guards knew of the Hyena’s reputation. And they didn’t want anything left to chance.

Soon they came upon the large gates that led to the church grounds. Several guards and priests were already there, waiting. One of them approached and looked at the guests with blatant disgust. Junko gave him a mocking smile.

“Don’t approve of the company?” She asked in a bright tone.

“I don’t.” He replied flatly.

“That’s a shame because your mother thinks we should all get along.” The priest’s eyebrow twitched.

“You come alone. Your people don’t enter the gates.” Junko thought as much. She turned back to the other two.

“I’ll be fine.” Sowilo said. “I’ll take the time to peruse the shops here. I’ve heard this is one of the largest trading capitals in Xact and am interested in what other lands bring.” Junko shrugged. Sowilo always seemed to be in her own world. The gang leader then turned to Trent. He snorted while giving a glare among the people that were gathered around.

“I guess I’ll act as her escort. Nothing better to do than get eye fucked by half the city, anyway.”

“Then you will be accompanied by our nuns. Consider it a tour of the city, courtesy of Lady Cassandra.” The priest said. No sooner did he finish his sentence did a few nuns come from behind the gate and lead Sowilo and Trent on their way throughout the city.

Upon seeing that no conflict was happening the interested crowd started to disperse. The head priest led Junko through the gate and across the courtyard. She was led into the massive church and through the side corridors. Soon, they were in the back of the church and were standing in front of a heavy set of doors.

“If you please.” The priest pointed his hand towards the door. “Guards will soon be here to escort you back out. So please behave yourself.”

“Oh, giving me orders?” Junko said in a flirty voice. “I guess you like being under the impression you have any authority over me.” The girl patted the priest’s cheek before twirling to walk through the doors.

"You are in our city. This isn't your stomping grounds. You are a gue-" Junko swiftly turned, grabbed the priest by his collar, and slammed him against the wall with a surprising amount of strength. The act knocked the air out of the man and all hint of playfulness was absent from the girl's features.

"I'm more than tired of your mouth. The only reason why you're still breathing right now is a courtesy. But if I hear one more goddamn word out of it I'm ripping your tongue out." There was the sound of someone, loudly, clearing their throat. It was the head nun, Cassandra, checking the source of the commotion. Junko let go of the man and only then did he realize his feet were off the ground. The priest barely caught his balance before rushing off.

"So, I'm assuming you're the one that sent for me?" Junko asked. Cassandra nodded.

"I was hoping to speak to you in person about taking care of something that threatens this city."

"Something? or someone?" Junko asked with a hopeful smirk as she stepped into the office with the city's leader.
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F o u r

Jason looked at Lukas, his mask covering the face of mild displeasure. It must be hard for a boy his age to experience such an event first hand as it should be for Jason too, yet no matter how he looked at it was all the same… it was a weird feeling, he hated his lack of feeling but the blessing prevented him from hating it and instead it ended being a mild frustration more than anything which in turn pissed him off but reduced it… a vicious cycle.

It was at this moment Jason noticed Lukas walking directly into the frontlines. Jason didn’t rush to stop him like many others would and thought of what he could do rationally.

If I bark an order at him, Lukas might feel more controlled and might grow to distrust me… I could also try to pick him up directly, but that could end up being awkward and potentially make Lukas feel like he has no control, but then again his face already shows signs of hopelessness and lack of control…………… I shouldn’t compare him to me, I don’t know much about his life to make a correct assessment. Maybe I can… this is hard, maybe I shouldn’t overthink it too much… I’ll just pick him up, he’s too shocked to think properly… hopefully he doesn’t come to hate me because of it…

With that Jason walked up close to Lukas but paused once more.

Wait, he’s talking with the dog again… is the dog able to speak telepathically? Is that an elemental? I always wanted to see one when I was a kid… I wanted to see a lot of things… He seems to be recovering from shock or more like ignoring it in the meantime.

“Hey Lukas can you try to have Fido not… run away or something, I don’t want any unwanted attention since the dog might bring dangerous people, alternatively I can carry the dog… or you can carry him too I guess… ”

Jason responded rather awkwardly as what he said was a combination of what he was thinking beforehand plus the new events occurring without having much time to think…

“Uhh if things come to worse I can use my... trump card of sorts to get us out of here a lot faster.”

