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Fantasy The Cyclone - Act I: The West


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The Cyclone
Aeredale, Western Cyclone

In the western parts of The Cyclone lie many interesting places, such as the jungle right past Aeredale or the marsh where the Kobolds have set up camp, frequently visited by people all around the land to get their hands on a tome. Ever since the influx of monsters started, the jungle has been said to grow restless and merchants have been ever so worried about travelling through it. Even when it came to supply runs, they tend to take escorts along with them, as a particularly wealthy one had just done with a blue haired swordswoman. They had just returned to town, and the trip was as successful as it was uneventful. Although some rustling was heard on multiple occasions, no creatures showed up and they had managed to find a satisfying amount of materials, although the man scratched his chin somewhat displeased. "Not... quite what I was looking for, no. But still, it'll suffice for now..."

As the swordswoman's duty was finished, some knight of noble descent entered the town from the other end, presumably to take a rest stop after a long while of travelling. Adorning red clothes with hints of blue and golden lining all over, he probably had money to spend. And considering he was just arriving, a lot of money to spend. Market stalls were laid all across the main street, with foods, ingredients, alchemy reagents and even some weaponsmiths and armorers working- a busy day as usual. The same way travelers couldn't help but look around, like the blonde Highlander that was zipping from stall to stall window-shopping more than anything, it would appear even Kobolds were doing the same. A small, red-skinned fellow in particular was running all around the street, talking with the stall owners as much as he did with their customers. A rare sight out of the swamp, but a welcome one nonetheless.

Towards the street's middle was a hotspot for all though- residents, visitors and anyone civilised enough to sit down and have a meal. A local tavern run for years now with quite a name for itself, the Waysmans' establishment was bustling today more than ever, with so many new arrivals and the weather being milder than it had for the past few days. It was the perfect time to take a break, and so everyone agreed to do, it would appear! A tall, wide lad stood by the inn's counter and looked at all the activity, having worked here until recently, maybe even just yesterday. Whoever knew what was going through his head?

All players have begun in Aeredale. Currently, Irene has just entered from the Jungle's Entrance, Ras has entered from the Southern Pass, Julia is exploring the Market Street and Tanner is in his family's tavern.

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As the sun rose over the bustling city, Ras made his way deeper into Aeredale, the smells of exotic spices and sizzling meats wafting through the air. He had always been drawn to the vibrant colors and bustling energy of markets, and today was no different. Although he had been here before once, he was a little child the last time he visited. The settlement had both changed and not changed much at all in his mind. The buildings had changed, but the spirit of the town felt very familiar. Ras made his way through the throngs of people, his eyes darting from one display to the next, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the bustling bazaar.

The first stall Ras came across was piled high with shimmering silks and brightly colored fabrics. The vendor, a wizened old man with a twinkle in his eye, beckoned the adventurer over, offering up swatches of cloth and inviting them to feel the luxurious materials. "Silk made from native, but rare albino Archyaws! Only found in this area of West Cyclone!" The fabric vendor called out in hopes that his pitch would draw in the wealthy looking noble. Ras simply smiled in acknowledgement as he continued to walk past to take a look at the other stalls in the market street. Next, Ras wandered past a booth selling intricately carved wooden sculptures and brightly painted ceramics, the artist behind the creations hunched over his work, lost in concentration.

As Ras made his way deeper into the market, the crowds grew thicker, the stalls more numerous and the wares more exotic. He had to be quick on his feet as the market grew more hectic, having to deftly dodge one blond highlander who was zipping around the crowded Market Street. He came across a stall selling all manner of spices and herbs, each one more pungent than the last, and another piled high with exotic fruits and vegetables that Ras had only seen a few times about during his travels. It was always interesting to see what people valued in the area. However, Ras was not here to buy new spices for his kitchen nor eat exotic fruits. No, he had to find an inn to stay for the night, but before that he wanted to take a look at the wares of the market and see if he could take a look at some weapons and armor. His noble clothing, while fancy, wasn't suitable protection in a fight. Thus, with the little platinum coins he had, Ras wanted to get a sense of how much it would cost to obtain a reasonable set of armor. Ras himself approached a stall owned by what appeared to be a local blacksmith to take a look at the armor that they had on display.

"Hail, my good man. I am looking for some armor and perhaps a mace. Can you show me your wares?" Ras asked the blacksmith before he was semi-rudely interrupted by a red kobold who practically ran towards this stall and began to curiously look over the wares as if they were looking for something in particular. Ras' right brow rose in curiosity. It wasn't every day where one could see a kobold freely walking around a human settlement, running around in the market. "Having a busy day?" Ras asked with a practiced smile to the frantic Kobold whose curiosity and eagerness reminded him of a nosy puppy sniffing at the contents of the stall.


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Location: Market Street
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Irena Rosenthal



The blue-haired swordswoman relaxed slightly after being paid the second bag of platinum coins. Although the merchant didnt seem quite satisfied, it was none of Irena's concern. She had done her duty and brought him back to Aeredale safe and sound with a substantial amount of materials to boot. Now all she wanted to do was take a shower and get something hot to eat. The thick jungle had been hot and humid which made her all the more eager to wash.

She had been in town for several months and knew of a well-known inn near the center of town. After returning to her spare quarters to shower and change into a fresh set of non-combat clothing, it was to there she headed hoping for a hot bowl of stew and hunk of bread. She entered, and as predicted it was bustling with activity. A quartet of drunkards were singing a drinking song and sloppily imbibing ale. A rowdy group of adventurers were playing some sort of dice game. Ren greeted the stocky lad at the counter with a brief smile and asked for a bowl of meat stew and loaf of bread. As a fellow Snowfarer, she felt a sort of kinship with the Waysman boy. She paid him a few platinum coins and sat down at a table adjacent to a wall to wait. There was a fiddler playing some tunes adding to the lively atmosphere.

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Location: Waysman Inn

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Julia Rille


Food, ingredients, jewelry, alchemy reagents, they even had a bookstore. It was Julia's first major adventure outside of central Cyclone and she was positively beaming as she zipped from stall to stall and store to store. Under normal circumstances, she actually loved talking to merchants and taking her time to inspect their wares, today though, she was far too excited for any of that. The only store she'd stayed in for more than a few minutes so far had been a bookstore, filled with all sorts of books she wouldn't be able to find in her father's library back in central Cyclone. Julia loved books, no, rather, she loved the information that was inside of the books, if there was a method to absorb the information within a book without having to read it she would give up an arm and a leg to learn it. Well, maybe not an arm and a leg, she did somewhat need those on her adventures, maybe a toe or a finger? Surely she could miss one of those.

