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Captain GreymourneInteraction: Snackofthefuture Snackofthefuture YsFanatic YsFanatic | Mention: StaidFoal StaidFoal

Greymourne whipped around as soon as she heard the sickening crack of stone and saw the looming shadow. Her eyes widened, surprise and fear leaking from her expression, before it sharpened into a scowl. The following earthquake made the foundations of the nearby buildings quake, and almost threatened to knock her from her construct, but she held on tightly with clenched fists.

"DAMN THE SUMMONED AND THEIR PATHETIC GOD!" she snarled, her twin gauntlets slamming into the ground on either side of her. In her rage, her legs and part of her face became covered in a shining, gold metal. The claws of her gauntlet gouged deep rifts into the cobbled streets as they lifted back into the air. She might have charged straight for Tobias and that slime, if she was not given a strict reminder.

Normally, she would have snapped at receiving orders from some stranger, let alone a summoned, but there was a certain authority in this one's voice. She held her tongue long enough to hear the bit about some other -- likely a summoned -- that was already dealing with the slime, and hopefully that wall-destroying bastard too. Greymourne grit her teeth, narrowing her eyes at this 'Kana' and the strange construct that followed her. If the situation was better, she might have actually complemented it. At least, it did garner enough respect that Greymourne listened. As much as she hated to admit it, the summoned was right.

"Then we are wasting time!" she growled, spurring the construct below her to take off in the direction of the front lines. Shards of blades and metal gathered to the construct as she passed over them, readying to be unleashed by her wrath.

Goodest Boi.png
Goodest BoiInteraction: Kaihaku Kaihaku
Goodest Boi seemed to be completely unphased by the shaking building or the flakes of wood and dust that fell around him. He happily continued to nom his present-bone that had been given by Fido. What he did seem to notice, was a strange burning-meat smell. He stopped his nomming and looked up at Lukas, where it was coming from. How strange. Stupid Mutt had often carried that smell with him, along with the smoke-sticks. Usually, the smoke-sticks would come after the meat-burn smell. Goodest Boi had never understood what sort of meat it was, but it must not taste very good because Stupid Mutt was always sad when he smelled like that.

Of course, this train of thought left the station whenever a steaming ball of bread-things fell to the ground. Was it a gift? Foods on the floor meant treats! Goodest Boi quickly finished nomming the bone and trotted over to the steaming white-things. It smelled like breads, but not breads. Very wet breads, but thin... much too thin. Fido had made a very strange breads, but Goodest Boi did not mind. All breads were beautiful.

The doggo happily ate the discarded noodles, tail wagging blissfully and pearly coat shining like a star. Even as the earthquake struck the house, he didn't really notice anything until everything around him was dark. Oh? Was it night already? No, there was wood and stone around him. Now he was the hider in the hide and seek game! Or was it Fido? Goodest Boi could smell him, but also something else. Not just the noodles. Blood. Not a happy smell. Goodest Boy took the remaining thin-wet-breads into his mouth and dug out of the collapsed building. He shook out his coat then looked from side to side. Fido was standing nearby, all covered in dust and that blood smell, but seemed ok. Just like Stupid Mutt. Oh dear.

Then a brilliant idea struck him. If blood made people sad and breads made people happy, he could finally give back to Fido! Bounding across the rubble, Goodest Boi caught up to Fido. He ran a few circles around the boy before plopping down into a sit just in front of him. Gently, he placed the leftover wet-bread-things in front of him and looked up expectantly. "BORK!"

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chibi_20200602_084214.pngHeather - Ilaria, Xact

Heather found the church rather quickly. It stood out even in the large city since the land it took up was quite sizeable itself. The main church was the most noticeable building. An extensive courtyard greeted visitors after stepping through a large front gate. Large walls surrounded the property which made it impossible to see inside except at each gated entrance. Besides the church itself there were several other buildings on the grounds as well. A dorm building, a building dedicated for teaching both young and old. And a couple of various purpose buildings as well.

The place was well populated. It reminded Heather of University campus' back at her home before the supernatural war began. Bustling, crowded, and full of energy. Replace those students with people of the cloth and tourist it had a very similar feel.

It wasn't a surprise at the stares and brief panic when a woman with expansive wings came landing down with an injured girl. Some people looked in awe and some in fear. But all of them held shock in their faces.

"I need someone to help!" Heather called out. Many people still stared on in shock but several moved right away. Some rushed to assist while others left to fetch someone. One of the priest in fancy garbs briefly looked over Bai.

"A gunshot." The young man said.

"I could have told you that." Heather seethed and the man flinched at her snapping. "Sorry," She immediately apologized. "Is there a hospital or somewhere I can take her?" The priest nodded.

"We do have a medical facility on property. It looks like we will have to perform an operation. The bullet is still lodged inside and we have to get it out before we can do anything more."

"Where is this building? The medical one?" The man pointed to one of the large buildings that was the next one back after the church itself. It was one of the focused practices for the priest. And was only pioneered further by Aurora with her knowledge of medicine.

"Everyone, stand back." Heather called out and people were only all too quick to comply. And in a flap of her wings she was back up in the air. The medical building was still a decent walk away and pushing past dozens of onlookers didn't appeal to the phoenix.

"A-are we flying?" Heather heard a weak voice and noticed Bai had regained consciousness.

"Yes. I'm getting you help." Heather said just as she started to land in front of her destination with medical staff already exiting the building with a stretcher. They were just as surprised as everyone before when they laid eyes on the winged woman. Heather placed Bai on the stretcher and, thankfully, the staff immediately took her in and went about assessing the damage. Heather sighed as she walked inside and found the waiting room. She was lucky she found Bai just in time before that situation got worse.

Heather just hoped the girl could pull through her injury. Or else it was back to square one. Sowilo said the girl was important. It wouldn't do if Bai died right now. Heather, then, noticed the plethora of stares from the people and staff.

"Come on," Heather said, loudly. "I can't be the most surprising thing you've seen around here."

"Many people that live in this city haven't ventured beyond the walls except for trade." A woman's stern voice came from the doorway leading into the waiting room. She was followed by several nuns and priests, including the one that checked Bai, earlier. "And even then, seeing an angel-like being is still a rare sight." Heather waved her hand.

"Oh, I'm not an angel. Their wings are way smaller." The woman's eyebrow arched giving her face a look of curiosity.

"Then what are you? A devil? Your wings are as dark as the night sky." Heather rolled her eyes. It was always black and white with the religious types. Good or Evil.

"First of all," Heather stood up from her chair. "I'm a who not a what. Just like you. And second of all I'm not at liberty to discuss my heritage with someone I don't even know." The woman's gaze didn't falter and Heather thought she saw a hint of a smirk.

"You are right." A look of confusion came across Heather's features. She had never seen a religious person accept Heather's argument so easily. And she had done this dance dozens of times back on her home world. "You understand we are used to the scriptures here and you just resemble a being straight from The Word. So I hope you can excuse everyone's excessive prying and stares. You will take some getting used to, in appearance. I'm the head nun of this place, Cassandra. I thank you for saving one of my own." Cassandra held out her hand and Heather took it.

There was something off about the nun. Heather had seen that look in people's eyes before. This woman hid her true thoughts very well. Like she was used to putting on a façade. A commotion coming from the ER took everyone's attention. A nurse then went sliding across the floor and from the double doors that led to Intensive Care. Bai Ling soon followed after with several people trying to subdue her.

"Hey!" Heather shouted. Her voice was felt as much as it was heard and easily cut through the shouts of everyone. "Leave the girl alone." Shocked, the guards and other nurses stepped away from Bai. The young girl smiled at Heather but the second her eyes found the head nun it disappeared. She quickly stepped towards the head nun and was blocked by the people she had come in with. Bai looked at each of them and they avoided her gaze in return. Heather could only guess that Bai had a reputation here.

"It's okay." Cassandra said and her guards stepped aside. "It's good to see-

Before the head nun could finish her sentence by slapped the woman. The force sent Cassandra to the floor.

"Don't!" Heather called out to the guards, seeing them take a step towards Bai. This time the usual green of her eyes were glowing. Bai was immediately on top of the nun and grabbing her by the collar.

"You are worse than the people you took me from!" Bai seethed. "You act and pretend but you are evil on the inside."

"I-I have no idea-

Bai slapped the woman again.

"Lies! Even when face to face with me, you lie. You sent Aurora off in hopes the war would kill her and you sent those men after me."

"That's absolute-" Cassandra cut her sentence short when Bai raised her fist. Her arm was grabbed, but this time by Heather.

"Now's not the time. You should be resting." Heather said in a hushed tone, ignoring the mass of onlookers.

"No." Bai said and Heather cocked her head to the side in confusion.

"No?" Heather repeated and Bai stood up to show where the injury was. Only it was no longer there.

"I meant to tell you dropped me off. It's a miracle. Even the bullet is no longer there either." Heather was stunned into silence. Maybe the girl was special, after all, and this was fate to meet up, like Sowilo suggested. Bai then turned back to Cassandra.

"I will find Aurora and inform her of your misdeeds to me and the people. You are an evil person that hides behind a mask of lies and status. Junko, at least, isn't a manipulator or a liar. You are no different than the demons in the books and stories we are taught about." Cassandra was noticeably getting red with anger. She stood and pointed at Bai.

"You're no longer welcome here. I hereby banish you from the church and will work to make sure you never step foot within these city walls again." Bai lunged for Cassandra, who flinched back and fell, again, to the floor. This time Heather caught the girl.

"You can settle this later, Bai." Bai immediately, stopped.

"You know my name?"

"Actually, I came here looking for you. It's a good thing I found you before the assassins, trailing you, did anything worse." Heather said loud and clear. "We have more important matters before we finish what has started here. Trust me." Bai turned and looked Heather in the eyes. The woman's eyes had long before turned back to normal.

"Okay." Bai said, and once again Heather was shocked at how accepting people seemed to be around here. Bai already started walking out of the medical facility. The hordes of spectators clearing the way as she did.

"Everyone stand back." Heather shouted. "Again."

"We get to fly again?" Bai asked, a little too enthusiastically and Heather nodded.


Cassandra watched as the two flew away until they were just a dot in the sky. Bai must have heard something. The assassins were very well known for their keeping quiet about job details. Even to the point where some of them had their tongues cut out. They were top of their profession and now they were gone. And Cassandra didn't want to take Bai's threat lightly. Aurora already held a definite fondness for your rash girl. It was no doubt that if the priestess returned then she wouldn't have a hard time speaking out and getting the people on her side. So Cassandra had to step it up and make sure, either, Bai didn't make it to Aurora or that none of them made it back. She spent too long rising to the top to let some outsider ruin the head nun's hard work.


The Once and Future Kai
Skat Anotatos
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Third Ward Sewers. Mentions: Solirus Solirus (Soundwave) GrieveWriter GrieveWriter (Rook) Bob Bob (Explosives) Kaihaku Kaihaku (More Explosions) StaidFoal StaidFoal (Wall Collapsing)​

Skat clutches at his ears as a painful burst of hyper-sound penetrated even down to the depths of the sewers. Dropping to his knees, he feels the blood pouring from his ruptured eardrums and sees the same happening to the new citizens who had just begun the transformation. He couldn't hear but he knew he'd soon heal. He was more concerned about the new citizens. Their nanites weren't fully online yet. He was disoriented as he scrambled back to his feet and shuffled over to the nearest of them.