Interactions: Kaihaku Kaihaku Juju Juju


Rather than just suddenly coming back to consciousness like she normally would after overusing her power, Kana found herself slowly waking up, leaving her confused as to what was going on. While her body was almost exactly like a humans, it was different enough where the item didn't have quite the same 'punch' it normally would have, but even so it did its job and undid the physical strain that Kana had put upon herself by taking on her goddess form. Even so, as her vision came into focus it didn't take long for her to realize what had happened.

"I don't know how you managed to wake me early, but thank you," the goddess says gratefully as she climbs to her feet, the guardian moving to stand near her protectively. It was tempting to launch an attack at the fleeing Masks, but she had already seen how resistant they were to her powers, as such Kana decided against such a waste and to conserve her strength. Instead she turned her attention to the others that were in the area that had fought against the Masks. She gives each one a thankful nod. "Regardless if you meant to come to my aid or not, you have my gratitude..." The goddess trails off as she looks into the distance and notes with some surprise that the giant slime was now floating in the air, surrounded by buildings, land, and debris. "That situation has gotten far worse. Some of us may need to go help." Her expression becomes increasingly grim as she speaks.


Pai Chan

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Aurora Del Rosario
Everything happened so fast Aurora found it hard to keep up with fighting happening on all sides. A new fighter entered the fray on their behalf and made swift work of many masked men. There was much violence and explosions while Aurora did her best to protect people from the blasts but, eventually, in the end they were victorious. At least in this skirmish. No one pursued the fleeing enemy which was likely for the best. Who knows what surprises lie around the corners of these streets. The person they intended on rescuing awoke from some kind of injection Aurora had only been recently learning about while in Xact. Kana didn't seem to need any healing. At least not anything that was visible. Aurora stepped forward.

"Me and my friend, Nathanial, are allies from the Xact. We come here offering aid against Mollug. We hope to discuss the potential of an alliance in the future when we are out of harm's way. I am the goddess Symphonia. I represent the summoned from our country." Before Aurora could say anymore Kana directed everyone's attention towards something in the sky. Some sort of slime.

"I trust you know what that thing is? My power shall be by your side." Aurora said with a determined look ready for instruction and ready to follow her allies into battle.

Juju Juju Snackofthefuture Snackofthefuture Kaihaku Kaihaku YsFanatic YsFanatic


The Once and Future Kai
Lukas Nephus
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Third Ward Ruins Battlefield
Interactions: Juju Juju (Goodest Boi) Solirus Solirus (Jason)
Mentions: YsFanatic YsFanatic (Charon) StaidFoal StaidFoal (Meira) GrieveWriter GrieveWriter (POMA)
His mind was clear again. The pain of the fire elemental burning his hand had grounded him in the present and pushed away, for the moment, those hated memories. His brow furrowed as he considered Jason's words.

"I can try but... Well, Fido isn't really my dog. I'm not sure that he's a dog at all. I do know that he's like us, he was summoned to conquer this world. But not by the deity who brought us here. He was summoned by that other deity, the one she called SIN." Lukas answers carefully, turning his palm upwards so that he could look at the symbol on it. This mark identified him as someone chosen to conquer the world. He is silent for a long moment before adding, "Fido is the one Virtue described as a 'beaming ball of white, able to inspire anyone he comes across and fill whatever empty pits in their soul may be present.'" He looks up with a weary smile, "I don't think I can just put Fido on a lead. Not that I have one."

Running away. Lukas again thought that he had become someone who was always running away. He had run away from that girl, Meira. He had run away from that feminine construct and then the masculine construct. He had tried to run away from Jason more than once. He had even run away from the little fire elemental trapped in the oven. Despite it all this dog kept after him. Lukas looked at the dog and the fire elemental nuzzling it, with a sad look in his eyes. What are you trying to tell me?