Many of the merchants had tried to strike up a conversation with her but she'd given all of them the same short dismissive answer before continuing her market exploration, picking up and touching every item she found even remotely interesting without a care in the world. She even put her jeweler's loupe to use on some of the jewelry on display, much to the chagrin of some of the stall owners. Not that Julia cared, she knew from experience she could get away with it as long as she didn't break anything and put on an extra bright smile. Still, she did take care to never truly piss any of the merchant's off, not wanting to squander her chances of shopping at any given store or stall in the future.

"Great stuff," She told a merchant whose jewelry she had been hastily inspecting using her loupe, tossing the necklace back to him before flashing him a radiant smile and giving him a small wave. The merchant caught the necklace and returned the smile and wave, likely more out of habit or relief to see her leave than out of genuine pleasure. She continued her journey, weaving through the busy crowd, narrowly dodging an older woman, only to run head first into someone else, dropping the coin she was holding. "Sorry about that," She said, picking the coin up from the ground and twirling it between her fingers a few times before finally looking at the person she'd bumped into.

"Woah, what's with the get-up? You rich or something?" Not the smoothest or politest first line, especially not to someone she'd just bumped into, but as she took in the appearance of the brown haired man of around her height before her those were the first things that came to mind. "Sorry again about bumping into you, anyway, you a noble? If you are, mind buying me a few things? Should have money to spare, no? There were some really, and I mean really, interesting books back there I'm dying to get my hands on." She rattled off without taking so much as a second to breathe. "Name's Julia by the by, I'm from central, here on an adventure. Say, mind if I pick your brain about..." She trailed off, noticing the small red-skinned Kobold also present at the stall.

"Hey there, you're a Kobold, right?" She asked, switching her attention to the creature as if she hadn't been in the middle of a sentence before. "Say, would you mind if I pick your brain, about magic that is! You got any cool spells to teach me? Something that can make me shoot fireballs, or," She thought about for just a moment before continuing. "Or maybe something that lets me shoot lightning? Heal others? Create earth spikes?"


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Well, here he was. Another day. He wasn't no thinkin type but man manning the counter was some boring somedays. Though, he was certain something was gonna happen. Tea leaves said so, pops was always going on about em so... He picked up the habit. Finish your cup, reach the leaves...

Tea leaf reading was more art than anything, alotta feeling more than anything real.

Kinda like palm reading, cloud watching, fly flussing, though the last one might've been his brothers foolin'. The man stood tall at the counter, writing down the latest order from some folk before handing it back. Pops was the chef around here, Ma handled the customers and rowdy ones. He got his height from her, and he only got to her size from a handful of years working out and getting clout over the head BY her.

But, she was around somewhere else, best he stay nice and well behaved lest he get a smack up the head.

The blue girl, very blue actually, blue...Wait her eyes are gold, thats...

Was it dyed? Wait, no, can't dye eyes that'd be wierd. Maybe just the hair...? Could somebody color their eyes different?

Maybe that was people from central dressed these days?

Or.. he shouldn't be thinkin like that, she could be from around here.

...Or from East?

"Thanks muchly blue." He spoke up on payment, though eyeing the coins with a thought... He shuffled the coins around with the clinking of the tokens of riches and got the change. He didn't know if she simply overpaid, but, he wasn't about to take cash and-

"...Eh?" The bowls and stuff came up quick, warm bread and hot stew. Tompato stew, classic for sure. Bread was freash, it made him salivate lightly, bread... lovely bread... But, it was for blue. He plucked up the bowl and plate before shuffling on over to the lady's table.

"Here yea are, an' yer change blue, you from outta town? Ain't see nobody so colored as yea!"

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Once the reward was paid out, Irena probably referred from commenting on how it was a bit smaller than initially anticipated. And of course, the displeased merchant had little to say for it before splitting up and going towards the stables by the same entrance they'd gone entered through, to check on his boarded horses. "It was a good run, but... not what I was looking for. So I'm compensating you for the efforts. Maybe next time, if you're running errands around the town and the jungle's less... restless.", a shudder as he looked to the side, before he went his merry way.

Irena is given an underwhelming amount of Platinum Coins as a reward. (+10⋢)

Down in the Market Street, where Ras' shopping trip was interrupted, the Kobold seemed to pay him almost no mind for a moment. Having heard the question loud and clear with its pointy ears, he went unanswered for a good few seconds as the blacksmith silently looked down at the tiny customer, feeling anything up for display and struggling to lift it even a bit. Actually, it wasn't just these two- three now that Julia had made her way over- that were looking at the tiny humanoid. Everyone else on the street had either been interrupted by him just as much, or simply noticed his frantic search for something even he could lift up. "Depends how much coin you have, I have some-"

An adventurer though, he definitely was not. With a tattered, dirty cloak wrapped around his shoulders and pretty much nothing to protect himself with, it was safe to say he was not going on trips out in the wilds to fend off monsters and find hidden treasures. Once he tried picking up a small mace, managed to only slightly lift the handle before he was too short to reach any further up, he laid it back down on the counter and gave the wannabe knight a silent look. Suffice to say, the vendor was giving the creature half glare. "... Yes, the trip has been long and arduous, yes...", a low mumble before he moved on to inspect the young man like he was wearing wares himself, up for sale.

A quiet glance and touch of his lance, a pat on some of the padding near his hips... "The armored one looks good, strong... But he's alone. No can do.", the silent monologue continued as he scratched his chin, looking all the way up to the man's eyes as if staring up a tower.

"Say, would you mind if I pick your brain, about magic that is! You got any cool..."

There is another! Her words faded away to the very back of the Kobold's mind as he, much like he did with Ras, began to inspect the Highlander. "Another tall one, but unarmored... Fragile, yes.", he noted while tugging on the very edge of her coat some, poking at one of the buttons on the front of her vest with one of his sharp nails before he saw the gauntlets hoisted by her side. "Oh, I see!", raising his head, he exchanged glances between the two giants, much to the blacksmith's dismay. He coughed and went back to polishing a piece of armor, shaking his head in disapproval. It was a funny sight to unfold before him, but it was a bit tiring too. "I'll let you lot talk with the lad for a moment..."

"The noble one and the one with the big hands are friends, yes? Strong, one with armor and one with muscle. You be friends and help me out, why don't you?", with a glimmer in his eyes, he continued to exchange looks between them until his little neck started to hurt some. With a groan, he coughed to clear his throat and turned his attention exclusively to the blonde. "You are one who cannot magick. You do not have it, and you do not have scrolls, no. Once you find it, Rak can teach you.", he nodded to himself as his tail swung left and right, sweeping the cobble road below him and raising some small clouds of dust in the process.

"So, will you be friends?", despite his insistence, a part of him seemed to have already wandered off to another counter on the other side of the street, with how his big, yellow eyes had already wandered over, inspecting the shiny potions and tonics laid on it. Having tuned out almost entirely, the blacksmith continued to polish the armor with a rag as he grumbled under his breath. "It's always either complete silence or we get these kinds of Kobolds... Congratulations to the escort that brought him here..."