Perhaps it was his deafness or the disorientation, but he failed to note the ground collapsing around the rat nest until it was too late. Crushed under tons of earth even the super rodent's enhancements were not able to preserve him. He died...only regretting that the first generation of the great society hadn't taken root on this new world. As to what caused the sewers to collapse... It could have been the explosions or the gigantic construct charging overhead. It could have been set off by the wall collapsing. In all the chaos it was difficult to identify why it happened and no one had time to notice.
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Nathaniel Klaus and The Xactian Paladins

Nathan turned to Aurora, noticing the staff she had summoned and nodding in her direction after the moment of silence had passed. “We are to find more summoned, and when we do, we get them to join us. Priority one of the Xactian government is attainment of assets, as of the moment. The Paladins will focus on helping important figures escape the onslaught and will sabotage the enemy where possible. Our job is not a simple one, I only hope they respond well to more of their kind. That is where you come in Aurora, you gain their trust, and I will bring them over to our side.” Nathan and Aurora began to head towards the walls. The paladins followed after in a wide spread formation, crossbows armed and magic spells on the brink of use. They moved quickly and silently, the explosions of the war being waged destroying any possibility of easy verbal communication. Thankfully, each mage in the group was outfitted with telepathic communication abilities. They would keep contact with one another throughout the mission. Xact was a nation that did not skimp out on its military investments.

They were jogging now, the occasional off centred projectile landing nearby, destroying a house or upheaving a segment of road. They passed bodies and destruction, the war having ruined many lives, they passed the occasional escaping refugee and the even rarer deserting soldier. They let them go directing them to the Xactian camp. As they moved more evidence of the battle began to appear, with gunfire and spellfire all the while providing a nice soundtrack to their movements. The city was beginning to catch light again it seemed, and random fires roared through buildings on their way to the last recorded position of the Summoned.

Eventually the group arrived at the cathedral, the paladins leaving to go about their assigned jobs and Nathan and Aurora starting theirs. They would find the Summoned and go about bringing them into the fold. If the enticing option of a general’s salary weren't enough for them then perhaps several thousand gold pieces would do. It was up to Nathan and Aurora to find the strongest summoned they could and recruit them. It was a difficult job, but the military advantage brought about by the Summoned was immense and would give Xact an edge over the heavily enchanted hordes of the Mollug base army. They were much closer to the summoned now, in the area of several. Nathan asked if Aurora could sense any strong summoned nearby. They would head towards the strongest they could find.

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POMA & Rook
Location: Beside the Coelacanth
Interaction/Mention: StaidFoal StaidFoal Kaihaku Kaihaku Bob Bob Solirus Solirus @beamteam​
Whereas some would hesitate when a massive tendril of lethal fury came swinging at them, Rook only seemed to speed up to meet its approach. His arms lunged forward as his massive hands dug into the immense limb immediately, with Rook yanking more of the tendril towards him before slamming a foot down and forcing it through the limb itself. All the while, the arc-cannons which pelted his form were like the equivalent of being pelted by full speed baseballs. HIs armor would shift a bit from the impact and he was undeniably getting scorched, but if the cosmic construct had any issue with the bombardment he definitely didn't show it. He was far to busy literally fist-fighting the tendril, every crash of his knuckles against it tearing another chunk from the beast.

He paused in his flurry and looked up for a moment before releasing a chuckle as he suddenly stepped away before leaping about half a block directly backwards. His trunk-like legs dug into the ground below from hsi sheer weight, but he spent not a half-second there before leaping into the air towards the damaged tendril. He raised his arms above him as he fell towards the tendril, letting the massive form of his Aegis Tower fall into his grasp as he brought it down with force and used its jagged base to cut through the tendril.

The tower was embedded, the massive limb severed, but a Queen's Rook knew that only Absolute destruction counted as victory against vile kingspawn. He didn't even give the beast a second before he lunged over the tower and clung to the rest of the limb attached to the beast and began scaling it by digging his fingers through the tendril whenever he pulled himself further.

His attempt to reach the main body, however, wouldn't even be given a chance to succeed. Not long after Rook began his violent ascent, an immense impact threw the Coelacanth's head to the side and caused the entire beast to fall. Rook, unwilling to let go of the heretical machination, simply fell with it whilst still continuing his ill-fated ascent. But he was not the only one to take note of the Coelacanth's new precarious position.

In one portion of the battlefield which had become overlooked by many portents of the clashing forces, an unbelievably bizarre gap had been formed amidst the fighting. Soldiers were ushered away from this area by cyborgs politely informing them to move along, those that refused to comply were rendered unconscious by a plethora of acrobatic fisticuffs. Protected by her Axis-Brand Noxco Helpers, Poma had been steadily going through the numerous bodies the Summoned and the native armies left in their wake. Now dozens of these cyborgs were aiding in the recruitment process, blossoming further and further as time went on.

Eventually, she floated above the battlefield and merely watched whilst letting the Helpers bolster their own numbers, even she could admit that she was far too picky, wanting only the most intact of corpses whereas she was fully aware the Axis Virus was effective even with extremely damaged ones. She took notes as the Summoned fought the approaching Mollugs, pccasionally having to move out of the way of a stray spell or arrow. But unlike the living siren that was Rook bellowing and roaring loud enough for her to hear, she had refrained from moving closer to the battle.

After all, it was looking rather wild over there. She watched an entire attack reduced to nothing but spaghetti, a surge of shadows leaving nothing but masked slaves in its wake, and had even caught sight of a projectile sailing into the Coelacanth with enough force to finally bring it down. That was when she made her move.

"That's enough now, people." she called down to the hundreds of Helpers that now formed the perimeter below "Work while you walk if you must, but we shall make haste towards a new endeavor!"

The small army of helpers applauded her before moving to follow as she began floating towards the Coelacanth, which was far closer to the battle than she'd been so far. Mollug and Nortestran forces equally found themselves dumb0founded by the large group of cyborgs moving among their lines, but many were a little caught up with not-dying to call them out. That didn't mean many didn't try, as many Nortestrans recognized the previously Mollug forces while Mollugs realized that something had been to their former compatriots.

Upon being approached whether with hostility or confusion, the Helpers would give similar responses, "Due to an ongoing initiative, NOXCO asks that you refrain from impeding the progress of its employees."

Some Mollugs tried to pull their former allies back to the fight, while the panicked Nortestrans refused to give a potential enemy the chance. These were met with the same response, "Noxco would like to offer free sleeping aids in return for your efforts."

'Sleeping aids' in this context apparently meant being beaten unconscious through usage of more acrobatic fisticuffs, and soon a trail of battered and unconscious soldiers formed a trail behind Poma's Procession.

As Poma approached the fallen form of the Coelacanth, she waved for the Helpers to stop in their movements as an immense combination of attacks targeted the downed beast with Synchronized efficiency. Many of the regular soldiers had to shield their eyes or stumbled from the sheer power of the combined attack, but Poma and her Helpers merely waited for it to complete. Once the dust had settled, Poma was delighted to see that the attack had cut a massive hole in the creature's side.

"Ah, it would seem our goal's become ever so easier." she noted before pointing towards the hole "Ladies and Gentlemen, secure the entrance for-"

And then her sudden boon was engulfed in the pasta attack from earlier. Poma stared for a moment before sighing and gesturing for the Helpers to get a move on. With their extreme dexterity and coordinated takedowns, the Helpers fought their way through the battle to the immense ball of pasta. As Poma flew around to try and find a way to the hole beyond, the Helpers formed a new perimeter around the immense wall of spaghet.

Whilst surveying the mess of pasta and massive monster tentacles, Poma was momentarily stunned as a massive fist tore up through the spaghetti ball and yanked an enraged Rook out from under it.

"CHEAP TRICKS DELAY YOUR ANNHILATION ONLY SO MUCH, HERETICS!" He bellowed to the sky before noticing Poma floating nearby "You!"

"Yes... me." Poma nodded before gesturing towards the pasta "If you don't mind, could you inform me of how dense this pasta is? I'm trying to ascertain how long-"


Poma floated out of the way as Rook swiped at her, "Woah, woah." she waved her hands "What do you think you're-!?!"

"Get over here you flying heretic scum!!!" Rook commanded violently "I will rip you out of the very heavens you pollute!!!"

Poma thought for a moment before remembering that their last interaction had included a similar level of yelling and intended harm. She sighed before waving off the Helpers, who had immediately became alert when Rook emerged. Placing her hands together ever so gently, she floated away from Rook before speaking.

"Loyal, Powerful Queensgaurd, you find not an assailant before you, but a fellow deterrent to the spreading of heretical misgivings."

"Liar! I remember you disrespecting our Queen's ways!" he bellowed, only for Poma to lean forward.

"All a ploy to further our dissolution of heresy." she winked, prompting Rook to tilt his head in confusion.

Before she'd have to detail this any further, it happened. She didn't need the shouts of her Helpers to take note, she heard the sound of the Castellan wall being broken. There weren't many things the sounds like she heard, and soon she turned to see that indeed a great beast of slime had emerged from where once the Wall had stood resolute. It had left a gaping hole in Nortestra's primary defense, and already she could see Mollug Forces speeding up their advance.

"The wall!" Rook grunted "They seek to undermine the Queen's glorious architecture?!? Is the very system of propriety to be targetted by such irreverent beasts?!?"

"A Queen's Rook wouldn't allow such a thing to happen!" Poma declared before pointing to the gang of mask-wearing Mollugs who seemed to be making a break for the cathedral, "and while the enemy continues to push through the battered defenders-"

her finger trailed downward, past the cloud of masks and to the desperate Mollug soldiers trying to keep up with their masked counterparts and having significantly harder times, "-they leave their weakness bare and ripe for abuse."

Rook saw it too, his body having already been enacting the slow process of turning as he sighted the rear of the Mollug forces frontal assault. Poma floated away and gave him room as he lunged away from the pasta, diving back into it only to lunge out of it again, somehow having been able to reacquire his Aegis Tower in the split-second that he'd been out of sight. She didn't wait to watch as Rook fell upon the Mollugs, as she was just glad to be rid of him so she could get back to things with real importance.

"Come along now, fellows." she gestured to the Helpers, who had been caught up warding off any who approached their perimeter.

Soon she ordered many of them into the pasta, and they entered the small, delicious forest with little hesitation. Fighting their way through the massive meal, Poma and the Helpers finally found their way into the Coelacanth.


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Ashe & Auron
Interactions: Snackofthefuture Snackofthefuture Mentions: Solirus Solirus @ beam team
Ashe watched the Coelacanth fall through the combined might of the summoned below him, their attacks doing sufficient damage to force the mechanical beast to the ground. The dancing lights of their team work reflected in his eyes as the sundered forces of Mollug attempted to continue their march. Such was the dedication of a soldier fueled by overwhelming morale. In the face of the summoned's otherworldly strength and power, these simple soldiers forged themselves to eliminate their enemy without flinching at the prospect of death. He regarded the shockwave that shook the wall itself, but Auron's shield muffled both the sound and force of the attack into a dull thud within their bubble. There was simply little reason to act in any way, though even he grew bored of the mayhem that laid before him. Despite his past and history, he did not truly enjoy the sight of conflict, regardless of scale. No, he preferred the vision of a prosperous country unmatched in power and wealth, where a metropolis would house only the best this country could offer and reaching to the sky to pierce the clouds. His old home, his faraway empire, where prosperity reigned for millennia at a time.