With a sigh, Lukas looks up at the other companion who had stuck with him doggedly despite his attempts to escape. "Jason, you're a wizard, right? You must be a powerful one if you were summoned to conquer this world?" He asks sincerely, seemingly obvious to the dangers of the battlefield around them. "Are you going to try? To conquer this world, I mean?" He looks down at his feet, "I don't know why I'm here... I'm not a conqueror."
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The tear-shaped table sat in silence, collecting dust. Through the glass walls, swarms of colorful ocean life swam by. Sunlight barely trickled the roof of the room, and so lights were lined around the edge of the steel floor. This tranquillity, however, did not last long. At the round end of the table, three figures began to materialize from thin air. The Partners put on their virtual reality headsets, slowly connecting to the meeting room. The first figure to stabilize was a Nortestran woman adorned in red. She bore a silver crown with a dazzling emerald stuck in the front of it. The second was a well-dressed man from Xact. Cybernetic enhancements took up half his face, glowing green with a carbon fiber skin. The last was a dark-skinned man of Basin, dressed in the desert country's formal attire. Pipe in hand, he smiled at the other two.

"It's certainly been a while since a meeting was called, hasn't it?" The man from Xact put his feet on the table, speaking with a carefree arrogance.

"Do you not remember, Royce? We met when reports surfaced of the very first summoning since 500 years took place." The Nortestran was in the middle of a book, flipping a page as she responded. Her tone was that of sharpness and bitterness. "Then again, such short memory would be typical of a rat like you."

"Ah, you flatter me, Julianna."
He withdrew his feet, leaning forward on the table. Royce turned to the man from Basin. "And what about you, Abdul? Anything new and exciting since last time?"

Abdul plucked the pipe from his mouth. His voice was dry and old, but all the more jovial and wry. "I earned another billion pounds in pure gold!" He puffed a cloud of smoke. "It seems Basin is free from the summon plague you're both experiencing on the other side of the world!" He gave them a wide smile. His teeth were crooked or replaced with shiny gold.

Julianna slammed her book shut, sighing in contempt. With the summoned mostly ravaging her kingdom, even the most calculative and level-headed were affected. "I do hope my manor is untouched."

Royce burst into laughter, slamming his fist into the table. "Don't you have hundreds more?"

"You don't understand, Royce. The one in Castellan was the first one I've ever owned. It was the first reward I earned for my hard work. It's worth more in personal value than anything."

It was then that the doors opened, revealing a tall man from Czarsnikei. He was calm and composed, walking steadily and silently to the thinner end of the table. He nodded to the Partners, taking his seat. The Constant kept his gloved hands together, staring blankly at his superiors.

"And so he's arrived," Abdul remarked, sucking on the pipe once again. "How have you been, Secretary?"

The Constant looked at the Merchant King. "Could be better." His voice was low and soft, as if he were whispering in their ears. "I visited the team in Czarsnikei. Ela was practically begging for a supervisor that wasn't a beastperson. With enough tolerance training, she would be an excellent asset to Providence."

Abdul frowned. "It was just some small talk, Secretary. You always spin work into every discussion we have. Wouldn't hurt to brighten up a little, yeah?"

Julianna then cleared her throat. "We do not have time for small talk, to begin with. Abdul, please refrain from unnecessary words." As Abdul silently snickered with a nod, she continued. "Now, Secretary, you called a meeting for a reason. Please, enlighten us."

"Very well."
The Constant presented his remote detonation device. He input a name, and the signal light blared red. Unresponsive. "Dr. Fenrow and almost everyone present in the Mollug laboratory is dead. Their chips went off."

Julianna brought her hands together, leaning her head on her palms. The book fell into her lap. "I see..."

Hysterical laughter immediately shattered the tension. "Well, at least we know that Julia won't be bragging of how she has a base deep in her kingdom's nemesis!" He slammed on the table repeatedly, burying his face in his elbow.

"Shut it, you mongrel!"

"Now, now, you two, let us hear the rest of what Mr. Hiraoka wants to say!"
Abdul said, but one glance at him would let anyone know how much he tried to hold in his chuckling. Julianna only rolled her eyes at their mockery.

"The man responsible was a summon by the name of Rojy Erac. Mollug already has a bounty on him for 200,000 gold."

"Then spike his bounty for a hundredfold. We'll use profits from my bank to cover the costs."
She leaned back in her chair with a quieter sigh. "Nobody strikes at Providence and lives."

"Understood, Madam Blackburn."

To get her mind off the abrupt loss of resources, Julianna focused on another topic. "And what of the operation in Castellan? Was it a success?"