Irena paid Tanner for the meal. (-4⋢)

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Ras watched the... comical? sad? unusual for certain scene unfold before him with various degrees of amusement. On one hand, he could sympathize with the Blacksmith. Any attention not on his goods was less time to make a sale. On the other hand, was this a normal scene around the settlement? The Blacksmith seemed to have resigned to his fate as if random Kobolds running around was a usual scene around town and something he frequently dealt with. To Ras, frantic kobolds and random women asking you to buy stuff for them right before forgetting your existence was an unusual sight and something that didn't happen every day. However, this entire interaction did confirm his suspicions that his outfit was generally too conspicuous, especially in more rural areas. He had to look and find alternative clothing or armor that could somewhat hide it.

But based on the few seconds of... 'conversation' that they had it seemed like the blond woman whimsically moved on from one subject of interest to another. She seemed to be the type of person who spoke whatever came to mind at the time and generally honest, but there was always time to exercise some discretion depending on the situation. Ras interjected "Whoa whoa, hold on for a moment, Rak. If you are offering what I think you are, we should have this conversation with some privacy and not in front of this man's stall while blocking his stall. If you are serious about this, then how about we get a quiet corner in the tavern to talk details? I am always open to listen to anyone." Ras said as he tried to direct the conversation into a productive direction away from prying eyes and ears. They were in the middle of a marketplace after all and it was folly to expect any privacy here. "I will meet you two there in a little bit once I finish up some business here." Ras said as he pointed at the nearby tavern.

Ras then turned his attention to the blacksmith and said "Sorry to have this entire situation unfolding in front of your stall. I'm guessing this happens often seeing how you're talking about multiple Kobolds? But anyways, back to business. I don't want to waste your time since time is money as they say. I was hoping to get something around the 30 to 40 coin range. Do you have anything that fits that, Mr... is there anything you prefer to go by?"


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Irena Rosenthal



She could feel his intent stare. He didn't seem to be interested in her like that, more so just someone curious. She accepted the food gratefully and took the change. "I've been in town for several months but didn't stop in here until today." She took the warm bowl of stew in its wooden bowl and sipped. She smiled slightly. "The stew is delicious."

Feeling a bit uncharacteristically conversational she continued. "I've heard of you Waysmans. I also come from East of the Cyclone. It is a rather nice change of pace, being warm instead of cold, that is." She tore a chunk of the bread and dipped it into the stew. The delicious morsel went down her throat easily. Sooner than she would have liked, it was all gone. Ren stretched and left the inn enjoying the sleepy chatter of the townspeople as darkness fell over the town. She strolled through the narrow dusty streets and watched as shopkeepers packed away their wares.

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Location: the streets of Aeredale on her way to soldiers' quarters

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Julia Rille


"Big hands? I'll have you know that my hands are perfectly normal, thank you very much." Only after she'd instinctively reacted to the description did she follow the Kobold's gaze to the gauntlets hanging at her side. "Oh," She placed her right hand in one of her gauntlets with a grin, raising it and flexing her arm. One might not have guessed it by simply looking at her, but Julia was strong. Frighteningly so for a woman of her age and build. "My mom's always said there wasn't a problem in this world that couldn't be solved with a strong right, though my dad and brother never seemed to agree." She shrugged lightly. "If you ask me, well, mom's never been a philosopher, but I've yet to run into a situation where her method doesn't work."

"Anyway, scrolls, okay, okay."
She nodded eagerly. "Of course we are fr-" She send a killer glare his way as the fancy-looking guy cut her sentence short. She swore on her father's favorite leather-bound encyclopedia, if this guy was about to turn down the Kobold and ruin her first and so far only lead on obtaining knowledge about magic she was going to put her gauntlets to work on his rib cage. He hadn't even introduced himself, rude, especially for a guy who looked like a noble. Fortunately for her, and his rib cage, he didn't actually turn Rak down. In fact, Julia had to admit his point made some sense, if only because it meant she could hoard more information for herself rather than sharing it with the public. "Alright then, better not make me wait too long." She pointed two fingers at her eyes before pointing them at the man, he didn't seem like the type but if he decided to not show it would be more than just his rib cage that was in danger. "Come on." She added, addressing Rak.

"Alright," She looked up at the building of the tavern, it had only taken her a minute or so to get here, weaving through the bustling crowd on the street. "Here we... are..." She trailed off, looking all around, even looking up, as if Rak would have somehow started flying, but the small Kobold was nowhere to be seen. She shrugged, he'd probably gotten distracted by one of the stalls, she knew that feeling all too well. "Eh, he'll catch up." She mumbled to herself, stepping up to the door of the tavern and throwing it open with a wide smile. "Heya, nice place you got here!" She said to no one in particular before she'd even had time to take in her surroundings. "I'll have two glasses of absinthe please!" She requested, having made her way directly to the counter. The final word had barely left her mouth before she turned on her heel, making her way to an empty table in the corner, not waiting for her drinks.


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One customer satisfied, really thats all it took most the days. food and... Wait not drink that time, maybe she just wasn't thirsty? he once say a fellah come in, order most their bread, eat it in one sitting and run out... Adventurers right? And they drink quite abit too... He'd been searching for his own chance to go ahead and head on out to do some of that himself, but really it's been... iffy...

Money issues, not having folks to join up with...

Maybe today will be different... maybe...

But really, guess the lady didn't wana stay, lots to do those types. Maybe they should lower the price of stew and bread..? Kinda feels bad to charge that for quick eating... Then again he was no salesman he was a chef.

Oh, wait, here comes another folks.

"Come on in!" he called to the new folks, sauntering his way behind the counter. He gave a moment to consider the woman turning over already to the corner table. She must be an adventuring type, they always choose the corner, its like it draws to them like a drain to water, or a mosquito to the ears when your trying to sleep. She had a confident look about her to be certain, he'd seen the types, they called to people and had this attractive bluster to em that made you unable to not pay attention.

...Absinthe though...?

Which one... Had one that could burn a hole in a person's soul and another that they use when a guy is trying to look tough... Surely she... Hrmm... Maybe she was accustomed to harder drinks? Yes she should be fine... two..? Hopefully it was another person's drink and not just for her. yes.. yes surely its all good.

Last time somebody over drank he had to hoist them to a room for the night and had to literally pull them off him. He was a gentleman after all, plus they smelled of vomit and liquor. Not exactly attractive. To him anyways. He got the glasses, and the platter, and walked on over after pouring the drinks. "Having a meeting? Yea have the adventurer look, or a merchant on a lead." he commented as he approached, trying his best to look as friendly as possible.

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From that point onwards, it would appear the Kobold, Ras and Julia were all in agreement- "Yes, yes... Eatery in a moment, yes!", he clapped his hands almost happily and stood on his tiptoes, looking at the blacksmith just barely over the countertop at his stall and leaving a single coin that... was not even usable, probably. Hell, it was actually wooden rather than platinum, getting a kind smile from the blacksmith whose disappointment and growing weariness were trying their best to not quite show yet. "Many thanks, good one who smiths! Fun talk."