War was, unfortunately, an inevitable outcome to a planet plagued with unrestricted conflict, especially with the presence of other summoned. To achieve complete domination of the world was to either convert or eliminate these outliers of power. Many were clearly above him when it came to physical and magical capabilities, so fighting them directly was considered a last resort, at least until he's properly regained enough of his energy to consistently turn his blades tangible to equalize that front. It was important to build a foundation first. Civilizations always looked to expand and progress, so he would do so under that front when approaching other countries. He adjusted his monocle, eyes drifting from the battle towards Bastion. His impassive face belied the contempt in his mind at the upstart summoned. His preference of personalities were never inclined towards the hyperactive and boastful, but considering Bastion's impressive physical abilities, he would hold his criticism for now. There was little reason to make more enemies so early into the summoning.

"Virtue has tasked us to conquer, not destroy, as young Carmen mentioned," Ashe replied evenly, dismissing his attempts at intimidation and returned his gaze towards the downed Coelacanth. "There is no benefit for a king that rules a dead world." His voice was measured, calm, and resolute. He has seen countless conflicts with deaths in the trillions. This barely registered in his eyes as a war, merely a squabble, but that didn't mean he wouldn't take this seriously. With a lack of resources and truly trustworthy allies to count on, it will be an uphill battle to take hold of any decent territory.

Auron grunted in response, turning his eyes to the distance. A mind channel opened between him and Ashe as the flaming light in his eyes flickered. "This war, all those souls screaming, can you hear them? The never ending howls of the dead aching for a second chance to destroy their foes?" The lich looked to the dead below with an impassive stance, keeping his hands buried in the pockets of his robe. "Suffering as the afterlife slowly takes them away in a never ending cycle of pain. How pitiful."

"Mm," the old demigod grunted. "You wish to harvest them? Make them useful?"

"I wish to alleviate their pain, to end the cycle of rebirth." Auron unveiled his right hand, letting another soul materialize on the palm of his hand. There was a strange tone in his thoughts, as if reminiscing of the past. Rather than the cold indifference Ashe had known about the lich, he seemed to feel disappointed. A necromancer never truly cared for the souls they enslaved, and Auron was no exception, but to see the lich mutter a prayer before destroying another soul in his hand was a strange sight. "Their service to me is a temporary respite to their anguish. A soul in pain cannot perform without the guise of a blissful afterlife, so I give them that veil of happiness when they become soldiers and protectors under my control. Strange is it not? For an undead like I to speak of being merciful to the souls I take?"

"A strange dichotomy of magic, but welcome. There is more to gain in our partnership than not, so I do not see any reason for you to continue your quest, so long as we hold the same goals in mind." Every summoned had their own agenda. From the simple pleasure of battle to the dark machinations that hide beyond Castellan's walls, every being had their own plans and goals, but Ashe had been given the divine task to transform this broken planet into a single whole. While he held hesitations of trusting a god like Virtue, he did not have the required power to rebel and usurp, so he shall wait and see where this course of action will take him.

"You are open-minded, old King. I can respect that," Auron replied, a touch of mirth as his right hand glowed a searing gold light, engulfing another soul into mana. "But our conversation shall be continued at a later date. I sense several Summoned already attempting to approach us. Will we retreat or retaliate?"

Ashe stood from his throne, the seat vanishing when he reached his full height. A floating man, entered his gaze, lifting debris ripped from the wall they stood on. His eyes flared and heard his thoughts, the emotions that ran through his mind as he unleash retribution for betrayal. His gaze, while barely visible was apparent. Nortestran soldiers? Another summoned that was taken prisoner by their troops for being what they were. Ironic for Nortestra to seek help from the beings they were ready to imprison, and, as his eye told him, execute after a trial.

Ashe let a shadow of a smile emerge from his face as the battle raged underneath. It seems that turning the world against the summoned would be even easier than before. The throne of blades reappeared as he seated himself once more, both of his eyes glowing a royal purple hue. His power slowly radiating from his person. He was tempted to unleash a battlefield wide aura to cease the conflict, but held himself back. To unleash it was to fall in line with others that continue to boast and arm those watching with information to counter and eliminate him. He would not degrade himself to such a state, so he crushed such desire with extreme prejudice into the depths of his mind. Considering the concentration of the despair aura he exuded so closely to his body, he knew those affected would have taken their life had they been exposed, or at least, have lost the will and mind to live. But that was unnecessary. The other summoned were quite adequate of their ability to commit mass killings.

"How long will it take for a spell to transport us far from here?"

"It will depend on the distance, but it will take a few minutes considering that I will be teleporting several entities at once," Auron answered. "Another spell will allows us to move similarly to Varium for a short time, allowing us to leap from this wall and escape by foot, should you find the idea of waiting several vulnerable minutes unappealing."

Ashe sighed, as his aura fell away. Truly a troubling situation. These summoned should have focused the Coelacanth while it was vulnerable rather than attempt to seek them out. Outliers in an imperfect plan, unfortunately. "Very well," Ashe said, gazing at the edge of the wall, where he expected any summoned to come. "Varium and I shall force their attention to us. Ready your spell."

With a mental affirmation between Varium, Ashe, and Auron, the lich's crimson eyes blazed brightly as he raised his hands. Several massive, glowing circles rose around him as the massive mana cost forced dozens of souls from the previous spell to evaporate to mana. As their memories flowed, the necromancer could see the vivid locations of Mollug and the surroundings around it. He could see several cities, their capital, and border to their country. Their lives were etched into these locations. Feelings of love and loss, of joy and sorrow, every emotion tied to these locations only heightened the accuracy of his spell.

Then he locked the location into place, the spell brightening as it consumed an absurd amount of mana from Auron and the souls. It would need his full concentration to prevent a backlash in the flow, making sure that every circle was strong enough to hold the amount of mana it was circulating, lest those teleported may end up in random locations in the world.
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May the ballroom remain eternal. C'est fini.
Remus Alberia
Mentions: @any poor soul present at the cathedral, outside the cathedral, near the wall, and on the wall
Remus Alberia, the Knight of Divinity who died risking his life to rescue his love, awoke in a grand cathedral. His body tensed up as his eyes absorbed his surroundings. The cathedral appeared in ruins and had depictions of unknown iconography; surely it was not a temple to the divine.

The knight grunted as he sat up, his arms buckling as he felt drained. He observed the rooftops of the grand hall. Cracks in the stone and holes presented Remus with a view of the blackened sky. Dust and smoke engulfed what he imagined as a wonderful blue sky. Remus' body continued to strain as he rose to stand. He supported himself by resting a hand on the stone column beside him, keeping his body from collapsing. As his consciousness fully awoke, his eyes drifted to the blown-open doors of the temple. He viewed thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of bodies piled on the ground outside the temple. His mind caught up to this realization, gathering what strength he had to rush outside the temple.

The carnage he viewed was beyond comparison. Not even the war between Erania and Irelia compared to the devastation of this peculiar city. Buildings were toppled and leveled. Warriors and common-folk laid dead and lifeless under his feet, their faces holding the expression they had as they were struck down. "By the Divine Lords..." Remus stood in shock as he looked up at the darkened sky, watching as a colossal beast of metal fell. What Demonic Lord brought the 3rd Ring to this land? Remus, before his awakening, ventured into the depths of the Demonic Realm to save his wife. He purged the 1st Ring of every demonic being possible before making his way to the 2nd and 3rd Ring, doing the same to the former before eventually being slain...

Remus grabbed at his chest, feeling the cold metal respond. The Divine Knight looked down to see a full chest, no hole, nothing gone. What... happened? Am I alive? Or am I dead? He walked over the bodies of the deceased, making his way towards what he envisioned as the city's border. Has the Grand Architect taken my soul? Is this my purgatory? Remus saw soldiers run past him, each injured in their own way. He did not feel sorrow for these warriors, he did not think they were real or even capable of feeling pain.

Was he even real? Was there a reason that he should participate in this war of imitation? The warrior clad in silver walked until another wearing a mask approached him. A spear was held in the warrior's hand and at that moment, Remus accepted his fate to fall to this warrior until his reflexes moved him to the side, escaping the stab of the masked warrior. Perhaps Remus wasn't dead but instead trapped within the Grand Architect's vast mind. Evidence to this theory wasn't concrete nor was there any to begin with. However, his religious beliefs taught him one thing: Miracles are to be cherished and used appropriately. Perhaps his reflexes were a sign from the Lords that blessed him themselves.

The Grand Hierophant of the Moon Cult unsheathed his sword, cutting down the masked foe with ease. With the slaying of an enemy, Remus felt invigorated. He may be dead or not, but he can surely make use of the time he has in this peculiar illusion. He may have not felt the presence of the Divine Lords but he was sure he could contact them like he once had before. The Grand Architect could take his soul; destroy it; remove it from existence; torture it, or any other manner of pain inflicted to the Divine Hero but it could not take away his determination.

His steps were quick as he dashed to the beaten walls of this unknown city. His sword cut down the foes who dared approach the hero who destroyed Hier's soul. Reaching the wall, he jumped with great athleticism, stabbing his sword into the bricks, using it to ascend even further than his physical ability would allow. Setting foot onto the battlements on the wall, he roared with defiance to the Grand Architect.

"Architect be sent to the damned! I am the First of all Heroes, Monarch of the Sky's Wrath, High Lord of the Silver Armada, and the Living Hero of Erania!" Remus screamed at the dark sky. His soul, from then, thenceforward, and forever is in defiance and rebellion. He knows his strength greater than any demon that could entrap him and is more than prepared to defeat any who would challenge him.

Remus, the Knight of Divinity who died risking his life to rescue his love, is more than ready to escape this Supreme Demonic Lord's mind and continue his quest.


The Once and Future Kai
Mollug Masks Collab
Participants: YsFanatic YsFanatic (Kana) Snackofthefuture Snackofthefuture (Sakujo) Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505 (Yamcha)
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Behind the Nortestra Lines, Third Ward Ruins.
1608353219956.png 1608352659552.png 1608352761966.png 1608352862269.png

The sound of heavy foot falls comes from a nearby side street and a heavy shadow clings over it. After a moment, a group of Mollug solders wearing white masks come charging at far beyond human speed down the street in the direction of the cathedral. However, they suddenly come to a stop and line up in perfect formation. A masked woman, wearing a dark hooded cloak, floats along behind them and seems to be source of the shadow.

There is a moment of silence as the masked soldiers face Kana and Sakujo.

Then the speak in perfect unison, their combined monotones resounding across the demolished neighborhood. "Kana. The Young Goddess. A plain and unassuming woman whose true form is that of a violent and merciless destroyer." The masked soldiers ready their weapons in synchronicity, "Wanted for murder, disorderly conduct, conspiracy against The High Council, False iconship, and theft of Mollug government property."

The masked woman points a spear at the goddess, as the masks proclaim in unison, "Surrender yourself and your life will be spared." There is another moment, then they add almost as an afterthought, "Swordsman, assist in her capture and the 100,000 gold bounty will be awarded to you."

More heavy foot falls sound from the side street and beleaguered Nostresan soldiers, also wearing masks, come stumbling to join the masked Mollug soldiers. These newly arrived soldiers seem exhausted and on the verge of collapse, yet compelled to continue beyond their physical limits.
Her guardian had started to follow Greymourne with her holding onto it when the goddess suddenly found her route cut off by a large group of masked people. There is a flicker of surprise at the mention of a bounty on her, but then Kana's eyes narrow as she examines the Masks. Something about them felt off, but it was not like any magic she knew. With them being from Mollug going by the colors most of them wore, she had a feeling it was something vile and cruel. Unfortunately there wasn't time to try to figure out what exactly was going on with them and with her current state the best she could offer was a swift death to end any suffering they may be experiencing.