The Constant blinked. "The supervisor I deployed there has messaged me. Another summoning took place. The Coelacanth did not make it to the second wall before being stunned. The summoned by the name of Tobias Nyseth destroyed a chunk of the second wall. Princess Athena has not learned from her warning and continues to act on her own accord." The Partners lost their demeanors, now focusing on devastating news the Constant had to bring. Julianna in particular was most uneasy. "They called off the operation. Rama's status is unknown. Any attempt to retrieve the Coelacanth would be too much exposure. We can only rely on our agents for further salvation."

Once again, Julianna cleared her throat. It took a second for her to compose her voice. "I assume you will reprimand them once the chaos dies down?"

"Of course, Madam Blackburn. But please do not let any worries get to you."
The Constant reached for a disc-shaped device in his pocket, laying it flat on the table. "Plans went awry thanks to an unexpected summoning within the city, but we still have the trump card." He pressed a button on the disc, and the small hologram of a woman popped above it. She was strapped to a medical bed, kept unconscious via anesthesia.

"Right, the Frostfire lady," Royce chipped in. "I think I get the idea of what'll happen afterwards."

"It's very interesting what their princess is doing. Rogue she may be, you must give her credit for being the first operative to take down a summoned!"

Julianna focused on her breathing as they spoke. With so much going wrong in Nortestra, the survivability of her business seemed slimmer and slimmer. She feared she'd need to rely on another to keep everything afloat, despite how much in reserve she still held. And with leaning on another corporation came debts; favors. But it was still too early for her to see the outcome of it all. "Yes... Once we bring her in, Nortestra will be repaired. I will use my business to aid in the recovery efforts when the time comes. Is there anything else, Secretary?"

The Constant shook his head. "No, Madam. Should anything else of importance occur, another meeting shall be scheduled. For now comes the contingency plan. We can consider this meeting adjourned."

Abdul was the first to leave. He set the pipe aside, then gradually taking the virtual reality headset off as he flickered away. Royce followed suit with a little wave goodbye at Julianna. He tore the headset off with his free hand, and he vanished. Julianna was last to remain, contemplating future courses of action she may need to take. Contact with the summoned was far too risky; especially since she and the other Partners were mere humans. Perhaps recovery efforts would have to come in a string of couriers sent by her company. The door slid open as the Constant made his exit, and now she was truly alone.

With a stressed sigh, Julianna deactivated her headset and pulled it off. She was back in the 53rd Blackburn Manor, far from Castellan and the war.


Zero Mortal Plan!
=Aldreg vs Alexander =
Collab written by: Kai123 Kai123 & StaidFoal StaidFoal
Involved: Aldreg, Toren, Gin, Alexander by Kai123 Kai123 & Princess Athena Mikhail by StaidFoal StaidFoal
Where: Palace of Castellan
When: Current Event
Surrounding Events: Slime raiding the city

Aldreg walked into the castle gates as soldiers greeted him, but were killed by the believed to be dead Toren and Gin. Aldreg was already holding the orb out as it snatched the souls of the knights. Some more knights came to the scene after hearing the screams of the other knights. Some shouting out to alert any commanders near by.

I have no interest in killing Athena. I'm here for a bigger fish. Toren and Gin go ahead and retrieve the artifact.” The three killed all the lesser knights in the bottom quarters. Gin and Toren stormed off in another direction as Aldreg headed up the palace killing any knight that crossed his path.

Some soldiers notified the king and Athena that there were intruders. The king struggled up to his feet. Everyone tried to stop him from moving, but he did not listen, putting on his armor, crown, and cape. Explosions all throughout the castle cause fights.

Princess Athena was sipping another glass of tea when the warning came in the form of a panicked guard. What now? she could only think. The migraine was returning, clenching the insides of her head with pulses of pain. She ran out to the balcony, tapping her earpiece. "Mikhail, the least you could do is warn me that the summoned at my doorstep!" It was extremely rare for the composed princess to raise her voice.

The voice on the other end cleared his throat. "You really don't trust the supervisor of your operation? The summoned are right where you last saw them. Something else appears to be tearing through your dear palace." He glared up at the balcony from the abandoned Blackburn Manor, just barely spotting the princess' sparkly white hair.