And so, the man sighed free of the hyperactive burden that was possibly scaring customers away, and could give Ras his undivided attention now. "Aye, I don't mind fellas like him, but he's a piece of work alright...", he grumbled and dabbed his face with the cloth he was using to polish the armor a bit, wiping his forehead with the side of his arm before looking at the vanguard. "Well... There's not that many of them, but when they do come, they stick out. Every other one has been all clothes and weird magic. Cloaks from head to toe, all two feet of them at least, and a lot of silence and 'mystique' for nothin'.", a huff as he placed the piece of armor by his stool, getting up and stretching his legs some as he left the cloth on his seat.

"Not to be 'prejudiced' or anything, but they are oddballs and the fact they know magic is a bit scary, given how... Well, you saw the red guy. They're not 'like us' too much, sometimes.", the man realised his ranting only around then, coughing dryly and fixing his posture to be straighter, crossing both his arms and nodding with determination. "Either way- business. Most people here know me as the 'Smithy', cause of course they would- but call me Carp, lad. Family's name starting to get lost under all the 'smithy' calls around here.", he almost proudly revealed his name before taking a look at the man, falling deep in thought momentarily.

"I've got this piece ye might like.", he crouched and took a nice, smooth and rather thick chestplate from under his counter, alongside some extra pads for the shoulders and arms. Patting it with a metal clunk to it, he grinned and nodded in approval to the melody of his efforts. "Anything else I got won't do you good if you're using that lance, and especially if you want a mace to boot. It's a bit higher than what you're looking for though, I won't give it for any less than seventy coins. Might be a fair amount, but it's my finest work yet. Befitting of a noble like you, think about it.", he left his proposal on the table before taking out a decently sized weapon like the one he'd asked for. In terms of appearance though, it was fairly standard. Metal, with the standard dull, gray colors and a bludgeon with knobs all around it.

"Not too proud of this, but it'll suffice if you're looking to stay even more secured than you already are. A few villages down though, there's some better smiths for weapons. Armors' always been the Carps' specialty. This would only cost you around twenty, but... I'd rather you got the armor, if you really want to get something. Maybe I'm just that proud of it though, bwahahah!", the man laughed heartily as ever, waiting to see Ras' response.

Just further down the street, Julia was walking towards the tavern and right behind her followed Rak. He followed, that is, until some of the potions he was eyeing from across the street got his attention just that little bit further, so he couldn't help but head on over. He hoped to find something that'd help him lift a weapon, but it was all 'for emergency treatment' and "- bogus magicking elixirs, blegh.", as he eloquently put it. Jumping from stall to stall, he eventually ran out in full and reached the end of the street. Any other folks he'd found along the path ignored him, but there was one last person heading to none other than the soldier's quarters of all places. Clearly, she was a soldier herself then!

With quick movements he scuttled over to the blue-haired knight, walking by her and looking up and down her entire form, taking in the sight of... "You are one who protects, yes? You would make great friends with the noble one and the one with big hands!", a large grin took over his face, revealing his sharper teeth once he'd gotten Irena's attention. "Those two are good friends, they help Raks in need. You come too, you look... strong, and pretty for a tall one. At the eatery, they are waiting, come with me."

It was around now that he figured he wasn't a smooth talker, considering he could tell how disinterested she was in assisting. He didn't have much money to offer, but... maybe he could try to lure her in the same way that blonde had agreed to hear him out? "Err... Rak can offer magicks? You... M-Magicks, to shoot fireballs, and lightning and create earth spikes! I'll tell you how if you come and make friends?", a repeat of what the artisan wanted out of him, with as much enthusiasm in his offer as there was confusion.

A rather blunt "No thank you." was all he heard in response, watching the knight walk away and frowning some. He was confused, wasn't magic what every tall one wanted..? Whatever he'd done wrong, it didn't matter, he had two people to help now. So he quickly made his way to the tavern, opening the door and looking around. The tables were tall, there was a lot of noise, but it was somewhat darker than outside. Much better for his eyes to get accustomed to, as they quickly did- and with a quick glance, he spotted the green-clad brawler by the corner, hopping on over and climbing onto the bench across her, offering the same toothy smile he'd flashed for the knight just minutes ago. "We wait for the noble one, yes? I tried, but other ones didn't want to make friends, no. If you have 'adventurers', call them. The more, the better!"

One blink, two... he turned to his right and "Oh, a very tall one.", he looked up to meet with Tander's gaze, waving at him before inspecting him just like he had four different people so far. He didn't realise he was interrupting what was probably a pleasant discussion between the two, but he did understand they were clearly companions too. "Three friends then! The big one can come with too, if he wants to assist.", Rak clasped his hands together and tilted his head some, smiling and waiting for a response from the swordsman. Maybe his absent-mindedness was as much a flaw as his naivety, but in this case, for the Waysman it turned out to be just as much a blessing.

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Ras nodded in understanding as he listened to the Blacksmith. "Every other one is like that, huh? Well, I can't blame you. They seem to act in a pretty outlandish manner. Either all mysterious and silent like a cat, or hyperactive and nosy like a puppy. It has to be pretty jarring especially since they have their own culture and mannerisms. If one of them has a bad personality and you accidentally do something that offends them, then who knows what they'll do if they know magic. But yes, business!" Ras listened attentively and took a close look at the blacksmith's recommendations. The armor he pulled out was certainly a quality piece. Ras was confident that it was a noble grade suit of armor, which truly drew his attention. However, it was clearly out of Ras' price range as he only had some forty odd coins and nowhere close to 70. The mace that Carp pulled out was nothing to write home about so to speak, but it was clearly more affordable at only 20 coins. Ras rubbed his chin a bit "I have to admit. That is a fine piece of armor you have there. Unfortunately, it is out of the price range I was looking for. But, once my budget grows a bit, I'll come calling for you, Carp. Call me Ras." he said before reaching out for a handshake. After a quick but firm handshake, Ras bid farewell to Carp and began to walk to the tavern that he promised to meet the two odd acquaintances he had just met. On the street, he noticed a woman with distinctly blue hair walk past him. A somewhat unusual sight, but then again... so were red kobolds running around in the marketplace.

Ras entered the establishment just as Rak seemed to wave at someone else... The tavern keeper this time around? What exactly did Rak want? It seemed like he was seeking the help of anyone he could find... or more accurately anyone he could get to stop and listen to him. Ras sighed. He recalled how Rak seemed to have tried to pay Carp with a wooden coin. Rak clearly didn't understand currency that well. It made Ras wonder what he was getting himself involved in and if he would get properly compensated for a job well done. But, curiosity got the better of him. What could a Kobold want from humans? Ras just hoped it wasn't some elaborate prank or a trap. Ras walked to the corner where the blonde woman and Rak sat and joined them. "Thanks for waiting you two. So, Rak, right? Let's hear it. Why are you looking for people to help you and why us?" Ras asked as he crossed his arms and leaned back into the chair. He hoped that he would get some sort of story that he could comprehend, though Ras was concerned about Rak's less than perfect mastery of the human language. Hopefully, they would get the gist and not miss an important detail because it got lost in translation.