Thankfully she was already in contact with the guardian, allowing her to instantly merge with it in a flash of divine light. The light almost instantly went away, revealing Kana now with blood red hair and decked out in armor. Dozens of black, barbed blades appeared around her and shot out, impaling numerous Masks before another wave appeared and launched themselves at more of the enemy troops. Despite her calm expression, she knew that the odds were very much against her, if the battle didn't end in the next few moments she would likely end up dead.

Nearby, Yamcha has left the cathedra by the time the beam struck the large metallic creature in the sky, reasoning for this was that he was getting a bit impatient considering that all this fighting and action was going on outside, while Yamcha was still stuck inside having a formal conversation with the others about cooking recipes and parties, well, the last one was mostly for a team... but still, Yamcha decided to go out and stretch his legs before heading back to the cathedra, maybe punch someone in the face if they turn out to be hostile. Unfortunately for him, nothing seems to be happening much here as well, like the world was telling him that he should go sit down and relax a bit, well, he does value a well-rest before going out to what appears to be his longest journey yet, maybe even longer than all that time he spent adventuring with the young Goku.

"Jeez, this place is a bit too quite for my own liking, even in a middle of a large war, guess they are too busy somewhere else to be over here. Maybe I could come across a looter or two away from the main group and test out my skills on them.... this world probably has some strong fighters just by looks alone." And as Yamcha continued to think to himself about where he may go, he then heard sounds of a gathering of people nearby, maybe he could actually find something interesting nearby. So, with the thought of facing off against some new foes on his mind, he then jogged in straight ahead down the streets and alleyways to where he thought he heard some people talking off into the distance... and for once in his life, his curiosity paid off, as he perked behind a building corner, and saw some scary looking folk in dark colored cloaks and colorless masks.

Of course, there seemed to be some group of innocent people always on the receiving end of the 'bad guys' blades, which were two people who looked like they could hold their own in a fight, and while he couldn't hear what those baddies were saying considering he was a bit too far to hear clearly, and wasn't good enough to read blank mask, he continued on watching for a couple of more seconds, waiting for them to make the first move. Although, when looking around at his surrounding surprisingly, it looks like he was back to the cathedral already.... was this fate telling him that good things come to those who wait?
Sakujo stood near Greymourne on the route to the battlefield, his position relatively near to the commander His hand was on his katana and his energy pistol already armed. The Nortestran woman seemed like a rather determined commander and Sakujo found himself admiring that aspect of her. Though he did chuckle at her condemnation of all the summoned. The situation did indeed look grim with all the various events going on around the walls and perimeter defences. But Sakujo was not one to be put off by grim situations and merely strode on, sparring at range occasionally with masked warriors who emerged from the enemy lines. Sakujo shot them down with no mercy, felling soldier after soldier with ruthless agression.

A woman appeared suddenly to Greymourne, from behind the Nortestran lines, claiming to be of the summoned line, naming herself Kana. Sakujo glanced at her from behind a piece of rubble, glancing once or twice at Greymourne, who seemed to accept the newcomer as summoned rather quickly. From which summoning she was from, Sakujo wished to know. Buildings lay in pieces all around them, magic artillery and more conventional explosives having been used enmasse in the war. It was sort of reminiscent of trench warfare with storm troopers on every side. Sakujo chuckled at the comparison to the ancient infantry of a rival empire of his old dimension.

Sakujo noticed the woman who claimed to join them, was beautiful If nothing else, that fact backed up her claim in Sakujos eyes. She was ordinary sort of, but in a way that highlighted how in place everything was. She had a perfect face to Sakujo. Sakujo shook his head and wondered at his chances with her before shaking his head slightly He then turned back to Greymourne, who accepted the woman and her guardian into the unit. Sakujo shrugged and extended a hand to Kana, blushing slightly and not hiding his enthusiasm for meeting her. "Good to meet you Kana, I am named Sakujo Honomura, it is truly a pleasure."

Sakujo paused for a moment, before suddenly firing a shot into one of the nearby buildings, a masked figure stumbling, falling out of the window to the street below. Others began to emerge from the building as more explosions echoed throughout the battlefield. Sakujo fired off several more shots before smiling at Kana and ducking back into cover. The samurai checked his ammo, before switching out his energy magazine. He holstered his pistol, now wielding the energy katana.

Then into the battlefield, the vanguard of the masked force arrived, along with many of the stealth and ambush units that had been popping up on the feed for Sakujo. Soldiers had been whispering of the masked warriors of Mollug, the dark magics used to turn their comrades agaisnt each other. It was truly a frightful power the mollugs were showing off here, sowing dismay and chaos within the Nortestran ranks. Staccato magic fire rumbled overhead and some exploded nearby, sending rubble and pieces of the buildings they hit flying.

A group of Mollug warriors appeared claiming a bounty for Kanas head. Sakujo snarled at them and fired several shots in response to their invitation to turn on Kana, felling two of the masked soldiers. The future samurai pulled himself into cover behind an overturned cart and tossed a smoke grenade and a frag at Mollugs. After Sakujo got behind cover, Kana suddenly fused with her guardian, merging with it in a flash of light. Standing before Skaujo then was an entirely new woman with red hair and barbed, spiky black armor. She was still beautiful, just in a more pronounced and aggressive way.

Right before all this went down, Greymourne conveniently decided to run off, leaving Yamcha, Sakujo and Kana to deal with the masked warriors.
The Mollugs leaped away from the thrown grenades but some weren't very lucky, being caught in the explosion, others dying to the Nortestran ranged troops. It was then at this point that Sakujo noticed Yamcha, feeling a strong connection to the strangely dressed obvious foreigner. Sakujo waved at the man who looked like a martial artist and some sort of bandit.
The masked soldiers stagger as they are impaled by the dark barbed blades slump, blood gushing from their mouths and the vicious injuries that the attack had opened. Horrifically this does not stop them - despite the lethal attack the slain masked soldiers break into a shuffling charge at the nearest enemy.

Kana is fortunate to dodge to the side as the first of the fatally wounded masked soldiers almost reaches her. A second later it explodes in an inferno of destructive magic that would have harmed or even killed her had she been caught in it. The few charred remains of the masked soldier, all sign of the mask gone, collapses inert.

It is only a moment's reprieve as the other fatally wounded masked soldiers pursue Kana and Sakujo. When they close to melee they explode in an inferno of destructive magic.
There was simply too many of them, blades alone was not going to suffice, especially with the time limit she was dealing with. As much as she hated to use the ability, Kana had no choice but to draw upon her power to manipulate poison, a thick purple fog emenating from her even as the blades continued to shoot out. However the blades now were aimed to pierce through the feet and legs of the enemy to pin them in place long enough for the poison to kill them.

The cloud of deadly poison continued to spread from Kana, but the goddess made sure that it didn't get too close to the sword wielding man and the martial artist helping her as she didn't want them to become paralyzed or die. However despite the lethality of the poison cloud spreading to the nearby buildings and streets, the situation was still extremely bad with how many enemies there were and the power of each one. In her sealed form she couldn't hope to fight off one, much less an entire unit of them, which meant she had to push herself to her limit and then hope for the best.

And that limit came all too soon, only about 20 seconds after she had assumed her goddess form Kana felt a second ache in her body and soul before her vision grew dim. The last thing the goddess saw as she fell to the ground was her divine power separating from her body to form the guardian again and the cloud of poison become still and start to settle over and round her. The guardian stood protectively over her still form, ready to defend her once the poison cloud cleared.
Well, judging from what Yamcha was currently seeing, it seemed that the fight has began to take start now, as the Samurai looking dude, his current nickname for the individual started his fight by using a sort of pistol to shoot a couple of the current foes Yamcha may be facing against in a couple of minutes, watching the Samurai dude fight with deadly accuracy, shooting down a coie of soldiers that dared be in his sights, even taking out some sort of fragmentation device and throwing it amongst their ranks, blowing up a couple of them. It was when Yamcha also noticed that some others went to join in the fight as well, possibly the guards of this city that Yamcha decided to protect along with a few others, and those explosiona across the street, man, it was looking like a real battle now, and Yamcha couldn't help but give out his signature smirk, finally gonna test to see if he could provide any real aid here.

Oh, and also that Samurai dude noticed him, to which Yamcha proceeded to look at Sakujo, and taking a closer look, it seems that he also has a cool sword inside of a sheath, just like Yamcha's own Azure Dragon Sword, although it appears more of Japanese origin than his curved blade. The Samurai dude also gave him a wave in Yamcha's direction, to which Yamcha could only smirk at this, and give a thumbs up back at the man, before turning to face the enemy army.

Best to take out one of the stronger ones first before going after the weaker ones, as Yamcha dashed forth from his cover, and charged straight at a masked Mollug soldier, excitement gleaming from Yamcha's eyes as he finally took his first steps into combating a new foe from another world.

Dodging a sword slash meant for Yamcha's throat, Yamcha quickly responded back by delivering his own blows to the masked man, first was to launch a palm strike directly into the Man's stomach, knocking out all the air out of the man's stomach and giving Yamcha enough time to follow up his attack, now punching at his opponent over key points which would make it much easier to knock out a normal human being, such as the throat or directly into their head, although it seemed that this man was actually more durable than the average person, but eventually they all had to fall. Yamcha finished off his combo, by pushing the masked man back with a palm strike to the mask, slightly cracking under his strike, and then Yamcha going back a few steps, before charging forth with a sudden burst of speed, and jumped into the air, his feet aimed directly at the head of the man, his kinetic energy helping carry him across the air, and transfer all of the kinetic energy into the face of the Masked Man, launching the now unconscious individual a couple of feet away, as Yamcha thankfully managed to use a flip to realign himself mid-air, and land onto his feet.

"That was much more effort than I thought I needed to use... but I'm just getting started, so don't you think that's all I can do." Yamcha said out loud to no one in particular, taking a sort of combat pose on the street, his hands now shaped into a claw like shape, his right foot first, with his right arm and hand slightly into the air, while his left leg was kept back, and his left hand was directly next to his chest. Two basic Mollug troops charged forth, one with sword in hand and the other a spear; going to take advantage of Yamcha's 'dumb' choice of poising in the middle of battle, and honestly, that would have been the truth, if they were much stronger and faster than the average man. Honestly, it was like seeing sloths running straight at him, and Yamcha took this moment to look around the field for any potential threats that would arise when facing those two, to which Yamcha noted a couple of bowmen... but for now, they seem mostly distracted, which gave Yamcha enough time to deal with these two punks.