Athena fell to her knees, breathing rapidly as the pain of the migraine only got worse and worse. Explosions were erupting in the floors beneath the palace, shaking the entire foundation. Athena held her hand before her; it was trembling. "Mikhail, call off the operation. Even if I conduct the 'spell,' the slime and Tobias are thrashing through the city. The plan was headed for disaster the moment the new summoned appeared, I realize it now!"

Mikhail sighed, as if expecting this outcome. "I've already sent word to the Constant. Meet me in the Blackburn Manor. Escaping the palace, however, is your own duty." With that, the signal cut off. The supervisor went to grab a glass of wine from the manor's pantry.

Even the inquisitors lost to Aldreg he was growing stronger thanks to the orb giving him power. He was moving too fast for any knight to keep up with him. Aldreg held his hand out forcing the knights back with sheer force. Flash stepping slashing each of them. He was kicked in the stomach and sent flying into some tables. Aldreg dropped the orb on the ground getting back up.

“So you’ve finally shown yourself. Hilarious you’re daughter hasn’t come down to me yet.

Maybe because I’m faster and I wouldn’t want my daughter dealing with something like this. Why are you doing this Aldreg, going against your own country? You were born and raised in Nortestra. You’ve gone mad?! Wait what is that orb you have Aldreg? You’ve made your own Shinka ōbu?!” Alexander shouted to Aldreg with his one arm. Reaching to his back pockets for his kunai.

Aldreg laughed, grabbing his orb as it shined bright. He stuffed it in his coat then glaring towards Alexander. “I’m not here for her anyway. I'm here for your soul. I’ve conducted this device under all of your noses. It’s only so much a normal knight can offer as a source of power.” Alexander threw three kunai’s toward Aldreg two go opposite directions stabbing some walls. The middle kunai shot straight for Aldreg’s head, though he flashed stepped behind Alexander attempting to cut him. Alexander disappeared to the middle Kunai, throwing it back towards Aldreg. Aldreg tilted his head dodging the Kunai though Alexander grabbed the Kunai by Aldreg neck and punched Aldreg in the gut. The force of the punch sent Aldreg flying across the room.

Lightning magic! Thunder quake!” Thunder erupted from the ground towards Aldreg, but he jumped out of the way. Alexander appeared in front of Aldreg and kicked him away. Aldreg blocked the attack sliding across the floor. Alexander flashed stepped above Aldreg with an electric covered fist punching down on Aldreg. A crater formed where Aldreg was. He flashed stepped behind Alexander dodging the attack. Alexander dragged his fist across the ground into the air as a surge of thunder rushed towards Aldreg. Aldreg created a barrier blocking the thunder attack.

Pretty soon reinforcements will come and you will be subdued. I'm disappointed in you Aldreg, I had the highest respect for you. You’re very smart, powerful, and all of the above. An outstanding commander, but I was wrong those rumors of you squabbling with Mollug were true huh?

I don’t think I recall doing such things. Though you’re heavily weakened, can you really say you’ll last till they arrive. Without both arms you can barely do much.

Alexander threw two Kunais, one went to the ceiling and one went between Aldreg’s feet. Alexander appeared on the Kunai his body was covered in electricity and kicked Aldreg into the stomach sending him flying out the building. Aldreg landed in the courtyard laying in a crater. Alexander grabbed all his Kunais and jumped out the building throwing all the Kunais toward Aldreg. He appeared at each one kicking and punching Aldreg at each Kunai. At the last attack Alexander went for a thunder punch landing on Aldreg’s face sending him into a fountain. Aldreg emerged from the rubble dusting himself off.

That was good.” Electricity went through his entire body giving him an extreme shock treatment. It put Aldreg on one knee as the electricity coursed his body.

Athena, having a brown hood thrown over her, emerged from a hidden exit within the palace; into the courtyard. She was accompanied with four advanced, bulky guards. The same ones that helped slay Frostfire. Running, the squad rounded a corner and to the fountain. And that was when her and the intruder's eyes met. "Aldreg?" Athena recoiled with a stunned glare. Her guards blocked her off from Aldreg.

Athena then gazed around, finally spotting none other than "Lord Father?!"

