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Fantasy The Destroyer: On the Road

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Kamen Rider Amino
First off this is an unofficial sequel to an RP named "Monster Love" by Wolfytoons31
It follows the children of a few of a characters from that RP

So the plot is as follows:
A small few of these youths travel through multiple different worlds and fight against different antagonists
The title of this RP comes from the fact that each of these children was born under circumstances which mark them as "Destroyers" or people with the potential to destroy worlds
I'd like multiple GM's to help me with this, each GM taking control when the group is in a different world

1: One Paragraph Minimum (I'm bad at multi-para myself so I'm not going to force a novel out of you)
2: No OP characters (I will allow growth of powers though)
3: Kamen Riders are a thing in many universes, even these ones
4: You can be almost any kind of human, non-human, demihuman or inhuman
5: Be respectful to those you RP with
6: Fights between players will be decided by GM's based on the abilities, personalities and intelligence of both characters involved
7: Romance is okay as long as Amino guidelines on such things are respected
8: Have fun with it!

@thespectacularstorm @Huntertabbysandshark3 @Wolfytoons31 @Dak @LazyDaze @BoltBeam @Jennete


Engineer Of The Deep
Don't know why you summoned 'me' to this, but OK.

I'll think about it... Not sure I'll be able to manage, but taking part is another story... IDK.

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