Jumping into the air to dodge a spear strike meant for him, Yamcha then pushed down his entire body using both the kinetic energy gravity provided him, as well as extending his own legs to pin the spear to the ground, before Yamcha sent a clawed fist to the unprotected face of the spear user, making them stumble back with rather little amount of force, Yamcha now jumping off the dropped spear, the sword user narrowly slicing the spot Yamcha was diagonally a few seconds later. Might as well practice his sword skills as well, as Yamcha unsheathed his Azure Dragon Sword out from its place, the curved sword reflecting the sunlight on its shiny metallic blade. Raising the blade to block the Mollug soldier's sword, he countered by kneeing the man in the stomach, before knocking him away with a two tap move, first was by hitting him in the face with the pommel of the sword, then making a small jump into the air and kicking his opponent in the chest, knocking the man away and hopefully teaching him a lesson.
A tremor runs through the masked soldier as Yamcha knocks him unconscious, cracking his mask and sending him rolling back in a heap. Somehow, impossibly, the still clearly unconscious soldier crawls back to his feet. No weapon in his hand he charges at Yamcha, arms hanging limb at it's side, only to explode in an inferno of destructive magic as he nears the martial artists. Fortunately for Yamcha's agile fighting style allows him to dodge the clumsy suicide attack...but still it likely brings back unpleasant memories of being grappled by a saibaman.
In the midst of the combat raging all around the city block, Sakujo scanned the are for Greymourne, making sure the commander was alright, then realizing she had sped off from the skirmish he found himself in. He then nodded his head before turning back to the present hand situation. Sakujo would rejoin her later once the situation had been dealt with. He cut down a charging soldier with a quick disarming slash, sending the man spinning off dead into an explosion. Sakujo fired two shots and parried an axe blade, looping it and pulling it from the grasp of its bearer. Sakujo then shoved his blade into the gut of the soldier, then wrenching it from his belly with a sickening shlick sound. Blood poured heavily from the wound and the masked soldier fell to his knees with a smile, before surprise, surprise, he exploded.

Sakujo braced against the explosion and felt his shields flicker for a moment. Then after several more moments, the gauge in Sakujos filled back up and his shields were full once more. Blood dripped off of Sakujo's armor and face and he looked devilish in the rain. He then shook his head, blood and rain water spattering off him. He looked back at Yamcha and Kana and saw they were doing alright for the most part. Yamcha was using some form of martial arts to combat each enemy he ran into and Kanas barbed blades were piercing into enemy soldiers that got too close.
The thick cloud of lethal poison wrecked havoc on the living muscle of the masked soldiers...yet the pushed forward. Paralyzed flesh ripped and tore as construct implants forced the masked soldiers onward into the poisonous miasma. Metal rods and screwed burst from mortal flesh. To the simple intelligence of the mask constructs, pain was just another sensory input but to the powerless yet still aware host soldiers it was incredible agony. Dozens died from the poison yet still awkwardly clashing with the guardian and encircled the unconscious goddess. Finally one of them managed to scoop her up and quickly withdrew through the cloud of miasma. The other masked soldiers immediately closed on the guardian and erupted in an inferno of destructive magic.

Reaching the edge of the miasma, the dead masked soldier - metal visible through torn flesh - handed the unconscious goddess to another masked soldier who withdrew into the troop. She was passed on several times, one snapping glowing manacles on her wrists, until being thrown over the shoulder of the Mask Maker. The entire troop of masked soldiers then began an immediate withdraw, sprinting away from the cathedral neighborhood and parallel to the front lines. The Masked Maker floated along in the midst of them, raising a sphere of pure darkness over the area to cover their retreat.

Far away, a woman chained to a wall clapped her hands together. The young goddess! Her handiworks had managed to obtain the young goddess! Oh! This was more than she dared hoped for. Pretty much any summoned would have made her happy but this one was...special. She had a very special mask design in mind for this divine subject. This made all the sacrifices worth it...but they'd have to get her prize back here. That would be a challenge. She didn't know how she'd bear it if her new subject was taken from her.
Interactions: Kaihaku Kaihaku (Voorjaar)​

Meira listened to Frostfire's plans, what she could say, the retaliation against Athena, the "grand plans" of the higher ups. "I... Wow..." She chuckled, rubbing the back of her head. "The suits are scarily calculative..." Meira took a breath, sitting herself on the side of an abandoned cart. "This is beyond my workload. I guess this is why they kept it from me, huh?" Meira then dwelled on Frostfire's last few sentences, raising a brow in amusement. "Mollug? You're being sent there after this?" The beast woman smirked, looking up at the wall. There was still much for her to learn before any promotion came her way. "I knew the Partners were putting a leash on that empire, but I guess the Nortestra Partner put dibs on holding it. Whatever the Constant wanted you to do—"

Meira paused in her words as the knights in the distance yelled and pointed. Cracks and crumbling echoed over to their location, raising the beast woman's eye. "Already?" But with one glance at the monumental disaster, her jaw fell open. "No... No, that's not right!" The levitating segment came crashing down, kicking up clouds of dust as she glimpsed a mass, blue slime entering the city. Above it was the gravity-bending summoned she'd met with before the imprisonment fiasco.

Meira clicked her tongue. "To answer your question," she took a step to the side, watching the soldiers rush to Castellan's defense as buildings crashed and civilians screamed. "I'm sure they'd want you to help stop that before leaving!" Everyone's gonna be pissed after this, aren't they?
Two crashes rocked the princess' quarters; the first being a wave that almost tipped everything on its side, and the second managing to rock the entire castle itself. Something crumbled outside, giving even the guards outside her door a tremble of uncertainty. Through the slits of the windows, she saw clouds of dust rise high into the air and into the streets of the ward "Already?" she muttered, approaching the balcony. She took a small, brown pouch from the counter and the scroll for a quick spell cast. In the other hand was the trigger, her thumb over the button. Let's see, dump the pouch, use the scroll, then activate... Dump the pouch, use the scroll, then...

However, what blasted through the wall was not anything she was expecting to see. Rather than the mechanical tendrils of the mech, it was a monster of blue slime, spreading across the streets like a flood. The sight of it furrowed her brows. The plan... am I the only one who knows what the plan is supposed to be? What are those fools doing? Her thoughts were cut off by a buzz in her earpiece. She hastily retreated into her quarters, tapping the device to be met with her peer's voice.

"The plan's been thrown way off track, princess." No kidding. "With the summoned tearing down the wall and the Coelacanth still 6 miles from impact, I fear a convergence is in order."

Athena grit her teeth, sitting on the bed. All of this just because of a last minute summon... simply atrocious. "How could you possibly suggest that? I've put more effort into this plan than you ever did." She laid back in bed, sensing an incoming migraine. Athena rubbed her temples with a free hand, trying not to let her anguish show in her tone. "I would earn so much from the success of this, and you're willing to desert me?"

"Please refrain from believing you could pull this off without our presence. Do not act as if you, the minnow, are better than the sharks in the cage."
Mikhail stood from the balcony in the neighboring Blackburn mansion. He stared across the marble fountains and beautifully trimmed hedges, delving in the empty luxury as he spoke with the princess. "And do not show so much sorrow at a supposed 'betrayal' after what happened with Frostfire."

The headache worsened. "Unlike you, I'm not willing to abandon my home for my own benefit!" she spat, deactivating the earpiece in the heat of the moment. Her head pulsed and tightened with each passing second. The plan was crumbling to pieces; not even her peer was confident in its success. Unless Rama stepped it up, it seemed there'd be an actual threat to Castellan in the form of the once missing gravity shift and his slime.

However, her moments of isolation were limited. From behind the doors to her quarters, a meek voice shouted, "Why can't I come in? I'll tell my big sis bad things about you if you don't let me in!"

Though the guards stood firmly, the entrance still opened to reveal the princess, basking in the sunlight through the windows as she stared down at the child. "You're... Naia, correct?"

Naia stepped back at the sudden appearance before bowing respectfully. When she spoke, her usual giddy behavior was notably gone. "You're the best, smartest princess in the world, so..." she bit her lip, daring not to look up at her—partly not to show the tears welling in her eyes. "Do you know where big sis is? She told me she'll be back early, and..." She bit her lip again, blinking away the water.

Athena put on her friendliest smile, the same one used to assure the citizens of her kingdom. "Your dear sister is playing around and wasting time in the middle of troublesome events. It seems she is actively refusing to return—or perhaps she is lost? Castellan is a big city, after all." Athena kneeled down to Naia's height, gently putting her hand over the child's head as she finally peeked up at the princess. "You can conjure a tracking spirit, correct?"

Naia tilted her up head to Athena. "You mean Goldie? I-I can conjure him right now, i-if it helps..."

Athena clasped her hands in apparent relief. "It would be of great help for you to use one to find Meira and bring her back to the castle."

Naia's eyes sparkled for a moment, though diminishing as another rumble shook the palace. The rising dust cloud and the blue tendrils came to mind. "But... t-there's a big scary monster—"

"All the more reason you need to rescue your sister. Doing this would kindly let her know to stay punctual at all times."

To Naia, the princess was glimmering. Expecting, even. It was enough to make the child feel heroic in her response. "Got it! I will go out and rescue big sis!" She bowed again before dashing in the opposite direction.

Athena wordlessly returned to her chambers. With a sigh, she muttered, "Children are so easy..."
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"Truly, why do you struggle so much?" Tobias hovered towards the persevering construct, bending over to meet Nils' eye. "Is it that you cannot stand the idea of being quashed by the ones you all betrayed?" No matter what Nils said in response—if it even could say anything back—Tobias rolled his eyes. With a flick of his wrist, Nils would have forced into the air where the tendrils finally dragged it back to its core without resistance. "And that's one less traitor in our path. Come, Mii. Towards the palace where the renegade princess resides!"

However, the usual chirp of the slime was not what echoed over to Tobias. A drawn, pained moan escaped the slime as lightning suddenly pelted its amorphous body. Every inch squirmed as more bolts struck from above. Tobias' jaw dropped when he realized that someone had dared to attack his slime! He turned his attention to the source of the voice shouting "Tandle!" for every bolt. Grumbling, Tobias tore the roof off a nearby house and hovered it directly above Mii. At the same time, he laid eyes on the very machination he met after emerging from the basement.

"What in the world are you doing?!" he yelled, floating over to Yunica. He stopped a fair distance ahead of her, hovering in the air. As Mii continued surging through the streets, Tobias glared repulsively at Yunica, as if she were the scum of the earth. "It's maddening that people like you exist; aiding cowardice traitors and standing in the way of justice!" He pointed to the looming palace in the far distance. "These Nortestrans are devoid of empathy and goodwill! What kind of sick joke of a civilization would imprison the heroes that save their kingdom? Spit in their faces and besmirch their name? It's unnatural! It's—pardon my language—stupid!" The roof above Mii drifted over to Tobias' side, poised to launch at her. "If you can see the reasoning of that, I advise you turn away!" That should be enough to ward her off. Now then...


Tobias only turned away when the shout of a Nortestran mage caught his attention. A tremendous ball of flame expanded before Mii, slowing the slime's encroachment as it felt the heat. The mage raised his staff backward, about to send it barreling into the monster... only for the ground beneath his feet to shoot into the air. He felt the staff in his hand grow exponentially in weight, as if it was being pulled down by an unseen force. The ball of fire subsequently fell to the ground, dispersing in all directions and somewhat scorching Mii's outer layers.

Tobias released his fist high into the air, watching the mage on the tiny platform rise higher and higher into the air.

After clicking his tongue in repugnance at the mage's futile efforts, Tobias heard a voice. Her voice. His ally who was betrayed by the Nortestran scum. "Kotori! I'm so glad to hear you're still alive! The Nortestrans imprisoned you for no good reason, and by the sound of it, they brainwashed you as well. No matter, I shall answer your inquiries.'What of the sacrifices?' Ask that to the Nortestrans. We sacrificed so much for their kingdom, and you were shoved into a damp cell as a reward.'What of the innocents? ' None of these traitors are innocent. They think their heroes that saved their kingdom are worse than the Mollugs themselves. It's sickening, honestly." Something crashed behind the slime and Tobias. He didn't spare a second glance to the mangle corpse of the mage. "Point is, there is no need for a kingdom that so eagerly betrays their allies for no good reason. Even if you cannot fathom this yet, I'm certain your horse would agree."