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Irena Rosenthal



The skinny red kobold scampered up to her and began talking about "friends" and "magic." She wasn't really sure what he was on about and she was tired after a full day's work. She refused politely and continued along towards her quarters within Lord Demitrius' estate. She passed the guards by the gate without much affair. They were familiar with her odd coloration and said nothing as she walked through.

Entering her quarters, she went to her wooden desk and took the quill from its compartment and a small vial of ink. Dipping the feather quill in the dark ink she began to write. After finishing after half an hour and a few balled up drafts crumpled on her desk, she went to the aviary and whistled. A golden brown hawk with an imposing gold stare, not unlike her own, flew down from the feathery flock and perched on a nearby stand.

"Hello, Talona," she said softly to the bird. The bird screeched once as if in acknowledgement and Irena affixed to its leg the letter rolled up and inserted in a small cylindrical container. She took the bird outside. "Off you go." It was silhouetted against the glowing moon for a second then vanished into the night sky.

Then Ren went back to her quarters, changed into bedclothes and went to sleep. Tomorrow would be another busy day.

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Julia Rille


"A merchant, you think so?" Julia asked with a hearty laugh. "That's a first for me." She accepted her two glasses of the clear green liquid from the man with a grateful nod before continuing. "Well, you're not entirely wrong. I am having a meeting and I am an adventurer. Decided to try my hand at obtaining some new knowledge out here in the west." She nimbly pulled an empty vial off her belt, removing the cork from it and promptly pouring half of her first glass of absinthe into it before putting the cork back on and placing the vial back at her belt. "Who knows, might get thirsty while out in the wild." She didn't bother explaining any further, raising the still half full glass of absinthe to her lips and throwing it back in a single gulp. She coughed violently as soon as the liquid passed her throat, breaking out into laughter almost immediately after. "I did not have my hopes up but you did not disappoint, that's some good stuff."

Calling Julia a heavyweight when it came to alcohol would be an understatement. Sure, she did get mildly inebriated just as fast as the regular person, and her one and a half glasses of absinthe would definitely do the trick. But for the young blonde to actually get drunk she'd sooner need one and a half bottles of absinthe than glasses. "This is way better than the stuff they usually try to pass off as absinthe at most taverns." She remarked with a pleased smile, swirling the second glass between her fingers, her gaze focused on the clear green liquid swirling around in the glass as she did.

"Really, at Central they..." She would have probably continued talking about alcohol for quite a while if it wasn't for the entrance of Rak who took a seat across from her. "If that's what you want." She continued swirling the liquid in her glass, taking a small sip occasionally. Honestly, she'd much prefer if Rak only told her everything he knew, when it came to knowledge she'd much rather keep things to herself than share them with anyone. Her father had never been too happy with that attitude, after all, libraries were meant for sharing knowledge with the public, but to Julia, being the only one with access to knowledge made it all the more valuable. That said, she'd accepted from the start that Rak was at least equally, if not more so, as 'unique' as she was and her chances of getting any sort of clue on magic from the Kobold would be a lot higher if she simply went along with whatever Rak said.

The noble looking fellow from before chose that moment to join them at the table, she greeted him with a small smile and nod over the rim of her glass. Three friends? She inwardly sighed, she wasn't a big fan of adding more people, than again, maybe it wasn't all that bad, not if the tall tavern employee could take a few bottles of absinthe along. She placed her glass down with a satisfied smirk, wrapping one arm around the man with fancy clothes' lower neck and her other around the tall tavern employee's pulling them both in closer to her. "Three friends," She repeated to Rak. "The three of us are pals, best buddies even, right?" She looked from one man to the other with a smile that toed the line between radiant and unsettling, her expression making it clear she was not taking no for an answer. "Now then," She continued, focusing back on the Kobold. "Let's talk about magic."


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Location: Waysman's Inn
It was around when Julia took Tander's head into a headlock that some odd few new folks had entered the inn, and they went to the counter to be met with noone. The man was clearly interested in following along with the conversation, but taking Rak to be suspicious at best, he made one thing clear to the blonde- she was taking no for an answer this time. "Aye crud, ma's gonna be upset if we lose customers like that.", he grumbled under his voice and lifted the Highlander for as long as she held on, escaping her grip and heading right on back to the counter.

The Kobold wasn't in agreement with his plan, as neither was the wannabe wizard. "V-Very tall one, wait! Three best buddies?!", he put both of his hands on the table, leaning towards him but it was a bit late to stop him now. Not that he could with his tiny proportions anyways. Once he'd realised that was one person less, the small creature shook his head in disappointment and glanced at the other two, who were still... well, there. "Then two best buddies? Two is still good... It'll work."

A hint of uncertainty in his voice that retreated once he repeated the final two words to himself a few times, pacing back and forth on the bench he was standing and tapping his chin with one of his nails. As soon as he believed in his own words though, he gave a determined nod and turned back to them, crossing his arms. "Okay. Me- I am the one called Col'kirk Sav Rak, but Rak is good! I come from Col'kirk, four days run from here. But I am a tired one now.", during his very... 'analytic' presentation on himself, the two could probably already identify one name in his words. Colkirk was the name of the main Kobold settlement by the swamps, which was a bit more than a week away on foot.

"Rak knows magick, but wanted to write down, yes. Collected scrolls, made notes and stole materials from monsters to make book, I am one who cannot fight. Weak and small. Made book and stored all my scrolls inside, and walked to town square to show book of all books, yes?", he emphasized his words with hand movements and confident nods one after the other, although his descriptions sounded more and more like a needlessly detailed autobiography than anything else. It was then though, that suddenly he put his hands on the tabletop again and leaned forwards.

"But horrible thing happened! The ones who protect did bad job, very bad, and they let the one who howls inside. Skolver ran to me, bit book of books and took off to the swamps!", the pain could be seen clearly in the poor Kobold's eyes, though it were a bit overacted. "Swamp never has ones who howl, they are invasive and strong, but we keep them out. Weak to magic, so we shoo every time. This was a young one, so small and fast... Not heavy and large like the others, almost smaller than Rak. So Rak gave chase to get back book."

The humanoid's tail swung left and right behind him, as he described what the invasive species behaved like. Thankfully for Julia and Ras they might have read, if not seen, about Skolvers. They were feared all over, originating from the Central Cyclone's highlands. Characterised by their black fur and really muscular form, they're known to slowly drip into other ecosystems one at a time, killing anything in their path to keep themselves alive. Give them long enough, and they'd even move in to whatever previously 'pure' ecosystem there was. Humans, Kobolds and even Abyssals have all come to agreement that they're a nuisance, but despite their attempts they continue to run amok now more than ever.

