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The Dark Truth! A Taco Production (FULL)

Dice System
D&D 5e


Hello, my name is RaynieTaco! You can call me Andy or Taco (or taco supreme leader Andy). Enough formalities. I am looking to start my own DND campaign and I need YOU to help. This is my first ever Play by Post dungeons and dragons extravaganza and I am hesitantly optimistic about the whole thing. Just to get us started- I am going to say now that this baby will probably move a little slower than some because various other obligations (like work, yuck) and other roleplays I have invested my heart and soul to (on loan). I am looking for about 4-5 people at the most for this with enough patience to endure my (insane) personality, (dumb) schedule, and my (lack of) experience. If that sounds like you... may the fates bless your poor soul.
Let me tell you a little about this dear ol' GM Taco-sama. I cringed for you on that one. I am both a player as well as a GM in a campaign in real life. Both are slow-moving due to adult schedule life. It is the 5th edition and that is what I will be bringing to you lovely sweethearts. All are homebrew messes that we have lovingly blossomed into lovely storylines. I write quite a bit (if you don't believe me, take a look at the lame amount of post I have made on this wonderful site so far.) I like pretty details and alll the NDC's I can handle. For this plot- I will be handcrafting the world and designing the thick of the plot around my beautiful characters made by you all. I am pretty relaxed with some rules BUT I am prepared to be a stickler if I have to.
The world itself will not be much different from your average dnd game. Medieval-esk worlds with heavy influences from other fantasy worlds. There will be political turmoil and some other dark themes BUT if anything makes you too uncomfortable- let me know! (Nothing I will do will break RP nation rules of course. I will double read them if I have to.)
DM me or post directly on this thread with some interests. I will be preparing a million threads that I like to have to keep everything organized. The Lore page will have a lot of the world information and possibly the Maps I will have to learn to design in way better accuracy than my crappy sketches. Anyways- may Taco Tuesday be every day and PLEASE join!
1.) Sherwood Sherwood (unless I scared him away :D)
2.) welian welian
3.) Psychie Psychie
5.) Ilikepie Ilikepie
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Princess Psychie
Like the demoness that I am, you have invoked my name, and now I am here! Mwuhaha!

Seriously, I do like me some good ol' DnD. If you'll have me, I would like to try a monk. Haven't played a monk in a while.


Oh awesome!! welian welian are you interested too?

I will add your name Psychie Psychie !! I am so excited to have you. I can tell you are very experienced by all the love each of your dice games give you. (tottttallly not stalking you all)

I love Monks. So amazing. I will have more up for everyone soon. I am making some dinner now. Love broth.

Sherwood Sherwood did you still want to be a cleric? You don't have to unless you really want to


And just sayin', I do believe that the gif is a wyvern, not a dragon, since it doesn't have front legs.
Bold of you to assume that I would play a character that knows or cares about such details!

Oh awesome!! @welian are you interested too?
I am! I am in another 5e campaign that is also very slow, so I think 2 slow campaigns should come out to 1 normal paced one.


You are lucky number 4 BracedJupiter72 BracedJupiter72 ! I am willing to have one more person but I am perfectly fine with this awesome crew! Sooo I am going to get to work on those threads. Please start thinking of who your characters are- especially back story because I will be using that at times to weave with some other ideas I have,


Junior Member
Awesome!!! Although, I am kinda new to to this so I’m not really sure how this would work lmao. I’m happy to learn though :)))


Behind that Crazy Premise
I know it's full, but if any spot would open up I would really like to join. This seems like a great group of people.

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