Mii grabbed the mage's corpse, consuming it as more slime grew over many other buildings that lined the streets of Castellan. At this point, more civilians and guards were appearing—most fleeing at the sight of the monster. Tobias hummed a small tune as his pet grew bigger than a two-story building, tearing down smaller buildings with only its tendrils.


EnzioMention: GrieveWriter GrieveWriter (POMA/Rook) Snackofthefuture Snackofthefuture (Sakujo) Kaihaku Kaihaku (Tuxedo Mask)
"What?" Enzio muttered, watching as some strange-looking men and women began to make their way through the battle. He lowered his blade, narrowing his eyes in confusion. Behind the sleek, and rather metallic, leader was a medley of Nortestran and Mollug troops with disturbing alterations. A few of the Nortestran guard tried to attack the ones bearing Mollug sigils, and were promply beaten to the ground by the mindwashed hoard.

Quickly dashing forward, Enzio swooped down in front of the closest of his troops and held out his arms, "Stay away from the summoned!"

As he said this, an arrow hissed past his head, now covered in a raven helmet. He glanced backwards, noticing the Mollug archers hiding behind a broken wagon. Before he could even devise a way to get to them, he watched as they were crushed by the fallen Coelcanth. Had it been taken down so easily, or was it really dead? He glanced at the enormous warrior that had beaten it, and remembered the laser beams. Perhaps.

"Clear out any remaining Mollugs around the perimeter!" he shouted to the troops that remained. The Mollugs that had evaded both Rook and the falling Coelcanth fled outwards and began to regroup into two halves. From now on, they would be fighting on two fronts. Enzio faced one of them, letting flames grow upon his sword.

Before they got into striking range, he saw the swords and metal weapons rip from the Mollug soldiers' hands or otherwise strike into their necks and chests, as if possessed. Emboldened by the sudden advantage, the Nortestran troops charged back into the fray. Enzio on the other hand, knew who had done this. He saw her upon a construct of warped metal and wearing an angry look on her face.

The young knight flew over the other troops and settled before her, saluting, "Captain, the summoned have neutralized the creature of metal. It was glorious! But there appears to be a hostile summoned surrounding the beast, beating and mind controlling any who approach." he looked behind Greymourne, "Where did the others go? Csilla?"

Greymourne cut down the nearest Mollug troops, harvesting their weapons before finally addressing Enzio "Those girls and their damn horse have taken off to deal with the corpse-turning bastard. The newest ones will be following me shortly."

"Is that one?" Enzio said, peering over Greymourne's shoulder to witness the godly transformation of Kana. Wonderstruck, he watched her fighting, leaving an annoyed Greymourne to block an incoming spear and thrust it back at the unfortunate soldier. "Focus, boy!"

"She fainted...!?" he sputtered, after having seen Kana fall.

"What?" Greymourne spat, turning around just in time to see the masked soldiers carry off the body of Kana. Thanks to the distance, it was easier for her to notice the kidnapping at the edge of the miasma cloud. She exhaled deeply, her face darkening. "Just what I needed. Now I have to coddle two fancy knights."

Enzio opened his mouth, but Greymourne knew what he was going to say, "No, you stay here with the troops. They need someone to lead them while I clean up this mess. Try not to get yourself killed."

She took off, shedding some of the plates and blades on the construct to increase her speed. Enzio watched her leave, a troubled look on his face.

Interaction: YsFanatic YsFanatic (Kana-chan) Kaihaku Kaihaku (Tuxedo Masks)
Instead of going for where the miasma cloud was, Greymourne took a side street. The masks probably thought they were clever, but this was her home. She had patrolled these streets since she was a squire. She knew the alleys, where you could hide and where you could not. Most importantly, she knew where that street ended and all possible routes they could have taken.

Greymourne's construct slammed into a wall as it turned a sharp corner, but she hardly felt it. Her lower body and arms had taken on a golden sheen, covering itself in a thin yet durable armor. The cloud of darkness made it pretty easy to judge where the Mollug dogs were hiding, though it made it difficult to target anyone individually. Then again, precision was never her strong point.

With her gauntlets, she smashed through a portion of an adjoining wall and leapt out onto the streets where the center of the darkness was. As she fell into the dark sphere, the collected metal shifted from below her. Instead of a roughly horse shape, it bloomed outwards into a collection of metallic shards and weapons. Each struck outwards, skewering or slashing those who were unsuspecting. Greymourne landed in a roll, her body completely covered in her golden armor. Even her face and hair, complete with a pair of curved horns sprouting from her forehead. As she picked herself up her eyes shone bronze, almost looking sunken.

"Mollug scum, always ready to take what isn't theirs." Greymourne spat as she sent a gauntlet out to strike at the one holding onto Kana, trying to grab the prize. The only light source was the bronze and gold glow of her gauntlets, making most of her spacial awareness the draw of her power on the metal around her. Despite this, she charged directly for the Masked figure carrying Kana, trying to get close to the unconscious goddess.


Shock that someone would even consider defending the slime’s actions gave Yunica pause, but then shock turned into anger. The floating man that she had met earlier had spewed nonsense to justify killing innocents, and worse yet he believed he was in the right. The fact that he could so easily and calmly engage in actions that ran opposite of what her family stood for, opposite of what her sister believed, while believing that he was ‘good’ only fanned the flames of her fury even more. “Fuck you,” the clone muttered quietly, her voice not going past the walls of her cockpit.

With the asshole man making Tandle a poor choice to use against the slime and most of her other abilities affecting too small of an area or being of a poor damage type to use against such a creature, Yunica could think of only one course of action but it was one she could not use from back here. Jumping down from the roof she had used as a vantage point, the clone had the AA break out into a sprint to race for the front of the massive creature. As there was simply no time to worry about property damage it simply crashed through the many abandoned buildings, not slowing in the slightest from the impacts. Thankfully the monster wasn’t terribly swift and thus she quickly caught up and moved to pass by it. In the process she saw one of the giant tendrils lashing out in front of her, likely aiming for another victim, but there was no way in hell the AA pilot was going to let that happen. Yunica released some spiritual power into the Armor’s systems, and in turn it reacted to her thoughts to channel that energy into her blade, allowing it to release it with a swing as the Airslash ability, the magitech cartridge in the weapon coming to life to add its fire magic to the attack. The flying blade of flame sliced through the tendril, severing the bulk of it from the main body, saving whoever it had been after and also clearing the path in front of the Armor.

Moving as swiftly as possible while also keeping the bulk of the slime between her and Tobias, Yunica soon managed to get ahead of the vile thing and leaped onto a roof some distance in front of it. She raised her left hand towards it again, pausing for a moment before angling it up slightly to make sure the floating man would be included in the attack as well. With that she whispered a single word, ”Megid.” With that one word she felt the entirety of her psionic power and the bulk of her anger being ripped away from her, flowing through the Armor’s arm in a wave of orange energy until it gathered in the palm for a brief moment before vanishing. A moment later the psionic energy erupted outwards towards the area containing Mii and Tobias, breaking down the molecular bonds of anything it came in contact with in a wave of bursts of red, orange, and white energy that resembled explosions, only far more devastating.

With the casting of the Technique the clone found herself gasping for breath as a sense of emptiness filled her mind, the woman’s thoughts just a touch more sluggish than they normally would be thanks to the sudden loss of her psionic power.



Some distance behind the Masks and Kana, her guardian would suddenly vanish. Almost immediately afterwards it would appear next to the goddess, immediately lashing out against the Mask holding her. The fact that it didn't have to worry about hurting her meant that it could freely attack. Even if this attempt to free Kana failed, it would simply appear again and again until it succeeded, an unstoppable force of divine justice.


Interactions: YsFanatic YsFanatic (Charon)
Rama tackled a knight that came a little too close for comfort, jamming an arrow into his helmet's opening. In my way. At this point, the Nortestrans were aware of the general's lonesome presence behind enemy lines and were rushing to his nest. The clones had to spread out to keep the turf they've been stuck on. The generals' golden capes billowed after their leaps and rolls, only serving to attract more foes; not that Rama minded the never-ending waves mooks. What he did mind was the big metal man flying towards his position. Based on Meira's description, it couldn't have been anyone else other than Charon.

As the android predicted, Rama and his clones shot a volley of arrows his way. After that, they would all flip backwards, away from the pending impact point. As each clone landed back on their feet, their bows were already loaded with another arrow. If Meira's details were correct, Charon should be able to tell apart his soul from the clones.

Rama strung another two arrows on his bow. His duplicates dissipated into a faint mist as he recomposed himself, watching the incoming forces and the summoned that he had little doubt was coming for his life. "If you knew who I was and what I'm fighting for, you and your summoned buddies you would just stand aside!" In seconds, the 12 copies emerged from Rama's sides and behind, bows drawn and all aimed at Charon. The arrows were tinged with a bright, yellow glow—anyone close enough would smell the vague scent of burning and see the steam rise from the tips. "Because it's not for the Mollugs, that's for damn sure."

Rama pulled back and released the string, as did the duplicates.


While the initial volley of arrows had been largely useless due to the augmentation to his defenses, Charon could tell that this next volley had a good deal more energy put into it. As such the android decided to adopt a totally different tactic to deal with this barrage, something that the human would not be expecting. Summoning the Partisan, he took advantage of his android reflexes to perfectly time the slamming of the weapon's hilt into the ground, releasing a wave of energy that brushed aside, and in some cases outright stopped, the arrows. With that dealt with, the soul-eater directed soul energy into enhancing his speed while his thrusters activated, propelling him at the enemy soldier at high speeds. Anticipating the mortal would leap back or so some other defensive move the moment he got close enough to use the weapon, Charon instead swung the weapon while still nearly 5 meters away, a supernatural edge extending about 15 meters from the physical blade and giving the attack excellent, and hopefully unexpected, reach.



The Once and Future Kai
(Mother Voorjaar)

Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Second Wall -> Mii, Second Ward Theme: Natural - Imagine Dragons
Interactions: StaidFoal StaidFoal (Meira, Mii) YsFanatic YsFanatic (Yunica) Mentions: Bob Bob (Auron)​

The woman dismisses the magic circle she'd been crafting with a flick of her 'bad' wrist, the intricate icy patterns instantly crumbling and beginning to melt down the wall.

"No time for that now." Frostf̶͍̋ĩ̶̻r̸͇̈ĕ̵̺ says as the bulk of the icy platform condenses under her, leaving behind a small outcrop of ice for the young beastwoman to stand on. She was tempted to help Meira back to the top of the wall but that might be underestimating the beastwoman. If she was overestimating her, well, Meira had jumped half way down the wall to meet her here, she could do it again if she needed to. "I'd invite you to join the heroics...but I think you'd find it a bit cold" The faux princess says with a wry smile, "Maybe next time."

Frostf̶͍̋ĩ̶̻r̸͇̈ĕ̵̺ crouches down, as if preparing to leap, as the ice platform she stands on tilts towards the break in the wall. Then it suddenly erupts upwards along the wall and launches the faux princess at incredible speed into the sky. From above, the second wall is a line between a wealthy city and abject ruins. A line that had been breached, ruin pouring into the well built homes, markets, and shops beyond. There was a certain beauty to the juxtaposition.