"Kobolds weak, so this one didn't want to fight, only take book back and show to rest of Col'kirk. But Skolver kept going... through swamp, through hill, through forest and now behind Aeredale! Every time Rak wanted to eat, Skolver was only slightly further away. Rak stops to drink, Skolver does too. But any time magicked one approaches, he runs. Rak is fast and smart, but cannot go into jungle. Jungle is home to many sicknesses and monsters this one can't outrun. So my friends, I want book of books back!"

Clasping his hands together and rubbing them, he exchanged glances with the two adventurers with pure satisfaction and glee, grinning from ear to ear while keeping a rather pleading expression. His story added up with his condition at least. Although the fur on his tail hadn't shed or anything, his cloak was tattered and covered with dirty spots- quite literally everything from dirt, to mud, to what looked like some faded, green secretion. It probably belonged to one of the plants from the marsh.

"In book, there's magick. Magick Rak cannot give, but can share. I teach you how to use some there, and two best buddies help get book back for me, yes?", he clarified his initial request about 'getting their help', although now he turned his attention to the noble one. "You two good friends because you...", he quietly glanced at them, squinting his eyes some. "Um..."
. . .

"Strong adventurers, yes? Big lance and big hands? And you know about magick and want to learn, yes?", his oh-so-specific criteria were revealed, and it wouldn't take more than a minute of thinking to understand that he didn't choose them based on anything. He asked everyone and anyone, and had simply gotten turned down by all others due to how suspicious the little troublemaker looked and acted. Probably more disappointing than being chosen for their unique strengths and weaknesses, but such are the whims of a Kobold in need. Now that Ras' question went answered though, he went back to giving expectant looks between the two as he awaited for a response.


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Ras sat quietly and listened carefully to Rak's story. It was certainly an unfortunate situation for Rak, but Ras couldn't help but feel a bit skeptical. Was learning magic so easy? Could a kobold just teach a human how to start casting magic? Ras wasn't so sure. However, it did seem like Rak was genuinely in a tough situation. "So, if I am understanding correctly. You want us two to go into the jungle to chase this skolver?"

He felt somewhat uncomfortable with the idea. Jungles were... dangerous to put it lightly. Not just cause of any potential animals and beasts, but rather if they got lost... there would be a high chance that they would not be able to find their way back to Aeredale. He wasn't some veteran scout or ranger who could navigate such difficult terrain. In fact, that is exactly what Rak really needed, a ranger, someone who was an expert at tracking down animals in the woods. Ras couldn't help but feel like he was being looped into this fool's errand simply because he was only one of two people to stop and even listen to Rak.

"Look, Rak. I do not mind trying to help you, but the jungle shouldn't be trifled with. If the Skolver goes too deep into the jungle, then we might not be able to keep chasing it or else we could easily get lost." Ras looked over at the blond woman before he spoke up again. "Ahh, where are my manners. I am Ras. It is a pleasure to meet both of you. But yes, I am willing to help, but only to a certain extent. Or else, there is a very real possibility we might never be able to come back to Aeredale."


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Location: Waysman's Inn
Julia Rille


Julia's eyes lit up as Rak spoke of teaching her and her forced companion magic, she let go of the noble looking man to pick up her glass and throw back what was left of the absinthe in one go. "Music to my ears." She said with a smile after a cough. "Go into the jungle, beat a Skolver into a pulp, get magic, simple really." Her cheeks were slightly flushed, she was far from sober, though even further from being drunk. A tipsy Julia honestly wasn't all that different from when she was sober, though she did tend to get even more disorganized and honest, to the point where she didn't even think twice about insulting someone.

Julia waved her hand dismissively at the comment about getting lost, grabbing a different vial from the one she had poured absinthe in a little while back and drinking the contents with a single big swig, retching almost immediately. "What the- That must have been there for months." She remarked with a sour smile. "Anyway," She reached back to her belt, pulling out a piece of parchment instead. "No need to worry about getting lost, I've gotten quite good at making maps from my adventuring." She declared confidently, studying the map she'd pulled out closely. "Looks less accurate than I remember, admittedly." It didn't take her long before she decided to turn the map 180 degrees and have another look. "Nevermind."

Julia smiled. "I was already wondering if I was going to have to keep calling you fancy guy or rude noble." She twirled her empty glass between her fingers before throwing her arm around Ras' shoulder again, pulling him in close. "Either way, Ras, buddy, friend, pal, we gotta do something about that stick up your ass, that bee in your underwear, whatever you wanna call it, how about a drink? On me." She didn't wait for an answer, flagging down an employee with her free hand and ordering two glasses of wine. "That Skover is our direct link to magic, you understand? Magic, raw, untapped knowledge. I don't care if we have to comb through that entire jungle twice over, we are finding that book." She directed the last part towards the Kobold, raising her arm victoriously and flexing it for good measure.


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The duo seemed to have gotten the gist of his request, although Ras' hesitations did put Rak on edge a little bit. Until Julia essentially coerced him into coming along, that is. Then, he brightened up as much as he acquired a more curious expression. "..? Stick? Not magick?", something had... clearly gotten lost in translation, by the looks of things. Regardless, Julia's mapping abilities, Ras' pet bee and both's want to at the very least try to reclaim his lost possession. "No need to hurt young one that howls. Harmless, until grows old. Just take book back and Rak is happy!"

And with the woman's theatrics, Rak cheered along the other two and clapped his hands as well. That's not to say Ras' concerns had gone unnoticed, although it might have been for the better if they had. "Rak hears the noble one. Tomorrow, I look for person to come into jungle and help you two best buddies. Is almost night now, but Skolver hasn't moved far. I keep watch outside of town and he waits almost in jungle.", he attempted to reassure them that the critter hadn't run that far into the jungle yet, although it definitely would as soon as it were approached.

"I meet you tomorrow at south entrance, to jungle. Have good fun, friends!", he tried to flex his scrawny arm the same way Julia had, although he was noticeably weaker than she were. Oh well, the effort mattered after all, right? And so, he hopped off the bench and scuttled to the door, pushing it with his entire body before opening it and briefly scurrying out of the inn's vicinity and to god knows where else. Once he was gone, the staff arrived with the drinks for the two of them, placing the glasses on the table and retreating. They'd come for the bill once activity died down, as Tander was no longer alone at the counter, yet his hands were as full as ever.


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Location: Wayman's Inn
Ras took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Looking for a baby Skolver in a jungle in West Cyclone, that just sounded like a weird regional version of finding the needle in a haystack. He looked to Julia and said "I hope you're ready for the possibility that Rak has no idea what he's talking about and can't actually teach us any magic. Something tells me it isn't THAT simple, Buddy Ol' Pal of mine. Don't be too disappointed if this is all just a flop and take it out on Rak. Poor fella even said we don't have to hurt the Skolver... Hopefully, things really are that simple."