Aldreg stood on his two feet as the electricity faded before he could make a move he heard a familiar voice that drew his attention. It was the princess and she was joined with four guards. Aldreg made eye contact with the woman before releasing a smirk. "It's odd of you to arrive to an event so late princess. Greetings to you as well."

"Don't speak to my daughter you rat! Athena get out of here its too dangerous!!" Alexander shouted out to his eldest daughter. An explosion within the castle can be heard but it sounded like it came from under. Alexander could feel the ground beneath them shake, he looked over to Aldreg with anger. "You're only stalling for time! Your after the other orb!" Roaring could be heard in the wind as demons of all shapes and sizes emerged crawling all around the building. Alexander glared at Aldreg this was a planned attack.

=Toren & Gen vs Ian Hime=
As Toren and Gin stormed to the bottom of the palace they played a calm role as knights passed them. The two didn’t want to attract too much attention and leave everything to Aldreg knowing he was growing powerful by the minute. Gin looked out a window looking out to Castellan and had his evil smile grow on his face. Nothing was more refreshing than this and the two have been waiting for this moment since the operation first started. They arrived at a giant chained door both holding their hands up to the door as four magic circles spun rapidly. The chains started to rattle as they were starting to unseal the door. Gin noticed a red magic rope around his torso and he was flung across the hall.

Ian flashed stepped to Toren’s side preparing to cut his head off. Toren blocked the attack with his sword as the force of the clash made both of them slide back from each other. The two flashed stepped around clashing blades Gin got up and joined the fight flash stepping around.

Ian was in the winning side taking the two on with ease. Each of them using their respective spells creating explosions and destroying the bottom level of the palace.

I figured Aldreg was going for the artifact. I’ve been watching you three for some time, the unusual creeping around, many bodies missing, constantly having secret meetings in Aldreg’s lab. What’s this project blue flame?” Ian watched both Gin and Toren closely. He wasn’t planning on allowing them any openings. They both didn’t speak which made Ian grip the handle with both hands. “You two leave me no choice then.

The battle once again continued. During the time Aldreg and the king fought on the courtyard, Gin and Toren had successfully constantly cut Ian. Ian was kneeling on one knee breathing heavily still holding tight on his sword.

“You think you’ll survive this fight against us two? We chose this path a long time ago, Nortestra betrayed us so many times, giving their respects to commanders that won’t ever do what we did for this country. By all means you can continue fighting us if you’d like, but because the man you are I’m going to spare your life.” Toren spoke finally to Ian watching the man struggle back to his feet. Gin stayed silent while he stood next to Toren. Gin had his usual sly look while watching Ian.

Answer me this, how are you both alive?” Ian asked while finally standing on his two feet. He had one hand on his shoulder while holding his sword in the other hand. The two looked at each other then back to Ian as their magic power spiked and felt demonic. Their body was covered up in black markings. Ian closed his eyes in acceptance to what was going on. Aldreg had turned these two into a demon human hybrid. Once he opened his eyes Ian raised his magic power as they battled again. Ian was still holding his own against the two casting spells on each other causing more damage to the palace. Ian was hoping someone was going to come and aid him.


Zero Mortal Plan!
=The Reunion=
Collab Written with: Solirus Solirus & Kai123 Kai123
Involved: Hakai & Lojy
Where: Abandoned Providence base
When: Current time​

For some time after conquering the guild together with Rojy, the two had split apart with goals in mind of soon returning to one another. Hakai rode his horse throughout Mollug destryoing and causing fear through the lands. During his time apart from Rojy, Hakai had met many powerful opponents and even taking the time to perfect his craft of killing. Hakai had trained day and night making sure that he wouldn't have to struggle against another foe again. The battle for control over the last guild himself and Rojy encountrered gave Hakai a open eye on showing he still has a lot to learn and a lot to fix. Venturing out through Mollug Hakai had met new powerful allies that he recommended to his guild. Building his army Hakai had hopes on soon being able to take control over the entire country.

Hakai had arrived at a town far off from any Mollug government which was quite odd. Going around the town Hakai didn't harm anyone yet was only gaining information on anything useful. One of the town folk mentioned there was an old mineshaft that they used to get their material though some strange group of people had taken over the place so no one bothered to go. Hakai took note of this mine shaft leaving the town after getting something to eat he jumped on his horse and rode off to otop of the tallest hill the commoner mentioned that he could see the mine from. Looking around the terrain it was nothing but grassy hills like he noticed upon arriving to the town to begin with.