Frostf̶͍̋ĩ̶̻r̸͇̈ĕ̵̺ created a chunk of ice in her 'good hand', using the added pull to adjust her course before letting it topple down. The ice crashed across a series of rooftops, shattering tiles and probably terrifying any residents who hadn't already fled. The faux princess paid this no attention, instead she watched as a wave of incredible destructive energy coursed over the slime. It reminded her of the disintegrate spell but on a far greater scale and it didn't feel like magic. It was probably one of the summoned? Virtue or SIN? She would have preferred one of SIN's, she had an edge over them, but it was likely one of Virtue's. The lich was nearby but it wasn't him; he was occupied casting an immensely powerful spell. She did wonder why he channeling so much power for a simple conjuration spell? He seemed to have no concept of finesse. Could it be...her? That would a problem. She had been planning to take the gravity wielder alive. Freeze now, thaw later. That was going to be difficult with blasts of pure destructive power flying around.

She surrounds herself with a cocoon of ice as she comes crashing down a couple of blocks away from the slime. She didn't need the ice shield but, unlike most of the summoned, she had no intention of announcing her powers to the world. The resulting icy comet comes crashing down into a house, splintering the wooden wall and smashing into the stairway.

"I apologize for intruding on your home... I was thrown." Frostf̶͍̋ĩ̶̻r̸͇̈ĕ̵̺ says to the gawking family that gathered at the icy ruins of the stairs, her voice was gentle yet conveyed a natural authority. She stepped out from the ice and wood, her posture perfect as she looked at the family, "Please... You must flee. Mollug has broken through the second wall. The Princess sent me to hold them off so citizens can flee...but they have extremely powerful summoned."

That news broke the family out of their shock. They scrambled as the faux princess glided pass them, quietly opening the door and stepping out. She could see the slime tower over houses now. It was gorging itself. It was an unfamiliar type of slime but at this range she could get a sense of it's properties.

Frostf̶͍̋ĩ̶̻r̸͇̈ĕ̵̺ slipped down the steps and started down the nearest street that would lead to the slime. Her smooth gait belonged in a noble court, it was completely out of place in the chaos of the streets. Panicked citizens ran by her. Dogs scrambled barking wildly. Soldiers ran ahead of her to their deaths. The only thing that broke her focused advance was the sound of a child crying. She stopped to look at it. Then she continued as someone snatched the child up and fled deeper into the city.

The air around Frostf̶͍̋ĩ̶̻r̸͇̈ĕ̵̺ snapped with cold as she neared the slime. Hoarfrost formed on the cobblestones after each of her steps. The frost drew intricate patterns on the few glass panes remaining unbroken, then buried those patterns in white. The rain in the neighborhood turned to snow. It came in thick sheets of fine white powder that swirled in the wind and obscured the battered neighborhood in a thick veil of white.

The veil of snow did nothing to impede her vision as she stepped out from an alleyway to face the slime. There was a towering armored figure on a nearby rooftop. She recognized it as one of Virtue's summoned but knew nothing about it. She had been expecting someone else.

"Friend! I am called Frostfire! If you stand with this city, please face the one who wields gravity!" Frostf̶͍̋ĩ̶̻r̸͇̈ĕ̵̺ calls to the large armored figure, using that trick of magic to carry her words through the growing blizzard and sounds of chaos to the armored figure far above. She pushed the temperature around her down lower and lower, far below freezing. She had colder tools in her arsenal but it wasn't time for them just yet. "I can freeze the slime, trust in me, but not if I'm crushed or flung into the sky."
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F o u r

How long has it been? An hour maybe?... There’s a lot going on… at this rate things might get out of hand really quickly… maybe I can write down two more spell or magic at most and get it-

In the moment that I pondered, a loud screech appeared followed by an equally powerful shockwave shaking the tower I sat on… It hurts… my ears are ringing and my organs feel dizzy… I think my ears are on the verge of rupturing… But I’m not screaming in pain… it hurts a lot but I’m just annoyed by it…

I quickly gain my posture again, scanning the area again as more chaos ensues… managing to write a spell called Greater darkness… it’ll definitely come in handy… As I look even more I begin writing down another spell from a mollug mage… it looks like a simple lightning bolt… as my hand writes by itself it freezes mid sentence… Why did it stop?... Slowly the hand began to shake more and more aggressively until it begins to contort on itself causing severe pain… in the moment I drop the pencil causing my hand to become relaxed again… the pain is no more… I pick up the pencil again to try and let it write itself but it simply refuses to write and begins to shake again… Is that a sort of limit?... I guess whatever is making my hand move only lasts for about an hour… that’s annoying but if that’s the case I might as well start leaving… aside from the current state of the battle… I should also go and get Lukas… and the dog.

It was annoying but besides the siege or the battle occurring right now wasn’t the safest to be around… I closed my book of spells, making it disappear rather anticlimactically although leaving a bit of magic behind… I then stood back up and took a step forward falling from the tower before gracefully landing on the ground unscathed… The attire is a tad bit too useful… I might get hurt if I forget to put it on…

Without wasting a beat I returned to the shop, Finding Lukas seemingly contemplating existence while the dog was very much excited… there was also food on the floor… “Lukas, It’s time to go. I don’t think we’ll be lucky enough to survive if we stay here for long… also bring along the dog… ” Jason said, looking around to make sure there was no danger.

Interactions: Kaihaku Kaihaku Juju Juju


The Once and Future Kai
Merchants of Castellan's Second Ward
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Second Ward. Theme: Crisis, Xenoblade
Nils manages an almost outraged gurgle in response to the master of gravity's demands but the purple light of his eyes fade as the magic animating the construct finally fails. The construct is a tough meal for the slime but it gets some sustenance out of the wood and more malleable components.
Mask Squad VI
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Second Wall. Interaction: StaidFoal StaidFoal (Tobias)
1608601175619.png 1608601186278.png 1608601199648.png

Reaching the breach in the Nortestra wall, the three masked soldiers pause for a second awaiting orders and then hurry into the city. The masked swordswoman, buoyed by a gust of wind, leaps on top of a building and addresses the master of gravity in a loud monotone. The wind carries her words clearly through the din and chaos. "The Scientist Adrift. Tobias Nyseth. For your service to Mollug, you will be rewarded richly according to your desires. The three of us will serve as your escort and guardians until you reach your reward at Verruk." As the snow begins to fall and vision decreases, a curtain of wind pushes the blizzard back away from the masked swordswoman and away from Tobias.

The masked jester disappears into the shadows of the broken wall only to step out from the shadows at a guard post atop the wall. It's magical swords fly through the air impaling the few still living Nortestra soldiers multiple times.

The masked beserker holds its great sword at the ready in one hand and a spear ready to be throw in the other. It was following orders to act as rearguard to the master of gravity but stay far behind the massive slime. There was plenty for the slime to consume in the city, no need to feed it a half-construct at this point.

Far away, a woman chained to a wall makes a giddy exclamation! She didn't want to get ahead of herself but she might actually end up with the young goddess and the master of gravity! This was a fantastic outcome all things considered. She had to stop herself from rushing off to work on their masks now. First, she had to get them back to Verruk.

Mollug Masks
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Behind the Nortestra Lines, Third Ward Ruins. Interactions: Juju Juju (Greymourne)
The guardian's attacks had proven effective at piercing the Mollug armor that the masked soldiers wore but against the black armor worn by the Mask Maker they failed to leave even a scratch. The insistent attacks would be an insufferable annoyance to most foes but to the construct they were deemed ineffective and ignored. She casts another spell conjuring up a sphere of utter darkness, the entire troop disappearing into it and abruptly changing direction under its cover with inhuman precision.

Suddenly a Nortestran warrior burst through a wall and into the middle of the masked soldier’s formation. A storm of metal shards and weapons exploded through dozens of masked soldiers. It would have been enough to down most Mollug infantry but the underlying metal frame within the half constructs kept them up even when muscles were severed. Several of the masked soldiers took lethal injuries, shards of metal piercing their hearts or throats, yet they continued animate. Those half constructs who had taken lethal injuries hurried after the Nortestran warrior, intent on closing to melee and then self-destructing in an inferno destructive magical energy.

The Mask Maker was unprepared for the attack from an unexpected direction, but she was incapable of surprise or panic. As the gauntlet closed around the young goddess and attempted to snatch her from the masked commander’s shoulder, the Mask Maker simply let go and released her. She could have held on; with her inhuman strength the claws of her own gauntlets could have dug into flesh and around bone in a nearly inescapable grip. But she was under orders to take the young goddess alive and simple logic superseded battlefield cunning.

Instead, the Mask Maker pointed her crystalline spear at the charging Nortestran commander and unleashed a blast of destructive arcane power that tore through the street and several buildings behind it. The masked soldiers in the area of the blast stepped back in the second before it hit, avoiding any collateral damage with inhuman precision.

Far away, a woman chained to a wall screamed as an enemy appeared and stole her prize! No! No! No! The young goddess was her precious subject! What was happening! Who was this thief?! Stay away!
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chibi_20200602_075326.pngUpon entering the cathedral the weight of the war was apparent. The grounds were littered with the dead and dying. Aurora had to fight the urge to try and save them all. It would have been a futile effort not to mention she was on a mission right now. And that was to have her full attention. Nathaniel asked if the goddess if she could sense any other summoned.

"I can't exactly tell if they are summoned or not but there are definitely strong forces at play in this battle. And there are many. I can even sense that there are other divine beings here like myse--" Aurora paused as that very power she sensed seemed to suddenly fade to a whimper. She wasn't sure about the other summoned or powerful beings in the area but Aurora felt that convincing a Divine would be more successful. There would be some sense of familiarity, at least. Or at least, Aurora hoped.

"We should hurry. I believe someone needs our help." Aurora called back to her ally and then they were both on a run towards the faded source of power.

While on their way there any resistance was swiftly blasted back or blinded by Aurora or cut down by Nathaniel. As they approached Aurora could feel a very dense dark power in the area. Most likely the reason for the divine's power waning. There was also trails of a poison miasma drifting out from the area. The goddess took Nathaniel's arm and they floated to a high point to observe the situation and avoid the malodor. They looked down and saw the situation they were headed for. There was a golden, heavily armored, knight fighting against the dark source.

The commander was trying to rescue a woman that was being, hurriedly, escorted.

"It looks like we should help the golden warrior for it seems we have a similar objective. And they look like another potential ally. The unconscious woman is who I sensed." Aurora said and Nathan already started making his way down. The goddess turned her focus to Greymourne and felt a hostile energy quickly closing in.

Aurora focused and blinked to the commander's side and held out her staff. Barely, a moment later a fierce wave of arcana energy slammed into.

"Allies are by your side." Aurora quick called out as to not be confused as the enemy by Greymorne with her sudden presence and as Nathaniel reached their side.

In the next moment the goddess released a blinding light towards the attackers to disorient them and let forth a strong gust of wind to knock a couple of the men off their feet. Aurora let loose a tiny ball of light in the air that completely illuminated the area and in a few moments would explode in a burst of holy magic. If the enemy they faced were truly shrouded in darkness then Aurora was to find out. For anyone else the blast would only be just be another blinding light followed by a sound like thunder. The woman only wanted to see exactly what she was up against didn't put enough energy into the blast for it to be fatal. A weakening to darkness but nothing more.