Ras then waved over one of the staff before asking for a room for the night. He gently extracted himself from Julia's grip, grabbed his glass of wine, and stood up "Cheers, to our fortunate meeting and to a new job, Chum. Thanks for the drink." Ras said as he took a sip after toasting to Julia in a semi-sarcastic yet mostly genuine manner. At this point, Ras figured he might as well play into it and Julia's perception of him. "We're going to have a full day tomorrow, so we should call it an early night and save the celebrations until after our job. See you tomorrow at the south entrance." He turned to follow the staff to his room.

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Julia Rille


Julia shrugged. "Little fella's a Kobold, if anyone can teach us magic it's him. Besides, even if there's only a 1% chance this leads to anything, I would have still accepted it. LIfe's supposed to be fun, no? Won't get anywhere just sitting around waiting for that rare perfect opportunity, better just take what you can get." She said, taking a sip of her wine. Julia was perfectly aware adventures often lead to nothing, she simply didn't care, she'd never forgive herself if she turned down an opportunity that could lead to her obtaining ancient knowledge.

She raised her own glass to match his with a hearty laugh. "Cheers to that pal." He was less boring than she'd assumed, playing along with her, though, tipsy as she was, she managed to stop herself from saying that out loud to his face. She watched him leave the bar of the tavern and ascend the stairs to the rooms over the rim of her glass. "Well well, what to do..." She mused, finishing her glass of wine and spinning the empty glass between her fingers before placing it back down on the table. Call it an early night? She laughed out loud to herself, yea right, she was way too excited to even think about quitting early.

She stood up, making her way over to the nearest group of people she saw with a skip in her step. "How about a drinking match? Loser pays."


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And once the two broke off, the night continued on and on, with Julia securing her drinks for the low, low price of a mild headache and heavy few hours of sleep. By the sounds of things though, talk around the inn was that she was simply lucky the heavyweight drinker of the town wasn't around. Something about being out on an expedition or so, one of the few he went whenever he wasn't competing for everyone's bills in the tavern.

Everyone tucked themselves in eventually though, and once the morning came about, they all went back to business on the streets again. The stall owners in their respective places in the Market Street, the guards changing shifts as the ones on the night watch went to finally rest, and the oddball of a Kobold was somewhere outside of the town walls, although out of sight for the time being. He was at least, until a flock of birds suddenly went haywire not all that deep in the jungle, flew away and right out came the Kobold at speeds normally unmatched by humans.

Now within the shelter of the walls again, he stared towards the jungle and hissed, clenching his tiny fists and stomping his feet on the ground. "Stupid big one, friends will stop you! Bully of the smaller ones...", Rak seemed annoyed at the very least, and it looked like there was no Skolver in sight either. For all his promises, he really didn't stay rooted in one place and now their target was somewhere in the woods. He waited and waited for a few minutes, climbing onto a wooden stool the guards used as a resting spot and swinging his legs while he awaited for his escorts. When he finally heard steps headed his way though, he turned around full of enthusiasm and clapped his hands, not even noticing if it were the right people.

"Finally, friends!"


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Location: South Entrance, Aeredale
Streaks of sunlight pierced through the small window of the modest room, Ras stirred from his slumber. The warmth of the soft, downy comforter that had cocooned him all night lingered on on his skin as he stretched his arms and legs. The room was quiet, save for the gentle crackle of the embers in the small fireplace. Ras sat up in bed and glance around the cozy space, taking in the details. The tapestries on the walls now looked even more vibrant in the natural light, and the wood-paneled walls gleam with a soft, honey-hued glow. As Ras rose from the bed, he felt the cool wood floor beneath. He walked over to the small writing desk, where a candle and parchment sit, ready for use. A pitcher of water and a plate with a few baked potatoes sat beside it, courtesy of the thoughtful innkeeper.

He sat down at the desk and wrote in his journal, reflecting on the adventures of the previous day as he absent-mindedly ate on of the baked potatoes. He took careful notes on his arrival to Aeredale and all those he spoke with: Carp, the Blacksmith who was better at putting together armor than weapons. Rak, the odd Red Kobold who offered him a job to reclaim his lost tome in exchange for teaching him magic, and... his new, blond best friend who never told him her name. The silence was broken only by the occasional sounds of people downstairs in the tavern, beginning to stir and prepare for their day. After finishing his writing, Ras headed over to the small chest in the corner to retrieve his belongings. As he packed up and prepared to leave the cozy guest room, he felt rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever adventures the day may bring. He took the remaining potatoes and carefully packed them away. They would be good rations that last a few days.

Ras left the room as clean as he had found it the night before with three coins left on the table for the staff. The settlement was beginning to stir with life as Ras stepped out of the tavern and saw several merchants walking around and setting up their stall for the day down by the Market Street. Ras retraced his steps as he made his way back to the South Entrance. In fact, he bumped into Carp and waved in greetings as he continued his way to meet up with the others. Then in the distance at the end of the street, he could see a small red figure sitting on a random stool near the South Entrance. Ras slowly made his way to Rak, but noticed that Rak seemed to really be like a puppy, waiting by the entrance to a store, eagerly turning his head to look for his owner whenever he heard footsteps only to be disappointed when it was actually strangers who were walking by. Ras couldn't help but wonder how Rak managed to survive this long with his seeming naivety.

Ras made his way to Rak who greeted him with enthusiasm. Ras nodded in greetings to Rak and said "Guess we're waiting for the blond lady to show up." He then looked at Rak carefully. While the kobold was by no means any cleaner than yesterday, to Ras it looked like the kobold had been running through the foliage as he noticed some new green stains that he did not recall seeing yesterday. "How was your evening, Rak? Did you eat breakfast?" Ras curiously asked as he tried to further dig into what the Kobold had been up to. Ras reached into his pack and pulled out one of the baked potatoes and handed it over towards Rak.

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Location: Waymann's Inn => Southern Entrance

Irena Rosenthal



As she ate a late breakfast in the mess hall, the strange incident last night came to mind. It was just an oddball kobold with nothing better to do than pester strangers, surely? She tried to push it away, but was unsuccessful.

A young man with fair hair came up to her. Judging by his uniform he was lower than her in rank. A mere infantryman. "Rosenthal, Captain Godrin wants to talk to you in his office."
"Understood. I will meet him at once."
"Very good." He touched his cap in a salute and left.

