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Fandom The Curse of The Gengar (Pokémon interest check)

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Adventure, Pokemon, Supernatural


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Anyone interested in a Pokémon RP? This one is inspired by a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP I was in that died, and The Old Chateu, an episode of Pokémon Generations. I was going to make this one on one, but then decided that a group would be more fun.

My character is Millie, a young girl who, after a fight with her parents, wandered into the woods and quickly became lost. The only face she encountered was a special Gengar, with crimson coat. Before she even had time to turn and run away, it cackled, wiggled its claws, and turned her into a Pokémon-a Zorua, to be precise! Immediately terrified, she runs out of the woods, thinking her situation couldn't get any worse. Then she gets caught.

Millie manages to escape her trainer, and tries to find a way to become human again and return home. Along the way, she meets a variety of Pokémon, some of whom claim to have also been transformed by the very same Gengar. Your character can be one of these cursed Pokémon, a normal wild or trainer owned Pokémon, or a trainer. Whatever you are, it's up to you to help the cursed Pokémon return to normal!


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Trainer looks like a cool perspective here. Especially if I were to play up the naivety and optimism of an anime protagonist.


Praise the sun
I’m always up for a bit of Pokémon mystery dungeon also neat context, I’m gonna have to decide whether or not to play a trainer or Pokémon.


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Alright I have my boy posted and I think he's finished, but if he needs anything else added let me know.


Flaming pile of Fandom Trash
I just thought about it, but is everyone in the rp starting off in the same region?

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