Participants: YsFanatic YsFanatic (Kana), Kaihaku Kaihaku (Tuxedo Masks), Juju Juju (Greymourne) Snackofthefuture Snackofthefuture (Nathaniel)

Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Behind the Nortestra Lines, Third Ward Ruins.
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Zasha's eyes locked into the impact point of that released the massive sound bomb, her sensors dulling the noise and her body taking the brunt of the shockwave. A little stronger than a gust of wind by her standards, but then again, she's stood in front of nuclear shockwaves and came out with only a bruise on her chest, so the blast was fairly light in comparison. Still, seeing the massive mech get rocked by something of that caliber meant that she'll have to consider developing high pressure weapons and artillery if a sonic bomb was all it took to disrupt its flight pattern. At least, she planned to before a massive beam crashed into the steel serpent and forced it into the ground. The damage was significant, but considering that it was struck at the head meant that it was both an energy and kinetic blast straight into its core systems that rendered its flight modules useless as it fell from the sky into the ground. From what she saw, it could be salvageable enough to reprogram and upgrade, so long as she could get her hands on its main console, if it even had one.

The bunny girl gave a low whistle at the sight of the beam though, looking impressed at the display. Still, she could save that recording for later. For now, her priority was that downed mech. Good news was that it wasn't far for her if she gained more mobility. She began to sprint and passed the Soldier class mech behind her, feeling it step back into her fortress as another mech took its place, materializing and falling from the air. Powerful servos and mechanized muscles tensed then released, cracking the ground below her as she leapt to meet the Scout class mech, watching it adjust its position so as to seamlessly insert Zasha's body into its mechanical embrace. She landed in a classic superhero landing on top of one of the roofs before she cracked the roof and ran towards the Coelacanth with the suit's jump jets.

Meant for movement above all else, she considered it her fastest mech in land, sea, and sky, being as versatile in open spaces as it was in tight city landscapes. The HUD flared and her targeting reticles zeroed in on the massive body of the fallen Mollug war machine. The suit was optimized for flowing across tight, urban environments and was so tightly precise that Zasha had to turn up her perceptions several hundred percent to keep up with the maneuvers the machine was executing with her body and let her tag miscellaneous Mollug troops as she passed by street after street in what she would describe as subsonic parkour. While the suit took control of most of her body's movement, it could still read intentions and would execute particularly impossible acts of movement with its jump jets and maneuvering rockets. With only a single heavy .50 caliber pistol in one hand, Zasha executed aim assisted headshots on Mollug troops in her path as she flipped, weaved, and flowed from building, roof, and inside rooms.

When she arrived at near the crash site of the Coelacanth, her motion sensors detected several entities already trying to breach it through the damage it sustained. Seems like she was going to have to fight for her right to turn this thing into her next pet project, judging from present company and their penchant for violence. The thought simply steered her further to leap from her position and land on top of the downed war machine, the Scout armor fading away around her and her Soldier-class stomping out from the fortress, restocked, repaired, and reloaded. The pistol in her hand vanished, a massive 40mm double barreled shotgun taking its place. Having been repurposed from an old anti-air cannon, the only thing it kept was the massive weapon barrels the size of her fist. The break action shotgun opened up and she slotted in two massive shells , each filled with high explosive armor piercing buckshot. Especially made for high power with limited capacity, it was by far one of her favorite weapons when it came to deleting anything in one general direction. And the closest thing she had to a handheld anti-tank shotgun, she especially enjoyed reloading it for the flair. Good news was that her mech was there to cover her while she maliciously reloaded the weapon.

Satisfied for the time being, the bunny girl ran towards the head of the machine, finding a glimpse of movement from her sensors as she recognized POMA's figure, and the group of cyborgs around her. If she's as prone to violence as everyone else is around her, then she wasn't against settling it with that if it means staking her claim to this massive monstrosity.


May the ballroom remain eternal. C'est fini.
Remus Alberia
2nd Ward of the City
StaidFoal StaidFoal (Tobias or floating warrior)
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Atop the crumbling battlements, Remus watched the carnage unravel beneath him. He took no care for it, he believed the men fighting to be false depictions and not worth his time. In addition, they proved to be fighting valiantly and needed not his help. Turning to view the inner part of the city, Remus caught sight of a peculiar spectacle. A dashing array of colors and explosions just off in the distance appearing directed towards a large mass of liquid rolling through the city and a warrior floating just above it. Remus' was intrigued and his interest piqued. They must be the grand villains I must defeat! He thought to himself, banking on that if he were to defeat these foes, it should provide a means of escape from the Grand Architect's inner machinations.

The divine knight jumped off his perch from the wall and sprinted his way towards the liquid mass. He knew not what it could be though his suspicion is to think it is like a slime; except far greater in size and magnitude. Remus approached the slime, kicking aside the rubble of homes crumbled, unsure of how to defeat the remaining abundance of its size. Perhaps I may be able to burn away portions of it using the Divine Flame. With an idea of how to get the better of his foe, he stood still, holding his sword towards the sky, and began his prayer to summon the wrath of his past keepers.

"To the Keepers of the Divine Flame, they who keep the flame burning, who keep the foes ever-falling, and the wrath never-ending, grant me your wisdom to guide me, and the willpower to carry me, and the strength to overcome these trials!"

His sword became engulfed with a blue iridescent color as he raised it high. The Undisputed Challenger cleaved the Warden's Edge down towards the slime's mass, cutting between it but hardly doing much. Remus began to slash his greatsword towards it, stopping periodically to summon lightning from his hands and direct it at the blue liquid. His body grew not tired but strengthened, though previously he had felt strained and exhausted, involving himself in a battle was what he needed to get his body going. However, it soon became very clear to Remus that he could not best this foe through traditional means and decided to call upon the man who had caused the reduction in the slime's size.

"Hero of Metal! You have done great work on harming our foe but there is much more work to be done! I, the Grand Hierophant of the Moon Cult, call upon you to assist me further in destroying this menace from this burg!" Remus continued his barrage into the slime but he felt hardly any impact on the growing mass. "I intend to split this terror in twain so that we may fight the foe equally and pray the twain shall never meet lest you have a plan more suitable!"

His words were clear, it was up to the Man of Metal to decide the plans further. Until then, Remus kept up his barrage with his weightless sword while keeping a watchful eye on the adversary just above him. He knew his skill unmatched in combat but he lacked the ability to fight airborne which had caused his downfall during the first fight against Razamundo before obtaining the Forged Arcanum. He had only succeeded in defeating the Great Dragon Prince after using the Forged Arcanum's limitless power to strike the foul beast during its flight and causing its abrupt landing. Only then could Remus break the indestructible scales and pierce the dragon's skin. He could attempt a similar approach to defeating his airborne adversary but he could not consider him a threat until he makes his move.

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Rama was prepared to dodge the incoming attack; not the sudden 15 meter reach that threatened to cleave at his chest. The general quickly drew his bow out to deflect the weapon, twirling it at a slope as the weapon connected. He scored a hit at Rama's head with a clang, sending something flying. Rama's mask hit the ground beside him, and the general stumbled back. He spat a mix of blood and saliva, finally breathing in at the liberation of the mask. Desh sent a faint smirk at his opponent.

In retaliation, Rama jutted towards Charon, sending a clone sliding over to the android with the sharp underside of its bow aimed to impale his stomach. Two more clones appeared from Rama, one dropping to a knee to allow the other to step and hop above, pulling an arrow to stab at Charon's neck with.

During the attack, Rama loaded up another sparkling gold arrow, shooting it straight into the air.


F o u r

Hiba stared… seemingly blanking out, she was confused as she slowly began to piece together what was happening. She was in an unknown world, surrounded by unknown people in unknown circumstances. Her surrounding became null, as if nothing else existed but her own thoughts, seemingly being unfazed by all that was going on.

She wasn’t sure what was happening… Where are her friends? Her companions? Her Teachers? Her family… she paused for even longer before finally noticing the smell of a cookie presented forward by the young girl infront of her… Hiba took the cookie staring at it for a bit, seeming as if she had never seen it before which was in a sense true, she had never seen such food before. She brought it closer to her nose making sure it was edible before eating the entire thing whole. She munched on it feeling shocked as the taste of the cookie was… good, it certainly wasn’t the cooking of her brothers but it was certainly good. That is when her stomach rumbled… When had she last eaten?

She shook her head after finishing to eat the cookie and looked directly at Nemu, Hiba now trusted this person, “Where… now?” she asked hoping they could leave soon as the sounds of war slowly began to make her increasingly uneasy.

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The Once and Future Kai
Lukas Nephus
Location: Castellan, Nortestra. Third Ward Ruins
Interaction(s): Juju Juju (Goodest Boi) Solirus Solirus (Jason)
The jeep jostling down the street littered with debris, ammo shells, and corpses. The acrid smell of burnt homes. The locker room laughter of the soldiers as they committed atrocities. The stony silence of the survivors. In movies, the people wept and pleaded for their lives. What he witnessed was less dramatic, more traumatic. Their faces were frozen, only their eyes showed their deep despondence and desperation. They didn't beg. They waited.

Lukas felt these more than envisioned them. These were memories that he couldn't lock away no matter how he tried. He had been abducted by a Generalissimo, Giuseppe, who wanted an unkillable army to strike at the largest ethnic group in the region. They had oppressed Giuseppe's people going back into antiquity, demanding their goods as tribute, enslaving the young, and brutally crushing any attempt at building up their society. Even building schools had been seen as aggression worthy of military force. That changed when one of the great powers colonized the region and flipped the power dynamics upside down, putting the minority in power as their field supervisors and loyal subjects. When the colonizers left a couple of generations later, making a token attempt to establish a democratic government, violence erupted and had continued ever since. The Generalissimo was just the latest in a long line of leaders on both sides who sought to restore 'balance'. Giuseppe just had the boldness and cunning to abduct Lukas during a visit to a neighboring country and then manipulate him into healing his army. Lukas had been so naïve back then, it only took torturing a few civilians to get him to cooperate. He thought he understood...but he hadn't understood anything. Sparing those few people opened the door to far greater suffering for ten thousand times that number.

Lukas' mouth was dry. He could smell the smoke in the air. Taste the bile in his throat. They took the capital because of his healing. Their soldiers couldn't die. He thought he was clever, healing the other side when he could, but he was... He was... It was after they took the city that the true horror began. The things they did to the people of the city. The things they made those people do to each other, while they watched and joked. Cruel juvenile things. It would have been stupid if it weren't so horrific. The complete inversion of empathy. He could feel it still. The things they made him do. Bring back the people they had just killed so they could kill them again. Touch the...person they had just....so they could... Cut them open...to put in...then heal... Keep them...alive so...they could...

“Lukas, It’s time to go. I don’t think we’ll be lucky enough to survive if we stay here for long… also bring along the dog… ”

Jason. How could Jason be here? Lukas stared dully at the man, then his eyes flited back to the breach in the wall and then to the dog standing nearby. He cleared his throat before slowly answering. "Oh.... Okay." His words were distant, emotionless. He turned away from the city and knelt down to stroke the dog. "We're going... Fido."

Standing back to his feet, Lukas started walking directly away from the city, straight towards the front lines where both militaries were engaged in the most bitter fighting. When Jason redirects him on a safer path he follows without protest or comment, a glassy look in his eyes.
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