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Hello Rpnation! I'm Loki777. Looking ideally for Long term RP

Helpful info:
I've been RPing since about 2010.
I write in 3rd person paragraph(s) form.
The main places which I RP on are here, Discord, gmail or google docs.(if you have a preferred place feel free to let me know)
I personally don't have any trigger(s) but I am fine with adhering to any no goes content wise that any of my partner's may have just let me know.
I'm down playing any character(s) as needed plotline wise generally.

I have a somewhat unique plot taking place in 1400s UK That I'd be interested in trying out:

There's a lad who has Scottish royal blood, his father was killed in battle by the time he was born due to the conflicts with the Kingdoms of England and Scotland. Eventually when he is young, his mother remarries with a wealthy English Baron. Eventually the mother becomes deathly ill and the Baron makes off like a scoundrel with all of the wealth he an from her, and goes to live on his estate in England with a brand new family abandoning the mother and son, leaving her to die. The son on his mother's death bed just before she dies, promises her that he will avenge her death. Due to him being orphaned he goes to live with some monks for awhile in Scotland, plotting his revenge in how he will find and murder the Baron for his wrong doing against him and his mother. Once he is finally old enough and a young adult, as part of his plan he starts writing letters to the Baron about the Wycliffe Hersey in England. (The Wycliffe Hersey was comprised of a group of people attempting to translate the Bible from Latin to English which was forbidden by the church) and his "shared" interested in helping to stamp out heresy which the Baron has vocalized. He writes back and forth with the Baron for awhile until the Baron wants to personally meet him and several other people at his estate with the common interest of preventing Hersey in England, at his estate.

There'd be a lot of interesting ways a plotline like this could go down. (Whether or not the son would go through with the murder as the Baron has a family, a daughter who is of similar age to the lad. There are also some other characters I have in mind that would be at the estate.
I'm quite open to co-plot building as well as discussing in general how things should go/ooc chatter if it is desirable. There could definitely be Romance , as well as side plots too as desired.

If you are interested feel free to pm or hit me up below so we can discuss further and I look forward to writing with all of you.

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