Looking off into the distance Hakai noticed the cave entrance and rode off towards it. Arriving to the entrance Hakai jumped off the horse noticing that boulders were blocking his way in. A black aura outlining his body as he lifted his hand up blowing the boulders into rubble. His horse jumped back from the sound that the small explosion let off though Hakai calmed it down. Turning back around Hakai walked within the cavern hoping to go down a long pathway yet was met with a dark drop. Turning to his horse who waited outside he turned back to the drop and decided to jump down in. Landing on his two feet it created a small crater the first thing Hakai noticed was a headless man who pointed towards a wall. Kicking the body over Hakai walked up to the wall placing a hand on it to realize it opened up.

"What the fu**?"

The light nearly blinding Hakai he had to cover his face with his arm. Walking in it was a strange building with white metal corridors. Hakai decided to take a tour around the place. There was no one in site which made it strange. Maybe Hakai can bring some of his soldiers hear as a hideout of some sorts since it's abandoned. Looking around he came across a strange room, large cafeteria, an office that seemed important, and many other rooms. Each room had a door that slid open on its own which threw Hakai smooth off. Arriving to another door that opened up though this room caught Hakai's eye. It was like a training facility taking a few steps in the door closed behind him.

"Yes this would be the perfect hideout."

It was like a giant maze Hakai was going through yet he some how came back to the entrance. Though there was a room he hadn't noticed when he first arrived. Walking over as he watched the door slide over it was a giant library. The first thing that came to mind was Rojy when he saw the room, so he took a step in walking around noticing the many books within the room. Hakai was met with the mkdd of the room with someone he had not seen in a while. Walking over to the table Hakai drew his sword to Rojys neck though not cutting him.

"So we've crossed paths again."

Rojy would noticed Hakai's armor had dried blood on it. Some places of his armor could be shown to receive serious damage. His shield and sword still in perfect condition. Hakai gave a quick glance around the room one more time. Once Rojy responded Hakai sheathed his sword on his back under his shield, then walking over to a chair to sit in.

Rojy seemingly didn't pay much mind to this, as he simply flipped the page of the book he was reading, before closing it and slowly placing it on the table, "you certainly haven't improved your manners recently, shame, I was counting that you would" Rojy said not breaking his sight on Hakai, watching him sit on the next chair. "It's impressive how lucky you are to find me here of all places, unless you were tracking me in which case I must commend you for that... So, what do you want, the other me was reading and I don't want to waste any more time."

"The tides brought our paths to cross again. How long have you been hiding here. We can bring some of our forces here. Surely you know the ins and outs of this place or at least one of you." Hakai responded to Rojy. "I've came in contact with other summoned on my journey."

"We've only had this place for a day, there are still parts of the base that I haven't been able to access, or haven't gotten around to checking. I also do not think bringing your forces here is a wise idea, given as it would attract more unwanted attention, unless the forces are a small number I do not want this place to be overly crowded and easily trackable for any potential enemies... You also mentioned you've encountered more summoned? Will they prove useful?" Rojy asked

"Only a day? Hmm.. I don't plan on bringing a whole squad, but at least 10 troops to protect the facility. There won't be attention brought if we kill all witnesses. They call themselves Chaos Brigade. The leader of the group called himself Vali, they're powerful members and one of them is smart in working with those strange weapons you like. He probably knows what spell I will have to cast on these doors."

Rojy remained quiet for a second placing on his face, almost as in dissapointment and with a bit of frustration, "... Right, ok... I'm going to need to figure out a way to make nearby villagers forget they went here or it will cause a big panic... However those outside the village can be killed... " Rojy sighed again leaning on the chair, "I will be personally examing each of these troops before they enter, I don't want there to be any moles. Anyways it's best now if Rojy resumes his reading right now, you can walk around the facility or whatever this place is... just don't touch anything." Rojy explained as he returned to his previous position and grabbed his book seemingly changing his demeanor completely.

Hakai nodded to Rojys response getting out of his chair and leaving the room to let Rojy continue his boring task. Hakai took the time to get familiar with the routes in the building.
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