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The Crystal Towers of Faerun D&D 5e


You're on your weekly hiking trip with your college buddies. You all decide to go way farther into the wilderness than usual. When you stop to take a lunch break you see a well, maybe you guys could get some more water from it. When you try to find a bucket or look farther down into it you and the person holding you falls in , when your other friends don't hear you guys they come in after you. You all don't hit the bottom however, you are transported to Faerun...and you're....a Dwarf???

(I'm basically toying around with the idea of basically mixing D&D with a little bit of Inuyasha and Code Lyoko)

Post if interested, I will be DM'ing.

Race requirements : Core races except human since you're human in the 'real world'.
Class: Core
Or if you wanna do something except for core classes or races just check with me I may allow it!​


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I'm interested! Very little experience with the logistics of DnD but I know the basics of the basics. I've spectated a few sessions and have played once with a group the very shortly after disbanded.
Very desperate to play DnD D':


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Hey there, if you’re still accepting players I’d be up for some D&D. I’m thinking about playing either a Dwarf/Wizard or a Dragonborn/Paladin.
Just be aware that I would like your human form to somewhat reflect your fantasy world form so if youre a halfling, in 'real life' i want your character to be short. As an example. Im going to want short human bios.


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I don't know if your still looking, but I would interested! I might need some help with combat mechanics (mostly dice calculation). I would play as bubbly, tree loving human turned Wood Elf Druid.


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I was thinking maybe tiefling Ranger. I like the idea of using a race that really doesn't look human for a human that being changed into a different race.
I'll join in, what day will we be doing this? Once I see some concrete classes I'll make something else. (Which depending may involve Homebrew/unearthed, nothing too out of this world)

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