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Dice The Dark Truth - Lore



This is where Lore will reside.

I am working on the setting and map-making. I will be going into great detail I hope about things you will know as a person who lives here.


This is my first ever hand-crafted map. I will be explaining each piece soon. Most of our focus will be in Ko'el!


Cyrenic is a massive continent surrounded by The Angelian Sea. There are many biomes that span this vast land from the cold, tundra of the north to the desert heats to the south. The land itself can be divided quite a lot due to the constant state of war and conquest. There are two leaders who have taken most of the land to the North-west and South-west.​

The Shrawl​
The Shrawl is a banded group of drow elf and the like who are nestled in the lands to the north. Due to the hardened land, cold temperature and massive amounts of mountain peaks and hills, the leadership has been fighting for years for resources and land. Not much is known about the Drow- who prefer to keep to the shadowy corners and move with the darkness. What has been passed down is stories- mostly fables to scare your children at night. They say the people who live to the north are nocturnal and feast on the blood of innocent women and children. They sacrifice livestock and humans to a spider goddess who fuels their dark magic. But those are simply stories, right? What is known is that the people of the North are hardened warriors who fight valiantly and without mercy on the battlefield. They have only met a peace agreement with one other group and that is the people of Ko'el- which maintains that piece by supplying food and other resources to the North. But in turn- those people who live near them respect the privacy they so dearly cherish.​

Kingdom of Osben​
The other great power of Cyrenic belongs to that of the Gnome King Osben. Osben is known to be a vindictive man with a height complex. Some say the power has gone to his head and has been on a steady decline since his arrival on the throne. Despite this, his keen knowledge on military strategies has allowed him to conquer most of the southern half of this great continent. This southern half is a lush area for farming and wildlife to prosper- a huge difference between the North. At the very tip- the land turns into pits of hot sand almost completely unhabitable by any creatures. His ambition seemed to grow and now he not only wants the Drow to keep off his land but also something much darker. The anit-drow propaganda has escalated to an all-time high spreading horrible rumors that these are no elves but monsters that need complete extermination.​


Ko'el is a rare metropolis, unlike anything that has formed in its years of operations. Around this massive city are thick walls mostly used for security theater seeing as the place itself is quite secure. To one side, a large mountain range keeps them guarded against southern or northern invaders. They are surrounded by the thick Shrewmere woods and are too far inland to have any surprising attacks by sea. The closest city to them is a port town that keeps to themselves for tactical reasons. The history of Ko'el began long before the gnomish force declared war on their northern invaders. Most are aware that the land was purchased by Caeldrim Koelama about 300 hundred years prior. He still runs the city but not alone. With him, a parliament was formed consisting of one from every major race present in the city in hope that diversity can bring forth a sort of peace among the people. The only exceptions were the Drow and the Tiefling who may be present somewhere in the city but have no representation for the council. With every large gathering of people of different, there were problems that arose from the meshing of the races. Despite this, Ko'el has thrived for all of these centuries by diplomatic means. Their armies have not seen much in terms of war- mostly they have been in place to maintain order among disgruntled people. The metropolis itself can be divided into a few sections depending on what is present.​
  • Parliament square- This is where the largest building of the entire city is- the Parliament. It is where the governing bodies meet as well as where the guard quarters are and other businesses around the city's government have taken root. This place is one of the finest of all of Ko'el where most of the wealthy shop and meander. It is also the most heavily guarded.
  • Maiden gardens- This is where most of all the wealthy people of the city live with the edges of it has more of the settled upper-middle-class settled into it. This is a beautiful part of the city where fountains and gardens are in abundance. Though it is mostly comprised of residential homes- there are a few shops and inns for people with the right about of coin. This is also where the temple of Corelllon is located with a large courtyard to put on plays, concerts, or anything of the like. Because of this- many people believe that Corellon is a rich man's God- which isn't necessarily true. It is next to the square and has a lot of guard presence.
  • The Markets- This is where most of the shops, taverns, inns, and the lot reside. Many middle-class residents live in this area surprisingly. There is a guard presence here but it is much less than parliament square.
  • The Moors- This is where most of the crime takes place and where the poorer people reside. The guards are often found patrolling these areas and allow some crime to take place by simply not looking for it.
  • The farms- Many farmers do live in the city but have taken to the outskirts and some even have them outside the walls for space. There aren't very many- most foods are imported or made by magical means.


Droe is a port town a few days away from the metropolis Ko'el. The ports make it an ideal trading stop for both merchants and consumers but due to the poverty of the majority of the residents there, it has a reputation for not only being seedy and dark but also the "government" is very relaxed when it comes to crime and punishment. Pirates have been known to use Droe as a location to replenish their ships as well as their bellies. Furthermore, there are different trades here in this city. Some cities that remain autonomous from the Shrawl and the empire of the Gnome king have been known to use less-than-moral ways of completing work. Ko'el is above that but the people of Droe have a thriving slave market consisting of adults and even orphans. Some cities from all over even send their orphans and poor to the slave bay for selling- getting a small percentage of money to those cities. These parts make up the majority of the town.​
  • Mannon- this is a secret place within Droe that seedy black market deals and pirates meet for a good time. This location is highly guarded and even knowing the location may not get you in. There has been plenty of murders of those who did not belong to the Mannon stumbling upon their meeting place.​
  • Port- This is where the ships are docked mostly. There are plenty of fishmongers and other merchants who have set up near this area. Most people who sell goods stay near the bay so they can pack up and get on their ship before any harm comes their way. The bay around the port has been known to be called Chester bay​
  • Slave Bay- this is where the buying, trading, and all the other things that go into the slave trade take place. People from all over come to get cheap workers for various jobs. In the gnomish empire, slaves are not illegal but the buying and selling of people are. This is how they get out of this loophole. This takes place in the center of the city and drums up the majority of the revenue people have in the city.​
  • Residential areas- they are everywhere. From tents to boarded-up shacks. There are very few lovely homes in the rough city of Droe. The majority of the higher class who come to the city have homes tucked away in the Shrewmere woods near the city.​

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