Ren stood and left the rest of her porridge on the table and found the captain in his office. He was a middle-aged man with tired eyes and brown hair. He was looking over some official-looking documents which he set down when she came in.
"Ah, Rosenthal. Come in."
She came in but didn't sit. "Why have you called me here, captain?"
"Your expedition has been cancelled. We only heard early this morning which leaves you free for a week."
"I will return to my usual duties, sir."
"No, you've done well for us, Rosenthal. The young Hiram boy could use the practice. He'll find it isn't as easy as he thinks it is to command soldiers." A small smile lit his face.
"I could take on other duties."
Captain Godrin sighed. "Rosenthal, it's time you took a break. You have done well in other cities and you have done more than your fair share of missions here. No one can go on forever, not even you. Do yourself a favor and rest. That's all. Dismissed."
"Dismissed." He waved her off.
Irena swallowed her next statement and saluted. "Sir."

Back in the courtyard where the knights-in-training were practicing, she didn't know what to do without a mission. She tried writing some poetry, but came up with little to show for it. Tired of writing, she decided to go for a stroll in the city. At first she went to walk out without her blade, but then bit her lip and went back for it. It didn't feel right without its trusty weight on her back. Eventually, she ended up near the southern entrance and was surprised to see the red-skinned kobold again.

"Why, hello there." She saw that there was somebody next to him. A pretty young nobleman. Did that mean the kobold had actually convinced someone to join him do... whatever it was he wanted them to do? Be his friend or something?

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Location: Southern Entrance

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Julia Rille


Julia woke up feeling both a little groggy and unsure of where she was, less so because of the obscene amount of alcohol she'd consumed just a few hours ago than because she'd continued partying until she almost passed out from exhaustion. She groaned, pushing herself out of the bed and walking over to the bucket of water that had been provided, dunking her head into it with no further hesitation. She took a big gulp of the water while her head submerged before finally coming back up for air. "Well, at least I'm awake now." She mused with a small chuckle, grabbing a vial she'd filled with brandy just yesterday from her belt and finishing the liquid in a single gulp, relying on the familiar burning feeling of the drink in her throat to get rid of her last signs of exhaustion.

Both Ras and Rak were already at the southern entrance when she arrived after eating a quick breakfast. She managed to catch some of what Ras told the Kobold as she approached. "I have to say, I'm a little offended." She piped up, swinging an arm around Ras' shoulder from behind. "We're best friends and yet you call me 'blond lady', and after I was so kind to provide you with my name, right when we first met no less." She exaggeratingly complained, not bothering to mention that she'd not only told him her name when they'd first met, but also a full novel's worth of, to him, largely useless information. It would have been more impressive if he had remembered. "It's Julia, Julia Rille, don't forget it this time." She concluded, letting Ras go and making her way to Rak, crouching down slightly and holding out her hand to the Kobold for a high five. "Ready to get that book of yours back and teach me some magic?"

Only after all that did Julia actually notice the third person present besides Ras and Rak. "Say," She started, stiffling a yawn with the back of her hand. "Who is she?" She asked her two established companions, approaching and quickly walking in a small circle around the blue haired woman carrying a sword, scrutinizing every little detail before nodding thoughtfully. "Pretty fancy, though not nearly as fancy as mister noble over there." She jabbed her finger back toward Ras. "You happen to be single? Into scribes maybe? See, I have a stick in the mud of a brother back home who's hopeless when it comes to stuff like this. His name's Gray, well, Graham, just call him Gray. If you ever find yourself in central Cyclone you should visit our family's library and ask for Gray, he'll personally come down from his study to tell you not to call him that. Really, I would love if you could take him off my hands."

She put the whole discussion behind her just as quickly as she'd brought it up with a dismissive wave of her hand. "Question still stands, who exactly are you?"


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Location: Southern Entrance
As soon as Rak saw Ras, he clapped his hands happily- doubly so when he was offered a potato of all things. He was quick to grab it and start digging right in, nodding to the vanguard with a wide grin on his face as he munched on his breakfast. "Very boring, Rak got worried when small one tried to go into jungle and gave chase- but larger ones tried to attack. Rak flashed and ran minutes ago-", halfway through his explanation he noticed the blue haired knight from yesterday, jumping on his stool and waving at her as she got closer and greeted him. If anything, now he thought Ras and Irene knew one another, as though he invited her over to be 'safer'.

"Thank you noble one, much safer this way!", he nodded and pulled his cloak back to reveal a small satchel he had worn around his shoulder, putting the half-eaten baked potato inside of it. "Was very quiet when I talked to that one.", comments flew left and right as though she wasn't even there, and by the time he wanted to address her, the third one of the bunch had shown up too. What wonderful timing everyone had- they earned another clap from the Kobold, and Julia specifically a high five. The guards were curiously looking over their shoulders at the group with a mix of worry and entertainment, sighing and shaking their heads after a brief chuckle or two.

"Everyone here then! Ahem- Rak was saying-", the creature tugged on his cloak as if to straighten it some, trying to look and sound as professional as a Kobold in tattered clothes that's standing on a stool could. Moments of silence, from him at least, followed while Julia interrogated Ras almost. The question at the end clarified the situation though; Ras knew Irene, Julia didn't... Well, best buddies couldn't work together like that now, could they? "That is the pretty one, I asked yesterday for help but was not interested in magicks. Noble one must have talked though! Thank you noble one."

And with the same nonchalance that Julia put her own ramblings behind, so did Rak with his introduction as he gestured for them to come slightly closer. "As Rak said yesterday, was watching the young one from walls all night. Got little sleep, but Skolver stayed here, looking at me with book of books.", placing his hand on his chin, he nodded to himself and looked behind him, frowning some before he turned back to the group.

"But then, flying one passed by! Dropped something and Skolver got scared, ran into jungle. Only hours ago, Rak had to go in and follow, but Skolver fast. Ran into circles, almost caught it but then a large one attacked... Not Skolver, other one.", much like yesterday he frantically moved his hands about to give more life to his explanation, although he couldn't really think of a way to describe what exactly attacked him. "Um... B-Big one with hands... Fast but not always? Scared the young one away so don't know where is right now, but it's that way!", with a huff of desperation he pointed behind him right at the entrance of the jungle, giving them a smile and the same pleading stare he offered Irene yesterday.

Just in case Ras' magic hadn't worked its way onto Irena yet (it definitely had not, but Rak didn't know that), he put his hands in his satchel and searched for something until he found it. He took out a vial with an odd, purple mixture inside and a very shoddy cork at the top to prevent it from spilling over. "Use your funny glasses to make three out of this... Is for you, if you get hurt.", he proudly stated as he offered it to Julia, searching for something else after until he pulled out three coins like the ones he gave to Carp yesterday. Yes, wooden ones. "Reward! Rak teaches magicks, and gives coin. Three, one to each. Best buddies help me, yes?"


Julia receives a Suspicious-Looking Potion.

Mentions & Interactions: Heyitsjiwon Heyitsjiwon (Ras), Elowyn Elowyn (Irena) & Key of Stars Key of Stars (Julia) as Rak, the Kobold
Location: Southern Entrance

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