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Fantasy The Dead Zones : Below and Beyond

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Action, Adventure, Dystopian, Horror, LGTBQ Friendly, Mystery, Super Powers, Supernatural


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Yaru would cease the chatter momentarily on his side with the threat ahead of them. He makes a mental note of where his wheelbarrow is in any case, being pretty certain that he'd have to do a lot of running to avoid something of the size they were facing.
The thing seems to have fully turned to the team now.
Another growl. Another rumble.
The thing slowly comes into view, its eyes glowing brighter.
The silouhette starts to become clearer and looks to be an elephant now...
... An elephant with tree barks, leaves and vines piercing out of its body and covering outside it.
Its trunk is fused with the half-alive snake.
There are carnivorous trees that grow out of its back ; there is also another one where the elephant-like monster's tail would be.
Its legs, its hooves, have thorns shaped and sharpened into claws and talons.

Ragna 's eyes widen as the monster comes into view, but still partially surrounded in the fogs and darkness. But he stands prepared to throw some elemental nuke its way.
Jin prepares his hammer and gun, to throw some physical nuke too.

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Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk
The monster was a riddle of grotesque inconsistencies that would likely see most running in the other direction. Which was all the more reason for Ragna and the others to actually take the small window between it noticing them as an opportunity to get a few shots in. Ideally, they'd all run away in fear and give Yaru the chance to capture the creature, but he figured they'd need a little more convincing to actually give up on their quest. Yaru appeared pretty calm otherwise, his expression settling on intrigue while he contemplates going against his better judgement and charging ahead, if only to spur the others into action.


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Galaxy is quite disgusted by this thing, but shakes of that feeling and lunges to the side, spewing her thunder nebula
Galaxy's thunder nebula breaks through the dead silence and pitch-black darkness that has drowned the forest, as well as through the barks on the beast's body, cracking them apart. It lets out enraged bestial bellow, a mix of an elephant and a bull, as well as hissing of a snake, while rearing its head backwards.
For a brief moment, its mouth... or maw, is in Jin's flashlight. A circular mouth with teeth all around the edge !
Ragna is pretty disgusted by the looks of it too, and wastes no time bombarding it with his elemental blasts, raining down fire, frost and lightning in quick succession.
Jin adds in with his load of summoned weapons, ripping and tearing it apart through a series of swords, spears, pikes, axes and scythes, anything that immediately comes to his mind.
The monster lets out another roar and stomps its legs on the ground. It's getting furious !
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Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk
Yaru only tilts his head in mild amusement to seeing the monster effectively throwing a tantrum in response to the series of attacks that were launched against it. His attention is easily drawn between the many clashing features the monster continues to show off, and the magic being hailed against it from the group. In both cases he opts to continue waiting on standby to see if the other three are able to do enough to take care of the creature before it has a mind to retaliate. As for himself, he gets in a readied crouching position, being prepared to dart in if an opportunity presents itself.
After its "tantrum", the elephant-like monster crashes its legs on the ground with such force that sends shockwaves to its immediate surrounding, almost like a small earthquake, as it starts to charge at the party !

- Oh mother of NUT SACK.

Jin summons a fence of spears that burst out from the ground to impale the monster and hopefully keep it there for a bit, but it's already breaking through the spears with its monstrosity of weight and force. The sounds of the spears slowly cracking apart don't seem like a good sign.
Ragna tries his best to blast through the monster with his elemental power some more, but its enraged state now seems to make it be able to tank through all the damage without even flinching.
The snake that is its trunk, rears itself backward with a loud hiss. Jin's eyes widen as he signals everyone :

- Take cover ! Poison spit !

True to his warning, the snake lunges itself at the team, from its fangs a hail of putrid venom raining down on them !

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Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk
Yaru was already in a stance steady enough to weather the slight rumbling caused by the beast charging towards them, his focus being on the range of magic being thrown at the creature from the unlikely party that had been cobbled together. It was worrying that despite all their efforts the monster remained largely unhindered, still able to charge even past being skewered and blasted by the group. To counter the acid and the fact that the monster was running directly at them, Yaru would pat the ground lightly while still crouched, causing a puddle of blue slime to build up at the point of contact. In an impressively fast series of events, the slime would expand and stretch out, quickly creating a line of blue on the ground just ahead of him and the group.

The now thick line of slime would quickly shoot up to act as a wall for the incoming acid and more hopefully a net to halt the creature's advance on the group. He doesn't move from his spot otherwise, even though he was relatively certain given the display thus far, that the monster wouldn't be stopped by mere stalling tactics. His magic probably wouldn't hold against the acid, but his intention was simply to block the spray so it didn't hit anyone, his main goal being to use the remaining sticky slime from the wall to ensnare the beast long enough for everyone to hit it with a second volley.
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The slime manages to block off the venom and saves everyone from such otherwise unavoidable AOE attack, but the slime itself quickly melts away after taking the full dose of venom, and the wall of slime is barely there anymore.
A loud snapping sound comes from the barricade of spears.
Almost immediately later, from all the rest of the spears.
The line is broken, as the monstrosity breaks through and rushes at the team !
Jin narrowly dodges the charging beast, while Ragna barely dodges a rock to the face as it's kicked at him by the monster's rampage.
The ground shakes repeatedly and violently, with every step of the beast in such dangerously close proximity !
Jin summons several sickles and links them together into chains, as he sends them at the beast's legs and head to try to hold it back again, but it still tries to break its way through again, as if it doesn't know or even care that there are chains trying to it down.

- Round two people ! Hit it, and hit it hard !
- It's melee time !

Ragna rushes in, claws flying, fire raging, frost freezing, thunder roaring !

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Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk
Using the fact that Ragna was holding the beast in melee combat, Yaru creates another pool of slime by patting the ground lightly with his palm. This time it would create a long road of sticky blue slime as it stretches out across the ground like a carpet. It would be incredibly sticky for the beast if it attempted to walk on the slime, but it wouldn't have the same effect on Ragna, allowing the elemental fighter to continue his assault. Yaru would continue to hold his position in case the beast managed to get past Ragna, though he hoped he wouldn't need to do much more than slow the creature down.


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Galaxy re-emerges from the smoke screen, and sees her father go for a melee offensive. She decides to follow suit, charging her claws with the electric nebula, and attacks the beast
While the monster is still busy with the sickles holding it down, the sticky gooey slime does quite the job in slowing it down more as its front legs are all in the slime, its rampage under control.
However, it still tries to resist ; the carnivorous trees on its back, and the one that replaces its tail, bite at Ragna and Galaxy relentlessly ! The "chomp !" sounds they make really spell a terribly graphic demise with more than just cracked bones and ripped flesh, should those plant mouths ever connect with their intended preys.
Thankfully, Ragna's elemental onslaught keep them off.

- Kid, you take it down ! Leave these goddamn VORE trees to me !

Ragna signals Galaxy as he swiftly maneuvers himself in between the trees while drawing attention, and leaps into the air, landing on the monster's head, to have at them some more.
Jin signals Yaru :

- Get in and help them, I'll hold it off !

As he says so, Jin summons more sickles to chain down the monster's back legs and crush it down, making sure it can't resist much anymore.


Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk
"I don't see what I'd be helping with outside of bashing it with my giant stick, Ragna seems like he's got that part handled."

Aside from that fact, maintaining his slime while running around would take a bit more effort than he was willing to put towards aiding the others in killing his catch. So he simply focuses on keeping the creature slowed, Ragna and Galaxy appearing to have more towards the amount of damage probably needed to actually defeat the beast.

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